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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 25, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> you transcended politics and are more like a national sex symbol. laura: national sex symbol in the, depends how you define it. tune in tomorrow for an interview with larry it all. the recall vote september 14th. everyone in california vote yes on the recall. jillian: straight to a fox news alert, president biden announcing he will not extend the august 30 first deadline to get americans out of afghanistan despite countless desperatelys for help. the decision across the world and our allies are fearing for their lives as the terror group continues calling the shots saying no more afghans can leave.
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you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: we start with doug luzader with bipartisan backlash to biden's decision. >> reporter: despite enormous pressure from us allies and democrats and republicans president biden is not budging for next week's deadline to pull us forces out of afghanistan and at the airport in kabul some us forces, to leave ahead of the august 30 first deadline the president did leave the door open to possibly changing the date but there isn't much time left to finish this massive evacuation. >> we are currently on pace to finish by august 30 first. the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops which i have asked the pentagon and the state department to continue to adjust the timetable should that become necessary.
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>> reporter: it has become increasingly clear that some people who need to leave afghanistan something won't make it out and this has led to stinging criticism from republicans and some democrats. >> the most dishonorable thing a commander-in-chief is done in modern times. biden signed the default for thousands of afghans hope this, washing his hands of afghanistan at our peril as a nation. >> the decision to get out is the right decision. this looks like a planning failure. as to how we draw down our forces and evacuate our personnel. >> reporter: we will hear more about this today. president biden is meeting with his national security team on afghanistan and members of the house foreign affairs committee will get close to a briefing on what is happening there but for now the deadline next week still stands.
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jillian: yesterday we spoke to an american mom stranded in afghanistan after pleading for help from the biden administration. is what she told us about her situation and what her husband told sean hannity. >> we are stranded. i'm afraid for my life. congresswoman -- my only strength here, i really need our president to consider this serious. we are in danger, mister president, help us. >> now we are all left behind in afghanistan and they knew each and everyone of us and we are now trying to go door by door and look for those people and they are trying to kill them, the us leaves them behind that
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would be -- >> carol miller has been helping fatima, the woman we interviewed next to a woman -- we are not calling her by her really to protect her identity because she's been in a dire situation. i am curious how much work goes on behind the scenes for someone like you when you get this colin have this communication from people in afghanistan like fatima, what can you do to figure out a way to help them get home? >> thank you for having me on, so many people doing the same thing, keeping the white house in the loop with people we are talking to, it is a dire situation.
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>> how you were first introduced, and the situation, sensitivity of the situation, to help her get home. >> it is such a small world with ability to communicate and of course it is very much that way in west virginia. my family was contacted and through our office through the state department to see it is a battle to make sure everyone knows where people are because the most important thing we can do is bring home our americans and allies that helped us through all this. jillian: when we spoke to her yesterday, i'm curious what you
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think of this next messaging we are getting because we are hearing one thing from the administration, jen psaki said they are not stranding americans in afghanistan but then we had fatima yesterday in tears pleading with the president to help saying we are stranded. seems like there's a lot of different messages and i'm not sure why. >> it is a hard situation to work through but some people are furious. i'm trying to keep my focus on getting them home. i tried not to be political about this because the most important thing we can do is focus and get our people home. we cannot leave them behind. jillian: the biden administration does not know how many americans are in afghanistan so how can we be so sure by the august 30 first
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deadline there won't be americans left behind? >> we won't be sure. so many people are contacting their congressional offices, we have so many wonderful veterans in congress and those who were in afghanistan recently have the people they worked with so they are all in communication and it is our job to make sure the administration understand how important it is to bring our people home. americans don't leave americans on the ground. we have to bring our people home. jillian: have you been your conversations with people who are in afghanistan, are they concerned especially with the administration doubling down on the august 30 first deadline saying they want contingency plans in case they wanted to stay later but driving home the fact that they think they are on track and able to get this done and get everyone out and they say get every american out who
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wants to come home by that deadline are people scared they are not going to make it by the deadline especially what is being pulled out to meet the deadline? >> absolutely. they are petrified and a high-ranking official just got out and they were breaking down his door so they are using technology to find people so they are frightened and concerned and a lot of them are moving from place to place, so it is so important the administration continues to work hard, planes landing and taking off, we can't stress it enough. carley: you said americans don't leave americans behind and we don't leave our allies behind the taliban has said they are
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blocking access to the airport for afghans and one can assume that also would include some afghan interpreters so what happens to those people once troops pull out and they are left in afghanistan, country rules by a terrorist organization? >> we know what can happen and a lot of them will remain in hiding, to communicate with us to see how we can get them out and i trust our military, they don't leave people behind. this is america. we've got to take care of our people. jillian: this is an exchange between peter doocy and jen psaki following up on americans who are stranded in afghanistan particularly after our interview with fatima yesterday. >> she says we are stranded at home, for 4 days, 3 days we didn't hear anything from anywhere, but not given clear guidance.
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>> someone in kabul says i am stranded. is there a better word for somebody who can't their house for the airport because isis is outside the airport? >> i welcome you providing your phone number and we will reach out to them today. >> i'm sure they got a lot of phone numbers yesterday. that being said do you feel in conversation with those in afghanistan that they themselves feel the gravity of the situation over here that so many americans are fighting for them, wants to get them home, do they feel that from those of us here, you is a perfect example attempting to do everything you can to get them back home? >> they've got to. they are human beings, how could they not hear the fear in their voices. when i spoke to fatima's husband telling me about the children and their 6-year-old and they are trying not to have the tv on because she asks questions like his mommy going to be beheaded, children are smart and afraid
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and same goes for those on the ground. the news we see is terrifying. jillian: fatima called you her only comfort. i was wondering what that means, what that means about the biden administration's responsive you are her only source of comfort.s a mother and grandmother. my heart goes out to her and i'm sure people at the white house i feeling these same things that are trying to be upbeat and positive but they've got to in their heart of hearts feel the same fear and anxiety that we are hearing in our offices every day since this started.
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jillian: we are hopeful that fatima will make her way home. the first thing she wants to do is hug her kids. we are hopeful that that is going to happen and we would love to talk to all of you because that would be such an amazing heroic story. thank you for your hard work. the time is 11 minutes after the hour. coming up later this hour we are talking with nigel farage and the message president biden sent at home and abroad when he caved to the taliban deadline. jillian: craig steube will be in the briefing and pete hegseth. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you.
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jillian: president biden stands firm on his that when rechecking pleas from g7 leaders and lawmakers to keep american troops in afghanistan beyond august 30 first. >> we agreed that we would continue close cooperation to get people out as efficiently and safely as possible was a completion date of august 30 first depends on the taliban continuing to cooperate. i asked the pentagon and the state department for contingency plans to adjust the timetable should that become necessary.
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jillian: joining me from the uk is nigel farage. i will ask you point blank given everything you've seen play out in the last weekend a have to two weeks how does the united states look on the world stage? >> never west, we've been beside you for 20 years, you're a smaller country than america, the uk put in the same money and suffered the same human loss and we never quibbled about that. we understood the reasons for the mission. and we too after 20 years are tired of being there, but the method by which you withdraw is as crucial as how you go in and president biden unilaterally without consultation with us or the rest of the allies just to announce america is going
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effectively to see the dramatic takeover of these barbarians of the country. we feel frankly and by the way you will never hear anybody more pro-american than me. my whole working life, engaged with american politics but right now why do we trust america on any international missions. bor virtual g7 will go up until the last minute that we can but heard what the president has said you heard what the taliban and said. we can get thousands more out but the situation at the airport is not getting better. it has been a chaotic situation at the airport in kabul. we heard president biden yesterday talk about threats they are receiving from isis and when you look at the situation
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in afghanistan isis doesn't like the taliban as much as they don't like us so i understand there could be some dire threats but i am curious, you've seen how americans are reacting, we want to get people out, all our allies out, everybody here on the ground stands in solidarity with that and tragic stories of people crying saying they don't have anyone to help and they can't get out. are you hearing the same thing on your end? >> for example a good friend of mine, highly decorated back in afghanistan in march, he and the film crew, murdered in the street outside their homes in kandahar ten days ago so we are seeing women being told don't go to work, stay at home and there are thousands not just of
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afghans but british and american and other european citizens who will be left behind in afghanistan to goodness knows what fate and the worst part of this, the first job of the american president as the first job of the british prime minister is to protect your own citizens and this announcement american withdrawal was made without a thought to any individuals and they are the ones in the end who will pay a high price so i suspect between now and the deadline, things will get worse. after that i shudder to think what will happen to those left behind and this american president came in saying he was kind, compassionate, america is back, remember that message? america is back on the world stage, leading international cooperation. not only has he betrayed us and
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nato and america's friends in the world but has shown himself to be deeply callous when it comes -- how can you say when you are shown a picture of two people falling out of fuselage that doesn't matter. what kind of man is this? jillian: a lot of people saying they wish his speeches would seem a little more compassionate. i am curious our relations with our allies throughout the world. i don't know what the situation will look like, don't think any of us can imagine what it is going to look like because no one imagined it would look like this now but how bad do you think it is going to be and how hard will it be for the us going forward with our allies to make people believe they can trust us again?
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>> the biggest fear of thousands left wrapped, the whole of the g7 begging president biden to extend the deadline because the taliban and isis, the same problem is resurgence of international terror, extremist jihadist groups all over the world have taken great cheer from what the taliban and have done in afghanistan so if we find ourselves engaged, we've not seen major terrorist atrocities in the west and we start to think how do we stop these cells that are spreading international terror, how can we do with the americans? how can we do with an ally that has treated us with contempt and
1:23 am
betrayed us and many citizens? if it is a biden or harris administration i can honestly there is no way there is no way a british parliament right now would vote military cooperation with america led by this administration. that is a sad thing to say because since 1917 the uk and america have been side-by-side in virtually every major conflict, the closest allies in terms of military action, intelligence sharing, culture, business, you couldn't have a better ally and at the moment there is no way we could enter into another operation with you. laura: thank you for joining me to talk about it. tough to hear but a conversation that has to be had. thank you, appreciate it.
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carley: the time is 23 after the hour. parents in one virginia school district fighting to defend their role as parents are versatile controversial policy they didn't feel comfortable with in their kids schools. after the break we are talking to one of those parents. download the fox that super 6 apps and play for a chance to win $5,000. all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play, download the super 6 apps.
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jillian: supreme court dealing a lot of the biden administration as republican lawmakers worn the open border could be vulnerable to terrorist as the taliban releases prisoners in afghanistan. carley: marianne rafferty has the latest. >> reporter: republican lawmakers and border officials sounding the alarm on the dangers americans could be
1:29 am
facing is migrants continue to flood in. members of violent saying ms 13 arrested crossing illegally and of agents say they can get in so can foreign terrorists, adding a threat beyond covid 19 among migrants. >> having a terrorist threat to it puts everybody on edge as well. jillian: the arizona attorney general calling statements like that frightening and also adding americans are facing an unprecedented terrorism threat level in their own backyards. republican lawmakers are echoing the need for vigilance. >> we have an open southern border. what we see is alarming. that's more of a concern now than a terrorist organization doesn't have a foothold to train terrorists come back to the united states but are in control of the country in afghanistan.
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jillian: the supreme court deals a blow to the biden administration by deciding overnight to reinstate the remain in mexico program. the administration likely violated federal law rescinding that program and dhs plans to appeal the ruling but will comply with the order in good faith. carley: big news on the remain in mexico policy. now to this. the families of two police officers murdered in the infamous 1981 robbery are slamming andrew cuomo's last-minute decision to give one of the killers a shot at parole. the current governor granting clemency to david gilbert. mary crowley saying, quote, it is an atrocity. it was his final nod to how he feels about the people of new york. builder will sooner before parole board next month it is eligible is in his october. meanwhile cynthia nixon controls cuomo after the democrat is to give his immediate tweeting the
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difference between me and andrew cuomo neither of us is going to but i still have my emmy. president biden praising nancy pelosi after the house narrowly passes the 3.5 trillion budget blueprint. >> i want to thank speaker pelosi who was masterfully leadership on this. the entire house leadership team from the hard work, dedication and determination. jillian: the house past the framework along party lines. the passage will allow democrats to use reconciliation to pass a broad package of healthcare, education and climate provisions in the senate without gop support and sets up a vote on the infrastructure package by the end of september. carley: as schools get back in session the virginia department of education is mandating transgender policies in the classroom but one school board is bucking the controversial guidance refusing to vote to implement the policy. our next guest says the many trips parents of control over
1:32 am
their children. joining me live, a member of chesapeake parents were freedom and mom of two amantadine. good morning. >> thank you for having me. carley: you've spoken at several school board meetings regarding the transgender issue. where do you stand on the front? >> from the beginning when i started to speak out i stand on the line that this is an infringement on parental rights. they have overstepped their boundaries, and targeted towards one% of students while completely alienating 99% of students. jillian: in virginia transgender students are allowed to use the bathroom and play on sports teams corresponding with their gender identity, not their birth gender but the school districts
1:33 am
your children go to decided not to implement that policy so how do you feel? >> grateful for the decisions they made. our school board is a member of elected officials based on values and they need to be held accountable to uphold those values when they make critical decisions. in my opinion this is one of many policies coming down the pike that is an infringement on our parental rights so i encourage all parents to get involved. while our school board stands up to this one state and local government officials have a track record for coming on top with they are not a fan of the decision. will: there was us chesapeake school board member defended the transgender policies and she said they are people who want to live their lives the way they want to live them and have every right to do that. the school board let them down. what is your response to that?
1:34 am
>> my response is it is important for folks to understand opposing a policy in no way means lack of respect. it is my job to raise my children to be respectful of all individuals, to not disseminate. there needs to be continued focus in our school around eliminating harassment and bullying as a whole. when you push ideology into our school contradicts my religious belief i strongly believe -- carley: a lot of parents feel they lose authority when kids go to school and they are taught something they disagree with. what is your advice to parents who may feel that way? >> my advice is it is supercritical we remain extremely vigilant. when your kids get home from school we are going to have to push on what they are learning, what they are hearing, what teachers are telling them and
1:35 am
now more than ever we have to continue to be vigilant and if you are not aligned with the policies coming down the pike my recommendation would be to pull out your kids. i know that is not an option for everybody but i recommend it. ashley: carley: maybe there's a school board spot waiting for you in the future but thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: it is 35 after the hour. still to come president biden takes a hit in the polls as criticism grows from both sides of the aisle over his handling of the taliban and take over in afghanistan. we are talking to south carolina congressman route norman coming up next. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help
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carley: we are back with fox news alert, president biden bowing to the taliban announcing he will not extend the august 30 first deadline to get americans out of afghanistan despite countless pleas for help. >> we are on pace to finish by august 30 first. the sooner we can finish the better. jillian: us troops have begun leaving ahead of the deadline as the taliban is blocking afghans access to the airport in kabul. as americans and allies remain trapped in afghanistan, one mother broke down in tears on our show yesterday pleading for help to get home. >> we are stranded.
1:40 am
we are afraid for our lives, going for people who worked with the us government. we are back to square one. people are going to be left here, need our president to really consider this serious. we are in danger. we are in danger, mister president, please help us. i want to hold my children and i went to fight for the people who are left behind. carley: she is the voice of so many people in afghanistan and the fact that we don't know how many americans are left in the country is a scary thought and the other thing is that taliban is openly admitting they are not letting afghans into the airport and they say their excuse is it is a dangerous situation so we
1:41 am
are trying to protect our citizens. the taliban is not trying to protect their citizens that keep people from fleeing the country. democratic congressman jason crow is an army veteran and he says the august 30 first was the day the us set at a different time and under different conditions and he said those conditions of changed. we are in a different world now, a world where the date was originally set, the date needs to be moved back and it is not going to be. >> the president asked for contingency plans in the event they need to move that date but they stand firm on the fact this is the date we think we are on track to get everyone out. it is interesting when you hear
1:42 am
the way they phrase their statements, jen psaki said multiple times any american who wants to get out -- carley: who wouldn't want to get out? any american who wants to get out and get out. we have people on air, fatima was a perfect example crying, pleading i tried to get to the airport, you get beat up, you get whipped or worse than that and people are scared. once you experience that is it understandable you get scared to go back out and do that again not knowing what you are going to -- jillian: it was 2500 troops the difference between chaos and order in the country when we pull those troops out we are living through the consequences of that. carley: our next guest, the president's approval rating is plummeting blue joining us live is south carolina congressman ralph norman. before we get into the numbers plummeting which they are i want to get your overall reaction to where we are with this because us troops, some of them are being told to leave, to meet the
1:43 am
august 30 first deadline you can't take 6000 out at once. you have to incrementally start removing troops and getting people out and we saw yesterday when is the last call for americans to get out and they didn't have an answer which was disturbing to me. what do you think? >> i wish the media and america could have been in our intel meeting yesterday where you had veteran after veteran who stood in line to tell the administration it is not possible to get people out on the deadline, arbitrary deadline they set. pilots have flown into afghanistan for years say it is impossible. the military, it is a total breakdown and to have this administration be tone deaf to those pleas, they wouldn't extend the time for questioning because it wasn't important enough yesterday.
1:44 am
we have seen the visuals. looked at the barbed wire, children standing and dirty water. where are the human rights groups for women when you see the beatings we saw yesterday on some of the shows, what about the ak-47s, they had assault rifles. the silence is deafening and to have kamala harris talk about christmas shopping, i don't get it. america is weaker and flown the white flag. carley: where is the vice president when it comes to the beatings of women and the fact they may not be able to go back to work or school, a new poll shows the president's approval rating has dropped to 41% and his approval over handling of the afghanistan situation is at 25%. politics is a whole driven business. how do you think the president is going to respond to these new numbers?
1:45 am
>> he won't respond. it is optics with this administration. they give you words, they give you excuses. to bring up donald trump yesterday and try to blame him when you have lives at stake six days and he can't send in the military and to have again the military say coming in after the fact after they left, they couldn't give an accounting of how many blackhawks are there or biometrics tracking christians and americans down, the optics of this should be the last thing, get americans out should be top priority and nigel farage says the uk has been with us since 1970 and we are losing our allies and it will continue blue
1:46 am
just jillian: a lot of people were shocked that the president didn't come out yesterday and talk about afghanistan to start. a lot of people wait a second, what? we are out of time but appreciate you talking to us. thank you, appreciate it. in the meantime listen to this. drawing students blood to test for covid. a california school district asks parents to draw blood to covid test their kids was that didn't go well especially with one dad who is a doctor and we talk to him live. jillian: a governor reinstated an outdoor mask mandate, tell you where blue just
1:47 am
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jillian: doctor fauci calls on on vaccinated americans to get the shots to put a end to the pandemic. >> i would like to appeal to this country, people who are not vaccinated to realize we have the capability among ourselves to cut down the time frame to getting the end of this pandemic. jillian: one day earlier he said
1:51 am
he misspoke when he said if the majority of americans get vaccinated the country may get the virus under control by fall of 2022. the cdc study revealing unvaccinated people are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized for covid 19 than those who are fully vaccinated. was still the case is on the rise, kate brown announced a statewide mandate for outdoor spaces regardless of vaccination status. it goes into effect friday and will not apply to children under 5 for homeless people. hours after being sworn into office new york's governor announced her mandate plan. the democrat so she's working on a mask requirements for schools and a mandate for school staff is to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. the official policies will be announced sometime this week. carley: california school district under fire for asking kids to get blood drawn to test
1:52 am
for covid 19 was parents and board certified physician joined me now, the story caught our eyes. what was your reaction when you saw the consent form and you were asked to get permission for your child to have their blood drawn to be tested for covid? >> when parents like myself saw that language accompanied by the statement that if you don't sign this consent form under duress, under coercion you could won't be allowed to go to school because they are presumed to be infected people were outraged and when i read that language i said this can't be true. other parents panicked basically and said i'm not signing this and there were a lot of discussions on social media about parent saying i'm not signing this, i would rather have my could not go to school and sign something like that.
1:53 am
turns out this was generated by the fact they jumped into this and created these documents in haste and whoever was editing this didn't realize they had this language in there, it was never intended to go into there and because of the rush they managed to put in a lot of statements they didn't intend including consent to do a blood draws, wanting to subject kids to nasal swabbing and several other things. jillian: the consent form has been updated and they say adding that language about having kids get their blood drawn was an oversight. do you think it was an oversight on their part? >> i will take them at their word. looks like they rushed into this and a couple weeks ago they were claiming to have a different
1:54 am
vendor perform the testing, they were planning to have the district, the cost of the testing until they saw what it would cost and at the last minute two days before they were supposed to start their testing program they realize we can't afford this and we don't have a plan and so they jumped into selecting other vendors, creating a new form and springing it on the parents in the late night and saying you have 24 hours or several or 48 hours to sign this otherwise you can't come to school so with that kind of rush came a lot of mistakes and there was a board meeting that happened on monday evening where a lot of parents joined in and expressed their outrage in person to the school board one by one and the school board finally heard the message after they realize there were a lot of mistakes made and decided to take their foot off the gas pedal. >> taking the foot off the gas pedal only partially. we are talking santa monica
1:55 am
school district, they say kids are going to be tested regardless of vaccination status and i was wondering how you felt about that. is there such a thing as over testing people who are already vaccinated, a symptomatic, around people who are also vaccinated or may not be at risk for the disease? >> yes. that the issue. there are a lot of school districts especially los angeles county including my own that are jumping to mandatory weekly testing of everybody whether they are asymptomatic or not, whether they are vaccinated or not and medical guidelines including cdc don't mandate that. guidelines say you can or it may be nice, won't hurt but there is no medical reason to go on a fishing expedition. jillian: another school year, more policies that are series over reaches that have parents concerned, thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it.
1:56 am
jillian: she was one othe first female mayors in afghanistan's history which made her a prime target for the taliban and. now that she's made is a safety she's pushing to save others were living in fear. she joins us live. we are talking to congressman greg steube and pete hegseth, don't miss a minute blue just . just
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that's professional grade from gmc. jillian: wednesday august 26th, straight to a fox news, president biden bowing to the taliban announcing he would not extend his august 30 first deadline to get americans out despite countless desperatelys for help blue just and now our allies are fearing for their lives as the terror group continues calling the shots saying no more afghans can leave. carley: we start with doug was
2:01 am
later with bipartisan backlash to prede


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