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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 25, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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all the time we have this evening. in the meantime we've got to hope and pray joe biden will wake up and change his mind and not a single american or one of our allies will be left in harm's way. there is still time, joe. wake up. we're americans. if the dutch, the french and the english can do it, you can, too. let not your heart be trouble. laura: is a lot on the homefront that is disturbing as a but an enormous amount we are seeing unfolding in afghanistan, this experiment and representative democracy. >> leading americans behind. laura: what did we expect biden was going to do, doesn't surprise me at all. we enjoyed sarah carter.
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i'm laura ingraham. the supreme court of the united states just hours ago declined the biden administration's efforts to end the remain in mexico policy. attorney general in missouri, texas, the deluge of asylum-seekers was burdening the state, they argued the white house had not gone to the appropriate administrative process to end the policy. the question now becomes what happens to the million plus migrants already in the country, shouldn't they be sent to mexico until their immigration hearings, we are going to stay on this. more from my investigation into the decline of california as we are weeks from the new some recall plus raymond arroyo exposing the democrats homeless crisis right here in la and
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reading, writing and transgenderism, important transition from the biden administration but first, the secret taliban deal is the focus of tonight's angle. ever since oh biden -- alone at the conference table, something felt weird about this entire situation. what was going on that none of biden's top cabinet officials were with him at that pivotal time. was just extended alone time biden needed with jill? very on and when word leaked that president biden's cia director william burns met with the top taliban leader monday we weren't surprised. relying on the good graces of albania they can deal with the television we don't know about or we are making another disastrous calculation.
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this raises lots of questions, first wives and the cia director and not a state department official and what were the parameters of the talks, the cia director push to get the august 30 first deadline extended, did he ask if any americans were held against their will or did he demand their immediate release? of so presumably something like that, what did we give up for that guarantee? hard to believe the televangelist promised anything out of the goodness of their hearts. this entire scenario has been so fraught with lies and mishandling, misrepresentation we don't know what to think. one thing we do know is after making a cold political calculation president biden announced today that he was in fact bowing to the taliban's wishes and sticking to the august 30 first troop withdrawal date. >> this in we can finish the better, each day of operations brings added risk to our troops,
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but the completion depends on the development continuing to cooperate to allow access to the airport for those we are transporting out with no disruptions to our operations. >> it's good to hear the president of the united states depending on the taliban to cooperate. the majority of americans believe we need to be out of afghanistan years ago they cannot like the appearance at least that is the taliban, not our president calling the shots. it is even making biden's biggest fans nervous. >> not the greatest look with the taliban saying no and president biden has to say no. >> you can look at this is a humiliating moment of american humiliation forced to leave on the taliban's clock, history will judge this moment as a dark period for the united states. jillian: is up humiliation could not get worse the taliban is doing the media circus sounding
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triumphant and unmoving. today they announced afghans will be staying put, they don't want them leaving the country but americans should concentrate on removing your citizens only. >> we want them to evacuate all foreign nationals by august 30 first and we are not in favor of allowing afghans to leave. laura: heartbreaking to be expected. the biden administration only comes across as weak but inapt which is what happens when you elect a man who should be playing with his bingo with his nurse before the 4:30 p.m. senior special. why we are talking details in terms being hidden from the american people the true scope of the refugee situation must be revealed. importing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of afghans the united states is bound to pose major challenges with huge financial, cultural and security costs.
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president biden wants you to believe he has things totally under control. >> we are conducting thorough security screening and intermediate stops for anyone who is not a us citizen or lawful permanent resident of the united states. anyone arriving in the united states will have undergone a background check. laura: background check with those great afghan files. raise your hand if you trust people behind the current border crisis here and afghanistan debacle to properly that each and every one of these people. we've seen potential bad actors nearly slipped through the system. security screeners have detected at least one of the afghans evacuated from kabul has ties to isis. you might say hold on, that's just one person but here is the thing, not just one person.
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the dod has flagged up to 100 of the 7000 afghans evacuated as recipients of special immigration visas as potential matches to intelligence you watch lists. remember we will likely be bringing in thousands if not hundreds of thousands more refugees from afghanistan. enough is enough. right now right away the gop has to step up as we need real oversight here, not symbolism. our country is in danger. the gop must press for immediate answers to the following questions. number one, why are non-americans being evacuated before americans which number 2,
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how many americans are likely to be left behind, what will happen to them, number 3 how many non-americans are being brought to the country now, the real number, any reason to believe the vetting is being done in accordance with us law, any reason to believe the voters have any interest other than open borders? and number 4, where are the non-americans going to be settled, and state and local officials have any say in that matter. number 5, are we paying the televangelist on them from attacking the airports, if so, under what legal authority are these payments being made? all of this has to be investigated immediately. buttons is now the time, now is the time. the gop must also be prepared to go to court. every american has got to get out of there but our constitution and our laws have to be followed every step of the way. the biden people just lost that case on the mexico policy, we have to assume they are breaking the law here as well.
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the gop must make clear that it will not support more defense spending until austin, million sullivan are all gone, otherwise we would just be throwing good money after bad. biden's team is not going to act in good faith, there's pretending otherwise. democrats, be allowed to take a crisis of their own making and then turn around and use that crisis to change or flout us refugee policy. they've tried it on the border. because they turned the border into a magnet, we know have to but everybody in even if is contrary to us law. it is time for gop members to do their constitutional duty to protect what is left of our laws and national security and that is the angle. joining me know is former director of national intelligence john ratcliff.
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two big issues, we will afghanistan in a moment but breaking moments ago from the washington post intel community is claiming the covert origins programs proven inconclusive is your reaction to that? >> i'm not surprised the biden administration is continuing to approach this in a way that china is not the bad guy. i've seen the intelligence up until eight month ago when i left the officers director of national intelligence and all of the intelligence, what i can so he was all on one side of the ledger. it all points to the origins of the wuhan virus being from the leon institute of virology and there's no intelligence the points to this being naturally occurring, there is no intermediary host. all of our signals intelligence, although human intelligence, none of this points to this was
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some naturally occurring virus, so unfortunately many of us in the intelligence community that were there at the time felt the wuhan institute of virology was more than a probability. it was always close to a certainty and i still feel that way having seen all the intelligence and i would hope the biden administration would move to declassify some of the intelligence that would establish that point. >> the current dni, avril haynes and to comment on this report, basically saying that intel community might not even have been the best agency to do this report, that is really a question fundamentally of science. do you agree with that, that without the scientific basis and understanding of how the genetic sequence of this virus operates that the dni is -- they are floating around a little bit on this one? >> the scientific opinion on
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this is important but i don't know any credible scientist still promoting the idea that this was naturally occurring. most of the folks that have now seen the intelligence that i declassified and mike pompeo declassified showing covid 19 symptoms at the pullman institute of virology, the involvement of chinese communist party officials, military officials, the gain of function research taking place at the wuhan institute of virology, all the things the world health organization, those were all things that now that they've come to light you see a lot of signs like doctor fauci and others back off of saying this was naturally occurring. as a person who sought all our us intelligence in my mind i feel strongly this originated at the wuhan institute of virology and continue to do that without
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disclosing the information -- laura: we are giving a free pass to china. layman's reaction tonight is that. moving on to afghanistan we heard tonight that at least one refugee has been stop before arriving in the united states who looks like had ties to isis who somehow managed to coalesce into the group being allowed out of the country and is now apparently in custody. are concerned are you about the spitting process? >> i'm concerned about strahl that allows breathing life into radical islamic terrorist organizations that were obliterated or on the run. when we left the office eight months ago isis caliphate had been destroyed, our baghdadi had been killed. al qaeda left 200 and afghanistan and because of the way this was so terribly, it has
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literally believed life and the radical islamist terrorist organizations and groups and i don't have confidence that this administration is in a position to that. they can't get our own people the little-known tell us who is coming in in connection with this withdrawal. jillian: from what you said the number of americans getting out of there calculations are now only 6.8% of the tens of thousands the come out of the country are americans. what about that, is it not our priority to get american citizens out first before we pull everyone else out of the country? >> everyone is saying that, republicans and democrats alike, everyone is saying that except president biden and the administration. everyone is saying let's get every american home first and then we will go through and assign blame for what is clearly
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a disaster. you mentioned cia director burns going to meet with the taliban and. they are so demoralized that a cia director would go to kiss the ring of the taliban two weeks from the twentieth anniversary of the most somber anniversary in recent history when 3000 americans died and the taliban helped facilitate that we are sending the cia director over asking for their health, it is outrageous and frustrating and i will tell you i don't think anyone questions the resolve of the united states and the long-term but everyone is questioning the resolve of the united states in a short-term. jillian: you think we should have resignations or firings given the calamity that is unfolding or should we let these people continue to wreak havoc on foreign policy and national security? >> there should be
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accountability. of president biden after narrative -- laura: everyone talks around this issue. he should lose their job after this calamity unfolding? >> if someone came up with the biden plan that said we will withdraw the military before we get our civilians out and lead $85 billion of the best military hardware and technology for our adversaries whoever came up with that plan. laura: it has got to be millie, the chairman of the joint chiefs and lloyd austen, secretary of defense, looks like doogie houser is national security adviser. what are they thinking? >> they are thinking what can we get done in the next 3 years before there is a strong american president, that is the concern. our allies see this nervously and adversaries see this lethally.
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real question about america's resolve over the next three years and to your point congress needs to be getting answers from this and accountability for the american people, that is their job. laura: former director of national intelligence john ratcliff, thank you. as afghanistan falls apart they want you to believe they can prevent more us gear from falling into enemy hands. >> a strong bias to get our material out with our people, if there needs to be destruction or other disposition of equipment at, karzai international airport we will do that. laura: who has faith in that? shocking new video, the taliban can be seen showing pictures of their new state-of-the-art gear courtesy of us x. night vision goggles, black hawk helicopters, armored vehicles, drones, joining the retired army
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colonel doctor gregor, senior advisor american conservative senior fellow also with me is larry logan, host larry logan has no agenda, catch the first part of the new season today on fox did we just fund the creation of a totally new and modern telegram fighting force, will we going retroactively and blow up stuff? >> there will be some people who will use the equipment but our experience in afghanistan and the middle east is over time it all falls apart because the population can't maintain it. so i suspect that will happen. the problem is this is not unique in american milnly not w last 30 years. as you pointed out earlier there's been no accountability. we've had general officers in command losing billions of dollars worth of equipment. this is not new, i think people should soldiers,
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sergeant, lieutenant, would probably facing serious charges but we never come back and ask for general what happened to $1 billion worth of something.a ten years or so ago. you know what they're like, at least for a time modern equipment. what do americans need to understand tonight about the danger to the us homeland and the balance president biden was making about engaging in another protracted military conflict? >> we've never seen anything like this in our lifetime. not just about the equipment but it being given to the chinese who can reverse engineer it and so to the iranian's and whoever else they want and the fact that everyone is talking about is as if it is a foregone conclusion. it isn't. there are plenty of things you could and should still be doing, you can destroy every one of the black hawk helicopters, the attack planes and so on and the
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biggest question of all is how did we allow this to happen? the same reason, the reason we allowed it to happen, the same reason we are not doing anything to stop it now and that is the biggest problem here, the thing that is at the core of what is really and fire to islamic extremists in every one of america's enemies, not just al qaeda but hamas, has bola, the chinese, have you looked at their news agency? they can't stop themselves, they are dancing on america's graded the message is very obvious. this isn't just about afghanistan. this is the american people and
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america's leaders are literally saying they don't have the political will to fight the taliban, to use the power they have, to use the capability they have. the will to stand up. they have no honor at this point, no dignity, betrayed our allies, you talk a lot about who should be coming to back and all that but no one is talking about the fact we created this problem and we can fix it and we shouldn't be putting -- afghans don't want to offload to america. many do but what they really want is to have their country back and that is the heart of the problem and we have a lot of options we are not exercising right now. laura: this is a big schism in the gop, trump won this battle a long time ago, the public was already with trump in pulling out of afghanistan, they wanted to pull out of afghanistan ten years ago. obama understood that. can we do anything now to go back in after 20 years and fix this?
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i understand what larry is saying but trying to visualize how that would work. >> let's face it. it is weekend at bernie's in the white house, the lights are on but nobody is home. if anybody wondered what president biden was all about as a leader that question has been answered. what i urge people to do is look at the people who are responsible for the debacle, general mckenzie who is the commander of central command is responsible for this operation. we know from fast experience you plan on withdrawals months in advance, you have contingency plans, worst-case the situation, nothing we are seeing could have happened unless someone was not competent, someone didn't do their job so general mckenzie is preeminently responsible. laura: we've lost colonel mcgregor but i think we got the point. thank you.
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the covid tyrants on the left were giddy about the fda vaccine approval is weak but what has them licking their chops at this point the prospect of never-ending boosters as far as the eye can see, what that means kind of controlling your life, we will explain it next.
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ending war to another, as the white house touts laura: from one never-ending war to another as the white house helps the rush to get fda approval of the pfizer vaccine, pfizer is planning on the next vaccine. >> what we do with this every time a very and appears in the world are scientists are researching - we haven't identified any yet but we believe it is likely one day one of them will emerge. laura: is that correct? professor viral immunology doctor bridal, is that accurate what the ceo of pfizer just said? >> a couple things i would argue are not accurate. first of all there is evidence especially from his real that the delta variant has already started to circumvent the
12:29 am
immunity by the pfizer vaccine. i agree there are going to be variants, the delta variant is evidence of one that there is the possibility of future variance that will more efficiently evade the immunity conferred by the pfizer vaccine and this is in large part due to the nature of the vaccine and the way we are rolling out these vaccines. what i mean is the immunity conferred by these vaccines is too narrow focus on one single component of the virus, the virus only has to change one component to evade immunity. also a critical problem we've learned with these vaccines that has been admitted in the united states and other countries is the duration of the immunity, the length of time somebody is protected after being vaccinated seems to be remarkably only 4 and a half to 6 months which is incredibly short, so the nature
12:30 am
of the vaccine and the way they are being rolled out over time and the fact they are not comparing long enough immunity for everybody to achieve heard immunity is a recipe for the vaccines to be driving the emergence of highly evasive new variants. laura: doctor fauci did address the issue of variants. >> if we keep lingering, this thing could linger on leading to the development of another variant which could complicate things so it is within our power to get this under control. laura: the fact that some people are unvaccinated driving the very ands. >> as i mentioned, it is the vaccines themselves driving the
12:31 am
variants if anything not those that is those are unvaccinated against infected going to clear the virus or succumbed to the virus, that is what happens when dealing with a pathogenic virus. physicians would have to intervene but if somebody has cleared the virus they are naturally protected have road best immunity -- laura: that is not what doctor fauci said and continues to say. instead he says if you've been infected and you get vaccinated you have extra protection, enormous increase in your immunity to anything that comes your way. is that accurate? >> know. what you have in that case is a dramatically amplified antibody response against the slight protein only and when it comes to viruses it is not about the magnitude of the antibody response. a healthy robust natural immune response against viruses typically has relatively the
12:32 am
magnitude antibody responses but what is one.against viruses is that we have the proper quality of antibodies. there is an article that just appeared that suggests with the delta variants coming out some of them might be prone to what we call antibody enhanced disease, evidence that antibodies are binding to some part of the spike protein and facilitate infection with this virus. it is not the amount of antibodies with the quality of the antibody response. laura: i feel like i get a little bit of a medical degree every time you come on, great to see you tonight and from covid to crime california, they tremble. more for my investigation and raymond arroyo is here in la exposing the democrats latest crisis. stay here.
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>> laura: california used to be the promised land for the middle class, but now high taxes, high crime, rampant homelessness, drug abuse, insane covid mandates, and a democrat
12:38 am
laura: california used to be the promised land for the middle class but now i taxes, crime, rampant homelessness, drug abuse, insane covid mandate and a democrat ruling class, it is about -- the governor facing a recall here, among those punished the small business owner. i spoke to one in san francisco who has a message for anyone thinking of setting up shop there. >> it is so in business friendly here, very regulated, you need a permit for everything, texas are extreme. >> what are you staying here? >> good question. >> san francisco impose on the most stringent covid regulations in the country. >> a vaccine mandate for gyms, bars, restaurants, anywhere you would take a mask off. natural immunity does not work here. we decided to talk to the owner of crossfit goldengate, a gym here to find out how this is an that better business.
12:39 am
officials are saying this vaccine mandate is necessary to keep everyone in san francisco safe. you say? >> i don't feel it makes this business saver, we are dealing with a public health crisis so boosting your immunity, eating healthy seems like it should be a focus, not alienating unvaccinated people. >> you can do to krispy kreme or mcdonald's but can't come to the gym? jillian: how you determine authenticity of vaccination certificates given the fact we know there's a huge market for phony cards. what position does that put you in? >> i wonder if the city is doing this for optics because they must know there's no way me and my staff are going to be able to discriminate a fake card from a real card. >> what has happened to your business from before covid, december 2, 0192, today? >> my businesses been decimated. i've been running this gym for 9 years.
12:40 am
i thought my future as a gym owner was finished. are not exaggerated i lost 90% of my members and now that i'm open they are not just coming back, they've left. if you look around it is huge. i have a front door open, windows and back, i ceilings, decent ventilation, 6000 square feet of space and i wasn't allowed to to be in their most of last year. i spoke with the city attorney last year who told me can i have my bubble in the gym with me? you are not supposed to be using your own gym. i couldn't believe it. you want me to pay 14,$000 a month in commercial rent but have no exemption to pay and i'm not allowed to use my own space, you pay for the rent. >> does that feel like america to you? >> it does not as i would like the right to earn a living, feed myself, this is not what i signed up for when i started the business. >> nancy pelosi at a big
12:41 am
democrat fundraiser in napa, what do you think about that? >> one of the issues i have with local government is they are not following their own rules, the expert the private-sector to do something they are not willing, they are running for me that they are not following. there's a lot of politics at play and i feel like i'm being used as upon. >> extreme covid mandates are not the only problem, patrons don't even want to come to this neighborhood anymore because of the homelessness and drug abuse. >> i have a friend who was mugged on the corner here at 2:00 pm on a tuesday, broad daylight. it feels wallace. people don't feel safe in the city. >> is to blame? >> there's been in effect from proposition 47. it makes theft on smaller levels easier, was punishable. the da is not prosecuting a lot of these crimes so people know they can get away with it. >> how does that affect business in general in this area?
12:42 am
>> severely. i have bars on my windows. i keep them closed all day long. i don't want anyone smashing the windows. if those windows get smashed i have to pay to fix it. laura: what is happening here? >> this parking lot is used by this shuttle service, they use to keep these open but their parking lot is getting used as a toilet and injection site, closing the gates not just overnight but during the day when they are not coming in and out. a lot of needles and stuff on the ground. >> raymond arroyo has been with me in san francisco doing his own reporting and this is one of the patrons, works part-time at the same gym we visited. watch. >> how long of you been in the bay area? >> for years. >> what is next for you? >> i'm moving to miami. i don't need to be paying these prices to live in a place where my freedoms are taken away.
12:43 am
if i can remark remotely and do what i why wouldn't i be able to do that. >> what he is saying is what we heard from people all over the state in los angeles to san francisco, they are fleeing. last year california for the first time the population plummeted by 182,000 people, that population has never fallen in the history of california. there is a reason for that and most of it is safety and prosperity and people you feel the government is against them on both fronts. as we been chronicling throughout the week, they got to get out and get away. >> you have been asked -- you are out looking at the homelessness. >> i was reporting on this ongoing homeless crisis. los angeles is no better. >> when we visited venice in 2019 it looked like this.
12:44 am
here it is today, not much is changed. these tents and homeless and cameron spread out all over the city, choking neighborhoods throughout los angeles. it is estimated that 41,000 homeless people are on the streets. this is the scene outside of google just from the corner. >> there's nothing on earth that tells me that a 22-year-old man that from tennessee can come to california,s is tent on the boardwalk right here in front of city hall and say this is my territory, doesn't belong to anybody but me. >> alex bill and wava is the los angeles county sheriff and he has really smacked back at this crisis, cleaned up the venice boardwalk but told me his hands are tied. tomorrow we will get deeper into this. this homeless crisis covers all parts of the city even up until
12:45 am
city hall, on the second of city hall, homeless encampment's on what used to be tourist destinations but local officials want to engage and help the populace and are being stopped, there's a political coalition coming together. this crisis, crime, homelessness may be the spark that creates a new coalition. laura: time to see some common sense policies and a lot of good people and heartbreak in afghanistan and a lot of heartbreak here at home. can't wait to see more of your report tomorrow in the political implications for gavin newsom and others running the state, we will be all over that this week so stay tuned for that and the biden administration is pushing
12:46 am
a new curriculum for schools. we call it reading, writing and transgender is them, we will break it down next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now, a very important back-to-school message for transgender students, brought to you by the biden administration. >> in some places, people in
12:51 am
position laura: important back-to-school mrs. for transgender students brought to you by the biden administration. >> in some places people in positions of authority putting up obstacles that could keep you from playing on the sports field, accessing the bathroom and receiving the life-saving care you may need. laura: the white house is committed to not only destroying girl sports but forcing all aspects of the woke agenda on your kids. joining us is the author of translates survivors, your reaction to the government putting out what is ultimately propaganda video bringing up sexuality to kids when they are just trying to get back to school and start learning again. >> thank for having me on to talk about the subject. this is really evil what they are doing to children. the idea that school system is supposed to indoctrinate and assist and guide children to
12:52 am
become little transgenders, manufacturing transgender children by the government, the government is doing it, they want to raise your children, the government wants to be mom and dad of your children, show your kids how to be more sexually active because they are teaching that in school, tell them they can be homosexual, gay, transgender, the fact of the matter is there's only male and female, everything else is nonsense. i have worked with young people aged 10 to 15, bright young people, their parents told me they identified as different gender and after speaking with them through their parents they say i didn't want to be a transgender, i did it because it was popular at school and other kids are doing it and i saw it.
12:53 am
laura: i can hear the internet exploding, how dare you say that, these are heartfelt views and emotions and you are dismissing them out of hand. >> i have been there. i live a life for eight years and i can tell you from the inside out no one has ever changed their gender period. the only thing you can do is change your persona. you can make yourself look like you changed from one gender to the other but biologically it is categorically impossible to change a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy. laura: i want to remind everyone what happened in february when rachel levine was questioned by rand paul. >> you believe minors are capable of making a life decision like changing 6? >> transgender medicine is a
12:54 am
complex and nuanced field. we have robust research that hasn't developed. >> the witness refused to answer the question. laura: one word response. >> insanity. laura: you kept it to one word. most politicians - thank you. we will continue to monitor this. when we come back i have a big announcement for you and a sad goodbye.
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>> laura: tonight we say good-bye to andrew cuomo laura: we say goodbye to andrew cuomo at sammy. the academy stripped him of it after he resigned in disgrace. >> andrew cuomo became -- >> thank you for your leadership during these trying times. your daily briefings gave us hope, clarity.
1:00 am
>> you transcended politics and are more like a national sex symbol. laura: national sex symbol in the, depends how you define it. tune in tomorrow for an interview with larry it all. the recall vote september 14th. everyone in california vote yes on the recall. jillian: straight to a fox news alert, president biden announcing he will not extend the august 30 first deadline to get americans out of afghanistan despite countless desperatelys for help. the decision across the world and our allies are fearing for their lives as the terror group continues calling the shots saying no more afghans can leave. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian:


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