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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 24, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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and that is what we are not doing right now. that is what we are not seeing. the pain and every americans' parts needs to be expressed in the parent that the constitution and this -- gives them. >> harris: brian mast give us a mantra. if you hear a lawmaker near you, ask them why they are not working on this. thanks, after deciding he will not extend the troop withdrawal. the decision coming at the taliban pressures u.s. sources to lead by the end of the month. hello, i am john roberts in washington. >> they taliban pressuring the united states. that is remarkable. we will react in moments. i'm sandra smith in new york, this is "america reports." relearning about a secret meeting between the cia and
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taliban leaders. the most significant meeting between the demonstration in th taliban since it took control o afghanistan nearly two weeks ago . thousands of afghans at this hour are flooding the kabul airport in a desperate plea to leave the country. the humanitarian crisis, in the chaos unfolding there angry in our u.s. who met today with biden mutually for a g7 conference. >> general jack all standing by with first the white house correspondent with a very lates from 1600 pennsylvania. >> good afternoon to you, guys. we have learned that president biden will keep the august 31st withdrawal deadline according t u.s. officials who spoke with our lucas thomason at the pentagon. for that to happen, they say that the military withdrawal will have to begin by this friday in order to meet that deadline just one week from
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today. making it pretty unclear who will protect the last americans who are making their way out al the way up until that deadline as well as afghan refugees able to get on planes. the decision follows a taliban press conference where a spokesman said this morning the taliban would not allow any extensions, urging the u.s. not to encourage afghan elites including doctors and engineers and educated people to leave th country, taliban saying we need them here and they should no longer go to the airport. the taliban also announcing afghans currently at the airpor should return to their homes. these developments can pose a major challenge after the president extended the commitment he made to afghan refugees. say the u.s. will use any mess means necessary to get them out. congressman adam schiff said after a classified breeding yesterday he will doubt everyon will be able to get out by the 31st. the republicans are also pressuring the president to extend that withdrawal, the
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state department has given no clear member numbers under the pentagon in exactly how many americans have been evacuated, but state department cable firs polluted by political estimated to be around 4300. that's not even close to the roughly 11,000 the white house estimated are within the countr last week. >> the resident needs to forget about the august 31st deadline, we need to send in enough american personnel, military personnel to rescue our people. by the way, there are more american soldiers there now tha before the president made the decision to leave. extend the deadline. >> it appears the president is rejecting all of that advice in the last 24 hours the white house i said some 21,000 people have been evacuated from the country, but they did not break that down by nationalities we are still waiting for a clear estimate of how many americans need to get back and how many afghan refugees are also waitin in the wings.
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>> rather remarkable that it president is leading the taliba dictate the withdrawal. >> vowing to stop afghans from evacuating the country from tha airport. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is life at the pentagon. >> sandra, those attacks mentioned in that intel report could happen any day now in the military is very aware of that. u.s. defense officials who we have spoken to one not tell us what advice they gave to the president, but i can confirm that the president has taken making a decision that all troops will be out on u.s. 31st. john kirby confirmed to reporters as much as morning. >> it still sounds like you're working on an august 31st
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deadline part. >> we are aiming for the end of the month. >> in a race against the clock, 37 u.s. military planes took of in the past 24 hours. 32 c-17's and five c-130s, 21,600 people were evacuated. among them nearly 9,000 people on civilian aircraft. the reality of the massive historic airlift with military planes now landing and taking off every 45 minutes is bumping up to the reality that time is running out on the ground they taliban announced publicly afte a secret meeting with cia director in kabul monday that i would not extend the deadline t the americans. already the taliban has begun tightening the noose around the airport and stopping afghans an even those with american passports from getting to the airport. >> windows the u.s. military have to begin making this press? when does that decision have to be made? >> you need at least several days to get amount of forces an
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equipment that we have at the airport to get that safely and effectively retro grated. we are absolutely still aiming towards the end of the month. >> kirby was asked about u.s. marines guarding the u.s. embassy, but officials told reporters that those forces hav already been withdrawn to the airport. >> we are talking about pulling all the troops, so going to zer at the embassy, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> on capitol hill, as jackie mentioned, we have heard from congressmen who say that defens secretary lloyd austin and general mark millie gave them assurances that if they don't get all-americans out by august 31st, that they have plans to do so afterwards. what that would mean, what it would require, without u.s. military forces on the ground i kabul, is anyone's guess at thi
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point. >> jennifer griffin life at the pentagon. bringing us any updates as you get them. >> for more on this, let's brin in martha maccallum. martha, a lot of reaction to this in just the last hour including from the congressman from texas the ranking member o the house foreign affairs committee. listen to what he said. >> i can tell you there's no wa way we can humanly get all of our american citizens in afghan partners out of country by that time. i've called this an unmitigated effort. it will be an stain on this presidency and particularly for the decision made today and wha we heard today, he will have blood on his hands. get this from nebraska, nebrask senator. forget the deadline to tell the taliban were getting our people out however long it takes. and we are perfectly willing to spill taliban, isis, and al qaeda blood people are not
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excited with what the president has decided to do. >> it is worth reminding everyone that august 31st, the deadline imposed by none other than president biden. initially he wanted to be by september 11th, now the taliban has turned that back on us and twisted it in said yes, we want you out by august 31st. in fact that's a redline. it's clear based on the secretary of state statement that the taliban is in charge. i think that is such a difficul thing for the americans to swallow as we go towards those 9 /11 anniversary 20th anniversary and you ask yourself , look in the eyes of the families of those killed on september 11th and tell them that after 20 years of working to protect us here at home, by getting them in afghanistan in making sure it was not a safe avon, now you've got the united states top officials telling us that yes, there is a new threat from al qaeda. a new threat from isis in terms of what might happen around the
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airport. they are obviously scrambling i quickly as they can to get people out. 20,000 last night, and that's a herculean effort. i think that's not strong numbe for yesterday and we hope they can keep up the pace of that. one of the senses of urgency with getting people out is that they are very concerned about a terrorist attack. look in the eyes of the people who lost their loved ones on september 11th is we head towar this anniversary, and talk abou the reality that the taliban ha a victory, as bill mcferrin writes today, the worst, it has forever surrendered 9/11 to the islamist fundamentalist. it is now what they meant it to be in 2001, they're day. there is so much to taken in this moment. when you look at the clock, you realize that just after 1:00 p.m. eastern time right now , that next tuesday, the
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deadline of august 31st is 3:30 local time eastern time. we are almost one week exactly to that deadline yesterday, jen's hockey had an exchange with our own peter ducey on wha he asked about with stranded americans. she took issue with that word. stranded. most of the criticism is not of leading leaving afghanistan it' the way that he ordered it happen by pulling the troops before getting these americans who are now stranded. >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say that americans are stranded. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home home. >> irresponsible. that video of that exchange has been circulated on social media. people are flabbergasted that she would take issue with that
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especially considering hearing stories like this from this american mother. >> we are stranded at home and can't get to the airport. when we try to get to the airport we either get beaten up or we are afraid for our lives. i am afraid for my life. i don't know how things are going to go. i really need our president to really consider this serious. we are in danger. we are in danger, mister president, please help us. >> we are stranded at home and cannot get to the airport. martha, you, john, all of us covering the story have heard countless stories like that. that mother pleading for help. >> that is the reality. regardless of what you might hear in the press briefing room it's quite clear in this woman' voice that that is the reality. it's quite clear that people ar stranded. look back over the last just
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couple of weeks, not even a couple of weeks of what we've heard. we've heard from the president the taliban would never run roughshod and take over the country again that wasn't what was going to happen. that's exactly what have happened. we wouldn't be lifting from the u.s. embassy, americans, others who had area aided us in afghanistan, it was not going t be a scramble to escape and choppers taking off from the to of buildings. look at what we've witnessed so far. now we are told we have to stic to this deadline, that august 31st is the deadline. as general jack keane has said, if you make the mission the point, we're going to get everyone out as the president has said, and your going to stand back in you're going to clear the path for the united states military until we achiev exactly our mission. this sort of perpetuation in th posture in the way that the state address, we're waiting fo the taliban to give us the okay is just i think mind-boggling. it's not operating from a
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position of strength on the way out or honor. and i don't think anybody believes the taliban. the taliban is playing nice right now. they are putting on quite a sho and this woman has every reason to fear for her life. get the one thing we shouldn't lose sight of is the herculean task that the u.s. military has got in the admirable way in which it's carrying it off. martha, we will see you again here at 3:00 p.m. >> let's bring in retired four-star general general jack b6. you have been so helpful helpin us digest what we are taking in each hour as the story develops and changes by the hour. one thing that the pentagon jus confirms those changed by the hour is the number of confirmed americans on the ground there. i heard you taking issue with this when you were talking to harris and it stood out to me because reporters are now on a daily basis pressing the
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pentagon in they did so again o john kirby, the spokesperson fo the pentagon. why can't you provide us a number? if it changes hour to hour, giv a set. watch this and i will give you the reaction. >> can this administration tell the american people how many americans have been evacuated from afghanistan, and if you cannot, can you please explain not the denominator. why can't you just say the number? >> i think we're going to leave it at several thousand right no and i realize that's not a satisfying answer to you. i would tell you that the numbe literally changes almost by the hour.
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>> this is a dynamic and volatile thing that is taking place. phone calls are going into the state department's task force that is handling this evacuatio in trying to process people. i'm sure there are thousands of phone calls every day weather taking people's names. certainly, after a day or two, they have a sense of what the scale of this issue is. after all, they know how many people they have approved in th sid program who have not left afghanistan. they know how many have applied and have not left, and they kno who they're talking to on the phone. american citizens in afghans. i think it's insulting to the american people that they haven't shared the estimates that they've gathered, even though they that number can change every few hours, i think the american people have the right to know what is the scale of the problem that we are
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facing here? that's all we want. we understand that these number are going to change. i think that's insulting to us. we're grown-ups. we can deal with this volatility . in the other thing here, it was predictable that he was going t stick with the date. this is the date certain, 31 august, that is what drove the ill-conceived hasty withdrawal, so we had this arbitrary date you wanted it done before 9/11, and what did we get as a result of that? we got a collapse of the afghan military very quickly because w provided no support. what were we doing? we were taking out seven military bases. and that could have been prevented. we didn't evacuate that kind of people we're evacuating now. why? because we were taking out seve military bases, that was our focus, and we should not have done any of that during the height of the fighting season i
10:17 am
the summer. this data has been troublesome for us right from the beginning in to stick to it after we've made so much good progress toda is amazing. >> a quick follow-up question because i know are running out of time, but it's important because this administration has been pressed, if every contingency was planned for, in every outcome was planned for. why we are where we are today. they have been pressed on that ad nausea him, but as far as th deadline now coming almost seve days to the hour, it general keane, what are those final hours going to look like before the deadline and after? >> we are going out the door, i the taliban is going to initiat anything because they don't wan trouble from here on out from the united states. isis and al qaeda, that's another thing. we know how to protect ourselves
10:18 am
. we knew this mission carried risk associated with it certainly and we are prepared t deal with that risk. but what troubles me is that we are going to fly away and turn this opera may be to the international red cross and hop for the best that they get the american citizens we did not ge out and all the thousands of afghans we did not get out. that will be a stain on our national soul, and it will be with us for years to come. >> general keane, i'm sure we will hear from more from you in the coming hours. appreciate you being with the spirit. >> dyer assessment from the general. the vice president's trip to vietnam delayed over a potentia case of havana syndrome. retro people develop symptoms like nausea, and. one thing is that comes from maker waived beams that fit nations have been using his weapons.
10:19 am
to u.s. personnel reportedly ha to be evacuated from hanoi over the weekend where the u.s. embassy in vietnam says they conducted a careful assessment of the situation involving the vice president's trip and the vice president harris will be traveling to hanoi later on tonight. so it's been happening in havana , washington, d.c., and now hanoi. >> we will watch the developing story as well. resident bindings 90 day investigation into the origin nations of corvette came into end today. he could be brief today, when will the rest of us be able to see what the investigators foun outbred. >> briefing on capitol hill as members of congress get updated on the situation in afghanistan but did the congress get the answers they wanted? we will have a congressman weight and on that next. on america's most reliable 5g network.
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>> is congress satisfied after the fight new ministration briefed lawmakers on afghanista this morning? byron donald's as answers that question in just a moment. first, today is the last day of president biden's covid origins of review. it was launched for 90 days. he's expected to be briefed on the findings soon. still the public will have to wait a few more days for an unclassified version. it's been 90 days since the we're ordered to find answers after the initial investigation failed to reach a conclusion. scientists in the intelligence community are divided over two theories when suggesting the virus came from nature in the other suggesting it may have th from a lab in wuhan china. >> lawmakers from both sides of the aisle sounded off this afternoon about the biden ministrations debacle in afghanistan. top intelligence officials are offering a pacified briefing.
10:25 am
joining us now is florida republican congressman byron donald. they heard from the secretary o defense lloyd austin in the secretary of state, the chairma of the joint chiefs of staff. general mark millie, i assumed that you were among them, did you get any of the answers you were looking for? >> know. unfortunately this briefing we heard a lot of the same platitudes that the media got i there were some key pieces of information that were classifie in we can't disclose that. we are doing such a great job, but to be honest all of this is triple. the one thing that came out ver clear from the members is the extension of this august 31st deadline. it's not possible to evacuate the american still in afghanistan out of afghanistan in that time period. i think it's pretty much unilateral that we want an extension to that timeline in w
10:26 am
want the president to do what i necessary to make sure american have safe or at a minimum get out of afghanistan. >> there was a virtual meeting of the chief sites of leaders this morning according to reuters, boris johnson has said that the g7 had in agreement that it would tell the taliban that it's going to take longer than august the 31st to get everybody out in the taliban just has to deal with that. in then, that whole thing was undercut by the white house coming out and saying that president biden will adhere to the august 31st deadline and in the middle of this we have the taliban pushing that's around. >> where are we here? >> we're in a place of no leadership coming from joe bide and coming from the white house. first of all, the taliban was a month ago, know what even sit here and say think that they would be telling the global community, the community of nations what to do.
10:27 am
now, one month into the future and now joe biden is listening to the taliban when he himself said two months ago he doesn't trust the taliban would we should be making sure that it i very clear we're going to do what is necessary to evacuate our people from afghanistan and it's going to be done when we say it's going to be done. letting them be the ones that dictate outlines is a complete disaster on the world stage. its undermined our allies for a second time now in joe biden looks ridiculous on the world stage. >> yesterday, you released a position paper saying the president should either step down or be impeached because of the way he's handled the afghanistan issue. clearly that's not going to happen so what was your spirit. >> the american people need to understand we have no leadershi coming out of the white house. this isn't even about politics this is about the stuff we argu about on capitol hill every single day. this is about our standings in the world, our standings frankl as opposed to being the nation
10:28 am
that leads all other nations when it comes to freedom in liberty and standing by our allies. this president has advocated al responsibility under his leadership in he has not taken responsibility. he just throws the words out. members of the british parliament are openly challenging the commander-in-chief because he i has been weak. what is he going to mean for that next conflict that might arise. is he going to be ready? and who is going to take him seriously because i assure you the taliban does not take them seriously at all. >> in you're wondering if the taliban can push the united states in the g7 around, what could a real power do. >> always good to catch up with you, thank you for joining us. >> by the way, we're getting a heads up were now hearing 2:we will hear from the president purred with a week left until the august 31st deadline for a full withdrawal from afghanistan
10:29 am
. will the u.s. be able to evacuate safely every last american. that is the question. fears of threats from the taliban concerning very people left on the ground as well as morgan has been helping with some of those evacuations in will join us next friday get th desperate search for survivors after flooding in tennessee lef 22 people dead. we are live on the ground there.
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>> former state department spokesperson morgan ortega sounds off against critics accusing the former secretary o state as signing a surrender agreement with the taliban. but first this. search teams with dogs going door-to-door in looking for debris and finding that missing in emergency crews working to restore power and phone lines after floodwaters ripped throug rural tennessee over the weekend . killing at least 22 people. charles watson is live in
10:34 am
hard-hit waverley, tennessee were 17 inches of rain fell in less than 24 hours. remarkable. >> at local officials say they're making progress. they now say they're looking fo fewer than ten people, but search and rescue crews have a tall task on their hands when you consider the extent of damage that they are encountering like this home her behind meat which has three car launched into a. for short time ago we actually saw teams from the sheriff's office out here with the search dog going through heavy tree limbs looking for bodies or any signs of life. you have to imagine how difficult this task is for the rescue teams. they have to navigate around roads that have been cracked up and washed away, vehicles that were swept away by the tidal wave of water that rushed through here in buildings that have been lifted in tossed off their foundation. we talk to neighbors in these communities and the general consensus is they are happy to be alive after the weekends
10:35 am
flooding killed more than 20 people including seven month ol twins that were swept out of their father's arms. you while there was cashing in. we tried to block the doors in it wasn't working. i held onto it tree for six in half hours screaming that i had babies at the house that needed rescue. >> as cleanup efforts continue, a lot of neighbors are telling us their homes are complete losses, the president has approved a disaster declaration for this area. a lot of folks saying they may have to build elsewhere. >> live on the ground there in waverley, tennessee. witnessing behind you. thank you. >> alive look at the white hous where president biden is set to speak about the situation in afghanistan, that is as the deadline to leave draws closer in there is no guarantee all americans in afghanistan will
10:36 am
make it out in time. at spring in morgan ortega's committee has been helping people get out of afghanistan. east on your experience in the last couple weeks of trying to get people out of afghanistan and at least to a safe country like here in the united states, what do you make a president biden saying august 31st, we're going to adhere to that deadlin and honor our agreement with th taliban. anybody who's left in the country by virtue of that may b stuck there. >> i would like to know what th agreement is what we've seen reported from several major outlets is that the seed cia director went in and met with the head of the taliban in came to an agreement with him maybe even a written agreement come over not sure. certainly i would think congres as justification in their oversight of every administration to see what's in that agreement to know what is in that agreement very so we ar hearing reports about these agreements, but we don't know what's in it and as someone who
10:37 am
worked with secretary pompeo, i can tell you the specifics of what is in the agreement actually matter. it's been an incredibly busy probably ten days. a lot of former administration officials working with the current administration. to get people out it's been a heroic sort of digital dunkirk efforts is what many people are calling it in order to get people out but this clearly wasn't planned for, there was n way this was properly plan for as we all know seeing the image you are showing right now. >> how tough was it for you to get people out? >> i have to say we all owe the government of qatar in eight without them, there are many families up and knock it out great in they also work with ou government as well but there being processed through canada. if it wasn't for this qatar
10:38 am
embassy that is in washington, dc and their lanes going in and out, i don't know how we would've gotten these for famil people out. one is a harvard educated lawyer . someone who's worked at the embassy in afghanistan. these are small children, people 's parents. it's heartbreaking in john, there is not almost an hour of the day that doesn't go by when i don't get a text message or e-mail where people are saying please help us hook, i have one someone stuck i have someone wh worked on women's rights, who did this, who did that and it's very challenging emotionally an logistically just to help these people get to safety. icky good work from everybody trying to get these folks out. you mention agreements in this is the agreement the former you former boss cut with the taliba in february of 2020. it's come up for a lot of criticism. our secretary of state signed a surrender agreement with the taliban. president biden says the trumpe
10:39 am
ministration left the taliban i the strongest position militarily since 2001. you were there at the state department when this went down, what do you say to that criticism? >> everyone needs to remember the facts in the facts are that secretary ellsberg flew to afghanistan because we signed a agreement the same time we were signing an agreement with the taliban, we signed an agreement with the government of afghanistan that was led by their president, that happened in the same weekend in that was incredibly important because it wasn't just an agreement with the taliban it was an agreement with the government of afghanistan in the next part of the process was to give all parties to the table to negotiate we have conditions in that agreement we have a condition -based approach to ou withdrawal. it wasn't the no conditions jus pull everybody out no matter what approach rate that is not what the secretary.
10:40 am
again, great work trying to get those people out of afghanistan kudos to you in everybody else open with that. >> we are awaiting the presiden biden is expected to speak on afghanistan moments from now. we are expecting to hear from him 20 minutes from now. in the meantime, the taliban seizing billions of dollars in u.s. weapons in equipment given to the afghan forces. our next guest, a former green beret who train those afghan fighters says there was plenty of warning signs that this disastrous situation could and would happen. so why are we here, and how did we get here? >> as the u.s. kills up evacuations in afghanistan's, some of those who successfully fled the country are sharing their stories. what was it like to escape that country? straight ahead. the newday 100 va cash out loan.
10:41 am
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>> fox news alert as we await president biden, he will be speaking from the white house moments from now on his major decision to not extend the deadline to leave afghanistan even as our allies pressed him to do so. we will carry those remarks whe he begins. for now, billions of dollars in weapons in equipment given to the afghan army, paid for by your tax dollars, now in the hands of the taliban. our next guest as it was no surprise because there was plenty of warning signs that this might happen in advance. why didn't the biden administration put a plan in place to stop that from happening. and or make meals served in the military. heat trains the afghan army there enjoins us now. thank you so much for joining us . why then was there not a plan i place to keep this u.s. weaponry , these vehicles, this equipment out of the taliban hands? >> i think that's the million-dollar question and the first thing i'd like to say is my thoughts go out to all of
10:46 am
those stranded americans and afghans for this entire disaste is nothing short of disgraceful in embarrassing on so many levels. i think it shows lack of confidence in an evacuation pla which is where you need to star when you have a withdrawal. the idea that a pullout plan couldn't been plan differently is ridiculous. we still have no plan to get ou americans and our afghan partners out. if you have a family in afghanistan and you're on the other side of kabul, how do you navigate those checkpoints with the history of violence that th taliban have? i'm very concerned right now. i'm obviously pretty emotional as well. is this situation going to get any better? i have a lot of concerns of wha will happen in september is we pull out and what our plan is when the reprisal killing start. i think to your original question, this couldn't have been planned in so many ways more effectively. when i was in afghanistan in
10:47 am
2013. i was lead nato advisor in kabul . in what i noted at the time was that the afghan army fat found lot of success in commandos in special operations forces which where the tip of their spirit. what that evolved into then was in overreliance on mass-producing these folks to start solving the country's problems. one of the terms we have is you can't mass-produce special operations in the reason is you have to keep that capability ar very high. when we started doing that, i saw special operations classes coming through with zero failures we were graduating everyone. that some wanted to solve the problem. so what that translates into on the battlefield is lowering the capabilities of our special operations forces in afghanistan . people showing up to their unit afghan soldiers showing up to their units with high levels of
10:48 am
illiteracy, in ability to do basic. a lower willingness to fight. and so on. they even have a pretty terribl sword myself from the eagle dow book. where we were surrounded by the taliban for about eight hours i about halfway through the battl with death being imminent i had to find the captain because he was taking a nap for the afghan forces. what that told me and this is just one anecdote i have, i hav several more is that there was sense that as long as the americans are here, we're going to be okay. as long as we have american air support we're going to be okay. it's no surprise when use a pol that support garage despite having excellent work fighters across different units in the afghan army, when you pull that crutch, the default response goes to let's get out of here too. if the americans are pulling out , we need to get out of here too. >> that is a remarkable story t hear straight from you.
10:49 am
someone who fought alongside these afghans in the afghan arm trained those forces yourselves. just a quick final thought from you as we're about to hear from the president. we worry about what this is doing to the thoughts and the morale of our military as they see what's happening there. just give us your final thought as we're about to hear from the president. >> thank you for the platform. i'm honestly very proud of america both both sides of the aisle are asking good questions about why couldn't we have planned for this. and that is the most important question. i think the next most important question is what happens on the 31st. what happens when we pull out t our afghan partners. what happens to our perception in the global community about future partnerships. he wants to trust us or work with us? what does our national security look like? the fact that there is this mansell level of clear ineptitude in the execution of
10:50 am
this plan leaves me very troubled about what could come next. >> andrew, i know it's probably incredible difficult to talk about this, but we appreciate you telling your story. >> again, thank you for the time . >> very moving. we are awaiting remarks from president biden on afghanistan just seven days left before the deadline to get troops out of the country. or the taliban warns there will be consequences. what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
10:51 am
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ahead of an august 31st deadlin that the biden administration said for the withdrawal of all american forces. now some of those able to make it out we're talking about thei experience. a tremendous amount of time is spent in afghanistan enjoins us now live with more on this. >> there are new tales of hope, but a lot of horror to coming out of afghanistan. the pace of evacuation we are told is picking up but there ar many thousands who remain in kabul. today saying they will walk afghans.
10:55 am
remember, many our there who have helped the u.s. military over the years including we hav been tracking his progress over the four the lack of it over th past couple of weeks as he's been turned away from the airport, the taliban has raises his house he fears for his life in that of his family. watch a bit of that video we just got today from him as he refers to the ghost city that kabul has become under the taliban. >> i have the feeling that this is the city of the walking dead. you cannot imagine what is goin to happen next and you cannot predict the situation. >> i've just heard from him, he is still there. women are in the firing line as well as everyone watches and waits. >> sandra. >> good luck, >> the commander-in-chief will be addressing the nation since joe biden decided to keep that august 31st deadline in place.
10:56 am
to withdraw all u.s. troops fro afghanistan, this is despite bipartisan backlash and concern on capitol hill about getting americans out. that's all at the top of the hour.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors! >> a fox news alert. now 2:00 p.m. on the east coast. president biden is expected to speak live any moment now from the white house. he's facing pressure to extend the august 31st deadline to get our u.s. troops off the ground there. so far, biden is sticking to hi plan, that deadline even as concerns grow over the ability to get every last american out. good afternoon, i am sandra smith in new york. >> i'm jobber john roberts in new york. the president said to address the nation at any moment in it comes as the deadline to withdraw from afghanistan is no
11:01 am
exactly one week away. as the taliban warns, there wil be consequences if he tries to extend. we have fox team coverage. redware is standing by with analysis. the national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest for us from the pentagon. >> pentagon officials won't tel us what they recommended to the president about staying beyond august 31st. it was clear when press secretary john kirby address reporters today that the decision has already been made. >> it sounds like you're still working on an august 31st deadline. >> we are absolutely still aiming towards the end of the month. >> in a race against the clock, 37 u.s. military planes took of in the past 24 hours, 32 c-17's and five c-130s. 21,600 people were evacuated. among them nearly 9,000 people on civilian aircraft. the reality of the massive historic airlift with military planes now landing and taking off every 45 minutes is bumping
11:02 am
up to the reality that time is running out on the ground. the taliban announced publicly after a secret meeting with the cia directorate that it would not extend the deadline. already the taliban has begun tightening the noose around the airport stopping afghans and even those with american passports from getting to the airport. >> windows the u.s. military have to begin making those crests, windows that decision have to be made? >> roughly speaking you need at least several days to get the amount of forces and equipment that we have at the airports, t get that safely and effectively retro graded parrot can get thi press secretary was asked about u.s. marines guarding the u.s. embassy but officials told us those forces have already withdrawn to the airport. >> we are talking about pulling all the troops, going to zero a the embassy, is that correct?
11:03 am
>> i followed the question. that is correct. >> chairman of the house armed services committee told reporters after being briefed b defense secretary lloyd austin and general mark millie in a classified briefing today that the military says it has plans to get americans out after august 31st if needed. >> i am very confident we will get as many as is possible to get out. all, that's going to be difficult in i was very specific . you need to have a plan to go past the 31st in they assured m they do. >> there remains a serious security threat from isis and a qaeda in afghanistan. that means if the u.s. wants to operate in afghanistan after august 31st they will need the permission of the taliban. >> let's bring in special reports anchor bret beyer. with it is great to see you. thank you for being here. we are seeing various reporting out there, not we have not
11:04 am
confirmed this, that the president has been speaking wit the department of defense in building some kind of contingency plan if they were going to be a terrorist attack on the kabul airport as we've seen warnings of such to potentially keep some troops on the ground there. we don't know yet, but perhaps we will get some sort of update from the president when he begins seeking. if you go back to what the president said about we are going to stay past august 31st to get all americans out. and now, in the big picture, that is the message. is that the taliban is running the show. that the u.s. forces are on the airport base, the are not reall leaving, only a few instances o that, it other forces have managed to leave and get their people back to the airport grea i think it's going to be
11:05 am
fascinating to see what the president says because everyone we've talked to, democrats and republicans on capitol hill say they are confident that there will not be enough time between now in the 31st to get everybod out. there has to be another plan, but so far, at least on capitol hill, they say they have interpreted. >> adam kinsey gerd just tweete a second ago that he heard from people on the ground that all special immigrant visas are being blocked from entering the airport so that would mean a lo of our afghan allies, are probably not going to make it out by the deadline. you know the inner workings of both sides of this, could the president just be saying we're going to adhere to the argus 31st deadline so as not to take off the taliban or give isis or al qaeda reason to attack and then will we get closer to the deadline say we need more time and do that negotiation. >> it's possible. let's hope that's the case.
11:06 am
i think they had to make a decision date certain to get u.s. forces mobilized to pull things out by the 31st. in that decision was by today, by all accounts that we have been given. let's hope that is the case and they are going to have these efforts to bring americans and afghan allies to the airport over the next coming days in perhaps afterwards. one to actually pull the forces out of there, the structure, th skeleton providing security diminishes greatly in the increase the possibility of terrorist attack will take over for the airport is or something else becomes a reality in the forces on the ground are tied t al qaeda. it's not like they're just floating around and they are taliban and it's a new kind of taliban all of this is an interwoven web in they are all tied together we know that as intelligence in military folks that tell us, but we will see
11:07 am
with the president says today. >> with the priority be in getting every last american out it is stunning that we still don't have an exact number of americans on the ground. while they hesitate to reveal their accounts because it could change by the hour, it makes sense that it would change, but at least give us something. this was key last hour. >> i think it's insulting to th american people that they have been shared the estimates that they have gathered even though the dynamic and even though the likely change every few hours. i think the american people hav the right to know that what is the scale of the problem. that's all we want. we understand these numbers are going to change. >> it's hard to fathom why they're not more transparent with those. >> they frankly may not know because of the bureaucracy of figuring out thousands and thousands of people that are
11:08 am
somewhere in afghanistan. >> it's a bad situation. the white house says there are in contact with the ministratio some way, shape, or form with every american on the ground by e-mail, text, and phone. they're not providing an armore vehicle, but they say they're i contact with them. if that's the case they should know a firm number. the key thing to remember is there all not in kabul, to get through the country to couple come out let alone inside of kabul to the airport, is at major logistical feet at. >> you can imagine if your an american stay stuck out there and you are seeing the chaos at the kabul airport, what's going through your mind appear the taliban had a press conference earlier today which the spokesperson seemed to throw a bit of a bone to the united states in its allies saying we will guarantee safe passage to the airport for people that are eligible but at the same time, don't be encouraging rank and
11:09 am
file afghans to leave because they fear a brain drain they ar in afghanistan. you have to wonder first of all how much force they are going who used to enforce that idea, and secondly, the fact that the don't want the intelligence yet leaving afghanistan, does that suggest that may be the new pal taliban is looking at a different form of governance in the old taliban or do you believe like many other people do that taliban to point out is the same as tele- point-to-poin when. >> i think that the front men are talking the talk insane wha they need to say in this moment but any hope by this administration that somehow the taliban is going to care about what the international communit thanks of it after what we've seen, this the reason and how they came to power now as they went to those provinces in town in executed in beheaded people and said this is what will happen to you if you don't drop
11:10 am
your arms. that's not the new governance. i think there are questions about what happened with the ci director william burns in his direct meeting with the taliban leader in kabul yesterday in th fact that there was not briefed to the house intelligence committee in intelligence briefing is quite something as well. i don't know what was said, may be that will come out in the coming days, but hopefully the negotiation went well in they can get all these americans out it just doesn't seem like that deadline will be met at. >> one thing for sure commit nobody wants the taliban to dictate our next move especiall not that deadline. the senator says on the withdrawal, the deadline, miste president on the taliban were getting our people out no matte how long it takes a them are perfectly willing to spill al qaeda, taliban, and isis blood to do what they were talking about the redline this morning. in the wall street journal. we can be transparent with our viewers, but we know this is sort of the remarks that the president is expected to delive
11:11 am
from the white house has been delayed, taken off the table, now it's back on, now we are told that the pool hasn't even gathered for this, they're stil in the briefing room. you can only imagine what's happening at the white house. >> i think this from beginning to where we are now has really been a disaster when a comes to messaging in controlling the message in owning the decision. the decision has come under criticism from democrats and republicans. talking about the decision in how they are talking about it has really made it exponentiall worse in the eyes of a lot of people in america indefinitely and political circles here in washington. he gave the president himself said he's got more foreign policy experience than all of the former presidents in recent memory put together. much more a head on afghanistan the president expected to speak at some point this afternoon.
11:12 am
>> vice president kamala harris getting slammed over her priorities is the chaos unfolds in the middle east, the vp seem preoccupied with getting your christmas presents present on time. a lot to say on what we've hear from her. that is next. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. just crack an egg. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need.e. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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11:17 am
>> a fox news alert at quarter past the hour president biden i safe to speak any time now. we are told we are pretty close at this point and all of this a as the deadline looms for the full withdrawal from afghanistan . we are almost exactly to the hour of seven days out from tha midnight deadline. we are curious to see what the president has to say and what the update is and if there's an change of plan or strategy.
11:18 am
>> not a lot of faith from a lo of people that know a lot about the country in what it takes to get everybody out that we can get everybody out that wants to get out and needs to get out we will see if that deadline on th residence part, if that is a hard or fast deadline. mitch mcconnell not missing mincing words saying it could lead the door open to a terrorist attack here at home. >> the idea was to try to comba the terrorist overseas so they could not successfully attack u here at home that is the mission . it worked, in the president directly to precipitously withdraw was a clear mistake. i think it's a lot worse than saigon in 1975. there weren't terrorist in vietnam threatening to attack u here on u.s. soil. >> at the top gop lawmaker goin on to criticize president biden 's exit strategy as a gargantuan mistake even pointin out there are more american
11:19 am
soldiers in afghanistan out the before the president made the decision to leave. >> vice president kamala harris who has been pretty silent throughout the afghanistan disaster, she is getting called out for not keeping the focus o afghanistan and fact giving a speech overseas and not even mentioning it as she continued her visit to southeast asia, sh talked about not afghanistan bu climate change and christmas gifts. mark meredith has more on that thread. >> it's turning into quite a trip for the vice president. she is now in vietnam and her arrival was delayed a few hours today after a report but personnel on the ground had recently had to be in a syndrome . the vp did not answer questions from reporters, the office that she is fine in that the reports came in before she ever even left singapore, the state department says it's making sur those impacted are getting proper care. we hope to get an update from the department later today. the white house prepares for
11:20 am
better relationships in the ind pacific region, singapore's prime minister weighed in on th ongoing crisis in afghanistan saying while he hopes afghanistan does not become a new hotbed of terror, he says he's eager to see how the u.s. response going forward in that it will. >> we have recalculations and adjustment positions. sometimes it can be done smoothly, sometimes there are hiccups, sometimes go awry. >> at the vice president spoke about afghanistan during her time in singapore she said the u.s. is focused on the evacuation, but she's also focused on priorities in asia a well. here at home, republicans are accusing hearers of missing the main point that the crisis at this moment is in the middle east. >> leadership can't fix the problem in which they don't believe exists.
11:21 am
>> before the vice president would head back to dc, she's expected to make a campaign sto for democratic governor avenue some very he's facing a recall election in the white house has made it clear it wants to lend some political support to keep the governor and office. >> thank you. >> house lawmakers got an updat from the biden administration o the catastrophic situation shaping up in afghanistan. our next guest took part in that briefing. the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee. good to see you. before we get into the briefing you are part of a press conference earlier today in which you said regarding this garden fest deadline of august 31st the president says he will adhere to that as a result, we will likely have blood on his hands. >> s. absolutely. during the course of our briefing, the president made this decision even though his
11:22 am
his own secretary of state and defense were saying we are goin to get all-americans out of there and all of our afghan partners, there is no way it's humanly possible by august 31st. in in the span of that hour in half klaff classified briefing the president made this decisio in it's very clear it surprised everybody there he that is why say he will have blood because our military always is no one left behind, no man left behind the president is leaving behind american citizens in think it's a disgrace and a betrayal in unconditional surrender to the taliban should never have happened. this will have long-term consequences. >> yesterday the cia director went in met with the top taliba leader in, we don't know exactl what was talked about they are, but the taliban came out with a number of statements afterwards one of saying that we want the u.s. to hold fast to that augus
11:23 am
not going to let any afghans ou of the country who we don't wan to leave the country. the overall question is though lot of people are asking is why is the united states of america going hat in hand to the taliban ? >> exactly, john. we are bag big in the taliban t lead us to evacuate the country. it's gotten to that point it such a showing of weakness. the idea that our cia director has to meet with the taliban to save americans, in the taliban, they are in power now in their responses we are drawing a red line. in their probably going to enforce that redline. we're leading the taliban dictate the terms of our surrender or just like prudent dictated the terms of isr intelligence capability in the region. president by them met with him in said you can't do isr and an foreign policies.
11:24 am
but now the president of russia again, this projects weakness, our allies notice this and our adversaries are certainly watching this. >> one of the big concerns that a lot of american military leaders have as well as lawmakers is the amount of military material that the united states has left behind with the rapid collapse of the afghan military. there is nothing in there like jet fighters or anything else o missiles, but there's an awful lot of equipment on the ground. what do you think we should do about that? >> again, there is no plan or a strategy. the ic warned about this for months. i warned the administration get are american citizens out of there and if we're going to do it, do it right in destroy our equipment. now we've handed more blackhawk helicopters over to the taliban than the australian, has. we're either going learn how to fly those from the iranians in
11:25 am
the chinese or just sell it to the iranians in chinese and fun more war terror operations. again, it is just an unmitigate disaster of epic proportions is how can we leave all of this equipment, billions of dollars that our taxpayers paid for, behind. we should have gotten it out an now, the taliban has that and now they have probably in terms of terrorist organizations the strongest fighting force with all of our military equipment supporting on this. it's been a disgrace. >> what do you think the political impact of this is going to be? >> we should be talking about afghanistan this week great we should have a resolution on the floor, but instead pelosi had t cut our classified briefing short so she could negotiate this $3.5 trillion you know bil massive tax and spending.
11:26 am
i think that we need to be focused on this at hand, the administration obviously has no plan or strategy. they allowed this fantasy dream that we could negotiate with th taliban all the way to the end and now we can't get all of our american citizens out of afghanistan. it will have long-term consequences to our national security rate we will be talkin about this for a while. >> let me ask you about that because you are now with house foreign affairs committee where they chairman of the homeland security committee. with the taliban back in charge of afghanistan with isis and al qaeda still there, give me a scenario of what afghanistan will be like in terms of potential threat to the united states expense or a year out. >> when i cheered homeland security, i had briefings, probably one external operation per month that we had to stop where they were planning to kil
11:27 am
americans or our allies. we are going back to pre- 9/11, there are probably more al qaed in afghanistan now then pre- 9/ 11. with that, they will conduct external operations. when i was german it homeland a the border itself which is so wide open that the special interests on the terror watch list can now get into the unite states. that is going to be the big threat moving forward. >> on one thing congressman was saying there. in this agreement that the secretary secretary of state signed with the taliban back in february of last year it says the taliban will not allow any of its members of other individuals and groups to use the soil of afghanistan to use threaten the security of the united states in its allies. not a lot of people have faith that the taliban will do that part. >> there's obviously conditions. to go back to what we're about to hear, president biden about
11:28 am
to speak from the white house, we're also told a white house press briefing by age in psaki will be given a bit from now. how many americans are still there stranded, jen psaki says that's the not appropriate use of the word although we have direct stories of people saying they are stranded. what are we doing about all the equipment that has been left behind. what are we doing about the africans that still have to flee ? is there any sort of contingenc plan in place if there were to be an attack on the airport there considering all american troops would be gone by next tuesday midnight. >> what are we going to do abou people that are not out by the time the deadline rolls around. >> you go back to the reporting of kamala harris trip abroad in this speech in singapore, it is amazing. she did not even address afghanistan. she's barely addressed afghanistan in the two weeks since this all began or started
11:29 am
to unfold i should say that taking over by the taliban app afghanistan and you have guys like adam schiff and congress saying there is no way, it's unlikely we will be able to evacuate all the americans by that time. will there be any update to thi strategy there if there is one? >> we've got to do one thing first, we have to get out of hours in see the president, otherwise we will never know. >> i'm sure there are big discussions happening behind closed doors as this is a mess. we are trying to sneak in a quick break before that begins, but when the president begin speaking, we will carry his remarks live. we expect him to possibly explain his decision. where we are sticking to this withdrawal even though our allies are asking him to reconsider.
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
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11:34 am
11:35 am
>> still waiting at this hour for the president expected to speak from the white house. we are learning from sources that the president has no plan to extend the withdrawal deadline next week august 31st that's when they shut the gates in nobody else comes out furd that has some of our closest allies furious. the key allies were talking about the british today, their defense secretary coming out in they will not be able to get everyone they need to get out b that deadline. the back and forth over the american troop issue, and whether or not they will pack u and go home comes as informatio was released by a top human rights official in switzerland about the treatment of women no
11:36 am
under taliban rule. show spoke to the un human rights council seen she's received critical reports of things ranging from restriction on women to summary execution. she added that an indicator for women rights will be how much the taliban allows them access to secondary education. >> fundamental redline will be at the taliban to women in girls . they >> we also heard the same thing last week where we spoke to women who just led the taliban here in qatar, and they said they are extremely concerned about how the taliban will trea women take a listen. >> we have been working 20 year to try to get girls out, divide them education, educate them, get them into offices, government offices, but right now it's going back to zero.
11:37 am
>> if president biden does not extend this withdrawal deadline he you are likely to see people just like that young woman not able to escape the violence of the taliban in afghanistan. >> we have to feel for those people being left behind. earlier today, the taliban held a press conference in which the said there is no list of t people targeted for reprisals. they want to find a procedure for women to return to work. what we see seems to be a direc contradiction to that. >> a lot of that came out of th news conference. the question is how much of it do you believe obviously, so we will hear with the president ha to say on that right he will begin speaking shortly. >> if being the operative word for it we've got 23 minutes lef in the show, let's see if it happens soon. the crisis in afghanistan stirring emotions for people whose loved ones has sacrificed
11:38 am
so much for this nation. that includes this wife lost he husband back in 2010, the u.s. navy seal lieutenant was killed in a helicopter crash during combat operations in afghanista for eight amy joins us now. amy, i can't even imagine the pain this is brought back to th family. things to you in your husband and your family for the service and sacrifice to this country. how are you feeling and what ar you thinking in this moment as we are seeing chaos unfold there ? >> thank you, sandra for having me. like many other goldstar families and americans, i am heartbroken. i have a lot of sympathy for al the images and what we're seein happening on the ground in afghanistan each and every day in the different scenarios and event. i feel at least for me, very fortunate that i am affiliated with an organization where we are able to come together and
11:39 am
leverage our military community our goldstar families to go out and be of service in the local communities and really living b these ethers of if not me, then who. i think it's important for everybody whether it's an outle to just have that able in open line to communicate with camill finding something that works so you're able to really understan in express what you're going through right now. >> it's so important because so many of our veterans are feelin that pain right now. i know you're serving as vice president of the foundation in you reach out to those of their families and you work to suppor each other and these communities , these veteran communities. you been in touch with them in the two weeks since we've seen afghanistan ball to the taliban what are the family saying abou this? >> very much like my own sentiments. we're upset. we want to make sure that the
11:40 am
united states honors our commitment to get those who helped support us out of harm's way. our americans, our allies, our afghan interpreters. i think that is at the top of everyone's mind right now and what the future holds. >> what is your message to veterans in their families during this difficult time? >> i would just say, when my husband deployed to afghanistan he was excited to go. he served our country because h believed in what we stood for, the freedom that we have today. i just want people to understan that you should at least check in on someone you know that may be affected by what's going on. but also let them know that you're service matters. i want people to remember that. my late husband, brendan, wouldn't change a thing about what he did over there. he said i truly believe that we as americans have lived freely for the last 20 years without a
11:41 am
terrorist attack on u.s. soil and i think that's fully attributed to our u.s. military in the men in women that selflessly serve and sacrifice. >> amy, we've been showing pictures of brendan smiling, obviously in happier days in he paid the ultimate sacrifice. i want to read this to our viewers because you provided this to our producers ended stood out to me in this moment because were also concerned about the impact this is having on those who fought there, who lost in the case of your husband , his life for it our message to veterans in family t the fallen is simple. we're here for you and while it may be hard to process the even of a day and/or week, the arc o history is long and your sacrifice has not been in vain we don't know how this ends. amy, i will give you final thoughts as we are awaiting the president president at this moment to lead us, to tell us
11:42 am
what happens next. >> i go back to my earlier sentiments just saying that i want us as a country to stand behind our commitment of making sure that those who have spent the last 20 years serving by ou site in protecting us are able to and i think that so incredibly important. i know myself, our community in other veterans in goldstar families, that that is a top priority right now. >> amy, how are you doing. i know we have spoke on this before. how are things for you? >> you know, i tried to live each day like it's the last because clearly as you know, sandra, something was incredibl important that i love very dearly was taken away from me very quickly. so i try to wake up every day feeling a sense of purpose in i really just tried to embody wha brendan taught me about being i service to others in really i just leverage that and really lean into that and tried to liv
11:43 am
forward and make sure that brendan's name is not forgotten. >> u.s. navy seal lieutenant brendan mooney died in 2010 fighting for this country. >> john, stories like that just it's been 20 years for these families and their going throug so much in this moment. >> there are so many americans, men in women who have sacrifice so much to try to preserve the peace in afghanistan and to try to let democracy get a foothold there a foothold that was washe away so quickly. >> the foundation is amazing, she is part of a group of peopl that have gotten together and their mission is to bring those veteran families and communitie closer together to stand up for each other. that is what america is about. >> there are a lot of great organizations in we salute them all. alive look at the white house
11:44 am
now, president biden, this script said said to begin any moment from now, i don't know about that. the deadline to withdraw is jus a week away and already we are deceiving how the decision is playing out in the lives of americans. the bombshell knew all numbers telling what americans really think about what is coming out of the white house. you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> as we await president biden is said to speak on the white house on the situation in afghanistan in the fact that he is going to hold to that august 31st deadline. americans apparently not happy with the way he has handled the entire crisis. usa today and seven pulling finding that only 26 percent of americans approve of his handling of the afghanistan withdrawal. overall take a look at this onl 41 percent of voters approved o the overall job the president i doing, 55 percent disapprove, s he is well underwater. that number may be in a different bowl back in march wa 60 percent so he has dropped 19 points in the last few months. like a rock great if you think about all that has happened in what we are not even done with the tough stuff here as far as what is app happening on the
11:50 am
ground. some new information, the reaso i'm back as i put out into the system, we haven't talked about the effort by lawmakers independently to get people out with private donors, private planes, different organizations. that is happening in real time every hour in they are trying t get people out. i just got an e-mail from someone talking directly with the team leader on the ground trying to get people out. i will just put up some picture from the airport. for my evacuation team leader one hour ago we have people on the ground at the airport waiting for a new update any minute team on the ground running evacuation operations s this is intel as real as it gets . it might help you understand what's happening basically the u.s. is refusing to take anymor afghan locals and ends a u.s. citizen only in play, they stated once august 31st hits, they will help nobody else, u.s or afghan, we are hearing that
11:51 am
ideal has been done with the taliban the u.s. is expediting the withdrawal and wants to be out in 72 hours anybody left is on their own, president biden disregarding also in military advice it's expected that he will push ahead in ignore the military. they believe the airport gates will be sealed either today or tomorrow they've destroyed the only road out they destroyed th tunnel effectively cutting out fat wrote out for the uk pulled out already due to kia, killed in action. in short the county in any u.s. citizen the country in any u.s. citizen in the country has been sold out. the taliban have total control of the city. the personnel on the ground is form formal name e pilot runnin the point operation. privately again this is not the u.s. government this is lawmakers working with differen entities to get people out.
11:52 am
the fact that the president joh and sandra is this delayed may suggest that there are trying t figure out what the policy actually is for august 31st. >> starting to connect the dots because when we started the sho we were expecting press briefin by jen psaki at 1:00 o'clock. we were expecting the pentagon to have a briefing later today and were just told the second pentagon briefing that we've been getting daily, that has been postponed to a quote later date, and now the president is running a couple hours behind. you have to figure that to your point about this changing on an hourly basis what is happening there in the urgency that there is very you wonder what's happening behind closed doors right now. >> this lawmaker said talking t the e vac person, the former military person on the ground that they've got another number of people out of safe houses in kabul, but they can't get through to the airport at this
11:53 am
hour right now. essentially, the doors are closing and this is an urgent moment for thousands of americans still in and around kabul, let alone the people who have not made it to kabul because in the gauntlet to run from kandahar or the helmand province up in the north, to ge to kandahar in and of itself is a logistical challenge. >> we have a lit little less than a minute to heartbreak. we now understand the president 's remarks have been pushed back till 4:30. what you said about prioritizin american citizens. a lot of criticism that the u.s had not been doing that and was pulling out more africans than it was u.s. citizens. the idea though that they are going to close the gates tonigh or tomorrow is frightening. >> that would be the definition of stranded if that in fact happens. we hope that it doesn't as to your point earlier, we hope
11:54 am
other things are happening behind the scenes, but this delay for the president in this speech, what we're hearing on the ground from people who are they are, does not paint a good picture about what the decision-making process is. >> we will see you tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you, bright, we were going to take a quick break and we will be right back ♪ so veterans can save thousands. ♪ ♪ ♪ aloha! isn't this a cozy little room? sorry your vacation request took so long to get approved, so you missed out on the suite special. but lucky for you, they had this. when employees are forced to wait for vacation request approvals,it can really cramp their style. i'm gonna leave you to it. um, just— with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. fox news reporting exclusively that the u.s. military started withdrawing from afghanistan. this is a short time after president biden announced not to extend the deadline of august 31 for a full withdraw. quoting a u.s. official, things have departed. we can still defend the airport. fewer american troops at the airport in kabul yesterday than today. we awake jen psaki at 3:30.
12:00 pm
>> john: if you're an american still in afghanistan and you hear about that and you hear this report that the doors may be closed tomorrow, wonder what you're thinking. >> sandra: absolutely. john, great to be with you. our coverage continues on the fall of afghanistan to the taliban. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow with "america reports." "the story" starts right now. >> martha: i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking now on the "the story," less than a week, that is how long there is left as the clock is ticking in afghanistan. a decision from president biden and a demand from the taliban that we not stay beyond the august 31 deadline. we expect to hear from the president. that has been pushed and pushed throughout the course of this day. obviously a lot of discussion going on behind closed doors at the white house about what to do and what to say when the


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