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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 23, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: please say your dvr so you never miss an episode, that's all the time, let your heart not be troubled, lauren ingram is next, a little birdie told me you were in san francisco, where you at the nancy pelosi a super-spreader s? >> laura: it's going to shock you to learn that i was turned away at the door, can you believe that? >> sean: yeah, i can believe it. >> laura: i was in napa, going to a wine tasting, fully masked, all of the appropriate, and they would not let me in. it is -- i thought it was supposed to be so nice here. so sweet and nice. and i got nothing. >> sean: i think it's 29 grand it to get in any way, no mass, no social distancing.
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>> laura: hannity, awesome show. >> sean: i wonder if she shared her ice cream. spin on the amazing jill biden and nancy pelosi, the leadership is so impressive, we will pick up where you left off, great show tonight. >> sean: thank you. >> laura: i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from san francisco tonight. you don't have to go all the way to afghanistan to see widespread suffering and despair or to witness a tragic breakdown in civil society. you can see that right here, just miles from multimillion dollar homes owned by the billionaire titans of the tech world. now homelessness and drug abuse has been a problem here for decades, but the situation now is spiraling totally out of control. earlier today just a block from a major police precinct we saw people doing crack on the street and washing their clothes at a dirty leaky hydrant. this once great american city is
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cratering, and while we are horrified, rightly so as the taliban terrorize the people of afghanistan, where so many numb when our people are being terrorized here. it's a democrat-engineered american tragedy. but are the voters finally wising up? we are going to show you tonight will shock you. but first, the great unraveling. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the humiliation of america is unfolding before our eyes in a dramatic fashion. our president is incapable or unwilling to do the basic tasks of his job from enforcing our border at home to protecting our national security abroad. his policies have made america more dangerous, the basic cost of living is more expensive today, people are more divided. we see that everywhere. he stacked his administration
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with an assortment of radicals and incompetence. from his homeland security secretary to his defense secretary, we see nothing but examples of ineptitude and arrogance. now the taliban is laughing at us, the corruption that plagues the pentagon and state department is staggering, here is just a few of the low lights. first, the pentagon which has a budget, remember, $700 billion and how did not realize that the afghan army spent billions training would collapse in just 11 days. neither our secretary of defense nor the chairman the joint chief could explain why they were so unprepared. both should have been fired, he said this, they should of last week. and determined to double down on failure, biden's people want you to believe that the taliban can be trusted with american safety. >> it's absolutely requiring us
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to keep these lines of communication with the taliban open who do have checkpoints out beyond the airport. and what we have seen is that this coordination has worked well. in terms of allowing access and flow to continue. >> laura: what a buffoon. a second, despite spending two decades trying to build a functioning afghan government, the state department was somehow totally shocked when afghan president ashraf ghani fled the country leaving us holding the bag. not that tony blinken even remembers who that is. >> go back a week, the government fell, and by the way, i was on the phone with president karzai the day before when he was telling me his intent to fight to the death. at the day he was gone. >> laura: news flash, tony, he has not been the afghan president since 2014. yes, ladies and gentlemen, that
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is our chief diplomat. art third, our intelligence committee which is supposed to be the most able and sophisticated in the world also failed to see any of this coming. breast could have gotten better advice from watching the show than listening to the same people who spent more time on the narrative of january 6th then our exit from afghanistan. now fourth, the two elected officials in the white house biden and harris apparently have little to no role at all in policymaking. harris is so unimportant that the biden folks just sent her on a trip to southeast asia. now this suggests that biden's aides think that harris is not only useless during a crisis, but a liability. frankly i think that's the best decision they have made over the past week, and poor old joe, he can't answer basic questions about extracting americans from harm's way. >> what i'm not going to do is talk about the technical changes we are making.
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again, i don't want to get into the detail about it. >> laura: because he doesn't know the details. finally, under biden our credibility and prestige is shot, mr. foreign policy. the dems in the g.o.p. war hawks, they spent a lot of time, remember, trying to convince the voters that donald trump hurt america's reputation around the world, that was a lie. our enemies feared president trump and our allies grudgingly respected him, even if they did not like him all the time. they knew his priority was america-first. but was biden and his cabinet, they know it's america on our heels. i mean, does anybody trust secretary blinken to negotiate with the chinese were the russians? of course not. does anybody trust secretary austin to organize an operation that is more complex than the army-navy football game?
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no. now let's be clear, every major player on earth knows that the u.s. national security is in the hands of incompetent plunderers. they all know that as long as this team remains in play, china will gain power at our expense. but here's the bitter truth, no one close to joe biden really cares. chuck schumer doesn't care, and nancy pelosi as hannity said, holding fund-raisers in napa, mask list, she still worried about covid, no democrats in the center of the house care at all. no one in the democratic party is calling for firing or resignations or even demanding accountability. the fact is, they would rather keep proven incompetence in office with all the problems that it creates for the national security then risk losing a single vote in 2024. the pattern of repeated failures without zero accountability is
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happening here in california just the same. now we know, everyone knows that governor gavin newsom has done a horrific job here. the unemployment rate in california is 7.6%. cnbc is ranking in california 47th, and the cost of doing business here, 50th, dead last in business friendliness. crime skyrocketing, and here in san francisco the situation as i said is rapidly deteriorating. >> the stats i've been seeing a set homicide, burglary, car break-ins, they are way out. >> all back on the rise. >> since 2019? >> violent crimes, homicides are up 85%. >> laura: 85%? i had at 30%. speak of nonfatal shootings are up. >> laura: democrat policies here have emboldened criminals, murderers, shootings,
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carjacking, all gone through the roof. more reporting later on the end of the show. and again, democrats who could do something about it just don't care. when millions of californians desperate for some relief from these crises turned to the effort to recall governor newsom, the democratic party, they did not even put forward an alternative candidate to replace gavin newsom, they urged california to reject the recall and accept further decline. now compare all of this, everything in the g.o.p. side of politics. we also had leaders who were unable or unwilling to defend our interest, and one by one we push them out. the bushes, the cheneys are gone replaced by leaders who are closely aligned with what the voters want, because in this country, we don't have to accept failed leaders. we have the power to replace
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them and that's what we should do. so biden may not care if the u.s. goes down the drain, but we voters, we can replace the democratic allies in 2022 and replace him in 2024. gavin newsom obviously does not care about the problems in california, but the voters here will have their say on septembee to recall him, they can begin to take their state back. remember, they want you to feel helpless, they want you to believe that they are doing the best they can and that it can't be any better than it is right now, that's just not true. the greatest politician in california's history, put it this way. >> i will not stand by and watch this great country destroy itself under mediocre leadership that drifts when one crisis to the next, eroding our national will. we have come together here because the american people deserve better from those to
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whom they entrust our nation's highest offices. and we stand united. we stand united and are resolved to do something about it. >> laura: what was true in the carter era is true in the biden era. californians deserve better, americans deserve better. everything biden and gavin newsom touch is unraveling, including the poll numbers. we don't have to allow this embarrassing spectacle to continue indefinitely. if we do, the cruel joke is on us. and that's "dangle" joining me now are two afghanistan war vets, indiana congressman jim banks and senate candidate sean parnell, also the author of "outlaw spittoon." congressman banks, let's start with you, axios reporting that no one will be fired over this afghanistan debacle. so will the g.o.p. unanimously demands that be simmons national
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security team all hand in their resignations? >> well, they all showed, they should have already come to joe biden the commander in chief should have fired each and every one of them, but he has not done that, laura and not going to do that. he said publicly that he is not going to hold any of these failed leaders accountable for the catastrophe that has occurred in afghanistan, so that leaves the job up to us, and let me tell you as a leader of the largest caucus in congress, the republican study committee, i will tell you right now, laura, if by the end of the month this crew does not safely get every american out of afghanistan, that we will begin the process to hold each of these failed leaders accountable for their actions before and leading up to the catastrophic events that have already occurred. we opposed both sullivan and secretary austins appointments already, and we will continue to do that to hold them accountable moving forward as well.
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>> laura: it's unconscionable that the democrats have no interest in policing their own here given the human tragedy unfolding. now to your point, congressman, reuters is reporting late tonight that biden will decide within 24 hours, i don't know why he has to give a number of hours, but within 24 hours if he will extend the august 31st withdrawal deadline, the taliban are already threatening us over it. >> if the u.s. or the u.k. wanted to extend the 31st of august deadline in order to continue evacuations out of the country, would you agree to that? >> no, no, if they extend it, that means they are extending a petition, that would create a reaction. >> laura: sean, how embarrassing is this, i mean honestly? >> it's extraordinarily embarrassing, because now the taliban are dictating terms to have the greatest military might the world has ever known, and
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why should they be afraid? over the last week we have seen nancy pelosi gallivanting around napa, we have seen chuck schumer dancing with celebrity talk show hosts. we have seen joe biden stumble and bumble up to the podium and deliver half-baked speeches to the press, answer prescripted questions and then film his putting in stumble back on vacation. the american people as ronald reagan said in your intro deserves so much better than that. let me lay out the situation, 10,000 americans right now are trapped and surrounded by the enemy in kabul. we don't know where they are. how should we or why should the world expect a man and joe biden who does not know where he is 50% of the time to be able to save those people? he is the one that because the situation in the first place, the american people deserve so much better than what they are getting right now. it's a tragedy that i just --
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it's very difficult to wrap my mind around, 20 years of blood and treachery in that country entirely wasted on seven months of joe biden, it's a tragedy. >> laura: look at the bright side, the taliban has a lot of shiny new equipment, that's just another embarrassment. national security adviser jake sullivan wants everyone to think biden is totally in control. >> all along the president has been clear that the united states was not going to enter a third decade of american military deployment in the middle of another country civil war and in his speech in april and in his speech in july and in comments he has made since then, he has been clear that that could mean difficult times in afghanistan, we have been clear about this from the start. >> laura: congressman, how would you describe joe biden's reaction and process for this withdrawal? clear-eyed? >> anything but clear-eyed,
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laura, this commander in chief has shown his inability to lead, his inability to make tough decisions and his inability to plan, we still do not have a plan to get americans out of afghanistan, consider this, 6 out of 7 of those who we have evacuated out of afghanistan are afghans, not americans. we know that there are an estimated 15,000 or more americans who are still trapped behind enemy lines. the question every single american should be asking is why aren't all of our resources going towards evacuating americans first? and the fact that the president still does not have a plan to do that shows his inability to continue and remain as our commander in chief. >> laura: and sean, a source of mine who has been assisting in some of these evacuations told me late last night that their understanding is that the taliban is actually taking note of names that are being called off of some of these lists, and if they are turned away at the gate for whatever reason, they
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are actually being attacked when they leave or if they leave the perimeter of the airport, so the taliban are being smart, not firing at our troops, but retaliating against the individuals who have clearance to leave the country, are you hearing or would you be surprised by any of these reports and that's from on the ground at kabul? >> no, i'm not surprised at all, you can't trust the taliban at all, they will lie to your face and stabbing on the back the moment you turn your back. and i think it's important for people to understand that the enemy we face in afghanistan is not a monolithic force, yes, we are engaging with the taliban, but right now you have a conning at merck fighters, you have isis k, and make no mistake about it, they are on the hunt for americans. and that taliban cannot be trusted, and it is a great concern to me that the biden administration is placing
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american lives in their hands, what they should be saying instead of working with the taliban's we will not leave a single american behind. and if any terrorist faction leaves that their hand on americans, we will hunt you down and we will kill you until every single american as out of that country, we will run 24/7 continuous opts to get people out there, and the fact we have not done that since we have been wheeled down in that country is an egregious dereliction of duty from the biden administration. and if one american in that country spells their blood because of joe biden's catastrophic incompetence, he should absolutely resign. >> laura: congressman, how are we going to know? he said he does not even no, not even sure, they say several thousand, they would not be specific, so we don't even know how many, and further, is there an appetite for another
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long-term military deployment in afghanistan under any circumstances? you do have an american public who wants to pull out, but not leave americans behind, the taliban pulling into the push and pull? speak of the issue is to get every american safely out of the country and that needs to be the military mission, still no plan to do that, all of the private congressional briefings by the presidents national security team still don't provide us with a way forward to accomplish that. so laura, i am at a loss on how that is going to occur. especially if we are kowtowing to the taliban, never thought there would be an american president in my lifetime that would kowtow to a terrorist group and that's exactly what this president is doing accepting the taliban's redlines and deadlines, it should be the other way around. >> laura: imagine what the democrats would be saying if any of this occurred under donald trump. they would be demanding hearings, calling for his
7:20 pm
impeachment, impeach him for walking across the street, you can imagine under these circumstances, gentlemen, wonderful to see you both tonight. thank you. coming up san francisco where we are broadcasting from once the jewel of california and the california coast, it is now heartbreaking to report a cesspool of homelessness, drug abuse, and rampant crime. so we hit the streets to document the decline, and then we are going to hear from one of the victims of this lawlessness that is being promoted by the city's own d.a., stay right there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm here tonight in san francisco and remember nancy pelosi's congressional district for more than three decades. wouldn't you kind of think that the hometown of the house speaker would be a desirable safe place to live, worth hundreds of millions of dollars herself after all, but the reality here is much darker, since 2019, homicides have risen 30%, berg leash shot up 51% and the homelessness situation, you can't really describe it. you have to see it, same thing with drug abuse, rampant. so i went down to the tenderloin district today and i spent some time with some of san francisco's finest police
7:26 pm
officers in the association president tony montoya to see the city's decline firsthand and learn how it's connected to these destructive policies of the d.a. >> a lot of the violent crimes are up because of the policy is, the catch and release, the swiftest revolving door in the criminal justice system where it's a small group of people committing these crimes again and again and they are doing so because they realized as long as he is in office, there are no consequences for the bad behavior, people all over the place, just a minute ago, where the white man is part, there was a gentleman sitting on the sidewalk, with kids smoking crack cocaine. right here by the police department. >> laura: so the police ation is here and crack cocaine is right here. >> 30 feet away, and they do so knowing that if they were to get
7:27 pm
caught, there will be zero consequences for their behavior. >> laura: zero consequences for smoking crack at 25 feet from the police and 25 feet from school. >> once i get hooked on the drug gets a downward spiral, it's not from lack of resources, san francisco spends 1 billion with a b for all of the different nonprofits and services they offer, but some people just don't want to help. >> laura: if i wanted a buy crack within the three block area, how hard would it get crack? >> not hard at all. >> laura: how long would it take me? >> less than a minute. >> laura: heroin? fentanyl? >> same thing. >> to limit >> laura: taking $500 of merchandise from an historic? >> one of the coauthors of that and sold it as a safe streets,
7:28 pm
safe schools. >> laura: it's meant to help you guys so that police would not be inundated with shoplifting and so forth. >> i was told that way to the voters as making things safer, what it did was turn a lot of felonies and misdemeanors, specifically theft, anything valued at $900 is a misdemeanor, not a felony, so you will see people on camera with a calculator whether it's handheld or on their phone adding up the cost of the merchandise they are stealing to stay under $900. >> laura: in this block we have a row going up the block of homeless people living in outdoor tents and people doing their laundry in the street, i guess they are siphoning off the fire hydrant here, and god bless i'm trying to do some laundry with some detergent. humans crystal and a crack pipe. >> this is what the tenderloin is about, it's truly sad, this is a relatively quiet block at
7:29 pm
the moment. >> laura: this is a quiet block it? >> there are other blocks that are a lot worse. >> laura: where do people go to the bathroom? >> right here on the street corner, that's the unpleasant odor we are smelling. >> laura: it's the smell of pot, human, altogether. >> and they are living in these conditions, these are some third world country conditions. >> laura: you don't have to go to afghanistan to see the bad conditions. right here. at some of the locals saw us filming here in the tenderloin district and had their own views about why these problems persist. >> a lot of wonderful things are happening, you know what i mean? you can get a free meal, you can also get housing, but we need permanent housing for folks down here and tenderloin, because of this coronavirus epidemic. >> laura: and they had their own thoughts about sending billions overseas when there is so much suffering here at home. >> how can i help the people if
7:30 pm
we have people right here. >> laura: you think that we should have all of these wars in afghanistan? >> no, we need to start taking care of home. >> laura: we have a problem in homelessness, the last 25 years, exponentially worse. >> continues to get worse, as i pointed out, and the open-air drug market, more people died last year of fentanyl overdose than they did of the covid virus. and a lot of that has to do with chesa boudin refusing to prosecute people out there selling drugs, a sleeping giant with your average citizens because they are getting fed up where people used to say it was contained in tenderloin, it's now ballooned to every part of the city. >> laura: well, that is just a small window into what is happening here in san francisco. and it's beyond clear, more than ever that the d.a. chesa boudin
7:31 pm
needs to go, he is a menace and is making criminals lives easier and the lives of san francisco more dangerous by the day prior to the san francisco police officer president tony montoya just said that the crime is awakening the sleeping giant, because residents are angry. they don't want to live this way anymore. and my next guest sign bannister is moving the movement to oust chesa boudin, one of the many victims of the d.a.s insane policy. back in december her house was burglarized, his young -- her young son was on the other side of the window as a suspect broken, stole $30,000 worth of a computer, laptop, camera, even a power washer. joining me now, sign banister. i tried to capture what i could with the time we had, and to your heartbreaks, and you get
7:32 pm
angry at the same time because you keep saying but for the grace of god go i, these people made one wrong decision and end up on the streets, but obviously the policy in place are working as you experience crime is off the charts, what does america need to understand about this d.a. and his policy? >> yes, the crime is off the charts, and he constantly gets in front of us telling us and repeating the chant that crime is down, and of course it is down, because he is down charging crime and changing things to misdemeanors and not charging, like said earlier, it's a revolving door. i just found out that the person that burglarized me, a home invasion is considered a violent offense, and they are going to down charge his offense to the cost of what was stolen out of my house rather than entering my home. and i find that boggling,
7:33 pm
because basically not only do we have the sign above our city that says everything is free, you can go to walgreens and take $950 worth of stuff, they are also saying you can enter a private home and establishments and take anything without any sort of repercussion. so he was facing six years for what he did, and now i'm lucky if he will get six months. >> laura: wasn't your friend just burglarized as well? >> yes, i have a friend not far from me, closer to the other area that was broken and at midnight to the other night, and basically had to stay up all night, because he could not sleep. and they called them quality-of-life crimes which is ridiculous, your home is your sanctuary, right. >> laura: your quality of life does not count, it's only the criminals quality of life, that's the quality of life they are worried about. >> that's kind of the message we
7:34 pm
are getting home and i don't know what will happen when we started to defend ourselves, more and more people are reaching out to me wondering what it takes to own a firearm in san francisco, and we don't have concealed carry permits, we don't have very good gun laws at all. it's an outrage, and so we are allowed to defend her home, but if we were to do that, if i were in a situation where i defend my home, what is going to happen to me? it's something that keeps me up at night. i don't want to be in that position in the first place. >> laura: sorry to interrupt, but i always think cyan, girl power, women have to be strong, but they actually don't believe that, because women who actually can defend themselves in a situation like that, they are called you know, is of the nra, or right wing fanatics, but i guess your safety just doesn't count, final thought really quick. >> the second amendment is for everyone, does not matter what party you are a part of or if you're a man or woman or another, the second amendment applies to you.
7:35 pm
>> laura: cyan, thank you for sharing your story tonight, sadly there are so many more like you. coming up, the low lights from cnn's canceled concert, and missed it? you can't believe it, it will make you laugh and say you need to laugh. the latest wonders and more from our trip through san francisco today, raymond arroyo has it all, seen and unseen is next. wn putts
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♪ ♪ >> i'm in the lower pacific heights neighborhood of san francisco here. gelato hodari owns this lemon tailed deli. the windows have been busted 15 times in the last two years and this year is not done yet. >> any time every single window will cost 1600-$1800. >> the big businesses, they are closing early as a result of the criminality, how is a change
7:41 pm
from that. >> i use to close at midnight, but now i close at 8:00, it's a benefit to close the shop. >> laura: and raymond arroyo is here with me in san francisco tonight reporting on the crime that is swamping this city. he joins me for seen and unseen. what are we seeing here? >> well, you saw what it has happened. they are being subjected to all sorts of horrors, laura. and it's at the hands of the public officials charged with guaranteeing the safety of the citizens, but i have to bring you up on what joe biden did after literally genuflecting today to members of the wnba seattle storm at the white house, it seems afghanistan and the state of the nation are finally getting to biden, listen to the telling admission. >> i'm going to need work after this, i would be a good ball boy. >> i may need work after this,
7:42 pm
laura, that could be the bite of the day. this is an administration clearly underwater, but hoping to keep the show going, now we've saw a very similar routine from new york mayor bill de blasio this weekend. his nyc homecoming concert felt more like an eviction. there were big names on the bill, cnn covered it live, it started well enough with the philharmonic and don lemon, and yes, there were a few off key moments. ♪ ♪ >> after the financial crisis they said we wanted to come back, we did! after sandy, they said we would not come back, we did! >> maybe you didn't, schumer cha-cha backstage with cold air and i guess he thought the concert would make people believe that new york was truly back, laura, but a hurricane was
7:43 pm
brewing as barry manilow launched into his medley. ♪♪ if you only knew what i'm going through ♪ ♪ i just can't smile ♪♪ [ -- >> all should move quickly and calmly to the exit. >> get out, no bruce springsteen, no paul simon, but -- >> laura: mandy came without taking, the hurricane came, there was something there. i love it when, so the concert suddenly ended, and then cnn through poor anderson cooper out there to try to do something to keep the show going. >> and he was ready to take a chance on the phone with
7:44 pm
barry manilow. >> i have to ask you a question on my mind for a long time since i first heard copacabana, is it music and fashion were always the passion? or is it music and passion are always in fashion? >> music and passion were always the fashion. >> thank you. >> my music director will give you a call. ♪♪ i made it through the rain ♪ ♪ got rained on through ♪ ♪ and made it through ♪♪ >> they did not make it through, laura, for a moment i thought anderson was going to break out his morocco's, but the whole concert was ill-advised when you have a covid situation and you are attacking other people, you want to let them have fireworks and mount rushmore and have parades in other places, but you are going to stage a glitzy concert walled hurricane is bearing down, things like this will happen, and they did
7:45 pm
happen. >> laura: first of all, new york is not back. it is down. though growth projections are now down because of delta and the stupid policies they have had. so the premise of it was wrong. >> it was all a lie. it was the perfect way to end this event i thought. >> laura: all right, raymond, i needed that. after what we saw in san francisco i needed barry manilow. thank you. and afghanistan is in chaos, so of course the biden administration pivots to covid using the fda vaccine approval to punish more americans. dr. jay bhattacharya is here next with reaction you do not want to miss next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: the fda approved the fisa kobe vaccine today, i know you're shocked. and president biden is using it as justification to take away your rights. >> the nonprofit leader, the state and local leader who has been waiting for fda approval to require vaccinations, and calling you now to do that, requiring. requirements have been around for decades, and it only makes sense to require a vaccine to stop the spread of covid-19. >> laura: decades, joining me
7:51 pm
now, dr. jay bhattacharya, professor of medicine at stanford. dr. bhattacharya, i'm not too far from stamford right now, so i hope you feel the vibe if you are there. professor, did they not push this fda approval to fast? especially when you compare it to the normal approval process. >> they did, normally it would take years to get a vaccine tested and approved through the fda approval process, they moved extraordinarily quickly. the full approval of this drug in some sense it does not change the fundamental issues with the vaccine, we know from experience, we have eight months of safety data and experience with the use of the vaccine, so it is mostly a safe vaccine, i still strongly encourage that older people who have not had covid before get the vaccine, because covid is such a bad disease, but that does not -- the fda approval does not change
7:52 pm
the fact that we do not have long-term safety with the vaccine. to be on dr. bhattacharya, sorry to jump in, i usually don't jump in on you, but as i understand it and correct me if i am wrong, most of the data that has been gathered to -- in the application for the full approval predated -- am i right, the arrival of the delta variant in the united states, which is what the vaccine has more trouble with over time, is that correct? >> yes, it is true, the trials were run in 2020, and what is interesting is what happened with the end of the trials and near the end of last year was half the people with the placebo, half of the people with the treatment, the placebo arm were actually offered the vaccine, they unblinded the trial, that people that had the -- wanted the vaccine could have it. the placebo arm got blown up for
7:53 pm
ethical reasons. the vaccine was trying to be effective, and they said we can't continue to not offer the vaccine to people with the placebo arm, it's going to be hard to get long-term randomized trial data on what the long-term effects are of the vaccine because of that fact. so it's kind of unfortunate. i don't really understand the need to approve it fully so quickly. and i actually especially don't understand president biden using it to encourage employers and others to mandate the vaccine. i think that actually that undercuts trust and public health and trust in vaccines in particular. the kind of vaccines that are mandated, they tend to be vaccines that actually deal, we know for sure stop the spread of the disease, you know, you get vaccinated against measles, the child vaccinated is not going to spread measles, that's not true for this vaccine, certainly not true with adult, you see like in countries like the u.k. explosions in cases even though they are widely vaccinated. it still protects against severe
7:54 pm
disease, but it does not protect against disease spread. >> laura: so also, again, the delta variant is very different from the original strain of the virus, and we have people double vaccinated who are getting infected, and even some hospitalized. so it seems like -- there is going to be a second generation of the vaccine coming along which will have to be considered a new? that's what it seems. >> absolutely, laura, that's true. and with what you particularly said, the old vaccine still protects -- >> laura: we have to roll, dr. b, i am interrupting you. i like the headphones tonight, very cool. dr. bhattacharya, still ahead, more for my california adventure next.
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>> laura: well, well, well, we
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were going to share some california adventure with you but this just broke. andrew cuomo just commuted the sentence of the father was imprisoned for, what was it, murder? oh, sorry, it was just robbery of an armored truck, it wasn't murder. it turned fatal though. unbelievable. we have to turn us around, my friends, we will be l.a. tomorrow, tune in, "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: people around them are wearing masks to keep from throwing up. [scattered applause] ♪ ♪


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