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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 23, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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thank you guys. i thought hot dogs all over my mouth. things were watching fox news prime time. i'm jesse watters and don't forget, i'll be signing books next tuesday at long beach island in new jersey, called them for tickets, the book swap, i'll see you tomorrow, tucker is up next, have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i get the feeling we've been here before. we have. at the height of the worst pandemic in american history, the spanish flu of 1918, cities across america did something that the rest of us would find familiar today, they issued mandatory mask mandates and they punish anyone who didn't comply. "the man or woman or child who will not wear a mask now is a
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dangerous slacker, read the typical announcement from the red cross at the time. the city of san francisco took these rules very seriously, so seriously with the city health agent shot a man who refused to wear a mask, two bystanders who have been be standing behind the man. that seems a bit much to some people, but many other people thought it was fine and they went along with it. they were very afraid of the virus and they wanted to do their part to stop it but most of all, they trusted their leaders, their leaders put a man mandate in place, they assumed it was for good reason than they wanted to help. then a single picture changed everything. the photographer who happen to be attending a boxing match snapped a shot of several high ranking city officials including the mayor of san francisco, a member of congress, senior health administrator all sitting at the event all completely unmasked. the photograph went national. americans were shocked to discover that the people making
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and enforcing the rules had no intention of following those rules. within a short period, mask mandates across the country ended. it turns out the public was willing to endure inconvenience but not hypocrisy. this country is facing a similar moment again now once again, officials in california have been caught on camera exposing their own contempt for their own public health measures. this is footage shot at the democratic fund-raiser yesterday morning in napa just north of san francisco. nancy pelosi was there and has an estate right nearby and so are other democratic officials on the party's biggest donors. they paid $30,000 per ticket to be there. looking at the picture, the first thing you notice about the group other than how strikingly homogenous and nondiversities is that none of them are wearing masks. they are breathing all the fresh air they like as if it's 2019
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again for the only people there wearing masks are there servants, the faithless brown serves scurrying back and forth to bring them things. there's nothing worse than having the help of breathe on new. that's not a problem for nancy pelosi as you can see. >> young people and how we are reaching out to young people. we always ask them how do you want to be reached out to? >> tucker: it's repulsive, but revealing. it's pretty clear at this point that nancy pelosi, our chief covid enforcer doesn't believe a word she says about the virus. now, she is 81 years old and deep in the risk range for coronavirus. standing at a crowded event in napa which according to the biden administration's color-coded map of the country is one of the riskiest places in america for coronavirus transmission. and yet pelosi is not social distancing were wearing a face shield, she doesn't even have a
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mask on. why is that? clearly, she understands she is not in danger. and since there are republicans present, she has no reason to pretend otherwise. as a reminder, here's what nancy pelosi sounds like when she is back in washington. >> members and staff will be required to wear masks at all times. >> this is a mask from all over the country. >> real men wear masks and they are essentially important. >> the failure to wear a mask as a serious breach of decorum. >> except when they come here they have to wear a mask. >> in any case, i'm a big believer in wearing a mask and not sharing any, shall we say, air unnecessarily. >> tucker: so the real justification for mask mandates was right in the middle of that montage of clips, "failure to
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wear a mask is a serious breach of decorum, nancy pelosi says. she means it, and that's why at napa, her little brown servants wear masks as they bring her wine. decorum demands that they do. there has ever been a clear window into their plans come into the society they are trying to build now, we are not aware of it. our formerly middle-class nation now has a surf class and they are the ones wearing the masks and being forced to take drugs they don't want, being told not to communicate with one another except through the digital channels the party controls. social distance. we now have two groups of americans, we have the favorite in the unfavored, we have the vaccinated and unvaccinated. that is exactly how the architects of all of this the country. michael hayden once ran the two most powerful spy agencies in america, ca and nsa.
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yesterday, a twitter user asked him this question "can we send the convex to afghanistan? yes, good idea. that's how contemptuous they feel about you. shut up and fetch another grass of riesling and be sure not to breathe on me or you will be deported. these are bad attitudes and they are accelerating. how far can they go? for the answer, look to new zealand, a famously fast shrinking outpost. a single covid case in new zealand, not a death, but a case of covid has shut down the entire country. new zealanders have now been told they are not allowed to speak to their neighbors. >> stay local and do not congregate, don't talk to your neighbors. please keep to your bubbles. it comes down again to those very simple principles. we know from overseas cases of the delta variant that it can
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spread by people simply going past one another so keep those movements outside to the bare minimum. wear a mask and make sure you keep up that physical distancing. >> tucker: you hear that? by the way, the lady with the teeth is very popular with people like michael hayden. she is considered super impressive, visionary. don't talk to your neighbors, stay in your bubble. that's new zealand. but it's freer than australia. in australia, they've implemented total lockdown's nationwide and then impose martial law to enforce those markdowns. what the justification for this? here are the numbers. from mid-july until last week, the entire nation of australia, 25 million people has averaged about one and a half covid deaths per day. out of 25 million people. that has been enough to justify the end of australia and totalitarianism. in one recent case which really says it all, authorities
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executed rescue dogs, shot the dogs to death to prevent australian dog lovers for traveling, leaving your home is no longer allowed. in the population put up with it. they were told they had to. the nightly news in australia now looks like a science fiction film. one recent report described a 27-year-old fugitive. was he a mass killer? no. he had dared to venture outside of his apartment complex. for doing that, the media showed surveillance footage of the man entering an elevator and brace yourselves, sneezing without covering his face. there is now nationwide manhunt underway for this man that is just been issued and that man is not the only person on the australian media and police are hunting for tonight. one australian news outlet just reported and we are quoting a
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tip has blown the lid on a church service attended by 60 adults and children. the gathering has been described as selfish and arrogant. for going to church. so what else is now considered selfish and arrogant? not just leaving your apartment and trying to adopt a dog, watching the sunset is also selfish and arrogant. watch. >> there's a whole bunch of people last night who said the last thing to do is to go and watch the sunset. that's not in the spirit or in the letter of these rules. >> tucker: scolded for watching the sunset, executing rescue dogs, a manhunt for a guy who sneezed alone in an elevator. no one in australia is laughing at this, no one can stand back far enough to see the lunacy on display. they are too far gone. this has been in the works for a long time, by the way.
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a situation like this does not happen overnight, in 2016, the government off of australia ended almost all legal protections for public protests and at the time, people tolerated it, they trusted their government, didn't think it was necessarily a big deal. so on saturday this weekend as protesters gathered in melbourne, the government used his new to silence them.
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>> put your hands behind your back! put your hands behind your back! put your hands behind your back! >> tucker: if that were i ran, if that was shot in tehran, we would tug our chins and say of course, they're not like us but it is not over north korea, it's australia, where we thought was a rules-based society. what law did i break, you heard a protester asked as he was being beaten and handcuffed. might've been a good question to ask a few years ago but now it's too late and you can see what happens when a nation tolerates authoritarianism even for a moment. you can either rebel immediately and say we are not putting up with this, we are free people in free country and did that when the hypocrisy of their leadership became obvious or you can watch it accelerated and you
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will wind up like australia and they will shoot your dog. matt walsh is host of the matt walsh show and joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on, we appreciate it. so much to get to, but it does feel like this is a pivot point, a year and a half of this stuff, getting more intense, the crackdowns, harder to justify scientifically, more obvious the hypocrisy of our leaders, how do we respond in the face of this? >> i think first of all when it comes to australia, there is something poetic about seeing the country come full circle and back to being a prison colony which is what it is there and i think when you look at that, what we see as you pointed out is if the people will tolerated, the people in charge of the country will do it, so there's nothing new for terribly shocking about that. they are the founders of our country realize that was the case and that's why you had
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police protections in place because the people in charge of a country will impose as much tyranny as they can possibly get away with and in australia, the people of put up with quite a bit. i think we have here too. when it comes to nancy pelosi or any of these familiar scenes of our ruling class gallivanting around when they think no one's looking and they don't have mass on, i think we have to resist the urge to say this is hypocrisy, this is a double standard. it actually isn't. they are pretty straightforward about this. there was a single standard here which is if you're an important person, then your life matters and you should be able to basically live as you want but if you're an unimportant person, if you are a peon like most of us, then you just have to put the mask on and go with the flow kind of like they look at us like you might look at a lizard in an aquarium and say i feel bad that he is trapped in the aquarium but all of his needs are taken care of and who cares
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if he enjoys life that much, he's just a lizard and that's how they look at us, what does it matter? but the mask on your kid for eight hours a day, why should it matter to you? your life just isn't as important as ours. that's their attitude and their pretty straightforward about it. >> tucker: i am too old for this. grew up in a country where people said regularly i'm a taxpayer. in other words, i'm a rights and you have to treat me like an adult man. nobody cares. >> i think people first of all, i think a lot of them are not taxpayers, that's part of the plan here is we are going to suspend the rent, send out all these checks, 10 million jobs available and nobody wants them, so that's part of the problem and also i think at a deeper level, we have to go even deeper and say what's going on culturally were so many people have been scared senseless that they will go along with this and on some level, we have had to
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confront our mortality for the first time in this culture and a lot of people don't know how to handle it. >> tucker: that is so true what you just said. so true. matt walsh come appreciate you coming on tonight. >> appreciated, thank you. >> tucker: there's a lot of fakeness in this country but is there a corporation in america baker than patagonia? a marketing company that poses as a mountaineering expedition in order to sell shoddily made plastic clothing did nonprofit executives who rarely go outside. patagonia's promotional materials described as total dedication to fighting climate change but somehow they forget to mention its entire product line is made from fossil fuels. patagonia is the kind of place that will give you a lecture about fair trade and corporate responsibility even as it outsources its own manufacturing to sweatshops and the world's most impoverished countries. enjoy your $300 casual wear hoodie, some kid in sri lanka got $0.20 to make it.
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patagonia may be the single most audacious scam and all of american business and that is saying something. so probably shouldn't surprise you that patagonia has decided it should control american politics. a group of american they flew to jackson wyoming for a private fund-raiser. this was not unusual, raising money and resorts down and unfortunately, the group forgot to ask patagonia first. when patagonia executives discovered that republicans had traveled to wyoming without their permission, they threw a fit. they announced a boycott of the ski resort. their reasoning? their company they explained supports "a strong democracy." of course. a strong democracy. democracy is a system where a small group of smog inherited money billionaires decides who is allowed to speak in public and who had better shut up or
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face punishment. we used to call that system oligarchy but the term had unpleasant authoritarian ring. so the genius as a patagonia renamed it and it is now called democracy. that's a little like taking spun polyester fiber made from oil and calling it shearling wall which comes from sheep and hoping no one will notice. in fact, come to think of it, patagonia has done that too. the southern border is wide open tonight. the rest of the world is dreaming and by the millions. officials now worried it may be used by terrorists and of course, it will be. right now, you can order a signed copy, still some available. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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tonight, concerns about who those people might be. they are the border for us. bill? good to see you. >> good to see you. another wow never a dull moment at the borders were getting ready to go live this morning, take a look at this video we shot, had a group of runners come zipping across through us mostly a single adult men who had clearly just cross the border illegally and obviously did not want to be caught by border patrol. they took off into a cotton field and disappeared. the thing was, there were no border patrol agents anywhere to be seen and appeared that group just got away and this is something happening more and more out here every day, being pulled off the front lines with paperwork and processing and many feel like they are just social workers now and that's leaving parts of the border opened and expose the republicans have some concerns about that. house republicans just tendered a letter to the dhs secretary saying they have concerns about the open border and what's going on in afghanistan writing "with
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the recent release of thousands of taliban prisoners located in the air force base and a u.s. border that is a border of her name only, this combination will be disastrous when it comes to protecting our homeland and the safety and security of the american people. it would be foolish to pretend our adversaries don't know our southern border is seeing record numbers of illegal entries where they went on to say they want him to explain what his plan is to protect the homeland and also how they will be tracking these potential terrorists who have been released from prison. also concerns about covid down here, take a look where we are, that emergency tent compound built a few weeks ago, this is where covid-19 positive migrants have been released by border patrol, you can see how bit it has gotten. now the capacity well over 2000, several hundred people in there right now and reported tonight covid positivity rate for migrants dropped off by border patrol is currently 14.7%. we will send it back to you.
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>> tucker: for us at the border. keep in mind, greg abbott the governor of texas could fix it tomorrow by deploying the texas national guard to the order and doing what they won't but he refuses. the pentagon spokesman just said thousands of american citizens remain trapped in afghanistan tonight, just didn't know the exact number, just thousands. many of them can't apparently get to the border because of the taliban-controlled roads. isis is also operating near the airport but today, joe biden denied that any american citizens are stranded. >> i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded, they are not. committed to bringing americans home. we are in touch with them via phone, text, email, anyway we can possibly reach americans to get them home if they want to return home. >> the white house's official position on what's happening in afghanistan? >> i'm just calling you out first thing we are stranding
5:26 pm
americans in afghanistan. >> tucker: you've reached peak lunacy when the biden administration calls other people irresponsible. okay. so what should we know about afghanistan. what is actually happening there right now? lower logan is one of the few who does know and host laura logan has no agenda mushy lived in afghanistan and joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. what can we trust about what's actually happening tonight in afghanistan? >> as you know, i try to focus on what are the defining things because there's a lot of misinformation and propaganda being pushed by the administration and the taliban and so want but what is at the heart and the core? for example, the most important thing that i think americans should understand is that both this country's enemies and the biden administration want you to
5:27 pm
accept that there is nothing that can be done, that this outcome that you see where the united states a world superpower is humiliated, defeated, and shamed on the world stage that it bows at the knee of terrorists, that we have to recognize the taliban as a legitimate government of afghanistan, that they haven't fought an art fighting right now, that there is no resistance. this foregone conclusion was what they want you to accept because as long as we are talking and arguing about how many american citizens are left behind and so on, we are not talking about the fact that all of these decisions that brought us here are political. every single one of them. yes, there were many failures along the way but the framework within the general operating is the political framework. the commander in chief as a politician, not a military man and they love to remind us all of that, so the political decision that resulted in this
5:28 pm
outcome has not changed one bit. there is nothing. they are not using any of the levers of power in any dimension, not political, diplomatic, economic, not security wise, not military. so you have to look at that and say okay, they are getting the outcomes they want because they can bomb the taliban into the stone age like that. they can destroy all those weapons that are in place, they can tell pakistan to cease and desist right now or we are turning off the money. they can tell them stop doing these big evacuations of afghan women, and the mountaineering team. when you are funding the taliban and you find this invasion. he was the levers of your power and then advanced military technology the united states military has. the kind of thing, we have thermal drones i can see through walls. throughout the entire war in afghanistan, none of this capability has been used, so
5:29 pm
that's a broader question as to why not. the real question here is why are we expecting that all of these women in afghanistan are condemned to a death sentence, right? and that all their dreams are obliterated when we could actually do something about it. the chinese are crowing today, all over the state news agency and they are mocking joe biden in the united states. and so we are accepting this defeat that puts this country in jeopardy and the second thing that i think is a defining, real question here is we are also accepting the idea that if you criticize this, you are affect advocating to stay in afghanistan and that is false. there are many other options without staying in afghanistan and most importantly, this is not just about afghanistan. this doesn't just empower al qaeda as the a terrorist, it empowers every enemy the united states has. he doesn't just discourage the allies we have in afghanistan,
5:30 pm
it tells every nation on earth we are a terrible ally. friends like this, you don't need enemies. you can't do this alone. for our security globally, we need friends. when we needed help, we went to the afghans and said please help us and i'll tell you what an afghan leader said to me today, every meeting began with we won't betray you again or abandon you again, we made a mistake and we promise you this time we won't do it and then the iranians were telling us and saying america will abandon you again. we are your neighbor, we will be here when they do and what you are seeing has a biden administration proving that every enemy of america and everything they've ever said about this country is the truth. >> tucker: there is going to be a major realignment and i agree with your point. just because you criticize it doesn't mean you were arguing for another 20 years of occupation. there were no other options. i appreciate you coming on. interesting conversations ever on the subject on a brand-new
5:31 pm
episode for over an hour, you can stream it on fox nation and we hope you will. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: just obtained exclusively documents that show how the biden administration is vetting the thousands of afghans making their way into this country. pretty shocking straight ahead.
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>> tucker: we know a lot of afghan refugees are coming here. how many exactly, where are they going, how are they being processed when they get here? we have answers to some of those questions tonight. here's what we learned. from government sources. dallas airport right outside washington is a main welcoming site for flights landing at all hours of the day. as of this morning, 3,700 men from afghanistan were processed.
5:37 pm
one reason it landed there with nearly 200 evacuees. homeland security officials discussing opening similar sites at other airports around the country. dhs has also been soliciting volunteers overseas. currently three of those vetting refugees in bahrain, qatar, and there are many. also open over dhs is goal is to pro people who idea of the were going to take kabul and the weekend. what will happen? their attitudes, a lot of good people but very different from those of most americans. a new poll found that 99% of afghan muslims support enacting
5:38 pm
sharia law. so many republicans in congress have no problem with this at all. in fact, some of those one is to evacuate afghans before we get all americans citizens out of the country. one of those republicans not surprisingly is ben sasse of nebraska. the single guilty as the white man in america. he said when you take it as many refugees as possible because america has given its work. he didn't say to whom. putting a finer point on that running for senate from ohio and joins us tonight to respond. not to attack ben sasse but there is this mode of communication and person that rather than explaining why it's in the interest of the country to do so, they just sort of attempt to lecture you because they have unresolved emotional problems themselves. how do you respond to the claim that we have a moral obligation to do this? to attack
5:39 pm
ben sasse. folks want to help our campaign but ben sasse speaks in platitudes. there was no substance and what he says. he says that we gave our word. who did we give our word to? where is this contract that says we have to take tens of thousands of poorly vetted afghan refugees at the height of chaos? the person who made that contract and signed it would be a terrible negotiator. we should be putting the interests of our own citizens first and if our government is making promises to other people and other refugees, then let's be honest about it and stop with these ridiculous platitudes because they don't actually mean anything unless there is substance behind it. >> tucker: what are the promises that our government makes to the american public? 70,000 people die of a drug ods, the fda made that possible by approving all this poison into rule america, without a violation of a promise, what are we guaranteed
5:40 pm
by the u.s. government? any idea? >> exactly, the constitution is between our government and our citizens about what the government owes us and think about this ridiculous politicians, too many republicans say things like we want all of these refugees in our neighborhood. who really believes that? another finding from that poll suggests that 40% of afghan refugees -- 40% of afghans believe that suicide bombing is a reasonable way to solve a problem. who wants people like that in their community? 60% of afghans don't believe that but when you are not vetting people properly, you will get a lot of bad people in your community, siliceous be honest about the fact that if we want to have a real country, we need to make sure the good people are coming into this country. there are ways to help the afghans that really did help our military without sending tens of thousands of unvented people into our country and the fact that politicians aren't honest about the trade-off suggests they are hiding something or
5:41 pm
just stupid. either way, not very good. >> tucker: they don't care about the details because they don't care about the country. you treated your kids like this and anyone could share their bedroom, your kids would know you don't really love them and i think we should take that same lesson. appreciate your coming on tonight, thank you. so a senior official must quit because he was told he was not allowed to enforce the law he was sworn to uphold. he joins us to explain what is happening in our government straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back. so donald trump left, joe biden came into office, been paying a lot of attention to the biden administration but on the left, some people are totally on board with the authoritarianism we are now surrounded by but others are starting to rethink whether this
5:47 pm
is a good idea. bellmawr appears to be one of them. on friday, he said a lot of things on the show he would not said a year ago. this is interesting. watch this. >> 78% of the people who have died or went to the hospital obese. you wouldn't worry so much about a mask if you weren't part of -- i just read the statistics. 4 out of 5 people who wind up dead, this is the reason. i don't want a booster. i never wanted the vaccine. i took one for the team. and you know who doesn't get a lot of vaccines, millennials. i know a lot of millennials, they don't want it. they don't think they need it, they are probably right but i tell them i didn't want to either. i took one for the team. but every eight months. i don't know about that. maybe i don't need one. i don't want a one-size-fits-all. my body may be different than your body.
5:48 pm
>> tucker: notice the audience only applauds when they say he took one for the team. what is is about exactly? jason whitlock has been watching, a really smart new column with the end of the anti-trump resistance and what it means. the host of fearless with jason whitlock which he certainly is and we are happy to have him on tonight. thank you so much for coming on. you've been paying closer attention than a lot of us to what's happening broadly speaking on the left and the democratic party. what do you think it is exactly? >> i am a huge bill marfan. have been for a long time. i think it's clear he has been read pilled for the left has moved so far into insanity he can no longer defend them, so every week he is coming out trashing the left, trashing the insanity of the woke movement and i think that most and i say this in all seriousness most people that adopt this liberalthe house of
5:49 pm
cards, the trump card is the house of cards the democratic party is standing on right now. you remove trump actually defenr positions and the things they are doing in this country, they can't do it. so friday night, bill is having a conversation about afghanistan and the lady from the "los angeles times" all she could say was it would be worse if trump were in office and bill was like how? that's not an answer. and it's ridiculous that their entire platform is it could be worse if trump were in office. they've got to come better than that. it's a fraud. to some degree, i wish trump would step aside so that
5:50 pm
everyone can see the fraudulence and so that bellmawr and other smart people, honest people could start attacking the positions that are undermining and destroying this country. >> tucker: what do you think? i've always wondered this. what is the actual support for the ideas? not do you like trump or biden but for example, do you think men can get pregnant or some races are superior to others. how many actually believe stuff? >> i don't think 5% of america believes it may be, 10%. i don't know. i'm going to say something difficult to unpack in the short amount of time but it's what i truly believe, i think a lot of what the left supports is satanic. i'm sorry, it's in direct objection to god. in direct object into the
5:51 pm
judeo-christian values that were out the foundation of this country and those christian values are why we made so much progress in terms of freedom in humanity and the way we treat everybody. yes, it was hard, but our christian values compelled us to sacrifice our lives for the freedom of other americans. of and through the civil rights movement, christian values compelled us to take risks and fight for equality in the equality of opportunity for everybody. i see a lot of what's going on here and i'm sorry, i'm a man of faith, i was raised in the church, this stuff is satanic. that's without the foundation of a lot of this stuff. >> tucker: i'm a pretty mild protestant personally but i completely agree with you, especially the gender stuff. when you say you can change your own gender by wishing it, you are saying you are god and that is satanic, i completely agree.
5:52 pm
not many people as a summer like that on tv and i appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: thank you, jason whitlock. senior official of ice just quit his job because he was told he could not enforce the law. he reports on what that was like. go to to deliver a copy. we will be right back.
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>> tucker: until recently, was the director of ice in the state of new york and just quit after more than 30 years because he was told he could not enforce the law. he spoke for an episode of tucker carlson today about what's going on inside our government. here's part of the conversation. >> it's another bite in a they've made that's going to impact the people of the united states and the interior maybe not tomorrow or two weeks from now but what about a year from now? >> tucker: how about over the next 50 years? >> let's talk about chain migration. every illegal that comes in is going to bring nine or ten family members with them because that's how the country works so 50,000 people have been led into the united states so you might as well go multiply that by ten because when it's all said and done with chain migration, they will bring other family members here. but you never hear about it. >> tucker: free health care and free schools, free everything. you do see this collapsing.
5:59 pm
>> i'm appalled that no one wants to say anything. i get it, >> tucker: i think it's disgusting. i think they're cowards and they should be ashamed. what a betrayal of the country they claim to protect. >> it really is. >> tucker: what a conversation that was. just left and a very clear description of what's going on there now will infuriate you. a brand-new episode of tucker carlson today on fox nation. so we are now down to 22 days until the california recall. this is democracy in action. we don't have to live like this, our cities don't need to look like this, we don't need leaders who don't care about us and violate their own rules because they feel like it, there is a recourse, it's called voting. 22 days is our biggest chance to change course. not that the stakes are high.
6:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. we will be back every night 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of line, smugness, the paucity and groupthink. sean hannity takes over right now. >> thank you and welcome to hannity. breaking tonight, america is on an eight-day taliban deadline to get every remaining american out of afghanistan and joe biden's government still has no clue how many americans are now trapped behind enemy lines. he has eight days, the taliban saying to get every american out or they will be marked for certain death. this taliban spokesperson on sky news. >> the u.s. for the u.k. wanted to extend the 31st of august deadline in order to continue evacuation, would you agree to that? >> no. >> this is something you can see


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