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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 23, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and then we could ask questions about where the failure happen and at what level. and that is why we are in a situation at this moment. >> thank you very, very much. monitoring that as well as major commercial airlines, southwest, united, and delta getting people out there fast. that will do it, here comes "the five." >> dana: hello, everyone, dana perino, along with kennedy, jessica tarlov, jesse watters, and tyrus. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> let me be clear, the evacuation of thousands of people from kabul will be hard and painful no matter when it started, when we began. there is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss and heartbreaking images that you see in television, but we have a long way to go and a
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lot can still go wrong. >> dana: a lot can still go wrong, talk about the chaos in afghanistan, saying that they could extend the deadline to get everyone out safely, but the taliban is drawing a line saying there will be consequences if he goes beyond that date. and learning of an internal intelligence report warning the u.s. that isis and al qaeda are going to pressure american forces to leave before the deadline by launching an attack on the airport. the white house asked about the threat al qaeda posed. >> so friday the president said that we got rid of al qaeda in afghanistan. a sunday the secretary of state said there is al qaeda in afghanistan. so are you presenting the president with the full picture? or is he just misapplying the intelligence when he makes these public statements? >> the president was referring to al qaeda's capability to attack the united states. which the intelligence community
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tells us today is not present in afghanistan. what is present in afghanistan right now to our forces at the airport is a serious threat from isis that we will try to deal with and of course there is the possibility that al qaeda could reconstitute an external capability on afghanistan. >> dana: this is between peter doocy asking americans and being stranded in afghanistan. >> most of the criticism is not of leaving afghanistan, it is the way that he has ordered it to happen by pulling the troops before getting these americans who are stranded. does he have a sense of that? >> i think it's corresponded -- irresponsible to say americans are stranded. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home home. >> dana: one of the things that happen over the weekend was president biden would say something and he would look at the screen and say that's not exactly what we are hearing. and we talked to american
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citizens, and his wife was there, and we talked to him and were distressed, so they can't get through to the state department. >> jesse: stranded means if you want to leave somewhere and you can't, that's the definition of stranded, do you think americans can just go to the kabul airport and take up on the next flight? they can't, they are stranded pet i don't know why she is arguing about the word, it reminds me of it's not a crisis at the border, it's a challenge. they are worried about messaging, at first it was things are going great, and now it's, it was always going to be a mess. or, we plan for this, and then, oh, no one could a plan for this. or people are clinging from the wings of airplanes, oh, that was four days ago, now it's my heart breaks for these people. hey, get to the airport and you will get out as soon as you can. actually, no, don't go to the airport now, elevated terror
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threats, or we will get out by september 11th, no, we will have to possibly stay passed september 11th, and now it is a game of chicken with the taliban that have a deal after septembeo you get into an actual hostage crisis with live rounds. we don't know what they are capable of. firing bullets into a crowd. in getting there teeth knocked out. and americans being beaten. and we had to go to the taliban, here is my passport, they rip it up or they ask for the bride. you don't have any money, okay, maybe you come up with some money tomorrow. that's how it is. you can't have a plan like this where you are at the mercy of a terrorist organization, biden stranded americans in a war zone and try to go back on vacation,
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dana, can you imagine any other president trying to pull that off? creating the crisis and the enemy on vacation. and passion and confident, has not shown either. >> dana: what about the dip on approval and lots of different areas that there is bipartisan disapproval of how this was handled? >> jessica: i think it serious for the administration coming to see the briefings increased tenfold from where we were last week, when every going to hear from someone and i we have multiple with sullivan at the president speaking over the weekend and had a hurricane to deal with, so they obviously know it's incredibly serious, the polling it seems like took the biggest debt because of the covert response, which is something that we will talk about later in the show as well, a huge crisis on his plate, but the dichotomy between what you are hearing and the images is something that is really hard to take especially when you see a
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2-year-old trampled. those are things that you can't unsee in your life and i think that what we have been noticing, at least what i've been noticing is that shift to focusing on how are we going to get these people out and that august 31st deadline? because we are not negotiating with a normal government, we are negotiating with terrorists who run the country. an august 31st if they even hold to that is only eight days away. so it will be interesting to see what comes out of the g7 meeting tomorrow, convening if they have a plan, because it seems like they are actually making a good amount of progress. >> dana: it feels like they are not leading from behind in this situation, this is about isis in the control room as you pull this one up, tyrus, president biden says he understands the threat of isis, take a look at this. >> we are maintaining the cost of this to monitor and disrupt threats from any source including the likely source being isis. but we are under no illusions
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about the threat even though we are moving back the perimeter. significantly. we are working hard as fast as he can to get people out. that's the mission. >> dana: the perimeter has been disputed back and forth, many americans could be surprised to hear the threat of isis? >> the optics, we are seeing the optics. and jesse, you're so right, trying to paint the picture that they are doing everything by the book and bad things will happen. the simplest thing was before you pull the troops out, you get the other people out. neither one of us are military guys and it makes perfect sense to us, now we are seeing the objects of you are not going to say that it is the taliban that is doing this, but now we will hear that we did not know that isis is going to come back, because the taliban in itself when they talk to the government, this is not a unified group, they are basically tribes of different little warlords that do different things. they have no control over what their soldiers do over the field to civilians, and when they are
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taught to go to the airport it's what mob can get through fastest? they are not even getting a chance to vent people and things like that because they are climbing over the walls, why? because they are getting shot in the streets. the women are getting beat up. there is nothing about what he is talking about matches what we are seeing on the ground. and it will be the boots, not the suits that save the day. >> dana: you can talk about whatever you want, but this is about isis and al qaeda, watch the exchange between chris wallace on "fox news sunday" and the secretary of state. >> is al qaeda gone from afghanistan? >> their capacity to do what it did on 9/11 to attack us and our partners and allies from afghanistan is vastly, vastly diminished. >> is it gone? >> are there al qaeda members and remnants in afghanistan? yes. >> dana: there was the handling of the evacuation, but then what do we do now to keep everyone safe?
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>> kennedy: it's that then what are we going to do now that will only get worse and worse and worse and makes it more dangerous for the americans that are stranded they are. they are stranded, that requires a sense of urgency. and hearing one thing from the intelligence community, and people at the defense department. and hearing something completely different in a defensive pastor from the president. nothing from the vice president on this, but if i had a family member or, or someone to translate for me or help me out while i was doing a tour in afghanistan, and less they are, the press secretary saying, how dare you? use the word stranded. it's her laws boss who is sending people to die. and it's the boots who are being sent into a situation that is going worse and worse by the day, by the suit, and they don't have an answer for it, and i don't trust their intelligence when they say, oh coming out,
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al qaeda is gone, how do you know that? i don't trust you know, because if you knew exactly what you're dealing with, we would not have this right now. >> dana: the word stranded is the one that trapped ones are using. we will take you live to the region, as thousands scramble to escape the rule, we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: president biden made it seem like it would be a walk in a park for americans to get to the kabul airport, but chaos reigned supreme in afghanistan, gum fire killing one person this morning alone. and the taliban shredding passports and travel documents of those trying to escape the country. let's go to trey yingst indo hall with the latest. tray. >> good afternoon, guys, the department of defense has at 16,000 people have been evacuated from afghanistan in the past 24 hours alone. we know a number of c17s take
2:16 pm
from the runway in kabul making it difficult, because that is the access point for people who want to get out of the country. as you noted there was a gun battle today outside of the airport between nato troops including the united states and an unknown gunman killing one afghanistan security force member. >> jesse: you have spoken to americans, i assume who have been hopefully safely evacuated, what has their experience has been like? >> the experience is described to fox by americans, afghans, and others who were stuck in afghanistan really appear like a unique experience, but also one of the worst days of their lives. i mean, you hear the stories over and over again of people trying to make their way to the airport and getting stopped at checkpoints. it's an extremely scary
2:17 pm
experience, because each individual fighter can respond differently. one girl described indo hall she had just made it here and went through a taliban checkpoint and said she was not headed to the airport just riding along in the car, it was just a driver, not her brother, but she had to tell that lie, because she was so terrified that the taliban will pull her out of the car and stop her from going to the airport. >> jesse: we will take it around the table for a few questions, kennedy. >> kennedy: is there a centralized way for americans to get in touch? we are hearing so many different stories, so how are they letting the government and the military no where they are and get help getting out of the country? >> americans who are stranded in afghanistan are able to communicate with the state department and what used to be the american embassy in kabul is just a set up of
2:18 pm
individuals at the airport. they can have the communication, but the question is even if you are talking to the u.s. state department and the american military, how do you get to them? how do you get to the airport in kabul. and we hear the line repeated over and over by the administration that there is a plan, even today press secretary jen psaki telling peter doocy that it was inappropriate to call them stranded, there are afghans who are stranded, but they are also americans who are stranded in afghanistan. very clearly, not only in kabul, we talk about kabul and the capital afghanistan, but there are other cities where americans were living, the second and third largest city in the country that are going to be major areas of concern for the american people and the biden administration as they look to try to get americans out of afghanistan. because right now they are no clear plans on the table to do so. >> jessica: thanks, trey, i was curious if you could speak about the august 31st deadline,
2:19 pm
i know that there is a large part of the united states and a bunch of other hypocrisies to make sure that gets extended so that we can get everybody out safely, have you heard anything on the ground about the potential for that happening or how we are going to pull this off in a week's time? >> jesse: it looks like we may have lost trey, dana, he was talking about i guess the most harrowing experience of anybody's life to just get to the airport you have to live, you have to do it whatever you have to do, probably bribe and there has to be countless stories like that that are happening every single second on the ground. >> dana: you can watch any news network and see that they say the same thing, and that does not even mean the same source, happening in multiple places, the one stranded is not being made up by us, being said by the people who are stranded and i do wonder, maybe has better information about reaching the state department.
2:20 pm
i listen to an interview today where a guy said, trying to get his wife out, but he emailed -- email the state department and a bounce back, the email inbox is full. so there's not a surge of people that is able to handle the incoming at the state department. and i imagine also subject to cyberattacks and there might be people who have no business emailing the state department now that are trying to get in on that line and upsetting the apple cart. >> jesse: if there is an american stranded in a war zone during the trump administration and they had emailed the state department for help and the email had bounced back, tyrus, can you imagine? >> i mean -- >> tyrus: it would be 16 hours of tv, and we can't delimit can't talk about what we don't have in the previous administration. but we are hearing just the language to where the taliban is not okay with?
2:21 pm
they are now setting precedence for when we are going to get out? and we are not seeing any information on numbers, how many americans are still there, how many afghans? how many people looking for work visas? the state of troops trying to get out, and we just see mobs of people just willing to trample each other to get out of there and they are telling us that they have a plan that i could not be more worried. i know we are seeing our american troops doing what they been rolling up their sleeves and going and getting people to bring them out, where before they were not going to engage, now we see that engagement. >> jessica: it's also private business. >> dana: you interviewed a group of women who were university students who got out, what did they tell you about the challenges they face ahead? >> yes, absolutely, talking with university students indo hall that had traveled from afghanistan on one of these evacuation flights a group of five young women and it was so interesting to talk to them,
2:22 pm
because like young women who are university students anywhere in the world, they were focused on school and exams and i asked them what they were most concerned about, their first question, the answer by saying their friends and family, and they didn't know if they would be okay and if they would be targeted by the taliban, but after that they went back to thinking about university and how the seniors in the group wanted to finish their semester so that they could get their degree, and i thought that really got to the core of the real people of afghanistan. because the taliban do not represent the people of afghanistan. it is a small extremist subgroup of a very moderate population people with shops and peoples who are students, doctors, lawyers, and you see the group walk into the city and take over ultimately the entire country and all of the international community focused on afghanistan and people are concerned. they may never be able to return home. >> jesse: thanks a lot and stay safe out there, we really appreciate it. ahead, the president has a
2:23 pm
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♪ ♪ >> kennedy: it's only money and am not in love says president biden, facing backlash over afghanistan and a host of other issues, the majority of americans no longer see biden is up for the job, that's not good, but the president claims he has not seen those numbers. the new poll out today shows americans wanted to withdraw from afghanistan, but they disapprove of the way you handle it. it also found based in part on what has transpired in the last week, the majority of americans,
2:28 pm
and forgive me, i'm just the messenger, no longer consider you to be competent -- competent, focus, and effective in the job. >> i have not seen that. >> it's out there, with cbs this morning. >> [laughs] >> kennedy: dana, it's so disconcerting. it's an administration-wide glitch when they are nervous and don't have an answer and when they are presented with something that makes them look really bad, but the president and vice president just dissolve into giggles. >> dana: i was trying to think of what my nervous tickets, i don't know what it is. email me and tell me what it is. but competence is a very hard thing to earn, very easy to lose and is nearly impossible to get back. so the fact that this crisis is going on, they can't put a button on it, because the taliban is apparently calling the shots. and they are the ones deciding when america is going to have to cut off its evacuation procedures. and the fact that you have this
2:29 pm
disconnect, the president saying one thing, his cabinet and staff saying another, and then the rest of us reporting on the daylight between the organizations, and remember that president biden and his whole campaign was about we will calm things down. there will be order and competence, there will be coherence. and that lasted for a little bit, trying to get things done, and now we have the delta variant. and may be controlled victory a little bit too early on july 4th and americans try to relax and regroup and restart before school starts. parents are paying attention because they are worried about schools being open, masks and schools, no masks in schools, they are worried about their parents who might end up with a breakthrough infection and are worried about the fact that
2:30 pm
america's credibility on the role right now. >> kennedy: one thing they have not been able to answer for, the allies are really disappointed here. this is not just a storm that is going to pass, and you kind of got the sense from the administration, let's just wait it out for a few days. we are now seeing it much, much worse. if you are providing the president and you want it to go back up, what you tell them to do? >> i tell them to take feelings into account, that was a core part of why he got elected at a very critical time in american history with the pandemic, he was the emphasize her and chief, someone you could talk to a specially veteran and say i feel your pain, i have a son in service to people who are dealing with cancer and their families, i lost my son to lost their father to cancer, it resonated with me that he understood what was going on
2:31 pm
there, so i think go back to the sympathizer, the empathize or, that person, the last thing, that's what happens with people, when they are like, you know everyone watches you on tv, hates you. i laugh. that's just life coming no? >> kennedy: no one hates you. >> jessica: that's also not true, but it's fine. that's when i'm here for and happy to do it. but the laughing does not bother me, but taking everyone's concerns very seriously, because it is a critical juncture to people for a whole host of different reasons whether afghanistan, covid, whatever your issue is. >> kennedy: what about inflation and the border? there are number of things, the facts that could really a collapse this administration. >> jesse: it's a mess. he won the primary because he was not bernie, he won the presidency because he was not trump. and he does well because you don't hear from him, we see what he is doing and we don't like what we are seeing, and he has never perform well, this is jill
2:32 pm
biden. so we expect this from joe biden, but now there are a lot of buyer's remorse from women and independence, and independence, they are the ones, they judge on performance, and he is not performing well. we saw this began in the spring when he went to europe and was debuted on the world stage and kind of came unglued. not a strong performance with the press and then we saw it again with the mask backtracking and did not like that, it seemed unsteady and then this catastrophe, we don't like what we are seeing in the media as they help the guy. they say they vouch for this cayenne with confidence confidence, covered up for them, and not holding up his end of the bargain. >> kennedy: in terms of the media, jesse is absolutely right, they ran for them, now the president has made a turn. >> tyrus: they are still doing it forum, fox was covering the
2:33 pm
breaking news happening in afghanistan and seeing him at a concert, nothing bad was happening for three or four hours, we will have a bunch of people singing. that's where we have a optics. a moderate president who we all thought we keep us in the middle and tell it to a straight, but he has awoken administration who would rather tell you to argue over words instead of actual things going on in his answer was a very woke-answer. did you see it? no, i did not, so it's not true. check my tick-tock, that's what we are seeing, when my hopeful thing was that he would have been brutally honest, because he said he was going to give it to a straight, and we are making mistakes, we are going to fix it. but that's not a woke answer. >> kennedy: you are absolutely right, jen psaki comes out saying i can't even. democratic leadership laughing and dancing the weekend away. nothing going on except for that crisis in afghanistan. the horrible optics, we will get into all of it next. ♪ ♪
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because this is still our shot. ♪ ♪ >> jessica: democratic leadership facing harsh criticism for joking around and dancing while vp harris is laughing at a reporter asking about the chaos in afghanistan. >> with americans -- >> hold on, hold on, slow down, everybody. [laughs] want to talk about two things, first afghanistan. we cannot have a higher priority right now. >> jessica: congress is not doing too much better in the optics department, chuck schumer dancing with stephen colbert on saturday and nancy pelosi spoke mask lists at a lavish brunch where seats were selling up to $29,000. so dana, i want to start with
2:39 pm
you, we did a little bit in the last block, but i'm curious as to what you think the effect of all of this has been on the vice president? because we know what the president's polling numbers are, but we have not in the last couple of weeks seen that per vice president harris. >> dana: when you think back to the sequence of events of how she ended up at the border as her responsibility, it was because she was asked by reporters about the border crisis and she laughed about it. and there was a lot of coverage about the laughter in the next thing was the president has a meeting with her in the morning and says you're in charge of the border now. so far not in charge of afghanistan, she also said that it cannot be a bigger priority for us. number one priority from the tarmac in singapore, or vietnam, wherever she was paired and perfectly fine with the vice president going and doing the job that the president asks her to do. if he needs her to go to vietnam and singapore to sure up relationships, that will be an important region for us going forward especially with this afghanistan thing. if i could talk a little bit
2:40 pm
about the other optics, optics is one of those things where you can blow it off and say, that's not really substantive, but there was a heaviness for me over the weekend, a heaviness for people that i talked to, my mom, my sister, my sister's hair stylist, everybody is feeling the weight of what was going on in afghanistan and what's going on, what's going on, what's going on? the people emailing the state department and getting my inbox is full type of messages and it felt kind of bad, one of the great things about america is that our men and women in uniform going fight so that we can enjoy our freedoms. and that's what a lot of people dead and they should celebrate those, but when you are the leader of the democratic party and you are in a big f-storm. >> jesse: [laughs] >> jessica: what do you make of the point? >> kennedy: she is absolutely right, chuck schumer is the senate majority leader, he
2:41 pm
should not be outdoing the mambo with stephen colbert, because they are both completely untalented when it comes to dance moves and i feel bad for both of them, but that's not where he should be. that's not where his head should be at right now especially if there are people in new york state who are stranded in afghanistan, he should be working day and night to make sure that those people come home. and as far as nancy pelosi, i don't begrudge anyone a lovely meal. it's one of the things people have been missing, fellowship, talking to people, sitting next to someone. chatting, rediscovering, we should all be doing that, but then these are the same ding dong's who are telling our kids that they are going to have to be masked-up for another school year and they are looming threats because they are deeply entrenched with the teachers union that we might have remote schooling in big cities like new york. and that means they don't believe it. it's all the science, you followed at all the way to the fancy pants dinner to raise money for people who are in
2:42 pm
trouble because their party has blown it. it's been on there was some good science news today, the fda approved the fisa vaccine for peoples 16 and older, what is the impact of that going to be? >> jesse: i will take an artificial position, nancy pelosi, in napa county, that's a hot spot according to the cdc. that's a very high transmission rate, jessica, they recommend mask usage even outside. hospitalization up 20%, naughty girl, nancy pelosi. colbert should not be dancing, he is no longer the king of late night. "gutfeld" should be dancing, he is the king of late night. and colbert should be working on the monologue. and chuck schumer, the mambo going along like this in a circle, is that the mambo? he needs to knock that off. they have a lot of mandates, and i think that politicians should be not to dance. >> jessica: after that incredibly substantive answer,
2:43 pm
any final thoughts? >> tyrus: what we are seeing is the enemy of my enemy is my friend, progressives and moderates, clearly that does not work. we see the relationship, vice president is leaving it to the scapegoat and is going to say all the right things and then they are going to move him out. >> dana: there is a real disconnect, or contrast that was pointed out, over the weekend senator tom cotton and his staff continue to take calls and emails from anybody that is seeking their help to get people out of afghanistan safely. and today fox & friends was able to follow up with the amazing american who lives in colorado, but he was stuck there on the phone and was brave enough to get on the phone and senator tom cotton staff help them get back. that's what they did all weekend and that was probably a much better use of time. >> jessica: it's true and also fox news got 24 people out of afghanistan who work for us. >> kennedy: fox should be in
2:44 pm
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♪ ♪ >> tyrus: welcome back. hey, that's my seat, 68% of people are extremely passionate about their unofficial assigned spot. more than half of america going as far as they would feel uncomfortable sitting anywhere else even in their own home. i have to be honest, it is the last it -- and this is a huge story, and it does not get enough attention. this is the last frontier for the alpha male, this is all we have left is our spot, for me it's my recliner and that right-hand corner of my couch that has literally been customized for me for my elbow, with the remote control, nobody sits there. you have a death wish, the only time a young man would send my speed -- seat is if he was challenging me for dominance in the house.
2:49 pm
that is the last thing. you don't say it, i have it so bad i have my own chair on "gutfeld" show, let another guest sit in my chair. >> jesse: you had a cushion in that seat before he got on set. >> tyrus: and what did i do? the other guy who needs a booster seat, and clearly do not, jesse, as her brother, as an alpha male in arms? >> jesse: i have the recliner with the auto men to get the angle of the tv, but it was not always like that. growing up i did not have a spot, not because i did not have a spot, because my parents did not believe in comfort. my main chair ended then was wicker. the chair next to it was a rocking chair, and then we had a bench with a cushion. >> kennedy: does your family shop at cracker barrel? >> jesse: i said dad, get up, get the hell out of my wicker chair, dad. i would never say it to his face. >> tyrus: no, dana. >> dana: i agree, people have
2:50 pm
their spot, when you go to school. before jessica has a spot? >> dana: she has many. he is the only one i get up for. but we both have a spot at the couch in the evening, but during the day its opposite. that's very strange and i'm not sure what it means. >> tyrus: i cannot handle that. i don't feel right not sitting in my spot. i also don't feel right if the remote is not 3 feet per me at all times. >> jesse: your spot is bisexual, i respect that. >> tyrus: i was going transitional, but kennedy, help us out there. >> kennedy: my dog has a spot and my dog, her -- herniated disc in his neck because he would launch himself off the couch, decided to stack boxes and a lamp and everyone in front of the spot and luckily grown easy, but when he hears something at the door, there is no longer the urgency that there once was. he will come over to my spot and pushes paul on my leg while we
2:51 pm
watch. >> dana: one time i went to kennedy's apartment and her kids were doing backhand springs off of the couch. that's her spot. >> tyrus: this crosses over political lines, i guarantee you have a spot. >> jessica: liberals like to sit and watch tv too, i sat next to lenny and his spot at kennedy's watching a movie, and it is his terrain. we all have spots in seats at the dinner table when you grew up you would always edit your spot and side of the bed with your partner, which like i like to work all day on a computer, not like better work from bed, you know what i mean? >> tyrus: yes, i assume. >> jessica: my site has like a dent. >> tyrus: yes, absolutely. >> jessica: get me out of this. >> dana: you have a hotel too. >> tyrus: i always thought the guy had to have the spot closest to the door so if the guy breaks
2:52 pm
in. >> jessica: i want the bathroom. it >> tyrus: until somebody breaks in, then you will be like what took me so long. >> tyrus: i've learned a lot. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... pony. .
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♪ ♪ are. >> dana: time now for one more thing. jesse: everyone has been asking me jesse jr. pictures where can i see them? there we go. there is jr. we dressed him up to look like a little -- you know what? so we are here at the beach. acting 1eu8y. >> there he is. tee time is at 6:00. >> kennedy: is he a little man. jesse: he looks like an adult. i don't know. i think we have a lot in common. taken contain pretty cute.
2:57 pm
>> kennedy: pretty classy. will. jesse: you should see his diaper. class act all the way. i wanted to bring you this in case you didn't catch it this morning. jesse: also, dana, sorry to interrupt. more importantly, i'm on prime tonight. i'm actually on the hold 7:00 done jr. more important than thatter. >> dana: this is america's business try to help get americans and afghans alongside us this is the message for them. >> for all of the men and women that were u.s., u.k. and australia. i know what you are feeling. i know the terror. i know the panic. i cannot oprime minister miss we are going to get them all out.
2:58 pm
i will promise you we will not stop. >> dana: crisis line if you need any help. that may have been a little more important. >> dana: hosting prime is important. i will make it home in time to see it deign. >> kennedy: 6-year-old from oklahoma the mother of 11 will. at a robotics conference a couple hours. >> courageous and amazing girls chase their dreams afghan dreamers that's exactly what they're. they're sweet and humble and geniuses. will. >> kennedy: "fox & friends >> jessica: "fox & friends" qatar got 106 these girls out. still more. these girls have offers to
2:59 pm
american university. be able to stay with us. >> americans have been doing amazing and some people find themselves in the middle. '. >> kennedy: try to eat them. the baby box go away. are and they were able to get this incredible upclose footage extremely rare. adorable curious fox. >> we have cute. like a little dog. did you that in how i saved the world. get that story. jesse: how i saved the world. >> tyrus: i got riveting stuff to challenge you. the western low end guerrillas, they don't like rain on their head. they start heading in. not going to ruin bad hair day. look at that get in.
3:00 pm
all this wetness? jesse: how come some run upright and others run like this i'm going to have more for you tomorrow on that. [laughter] >> dana: that's it for us. are. bret: wet gorillas and a baby fox alert. good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. panic and desperation outside of kabul airport as thousands race to escape the taliban's rule, chaos turning deadly today after a fire fight outside the airport kills afghan soldier. back at home president biden says is he considering the august 31st deadline to withdraw troops completely but the taliban is rejecting that idea calling a red line and ethics tending it would provoke a quote reaction. house intelligence committee members receive their first classified


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