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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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it comes out september 7th, in time for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. and that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ♪ levin". >> a poll out today shows america one to withdraw from afghanistan but they disapprove of the way you have handled it also over the last week a majority of americans , i am just the messenger no longer consider you to be competent, focused or ineffective in the job. >> i haven't seen that poll. steve: i bet you haven't. biden hours ago another bumbling stumbling performance
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to spin his way out of a disaster he has created. but at the same time admitted it could get worse and he may have to extend the withdrawal deadline that days ago he was admitted to stick to and perhaps the most astonishing promise screening for every national evacuated while leaving the southern border wide open. good evening everyone i am steve helton pro- worker profamily pro- community and especially pro- america. this is "the new york times" this morning. a former interpreter for the american come plans into mass of humanity at the kabul airport including her husband and two -year-old daughter. and the crowd surged the entire family was slammed to the ground she remembered someone smashing her cell phone someone else kicking her in the head as she struggled
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to her feet she searched for her toddler the girl was dead, trampled to death by the mob. she may has well said trampled to death by joe biden along with the others at least 12 crushed at the airport gate yesterday and another seven today will they be taken hostage? dozens or hundreds or thousands we don't know biden doesn't know he hasn't seen desperate people clinging to american planes and falling to their death and what is the response from mr. empathy and compassion? that was four days ago have you ever heard anything for so cold or callous? as the saying goes so these last few days we have seen biden really years. he is a liar he lied in april
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when he announced he lied in july he lied to stephanopoulos and he laid on fridays now it's sunday he lied again americans are having no trouble getting to the airport as his own state department was sending out security alert saying don't even try because we cannot ensure safe passage. biden said al qaeda is gone and then minutes later the defense department said that was not true so now we learn not only is al qaeda not gone to her connie network is controlling the perimeter of kabul airport it is the tsa for those he trapped behind enemy lines. biden said he planned for this outcome? planned? if this is his plan he should resign just for that. he said no one around the world is questioning his credibility. no one except the uk current prime minister says it's a
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betrayal biden is lightweight and inward looking and they think he is british for senile. the former prime minister tony blair calls a tragic, dangerous and unnecessary and then use the word imbecile as an in the style and that you, joe biden on imbecile. and a foreign-policy genius with years of experience he is so delusional he really believes and that's why we're in this mess. after his shameful attempt to blame everyone but himself the state department and intelligence agencies now the leaks are coming and the warnings from the military of this memo from the diplomats biden was told rushing to get everyone out to meet this
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deadline would be a disaster but he did it anyway because as we can see he is a frightening combination of ignorance and arrogance senile and stubborn. so look where the great foreign-policy genius has landed us with what is described by the germans as the biggest debacle nato has suffered since its founding and others as the worst form policy disaster in american history. his own generals raising the terror threat level here as a direct result of his actions a president is supposed to keep a safe according to his own officials he has done the opposite. we saw the pitiful humiliation of our military begging the british military to stop rescuing their people because we are not rescuing ours and it makes us look bad. another move barely reported with other chaos, biden trying
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to evade responsibility for our afghan allies to scrub it from the official record of a poll with the french president. imagine what they would say if trump had done that. they risk everything to help us and support our values but it is our moral responsibility. biden all of these nitwits in the establishment sold themselves as a mature competent adult to understand governance and running things after the chaos of trump and now we see how utterly clueless they are. chaos in afghanistan chaos at the border chaos about to hit the economy all a direct result of their policies even with the pandemic chaos as they undermine confidence to get things under control. look at the mess in less than one year to massive humanitarian crisis.
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one on the other side of the world and one on the southern border guess who is suffering? the poor and vulnerable the exact people the left claim that they speak for never forget that this is what democrats do when they get empower they heard the people they say they want to help. above all we now see the true nature the author of this catastrophe joe biden an empty hollow husk of a man without honor or decency or empathy or integrity he has brought shame and humiliation on the presidency in this country and if there is any justice or any accountability, this truly despicable man needs to go. not just his regime of incompetence biden must be held accountable not to the 25th amendment although it's obvious he's not that for office if he goes then we get harris another unprincipled machine politician just as
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weak and useless and bad but consider what biden has done to america. when a president does more damage to america's standing in authority than anyone before. when he humiliates america around the world and creates a moral stain of this magnitude, when he puts our security at risk in our citizens in peril behind enemy lines when you have a president this pitiful and contemptible there must be accountability. biden must resign or be impeached. and then be recorded as the worst president in american history. tell us what you think at steve hilton and share this message when we post it. so today biden again and was saying they are in touch with people and trying to get people out. he has a plan and it's going well. fox news spoke to a us citizen
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still trapped in afghanistan to see what's really going on. take a listen. >> i would like our president to make the process of the evacuation faster people like me, fellow citizens any people with troops on the ground we are devastated. we are scared for our lives. every time a car passes by i feel like they are going to pull in and execute us. i don't know if i'm going to see my children again. steve: that's not all.
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please mr. president please evacuate us. please help we need help to get to the airport is not possible to make it through all those people people are getting shot. the teargas is being released on people. it's just so devastating that i don't even know how to explain it. it's a nightmare. i want to wake up. i want to wake up from this nightmare. steve: joining us now by found is that woman's brother who is now back here in the us. i don't know what you are going through but what she is going through, your sister. what can you tell us and what is the latest? >> hello sir.
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it keeps getting worse. the president should know these americans citizens are hiding nobody's wanting to help the citizens this is my sister these are american citizens and allies soon they will be executed by the taliban regime but because they are behind enemy lines or dying out of hunger and thirst because they cannot get out of their house to get for - - to get food or water so these people are high risk and there are thousands of them my sister has two kids in america and is an american citizen. she has attempted three times to go to the airport that they will not let them pass unless they show their passports if they waive the passport at the taliban this is me as an
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american citizen that is a death call she will be killed on the spot or taken and executed. these american citizens cannot waive their residency that we are allies for the past 20 years to fight against the terrorism in afghanistan but these people are stuck behind enemy lines they are in the middle of a very serious war zone that could end up completely with no help or nothing. this is a serious matter for these american citizens need evacuation straightaway. but the soldiers at the kabul airport they don't have enough capacity to get people in. two hours ago one of my guys
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who works for the american forces at the bases they are dutch and they are germans and the french people they come out and they take their citizens from the car but wherever there is an american citizen there is no help for them. steve: and just to be clear what you are reporting in terms of your sister is the direct opposite of what biden said that if she showed her passport instead now she fears for her life. >> i'm so sorry to say this
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but biden is a compulsory liar. he doesn't know what's going on. he is sitting in his office or on vacation and says all these things. but that is not the truth. the truth is what the americans citizens that are saying on the ground behind enemy lines they are afraid for their life. steve: i have a specific question from of the president said hours ago. he said the state department is in touch with us citizens in afghanistan and is sending them a plan for their evacuation. has your sister received any communication of a plan for her evacuation from the state department or any other part of the us government? >> no sir. it is a complete lie. she has heard anything the past four days from the us embassy or any us authority.
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they say fill out the forms in the us embassy will get in touch with you. but nobody has heard anything. steve: this is such important testimony. i am so sorry of course. everyone watching is praying for your family. but we really appreciate you coming on tonight to tell us the truth of what is going on. thank you very much. bringing in a 12 year army veteran, congressman, brian mast what he making of what you have just heard quick. >> case after case as late as about one hour ago we received correspondence from us navy veteran i'm in contact with this person was my interpreter previously they are hiding out here and that is the story for the last ten days of the
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afghanistan hostage crisis that we have been experiencing. one hundred times worse is now they have the most advanced military weaponry to hold our americans hostage and our interpreters. steve: what was your reaction to what the president said this afternoon? we are making progress flying thousand out we have a plan and will be in touch. what do you think when you hear him say that quick. >> two things. number one boots on the ground the marines and rangers nobody is more capable to secure an airfield, that they shouldn't have had to do that. the crisis was created by joe biden by giving up the most secure airport anywhere in this world in terms by a military the bog room airport the most fortified in giving upper embassy in the high ground. this is what joe biden's talking points has been the most simplest of his career.
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whatever is going on in the world or in afghanistan just say the exact opposite just say the opposite of what's really happening because that's what he has been saying. steve: what you think of the reports we just heard it again now that other countries they are commanders in chief are empowering their military to go rescue their citizens. i am sure you would agree that our military there is nothing they would love to do but they are not being empowered by biden to do that like other countries are. >> one reason very simple goes back to the obama administration optics the most important protocol they want to make sure as they said before that this is not a
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combat mission they don't want it to appear as a combat mission they will do everything to stay away from that even though they had to bring in triple the troops previously that's how people get hurt worrying more about the optics rather than unleashing the most capable military force on the planet special ops and rangers in marines and everybody on the ground. they are chomping at that that that they live up to the one thing all soldiers live up to we don't leave men behind. they are chomping at the bit to make sure that takes place. steve: exactly. you confirmed it. everybody knows that's exactly what the military wants to do and then this leadership stops them from doing it. the optics point you are right you have a mad rush to get out on september 11 today they are having reporters embedded with them back on —- evacuation flights showing people in an orderly manner getting on the planes that's what they want to distract our attention rather than the chaos they created outside the airport.
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>> let's go to that chaos. he said in his press conference on friday i believe that any interruption whatsoever will be met with swift action. what word you call them surrounding the entire airport not letting people through layer after layer? i would define it as an interruption and i see your response is zero action again the exact opposite which he promised americans and we are used to that at this point. steve: exactly. it is so depressing we just have to keep the pressure up and really support everyone your former colleagues who are trying their best to get those american citizens out and to try harder than her own president. congressman thank you for look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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steve: so we are in a parallel universe biden makes rosie statements with the progress but on the ground the reality is completely different as we just heard now we have some gas that can add your understanding of what is actually happening. freelance journalist to evacuated thursday night currently in an undisclosed
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location, hollie mckay with fox news contributor sarah carter. , one of the things that comes to mind, hollie mckay focusing on kabul but what about the rest of the country? what about americans and afghan allies elsewhere if it is hard to get from within kabul to the airport what about kandahar or anywhere else? what can you tell us about the situation with the rest of the country also quick. >> absolutely. i was in the north and was working when it fell very suddenly i was at my photographer we went with us and try to figure how to get to kabul which was impossible the airport was immediately closed it was not going to happen. so for several days we planned but in the end the only way we
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could get out of the situation was to work with the use back consulate and then those diplomats are great then we actually had to ask the taliban to escort us through the city through the checkpoints because that was the only viable solution when you have to turn to them they did deliver their word and come up with safe passage for us it was a risk i didn't think that i would even be able to do that now what i did a few days ago. >> i understand what hollie mckay has been through she was in a very dangerous situation and she's very lucky her and her cameraman survived that i have been on the phone consistently the last eight or nine days with my sources in
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afghanistan as well as my friends who are texting me and calling me and begging to find someone to get them out. i am talking to folks right now that say that taliban has basically made six circles around the airport six perimeter circles over 300 checkpoints so it's not just one perimeter they are checking people throughout there is a digital dunkirk as well. people that i know, the stories will be coming out in the next few weeks that are trying to save lives and get people out of the city and to the airport through the gates. the tragedy of children trample the woman outside the gate i was trying to help the past five days was almost killed. eventually after five days with a visa made it through because of heroes on the ground and eventually got her through and a baby just got
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through. this is a terrifying situation. we have americans all across that city that are terrified and waiting for someone to help them but believe me there is healthcare. but the president needs to allow the men and who are there to do their job and get our american citizens those out afghanistan it can be done but not the ineptitude of this administration. steve: what about the people outside kabul? this is a whole country what will they do about that? how many are there? we hear numbers in the high tens of thousands. >> right. that is absolutely true. i just received a call before coming on the show from an american military personnel who said he just received a call that one of his interpreters in kandahar was beheaded they basically beat
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up his wife now these are the tactics they are using to force him to speak english to prove he worked with the americans he was approved to come to the united states visa but as soon as he spoke english they beheaded him. there is a number of other people i have seen the video and photographs that have been executed we cannot show on television because of the graphic nature and the horror of it also can you imagine being stuck with your child right now wondering in your home if somebody will come in and execute you and that is what is happening. that taliban is marking people's doors literally marking homes so when we pull out they will begin the execution that is how serious this is .
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>> it is a devastating situation all around people are crushed babies are killed and what needs to happen at this point we need physical secret locations for pickup for people to be taken out to the airport we cannot expect this to be successful at the airport we need to move into the city in the rural areas where there are american citizens who need our help. steve: exactly you steve: exactly you cr that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on?
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steve: hearing what's going on right now with a crisis that biden has created. but what happens next in the short term in terms of the situation described as a hostage situation with a medium-term with the ability
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to fight terrorism we are told the terror threat is growing. long-term? biden talked about how this will help with our strategic competition with china. that's how the chinese see it. here to help us understand these questions and to look ahead where the crisis may go next is retired army general t20. your thoughts? let's look at the immediate situation do you agree this can turn into a really big problematic hostage situation that would require more troops to be going in blowing past the deadline of august 31st? >> thank you for having me on this evening i think obviously this is an unmitigated disaster of unbelievable geopolitical consequences. no doubt this is already a
12:37 am
hostage situation every area and afghanistan i know it intimately as do the men and women that served with me. there is no way you will get to the airport safely under the conditions that have been established by the strategy and policy of this withdrawal. it is absolutely insane. you will not get folks from kandahar because that's 484 kilometers. think about it. you don't want them to shelter in place of that makes them a stationary target. the current situation to answer your question that it is an unmitigated disaster hostages are taken and killed and the next step is to go in there to seize all the fields across afghanistan and create a safe court order to get our
12:38 am
citizens and allies and bring them back. the taliban will run al qaeda will run they cannot face us. but this is probably six or eight months of additional time added to the timeline in my opinion. steve: that is exactly i was hoping you would help us to understand that's my instinct is terrible news but it's great that we have your expert opinion on that. do you think it can be accomplished with the troop levels they are right now what does that have to increase as well quick. >> absolutely not. to do the airfield siege we have to do, you will need a minimum of the company of infantry to go into secure the airfields. then you need to task organize the rescue teams to go into
12:39 am
establish safe core doors and provide with the appropriate transportation and then protect that transport as it comes back. the taliban and al qaeda and isis that is unfortunate but they already are and it is terrible. i was just informed today because of the work i'm doing through the embassy and writing letters i could get two of my afghan interpreters on a plane so they are in a safe area now, but there are so many more we are working to help. this is immediate. needs to be done. i will go back and i will help any way that i can. not just sitting out here to pontificate.
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i have worked there and i know the places i will be glad to be a gunner on a gun truck you have to be in charge. - - i don't have to be in charge. we have to move now this will not get better. steve: with the extent of the time do you have a number of troop increase we might need? >> i say a minimum of 6000 troops to get this done with the requirement for security at the airfields, the reception staging and integration required will be substantial. you're looking at about 6000 troops in my mind. steve: in addition quick. >> that's correct.
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steve: that is a doubling basically from the guy who wants everybody out by august 3. >> that will not happen. steve: exactly thank you for helping us it's great you could join us. thank
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steve: guess what? vice president harris is doing next week to help america during this crisis quick she's headed to california to campaign for gavin newsom in the recall election i sat down with the top challengers, larry elder. it's a way to see you the last time you were just about to jump into the race now you are in the race and the impact you have had already california
12:47 am
can feel the energy it is great to see but do you really thank you can pull this off? >> thank you for having me. i think so i just the recall side versus the anti- recalls side within the margin of air and that's up a few sides on —- of a few points. there is a reason why 2 million people signed a petition to get the man out the rise in crime and homelessness and then to have his own kids enjoy private education with the very people that made the mandates and then not engaging in social distancing people are angry about the hypocrisy. >> one of the interesting things is a broad base of this movement against him. one of the most interesting statistics is all the different racial groups in california. the only racial group overall
12:48 am
is latino we've had enough of races for republicans it's clear it is a broad-based movement. >> that's right that's why hispanics are so angry nearly half of third-graders cannot read at state level proficiency we lost a whole year of education 80 percent of those in california are black and hispanic and they are angry at the fact the majority want choice in schools the number one provider to gavin newsom is the teachers union and they are adamantly opposed for the parent to put their killed in a private or charter school. they realize how bad the schools are. steve: it is such a huge issue.
12:49 am
and in a month or so where would you start? >> i don't drink coffee but assuming the face mask mandate and vaccine mandates are in place i will repeal those by the time i have my first cup of tea and a statewide emergency on water. we have not added to our water infrastructure in 40 years when the state was half the size and a clear public emergency and homelessness to get people off the streets. and with that lowe's low cost housing that makes it too expensive to build low cost housing as soon as i get up there will be a state of emergency. steve: unlike avenue some of the ridiculous powers that hurt people you can help people.
12:50 am
but just one and possible flaw just this week to say to use the power of the federal government to undermine governors who will do exactly what you are doing. how do you feel facing off with biden on mask mandates that just to be a matter of weeks you are in that position. >> by the way want people to go to elect he can raise unlimited amounts of money but i cannot. newsom said he is proud of biden's response afghanistan i look forward to pelosi and moran and harris in the president who have weighed in on the elect - - on this election let him come up and support that. by the way the only person i want to debate is gavin newsom and so far he has refused to do so. bring it. hold my beer, governor.
12:51 am
[laughter] steve: and then to underline that point it is so one-sided. newsom is treated as if it wasn't an election so he can raise whatever amount of money he wants. ten times as much that if you are actually running as a candidate are limited by the normal donation rules it is so unfair and one-sided. i'm happy to help you on that basis elect you will be joining us next week on the podcast. great to see you. >> see you in sacramento. steve: he will be joining me next week for an extended conversation california rebel base minute podcast subscribe to that
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steve: fox news alert, tennessee recovering from devastating flooding, already claimed 22 lives and left dozens more missing. tennessee senator blackburn is with us. what is latest from your home state? >> i was there in humphreys county with the mayors and the governor. and senator hagerty.
12:57 am
visiting with people that have lost their homes their businesses, we toured a school that is down. we talked with a lot of volunteers, let's keep hum humps county in our prayers, so many homes, businesses and schools are devastated. it will take a while for them to come back, we're working on the emergency declaration, we will move toward to help them as much as we can. with every possible resource and tennesseans are stepping up to help their neighbors. steve: as we would expect. what a shocking events. >> terrible. steve: i'm sorry for you and everyone affected by it let's move to afghanistan now. what do you make of what we're seeing unfolded there. and biden's response?
12:58 am
>> well joe biden's response to this is very weak. because he is weak. tony blair said as much, you hear other leaders, china knows he is weak. look at how they have talked to our representatives and how they have acted, how they are supporting the taliban. you know that russia thinks he is weak, they can't believe he approved the nord stream 2 but he shut down the keystone pipeline at the same time, he had no plan, he tossed away the plan that president trump and secretary pompeo and our allies and partners put together. it didn't have to be this way, but when you have a weak leader who is not taking ownership and not give the guarantee he will get everyone out, and he wants to date certain on the calendar.
12:59 am
the general said this is probably 6,000 additional troops. and probably several more months, we have to make certain every american, every ally, every afghan partner. the vulnerable women who will be killed. if they say we have to get them out. steve: quickly, what about the political accountability. >> well, with the political accountability. we have to look near-term and long-term ramifications of this, near-term is the problems that are there with moving people out. speeding up the evacuations. getting a safe route to the airport. and then long-term ramifications are where you will see our allies begin to say, america is
1:00 am
not a credible ally, not someone -- steve: that is what is so. i'm sorry we're out of time, you have summarized it. have summarized it. jillian: it is monday, august 23rd. we're following two major stories this morning. first, more chaos in kabul, the biden administration defending its botched withdrawal from afghanistan while struggling to evacuate thousands of americans stuck in harm's way. this as isis poses a new threat to soldiers on the ground there. we have the fallout. >> tropical depression henri battering the east coast overnight, turning roads into rivers and putting millions of lives in danger. we have the latest warning as the storm settles in over new england. you are watching "fox & friends


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