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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> greg: thanks to carley shimkus, t.w. shannon, the airport, it's not smooth to say the least. now "the five." >> hello, everybody. it's 5:00 in new york city in this is the five. >> president biden new it was coming in let it happen anyway, but the embattled president addressing the nation again on what went wrong in afghanistan after a bombshell report proves his team was warned. u.s. diplomats in afghanistan told the demonstration ministration last month the
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country was on the verge ever rapid and catastrophic takeover of the taliban. >> the united states stands by its commitment. in includes other vulnerable afghans including women in journalist fred we are particular focused on engagements on making sure ever american who wants to leave can get to the airport i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world . this is about america leading the world in all our allies hav agreed with that. we've been in agreement with th taliban so far, they've allowed them to go through. we know of no circumstance wher american citizens, carrying american passports were unable to get to the airport what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al qaeda gone? gigabyte in saying several time in that speech that there were
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no issues between the taliban and americans getting to the airport. there were really disturbing reports of american defense secretary said on the call that americans our in fact being beaten, beaten by the taliban while trying to reach the kabul airport. the pentagon asked about this just moments ago. get their reports that american have been beaten by the taliban in kabul. as the u.s. military under orders to stay at the airport i not protect them. >> think we've been talking about this for the entire briefing. we're mindful of these reports in they are deeply troubling bird we've communicated to them that that absolutely is unacceptable. we want free passage through th checkpoints for documented americans. by in large, that is happened. >> shannon, they say that there are reports of americans being beaten by the taliban and they are troubled by it in then the president says everything's fin
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if you want to go to the airport . >> how do we, as normal average people know more about this tha the president does or is he being disingenuous. saying there are no americans having trouble get to the airport, we all probably know people trying to get out. i know some personally. there is a guy in the new york post yesterday he's an american he said he took his passport in his three -year-old and went to the airport on wednesday was 10 feet away from the u.s. marine and could not get passag into the airport. these are not things that are not happening. these are people putting names in faces to them. i don't understand how our president doesn't know about that or his team isn't telling him about that. there is definitely a breakdown there. our own benjamin hall, and many people have been on the ground since last fall have been warning about this last thing. steve harrigan said today everybody who knows on the ground, if you've been on the ground knows the reality of wha is happening, how does the commander-in-chief not know.
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>> so we don't know if the commander-in-chief is lying or as confused. there is no way to tell. >> he checked ways. he said how long did it take to get to the airport very 30 minutes, everything is great. the taliban does not show up on waves or the gps. it is amazing how bad he has screwed this up. when you consider that this was a popular decision. think about that. 75 percent i think of the population wanted to get out. so 75 percent of the population could have made this decision. all you had to do was get the exit right in you ended the longest war ever, you would be hero, but poor joe couldn't do it. instead, he pretends argument i over the decision to pull out not the horrible conduct is associated with the ball out. what you end up learning is tha beyond the decision, he brought nothing, absolutely nothing to
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the table. that is frightening. this is when i slammed the media . they enabled in protected him a well as his snotty elitist untested ivy league people he i around by. they. the stories of this guy can get an. they taliban should be thanking everybody who wanted that story uncovered. the whole thing is weird. the whole thing is weird becaus no one answers the one big question in we all know what it is. why the taliban, why them, ther was no other alternative over 2 years while we where they are? clearly this is the only choice so they just where the only choice, we're going to wait you guys out great isn't it almost comical that country this beloved in this desired just handed over the country to 70,000 hillbillies with cell
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phones. what does that tell you? since the '90s, we have made no progress. no progress in created an alternative to the taliban. its mind-boggling. obama lets their leader out so now he's in charge. what we witnessed with the controlled surrender to 70,000 people, we killed more than 70,000 people with isis. >> and they have more than cell phones, they have humvees, they have drones, they have blackhawks, they have night vision goggles. they have billions in u.s. military. i have on my phone the list of the flood of weapons that have fallen into the taliban hands. greg, before i move on, the progress has been our counterterrorism operation. combat operations ended in 2014 in the counterterrorism is denying haven to al qaeda. not only have we not have a fatal attack on u.s. soil, we
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haven't had a casualty in afghanistan for about a year in a half. to quote jennifer griffin, the incomparable jennifer griffin, she said we were in afghanistan to start to stop terrorism from brewing from growing, and our partners have now been abandoned , they are in hiding. we don't have eyes in ears on the ground. and we will talk about later th over the horizon cap ability it's laughable. all go into it in the next block , but they are going to be flying drones bite that by the time they get to afghanistan from the persian gulf they have little time to do any work. i keep hearing this word humiliating. this has been a humiliating week . no, not for america. not for our service members, those who served in sacrificed, those who were there, those are who are going into afghanistan now. it is infuriating in frightening
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. every american listening to thi garbage from this garbage president has every right to be mad the only humiliating thing is the only humiliation is on joe biden in the people that work for joe biden in the white house in the administration. ella democrats should be humiliated. all the media grifters, in the hucksters, in the swindlers who sold this broken bobble head to the american people. not only is he a liar, but he i delusional. he's inept, and he is our commander-in-chief, that's what we are suffering through this right now. >> i am humiliated, but i'm not humiliated just a joke, i'm humiliated at every president that got us to this point, it started with george bush in the push to go get osama bin laden in then it turned into we're going to build a democracy whic clearly the people of afghanistan did not want. here we are 20 years later with a botched exit worried when thi
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war started, just for context, was a freshman in high school. i had classmates, that went to fight in afghanistan. thinking that they were there t stop the terrorists. now here we are, 20 years later. we have had members of congress year after year after year, vot for a budget approving more money to afghanistan, more mone to afghanistan forces for what, to what avail? to what point? this is where we are. where we are now is is that taliban is in control in there is at least three presidents that knew that the taliban was stronger than the afghan government. the obama ministration new, the trumpet ministration new, in th biden ministration because they are currently in negotiation with the taliban. it was a field from the beginning which is frustrating for someone who saw the score start when i was a teenager in didn't get a chance to have my say in a presidential election until 2008.
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some of my classmates didn't ge the same right in they went in fought in this. >> have to keep these things separate. going to war was a decision based on what happened to us. we didn't start anything. but i think both of these thing are right, if we reduce the threat of terror, but they don' want as they are. now, that's not even the debate the debate is how we went. >> i will say i think it's monday morning quarterbacking things whichever president was charged with getting us out couldn't make it any better. >> richard, it couldn't have gone worse. >> of course it couldn't have gone any worse. i absolutely agree with you. it would have been bad. ticket not this bad. >> when to negotiate with the taliban, game over. >> richard, he screwed it up. >> up next, box sources telling
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>> the taliban causing sheer terror on the streets of afghanistan despite promises of amnesty, box sources are tellin us that the group is in some areas going door-to-door in hanging anyone who worked with america. a new video shows the militants firing on a group of protesters in despite awful reports like that this pentagon spokesperson was unable to say last night whether or not the taliban is a enemy. >> does the u.s. military considered the taliban and enemy ? >> we are focused right now, th thing that we are working against right now is time in space. we want to get as many people out of trouble as we began in a little amount of time as we can. there are no hostile interactions right now between american forces in the taliban.
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we want to keep it that way. >> that comes as a new report sheds more light on the america equipment that is now in the hands of the taliban. the terror group apparently getting everything from guns to night vision goggles. here is jennifer griffin on that . >> we are looking at images of the taliban they are holding american m-16 rifles that we have basically resupplied the taliban, which had 70,000 members a few weeks ago and now they are flooded with $85 billion of american weaponry , and not just small arms. small arms you can get anywhere. it is the advanced communication , the equipment that you can use to move around the battlefield. that is something russia and china would love to get their hands on. there are advanced weapons. you have warplanes that were left behind. we have so much.
2:18 am
we have just flooded the countr with weaponry. >> i know you're keeping track. >> of the weaponry, i want to just point out something in terms of terror, i will say the terror that we need to worry about is al qaeda. again, having a sanctuary in afghanistan because of the taliban. in the press conference, biden was asked, he said al qaeda is now gone in afghanistan. al qaeda is gone. in then short while later, jennifer griffin pressed the en he reversed course in admitted that al qaeda has they're presence in afghanistan. of course they do, the united nations said that they do, and their recent report, actually a qaeda has presences in 15 provinces. i called, and this is, jennifer she was so incredible today she said this is the same thing,
2:19 am
it's a repeat of what began in the early 90s in afghanistan with a vacuum being created there. i saw emmie mccarthy who prosecuted the blind sheik, and he walked me through what was going to happen he said our defenses here in the united states are better, but fully in expect in short order al qaeda to start hitting our embassies overseas. this is what they did, they declared war on the united states in 96, they hit embassie in africa in 98, they hit the uss cole in there were other plots against her embassies and that's one of the reasons our allies overseas are so upset. angela merkel called biden out on it in said this is a political move. again, terror is coming to the united states again in the only question now is when. >> the president said the focus was going to be on counterterrorism in using what we could in that region. first of all, we blown our partnership so that will be
2:20 am
difficult. there was a reporter who set up this afternoon i can't member what outlet, but he asked the president he said you said that's going to be our focus, but clearly we didn't monitor this situation accurately so ho do you tell the american people to help confidence in what we'r doing. >> i'll be honest with you, i think counter terrorism at this point is a day late in a dollar short. i think well before we even pulled out of afghanistan the moment that the taliban begin t make a resurgence in the countr when they started to regain territory, from that moment on we should've expected al qaeda to begin to grow. the moment we saw former president start to negotiate with the taliban was the moment we should've realized. and i think this is where we at the america, our leaders in washington, those that are appointed in elected, have been misleading us for a long time because all we've heard is we'r doing great in afghanistan. we need a surgeon when we get the surge it's going to work ou and will win.
2:21 am
the truth of the matter is from 2006 not because the failure of our troops, but because of the variable. >> we had put them in the worst possible situation. >> and because of a failure of washington leadership, both in congress in at the pentagon in white house, in numerous presidents, here we sit today with the most armed taliban ever , with the most sophisticated weapons now in their hands, in counterterroris like i said at the beginning is a day late in a dollar short. >> now were in the situation where we have to get the people out we blown up all these partnerships that would've helped us get people out bright and talking with military folks who been able to get civilian i private charter planes that wil come in and out of there. they say they cannot get the state department to approve those flights for clearance to assist our military to get people out. they say the administration is in disarray in this extra help that is standing there is just idle.
2:22 am
>> i'm not shocked by it. we've heard the reports, we had to deal with the taliban, no offensive violence against americans in afghanistan until we withdraw. trump struck that deal, biden i a party to that deal, but when he pulled out in such a sloppy way, we lost all leverage so no the taliban controls everything that we're doing there. are we saying the taliban is just letting everyone through, no, they are blackmailing people , they are beating americans up. may be there not shooting them dead on the streets, but it's not easy. so joe biden is terrified to sa anything until he gets up and h is terrified to do anything because if he says commanders t go extract stranded americans and things go sideways in the u.s. soldier dies, or god forbi
2:23 am
an american citizen dies, joe biden has blood on his hand in that will domino in the whole country is going to explode. right now he's tiptoeing around at the mercy of the taliban, throwing around money like it's crazy in we have a deadline coming up. after 9/11, who knows what happens. >> are we trying to play nice with it taliban publicly so we can get our people out? >> i have no idea. anything today joe biden said that terrorism has metastasized around the world. just months ago, not even month ago, what was the number one threat was domestic white supremacy terror groups. so now we know that he was lyin about that. especially today reuters report that the fbi found scant evidence that the riots at the u.s. capitol on january 6th was the result of an organized flatbread we all knew that. we saw that with our eyes, but we had to play along with this stupid fantasy delusion of whit supremacist phantoms, so what
2:24 am
happened was we had general millie, willing to get at the root of white rage, which does not sound like a general consumed by winning wars, that that was his priority. so what we were told by our military heads in the president of the united states is that americans were a bigger threat than islamic terror. they said it was bigger than al qaeda, bigger than isis in that was recently. i see a definite link between the internal loathing of our country by our leaders in their subsequent lack of forethought in the withdraw. if you're preoccupied with thes phantoms of the systemic white supremacy of which there is no proof, that has to take up time in effort replacing intelligent thoughts about war in withdraw. i'm not saying you should be concerned about these issues, but the military should have been focused, they should've ha the eye on the ball. they were too busy playing woke.
2:25 am
>> i think these are not mutually exclusive. you can be fighting against white supremacy. >> that's what's happening unfortunately britt. >> hopefully this country can tackle all of that on all front up one spirit. >> chris dicks blasting the president for definite links fo deafening silence on afghanista as her approval drops. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. [engine revs] ricky bobby, today the road is your classroom. [zippers fasten] [engine revs] woo-hoo! it's time for your extracurriculars. ¡vámanos, amigos!
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the vp is still headed to vietnam of all places this weekend is if the saigon comparisons weren't enough for the administration. all of this while her approval rating continues to stay underwater but that doesn't see to bother her one bit. she was on the stage in wearing a mask, i'm sure that helped hide her look of disgust on her face. >> you point out the optics of herby going to vietnam could no be worth. what we're told from the ministration is there will be n trouble lien changes, but they have to know that could not possibly be worse for them there . like i said, in this country there is so much beauty of freedom for women that she coul rise to almost the highest plac in the country in yet we've not heard much from her about what will be the reality for women i afghanistan being turned away from their jobs in told to stay home. i just think we have to wake up
2:31 am
to the reality of what is happening there. afghanistan is showing in an incredibly disgusting pictures day by day. i would love to hear her voice is the highest ranking female arguably in the u.s. the state department put up the statement a few days ago. words, health in hurts, this is how i can defend myself here in new york city since i'm not allowed to carry a gun. paper cuts are so effective. >> she's going to saigon, that fell, she was going to kabul, that fell. she should do a layover in benghazi. so this is on again, once again this is on the media in the dem who didn't require much from hers and she had picked all the right intersectional. nobody like her in the party, she was the first one out i think. it didn't matter that she was
2:32 am
untested and unpopular, she was a woman of color that trumped confidence, personality, effectiveness, so now what? i think about the democratic party, they thought they had a quarterback starting quarterbac in a backup quarterback, they had neither. they got lemons. and still she is closer to the presidency than ever because yo know, joe doesn't look that great. in she is keeping her distance from the afghan thing. it's like a stick, anybody that touches it get on them. and i was going to use a constant. it's what they used in the middle ages instead of toilet paper. i don't know why i was thinking about that. >> you are a medieval scholar.
2:33 am
>> i'm medieval, but no scholar. they were supposed to get out o afghanistan, she was supposed t go to vietnam to end it blew right up in their face. now there keeping the trip schedule because they're like w can walk in chew gum at the sam time. know they can't, they can't do one thing at once. so shs she is going to go in probably good timing to get a little distance literally and figuratively from joe biden who is struggling now. she can go forage her own identity in vietnam in gets a little space between them in then come back in a couple of weeks in the dust may have settled, but she will have to d in interview when she's there, and she's going to be asked on camera about afghanistan in tha is a test. the white house communication job will be watching how is she handling this. issue going to have another hug gaffe like she did, or is she going to hug joe and tried to keep things together or maybe keep a little distance from joe in say maybe i was warning.
2:34 am
>> she's not talented enough to so i expect a huge foot-and-mouth situation. >> when you're talking about doesn't exist. she can't do either, so it's going to be as greg said, damaged goods, both of them. >> she has oppressor on monday that is going to be a blast. >> look. criticism against joe biden oriented, absolutely. he deserves to take it on the chin for how we exited afghanistan. i'm not walking away from that. people being merit at the vice president who didn't make the decision. >> well, well, well, she said she was the last person in the room. >> she was the last person in the room, but the person who buck stops with the president o the united states. it would be the same as saying donald trump made it sweet in blaming mike pence for that
2:35 am
tweet. >> did mike pence sign off on the tweets. she said she was part of the policy. >> fair, but once again, if you going to heap criticism on anybody you heap it on the person who is the president of the united states the person wh is the actual commander-in-chief . overdoing is segment on kamala harris and. >> no one is blaming her, it just has the stench of failure wafting over to her hair. and she is number two. remember the placeholder? >> close, but no cigar. if you want to blame joe biden, absolutely. >> they need to keep her away from him so she doesn't get stained and so that she. >> i will end on this, how many times did the media or any democrats they where is pence. where is pence on all of this
2:36 am
when trump would say or do something. in wilbur talking the one woman of california who voted against this all from the beginning. >> the woman who is the vice president is briefed regularly on the unfolding situation in afghanistan, so maybe she can stand in front of the american people in not lie. coming up next, our covid plastic shields making things worse? the stunning research ahead. experience our advance standards safety technology on a full line of vehicles.
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and this rate is fixed. you'll pay exactly $70 bucks total. this month and every month. only at t-mobile. >> plastic anti- covid barriers may be doing more harm than goo faith any reports suggest that
2:41 am
plastic shields being used in classrooms could be the researc suggested in some instances the barriers protects one workers o redirecting germs to someone else nearby. greg, are we redirecting germs your way? >> they're not anywhere as harmful as the teachers union. >> i like the plastic barriers because i don't like people so it's great to separate people, but, we were dealing with the noble virus, and we were learning on the job, nothing in experts said was right or wrong for very long. mean you have a list of, fauci, to get multi- personalities. you never knew which one you got . >> cybill shepherd, right? >> no, the one with all the personalities. sally fields. >> she had multiple personalities.
2:42 am
>> they found out that it was a fraud. >> so are you going to recycle you're plastic face shield? >> i never had to face shield. >> richard, you said a lot of things about me, but that hurt. i had a friend in the plastic business. >> you bought that many feet shield? >> they have a plastic divider in every classroom in every schoolroom in the country, in every deli in every airport in the country. they were crushing into, this aim with the lysol people. everyone just cleans everything. that was not true great a doesn't live on surfaces. everything we learned about the pandemic, i was the only expert that was right. statistically right check the tape. >> go back remember. all the things after the election. it was a lab leak.
2:43 am
actually it was a lab leak rate. >> he was wrong in then he was wrong. to get you went into my office? i told johnny to keep you out. >> i lived in new york city lon enough to appreciate the plasti shield because there is a lot o sneezing going on in new york city. this is kind of two-year point, it's like the panic peddling, it's like people were just trying to do something to look like they were trying to fight the virus. this was all before the vaccine. when are we going to give up things that of improving not to work. i went into some spa the other day in the woman who rung me up had gloves on behind the plasti shields, she took a can of aerosol in sprayed my credit card too. in then reminded me to put the used pin in the special used pe cup.
2:44 am
>> i think they just switch the over when were not looking. >> how many have you seen that actually went over? >> okay, your good. >> shannon, the study said it encourages workers to get vaccinated in imposed masking. with a short opinion? >> they are pointing to the sciences, but it's also notable that it's a false sense of security in i think people are clinging to a lot of things. they're not sure if they work o not because we didn't know. wheat hurt people that that plastic work great scientists say it's counterproductive, so we should be asking questions about all of it. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this.
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in my right? what is the first thing you notice about a person? i'm going to go with the one with the most depth here, it just a. >> . >> come on. >> body, face, shoes. >> by the way, that's how human work, but we don't want to admi it, but we look at bodies. >> we are evolutionary creatures , we are hardwired for reproduction so we look at things like that. we're not all like you. what do you notice? >> i really do look at people's mouth. whether their smiling or not. you can read a lot from people. >> people that don't smile, i have tiny lips. >> i don't need that. >> a like my small insignifican lips. richard. >> i pick up on folks energy first.
2:50 am
>> that can make you happy or nauseous. i'm really an empath, so if you have been energy i can feel it. >> i had to get away from somebody i can work myself into a panic, david. >> i noticed the vibe. i can pick up whether your a good person or you know, somebody to run away from almos immediately. and i also look at their fingernails because i hair up m fingernails horribly, so if you also look like you were raised in the backyard. >> i am your friend fred. >> the first thing i look at is how much they charge. time for one quick question hav you or would you ever crash a wedding. >> if the food is good enough. i'm all about it. if you have wedding cake, yes, i'm going to stick around.
2:51 am
>> free booze, of course. >> how do you do it without it? >> dress up and look good. >> you go to a resort you go to it's very easy to sneak in. particularly when everybody is. >> that sounds like fun. richard gretzky get no. >> it would be crushing in be s mean. >> i would hit on the spouse. >> he is convinced. >> he was so set after your wedding. after that we are told of 100 temperature.
2:52 am
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it's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing and mr. greg gutfeld? >> greg: i'm going to pull a jesse and promote the hell out of myself. >> jesse: stop. i learned it from you. >> greg: tonight gutfeld i have will cain and carley shimkus and probably the best interview with tucker carlson you will ever see. we go deep, deep into his personal life. he doesn't just wear khakis to the golf course. t.w. shannon and kat timpf. now do you know what it's time for? it's time for this. will cain late night news. it's true this week we hit impressive milestone suppressing all late night shows on both broadcast and cable beating cbs the late show and stephen colbert for the first time. for this week i'm the king of
2:57 am
late night. take that whoever said that that wouldn't happen. i know who you are. it's only been a couple months. i knew it was going to happen. >> jesse: everybody said it wouldn't happen. but congratulations, greg. [applause] [cheers] >> greg: thank you. >> jesse: all right. authority in oklahoma came across a very disturbing situation. there was a dead body in a river. and they had to go rescue it. now, as they went out to rescue it, they made a very shocking discovery. >> no. >> richard: is he alive? >> what's happening. >> jesse: guy was taking a nap. wasn't dead at all. taking a nap on the river. all right? >> talk about a lazy river. >> oh, god. speaking of lazy. "watters' world" 8:00 p.m. tucker carlson. this is a deeper interview. we talk about his sex life. whole hour. >> we have, very exciting and
2:58 am
i'm also very excited to be hosting "fox news primetime" all next week at 7:00 p.m. eastern. so watch that. >> greg: not doing that show. already booked. >> there is good news in the world i want to say rrp god son and wife got married last weekend. beautiful wedding. on their honeymoon. all the good things in the world want to salute that i was in thomasville, georgia i was going to publix best store ever. saw this girl selling lemonade. we will come back afterwards. let's stop now. this girl was precious. she was reading a book about mozart my favorite. while waiting on customers. i could not love her more. beautiful. next generation kids working hard. loved it. >> jesse: i love a box guy. >> greg: sebastian bach.
2:59 am
>> dagen: this is meant to be a feel good story. a musician from austin found out he had a brain tumor recently. when he went to have the tumor removed, there is a part of the procedure where they map the brain and he was -- they were performing surgery on him. they wanted to make sure that they did not damage the part of his brain. and that he could damage his musical ability. i just thought this was ut health sciences with memorial harmon, they did the surgery. >> jesse: impressive. >> elementary in atlanta, georgia started back last week. one teacher wanted her teachers to start with positive encouragement. so here is what she did. she had a mirror and folks talking about how how smart they are before they start the class school day. and pretty amazing. a feel good story after a tough news week.
3:00 am
>> jesse: greg has to do that before he does exclamation point. >> greg: i would do the opposite. self-esteem is not good. >> richard: kidnapping of late night. talk about how smart you are. >> greg: i don't have to, the audience speaks. >> jesse: that's it for us. we will see you back here on mond . pete: we begin this saturday morning with a fox news alert. a group of afghan refugees evacuated by the u.s. arriving at air base in germany. rachel: the group first of many as thousands the country taliban take over. will: law cass. >> good morning. evacuation flights were paused for six or seven hours yesterday because there was no more room left in qatar. headed to a new destination as you mentioned


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