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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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podcast, fox news podcast, applr watching "fox news primetime" this week. i'm will cain. i will see you tomorrow on ""fox & friends"." tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy friday. we have learned a lot in the past five days. maybe the most important thing we've learned is that joe biden is not capable of running the country. joe biden is senile. saying that out loud is not an attack on biden. any decent person would feel sorry for him. watching him gaze vacantly into the middle distance or stumbling like a drunk man trying to cross an icy street as he careens
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through his prepared remarks. there is no joy watching that come it could be any of us someday and probably will be. does not joe biden's fault he cannot think clearly. it is an indictment of the people around him. in the months before last november's election, joe biden's own family knew perfectly well he was in profound cognitive decline. they were worried about him. they told other people they were worried about him, which is how we know. but they did nothing to stop biden from running for president. neither did ron klain, who is now the white house chief of staff. klain is highly familiar with joe biden seen a lady he's works there. so do the rest of the people making decisions in this country i'm a very much including barack obama. these are cynical and clear i people who have walked with joe biden for many years. not one of them has any doubts that joe biden is failing and that is obvious to the rest of the country. anyone who has been paying attention has already caught onto this, of course, but until recently, i did not to matter a whole lot.
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you saw biden on television grinning and mumbling. he was up there reminding you to put on your little mask or wear your seat belt or go easy on the sodium. none of it seemed especially threatening. these are the things that elderly men talk about it and realized. "be safe out there, kids." but in the last week, we have been reminded how tiny our domestic concerns actually are. they are neurosises born of narcissism. a chinese virus? please, that is hardly the scariest thing going on in the world, not even close. the entire u.s. military has just been humiliated by illiterate peasants in turbines, and if that is not insulting enough, many of them were caring our rifles as they did i. it makes you wonder about the future of the west and who is going to replace us when we are gone. someone in authority probably ought to be thinking about that and about a lot of other things, too. what are we going to do when the chinese finally move against taiwan? how are we going to respond when there is a credible challenge to the u.s. dollar as the world's reserve currency?
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et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. there are issues out there come a lot of them, in other words, that matter slightly more than whether you keep your mask over your nose on that southwest flight to tucson. it is shameful, it is embarrassing, when you think about how totally frivolous we have been the last couple of years. all we can say for certain at this point is that joe biden will not be making any of the big decisions going forward. he is not capable of being the president in crisis. so who will be? we can't say. but it is clear if you watch closely that things are changing very fast in washington. the people around biden are moving away from him in ways that are not at all subtle. why is this happening now? was it always the plan? did the party that hates white guys finally realize it was being led by one? again, we don't know the answer, but the signs of it are everywhere, and they are strikingly obvious. some of biden's most senior appointees are contradicting him in public. if you cover politics, it is
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shocking to see that. it is a violation of the first and most ruthlessly enforced rule in any white house, which is don't diminish the boss. but suddenly, they are doing just that and they are doing it openly. just hours after biden assure the country that things are fine in afghanistan, lloyd austin from his defense secretary, described situation in afghanistan as a disaster, and then austin repeated this for emphasis. others are doing the same thing. here is biden this afternoon telling us that american citizens are having no trouble whatsoever getting to the airport in kabul. >> we have no indication that they haven't been able to get in kabul through the airport. we have made an agreement with the taliban busbar, they have allowed them to go through, it is in their interests for them to go through. >> tucker: so there was the president of the united states going on television today to assure us that things are fine for americans in kabul. but just an hour later, here is the pentagon spokesman telling you that actually, that is not true. americans are being beaten in
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kabul. watch. >> defense secretary austin just now in a briefing with lawmakers said there were reports americans have been beaten by the taliban in kabul. is the u.s. military under orders to stay at the airport and i could protect them? >> i think we have been talking about this throughout the entire briefing. we are certainly mindful of these reports and their deeply troubling, and we have communicated to the taliban that that is unacceptable, that we want free passage through their checkpoints are documented americans, and by and large, that is happening. >> tucker: so the president tells us that we have an ironclad deal with the taliban and everything is cool. an hour later, john kirby tells us we are deeply concerned about what the taliban is doing. so in a normal administration with a president who planned on serving out his full four-year term, what you just saw would qualify as a kind of scandal. the pentagon spokesman would be in serious trouble. he just contradicted his boss, a man who is supposed to be in
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control of the entire executive branch of government. but as we noted, things are changing very fast. watch it happen again. here is biden from today telling us that al qaeda has been driven from afghanistan. >> what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point, with al qaeda gone? we went to afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al qaeda in afghanistan, as well as, as well as getting usama bin laden. and we did. >> tucker: once again, just an hour after he said that, the president of the united states is contradicted in public by his own employees. again, here is the pentagon spokesman. >> we know that al qaeda is a presence, as well as isis, in afghanistan, and we have talked about that for quite some time. >> with the president just said that there is no al qaeda presence in afghanistan. that does not seem to be correct.
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>> what we don't think -- what we believe is that there isn't a presence that is significant enough to merit a threat to our homeland, as there was back on 9/11, 20 years ago. >> tucker: so that is the opposite of what biden just said, so here you have the top spokesman for the most powerful agency and the entire government informing us that the president of the united states has no idea what he's talking about. you don't see that every day. in fact, you never see it. but it is not just biden's employees who appear to be turning on him in public. though are some of his key political allies, the neocons, liberals who use the republican party for their own purposes before bending it when trump arrived, now is attacking biden openly and very aggressively. most telling of all is this. it is from cnn. watch. >> it is just an absolute mess. and we heard president biden say yesterday in his comments to
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abc news that this is not a failure, and i think a lot of people outside that airport, particularly those taking the kinds of extreme actions we were just talking about, would like to know, if this isn't failure, what does failure look like, exactly? >> tucker: so, joe biden failed, and he is lying about it. that is what cnn just told us. it is hard to overstate the significance of the cliff you just saw. cnn is not a news network. cnn is a political organization. its anchors and reporters don't decide for themselves what to say on camera. they are told what to say. they are told and highly specific terms every weekday morning on a wall with their commander, jeff zucker. there is no intellectual freelancing at cnn. here's what i think, no, it is a united front, a single hymnal for the entire congregation. and cnn takes a position or changes that position on something can make changes as one from everybody, from the chirpy morning dingbats to don lemon on the night shift, they
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all say precisely what they are told to say. ever watch the channel? and now they are setting something very, very different. consider this person, a former member of the morning zoo crew on a contemporary hit station in yakima, washington. on a good day, she is probably operating with a functional iq of about 85, so it is fair to say she is not coming up with her own material. yet here she is visibly outraged on the air, telling you what an incompetent bad person joe biden is. >> the rapid fall of afghanistan stunning the biden administration and this nation, quite frankly, and many of the promises, predictions, and the words of the president at his white house, are coming back to haunt them. >> tucker: what is going on here? these are literally the people who got joe biden elected president. he would not be president without these people. and now, just seven months into his administration, they are
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telling you that he has failed personally. it does not make sense. and it's not the issue. afghanistan is hardly the first disaster. as of tonight, our southern border has collapse, murder rates biking our cities, the covid vaccines do not work from inflation is out of control, the country's entire population entire student population has nd in more than a year. cnn reserves their energy to attack anyone who does his those trends. but now, suddenly, there anchors are completely and totally enraged because americans are trapped in afghanistan. they don't notice the 70,000 who die every year of drug ods. but this has sent them into peroxisome's of self-righteous rage. call us cynical, but we don't buy it. something else is going on here. we don't know what it is,
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exactly, but it's pretty obvious. glenn greenwald is an independent journalist who has worked with sub stack and joins us tonight. i should say to our audience, we have not talked about this, i have no idea what your views are about this. i was talking to our producers two hours ago, just get glenn greenwald, he is smart, maybe he will know what the hell is going on. what do you think is going on? >> first of all, joe biden's capabilities, democrats were on msnbc come in the press, constantly warning biden's cognitive decline was obvious because they were he would not be able to stand the rigors of the election and was lucky the pandemic happened that he was able to hide in his basement, so that has been a narrative that came from the democratic party, and obviously it has worsened over the last two years, but i actually think that one of the things that's going on here is obviously, the corporate wing of the media, the liberal corporate
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wing, is liberal, they are attached to the democratic party, but with one exception, which is they really do believe constantly in militarism and war, their closest relationships in the media are with the cia, are with the pentagon, are within the national security state. they constantly cheer for war, they constantly want more war, and i think that they don't care about things like crises at the border or inflation or joblessness, none of which affects them. i do think, though, that they are deeply offended when they see america greatness as they perceive it falling and failing, and these kinds of images are ones americans are not accustomed to seeing, losing to what is essentially a primitive fighting force in the most humiliating manner possible. so i think that it offends their ideology which believes in militarism, which constantly cheers for war, and i think they are being told by a lot of their sources in the military and the cia who they revere the most and who did not want withdrawal --
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remember, tucker, when trump tried to withdraw from afghanistan, the cia invented a lie that russians had placed bounties on the heads of american soldiers and leaked it to "the new york times" to prevent trump from leaving. a lot of official washington does not want this withdrawal, and they didn't want it with trump, they didn't want it with biden, and i think a lot of the anger is coming from that. >> tucker: so, i was fervently in favor of withdrawing and i'm grateful we did withdrawal, i'm just offended by the humiliation that accompanied it. what you are saying is that we imagined cnn was controlled by the dnc. in fact, it is controlled by the cia? >> exactly. there is certainly -- liturgical are kind of the same, usually, right? over the past five years there has been a merger between the democratic party ncaa, democratic voters revere the cia, revere the fbi, it is republicans who are --
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i also think, and this is key, that the biden plan to withdraw from afghanistan was founded and based on a live from the beginning, which is he kept saying that the afghan national security forces were strong enough to withstand the taliban attack and would hold them off and that it would be almost impossible for the taliban to take over the whole country. had he been truthful with the american people that once we withdrew, the taliban would take over, i think the reaction would've been a lot different. i think they feel betrayed, as well, by what they told him. >> tucker: i completely agree with that. he said the other day in an interview with abc, he said it's ugly when you leave, and i think most -- including me -- i would buy that, completely. it was a lion that was so infuriating. it's interesting, though, i've never -- and you have covered politics at least as long as i have, i've never seen, like, a cabinet secretary or a spokesman contradict the president on something meaningful like this repeatedly. what is that? >> you know, i mean, look, a lot
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of this is speculative, right? we don't have access to biden's medical records -- >> tucker: for sure. >> we are not medical or psychological professionals. but if you look at joe biden, i don't believe anyone who says that they don't see clear signs of cognitive decline. i see the discomfort in the faces of kamala harris and secretary blinken when they are standing behind him. everything that he says seems very fragile. it is almost like you can see the levers of his brain kind of slowing down and not really working well, and so half the time that he says stuff, it is left to the rest of the administration to go and clean it up. i find it uncomfortable to watch the president of united states speak, and of course come his own aides feel the same way. >> tucker: yeah. i disagree with him, of course, but i feel sorry for him every time i see him. i'm just being honest, i feel sorry for him every single time because it is awful to watch. glenn greenwald, i appreciate you -- that's how it feels to me, and his family knew, that's true. that is not speculation. that is true.
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i don't know why this was allowed to happen. glenn greenwald, thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so, the u.s. military spent billions training the afghan army and yet it collapsed just days after we left. the president seemed surprised by this, but the people who actually trained to those soldiers were not surprised at all. the details are pretty stunning. by the way, you can go to if you want to order a signed copy of the new book "the long slide." hope you will. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so, the united states government spends nearly $90 billion training the afghan army, and yet that army collapsed almost immediately. how did that happen? well, a 2009 report from "the guardian" suggests one possible contribute and factor: many afghan soldiers were high on the job. >> you don't have a helmet on. he doesn't have a rifle right now. how is he ready? >> it's like having 26 kids i have to watch after. it really is. >> ready would be on the road, ready to move at 8:30. >> i think of the introduced
5:22 pm
drug testing to the afghan army, we would lose probably three quarters to maybe 80-85% of the army. >> it requires telling them almost 30 times, don't do this, don't do this, don't do this, don't do this. >> come on, let's go. >> tucker: so that video is deeply offensive to people in washington, who have to cover up the waste that they have perpetrated in our name over 20 years, but it's real. american soldiers in many cases had to teach afghan recruits how to read and write and operate basic equipment. according to nbc news, 90% of those who enlisted were illiterate. that's worse than the national rate of literacy. fox news steve harrigan recounted how ineffective our literacy training was today. watch. >> i remember going to graduation, training class of afghan soldiers, and they all spun their diplomas around because they didn't know which letters were up. none of them could read after graduation.
5:23 pm
anyone who has been around afghan national government soldiers known that you have to do a mission before payday, because when payday comes, they all disappear. >> tucker: so this went on for 20 years, and for some reason, most people didn't know this. michael tracy is an independent journalist who writes for the sub stack and interviewed afghan veteran must month who called our entire presence in the country a big money funneling operation. joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on, so it sounds like, for those of us who are scratching our heads and asking, you know, why do we keep doing something that wasn't working, may be money as part the answer? >> well, the veteran that i interviewed, who was a member of the joint command that oversaw the suppose it training equipped mission, that was exactly his theory. he saw that these defense contracting behemoths, which took as proprietary information
5:24 pm
the data that was supposed to be provided to the american public as to the status of the trained afghan security forces, that data was essentially concealed from him as a military officer, who was charged with following that process day today. so it was a systemic graft and corruption at the very heart of the intervention, and the reason why i think, as you speculate, earlier in the show, that we see such strange outburst of indignation is because there are so many people in the media, in the political class, and across the entire system of essentially american governmental process, that benefited personally, financially, reputation only, from what in essence was a failed intervention, and there are plenty of guys who were on the front lines who saw it firsthand, who will attest to
5:25 pm
the reality of that failure, even if they are the generals and the national security advisors and the people who sit on corporate boards now and pontificate on tv, even if they have a very different interpretation. this was an epic, colossal failure, and frankly, it's incumbent on the entire bipartisan political class, which facilitated this nightmare, to reflect and to fixate needlessly on the logistical details of the withdrawal, it's open to criticism just like anything a president dollars, but, but, i think that shouldn't distract from a thorough self-criticism as to how we even got there in the first place come over 20 years under presidents of both parties. >> tucker: i read yesterday, the total coverage on the network nightly news of afghanistan for the past five years was essentially zero. i mean, prostate health got ten
5:26 pm
times as much coverage as the occupation of afghanistan. do you have any hope that we will get a clear accounting of what we have been doing there for decades? >> oh, yeah, i'm sure all of the operatives on tv these past few days who are posturing as of though they are these pure hearted humanitarians who are so deeply concerned about afghan women and girls, i'm sure they will be leading the charge for this after action report on how the american global hedge entity suffered this blow. i would definitely trust them and their judgment to oversee that process. i mean, so much of the narrative in the media -- as regards to this withdrawal -- is a total joke, and it is self absolving for the people who had a direct role in enabling such a systemic failure. >> tucker: self absolving. that is a great way to put it and absolutely true. michael tracey, thank you very
5:27 pm
much. >> thanks. >> tucker: so, what's interesting is the people who are lecturing you about the plight of women and girls, not just in afghanistan but around the world, because they care about women, don't care at all about ashli babbitt, an american air force veteran who was unarmed, not warrant before she was shot in the neck on january 6th. she died. that's fine, let's applaud it. she wasn't a woman apparently. but that's okay because it was an insurrection, a coordinated to overthrow democracy. we have been hearing that for months, seven months. now, the fbi come out of nowhere, informs us that's not true. it was not an insurrection, it was not a coordinated plot. they said that today! we will tell you what they said and we will tell you why they might be saying that right ahea. ♪ ♪
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's >> tucker: we still don't know the name of the law enforcement officer who shot
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and killed ashli babbitt. we don't know whether it was the capitol hill police officer who left a loaded firearm in the men's room. we do know that ashli babbitt was unarmed and apparently not warrant before she was shot to death on january 6th, but we have learned this. that officer will face no punishment. fox news matt finn has that story for us tonight. hey, matt. >> tucker, you may recall that viral video from the january 6th riot showing the capitol police officer shoot and kill ashli babbitt inside the capital. an internal investigation has reported the exonerated that officer. [indistinct shouting] according to a memo obtained by nbc news, the justice department found the capitol police officer had not acted appropriate and was cleared of any charges in the shooting death ashli babbitt peer with a memo which reportedly came from the matter of the capitol police office believe no further actions will be taken. fox news reached out to the
5:34 pm
capitol police office for comment. 35-year-old babbitt was a president trump supporter and was shot by a single bullet as she tried to enter through a door near the house chamber. former president trump demanded justice for babbitt. the grieving mother of babbitt says no current elected official reached out with any questions regarding her daughter's death. tucker? >> tucker: matt finn for us tonight. thanks so much. so, as a rule, federal law enforcement agencies like the fbi are not in the business of exonerating people. that is definitely not their job. their job is to investigate crimes, gather evidence, and provide that evidence to prosecutors. that is how our criminal justice system works. we are innocent until proven guilty, that is the whole point. so the fbi does not declare you in consent, that is the assumption we all get from the beginning. the constitution makes that very clear, again, the whole point of our justice system. so it is worth paying attention when the fbi makes a point of exonerating large groups of people, no matter who those
5:35 pm
people are, and that happened today when several fbi sources told reuters that in fact, january 6th was not an insurrection after all. according to reuters, there won't be "any charges alleging that any individual or group played a central role in organizing or leaving the riot." so there was no plan to overturn the election. there was no coordination at all. as one law enforcement source told reuters, "90%-95% of these are one-off cases. then have 5% may be of these militia groups that were more closely organized, but there was no grand scheme with roger stone and alex jones and all of these people to storm the capital and take hostages." therefore, don't expect any more charges for conspiracy or sedition or anything like that. huh? what is this? since when does the fbi go out of its way to leak information exonerating roger stone and alex jones? what is going on here?
5:36 pm
as a threshold matter, it is worth remembering what the fbi was claiming for the last eight months. on january 30th of this year, the fbi planted this story in "the washington post," one of many, "fbi probe of u.s. capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault." meanwhile, every national security expert, including the former fbi director, repeated that line verbatim on television for the entire year. >> what we are learning about how the insurrection was planned and new warnings about the threat we still face. >> you really don't end up with a crowd of that size, about direction, of that cohesiveness, without a significant degree of preplanning. >> every law-enforcement leader has said that this was coordinated and planned. >> all the witnesses agree, this was planned, this was a planned, coordinated attack. >> these were not misfits, this was an organized insurrection, and all of the images you are showing show that.
5:37 pm
>> there is no doubt at least some conspiracy, people walking around exercising their first amendment rights don't bring ropes and weapons and sledgehammers to a spontaneous event. this was a plan assault going after a castle. >> tucker: these people are so dishonest. what they don't want to admit is the people there that day thought the election was stolen from them. why did they think that? because the way that we vote was changed at the last minute using covid as a pretext, because the tech companies working at the behest of the democratic national committee shut down opposition online to the democratic candidate. is that a fair election if that were happening in hungary, would we say that is totally fine, that is cool, that is democracy? no. and every american knew that, and some of them were mad enough to go to washington, and some misbehaved and broke the law. we are not defending mad, but the idea that this was coordinate by white supremacist, no, it was americans who believed in democracy until they
5:38 pm
saw it thwarted by the people you just saw on tv. so now, the fbi says there was no insurrection. every normal person knew that at the time. chewbacca guy was not leaving a plot to overthrow the u.s. government, what a lie. so what is going on here? keep in mind this: the fbi has never stated publicly or otherwise how many of its agents or proxies were involved that day. it's pretty clear if there was organization going on, some of it came from the feds. that's true. we were attacked for saying it, but it's true. court filings from the doj show the government identified many alleged ringleaders of the insurrection, but weirdly, those people were never charged. those ringleaders appear to have been working for the fbi, and there were a lot of them. in all, revolver news has reported there are "upwards of 20 unindicted coconspirators on the january 6th indictments, all playing various roles in the conspiracy who have not been charged for virtually the same activities, and in some cases
5:39 pm
much, much more severe activities, as those named alongside them in the indictments." that is not some whack job right wing opinion. you can check the indictments for yourself if you want, and you should. so the question is, how many of those unindicted coconspirators were working for the doj? that's a good question, one that nobody seems interested in answering. dick cheney's daughter is out there every day demanding that we have this investigation. adam kinzinger cried about it on tv. but they don't want to answer that question. why is that exactly? well today's announcement from the fbi guarantees that none of those ringleaders will ever be charged. oh! that means that they were working for the fbi, if there were agents or informants, like the leaders of a plot to kidnap the governor of michigan, for example, there is now a very good chance we will never know. maybe that's the point. none of this means the doj is going to stop prosecuting political dissidents, however. they are full speed ahead on that. just today, the doj, the biden
5:40 pm
administration announced as charging a host at info wars, a man called owen shroyer, with several federal crimes, including "entering a restricted area on january 6th." well, that sounds bad. what it all and do? he did not go inside the capitol building on january 6th, he stood on the capitol steps with hundreds of other people. what he did not even look at macy's. like black lives matter. he just stood there on the capitol steps, a building he thought he owned as an american citizen. what's going on here exactly? well, owen shroyer's real crime appeared to happening 2019 when he showed me things at jerry nadler during a congressional hearing. the doj accused him and said never go near the capital again. he disobeyed. now he is going to jail on monday. are you cool with this, dictating his daughter? is that all right with you? is that the country you want to live in? how about that, adam kinzinger, is this the democracy you fought
5:41 pm
for? please. so the ringleaders of the riots go free, especially if they were working for the fbi, but the people who offend joe biden's friends, they are in jail. one programming note tonight, our "tucker carlson originals" team has been looking into the events of january 6 very closely, been doing it for months, and we plan to bring you that report. the video we have collected is shocking and informative. that's the next installment of our documentary series coming next month. well, it wasn't long ago that jeff bezos' newspaper was telling us that birds are racist. and all the experts are telling us toddlers can be white supremacists, too! that straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so, for decades, cattle mutilations have been an obsession among crazy people. ufos are mutilating cattle! yeah, okay. turns out, there is actually some evidence of that, for real, something weird is going on. the fbi has looked into it repeatedly because it is real. we took a closer look at it in
5:47 pm
our new long form documentary series, "tucker carlson originals." here is part of what we found. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: for centuries around the world, farmers and ranchers have reported unexplained mutilation of livestock. specific organs are moved as if by a surgeon with the meat left to rot. these aren't their attacks, and they are surprisingly widespread. since the 1970s, there have been at least two federal investigations into the mass killing of cattle. staff took our producers to his property. >> we had other animals that have died that were within two days. there was nothing left except for just a little further. >> tucker: one active duty navy pilot told us he frequently sees ufos while flying. often, they are hovering over cattle. >> it just died. all our investigation is, there is no rhyme or reason why it died the way it did.
5:48 pm
>> tucker: there are thousands of documented cases in the united states and other countries of cows being drained of their blood. one investigation found that anticoagulants of some kind had been injected into the animals. who did this, and why? no one has ever explained that. livestock are expensive, so the fbi keeps records of unexplained killings of cattle. over one three year. max, 1500 cows in 22 states were mutilated and drained of their blood. in many cases, body parts that have no commercial value were surgically removed and taken, while the carcasses were left behind. no suspects have ever been arrested or even publicly identified. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: yeah, satanist or some cult or something! really come a witch satanist, which called? not a single person has ever been busted for this? and has been going on for
5:49 pm
hundreds of years, what is this? anyway, we take a closer look at the new episode of "tucker carlson originals," called "the ufo files," you can stream it right now in the we told you bank of america has been turning over private customer data to the feds as part of its efforts to speed extremism, now we are learning that bank of america itself has extremist views itself. bank of america is teaching toddlers can be racist. according to bank of america, "toddlers develop racist bias by age 3-5 and should be taught to recognize the smog of white privilege." bob beasley, that is the creepiest, scariest, most evil thing we have heard today. chris rufo wrote this story and joins us tonight. chris, thank you for joining us. this is shocking. bank of america is endorsing this? >> that's right, in the training program.
5:50 pm
bank of america denounces america as a whites premises country, and by extension expresses antipathy and hatred to 70% of its citizens, a pattern among our fortune 100 countries, adopting programs that are indistinguishable from the most radical critical race theory courses in our elite universities. >> tucker: i mean, what do they say -- they are teaching people that white children are inherently evil and racist, and their employees just kind of sit there and not? is anyone saying i'm not putting up with this anymore? if you said this about any other group it would be unacceptable. why are you doing this? as anyone fought back? >> you know, from the sources who leaked me this material, they fought back through me by sharing the documents so i could expose them to the public, but here's the thing. in corporate america, people are scared for their jobs, they are scared for their reputations, they are scared for their families. this is the new dominant ideology in workplaces and
5:51 pm
universities, k-12 schools, people are terrified to stand up because they see that americans who do stand up for the very simple truth, that we should all be treated equally, regardless of our skin color, are now treated as enemies of our largest institutions. they will be held up her mockery, shame, humiliation, and it is up to us to stand up, those of us have a platform, because this ideology is seeping into our institutions and seeks to destroy the very foundational values and principles of this great country. >> tucker: yeah. i mean, we are turning into rwanda. it's really sick, and you have been brave and relentless antics in exposing that, and i appreciate that. chris rufo, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so if there's a problem around the globe, you know for effect climate change talked caused it, in other words, you caused it, that would be hurricanes and wildfires. now we learned that climate change, your suv or your
5:52 pm
woodstove, is the reason that the taliban just took over in afghanistan. [laughs] sorry to laugh. right now on you can order a signed copy of "the long slide" and we invite you to. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so, if you are wondering why afghanistan is falling apart, the taliban now run it, you may think it is joe biden's fault. oh, no, says cbs news. it is not joe biden's fault. it is your fault. because of climate change. cbs is out with a new piece called "health climate change help to strengthen the taliban." "the taliban, likely without knowing climate change is the cause, has kept agricultural distress and distrust in government support." how dumb are they at cbs? pretty dumb, turns out. the author of the book "the green fraud" joins us now. is this the most far-fetched connection between climate change and breaking news that you have ever seen? >> well, it is close.
5:58 pm
a few years back, we had a bunch of academics say isis was created due to global warming, obama blamed the syrian civil war on climate change, we had recently kamala harris blame illegal immigration on climate change. there is a lot of candidates for that title, tucker. >> tucker: i noticed a connection between everything you just said come all things people in charge of our country helped cause all those disasters are impart their their fault, but they blame climate change, which seems like a great blamed deflector. >> it absolutely is. real quick come in the case of afghanistan, they claim in the article the last three decades of bad weather have damaged crops and harms the afghan people and made them right for the picking of taliban. when the u.n. data shows that crop yields of food crops have doubled in the last three decades. not only that, al jazeera this week is reporting that the real power behind the taliban was opium trade. opium production, opium robbers, and opium, making money off
5:59 pm
that. 's who do you believe, cbs or al jazeera on this? i think al jazeera is much more credible on this, but this is a long history -- in fact, "the washington post," tucker, this week said the climate crisis would not have happened if jimmy carter had one back a second term. they are now going back in history and blaming ronald reagan for the alleged climate crisis. there is no end to which the media and academia will not defend progressives and democrats in power using climate. >> tucker: i think if you tell people that men can get pregnant and have babies and don't allow them to disagree, you definitely strengthen the taliban and radical movements globally. [laughs] you want to destabilize the country, tell them men can have babies. it's insane. marc morano, great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: that is it for us for tonight and for the week they are a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson originals" is out on fox nation called "the u.s. files," it is really good. we are back monday. we hope you have the best
6:00 pm
weekend with the ones you love. we will see you soon. sean hannity takes over now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 6. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this friday night, americans held hostage behind enemy lines. this is a 6, and there is sadly, we can report, no end in sight tonight. a month ago in july, secretary of state antony blinken, he was warned it directly five weeks ago, by 23 top diplomats inside of afghanistan, that the fall of kabul was, in ft,


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