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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 20, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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please set your dvrs so you never miss an episode. the sad thing joe biden addressing the country tomorrow about, how to evaluate people. there's no real good, save option, it's a sad thing, because he didn't act when he could. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled,s next, have a great night, see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." we have a huge show for you tonight, a lot going o laura: a huge show, a lot going on in washington and beyond. time to put americans first, that is the focus of tonight's angle. our elites in politics and media really want you to know they care about the afghan people so much they want to bring as many afghans here to the united states as possible. >> the willingness to accept more. we have to do more.
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>> this has been a great american success story, we are quite good at it in america, 50,000 afghan refugees in the nation, 300 million is not even a drop in the bucket. >> across the united states we are seeing widespread support for afghan refugees, of refugee resettlement in general. >> it is heart wrenching to see need to suffer wherever it occurs, none of us wants to see that, but why is it but most of the same people you just saw in those clips, politicians, why do this often ignore the very real suffering happening here at home. you don't have to go to the afghan provinces to see human tragedy. you can see it not far from here in baltimore, in the last three weeks 5 teenagers have been shot
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there, two of them fatally. one, 15-year-old was gunned down in the street in broad daylight. you don't have to to go to conduct hard to see thousands of in constant fear of violence, you can go to chicago to see that. 16 were shot yesterday alone including a 7-year-old boy who was sitting in the back of his mom's car. it is all horrifying but we shouldn't be surprised when the taliban and arises afghans. it is an islamic fundamentalist extremist called after all come on. but what is our excuse? why aren't we more shocked, why aren't we demand in response to the gangs, cartels, opioids terrorizing our neighborhoods right here at home? in fact the left is only made matters worse on the ground for the working class here at home, the excuse riots, bailed out criminals, endorsed the racist radical agenda of blm and
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democrats - these help make all things worse at every turn. every person now demanding that we take every afghan because we promised them forget that america's first promise is to her own citizens, their safety, their security and their freedom yet border towns are being overrun by released migrants because biden refuses to do what is right on the border. they know covid infected migrants will affect american citizens and schoolchildren the crime will spike due to the million plus migrants biden is released into the country. their goal is to speed up the admission of these migrants into the united states. >> yesterday the administration announced new rules to empower bureaucrats who unilaterally
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decide whether an illegal alien shows up the border should be allowed entry into the united states. these open borders fanatic cannot be trusted to enforce our laws. it has been obvious for a long time when you think about it the elites have free much had it with america. they like china a lot better maybe. regular americans elected trump, they love their second amendment still and far too religious and at their core they come from a kind of evil and racist background those the more folks from other countries who can come here the better. even if we can't really fit, even if they become wards of the state, bring in more crime and violence, their extended family comes in, to the left, to the open borders establishment, they are better than the old normal. the next 3 years will see
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blunder after blunder from biden as his team drifts from one crisis to the next so what should conservatives empower do now? first thing is resist the democrats spending binge, that money will be wasted because biden epstein are not competent administrators. second thing we should do, defend the states trying to do the right thing, red states leading the way economically and help protect our cherished freedoms. we cannot let biden believe them or the inept blue state letters dragon down in third i think we should protect our borders, the gop may be divided on refugees but we should agree on the rule of law and resist all immigration actions that are not in strict accordance with to be passed laws.
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fourth we have to fight inflation, that includes pressuring the federal reserve to take more aggressive action to stop inflation and block disastrously big spending bills. number 5, we should continue to beat the drum for energy independence, we can do it again. lower energy prices mean more prosperity, more jobs for all americans, 6, we have to try to win in every state, for the last 25 years republicans have focused on winning the majority by capturing a slim number of friends states and picking up a few purple states here and there, hard to do. that strategy as we saw has failed and allowed the hard left to build solid support of the two coasts that they dominate right now. for all their problems california and new york are too important to concede to the
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left, their beautiful great states, with got to win them back. if we want to stop the socialists who despise our country, want to destroy our country, want to import more people into our country to balance out or swamp feel normal, we've got to see some big landslides. reagan fought for every state that eventually won 49 of them. we have to try to the same. the time is right to take our religious freedom, our message of freedom and prosperity to the voters on two coasts into the inner cities, they have to hear our message too. people are suffering there from incompetent leadership, they are dying there because of incompetent leadership. if we must live through a repeat of the 1970s with biden's tried to follow with a repeat of the 1980s and that is the angle. a man who wants to be part of the effort to flip new york red
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congressman lee silverman the foreign affairs committee running for governor of the empire state, also with me texas and governor dan patrick, texas has been under assault by the left lately. how confident are you of the administration's ability and a desire to properly the refugees and other qualifying vulnerable afghans for admission into the us? >> i have 0 confidence in that competency. it is sad to have to say that but that is the truth. in afghanistan priority number one needs to be to get our own american citizens back home. earlier today, admiral john kirby was given the press briefing at the defense department and he was saying they evacuated several thousand people from afghanistan. but he didn't know how many of those people were american citizens, how many were afghans, under us law we were permitted to bring them out of how many
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for third-party nationals. there was an unknown amount of third-party nationals as part of this evacuation. don't how you can prioritize all these other people before americans first. as far as the process goes in order to make sure you bring the right people here there's two main ways to that people, one is with their paperwork, ask important security questions to make sure they are who they are and don't pose a threat and when you don't have the paperwork you have to do thorough questioning of the person to try to get answers beyond what is missing in the paperwork and the chaotic sitting we have now i'm concerned we're bringing people who are not american citizens were not properly vetted. >> let's move to be a crisis which is the crisis on the southern border. our heartbreaks for afghans, we want to get americans out of there obviously, maybe a small group of interpreters, people who have done heavy lifting for
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our soldiers but at the same time none of these people were crying about afghanistan cry for the people of america who are having to absorb the million.5 million migrants into the united states on the southern border crisis, what's your view on this? >> hearing was spot on, we now have -- everything he touches is chaotic, afghanistan, the border, the economy, inflation, oil and gas independence, many who our enemies, chaotic, covid policy, people crossing the border not checking them for covid and someone said we need to impeach or replace and then you have president clueless. i've never seen our country in the hands of two people more inapt in the interview yesterday with george stephanopoulos, i don't know how we could have
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gotten out without chaos tells you everything you need to know. they want to create chaos in our streets, in our courts, trying to overturn our country by creating chaos. perfect oil for them, on the border we haven't forgotten we are dealing with it every day, thousands are coming in. the photographs of people rushing into the airport look like photographs of people across the border. the same everywhere we look, a country that was on a good path under donald trump when he left office. laura: dan's point is so searing, we have a plane full of people being taken out of afghanistan, many coming here, several hundred people every day crushing the southern border but
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the left, this is fine, this is not a crisis, something we have to let everyone in, import afghans, import migrants with no credibility at all on an actual process that make sense for the american people. who they are supposed to be serving. >> it is a crisis on the southern border. they want to play it out as there is no crisis where there is a crisis and it is all trump's fault when the fact is it is the policies going back to their campaign, promises made to canada their own base today one with the executive orders that came out the message was sent to come to our border, they are continuing to flow across and the policies are continuing to incentivize over, put vice president harris in charge of the effort, the one time she wants to the border she didn't that get close to it, still 1000 miles from where it was the
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biggest challenge, this is huge, republicans have to work to earn the support of voters to take back the house, the senate, you have to have balance. because his open border policies are only going to get worse. >> they are coming after your state because the increased covid numbers, hospitalizations and deaths are up in texas, direct assault on your governor's policies, brief response. >> covid is spreading particularly most of the numbers with the unvaccinated and democrats blame republicans on that, the biggest group in most states our african-americans have not been vaccinated. last time i checked 90% of them vote for democrats in major cities in town so it is up to
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the democrats to try to get as many people vaccinated but we respect the fact that people don't want the vaccination we are not going to force it on them but in terms of criticizing the republicans for this we encourage people who want to take it to take it but they are doing nothing for the african-american community that has significant number of unvaccinated. >> a lot of hip-hop artists giving the message. vaccines diminishing in its benefit over time. we will see you, they ignored a free single crisis across the country the biden administration actually empowers the terrorists at the same time in afghanistan, you don't believe me. >> we provided afghan partners with all the tools, training equipment of any modern military, provide advanced weaponry, we are going to continue to provide funding and equipment.
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>> that was july 8th. all of the tools and equipment he mentioned in the hands of the taliban, they took over bagram, now they have a fully functional airfield with two runways not to mention the state-of-the-art embassy we handed over in kabul. joining me now retired brigadier general robert spalding. do we even have an inventory of how much weaponry we left behind. i'm not even talking potential for moving aircraft out of afghanistan and third-party locations. >> we spent hundreds of billions of dollars there and we do have a pretty good understanding of what we sent over there. most particularly when we used for close air support for the
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blackhawks which are used for similar missions require maintenance and training to use. my concern on the advanced stuff, sent to china or russia or some reverse engineering on the rest of the equipment, it will be of minimal use, the real issue, the problem is we had every chance in the world to plan this, this wasn't 9/11, something we had a day for, i am heartbroken that our military didn't fit the bill. >> to your point on the number of planes this question was posed at one of the big briefings this week. watch. >> how many taxpayer-funded military aircraft have been flown out of the country and what are you doing to get them back? we heard of afghan pilots taking those planes? >> i've seen reports of a number
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of aircraft flown into his pakistan, how many i don't have firm numbers on. laura: aren't they paid to have firm numbers? he's the secretary of defense. this is an international crisis of epic proportion and embarrassment to this country and the level of ignorance on the part of our top military commands, callous disregard for all of these details, it is shocking but that word does not capture what i am feeling. >> it feels like incompetence. i agree with the president, i agree with donald trump we need to protect the american people in the home inquiry building infrastructure, manufacturing, rebuilding our country after 30 years of neglect but at the same time we can't forget we have americans on the ground in
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afghanistan. laura: we knew you would make sense of this and i thank you so much and are americans getting buyers remorse? recuperating from self-inflicted wounds, john maclachlan and robert halley breakdown the latest polls. you won't believe these numbers next. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team.
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♪ ♪ >> so you don't think this could have been handled -- this exi >> you don't think thist could have been handled better in anyway, no mistakes? >> i don't think it could have been handled in a way that -- we are going to go back in hindsight and look at the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos in suing i don't know how that happens. laura: doesn't matter if you agree with the decision to pull troops out of afghanistan or not, i do agree with that but the idea that there was no way to handle this better, this is the essence of president biden, doesn't know what he's doing as my angle noted last night. the truth is the ruling class hated trump so much that to rid themselves of him they deluded themselves and everyone else into believing president biden was with enough and experienced
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enough to make things okay and calm, that he was a foreign policy guru, that he was compassionate and bipartisan, that he was smart. but now reality hit the country and voters are scrambling, has president biden -- dropped by 7 points since last friday, lowest level of his presidency after the afghanistan debacle. in the rasmussen poll finding 37% of likely voters would vote to reelect biden. the question becomes can biden's presidency withstand self-inflicted wounds, his trump 2020 campaign pollster john mclaughlin and robert colin, chief pollster of the tomato
12:25 am
group, are we finally seeing buyers remorse? >> absolutely. it started sliding in may and june because of the economy, people thought would get worse instead of better for the first time all year but i tell you what, we are finding focus groups, people do not think this is a withdrawal from afghanistan. they think this is a surrender, the media is still being kind to biden calling this a surrender because it is getting good coverage from a lot of corporate left-wing media but his numbers are taking a hit and 62% of the voters think he's not going to finish the term. they think kamala harris will be president with four years so they already have doubts about his stamina and capacity and ability to serve four years. >> a new poll, you found
12:26 am
democrats and independents disapprove of his handling of afghanistan, 69.3% of americans disapprove, that includes 48.2% of democrats and 74.8% of independents, with most of them agreeing with the withdrawal of troops but the way it was done, the media telling the truth this time, the camera doesn't live, is that the difference here? >> it really is. part of it is the understanding that people haven't blamed him for everything, not a poll showed 57% of the public don't believe biden is in charge but in this debacle he went on television and said it is all my fault and that had an impact. he finished the statement by trying to blame others but this thing was the sloppiest brain surgery with a steak knife and
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he has to own it and is being held against him in a bigger way than anything else's been. laura: i have to believe this refusal to take questions in a pivotal time in american military history, running as he did twice this week away from reporters shouting at him not a question, that will confident thing people hoped for is out the window. >> the majority of americans don't think he will serve the term but democracies in europe and other places, when biden was elected president they thought they were going it alone, does not disappoint them.
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laura: thanks so much. a lot of outrage development over the past few weeks but biden's disregard for us assets, i'm talking physical human assets left behind in afghanistan is infuriating. with the disastrous planning and withdrawal strategy they abandoned the us embassy in kabul. that gives the taliban a state-of-the-art building that cost taxpayers a staggering $1.5 billion according to reports, that doesn't even include how much money to operate over the last 20 years but remember democrats never worry about stuff like that. >> at the building. we still have 6000 troops on the
12:29 am
ground in kabul. we have to stand we get all-american personnel out safely and as many afghan partners out as possible but i don't feel strong notions about the embassy. >> no one is in the building is more important than a human but it a big cost to the taxpayer. this dismissiveness reminds me of the minneapolis mayor's response during the riots when they lost the buildings that i think is fairly important to the safety of his own residents. >> the symbolism of the building cannot outweigh the importance of life. the building is bricks and mortar. it is a building. laura: it happened to be the third police precinct, really important to the safety of the community, he didn't care.
12:30 am
losing wars, botching missions have huge consequences but most liberals don't even care, not even when it ends up that americans get killed. >> with all do respect the fact is we have four dead americans with because of protests the guys out for a walk. what is different does it make. >> made a difference because we want to know why the americans died. it does matter. the bottom line is democrats there more about the well-being of noncitizens, the safety of migrants and refugees, everyone wants everyone to be safe but american citizens, the well wishes we have for people in need, we are americans, of course we do but americans first and foremost because that's the duty of our politicians. remember deep down liberals think america is racist and wicked and can only be fixed after it is completely transformed, got to bring in new people. retired army infantry colonel
12:31 am
and author the split. they are so fanatical about their agenda they don't really think that much about the collateral damage. >> it's not important to them, doesn't matter at all. it is not a consideration. that's why when you are arguing with these fanatical liberals you will offer facts and evidence and it goes over their head because all they care about is their own power. anything they can say or do that will increase their own power or tend to support increasing their own power in the short-term label -- one day, defund the belief, that doesn't work, now fund the police and we were always refund the police at oceana was always at war with eurasia. you can't reason with these people.
12:32 am
laura: one of the things they think will end up curing america because we have to be cured of our evil is we need to bring in people from other countries who are just better than the average trump supporter and that includes tens of thousands of refugees that they end up vetting and we are supposed to trust them. watch. >> we need to make sure every one of those individuals, they need to stay longer, we should do that. even if we bring more troops in and get them out safely. we need to do that. jillian: they want to risk american lives on the ground for longer in afghanistan for refugees who may not be
12:33 am
refugees, the american contractor, every one of those people qualify? >> we could have figured it out. a long time we had a president who knew what he was going to do, increased the time to do it. and then decide person who risked his life for americans and this is a guy we don't trust. >> not a lot of vetting going on checking authenticity of documents. ever been to the great restaurants of new orleans? guess what, they are up in arms over the latest latoya cantrell mandates for covid. covid vaccines.
12:34 am
raymond arroyo will tell us why local businesses are in revolt. raymond on the road is next.
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for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better laura: >> the state department says it expects to speed up the number of americans and academics out of afghanistan. thousands are desperately the country now that the elevators under control. 9000 people have been arrested by the us and state officials expensive allows more was be pronoun daily, president biden will speak about the evacuation operations later today at 1:00 pm eastern. meanwhile 3 more senators who tested positive for covid 19 despite being vaccinated, roger wicker and john hickenlooper announcing their breakthrough infections one day after health officials announced plans to
12:40 am
offer booster shots to all americans. it is recommended people get their third shot eight month after the second one. now back to the ingraham angle. logon to >> you got new york, la and the city of new orleans is under a vaccine mandate. the mandate is hitting local businesses. raymond arroyo went to new orleans for this report. >> reporter: this is the epicenter of tourism in the heart of new orleans's economy but mayor latoya cantrell's vaccine mandate requires anyone going into a bar or restaurant or concert venue to show proof of vaccination. mayor cantrell says this is not a burden, she's done it herself. >> we found ourselves leaders in
12:41 am
the united states of america, look for your vaccination card and be prepared to show it. i tested this out myself on saturday. no problem. i was proud, had my car laminated, pulled it out and my friend i was with had her la wallet, pulled it out and we had a great time dining. >> some restaurant as we spoke with our finding the mayor's vaccine mandate less and great. >> if i could retire right now i'm mentally done. i'm tired but i can't. >> scott craig is the owner and proprietor of katie's which he is run since 1993. >> how difficult is this vaccine mandate been? lunch is a big part of your income. >> extremely difficult. this is way off. this or more.
12:42 am
this dining room would be full. >> people are going to paris which is right across, where they don't have to worry about it. >> in new orleans parish on an island having to carry the burden for the whole state. and in that regard i think it is wrong. it is killing us. >> the owner of plessy's even, the vaccine mandate impacted his business. >> we will lose a significant piece of business. >> the customers were divided. >> it is an added burden on business owners. >> i feel comfortable knowing there are things in place for our safety. >> the slowest week we have ever seen in the last 6 months. >> reporter: she owns an art gallery in the french quarter it
12:43 am
is the republican running for mayor of new orleans. >> the leadership thinks outside the box. she's taking a powered approach to a global problem that is affecting her community and affected the business community. >> reporter: mayor cantrell is promising immediate closure of any business that fails to comply with her vaccine mandate. >> we will begin aggressive actions the following week. >> i would like to see aggressive enforcement happen with crime. >> reporter: an independent running for mayor and owner of the gym in midcity. >> we have a pandemic of crime happening for the last -- running rampant and there's been no aggressive enforcement of crime. >> trying to open and feed families and aggressively enforce on those people when you can't protect the citizens from
12:44 am
crime doesn't make sense to me, gross mismanagement of resources. >> we are down by 500 police officers and crimes the highest it has ever been in the last 45 years. last year we lost $5 million and police enforcement. >> not only covid keeping tourists away the crime keeping tourists away too. >> reporter: restaurant owners are concerned about the long-term impact of the vaccine. >> only time will tell. this is going to set the hospitality industry back. i'm not sure all restaurants that have survived are going to be able to survive this. laura: raymond arroyo joins us. what are people doing in response to this mandate? >> so many restaurant owners who are afraid to appear on a few the mayor's office would
12:45 am
retaliate, that should not be. they are the heart of this economy and major restaurants tell me since this policy kicked in half of the reservations have been canceled. group of business leaders met to discuss a lawsuit against the city and the state, and there was a march organized by protesters over the mandate but whether it will have any effect who knows? laura: independent restaurants in new york file lawsuits, people want fairness. thanks. new findings from oxford university cast out on the effectiveness of the vaccine mandates being pushed by the left. doctor harvey rich has reactions next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: okay, everyone is laura: everyone is supposed to get a booster shot. private businesses and cities across the country are mandating vaccines but a new study out of the university of oxford is showing vaccinated individuals, breakthrough infections carry as much of the delta variant virus as the unvaccinated.
12:51 am
what does this mean? doctor harvey rich, epidemiology professor at the school of public health, good to see you tonight. regular person who doesn't read all the studies and focus on the medical data are hearing that they have to go out and get the third shot, they have to get it a particular timeframe after the last shot and now they are reading that people with the vaccine have these infections are carrying an enormous amount of virus transmitting the virus to others and still having to wear masks and all the other restrictions so what is the point, if the study is correct about the viral load? >> the city is correct about the viral loads but the just of the study is talking about what happens to the person who gets vaccinated, not transmitting the virus.
12:52 am
our question for government policy mandates and things like that concern risks of transmission and what the study shows is the risks of transmission in vaccinated people are not substantially different today with the delta variant the risks to unvaccinated people and that is a big and important difference than we were led to believe. we want the vaccines to reduce risks to individuals to listen the risk of infection but as a society we want the vaccines to reduce the risk of transmission and we are not seeing that. >> the good news is the elderly seem to get especially elderly get a huge benefit on hospitalization front, other vulnerable people but when we were initially hearing about the new vaccines we did understand that they had a neutralizing
12:53 am
effect on the virus or am i misremembering? >> they were more effective at that time because we were dealing with the original strain, those are mostly long gone in the last month or so, we had the delta strain which is different enough the antibodies the vaccines make are not as capable as they would have been for the original strain. the vaccines are becoming obsolete is more changes to the virus. laura: outlook like they are mandating the children as young as 12 get the vaccine in certain school systems, the culvert city school system in california a lot of parents have issues with the vaccine are up in arms. your comment on that. >> the rationale for vaccinating
12:54 am
children who largely do not transmit the virus to adults and so on, there is no logical reason for that and the hazards we don't know what will happen with children who have to live their lives vaccinated with an unknown quantity, too much uncertainty for too little benefit. laura: when we come back a very special ingraham angle announcement. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills
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♪ ♪ >> laura: and "the ingraham angle" is headed to california next week. laura: the ingraham angle is headed to san francisco and la to get to the bottom of the california recall petition. where does it stand? we will talk to barry older and with the police are up against in california and the out-of-control crime rate. we will tackle that on the road with the ingraham angle. get your freedom matters gear at
1:00 am these go to little sisters of the poor. we have beach towels and other great gear made in the usa. go to that qualify we have tonight. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. jillian: more terrifying scenes on the streets of afghanistan as the taliban opened fire on a group waving the afghan national flag in kabul. todd: the world looks to our leaders as each day puts american citizens on the ground. we start overseas as the unrest rages on


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