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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 19, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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[screaming] jillian: that is heartbreaking. august 19th, good wrenching videos out of afghanistan where women are seen crying for help as the taliban takes over. todd: some afghans so desperate they are lifting their children over airport walls and handing them to us soldiers. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: thousands of americans facing an uncertain fate in
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afghanistan. the plans to get them home safely. >> four days after taking power the taliban is facing some of the first challenges to its authority, chaotic demonstrations breaking out across the country and three cities including jalalabad where this protest took place and despite the taliban's promise they would not use arms against those who oppose them these protests have been getting ugly. we are getting reports that several people were killed in a different protest today, the taliban fired on people waving the national flag of the previous government. lots of questions how women will be treated under the taliban. and the rule from 1996 to 2001 women weren't allowed to work or leave their homes without being covered head to so and girls were not allowed to go to school. the television has been saying
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women will have more rights this time around but today that seems less certain. one of the taliban's most senior leaders said this yesterday. >> to go to school universities, but still it is up -- we have another counsel of scholars. they will soon decide. >> many afghans are not waiting for the taliban's decision. thousands of them are camping out near the airport in kabul hoping to get a place on one of those planes but it is a perilous place to be, the taliban is doing the death toll count, a total of 12 people killed at the airport since sunday, that is caused by gunshots or in stampedes. 5000 us troops are on the ground
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in afghanistan helping with the evacuation of those afghans and americans. in an interview yesterday president biden said us troops could remain in afghanistan into september if that is what it takes to get all us citizens out. not everyone is leaving afghanistan. some members of the old guard, the old government remain in the country and are vowing to fight against the taliban including the famous son of a very famous rebel commander and he has penned an op-ed in today's washington post where he calls on the united states to provide weapons and support. >> thank you very much. that's one of the biggest things that continues to be an issue is people are having a hard time. the united states cannot guarantee their safe passage to that airfield so people are trampled all over the place, look at these images of kids
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being lifted over walls to us troops to try and ensure their safety and that airfield. it is devastating. they are having a hard time getting to the airfield. even once they get that using people raising their passport or paperwork, documentation just to say i am an american, i have my paperwork, planes are leaving with empty seats. the government has said they prepared for all contingencies but when you look at this, they are graphics a turn away if you don't want to see the. we will blur a portion of the images but pull them up on screen. that is a woman lying in the street bloodied. that is a little boy in the arms of a man being held by that man and another little boy looking. these are disturbing images of what you are seeing on the streets of kabul as people try to get to safety, to shelter, try to get home, to the airport.
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try to get back home. it is a mess. todd: how can anyone look at any of these pictures, heartbroken. you look at these and you have to turn the tv off. you are sitting holding your little one realizing she is safe in your arms and you see an image like this. somebody so concerned about their child they are willing to potentially never see their child again just to guarantee that child a safe life and this is what we expect or there was a chance that this could happen, they had no idea this was going to happen and they went ahead with this horrible plan, they didn't foresee this were planned for this contingency and that is what is so offensive about this and other press conference like i heard yesterday with lloyd austin and mark millie, getting so much criticism this morning. here's a piece of it. listen.
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>> we don't have capability to collect large numbers of people, working hard to get as many people through as possible. it is obvious we are not close to where we want to be in terms of getting numbers through. we work that 24 hours a day 7 days a week. todd: every statement is internally inconsistent, that window different and it is chilling because it is creating lack of confidence in those watching trying to fight for survival and according to military personnel we've heard from it is also incorrect. we do have the capacity to do these withdrawals, we know how to do them and one final note, in the 4:00 am hour, all this blaming of intelligent services is a lie, the insult was there, we knew what could happen, they chose to ignore it for political purposes. jillian: on "fox and friends" yesterday an american trapped in
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afghanistan his family was there, he went to care for a sick family member. let's take a listen to what he had to say his ordeal has been. >> all the people right behind the airport, 80% of them have paperwork that proves -- the taliban is right there, how do you know those guys when you leave next month they can what i get out and tell them. >> as we read that the conversation with look good news here. it gives you chills, this is a photo tweeted out by general pro bono, and afghan child sleeping on the plane under a u.s. air force jacket.
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you feel for these kids. they don't have any idea what is going on. todd: you want to safety and security for your kid then you see that carried out in real time. jillian: one child made their way. let's talk about this. president biden avoiding any questions on the crisis in afghanistan why make an announcement on covid booster shots for vaccinated americans. todd: the white house plans to for the third dose to every adult in september. >> reporter: the president steered clear of questions of afghanistan walking out of the press conference taking no questions, only addressed covid 19 including approval of a booster shot for adults, fully vaccinated with two shot regimen and plans to crack down on gop governors resisting mask mandate. >> direct the secretary of education, and educator himself, to take steps to protect our
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children. this includes using oversight authorities and if appropriate against governors trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators. jillian: florida governor ron desantis responded with this. >> got to wonder where are your priorities that you are so obsessed with this issue and taking away parents rights and letting afghanistan burn, or border burn and so many other things in our country fall to pieces. jillian: this is not incompetent leadership, it is no leadership. senators on cotton tweeted is alarming president biden, vice president harris have the capacity to answer questions during foreign-policy crisis but as for the vaccine, us health officials say it is clear him unity wears off after the initial two doses and booster
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shots will increase protection against covid. distribution of booster shots will start the week of september 20th. jillian: 9 minutes after the hour the following afghanistan taking a heavy toll on veterans and all-star families. american sniper navy seal chris kyle with her message. todd: nancy mace coming up.
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is let me say something about the president's ill-timed speech, it was pathetic and he delivered it as if here's a good idea, speak about the covid booster and take their minds off what they are seeing on the tv news. todd: geraldo rivera terry into president biden for delivering a speech on covid 19 vaccine this chaos breaks out in afghanistan. jillian: the president avoided taking questions from the media after the news conference. joe concha joins us. we should be surprised because they haven't taken many questions on this at all. >> it is like we are watching
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the 2020 campaign play out where president biden and kamala harris really taking questions during the campaign for a year, year and a half, and now they are in charge and hold accountable for the playbook. the president's have is won't allow the commander-in-chief to take questions on afghanistan during international crisis. here we have a situation where thousands of americans are left behind in afghanistan and you have everybody from the defense secretary to the national security adviser saying they can't guarantee, when lloyd austin said when the clock runs out what will happen to these
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people, worse than the iran hostage situation because the taliban may start executing people because that is what we have seen from images out of kabul were a woman not wearing a burqa is shot and killed in a certain situation or deemed to be working with the us being taken into prison, don't take questions, say as little as possible. the president speaking to the nation wednesday, doesn't say one word about afghanistan, he is too scripted and everyone is seeing what i've been talking about which is you take him out of a teleprompter and his handlers are terrified of what he will say. jillian: you named people teaching a significant amount of questions day in and day out, americans in the world would like to hear more from the president and more from the vice
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president. neil: new york post editorial board writing a scathing, the pro-democratic tilt and outright hostility toward donald trump, their refusal to call out president biden as a lie resonated with his predecessor when it comes to comments about his afghanistan pull out. criticism of biden is in swift from all side. why can't they go the next step and say president biden, you are a liar. >> a liar and a coward. what political genius is advising the president? is chris cuomo involved? it is insulting to the families whose loved ones are left behind enemy lines, they want to hear from the commander-in-chief and he won't take questions. moving forward each and every speech by mister biden will result in a net negative instead
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of net positive in terms of public perspective because he looks too programmed. we have a crisis in afghanistan, and the president's decision, afghanistan, interpreters, afghanistan, no actual plan. the president and his handlers believe they are above scrutiny, they are not -- will: click the american media is getting the memo finally but too little too late for those currently in afghanistan. jillian: still to come black conservative searching schools replace critical race theory with a 1776 unites curriculum. todd: what that curriculum is and future generation of americans next.
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kristen: group of black conservative searching school boards to drop critical race theory curriculum and teach the courses instead. this new curriculum called 1776 unites embraces ideas family, faith and entrepreneurship. doctor carol swain joins me to discuss. he is a quote from that letter. rather than reject our founding values embrace family, faith, and entrepreneurship. the curriculum maintains a special focus on stories that celebrate black excellence. do you think schools will listen to black conservatives saying crt is wrong, 1776 is right or will they continue to listen to the white liberals who get fired up about crt and wanted in your school? >> the white liberals own crt.
2:24 am
for black schools that are predominantly black, people who are honestly looking for solutions would be enthusiastic, and black and city schools across america need to teach america's true racial history so i believe the curriculum will be used in places where parents and teachers make the decision and not liberal school boards. neil: college releasing 1776 curriculum to give k-12 features tools to teach a more patriotic approach to american history. our curriculum was created by teachers and professors, not activists or journalists or bureaucrats. he comes from years of study america, its history and founding principles, not
2:25 am
slapdash journalistic theme to achieve a partisan political end through students. critics say this whitewash is history. your response? >> it doesn't. we need a curriculum that doesn't indoctrinate students and i believe the hillsdale curriculum along with 1776 unites curriculum would give our children a balanced view of america and the hillsdale curriculum is excellent, free, it can be downloaded from the website. k-12 hillsdale, parents can download it. it is free as well as 1776 unites curriculum, it can be downloaded from their website. what has happened in response to donald trump's commission he encouraged people across america
2:26 am
to teach america's true history so 1776 unites, hillsdale, that is the reaction to the challenge to teach america's history. i would like to say as a person who is an expert on crt i published a new book, how critical race theory is burning down the house, it is a resource for all americans out there trying to fight back. it has everything they need to know about critical race theory, has a glossary and an index, explains what it is and has two chapters on strategy. neil: she literally wrote the book on it. great to see you as always. jillian: starting next month businesses will be required to enforce the vaccine mandate for interactivity like eating at restaurants. todd: small business owners taking legal action against the policy. cheryl casone with fox news with more.
2:27 am
>> reporter: that is true. what is happening is they want to go after mayor bill deblasio and the city of new york, basically because they say there is no way to enforce this and we have a full screen we can show you. you can see independent restaurant owners association says the decision to get the vaccine supply with the individual and his doctor who knows the person's complete medical history rather than a politician. the injunction they are looking for they want to stop the mandate to enter a restaurant or a gym or other indoor venues, very frustrated restaurant owner about the new. >> we are dealing with a card and they expect us to police this without the proper tools or technology and nothing to crosscheck it. we are challenge each guest to say this is not real.
2:28 am
>> reporter: he speaks for so many restaurant owners across the city, enforcement will begin september 13th but i expect more lawsuits. jillian: there are a lot of people who want to the to be investigated. >> reporter: two democratic senators asking the sec to investigate tesla over misleading autopilot claims, in a letter, senators marky and blumenthal said they repeated overstatements of their vehicles capabilities despite clear and frequent warnings, deeply concerning disregard for the safety of those on the road and require real accountability. claims that tell the drivers and all the driving public at risk, serious injury or death. this on the heels of new development in the investigation of the texas crash in april where two men died. local law enforcement say no one was in the drivers seat. a federal probe i the ntsb show
2:29 am
video, found video shows a man getting into the drivers seat a few moments prior. elon musk publicly dispute these claims that the autopilot was engaged at the time of the crash. neil: fund putting your money where your mouth is. >> reporter: exchange traded fund with a bunch of stocks and one fund trades like a stock but they don't want to invest in world companies, the new american conservative values etf stays away from companies like facebook, twitter, google, apple, delta, coca-cola, all these funds clearly were narrowly going after issues that didn't resonate with me as a conservative. overtime baffled why no one has stepped in and offered products for conservatives so this invests in companies that provide a good return, but avoiding companies engaging in woke capitalism.
2:30 am
basically these are companies using left-leaning politics to change the direction of how they do business. this has been of concern on wall street that you are going to infect investors returns by accusing politics over good business strategy. todd: in touch with the ceo of that fund, he will cut you, not physically but cut you out of the fund if you do something untoward, no violence. time now 30 minutes after the hour. president biden ducking questions asked thousands of americans are standing stranded behind taliban lines. >> president biden: god bless you all and god protect our troops. jillian: carley shimkus has backlash from the commander-in-chief's critics coming up.
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todd: president biden saying chaos in kabul was inevitable and others claim it was not. >> mark meredith joins us from washington as lawmakers now to grill the president had officials today on the withdrawal. >> reporter: president biden telling abc news the chaos in afghanistan could not be avoided. the afghan government collapse happen faster, he insisted
2:35 am
bringing us troops home. >> president biden: the idea there's a way to have gotten out without chaos i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happens. >> that was priced into the decision? >> president biden: yes. >> this photo shows the president giving update in the situation room. he will give another one later this morning. the pentagon denying reports that it was warning the biden administration about the looming disaster in afghanistan. >> following our departure there was nothing i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. >> reporter: plenty of lawmakers on the hill demanding more detail. top republicans want classified briefings on the evacuation effort. we know the house for an affairs
2:36 am
committee is looking like it will hold a hearing next week. republicans are warning the white house and the state and pentagon departments have a lot to answer for. >> we just issued a death sentence to those who fought with us in afghanistan. it is clear to me resetting the table here, they are trying to move the ball and say we will focus on american citizens. >> reporter: the president will give a briefing on afghanistan but we do not expect to hear from him on camera today. he's been reaching out to world leaders to talk about this including british prime minister boris johnson and the german chancellor. we expect a talk with the g7 leaders in the next couple days. todd: better late than never on those calls to foreign leaders. jillian: vice president kamala harris keeping a low profile, still expected to travel tomorrow to vietnam. todd: carley shimkus with the latest. carley: as the crisis continues
2:37 am
to unfold the white house says the vice president will keep the scheduled trip to southeast asia including vietnam which is notable because many compared what is happening in afghanistan to the fall of saigon. despite what the vice president is keeping this week she had previously claimed to have been at the forefront of the president's decision to pull troops out of afghanistan. >> just made a really big decision, afghanistan. were you the last person in the room? >> yes. >> you feel comfortable? >> i do. he is someone who i have seen over and over again make decisions based on what he truly believes based on his years of doing this work and studying these issues. carley: hurley public statement on twitter, she says we want to afghanistan almost 20 years ago. now our mission is to get our people come our allies and
2:38 am
vulnerable afghans to safety outside the country. as for her trip to southeast asia, it is facing criticism from some including donald trump junior who posted a tweet saying at this point i can't tell if they are punking us to see how far they can push this tone deafness. like they are screaming effort you america. the white house tells fox news they have many interests around the world and can't pursue them simultaneously. todd: another day not taking questions. >> reporter: from the vice president to the president, made a speech promoting covid 19 booster shots and mask mandates for kids, the president facing criticism for not taking questions after the speech. arkansas senator tom cotten posted a sweet saying it is alarming either president biden nor vice president harris has the capacity to answer questions during the foreign-policy crisis of their own creation. katie path which said president
2:39 am
biden turns his back on americans who want questions answered while he abandons americans trapped by taliban, as you heard during the report, the president did do the interview with george stephanopoulos where he said he wants to keep that august 30 first troop withdrawal and says he will assess the situation at the time to see if they need to stay there depending on who is left inside the country. jillian: he said there is no better way to do this. according going viral for the right reasons. carley: in times of crisis facing a crisis in afghanistan we remember how important our troops are and check out mayfield doing that this week. >> thank you, all you military service people. if there are any veterans here,
2:40 am
thank you so much, we appreciate you more than you know. carley: the video posted tuesday a simple gesture of all those military members appreciate. neil: take are reminding us the sun will come out tomorrow like little orphan annie. carley: appreciate it. todd: i've been working on that joke for an hour. jillian: cancel culture comes for everyone. the latest target is carrie underwood. twitter users attacking the singer for liking this tweet from the daily wire's matt walsh speaking against mask mandates for children. the twitter mob accusing underwood of being untrustworthy and some saying trashy, things i never heard her described as. she should know better than to like something they don't like, this is an unforgivable sin.
2:41 am
neil: ali partner revealing why she donated money to fund moderna's vaccine research. >> when the pandemic came out, i had to do something because i knew something bad was on the rise and i wanted to help with that. todd: giving $1 million for research, the singer says although she's happy to be part of the push she feels she gets more credit than she deserves. she's bringing people together and that is what we need during these times. jillian: the fall of afghanistan taking a heavy toll on veterans and goldstar families. todd: the widow of american sniper navy seal chris kyle joins us.
2:42 am
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heather: coming up on "fox and friends" we will talk about the press conference with the two general dustin and millie and how they let america down in the president of the united states and his interview leslie. you heard this plea from an american stranded in afghanistan. >> we are struggling. we need immediate help. please help us, the afghans who supported you and helps you. >> speaking for so many.
2:46 am
update on a mission to bring his family home and so many others and what they are facing and army veteran, senator joni ernst on what the taliban's return to power means for afghan women. marcus l, the lone survivor, shares his message for those who lost their lives and gave so much of their body to the longest war and newt gingrich react to president biden's defense of the failures of pulling troops out. lara logan knows more about afghanistan than anybody else. the fight still goes on. lara trump and what the vice president is doing, going to vietnam instead of speaking out, retired police chief james craig will discuss the third in violent crimes in major cities as he fights for national office. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends" in 14 minutes.
2:47 am
jillian: the taliban and takes over afghanistan us weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists. gop lawmakers are demanding a full accounting of equally left behind in afghanistan. here with reaction is congresswoman nancy mace. i want to pull a quote from nancy pelosi, this is what happens when you withdraw, what is used by the afghan military to do that. the fact that he did not and could not was all the more reason for us to leave. your reaction and why you think it is necessary that we do this, a full accounting of everything. >> if that were the case, then perhaps we should have taken that equipment, demolished some of that equipment so it did not get into the hands of terrorists and they would not be using arms and ammunition but this is what
2:48 am
happens in this happened previously. we've not learned these lessons and the exit strategy falls squarely on president biden and his administration. we left behind thousands of american civilians, thousands of our allies on the ground, translators who helped our soldiers and their families, this is a complete and utter failure and a disgrace that after the military leaves than our civilians get an email telling them to go to the airport at their own peril so they can get a flight out of kabul. i don't understand how this could happen at all. >> the us embassy, guarantee safe passage to the kabul airport. the united states government cannot ensure safe passage to the karzai international airport. the situation changes quickly including at the airport. that is happening in kabul. let's look at the photographic
2:49 am
from hhs secretary alejandro mayorkas, individuals who are eligible ruler seive release more swiftly while those were not eligible will be removed. we are talking at the southern border. we are building an immigration system designed to ensure due process, respect and dignity and promote equity. they are trying to speed up this process at the southern border but telling those stuck in afghanistan the we can't help you get to the airport. these are people we promised to keep safe. >> a bare minimum we have 10 to 15,000 american civilians stuck in kabul. we don't know because president biden will not answer questions from the media or the press during his gravest and darkest foreign-policy disaster. he will not answer questions from members of congress. struggled to get information and
2:50 am
data on what is truly going on and we are reading reports of the uk and britain soldiers rescuing their folks from houses, from homes in kabul, we can't even do that. we can't safeguard their passage. we have women and children who are stranded trying to get to the airport who are turned away, the reports i have seen, this is an utter failure. it is a disgrace and we need an accounting from members of congress. we need to know what the plan is, how to get these people out and get them home, should not have removed our military before we remove noncombatants. i don't understand how this happened. jillian: thank you very much for joining us this morning. neil: let's get to meteorologist adam klotz. >> reporter: the tropics are busy and continue to look like that not just today but as we head into the weekend, more
2:51 am
systems to pay attention to. one that is weakening, this was fred in upstate new york, heavy rain early this morning no longer a tropical storm, still rainmaker. farther south in the caribbean this is hurricane grace making landfall as we speak, 80 miles an hour, it will run back into the gulf of mexico before making landfall in central mexico. then there's another tropical storm that will become a hurricane, henry. this one we will pay close attention to, wents 85 miles an hour moving east northeast at 17 miles an hour. we expect a sharp turn, this will be running up the east coast this weekend. a lot of indecision with it but maybe making landfall as a hurricane on the east coast near boston. this is early but this is the important one to watch.
2:52 am
>> veteran serving in congress to save our afghan allies from the taliban. todd: navy seal chris kyle's widow joins us next. for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ mmm, licorice records. wonka, digital workflows for it tell us this machine needs updating... kids don't really have records anymore... but it tastes better on vinyl... .
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♪ of. jillian: as the taliban continues to take over afghanistan, veterans in congress are working around the clock to try to make sure our allies can flee the country. todd: lawmakers warning any assistance to americans is a death sentence. taya kyle widow of chris kyle. here is a quote from congressman brian mast people are coming to us in desperation to let somebody fall through the cracks is a death sentence. it's a death warrant for the crime of helping america. look, taya, the concept of never leaving a fellow soldier behind is so paramount to our men and women in uniform. why does this white house seem to ignore that? >> it's a great question. i think at the end of the day i have given it a lot of thought like a lot of people have.
2:57 am
i think the bottom line is that president biden has been a career politician. and he does not. he is so disconnected from our military, i don't think he has a sense of what that actually is. i believe that this administration has no real understanding of the people who serve in the military and what it's like for allies of ours and what it's like for translators and afghanistan. the people who risked their lives to help us. i think at the end of the day they are thinking about a political decision without considering the human element at all. jillian: at a a first of all, i'm so sorry for your loss and, you know, as someone who has suffered that enormous loss, i also know it's a big sacrifice on the family. so, for that, we are sorry for everything that your family has had to endure. you know, there are so many families out there who are feeling so many different things these last few days. i want to play a little clip here. this is from a gold star wife who says afghanistan's collapse feels like another funeral. this is jane wharton, take a listen. >> it feels like another
2:58 am
funeral. i realize today this was more emotions than i have ever dealt with in my life and that is saying something for someone whose loved one was killed in war. jillian: what would you have to say to her this morning. >> so, i have talked to some widows and some veterans, obviously, about this. and i really want to encourage them to think about the impact that their loved ones did make. i know in a lot of ways it's easy to say that the president's decision erased all the good we did. but, if we can imagine being that person and i have been there where i needed hope, we provided that for a couple of decades. that doesn't take away the devastation and the chaos that's happening right now in afghanistan. but i do believe that people who sacrifice their lives and limbs in the war against terror still can be proud of the fact that they gave a lot and they helped a lot of people there are 70% of the afghanistan population under the age of 30. that means from 10 to 30 or for
2:59 am
the 26, whatever that is, these people have enjoyed a different level of life. it hasn't been perfect. but far from what they are going to experience. obviously that's why they're desperately trying to flee the country now. but if i could talk to widows and loved ones of who sacrificed. please don't think they lost their life in vain either. it's not ideal. it's horrible, actually, what's happening now, but their lives still mattered and what they did was very noble. they showed up and did what 9% of us would never do. todd: before we let you go. 20 seconds before we have to hand it off to "fox & friends." rub many are you confident the white house turned the situation around the administration unfortunately has set us up china in partnership already with the taliban or at least
3:00 am
communication let's say and it wouldn't be add suffered to think after the trillions of minerals afghanistan is sitting on under taliban control. jillian: thank you for your words there, very powerful. and, again, we are sorry for everything your family has had to go through. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos, i don't know how that happens. >> he broke his promise and he left my family and other american allies behind. >> during a speech about covid-19, biden took no questions at all. >> byron donalds responded tweeting, quote: this isn't incompetent leadership this is no leadership. >> today fallen chicago police officer ella french will be laid to rest. her partner officer carlos was left -- >> thank you for your support


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