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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 19, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. our thoughts, prayers, love, support are with the people in afghanistan, and we pray we get you home soon. our prayer is for all of you tonight. in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled. laura takes it from here. it fr here. >> laura: i enjoyed your interview with president trump. it was good to have him on camera. it laura: i enjoyed your interview with donald trump, it was good to have a camera, not the good on the phone. you know what i'm saying? better to have him on camera and i -- i watched every minute and don't think i prepared for my show enough. >> you've been doing a great job in your coverage. laura: we will pick up where you left off. see you tomorrow. this is the ingraham angle.
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a shocking and dangerous dynamic is at play in washington tonight with the afghanistan debacle unfolding it is obvious we have no one in our government competent enough to manage the situation and answer simple questions. what i'm finding is the more president biden speaks on this the less reassured we are. 's top pentagon brass are no better. they continue to dazzle us with ineptitude. from covid to couple we will hit all angles tonight but first meet president biden is the focus of tonight's angle. president biden may sit in the oval office today but it is worth remembering that for most of his political career he has been an unserious laughingstock. up until 2020 his own party never took him seriously as a potential presidential candidate. is first failed presidential bid was in the 1988 election but he
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only ended up providing fodder for johnny carson back then and when biden tried running again in 2008 he was almost totally ignored. 's most memorable moment was insulting the man who would eventually win the democratic nomination. >> the first mainstream american who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. that is a storybook. >> in 2016 the democratic party never considered giving by the nomination and that despite the fact he had been obama's vp for eight years. they knew he was not up to the task, the party and the media wanted hillary. so they made sure everyone remembered uncle joe. >> one vice president joe biden
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squeeze the shoulder carter's like stephanie and later whispered in her ear the hashtag biden pickup line made the rounds on twitter. >> biden's gaffes stealing spotlight from speculation about his presidential aspiration. biden has become a punchline. laura: biden clinch the 2020 nomination because obama was term limited and biden disgrace to the field of candidates was abysmal. biden is a third stringer, always has been. the guy you trot out for fundraisers or speeches to the local union hall, not the person you put in charge at the white house. this week on two locations he looked like the president in retreat really running away from the podium. say what you want about trump but no one ever doubted for second that he was in charge and
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in control of any situation. >> i spoke on numerous occasions to the head of the television and told them up front before we start let me tell you right now that if anything bad happens to americans or anybody else or you ever come over to our land we will hit you with a force no country has ever been hit with before. >> he actually had a plan for an orderly withdrawal of personnel and allies from afghanistan which biden promptly tore up and threw in the trashcan but now thousands of americans are stranded with no clear way of safely getting to the kabul airport and they are at the mercy of the taliban and of course president biden wants you to believe this whole mess was completely unavoidable. >> you don't think it could've been handled in any way, no mistakes? >> i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- we are going to go back and 9 second
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look at the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos and suing i don't know how that happens. laura: isn't he supposed to know something? the most experienced foreign policy president ever, wasn't that how they sold them to us but the man is obviously not in charge, he's out to lunch or ice cream or whatever he does. if biden those nothing he should have a chairman of the joint chiefs who could fill in the blanks but no. >> the timeframe for rapid collapse was estimated from weeks, months and years following our departure. there was nothing i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days.
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>> any astute civilian following the war knew the afghan army was rife with corruption and weak on performance but when you press millie on how this happened, most sophisticated military thinkers, national security thinkers in the world how this happened he just gets annoyed. >> prefer not to discuss any operations other than what we're doing now. another time we can discuss that. i'm not going to discuss branches of our current operation. >> there will be many poorest modems on this topic but right now was not the time. >> olympic the general millie was droning on about white rage and now he is the one who looks angry and irritated. how to men like this become generals or the problem is this is exactly how people become generals. but at least millie will always have jimmy. >> this is not a mission they
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wanted. they are doing their best to the difficult mission had to them by the miscalculations of civilian leaders. laura: if millie gave you the willies, austen seems lost in the moment. >> capability to go out and collect americans. >> we don't have the capability to collect large numbers of people. >> to the americans in harm's way, no promises, but a call uber. for the first humans washington and the rest of the world willing to give biden's people a chance but that is over now. and some in the media which is been his only real base of support for the past year even the media are starting to turn on him. >> the execution is not what the president only a few weeks earlier had anticipated. he said exactly the opposite would occur. this raises questions about president biden's credibility right now.
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imagine if this was all happening under a trump presidency, just how different would the reaction from democrats be. >> the press may be surprised but we are not. the incompetence on display for the world to see is exactly what we expected from biden who has been bubbling his way across washington for five decades. the stakes are very high and the guy the democrats nominated is the one person who couldn't function as a real president. he is just an old guy who comes out from time to time and read statements other people have to write for him. in terms of domestic policy the real power flow to the whole, to schumer, nancy pelosi, aoc and their donors. in terms of foreign policy real power will simply leave the united states altogether. the major players will be the
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european union and the ccp and biden's people will be told to go along with whatever decisions the grown ups making that is the angle. joining the army colonel doug macgregor, senior fellow at the american conservative. what your reaction when you are top generals like millie say there was no intel that would indicate that afghanistan would fall so fast? >> is complete nonsense. anybody who spend any time on the ground in afghanistan will tell you more than half the soldiers are illiterate. as you pointed out they swim in the sea of corruption, the notion this army was going to hold up for any length of time without a significant american military presence on the ground and significant military presence in the chris nonsense. is not telling the truth. laura: i heard from someone en route that they are not even really sure there were in the
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end 300,000 afghan soldiers. i'm sure you heard the same thing that a lot of the money left the country a long time ago and was sold out by the americans to fund this and we don't have a good handle on where those billions of dollars went. are you concerned about that? >> at this point it is academic unfortunately. we never had more than 60,000 afghan troops on the ground on any given day in the place for reasons you've already cited. the tragedy here is much of the strategic withdrawal could have done very differently. we actually know how to conduct strategic withdrawals, you put a covering force in with superior firepower, you have forces on the ground that are there to protect american citizens until they are out and no one leaves on the military side until all the citizens of been evacuated and you have mobile forces, helicopter born infantry,
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airmobile infantry and you should have some armor on the ground to make approaching the airfields impossible. we know how to do these things, we know how to pre-position aircraft and logistics and medical support. none of this was done and these are things we teach in the staff colleges. what are these people doing? what is millie doing? what is the secretary of defense doing? what is general mckenzie done? laura: a lot of their time has been spent on the stand down of our forces to examine potential us extremism within the ranks after january 6th so they were focusing on a threat to america but their focus is on trump supporters or people who are questionable on politics it seems, didn't have their eye on the prize of how to get out of afghanistan.
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>> we have the most expensive military establishment in the world and the american people are getting a glimpse of it right now and it is not good. i don't think this force is ready to do much of anything and the corruption and rot runs very deep. you remove mckenzie, remove millie, there are 20 more versions of those people standing in line waiting to take over. these are political lapdogs who cultivated political friends to reach four stars in order to enrich themselves in retirement, these people are a disaster, this is the tip of the iceberg that americans need to understand because it is going to get worse from here. jillian: laura: a friend of mine said to americans realize we haven't won a war outright in 75 years. 77 years. >> not the fault of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and
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marines, the people who run the place of the problem. laura: a bbc journalist reported the afghan ambassador says the afghan president escaped the country with 169 million us dollars in bags but we don't have verification of this but given what we saw of cash leaving iraq, a wheelbarrow of cash i guess no one would be surprised. >> these are the wonderful people that general david petraeus and general dempsey and general allen and general mattis and ranks of senior officers have been telling us our wonderful are doing a brilliant job. they've taken us to the cleaners and the american people lost trillions of dollars. the bad news is i doubt anyone will be held accountable and we
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need to remember where there is no accountability there is no performance and what you are seeing today, no performance. laura: the sad thing is when you meet these young men and women, a friend of mine's son just graduated, these are amazing young men and women. they deserve better than this. >> absolutely. people who are general officers now overwhelmingly are unworthy of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines they command. laura: fantastic conversation, thank you. it is frightening, a briefing with secretary austin in general millie, this administration's rank incompetence, fox news can report a few weeks ago the biden
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state department dissolved its contingency and crisis response bureau so is the taliban is gaining ground, biden epstein killed the trump your program to oversee the evacuation of americans from crisis zones around the world. one more reason my next guest is a man named biden's national security team resigns, andy barr joins me now. you heard colonel mcgregor. he said if your place guys like millie and austen there are lines of others just like them ready to take their place. >> the biden administration's national security teams debacle botched withdrawal from afghanistan i think will go down as one of the most embarrassing, disastrous and predictable foreign policy blunders of our lifetime. embarrassing because it is a slap in the face to the brave
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men and women who protected our homeland, deployed overseas in afghanistan the last 20 years and it is telling that there will be more boots on the ground in afghanistan now than when the biden administration took office in january and disastrous because it made the american people less safe. what we saw and witnessed over the weekend was the largest jailbreak of hardened terrorists in the entire war on terror when bagram was overrun by the taliban and all those prisoners were released and finally was predictable because the national security team, they had the intelligence, congress and especially members of the house foreign affairs committee were briefed by the biden administration itself and early in the summer we knew, we were told it was not only likely but probable that this -- laura: you just said something in direct contradiction to what millie said today.
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he said there were wild estimates but no one was thinking it was going to happen that fast. that's not true. >> it is not true. common sense suggests so. president biden is blaming everyone, his blaming donald trump, the afghan national army, the intelligence community but the intelligence community was briefing members of congress on a bipartisan basis, the problems that were materializing as a result of the safety retreat, unplanned retreat and members of both parties were asking but if the taliban was going to take control of kabul but what was the administration's response when they did it. democrats and republicans were asking what was going to happen to the women and girls, we were warning about vacating and evacuating before we could extricate the us military and
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civilian personnel and what were we going to do about special immigrant visas for the afghans. those were the problems members questions -- congress were asking. and reaction to the briefings that made it very clear well into the summer but even early in the summer that this was going to be a total disaster. laura: a slow-moving car crash times 1 million or more. general millie revealed today who is in charge of evacuating americans. >> the state department is working with the taliban and to facilitate safe passage of american citizens to the airport and that is the primary means. laura: relying on the good graces of the taliban. either they cut a deal with the taliban we don't know about or we are making a another disastrous calculation. >> noticed incompetence but how
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humiliating it is to hear our national security leaders saying we are relying on the taliban and. the problem is these leaders are more focused on reengineering the military to be a woke organization dedicated to diversity quotas and climate change and teaching critical race theory as opposed to doing what the military and the national security apparatus should be focused on and that is a successful drawdown from afghanistan and winning mores and clearly this administration has forgotten the basic mission of national security. laura: we need major reform of the us military. most of the top brass have to be fired, you called for the resignation on national security side, there has to be accountability number one. thank you. now why is the us so gung ho on
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wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: we have only just laura:.
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inserted to resettle the thousands of afghans qualify for special visas the democrats want to open the floodgates to many more. >> we left the refugee camps. we have to have a cap that allows more refugees to come into the united states which we cannot abandon these individuals and we have to make sure they are transported out of afghanistan because it is a dangerous situation. >> do they know what they are inviting along with good people? my next guest says europe's experience with refugees especially afghans should give americans pause. a few years ago is refugee advocate she watched the climate devastating europe and the same thing could happen here. the director of medicine analytics and author of civil democratic influence. tell us what we need to know
12:26 am
about europe's experience with afghan refugees who began to be settled years ago. >> this was the wave that started in 2014 and the definition of that wave was they were expecting syrian refugees but instead what happened was a huge wave of refugees from a number of other countries including places in africa but princely pakistan and a large number from afghanistan had mixed in with that collection of refugees moving towards europe and was able to cross the borders in a situation that was very chaotic and the consequence was because these turned out to be not syrians, the germans were expecting these are going to be syrian families. there is the stereotype of the syrian doctor who was going to establish himself in germany. laura: it was in this big group
12:27 am
of refugees. in particular my friends in sweden are basically socialists that they've become very anti-refugee because of the crime, impossibly bad. >> they were young men, let's talk about the afghans. they represent a large chunk of that in the 20s and 30s and came alone without any families or women accompanying them. they came from rural areas in the culture shock of life in europe, the freedoms, the status of women, these things completely knocked them into a trauma caused them to join criminal gangs. jillian: what about the vetting? >> there was no vetting. laura: do you think there's going to be vetting or chaos at the airports?
12:28 am
people are showing pieces of paper, i work for this contractor, if you're bringing in - >> there is a different problem in europe as there is here. there's an important difference that is similar got totally lost in that if we don't recapture we are going to have enormous trouble and that is when i worked in the refugee topic it was perfectly clear legally administratively in every way that there were two categories, there were refugees and migrants and that is still the case legally but somehow the two categories have gotten totally conflated and that's causing a lot of this problem. refugee was somebody who could not stay in their place of residence because it wasn't safe for a variety of reasons, could be war, could be drought, could be famine. they were relocated as close to their home as possible temporarily with the goal being to return to their home as soon as possible. somehow a migrant, the
12:29 am
definition of migrant was somebody the country of immigration want or needed. they said we know we need electricians or workers or whatever it is and we are going to bring in a certain -- we are visas for them. jillian: everyone qualifies. >> it is a terrible idea. these young men weren't happy either, they ended up in jail, they and helping gangs, addicted to drugs which it wasn't a happy outcome for them or their families. and they stayed in the region and been repatriated -- laura: that seems to be what you believe should be happening here, that most of the refugees should be housed at least temporarily in the uae or egypt or nearby, more culturally and to the local population. >> in europe you had a
12:30 am
demographic that was uneducated young males from rural areas, the demographic of afghans poised to come to the us is different and has a different set of problems, their set of problems is by creating this panic you are describing earlier, evacuating the us embassy as if the sky was falling, sending additional troops, we sent a message the situation is about the call's, blood flowing through the streets and everyone has to get out right away combined with messages on tick-tock that all you had to do was get to the airport, didn't need paperwork or anything and the front of the us or canada. laura: europe's experience. >> investment of 20 years, $2 trillion is not only lost in terms of the military, we saw the results of that investment,
12:31 am
they didn't fight for their country for one day, they collapsed and ran away and emptying civil society, we spent 20 years educating people. laura: we've got to go but fascinating, we will have you back, this will be an ongoing issue and based on your best struggling experience, should we be demanding answers now about how the vetting of these refugees, migrants in some cases would be done so the drawdown was announced, center for immigration studies since then was monitoring a number of bills that would speed up the resettlement process to the determined of our safety, some being considered mean applicants would no longer have to show they performed sensitive and trusted work to qualify, would no longer have to show they are at risk of the state in afghanistan. the number of visas available would nearly double and the need for applicants that the medical screening for contagious
12:32 am
diseases for entry would be eliminating. years art arthur of the center for immigration studies. you feel it, right, the pools are going to be thrown out the window and the floodgates open. >> there's a huge impetus for that right now. it is crucial to knows when it comes to vetting first you have to identify the person and then you have to have access to some records that will tell you something about that person, donald trump putting his wrist travel restrictions, the reason for this travel restrictions was because we couldn't identify people, we couldn't get access to documents and some of those governments were hostile. now we're in a situation where we have an afghan government that is not going to give us information about people who are coming here and our ability to identify many of those people particularly the ones who didn't work directly with the united
12:33 am
states government will be next to impossible. we are not going to know whether they have criminal records or terrorist ties, we are not going to know anything about them at all and yet there's a huge push to bring large numbers of them into the united states and that's a big problem. laura: i saw someone on facebook making an interesting point that in 9/11 you had all the use loopholes or gaping holes in our system that were exploited by saudi hijackers, they knew they go to a school they could stay or switch their visa or overstay their visa and is concerned that there's going to be vulnerabilities. the very least there's going to be an opportunity to game the system. who want to game the system or but people want to do is on. people think that's not a contingency, you don't need to make an contingency plan for that either? >> there was the major finding
12:34 am
of the 9/11 commission report, that there were loopholes, they were identified by people who want to do us harm and they were exploited. i'm concerned the same thing is going to happen here. we remember a few years ago, individuals who were infiltrating the strings of migrants to germany, the same could happen here. quite frankly and unfortunately it is probably likely to happen and we are not going to know about it until it is too late. >> belgium, germany, sweden, six eu countries have been asking to resume deportation of afghan migrants before this whole thing went down and some of them still want to send these people back but the eu commission on human rights can't do it, too dangerous but they been trying to deport as many people as they can as quickly as they can.
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we've got to roll, have you back soon. america medication strategy, biden or the taliban, raymond the royal has it, seen and unseen is next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for "seen and unseen" seen and unseen we expose the cultural stories of the day, raymond arroyo, the taliban has been doing quite the media blitz. >> you could call it the legitimization tour, cable network are delighted to welcome them. went out and spokesman shows up he is treated like henry kissinger. >> the afghan ambassador says the televangelist carryout max excuses go what the response of these allegations that your forces are committing these atrocities. >> these are totally baseless, totally wrong.
12:41 am
to sway the opinion of the world against us. if someone will go from door to door posing as telegram and a telegram. >> will you allow elections to happen in afghanistan? will you allow women to participate in politics? it seems we may have lost our connection. >> i think he lost the connection when he started. reporters with blinders on. the taliban is a mob of fighters said by a narrow religious ideology the regards women as less than men, less than human. it is a deeply held conviction and under their rule women in afghanistan are going to be forced to wear the burqa and subjected to authoritarianism.
12:42 am
welcome to sharia law. i resent the way we cover this because the viewer has no context. if you don't understand it is a religious civil conflict you don't understand. laura: the same taliban and spokesman sat with a female anchor in an attempt to portray a more moderate face. >> he claimed the rights of women would be respected within the framework of -- laura: that is accurate. >> won't be respected. that is network's fall for the softer, gentler taliban. he is blasting propaganda on twitter, saying the islamic emirate of afghanistan is going to be protecting personal property and considers protection of lives the nation's primary responsibility for the problem with all of this is while the boot trump off of social media they are protecting the taliban and. i thought social media platforms
12:43 am
were here to protect us from misinformation. the group of bad boys at cnn won't abide this doubletalk. if you don't wear a mask they will bust you. >> this guy going after this woman, take off your mask on the subway, i believe in freedom. >> i can't believe the new york city subway -- i know that wouldn't be the best of us. i was getting ready for the song try jesus. >> try jesus don't try me. >> i throw hands. as i say play lotto. >> you thought the cuomo boroughs were bad. don lemon couldn't tune up the
12:44 am
viewer much less a man in a subway. >> chris cuomo's dance moves, he does have some moves. a nice little move he had. >> he has some moves. was worse? a guy taking a mask off on a subway or guy who knows he has covid biking all over the neighborhood and when a biker comes up to him and says wait a minute, you can't be here you have covid he reacted this way. >> i don't want a loser biker to pull over and get in my face and in my space and talk to me. i don't want to hear it. >> using this mask is okay, somebody should tune up chris cuomo, he exposed people to covid, didn't just take a mask off. laura: my favorite performance was when he crawled up his stairs proclaiming himself to be
12:45 am
free, still sweaty, and my feverish? when he recovered from covid it was out and about earlier in the day. >> television comes in many forms. >> tomorrow raymond will join us with a report on how the vaccine mandates, we will see you tomorrow doctor fauci was showing for vaccine booster shots ignoring actual science, we will explain it in moments. i will bless those who bless you
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>> ♪ ♪ >> the current data that indicate that antibodies levels decline over time all of this immunological data that indicates anybody -- antibody levels decline. all of this supports the use of the third booster immunization to increase the overall level of protection. not to downplay the ultimate potential importance of t cells but if you look at the relationship between antibodies and vaccine efficacy it looks pretty good. saying good, not to downplay the importance of t cells, that's exactly what he's doing, sounds completely ignored about natural and acquired immunity, associate professor of viral immunology at
12:51 am
the university as received a grant early in the pandemic to the research on the vaccine. you've made a lot of waves of is showing your appearances but i need you to react to this comment by fauci, kind of dismissing are cavalierly referencing the t or b cell memory immunity. do we need these never-ending booster shots? >> the comment about the t cells from the get-go t cells been downplayed the emphasis has been on antibiotics and this is frustrating, when we naturally respond to viruses our t cell responses typically are relatively low to moderate magnitude which are antibody response is most effective, extracellular pathogens, most bacteria live outside ourselves, viruses which infect ourselves where antibodies can't get at
12:52 am
them, therefore the factors the immune system relies on are the t cells. that said, we neutralize antibodies to block the virus and prevented from getting into a cell but you want to balance response with t cells as well as in terms of this waning immunity this is frustrating, this is a concern i've been expressing over a year starting when i was asked what is the typical timeline for develop vaccines. i will tell you when i teach immunology one of the things i do with my students, i put up a table of vaccines and highlight for them examples of high-quality vaccines and poor quality vaccines and the vaccine where the immunity wanes after 6 months is a very poor quality vaccine. this is not an ideal product. >> you made the point that is worth revisiting and we heard it
12:53 am
again today that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the pandemic of the unvaccinated, kept saying that. is that accurate in your estimation? >> absolutely not. i know one of the messages hand-in-hand with this is the unvaccinated and driving the emergence of dangerous new variants. it is the reverse. solid scientific principles would suggest that and in fact the concern notably if we look at data emerging from israel because israel is head of the world in use of a lot of these vaccines, remarkably in the context of the delta variant the efficacy of the pfizer vaccine dropped below 50% and if you recall the promise to us was these vaccines would not receive approval for emergency use unless they were more than 50%
12:54 am
effective so these vaccines dropped below the expected level of protection, this is just in only eight month these vaccines are already out of date, that's one of the questions, whether it is due to waning immunity which it very but could be another potential issue is does the delta variant achieved some immuno evasive potential as well so i suspect both of those factors are at play but regardless what the exact mechanisms are the vaccine is out of date. >> thank you for joining us. this will never end, masks forever. just trudeau and insanity of the modern left, the last bite.
12:55 am
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>> laura: if you thought the american left was with considerable they give you canadian minister justin
1:00 am
trudeau. >> it is the example of the kinds of things you need to do and turn it into a recovery. >> have you checked his estrogen levels? that's all the time we have to make, don't forget to set your dvr every night, you don't want to miss the show. greg gutfeld takes it from here. [screaming] todd: it is thursday august 19th, horrifying images from afghanistan showing what life is like under taliban rule. >> thousands of stranded americans being told to leave immediately. the problem is they can't guarantee they will make it home safely, the president insists this is all part of the plan. neil: you are watching "fox and friends first".


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