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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 18, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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states at a minimum will do whatever it takes to ensure that we get our people to safety and complete a successful operation at that airport of evacuation, i think is a terrible dereliction of duty. >> neil: it stands out. john hannah, thanks very much. the president says -- it's about shots. >> hello. i'm jesse waters with dagen mcdowell, geraldo rivera, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president biden dodging the media just a few moments ago on the nightmare he created in half again stan. instead, the president sitting down with abc and claims he has no regrets on how things unfolded. >> we've always seen the
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pictures, the hundreds of people packed into a c-17. we've seen afghans -- >> that was five days ago. >> what did you think when you first saw the pictures? >> i thought we have to gain control of this. we have to move this more quickly. we have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport. we did. >> sir, you don't think this could have been handled better in any way? no mistake? >> no. i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- we're going to go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. >> while biden says that, americans can't get out of afghanistan. the biden administration says they want everybody out. can't guarantee the safety of people trying to get to the kabul airport because the taliban control all the checkpoints. that comes as we get new horrific images of the terror
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group's brutality. you're warned, what we're about to show you is tough to look at. people being beaten and bloodied in the streets including woman and children and people fleeing after gun shots broke out when the taliban shot into a crowd trying to break up a protest. so i was shocked, dana, that he didn't take questions. instead went to a former clinton guy, george stephanopoulos and then he said he couldn't have done it any better. >> i found the president's speech strange. i understand covid is an important topic. but i do think there was a discordant note here. we have the interview with george stephanopoulos. i don't think he changed anything that he said from sunday. also when he said that the horrific images from the airport were four or five day ago, man. it was two days ago and it was up until recently it was still happening. there's this big disconnect.
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he said nothing could have been different. then you look in the media. what do you see? well, it's without sourcing, anonymous sources, but it's clear that general milley wants to make clear that he wanted 2,500 troops. secretary austin told the president that full withdrawal could lead to instability. the intelligence community had been warning biden for months. that wasn't classified. you could have read that on the front page of any national newspaper. we all knew. then you have the secretary of state and the national security adviser making it clear that they warned and potential taliban attacks on u.s. diplomats and allies. thought it was discordant. the secretary of defense indicates that they have better control over it. what is strange, i saw the state department briefing. sounds like the taliban was not allowing people through and then we have our own reporting. people that now they have cell phones and they can call and
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telling people that they know in the united states saying i can't get out. >> let's listen to the secretary of defense, lloyd austin today explain what he thinks he's able to do in afghanistan. run it. >> i will draw a distinction between extracting someone in an extremist condition or circumstance versus going out and collecting up large numbers of american citizens. we don't have the capability to collect up large numbers of people. >> so geraldo, the secretary of defense, the united states of america, says they don't have the capability to bring americans home from a war zone unless they themselves get to the airport. which, by the way, the taliban control. >> can i just say something about the president? ill-timed speech. it was pitful. it was pathetic. i try to give him every due respect. he's the president of the united
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states. i think he's a nice person. what the hell that covid speech had to do with the price of beans in america, i don't know. he delivered it as if someone said here's a good idea. why don't you speak about the covid booster and take their minds off of what they're seeing on the tv news. so what the hell did some adviser tell him? he was blinking and missing words and -- i thought it was really discordant. in terms of what general milley and secretary austin were saying, i think that they understand now that they are at the fulcrum of history. they were in charge when something happened, a debacle occurred that will resonate for generations. they were the people there in charge. for them, i think it's a lot of cover your ass going on right now. a lot of scrambling going on in
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dc. there's an understanding of the monumental nature of this screw-up. me, i look back. i go back to the bagram thing. i spent so much time there. quick story. i remember being in bagram where a g.i., a big strapping 6'5" g.i. had all of these tubes in him at the hospital, which was state of the art and he had no head. they were keeping him alive. i know bagram. there's a wendy's, mcdonalds, this and that. why in the world they didn't keep bagram air field with the secure perimeter, with its track record of being impregnable from the soviet times. and to trade that for kia which is chaotic and a mess. so now this idea of the taliban not letting people through to the airport, that's where the rubber meets the road.
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if the taliban expects to be a member of the family of nations, if they expect credit and international aid, if they expect membership in any of these international organizations, they better let these people free. they have to let the people get to the airport where our logistical army and so forth is now up to muster and can evacuate 5,000 to 9,000 a day. >> so now the taliban basically travel agents, right? you have to say mohammed, you know, i'd like to get to the kabul international at 4:00. what do i need to do to get there. we're relying on the taliban to get out of the country. >> because of joe biden's failure. let's make that clear. there's tens of thousands of afghan allies of ours that are not just around kabul that are in the south and the east as well. so americans are stranded in a nation now run by barbarians.
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i want to pickup on one thing. geraldo, with milley and austin's briefing, they said our order was to protect the embassy. we had to collapse bagram because it exceeded our forces. they're beginning to point the finger at president biden, quite frankly. you used the word "pitful" about biden. that is something that is worthy of our pity. he's not worthy of anything. he's a failure in deed and now word to get up in front of the american people and say nothing about the americans and allies stranded in afghanistan and the disaster that unfolds in front of our faces. there's a reason why the people that knew joe biden best kept him in arm's lengths. obama and all of the bigd cronies, they didn't want him to run in 2016. they didn't endorse him in
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2020initially. they didn't want their image sullied and hitch their wagon to in disaster. he's completely incompetent. we have seen this all along. this is a show sold to us by the media who lied about trump for four years. >> greg? >> thank god they hid hunter biden's laptop. what did we learn from the president? we learned that ron desantis is worse than the taliban. that's what he believes. president biden, the democratic party, desperately need a country to be scared of covid orrer that going to lose the grip on the presidency. they're going to lose their power. they're in huge trouble right now. he's -- he might be a more tally wounded president from this. so given this massive breaking news, this came off as a wholly
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desperate tactic. it's like during the rise of a pandemic deciding you're going to initiate an impeachment against trump or during a crime epidemic you focus on white supremacy. it's all about distracting. i'm relieved that the u.n. issued a strongly worded letter to the taliban. you know, that's something that the taliban would respect. i would have wished a singing telegram or a stripper gram. it does reveal how arrogant and idiotic these people are. when you go higher and higher in power, you realize it's like high school. >> that was me. >> was that you? >> yes. >> you find out the people that you expect to be smart and capable are the same jack againsts that you saw in home run. for the u.n. to send that letter, they have to believe that they'll have an impact. like if you're in the media, you
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think you can affect britney spears conservatorship. if we do that story often enough, they might change. we have to get out of this mindset that somehow we can dismantle the patriarchy. >> what a waste of money. >> yeah. >> 15 seconds. general milley saying he had to choose between the embassy and bagram. bagram had to go. you see they mustered the 82nd air force? marine expeditionary forces, british special forces. can you -- why didn't they go to bagram? >> they were positioned to go to bagram if they want to. hold bagram, hold a place that is defensive. not the alamo. >> they said it was a tactical decision recommended to them by
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the commander on the ground in afghanistan. that guy is under the bus. up next, the ridiculous of example of big tech bias. twitter refusing to ball taliban terrorists after censoring conservatives. ♪♪ ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team?
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♪♪ >> geraldo: taliban yes, trump no. pretty bizarre how twitter is okay with taliban thugs posting sick propaganda on a the platform while at the same time censoring conservative voices
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like the former president. in fairness to big text, facebook, youtube, ticket, they prohibit the taliban from using their sites. but twitter says the taliban is free to tweet as long as they follow the rules and not too violent. jesse, i have to say that i have a mere 330,000 followers. >> jesse: that's it? >> geraldo: that's it. it's like nothing. the taliban leader has 310,000 followers. ladies and gentlemen, i am begging you, add geraldo rivera. it does smack of bias against trump particularly. >> jesse: does it? so stalin, if this had been in the age of twitter, would have -- after killing 25 million people would have been able to be on twitter as long as he
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didn't violate their terms of service. that's what twitter is saying. the atrocities have been documented. taliban cuts off women's fingers for using nail polish. they stone you to death, kill homosexuals with cinder blocks. every friday evening, they bring everybody into a soccer stadium and have the crowd watch people get beheaded. donald trump called don lemon dumb but he didn't cut legs off in front of a crowd. >> greg: not that you know of. >> jesse: it's worse than watergate. >> geraldo: if i can -- >> jesse: are you really in a pissing contest with the taliban twitter account? >> greg: that's what he made this segment about. >> dagen: can i be your p.r. rep? save that for the next block.
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trust me. >> geraldo: this is from general john f. campbell. >> dagen: i'm running it. >> geraldo: this is big news. >> dagen: that's a tease in tv. >> geraldo: i think in a sense everybody should have -- i don't think that big tech has the ability particularly in the political sphere, dagen, to determine who is appropriate and inappropriate. >> dagen: twitter has the ability and they're getting away from it. they have suffered nothing by banning donald trump. their stock is up 15%. there's no consequences for twitter. the bigger question is if president trump, former decides to run for another term, how do they handle that. in terms of the atrocities committed by the taliban. if you try to show photos of things that the taliban has done to women or the innocent on instagram, your post gets
2:20 pm
deleted. so i think that that is supposed to be news. but instead like an -- like just airbrushed asses all over the place are okay but not actual photos of the horribles of what these terrorists do. >> geraldo: granted. dana, i did receive a note from twitter. i used the f word in responding to something that i really didn't like. as soon as i sent it, i got a notice back, are you sure you want to speak so harshly? have you read the whole note? i said wow, they really -- >> dana: trying to help you protect yourself. >> geraldo: greg's things about robots. it's amazing that their algorithms that are that
2:21 pm
sophisticated. >> dana: they're an american company and they want protects from the regulations coming from europe. maybe not twitter initially but it's happening with google, youtube and facebook. i think that you can rightly call it taliban twitter and get away with it, right? so figure out a way to do that. the other social media companies have a way to maybe do that if they wanted to press their competitive advantage. i think to dagen's point, one, it hasn't hurt twitter at all. twitter has hurt the world. two, i feel like the taliban will probably get banned if they're true to their word by probably by friday. >> geraldo: you do? >> dana: because in terms of atrocities. if they -- >> dagen: the islamic state uses twitter as a recruiting tool for a very long time. posting just horrific images all over it and they only stopped allowing it when they got called out by the media.
2:22 pm
>> geraldo: it's me or the taliban leader. >> greg: start following geraldo. also when he leaves the building. we don't know what he's up to. the taliban is probably disappointing there's no beheading option. you can like and retweet. >> dagen: you sure you want to retweet this beheading. >> greg: twitter is as consistent as trey gowdy's hair. you can rely that their disciplinary procedure goes one way. they mirror the people -- they discipline the people media hates and protect those that the media favors. the "washington post" supports taliban being on twitter as opposed to trump because they follow the rules. you can slaughter women, cut off their fingers, force them to marry fighters. as long as you follow the rules. does that sound familiar? this is what the modern progressive has become. >> jesse: it's about words. >> greg: also about following orders, their orders. it's not about law.
2:23 pm
it's about orders. americans will follow the law. but we don't like orders that much. the other thing, too, it's is strange and hilarious that the taliban is on twitter, period. they want to return to the dark ages as long as they have their cell phones, ar-15s and good wi fi. they're not really living the life of fred flintstone which is what they should be doing. >> geraldo: i have a secret tiny shred of optimism that the taliban does want to be part of the family of nations, that they want international aid and will give reasonable access to the airport by the end of the month. >> greg: i wish i felt that way. they only respond to people that crush them. we didn't have that as an option when we left. but they're going to work with china. why? they know china will crush them. >> jesse: i wish them to china. i hope china embraces them. >> greg: they would erase the
2:24 pm
uighurs. >> geraldo: it's related. uighurs, muslims. >> greg: to my point. >> geraldo: up next, president biden promised to bring america back on the world stage but did he just create a huge embarrassment for himself and us. ♪♪
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2:29 pm
contra ducting biden saying there's no ed that afghanistan could fall apart this fast. >> the intelligence community has assessed that afghanistan will collapse. >> that's not true. >> can you tell us about whether that will happen or not? >> that is not true. they did not reach that conclusion. so the question now is where do they go from here. the jury is still out. the likelihood the taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. >> dagen: general mark milley said this. >> following our departure, there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. >> dagen: dana? >> dana: well, again, already this morning, i went to jesse because i said on the show yesterday, by tomorrow morning
2:30 pm
you'll see stories coming out saying that's not true. it's happened. nbc news had one earlier from the cia. anonymous sources. we'll see if there's hearings on capitol hill. this is one of the questions. one very dangerous thing for any president is to get in a fight with the intelligence community or call them liars or question their work. because any president needs the intelligence community to be on their side and to be working for them, not against them. >> geraldo: what if they screwed up? >> dana: then, again, it's the battle. the empire strikes back. they do it anonymously and the media will take it. the other thing is, yes, president biden did call a world leader but only after the press briefing that jake sullivan the national security adviser did at the white house when the president was asked has he talked to any world leader. no. then on this show that we find out oh, he called boris johnson at 10:00 p.m. u.k. time.
2:31 pm
so the last thing. i don't know if anybody had a chance to see one of the members of parliament that served in afghanistan. he was furious. quietly furious. he might -- these people in britain or even in europe might not have liked the way president trump talked or the way he acted or he's brash or whatever. but they never questioned his courage or his resolve. that's who you saw today in the house of commons. that was a remarkable moment. >> dagen: that's what i was talking about choosing -- the american people choosing personality over policy. over actual substance. greg? >> greg: yeah, you can hate trump and still go he was doing well. like you can accept the deeds and reject the words. i'm going to pull a geraldo here and make it about me. i can hold two thoughts in my head. i can blame joe biden but i can
2:32 pm
also blame myself. because i rightfully supported the counter offensive to 9-11, which i believe is correct. after a few years, i was i paying attention? 2012 or 2013, was i giving the scrutiny needed for something this big? absolutely not. i venture like a lot of people that let this drag out because our lives weren't affected by it. so when this first happened, i felt like i couldn't get angry because that would be performative. i had pretty much lost track of this. however, its on joe as well. he said that america is back. that america is back on the world stage. that was -- up fortunately that show opened and closed in one night last week. it's no surprise because he spent a year claiming the other side, republicans, were fronted ban buffoons. it would be up to him to deliver
2:33 pm
the good. he couldn't. no evidence it could have been worse. pulled off better. i don't think it could get any worse than this and i really hope the critical race theory helped the troops. >> dana: if you think back to 2013, 14, what were we talking ant then? the fact that when president obama basically allowed isis -- it's part of the global war on terror. none of us spent time thinking about the troops based in korea or germany. you don't have to. your government should be doing it for you. >> dagen: this is an argument for another day or a debate, i'd argue that our lives were impacted by what was going on in afghanistan positively no terrorism here. >> greg: in fact, that's part of what i'm saying. i never had to think about it because i never had to think about it. they did their job and did it so well that we forgot that at some point we need a plan to get out of there. we didn't have one.
2:34 pm
>> jesse: nobody everybody was doing a great job in afghanistan. after 20 years, you train an army and it collapses in a summer. you spend that kind of money to prop up 700,000 guys with the best technology, air support, training you can do and you don't have any idea that they're going to get bribed and fall down in a couple weeks? that is terrible intelligence. all of these smart people at the state department, have graduate degrees from yale, undersecretary of policy for near east a fairs. that they could see this? this didn't just take anybody by surprise. if anybody was watching what was really going on on the ground, they could have seen this coming. this line from millie that this happened in 11 days, that is spin. this happened the minute joe biden says we're getting out on
2:35 pm
september 11th with no preconditions. that is when the taliban advance happened and it went day by day and they briefed biden as it happened and they didn't want to do anything about it. he didn't want to tell the american people that he might have to pivot. he stuck to the deadline and he prepositioned people there in case this went to hell. it went to hell and now he's trying to say i planned for this. you don't plan for stranding americans in a war zone. >> dagen: in terms of the 11-day excuse, geraldo before i let you go, milley and austin were asked about this today. they were asked, wait, the taliban was threatening kandahar a month ago. what are you talking about? they didn't answer it. >> geraldo: they've been threatening kandahar for a month. i'm surprised it lasted as long as it did tell you the truth.i want to use this little bit of time for this fox news alert from general campbell, who was the commander in afghanistan who
2:36 pm
was a commander of the 82nd airborne division. he writes "i'm getting hundreds of requests from afghan friends for help. we need a berlin airlift-type mission. 24/7 air craft leaving. we won't get to them until all of the u.s. are out. he's calling for a berlin aircraft-type mission. like petraeus saying it's a dunkirk moment. it's a screw-up. >> dagen: except there's civilians in dunkirk, too: >> geraldo: british army. >> dagen: president biden said booster shots are coming. roll up your sleeves. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> dana: booster shots are coming for americans. the biden administration will roll out a third dose september 20th. they are recommending fully vaccinated adults get another jab eight months after their second shot because of concerns, greg about efficacy waning. >> greg: i'm totally open about the booster shot. that doesn't bother me. what bothers me if you're not blindly accepting the assurances by the government, the media or will view you as anti-vax. if you had every vaccine growing up, you get all the shots growing up every year you get a flu vax and then you go i'm not so sure about this new vaccine. they'll scare you in to silence. they will brand you as somehow
2:42 pm
anti-vax. now it's like you're doing what the government tells you or you're an anti-vax wacko. >> dana: the president did that today. >> greg: yes, exactly. >> dana: in his speech. but there's -- the good news is, dagen, that we have the booster shots available for people that want them and in order to be safe from the virus. >> dagen: i'm going to save this story for gutfeld. >> greg: you're on tonight. >> dagen: but my dad has gotten an early booster. there's a long story. he got a third shot. i'm like have at it. i'm not with you. i don't have to take care of you. >> greg: did he get it in the butt? it hurts in the arm. >> dagen: i don't know if they administer it in the butt. it was in a public place. i hope not. how are the restaurants going to police this? oh, i need to know when the date was on your booster shot.
2:43 pm
>> dana: also, it was strange. they talked about moderna and pfizer, not j&j. >> jesse: i got the j&j and i talked to my doctor and he recommends i get a booster. the j&j is not as great as the moderna. he wants me to get moderna. he thinks it's better than pfizer. he did say it's going to get to a point that you need one of these shots each year like the flu shot. it's efficacious, you not, not like a ten-year thing. it's a one-year deal and it's because it wears off a little bit and there's a lot of delta out there. it's all shaken up. >> dana: i asked my doctor is it okay. because eight months for a lot of people that got their vaccines would be around flu season. i said is there any concern about getting the flu shot at the same time as the booster. my doctor said no. >> geraldo: i thought why don't they mix them up? it's going in the same place anyway to make the flu and the booster one shot. >> jesse: that would hurt.
2:44 pm
aim tough guy. that would hurt. >> geraldo: it's an interesting point. >> dagen: is this how you're trying to up your twitter account? >> geraldo: i was going to talk about greg gutfeld wearing his wife's sneakers. >> jesse: greg cross dressed on "the five." he walks around on a his tippy toes. >> dana: coming up, members of the squad calling to cancel rent. they were raking in thousands of dollars as landlords, this is the best story. finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it.
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. >> greg: squad members that called for cancelling rent during the pandemic raked in thousands of landlords last year. financial disclosures show rasheeda talib made $50,000 and anna presley collected as much as $15,000.
2:49 pm
both backed a bill that would have cancelled rent and mortgage payments nationwide. is this hypocritical or should they have told us? >> dana: they have to tell you. they have financial disclosures. most people don't have to do that. if you're in public office you do. i think it's hilarious but it's also upsetting. these are the biggest proponents of the eviction moratorium. >> greg: did they abide by their own rules? >> dana: no. the urban institute says that it is black and hispanic, small landlords that are more likely to be hurt by the eviction moratorium. likely to have lower incomes, usually have one property and have to rely on that rent collection to pay their own mortgage. that's why president biden said it's unconstitutional is really
2:50 pm
bad. they're hurting the small landlords. those people go bankrupt, who sweeps? the bigger companies and their rent goes up. what do you through? >> jesse: if you live? a smaller property, contact me. i want to hear from you. is your building up to code? is your water not hot enough? i need to know these things. contact my on social media and we doing something with it. >> greg: dagen? >> dagen: i'm worried about these women. they seem confused this wouldn't come out publicly. maybe they don't care. maybe there's cori bush and she's like i need private security so i can take away your security by getting rid of the police. >> greg: it's the rule of the left getting into politics to exempt themselves nor the rules on others. >> dagen: the gutfeld rule. >> greg: and the media thinks they would give them a pass. we're the only ones talking
2:51 pm
about it. >> geraldo: the media does give them a pass. i don't know how it's a scandal involving them. they're landlords -- >> jesse: they could have done it themselves without pushing a law -- >> geraldo: are we sure they did not? >> jesse: they said they collected $50,000. >> dana: they didn't cancel the rent for their own tenants. >> greg: would be hilarious if they were relatives and took their money. >> geraldo: small landlords -- >> greg: one day i'm going to be a small landlord. i can dream. i can't be a tall one. "one more thing" is up next. ♪♪ if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. switch now and get 2 unlimited lines and 2 free smartphones. and now get netflix on us. it's all included with 2 lines for only $70 bucks! only at t-mobile.
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>> jesse: time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: let's do this. shall we? ♪ ♪ >> greg: i like it.
2:56 pm
but, you know, it's okay. when you are out late, you know, tying one on with geraldo, you never know who you are going to run into. i was just driving by 3:00 a.m. walking home i see none other than george clooney. sitting pack, enjoying himself after a long night of partying with supermodels and whatnot. he doesn't have a care in the world. look at him. yep. here you go gutfeld tonight dagen, dagen is on. >> dagen: god help you. >> greg: kat, tyrus. >> jesse: reading list to kill a mockingbird, how i saved the world there won't be a quiz but definitely enrich your brain. if you want to enrich more than your brain, go meet me in the flesh lbi peculiar swap in long beach island, new jersey, tuesday, august 3 st 11 o'clock in the morning. i do wake up in the morning.
2:57 pm
and you can see me there. i'm also going to be able to be seen tonight on "fox news primetime" with will cain where i will probably mention my book. it is still on the "new york times" list. i didn't even promote it last week. i was off. still there. dana? >> dana: that's staying power right there. it's time for this: ♪ ♪ >> crazy tricks. this guy has a lot of tricks. kick the soccer ball right into there he can stick a bumble gum card in between balls. can you guys believe it. >> no, you know we have in this conversation. >> greg: each one of these is done thousands of times. >> dana: i don't care. give them a 9.2. >> greg: i give them a minus 6. >> jesse: waste of time. read my book instead. geraldo?
2:58 pm
>> geraldo: 18 years ago last week erika made me the happiest man on earth. we got married right here central synagogue. it was a small wedding, 450 of my closest friends. lafayette we partied at four seasons restaurant when four seasons was the happeningest restaurant in the city. and we went all the way into the deep into the the night before next morning in honeymoon south of france. >> jesse: who was at the wedding? who was on the guest list? >> geraldo: israeli ambassador. the palestinian representative. we had everybody -- >> jesse: any trouble at the bar? >> geraldo: no. it was the kind. >> jesse: separated. >> geraldo: they were at the same table. my children. >> jesse: can you top that one? >> dagen: hell, no. i don't have any friends. [laughter]
2:59 pm
>> dagen: maybe i don't want you to be my friend, geraldo. i'm just kidding. >> geraldo: i didn't even say anything. >> dagen: happy anniversary. how about that? i have been trolling the internet looking for exernz videos i'm on the road with my two dozen pounds i have gained during code. i discovered this. this is cork 8-year-old atlantic harbor seal that they taught at the aquarium to do crunches. you know what? cork has a better shape than i do right now. i'm kind of the same size all the way down like a giant -- well, seal. deign dagenmcdowell. >> i have a girdle on that's only reason i appear to have a waist. >> dana: i have no waist. my lowest rib and hipbone almost touch. >> jesse: that's because you are short. >> dana: short people can still have a waist.
3:00 pm
i have no waist. >> jesse: does your upper chest just go right to your hips? deign be deign yes. >> jesse: stand up for the audience. god help you. >> greg: is that an h.r. >> jesse: i didn't say anything. you of all people, geraldo. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is up next for bret berry. >> bret: lower hipbone to the rib? >> dana: lowest rib and hipbone almost touch. >> bret: all right. thank you. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight. [gunfire] >> bret: gunshots ring out near the airport in kabul. desperation only growing there as people attempt to flee afghanistan. these graphic photos appear to show the barbaric reality in afghanistan under taliban control. this is the group tries to sell itself as more compassionate; however, saying different things to different people. and now we are hearing of


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