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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 18, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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taking post war refugees seems to have evolved into the early days in washington dc, in 1975 the freshman senator declared i'm tired of hearing about moral obligation the senior he proclaimed the united states has no obligation to evacuate one or 100,001 s. vietnamese. gutfeld next. todd: the state department americans trapped in afghanistan to shelter in place as us citizens and allies face an uncertain fate in telegram controlled streets. the strength. >> president biden cutting the vacation short as the white house admits it is trusting the terror organization itself to allow those evacuations to proceed safely. we have team coverage this morning.
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the president returns, we start with the very latest. and afghanistan's new leadership vowing to present themselves, and many telegram leaders had not been seen in public. someone hadn't been in the country including the founder the taliban who made his way back over the last 24 hours. all this as the telegram seeks to shift to their new world of governing afghanistan after two decades of fighting in the shadows. lots of reports of heavy-handed treatment being dealt by the government including reports that people trying to make their way to the couple airport being beaten back despite italian's pledged to provide free safe
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passage to the airport to anyone who wants to leave, taliban fighters shot and killed a woman for being a public without a burqa, another action not consistent with the pledge that they will respect women's rates. we've been hearing that for a number of days. there is growing concern about the weapons the us left behind, the afghan army, that those weapons of fallen into the arms of the taliban. brian sullivan stated a disturbing picture. >> we don't have a complete picture of where every article of defense materials has gone but a fair amount of it has gone to the taliban and obviously we don't have a sense that they were readily handed over at the airport. >> president biden held his
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first telephone conversation with a world leader, british prime minister boris johnson, that took place yesterday, they discussed all the whole range of bilateral relations between the country but the situation in afghanistan and evacuation. todd: thank you. jillian: the president putting his vacation short after facing backlash over thousands of americans trapped in afghanistan. todd: the biden administration negotiating with the taliban on evacuations. mark meredith has reaction on capitol hill. >> the second time this week the president cut his vacation short as staff faces serious questions about afghanistan and how the us can guarantee thousands of people can evacuate safely. pressing the national security adviser to lay out his plan. >> the us government commit to ensuring any american in
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afghanistan get out? >> that's what we're doing right now. we have asked them to come to the airport to get on flights and take them home. that's what we intend to do. >> after the news conference the national security adviser to clarify, what he meant to say was what we are going to do we are accomplishing with airport reopened and operational thanks to the work of our troops and diplomats but evacuations on such a large scale will take time. the pentagon hopes to evacuate 5000 today with a misdemeanor the number of americans in afghanistan is 40,000. we heard from donald trump who attacked biden. >> he should have gotten this billions out first. take the current out and take the soldiers out and i said before you leave blowup all the forts because we built these forts being used by the enemy.
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>> reporter: the former president is not the only republican speaking out, many lawmakers demanding to know more about what happened and what can be done to stop a resurgence of terror groups in the region. >> terrorists around the world are cheering. the taliban has in their eyes defeated the united states of america. it is an utter embarrassment. >> reporter: we will see if president biden fires back. in an interview with abc, we expect could take questions from reporters at the white house, he's back from camp david. jillian: a lot of people would like to have him take questions. we will see if that happens. thank you very much. there are a lot of questions, administration officials yesterday trying to assure the public they are doing everything in their power to make sure civilians get out to the airport and get home safely. take a listen to what the officials had to say on this
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topic yesterday. >> the taliban informed us they are prepared to provide safe passage of civilians to the airport and we will hold them to that. >> we set no hostile interactions, no threat by the taliban. jillian: no hostile interaction, video proving there's a lot of hostility on the streets. a lot of video coming in there quite disturbing including this one you are taking a look at with taliban members beating and afghanistan thing, and afghan he attempting to reach the airport. we heard multiple stories like that. i saw this report. one of the producers for cbs news tweeted this out yesterday, that there was a note sent to american citizens requesting to be evacuated from afghanistan.
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fox is not confirmed this, the notices thank you for registering your request to be evacuated from afghanistan. it says make your way to the airport and goes on to say please be advised the united states government, guarantee or security as you make this trip. that is one of the questions officials have not been able to answer you, how do we ensure the safety of those are trying to get out? when you think of how many people are trying to make their way to the airport multiple thousands of people. listen to robert charles, former assistant secretary of state to george w. bush who was on the show yesterday. >> there's a document in the embassy called the f 77 and that document describes how many americans are in the country. i'm will be of 77 for afghanistan indicates there are 15,000 to 40,000 american scattered around afghanistan. todd: think about that number,
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upwards of 40,000. that is your average major league baseball stadium. think about how large that is. how many americans, citizens like you and me, what i can't get past, the explanation of the administration's plan. can we take a step back? at any point in the last 20 years if i told you we were going to rely on the taliban to protect american citizens you would've thought i was crazy but that is exactly exactly the plan that this administration has in place and if this is how we treat our citizens and our allies that helped us in the war on terror what message does this send to the world in future situations where we need help, this is how we are treated our own people and i don't think jen psaki explain this away enough. here's what she had to say.
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>> can you offer any guaranteed to americans and afghan allies that if they remain until the end of the month us troops will help them evacuate until the end of the month? >> we -- our focus is the task at hand, that is day by day getting as many applicants, as many members of the population who are eligible to be evacuated to the airport and out on planes. todd: this sad episode will be sounds for decades to come as we struggle to reform alliances with people and countries who said look at how you handled the situation in afghanistan with regard to your own people and with regard to your allies who helped you in the war on terror. this will be a huge detriment to our ability to protect our country going forward. jillian: one of the questions we have to answer to other countries when they ask why should we trust you after seeing this play out.
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jen psaki did say there are 11,000 self identifying as american citizens remaining in afghanistan. they have a handle on the exact number at this point, kind of wish we did. so we knew how many people we were looking at. >> the efforts of 40,000 never, keep in mind, between the intel community, robert charles getting a lot of information to explain the dissidence between the white house number at robert charles and american citizens like you and me, same rights, same citizenry that need to be protected and we are not doing it. jillian: we did not give bagram air base, would likely have the capability to get more people out. todd: you see the situation on your screen to the wheel of a plane. jillian: let's turn to this.
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president biden will recommend a covid booster shot for most vaccinated americans. to against the delta variant as cases search across the us. jackie ibanez joins us live. >> reporter: sources tell fox news the third shot would likely be administered eight month after a person gets there second dose. boosters could start being administered as soon as mid-to-late september after the fda approved the pfizer and moderna shot. health officials are winning more data before deciding to recommend a booster for johnson & johnson vaccine recipient, pfizer has submitted data for authorization of the booster shots. the company says the third dose is safe and produces an antibody response as the delta variant surges making up 100% of new covid cases according to the cdc. yesterday the us recorded
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128,000 new covid cases, 50% of americans are fully vaccinated but some experts warn pushing her first shot could distract getting the vaccine for those hesitant to take the jabber. >> it is not good timing and distracts from the main mission. it appears that protection is still durable, lasting and going strong. jillian: fully vaccinated texas governor greg abbott tests positive for covid. gave an update on social media. change i have tested positive for covid 19. the good news is my wife continue to test negative. jillian: is isolated in the governor's mansion it is receiving antibody treatment. he plans to stay in touch with officials to keep government operations running. todd: thank you. jillian: tucker carlson's response to governors and other
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officials imposing vaccine mandates. >> andrew cuomo who may or may not be a member of the mafia telling you he knows more about covid than practicing nurses and physicians, giving them a medical mandate. it is purely about obedience, hardly about medicine. 150 healthcare workers in houston hospital system were fired. remember that next time they tell you there is the healthcare shortage in this country. jillian: one of every four new york hospital workers are vaccinated. heather: we have a very big show ahead. jillian: look at the lineup. gordon chang, joe concha and joey jones on wednesday morning. think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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jillian: video shows taliban fighters attempted to flee kabul. 611 says he trust the -- jake sullivan trusted her group to help on the grounds. >> they are prepared to provide safe passage of civilians to the
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airport and we intend to hold them to that. ultimately it will be up to the taliban to show the rest of the world who they are. todd: senior fellow gordon chain, international relations expert doctor rebecca grant. first question to you. i can't get past this. why would the biden administration even contemplate trusting the safety of american citizens and our afghan allies to the taliban? >> the national security adviser is telling the taliban how to behave like he is a schoolteacher and they are the schoolboys. ultimately us and nato forces were more than a match for the taliban in kabul need to push the airport perimeter out and secure and hold checkpoints, that is the only way to move out the tens of thousands of people that need to get to the airport and the only way to keep the airport running.
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jillian: yesterday on special report bret baer had an interview with the pakistan ambassador to the un and he said the television want acceptance and the international community. is that going to happen and do you see a scenario under any circumstances where we should recognize the taliban? we are hearing hints from china they would consider recognizing the taliban and. where do you stand on this? >> international community is china and russia. the taliban will get acceptance because both of them kept their embassies open. that is a clear indication they worked out some sort of relationship with that terror group but with the united states my answer is never and i don't understand why we are contemplating that. you don't give money to terrorists. you don't leave military equipment with them and
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conception of the biden administration on relations in afghanistan has been one debacle after another. jillian: you heard from the administration they are speaking to the taliban and working to get american citizens out of there to get safety for the afghan interpreters who worked with us for a number of years. is that the right move to be working with the taliban and what does that say to the international community? >> they should do everything to protect american citizens, embassy personnel and afghans who work with us. on a day-to-day basis i don't have a problem with that. the problem is a bigger one in terms of biden policy regarding afghanistan and dealing with the worst elements in the international community altogether. this is not just nonstate actors, it is also our relations with those that support those
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nonstate actors like the chinese and russias of the world. this is a globally misconceived policy. heather: donald trump talked to sean hannity and had some interesting comments about the situation in afghanistan. take a listen. >> this is the greatest embarrassment and beyond embarrassment this is something that will affect our relationships for years to come when china watches this they are so happy and they are laughing at us. todd: how worried are you about that prediction by donald trump looking ahead years, decades down the line? >> if he's right and china has a point, this was identical. having said that there's a lot of nasty talk from the chinese about i. i'm worried about i, some marines there for an exercise but we need to restore us
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credibility, it needs to be the secretary of state who gets fired, the biden administration has to give us a path back to restore us credibility and fast. jillian: to both of you real quick a quick answer. as of yesterday afternoon the president had not yet spoken to any other world leaders. after we got that news we found out he spoke to boris johnson. that being said, should he have been on the phone with other world leaders as this was unfolding the last few days. >> he should have immediately been on the phone coordinating how to get the us and our allies are, disgraceful performance, cannot believe he's on vacation during this crisis. jillian: quick answer from you. >> one person he shouldn't be on the phone with is the chinese foreign minister. secretary of state blinken called him. we should be talking to our friends and allies, not the malign parties of the world.
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heather: nervous about that i situation. thanks to the two of you for being here, pick up the coming collapse of china and the chinese tech war. jillian: thank you both. todd: coming up, hunter's emails showing i seattle official feels about the police department. jillian: the head of the city police union joins us to respond.
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jillian: texas border patrol agents two ms 13 gang members after they illegally enter the us. one of them is from el salvador and convicted of murder in 1996. he was sentenced to three years behind bars, the others from honduras, both men had previously been deported from the us.
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andrew cuomo using his final days in office to grant clemency to three convicts tied to killings. the governor saying, quote, i'm proud to fulfill government's unique responsibly to harness the power of redemption to encourage those made mistakes to engage in meaningful rehabilitation and empower everyone to work toward a better future for themselves and their families. cuomo officially filed for retirement to receive the 50,$000 annual lifetime pension. todd: shocking emails show a city staff member likening cops to racists. the supported him but employees were reported to hr. the fraternal order of police president, thank you for being here. is the key passage from the field of the finance and administrative service. when the arbiters of justice serve the false gods of white supremacy they are not worthy of
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the power they wield. police protection restraint externally to white people they are no longer guardians but mercenaries and zealots, the wages of white privilege inflicting their wicked commandments upon us. what was your reaction when you saw that? >> thank you for having me here. it is ironic we are talking about this issue at the fraternal police convention were 6000 of the greatest, my friends who strap on the belt and go into the community every day to work on building relationships with our community and recruiting public safety and providing the best service they can to members of our community but we hear this divisive rhetoric that tries to put a roadblock in the progress we made not only their but throughout the country. it is something we should stand
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against, brief men and women throughout law enforcement and 64,000 members of the fraternal order of police work diligently at hard and a group of individuals that want to do good in the community and we will always stand to improve our profession, we need to stand against this rhetoric and we need to work together, united not divided. todd: someone who did stand against this rhetoric got sent to hr. i'm astonished you were allowed to email this tirade, your entitlement allowed and enabled you to the this rate my family, my friends and all the good police officers who place their personal safety on the line every day. how chilling is it, that is the first reaction from those in power when they hear a
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dissenting voice that represents most of americans who support their police officer, their first instinct. >> it is absurd, reasonable individuals, citizens and law enforcement go we should be able to speak out against rhetoric like this because it divides us. we are trying to do something different. we understand evolutions in our profession happen and we are part of those conversations. we will continue to work with our communities but we have to make a stand somewhere. if we are going to improve our relationships in our community we need to have the support from everyone, individuals that speak that rhetoric are not needed in
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this discussion because they will continue to want to have us be divided. todd: seattle city staff not apologizing, double down, begs the question how much more before seattle cops around the country say you are on your own. that is a rhetorical question for another day. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. jillian: on twitter the taliban keep posting propaganda while the former president of the united states remains blocked. carley shimkus has more next. todd: download the fox bit super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000, predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. it is free to play. download the super 6 apps now and we will be right back. blow
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jillian: a double standard, taliban spokesperson allowed to share twitter updates on twitter is donald trump's account is still band. todd: carley shimkus here calling standards into question. carley: the taliban official's spokesperson has 280,000 twitter followers, regularly posting updates but donald trump has been banned from the platform
1:37 am
for inciting violence. twitter is not just facing backlash from trump supporters the critics and members of the media as they respond to the fox news request for comment saying the situation in afghanistan is rapidly evolving and we are witnessing people using twitter to seek help and assistance, twitter's top priorities keeping people safe and we remain vigilant. we will proactively enforce our rules regarding content that may violate twitter rules, specifically policies about glorification of violence. the taliban may not outright go against twitter its rules because they are posting updates but those announcements could lead to violence, beheadings and the like. jillian: squad members facing questions. carley: members of the progressive squad like rashida tlaib have been vocal advocates for canceling rent but there 2020 financial disclosures show
1:38 am
they have been made thousands of dollars in rental income last year. rashida tlaib made 15,$000 in rent, presley a little less, both of them cosponsored a bill that would institute a nationwide rent cancellation and simultaneously making rental incomes themselves, neither responded to requests for comment. maybe the money they received from the release programs, they need to answer some questions on that front. a case of hypocrisy. heather: hypocrisy on wednesday. meanwhile the alma mater. carley: colleges are requiring students to get vaccinated and we are talking the harshest punishment yet, quinnipiac university in connecticut, they say if students don't get
1:39 am
vaccinated they will be fined or have their internet cut off. the first two weeks would be a $100 fine with a maximum fine of $200. these are students who don't give the college an exemption or show they've received a shot. can't go on the internet if you don't get vaccinated at my alma mater. todd: do a little memo. carley: pictures -- it is a pretty campus. todd: the crisis in afghanistan with a series of policy blunders so how will this play out at the polls. jillian: executive director of america, to be taking indications director at the rnc, kathy medley. pull out your crystal ball. what does 2022 look like with everything we see going on? >> reporter: with your seeing with president biden in
1:40 am
afghanistan and secretary gates said president biden has been wrong in every foreign policy issue of his career. he and the democrats have been wrong on nearly every issue this administration has faced since taking office whether it is ignoring the crisis at the border, rising inflation rates, raising crime rates and we are seeing poll numbers flag for president biden and democrats before the debacle in afghanistan and this has further perpetuated fear among voters and americans about the direction our country is headed. in terms of where this comes next november, took democrats in a politically perilous position and gives republicans their greatest opening yet not just to reclaim the house but to take that message to the american people why they are the right direction forward to get us out of this mess. todd: president biden's approval
1:41 am
numbers beginning with the economy 47% approve, 49% disapprove, crime a bigger spread 39% approve, 51% disapprove. immigration more americans starting to see the debacle at the southern border, 35% approve, 57% disapprove. then there is this. these numbers really taking hold in the last week. majority of us citizens disapproval president biden's handling in afghanistan, disapprove or strongly disapprove, 69.3% combining those top numbers, only approve or strongly approve. this is setting up beautifully for republicans but that said, republicans need to be wary of so they don't steal defeat from the jaws of victory looking at 2022. >> first of all when your opponent is doing this to themselves there's an old adage in washington, let them.
1:42 am
republicans need to stay on message, for the american people. what we are seeing is every voter has issued an impact from whether it is your pocketbook or your backyard with immigration is what we are seeing with the national security issues abroad with a real fear they might come back home around the corner of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. and is one the forefront that is concerning to every american at the hands of the democrats because they have been so squarely focused on pushing their socialist agenda. nancy pelosi is planning to bring a multibillion-dollar budget deal to the house floor despite the indicators that say there is no appetite for this from the american people. the republicans need to say we'll restore fiscal responsibility, restore security at home and abroad and listen to you about what you want to see your elected officials work on and not just perpetuate our own
1:43 am
political agenda. doing harm to the american people at home. jillian: i am curious how you think coronavirus will play into this. we are dealing with the delta very, florida and texas the biggest states that have been, the governor is very outspoken about keeping everything open and give people their freedom and things like that and large portion of the population in favor of that but the news this week of governor greg abbott coming out as a breakthrough positive covid 19 case, you wonder how all of that will play into this as well. >> a great point. personal responsibility is the name of the game and increasing number of americans say let me have my personal responsibility, like governor abbott, fully vaccinated, not showing any symptoms and that is your choice if you want to get vaccinated or not, but my spirits with the vaccine, that gives americans more information to go off of
1:44 am
rather than arbitrary mandates and lockdowns, more motivated by political science than the science. todd: mentioning 2022, a full segment on 2022 it is upon us. we appreciate you being here, looking forward to it, do the math in our head, 14 months, almost 15, horrible decision and try to do it twice in that segment. jillian: thousands of people trying to get out of afghanistan as the taliban seizes control. many of them are the interpreters who helped american troops for the last 20 years. todd: our military panel, we are talking to them about the dire situation coming up next, don't go away. pin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot.
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>> the taliban takes control of the streets leaving americans and allies desperate to escape with you to react is us air force lieutenant colonel donald areas who lost his brother in 9/11, william b marine staff sergeant in the iconic telegram firefight, who served three towards in afghanistan as a member of the u.s. army special
1:49 am
operations. thank you for being here, thank you for your service. i'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. with that as the backdrop how are you feeling about this news the last few days? >> shock, surprise, the overarching feeling is discussed in the way this operation has been botched. it is embarrassing. jillian: you were one of the first marines on the ground in afghanistan after 9/11. you served multiple deployments. i'm curious how you are feeling it if you can describe for me the role of the afghan translators because there's been a lot of conversation about the fact that we made promises to them to keep them safe and so many are desperate for any help to get out and people don't understand what they do for us on the ground. >> the afghan interpreters are
1:50 am
essential to anything we do but with us interacting with the population we can't do that unless we have a good interpreter and at the same time we have that trust, they place our trust in us and we will take care of them when we are done. jillian: you could not have done your job without them. >> without a doubt i could not. jillian: how do you feel about all this this morning? >> it is mind blowing. after 20 years, 2378 kias and the commander in chief arbitrarily decides let's pull out today and doesn't run it by anybody. jillian: you served 11 years in the military, lived in 9 countries, served as counterintelligence ventilation abroad. i'm curious your opinion on all
1:51 am
of this and you know people are still on the ground trying to get out. can you tell you what they said to you? >> there is approximately 16,000 in the country not including sources recruited at this not to mention the commanders we follow up. there's a lot of tireless efforts from a number of guys from the intelligence community, the military who are trying to coordinate extractions through the department of state, to cover the politicians may have forgotten about our afghan allies but soldiers of not. jillian: when you look at this situation what do you see as the biggest mistake? a lot of people talking about the execution of this plan. a lot of people talking about
1:52 am
leaving bagram air base. what is your view? >> i am no military genius but i have put my friends call walking around sense. 5 telegram commanders, you're asking for trouble. he was released in 2014 as part of the taliban and prisoner exchange and is holding press conferences in the taliban and capital, what used to be the afghan capital. these missteps along the way to please overseas audiences, to please left-wing constituencies has come back to haunt us. to close gitmo at all costs, i know this president wanted to do a victory lap on 9/11 that he got us out of afghanistan and here we are. this has blown up in our face because we played politics and
1:53 am
it is about politics. the logistics of getting people out, these guys couldn't arrange a 2-car funeral. 5 logic that all these forces would be out and lead up to 15,000 americans out there, with the interpreters, they are instrumental in operations over there to ensure their safety. let's get them somewhere safe. wears pakistan on this. and >> a lot of questions. that is the discussion among a
1:54 am
lot of people in the last day or two, there was a trade made. if you think our government and president is doing everything they can to try to ensure the safety of those in afghanistan. >> it blows my mind there's no plan in place for this. you get the chairman of the joint chiefs that makes 16,$000 a month and the paycheck is too good for something as simple as the guys on the ground getting the equipment back, those that saved our lives. jillian: you had a close call with the taliban and sniper, how dangerous is the taliban and?
1:55 am
>> region to region in one town it might be a joke. it depends on where you are. >> a few seconds left. >> 50,000 afghans died for their freedom and politicians turn their backs on them and promises made to them being targeted for execution by the taliban. there will be an exorbitant amount on politicians and affect our future foreign policies and resolve the initiative included post nation. jillian: thank you for being here, sorry for the loss of your brother, thank you all and thank you for your service. todd: in the next hour of "fox and friends first" the afghan journalist who had an emotional moment about the taliban takeover joins us with a reality for women and girls living under
1:56 am
telegram. jedediah: joe concha and joey jones live.
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>> fox news alert, trusting terrorists. thousands of americans and us allies stranded in afghanistan and the white house is relying on the taliban to read them home. todd: attempting to reach the airport a woman is murdered for going in public without a burqa. we have live team coverage, mark meredith standing by washington where president biden returned from vacation. >> reporter: good morning, afghanistan's new leadership, the taliban is bowing to present themselves to the world, many taliban leaders haven't been


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