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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 17, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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here on fox news channel. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight and for trusting us. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by will cain starts right now and i will tell you what, will, more of these stories are going to be coming out day after day. >> will: it's important that we look forward. you have tonight, bret. i appreciate that introduction. have a gadd night. >> bret: you bet. >> will: let's do that let's look forward. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> will: i am will cain. so what comes next? looking forward. what's next for america? after 20 years, and a trillion dollars of investment, untold limbs and 2200 lives we just got dumped on in afghanistan and run out of the gym by these guys.
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what's that one guy doing with the leg cellular machines. using his arms. is that contra? what you are watching here is a colossal embarrassment. a rout over which we can and should continue to kick the biden administration over woke military leadership in their gender fluid groin. but we also have to move on and ask questions that are important to america's future. wait. just one more necessary gut punch of incompetence before we move on. one more bit of incompetence to indulge. did you know that state departments sent a note to the more than 5,000 americans currently stranded in afghanistan and desperate to leave that reads as follows: and undefined number of u.s. government provided will begin soon please make yourself to harmid karzai airport. the united states government cannot guarantee your safety as you make this trip. basically the message is leave at your own risk. there you go. the biden strategy all summed up
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perfectly in a net shell. we can dwell on all the things that went wrong on afghanistan. you can bet that we will from time to time. but it's important to figure out what comes next. it's a really important question because our problem remains, islamist radicals, jihadis, savages still want to execute americans and execute their next 9/11. so how do we keep americans safe? what comes next? if we don't answer that question, if we don't even ask that question? if we have no foresight and like the biden administration we are always on our heels, always reactionary, always weak, we will get one of two outcomes. first, we will go right back into afghanistan guns blazing, money falling out of our pockets, ready to build schools, win hearts and minds and kick ass kick out like fauci and the pharmaceutical industrial complex. it's what experts do. hey, tony, what do you think we
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should do next time same thing we did last time. over and over again it's the definition of up sanity. for the military industrial complex that will mean going right back in and spending trillions under the guise of nation-building and forever war to keep america safe. and then the other outcome, maybe the inevitable second outcome will occur. we'll get chased off the tarmac by these guys. taliban in bummer cars holding grenade launchers. let's be real for a moment. this is objectively funny. this video is so comedic you wonder if the taliban is in on it uncontinues tensional comedy like joe biden or self-aware? who knew the taliban better sense of humor than trevor know a. by the way, the taliban, while we are talking about them, they can't stop celebrating in the end zone. this is what a spokesman said when asked if the taliban would support free speech. said, quote: this question should be asked to those who are
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claiming to be promoters of free speech. i can ask facebook company this question. that should be asked to them. everyone can see our hypocrisy. china, russia, the taliban. i have no interest in talking to these guys and talking them into democracy. hell, we can't talk facebook into democratic principles. and, look, if afghans are cool with sharia law, i don't care. but here's what i do care about, i care about protecting our country and ensuring the tentacles of islamic extreme don't reach our borders. i care about america first. honestly president donald trump articulated that north star brilliantly. our strategic interest, americans and america come first. so, how do we keep another 9/11 from happening? i don't have all the answers, in fact, i don't know that i have any of the answers. i know going to be asking that question today, right now. i think americans have been presented with a false choice,
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stay or leave. all in or all out. is there another option that serves our purpose? one that prioritizes protecting americans? if we don't at least ask that question, then not only will we fail to lead, we will follow. we will react. and we will embarrass ourselves on the world stage again like the biden administration did this week and the consequences will impact america forever. so while i'm going to have all the answers, here is some smart guys who may. here now former cia analyst buck sexton a long-time friend of mine host of the clay and buck show on premier radio network and former navy seal jack carr and authors of books such as the termist. jack, i will start with you. i listened to the terminallist with the family with the kids in the car. i didn't know it wasn't a family friendly book, zac. >> i need to put a warning label on the cover. >> will: it's a wonderful book. >> thank you. >> will: what are the lessons we
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can take from this debacle? >> obviously, it's so heart-breaking for anyone to look at those pictures of what's going on there right now. initially what we need to do is look back. we have 20 years now of data to look at by looking at what went right, what went wrong, and then apply those lessons going forward as wisdom and we neglected to do that when we went into afghanistan. that's what we deserve to do for those people who didn't make it home. and those people who made it home facing the lifelong trauma of the battlefield. so we have that. we have the 1979 to 1989 soviet experience to study. we have three british incursions to study. alexander the great. we have so much data out there to study and apply going forward. that's what we need to do going forward. so, specifically, we need to keep the enemy always on their heels we did that in 2001-2002. we reached that culminating point of victory and that's what -- talks about i'm bringing this book with me on war to all the interviews because of the changes to the reading lists that have gone on over this last
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year. it seems some of our senior military leaders have forgotten what is in here. we have reached that culminating point of victory in 2001-2002. going forward, when we reach that point, we don't keep going forward and turn that success into failure, which is what we did this time. and when it comes to leaving, we could not have done this worse if we had been actively trying which is heart-breaking for all involved. >> will: jack has laid out, buck, the lessons of history. graveyard of empires, failures of everyone to alex an determine the great, the soviet empire and now us in building a nation and civilizing afghanistan. as we move forward, i think this is so important, buck, you spent all the years in the cia and really smart on this topic, how do we continue to serve the american public in ensuring slack radicals do not commit terrorist acts on this soil? >> will, it's going to be an ongoing challenge that we have never quite honestly been able to entirely meet, right? they only have to be right,
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unfortunately 1% of the time we only have to be right 1% of the time. that's one of the challenges we have. in the case of afghanistan, there is a lot of focus on the biden administration on beyond the horizon capability, right? essentially airstrikes, drones, manned aircraft, taking out terrorist sites and taking out cells, groups that are trying to train and operate against us. and that's a good idea. we have been doing that other places around the world for the last 20-plus years. now as we see the situation in afghanistan unfold, let's understand that our intelligence gathering capabilities, i mean, the part of it, the piece that i used to do getting the information, that's going to be more difficult than afghanistan, a lot more than we have seen in recent years, and the part that jack used to do after going in and getting the bad guys will also be more difficult. we're not going to have bases in afghanistan. we will be operating from places in the region. but this is the gamble we have made, will. the biden administration has decided that it's worth just pulling out, obviously in catastrophic fashion. but, the decision to end this
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war means that they are willing to take on the risk of another mass casualty terror attack being planned from afghan soil. and they hope it won't happen because of our better capabilities now in the retaliatory strikes that we would have against them. we will have to see who is right about this one. it's obviously a pretty big gamble to make. >> will: jack, we have heard people like dan crenshaw, seal of, your argue for residual force left behind in afghanistan. buck talked about we continued the counter-terrorism effort. the biden administration might think we can do that beyond the horizon. i don't know what that means, bases around afghanistan? bombing campaigns? how do we -- what's the right approach to control the potential for terrorism growing in afghanistan? how do we do that now going forward that we have left? >> right, well, leaving anybody behind now certainly does not look like an option in afghanistan itself. and, of course, we do have other options in the region. but, the board has changed a bit in the last 20 years there have been major leaps forward in tech
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no. facial recognition technology. we now have hopefully sources. we are smart enough, i hope over the last 20 years to develop some sources on the ground in afghanistan where we can get human intelligence. but coupling that with the drone technology with the facial recognition technology, with all of these things that have shifted, give us a little bit more to work with than we had in 2001. that works both ways. it works for the enemy as well. meaning having a physical sanctuary might not be quite as important as it was in 1999, 2,000, 2,001. meaning you can have a base now in afghanistan but also, can you plan things virtually. you can recruit virtually. and you can give execution orders virtually. something that was harder to do in 2000, 2001. so the board has changed. we need to adapt with it. >> will: buck, everyone seems to have learned that nation-building is a failed exercise. even the biden administration seems to understand that. but, ambassador linda thomas, greenfield, she is the one very critical of this nation's founding. you go back and remember what she had to say about the united states of america. she seems to think that we can
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also bring the taliban in to sizzles, maybe not with nation building but with a strongly worded letter. watch this. >> we have expressed in no uncertain terms here at the united nations through a very strongly worded press statement from the security council that we expect the taliban to respect human rights, including the rights of women and girls. we have also indicated that they have to be respectful of humanitarian law. >> will: you think that will do the trick? strongly worded letter. >> yeah. just goes to show you that the very top tier of this biden administration you have people making important decisions who are both unserious and unwise. look, the only strongly worded letter that any of us should be expecting to see right now that's going to make a difference is one of resignation from at least a senior biden administration official, perhaps a national security adviser, perhaps the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff for the
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debacle unfolding before us right now as we still have thousands, 5, 10, maybe 15,000 americans still in harm's way in kabul. but they are resorting to asking the international community to intervene as if the pal ban could care about these things. even a little bit. will, it's absurd and it's also pretty tragic because the people that are going to suffer the most are those who are left behind in afghanistan with an administration now that says we're going to back them up, whatever that actually means. it's going to mean letters. it's going to mean u.n. resolutions it means the taliban is in charge and that's what we are facing. >> will: buck texaston and jack carr thanks for jumping on and. >> thanks so much. >> will: matthew, the author of rebel ideas. closed loop thinking, constipated thinking if you will and how we can think outside the box. take the lessons that were just laid out that were laid out in afghanistan let's look forward to the next war, matthew.
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it's most likely at least it's possible that it would be with someone like china take the lessons of these past wars and understand how to do future. >> thank you, first of all. the absolute key thing is understand the strategic intentions of the people with whom we are engaging. i mean, some of your previous contributors recognized that we have been imposing western values, western sensibilities on vietnam, on afghanistan, on iraq. and then being surprised when they don't behave in the way that we wish them to. i mean, afghan is a deeply tribal society and the national anthem of afghanistan 14 different ethnic groups are mentioned. the pashtun majority up in arms when the americans work with the northern alliance fearing that it would bring uzbeks into power with whom they have been involved in conflict for decades, if not centuries. if we are going to engage
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successfully with china and i think we are now in a major power o'reillyry, we have to understand the true nature of the chinese communist party, what they are seeking to achieve and we have to be smarter in our foreign policy and virtually the entire post war period we haven't been smart enough. >> will: matthew, to take this full circle, i have read some of your work and this idea that we have to learn from past mistakes, be open to our own failures, learn, move forward and apply certain circumstances it seems as though we are making all the same mistakes, for example, when we approach how to treat covid. we keep doubling down on lockdowns or masks. we force ourselves into binary thinking, vaccinated or unvaccinated and we don't really consider all the different ways in which we can fight this pandemic. it seems that we, at least at our leadership level are really, to use this term again, constipated in our thinking. >> well, i think covid certainly in the u.k. response, i'm
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speaking to you from london, those huge group think at the beginning of the pandemic, where we had a group of advisory scientists almost all of whom were epidemiologists, modelists, very few people with frontline public health or communicable diseases. so we imposed a particular prism on the problem. and it made it very difficult to be agile to be very difficult to adapt. we have seen some of the same problems in the united states. you are absolutely right. the ego gets in the way when we are trying to learn from our mistakes. we don't like to admit to our mistakes. we try to double down on them. we self-justify. and ironically enough, the more senior, the more powerful we become, the more gets in the way because we have a lot of people who are defending us, who are whispering in our ear telling us that we're infallible. and that is a massive problem. unless we can learn. unless we are capable of it the
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lessons of history we will never be able to shape the future. >> will: steams to apply to whether or not your name is dr. anthony fauci or mark milley, the same problem exists. matthew syed black box rebel ideas: thousands of afghan civilians are scrambling to flee the country as the taliban takes over. we made promises to many of them in exchange for their health and war on terror. where do we put them. how do we help them. now do we know who they are? how do we keep them and americans safe? johnny joey jones is next. ♪ ♪ r type 2 diabetes! forty percent of people with type 2 diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, or ckd. did you know ckd can lead to kidney failure and dialysis? kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late! help protect your kidneys. call your doctor for a uacr test.
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> will: welcome back. as afghanistan collapses thousands of former translators and aides have been left behind after years of supporting u.s.
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troops. these allies fear retribution from the taliban. they are looking to flee their fallen country. the dod is looking to move some 30,000 refugees through special immigrant visas. but with resettlement comes risks,ing especially when vetting thousands of people. that's being real. 2,000 afghans have already been brought into the u.s. over the last two weeks settling in fort lee virginia and two other military bases fort mccoy in wisconsin and fort bliss in texas. prepare to welcome thousand more refugees. can these local communities handle this influx of people? look, can we keep our promise to our allies while also keeping america safe? let's ask retired marine bomb tech and fox news contributor johnnyioy jones. joey it's good to see you don't so it feels like we have dual mandates and dual obligations here upholding the promises we made to help us in the war on one hand and keeping americans safe on the other can we serve
4:23 pm
both of those purposes? >> it's going to be very difficult. i can tell you that as a country we don't move fast, we don't move efficiently. we have seen that pretty obviously here in the last couple of days. when it comes to vetting people and also getting people out in a hurry, we are kind of pushing against ourselves here. you know, you see some of the press conferences today and they say well, contact the state department and the answer to that isn't the state department evacuated? like, who are they going to contact? exactly, to get permission to get through a parent cordoned of the taliban and get on to a plane and get here? it's going to be very difficult. i think the reluctance of the administration today to even commit to getting all of the u.s. citizens out of afghanistan. tells you where we are with getting people that have helped us out. >> will: just another angle of the story where we have seen the biden administration be reactive not capable of handling the emergency measures necessary. that paperwork that you reference, how do you vet someone? how do you vet thousands, joey, thousands? how do you vet them? some of the paperwork that
4:24 pm
proves they were translators and interpreters and helped you guys out in that war is some of the same paperwork that supposedly the taliban is using to identify who their targets will be. >> yeah, it's quite amazing just how badly we have done at keeping track at human intelligence and overall bureaucracy. you know, i don't want to give too much of his identity away but i went to college with an afghan immigrant who is a u.s. citizen now. i believe he worked as an interpreter, i know he works with the u.s. military. and he has a job here with the united states government helping tell stories from here to afghanistan and afghanistan to here. he said he has a team of about 70 people in afghanistan who have been working with u.s. government to help him do what his job is. and he is working from 6 in the morning until 12:00 at night trying to get them in contact to get them home. he said the true irony is he is getting those people here but can't get his own family here because of bureaucracy. this is someone who works with the government. someone who has been to ivy league schools and well-educated
4:25 pm
understands the government holds a good place in our own government. he can't get his own family here. not because they don't come here but because of bureaucracy and it shows you how unprepared and how planned we weren't for this. >> will: makes you think is there an option c? we always force ourselves into a and b thinking. >> there was no binary option. the lie is that this was a binary option. and that we either sent more troops or dealt with this mess. this mess falls on joe biden. the fact that we're pulling out of afghanistan, that's a popular opinion, perhaps, that was decided by the previous administration. but today's mess falls on joe biden are going to suffer for it. >> will: bases around the world. send them to our allies while we vet these thousands of refugees got to honor our security interest at the same time while honoring our pledge. let me say one more thing, joey, as many fox news viewers know gave both of his legs in pursuit of ensuring the freedom off this
4:26 pm
country. i spent an hour with joey and he has heard me say this more than once. he will have to forgive me while i share this information with you. i spent an hour with joey on the will cain podcast where he spoke with his sacrifice. this is why it's important for you to download and listen. whatever joey gave up in flesh he seemed to have gained in wisdom. your outlook, joey on life is something everyone, no matter what hardship they are going through is something they need to hear. you, my friend are full of wisdom that everyone can learn from. i hope they go listen to your interview on the will cain podcast. >> i appreciate it. >> will: all right. man. we will be talking about. thank you, joey jones. all right, coming up, what happened to australia? >> i thought australia was supposed to be fun. >> there will be no removal of masks to consume alcohol outdoors. you will no longer be able to remove your mask to drink a cocktail. >> will: the height of covid hysteria, panic insan be at this down under after this. ♪
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♪ >> will: well, a worldwide pandemic is raging out of control, but not a sickness of the body it's a sickness of the mind. we are suffering from mass hysteria, panic in immediately to, prime minister announced a nationwide lockdown for three days, seven days, in the nation's biggest city of auckland after a single case of covid. one; in australia last month new south wales chief health officer said this. >> while human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately, this is not the time to do it. so even if you run into your next door neighbor, don't start up a conversation. >> will: no conversation for fear of coronavirus. but, you know, you would think that would be maximum crazy. it's not. because the premier of the state of victoria in australia, dan andrew, he gave us this gem.
4:33 pm
>> there will be no removal of masks to consume alcohol outdoors. you will no longer be able to remo your mask to drink a cocktail at a pop up garden on a foot path as part of a pub crawl. >> will: i don't know how that works. does that mean you can't drink or you have to pour it through the mask? i thought aussies were rule breakers descendants of a colony maybe that means they are used to lockdowns, you are tempted to laugh but this mask hysteria gets serious real quick. construction has begun on a quarantine camp in melbourne, australia with a thousand beds to house returning travelers housed after a camp they already in place northern territories about a year they're calling this one the center for national resilience. how creepy and how long before they expand this policy to the greatest threat facing the western world? the unvaccinated? does this panic all seem too far
4:34 pm
from home? well, today, in new york city, mask hysteria will now require all new yorkers to prove their health status before buying a subway sandwich. we have lost our minds but it seems to be most acute for now in australia. figure out why let's talk to "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor and aussie miranda devine. miranda, i didn't know this type of compliance was in the australian character? i truly thought we were looking at more independent spirit down under. >> well, look, unlike america australia i can't never had a war of independence, australia had its independence granted to it by the british. it has no bill of rights. and as you said it's a nation of convicts and their jail warns. wardens.what you have seen on tn the descendants of the jail wardens. i can tell you the australian people are thumbing their nose for the most part at ridiculous restrictions, you know. it's winter there, they know
4:35 pm
that the virus isn't transmitted outdoors they are going out to bon day beach and going for walks and cocktail from outdoor bar and living their lives. they're being sensible but they know that these restrictions are crazy. so, i think there is a lot of lockdown fatigue. you talked about the state of victoria. it's the second largest state and it has a very authoritarian leader. you just heard him. he is called chairman dan. dan andrews telling people they had to drink cocktails through masks. it's impossible. >> will: i don't know how that works. i truly don't. >> no. i mean, a straw, maybe? i don't know. he is a real fun police. >> will: beer bong? i don't know how it works. miranda, let me ask you a question how far can this go in australia but maybe more importantly do you think the same mindset can really come here to america?
4:36 pm
>> in australia it's like a coiled spring, people are at the end of their tether. they are calls to suicide hotlines have skyrocketed. people have had enough, i think at the moment pragmatic, wait see very low vaccination rate to a certain stable and all bets are off. i don't think you are going to see the land lying low for much longer in australia. in america, i think it's different. i mean, there is a real here ifyou encroach on people's freedoms they fight back. they have god-given right to their freedom. i think that's perhaps less so obvious in new york. but then new york, you know, very liberal town, but also has the worst of it with code. so police. i think people are fairly rational. if you have to show that you have been vaccinated to get into a bar. i think most people are not going to complain about that. when you start mandating that
4:37 pm
people get upset. >> will: disturbing amount of compliance and as you pointed out policing of each other taking place right here in america. miranda devine, always enjoy your perspective. thank you: thanks so much. >> as we mentioned in order to participate in society in new york, also in san francisco, and prance your town soon, you will have to prove your status of vaccination. journalist tim pool tweeted the following today. he called on the phone with new york city via 311. i'm told there are no medical exceptions for the covid vaccine mandate. i'm told if you are ununable to get the vaccine you will not be able to enter the building under the medical mandate. we too called 9 1 and we got the same answer. what if you can't get the shot? what if you are medically ineligible then you are exiled and banned from society. immunocompromised and joins me now tonight. so, i appreciate you being with me. i assume this means you are no longer allowed to participate in society, at least in cities like
4:38 pm
new york. >> i guess not. and i think it might be coming to a city near me. at least we could even say when it comes to flights there may be vaccination cards required for flights but does that mean i'm not allowed to fly anywhere? and i will be honest with you, will. i never wanted to talk about my private health information in such a public way, but i feel like i have no choice. i want to speak up on behalf of the other unvaccinated americans out there who have been bullied frankly, and i just want to be clear, i have been a public proponent of operation warp speed from the beginning. i still am. i eagerly await the data that rolls out. the cdc's own website said that people that have autoimmune diseases like myself, that the data currently does not show that it is safe for us to get the vaccine. so what am i to do? and on top of that, i would like to add that i am a survivor cody. i have antibodies this isn't just a decision for myself, i also am considering the safety of others around me. and i do have a strong immune natural immunity in this.
4:39 pm
so, i just ask why is it that our leaders, including dr. fauci, has called this a problem. our problem has called us stupid. and now we have these vaccine mandates around the corner that are saying we can't participate in society. >> will: you bring up you represent two very important and ignored groups. first the immunocompromised who are not medically eligible for the vaccine. second, those who have acquired natural immunity. i spoke to dr. marty makary today in a long podcast that we will upload tomorrow. he says natural immunity is better than vaccination provided immunity. you have stronger antibodies and t cells and b cells to fight off this disease than i do after having received a vaccine. and, yet, society is boxing you out, beverly, i mean, you have been banished, exiled. you have the scarlet letter. hows did that make you feel? >> well, it's not just me. i'm here speaking on behalf of the other unvaccinated americans. i want to point out only roughly 23% of pregnant women are
4:40 pm
vaccinated and a large portion of the african-american population isn't vaccinated either. are these people we are going to say can't go into a restaurant, can't fly, can't go to work? people are having to decide whether or not they are going to keep their job because they decide not to get the vaccine and one of the turning points for me in deciding not to get it, even with all this pressure is my dad has the same health condition that i do. he did receive the vaccine and he struggled for months with horrible flare ups because of his autoimmune disease. i know personally what it has meant to somebody with my same genetic makeup and i had to ask myself am i willing to put myself through that at that point and frankly, i'm not. i don't know what this means for me long term but i am bracing myself for not being able to perform my job as i normally would and not being able to participated in society. >> will: 67% by the way the number of african-americans, black americans that have not received the vaccination. i guess 67% of black americans can't go into a subway sandwich shop or can't go into a bar or
4:41 pm
target store or grocery store. i don't know, but that sounds pretty racist to me. beverly hallberg, thank you so much for welcome me tonight. >> thanks, will. >> will: coming up, two shots aren't good enough. big pharma thinks it's time for a third. the white house is about to push a covid booster shot on americans. who stands to profit from that? congressman byron donalds is up next. ♪ ♪ at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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4:47 pm
studies were even completed. whether a a coincidence? a third shot could come as soon as september. who knows what's after that? a fourth? joining me now florida congressman byron donalds. congressman, thank you for being with me. am i being cynical this idea that boosters and the cycle of a third and fourth shot? this is driven more by the profit margins than the public health needs. >> i don't think you are being cynical at all. i think it's driven by profit and politics. listen, joe biden obviously has a disaster on his hands in afghanistan. we all know that. but he hasn't been much better here. instead of providing clear information to the american people, all he tries to do is throw money at the situation and launch platitudes. that ♪ how you lead. how you lead is by providing clear information and clear timelines. a third booster shot, there is no data to even show that is going to work or do anything to help the situation even more. the problem is that everybody is
4:48 pm
all consumed about case numbers as opposed to actually looking at real data which is hospitalizations as a percentage of the population or on a per capita basis. that's how we should be looking at this. >> will: right. they are totally uninterested in almost a nefarious way in the resilience and the use of, for example, t cell immunity from those who have naturally acquired covid. they are totally uninterested in how useful or effective that type of immunity is. just get the shot, get the shot until population is compliant. >> i will tell you real quick you talk about t cells. i'm somebody who is a covid survivor. i had covid-19. i have a naturally dose of immunity right now because i have survived it so i'm in that camp like your previous guest. don't tell me to go put something in my arm if you don't even have the data to tell me where i am in my health. and they refuse to release that information. >> will: well, let's talk about mandates one more time and compliance. the tennessee governor is allowing parents to opt out of mask mandates and this,
4:49 pm
congressman, as some states, many states, many school districts are now going to mask mandates for children. the tennessee governor embracing a radical concept, options and choice for family and parents? >> i think the tennessee governor is doing the right thing. obviously somebody paying attention what ron desantis is doing here in florida. i just left a school board meeting here in lee county telling my local school board not follow insane move of making kids wear a mask all the time thinking that's going to help something. number one, kids aren't wearing n-95 masks. if schools want to do something provide them to the kids to wear. number two the kids don't wear them consistently all the time and they get dirty and nasty and kids don't replace them. this is easy stuff. >> will: you know, congressman, the truth is studies suggest n-95 masks aren't that effective anyway. cloth, surgical nothing is in
4:50 pm
stopping covid. thank you for dog with me tonight. >> any time. >> will: don't change the channel, carley shimkus is here and she is on the clock. that's next. ♪ ♪ mping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper,
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♪ ♪ >> just a few minutes left of the show. on the clock on my three stories, 60 seconds each. let's go. >> let's do it. >> first up, calling on congress to cancel rent all the while bringing in thousands of dollars in her own rental. will she feel the heat for this hypocrisy? >> she will feel heat here, that's probably the only place. i was told by her that we have to cancel round, even though the economy is wide open. we are at a 5% unemployment rate. do we have to cancel rent because it is a public health crisis. why would both she and rashida tlaib have their
4:56 pm
financial disclosures show that they made thousands of dollars in rental income. it can't be hypocrisy, it cannot possibly be hypocrisy. i am waiting to hear what they have to say. >> when will we learn the lesson? we can point these instances out over and over. rules for me, but not for me. they don't believe the rules they want to impose on everybody else. >> may be you don't have to pay if you don't want to and they were like no, take my money. >> i'm sure that's what happened. moving on, a new trend in male fashion as men are now adding high heels to their closets. with one macho man telling vote, i don't struggle walking in a kill that high. luscombe i think i have the figure that can complement -- >> very good legs. >> number one, this is how we lost afghanistan. number two, i wear cowboy boots.
4:57 pm
do i live in a glass house? >> cowboy boots are allowed, but as for the standard pumps, which is what i think we are talking about, if men want to wear them, have at it. they can experience the foot pain that we ladies experience every single day. to speak of this is an embarrassment. >> if you like aliens came down to earth and they would be late okay, we get a lot of it. but why the shoe designed of a pump? why? >> cowboy boots are exempt. >> do you think i'm going to criticize cowboy boots? not on your life. >> number three, next, united airlines looking to avoid a sticky situation as they are telling flight attendants to stop duct taping unruly passengers. >> probably sound advice. the duct taping passenger trend, it's like a hostage situation. probably not a good thing. although maybe some of these
4:58 pm
passengers -- if you read the stories, they deserve it. but i also just another story about a 2-year-old who wouldn't wear a mask. she sucks her thumb, she's two years old. >> don't tell me they duct taped to taped to her. >> they suggested that they glue the mask to her face. >> no they did not, come on. oh, my gosh. >> yup, yup. >> a minute ago i said we were in hysteria and panic. gluing a mask to your face. >> i raise you one. >> straight through the mask. somehow the bottle works. we are going to give you four stories. >> bonus story! >> it's game over for tim tebow. the former heisman trophy winner has been cut by the jaguars. >> tv, right? he's good at the tv thing. i love what he had to say about
4:59 pm
this, because apparently his debut as a tight end -- he didn't do well. >> couldn't block. >> that's what the people on twitter were saying. but it was not said in such a nice way. he said that he never wants to make decisions in his life because of his fear of failure. even though he wasn't sure he was going to be good at this, he decides to do it anyway. and i love that. a lot of people shy away from feeling uncomfortable. you have to feel uncomfortable and live sometimes because it shows growth. >> i totally agree. i don't know how you get into a place in life when you are rooting against tim tebow. they say it's white privilege, all these opportunities he gets. tim tebow is a guy who's easy to root for. if he wants to, then bravo. if he fails, he's willing to embrace that failure. >> he's going to be successful no matter what. he had a great football career, he loves god, he's a winner in my book. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> that's going to do it for me
5:00 pm
tonight on "fox news prime time." please go download the will cain podcast. new episodes every monday, wednesday, and friday. get all of the information. i will be back here tomorrow night at 7:00. i will see you then. until then, tucker carlson is up next. i hear he's really, really good. you should watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: thousands of american citizens are trapped in afghanistan at the sour pit they can't get to the airport in kabul because the roads leading to the airport are controlled by taliban. this is a problem and it could get worse. you think officials in washington would be very concerned by this, but no, they are far more worried about how to move thousands of afghan refugees to this country as quickly as possible. just in case you


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