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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 17, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. >> harris: fox news alert, air operations have now resumed at kabul airport with the u.s. military securing the runways. a frantic race begins to get up to 40,000 americans home from kabul before the two-week grace period runs out. president biden is blasted for shifting blame for the disastrous withdrawal. this is "outnumbered," i'm kayleigh mcenany, here today my
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co-host harris faulkner, along with emily, former trump deputy national security advisor katie, and iraq war veteran and former army captain john james. pentagon announcing commanders are communicating with the taliban and hope to get one flight per hour within the next 24 hours with goal of evacuating five to 9000 passengers a day. this as we get striking images out of afghanistan as thousands try to escape the devastating taliban takeover. this is a photo showing 600 afghans packed inside u.s. cargo plane. people were reportedly pulling themselves on to the half-open loading ramp as it was taking off in a desperate attempt to escape. much like we saw yesterday with this stunning and tragic video of afghans clinging to the side
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of u.s. military plane, despite the rapid collapse of afghanistan, president biden defended his decision yesterday and get this, tried to paz the blame for the disastrous withdrawal. >> president biden: i came into office, i inherited a deal president trump negotiated with the taliban. under his agreement, u.s. forces would be out of afghanistan by may 1, 2021, i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i've learned the hard way, that there was never a good time to withdraw u.s. forces. afghanistan political leaders gave up and fled the country, the afghan military collapsed, sometime without trying to fight. american troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that afghan
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forces are not willing to fight for themselves. i am president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. >> wow, from vacationer and chief to blamer in chief, he blamed president trump. he blamed the afghans. "wall street journal" points out, he did not blame the taliban. interesting there. i spoke to our former boss, president trump, such a clear delineations with the conditions based withdrawal, harsh words for the taliban, harsh actions, and this leadership we have seen from president biden, would this have looked different under president trump? >> yeah, for a couple reasons. number one, president trump talked to the taliban leaders and said the ones he talked to face-to-face, we know who you are and where your families live. you mess with americans, you threaten americans, you go after americans, i'm coming to find
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you and i will destroy you and everyone around you, that is number one. number two, the plan was always to get the americanss out of there before the spring offensive. the taliban don't fight 24 hours per day, 12 months a year. (kt mcfarland), in the winter they hide, when the weather changes in the string, they come out and fight again, spring offensive. president trump wanted everybody out by this spring offensive. he didn't ark nouns the date. president biden announced the date. president biden reversed all the of that and stopped evacuating americans, now we have what you see. >> kayleigh: what a different scene under president trump. josh rogan, it is important to note what is going on on the ground. joe biden has left for camp david, fled the questioning. administration official who was not authorized to speak on the
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record told me there are estimated 10,000 u.s. citizens in the country with vast majority in or near kabul. workers may not want to leave, most are scrambling to escape. interesting line, we need more troops from the pentagon and more state department resources to evacuate americans, the official said, i feel like i am working against my own government to get my own country's people out. john james, you have 750 combat hours, you know better than anyone how to get those americans out. what are we facing right now? >> john: the audaci ty of an american president, people are isolated, hungry issue not paid and faced with having their families obliterated to turn his back on the allies, people who fought with us for twept yearss, joe biden should be ashamed of himself. the first thing we must do, continue to get every
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american, every ally and every asset out. second thing we have to do, secure our southern border and the united states of america. it is our number one vulnerability for extremist groups coming from lawless afghanistan and keep americans at homeland saich. we need to make sure we don't leave our face in the dirt and we continue to airlift our assets out and make sure terror cannot emanate from afghanistan and if it does, it is punished severely. joe biden has his hands bloodied by this, he was in the senate two years and witnessed the saigon disgrace in 1975. he was in the white house as vice president for eight years and a senator for eight years during this war. he is as culpable as anybody on the planet for how this has turned out. >> kayleigh: he is at campeche david doing who knows what,
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different scene with president trump. pop up this picture 've president trump, this is what he did, how he handled terrorists, surrounded by generals, taking the fight to them. that room empty of the commander-in-room. >> harris: situation room, that is where they give you the fact. an empty room with the president and he's on zoom, my hope is they are giving him the facts and that he is listening. when you do a one-on-one as president trump did with those men around the table, men and women around the table, then you have that face-to-face and can go back and forth. one thing we learned from the pandemic, it is a little bit harder. i hope from camp david, the president can be focused enough to take it all in and decide accordingly. i want to ask you something, though, kayleigh mcenany, you were there, front row with the president. you were having to know what was going on in the administration and communicate it. so one
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point president trump said we'll bring the taliban to camp david and do this. then there were discussions about the reality of that, then it was taken out. this president had conversations and listened. talk to me about that process and what is so absent in what we're seeing now? >> kayleigh: good question, this president, president trump was strategic, sometimes what he said in public does not match what he said to actors. he had harsh words for the taliban, when he talked to them on the phone. there was a reason for what he said strategically, businessman. >> harris: knew the audience was bigger. >> kayleigh: his action are what they saw. solomani's killing. make no mistake this would not be happening now, harris, for sure. emily, iment to bring this image up, we had it up of the cargo
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plane with more than 600 afghans. if you zoom in, you can see their faces, children, mothers, men who have helped in the fight. men and women, i should say, translators. it is devastating, they got out, many have been left behind. >> emily: this image is haunting to me, these people are lucky and so few of them. what about the other afghans trying to evacuate that applied for this administration's visa system. this president abandoned the afghans during this catastrophe that he created rather than rescuing the vulnerable facing this future and had audaci ty as john james put it to blame the av gaps when they lost 66,000 people alongside our troops on the battle field, this was their war, too. to blame them is shameful. it is so -- as he said,
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unconscionable and i find his position weak and inexcusable. >> harris: one thing about the picture, it was up to the pilot, they had a discussion about what they could handle with 640. my heart goes out, my gratitude to the pilots, to that crew who decided, we can do it. john james that is who we are, right? >> john: that is right. pilots are great people. >> kayleigh: you happen to be one, we are happy to have you here for the whole hour. just ahead, president biden taking heat from all sides over the chaos in kabul. one former obama official called it a disaster. another says it is his day moment, now critics are calling for the president's resignation or potential removal from office. that is next.
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emily compagno
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>> harris: president biden is now getting attacked from all sides over the chaos in afghanistan, politics are tough for him. republicans and democrats, including former top obama administration officials are calling him out. >> this has been a disaster, it's a failure. he needs to own that failure. >> i think of john kennedy and the bay of pigs. you know, it unfolded quickly and the president thought that everything would be fine and that was not the case. >> this is going to be a stain on this president and has presidency and he will have blood on his hands for what they did. >> this administration, it is failure, after failure, after failure. honest to god, i cant believe i'm saying this, i am, it is time for this president to
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resign. >> harris: rick scott tweeted this, after the disastrous events in afghanistan, we must confront serious question, is joe biden capable of discharging the duties of his office or has time come to exercise the provisions of the 25th amendment? john james, so many politics, so much angst over the last few year with the word impeachment, people don't want to hear it, we can't remember when it was about high cries and misdemeanors, it is so political. how surprised are you this moment has people talking about the 25th amendment and things like impeachment, resignation? >> john: i'm not surprised at all, any opening in the current political environment, one side will use against the other. the 25th amendment is unlikely to succeed and will further destabilize the view of america on the world stage. seeing that the american people can't get past their differences
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to do what is best for america. what is best for america, congress must immediately rest executive overreach from this administration and future administrations. congress must immediately retain war powers back from the executive branch. joe biden and others before him, if not checked, others after him. joe biden, on this particular occasion, turning his back on our allies who fought with us, showed our enemies that we are not to be feared and showed our allies we are not to be trusted. that has devastating effects for the safety of america and foreign policy moving forward. >> harris: as we were talking, something dawned on me, kt, curious to know what you think about this. are we in a situation where we would need an aumf, authorization for military? i mean, it is a surge to go in and get our americans now. depending how long this would go, i know the pentagon says the deadline is august 31st, another
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public deadline. goodness gracious. are we at a point it might take long to get out, does that look like a conflict situation? >> k.t.: i think very definitely have to shoot their way out and as far as a war power act, what you are eluding, what is responsibility of the president of the united states when he puts combat forces overseas. 30 days to deal with this without having to seek permission from congress. as far as joe biden resigning, who are you stuck with? vice president harris, she's got a worse track record. what i'm worried about, looking forward, what will happen with the pictures you have just shown? the chinese are sundaying those around the world, reinforcing the argument, america's days are over, it is inevitable and irreversible, look at china, we are the country that will be
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dominant in the 21st century and ayou better ark bandon america. they did to to taiwan just yesterday, they are using this complete chaos in afghanistan and dysfunction in the united states government, whether republican or democrat or congress or the military, using that as the proof positive that america is incompetent. somebody better get their act together really fast, it only gets worse. there will be hostage taking, kid napings and assassinations, we are not getting thousands out without a problem or a happy thank you very much, goodbye. >> harris: it is hard to believe that today from the pentagon we learned the taliban and they doesn't say they agreed not to touch us, they just are standing back and give something room. i look how long they stood back and gave room and took the country back in 10 days, we don't know what they are doing
9:20 am
in their spare time at the perimeter around it is arlt. mike gallagher and -- let's watch. >> this is epic catastrophe are the president's speech was a disgrace, blaming the afghan people and his predecessor, we had a saigon moment, what seems worse than a saigon moment, a dunkirk moment, can we get our people out? >> where is president biden? why is he not communicating and he said, i will own any
9:21 am
mistakes, this is a mistake of epic proportion and our enemies are watching, the real impact here. russia and china are watching. >> harris: emily. >> emily: and the ambassador said, it is ineftablt, it was avoidable and our president came out saying this was potential, it seems as if the entire world realized ineftablt except our commander-in-chief. the 25th amendment possibility is unrealistic, but situation of absence of demonstration of leadership, coupleed with catastrophic effects of decision-making, absolutely we should be asking questions and questioning the commander-in-chief? >> harris: why does he get a pass yesterday? >> kayleigh: empower schumer and nancy pelosi doing nothing.
9:22 am
ryan crawford, david petraeus, david axelrod, what do they have before their name? former? nancy pelosi is praising biden, i commend him for his action, i praise the wisdom of biden's actions. no, that is shameful, cowardess and rick scott is right, 25th amendment should be invoked, he is not doing his job. >> harris: quickly, white house prez briefing, first since this broke apart, you have seen tough days, which should this look like and what do you think it will look like? >> kayleigh: first white house press briefing the current secretary is challenged more than by peter doocy and others, outlets like "washington post" and others, liberal publications, she's going to be challenged and should be prepared. >> harris: that is later this afternoon, for now, critics and experts panned president biden
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jumping to his defense. check out how they reacted to his address just yesterday. >> 95% of the american people will agree with everything he just said. >> we are here right now because biden carried forward with the trump deal made with the taliban to exit and didn't do it well. >> joe biden is not the only one, not the first american president to be tripped up by afghanistan. plenty blame to go around. >> i'm curious to hear your reaction of this consequential speech by the american president, didn't run from it, he owned it. he owned his decision. he owned the fact that as he put it, the buck stops with him. >> i hope he gets -- too, i feel like i watched a different speech than the rest of you guys. i was appalled, such a profound bold-face lie in that speech, every contingency, i've been personally trying to tell this administration, since it took
9:28 am
office, trying to tell our government for years that this was coming. >> kayleigh: matt zeller, owning brian williams in that question there. john james, standing up for afghans left behind and saying joe biden should own their deaths. your thoughtss? >> john: i flew convoy security in iraq, i understand what it feels like to be in that situation. i went in with an apache helicopter, journalists went with a pen, we were doing the same thing, standing up and speaking out for people who were innocent and wanted freedom. utmost respect for real journalists. these people saying these things are not real journalists, they are jesters. they recognize th advertisers and giving the people they are serving what they want. they want a polyanna foreign policy. they are delivering for their
9:29 am
advertisers and audience, it is not real news, they are entertain sxment should be dismissed as such. >> kayleigh: that is true, and kt, nicole wallace is doing that, saying 95% of americans agree with this, problem, there is a poll, 70% of americans disagree, so is she just lying to her audience, it seems? >> k.t.: yeah, who are they talking to? biden audience, loony left that control the american media. who are they talking to? foreign policy establishment, the republicans and democrats who got this wrong for 20 years, the generals who kept going to capitol hill, we need a couple more bill yen dollars, more troops, couple more years we will win the war or politicians who say, we nied -- need to build into a modern democracy and the intelligence community
9:30 am
who missed al qaeda, this and everything in between. they are still going to always ark pol jize for joe biden. i was in the white house situation room in april 1975, we had to evacuate americans from the american embassy in saigon, i remember pledging never again should we be in this position and allow america to be defeated in a war we had no business being in, we couldn't win and our people didn't support. the american media agreed, today, no, they are apologizing. >> kayleigh: this sound byte from pbs's from prior to this afghanistan debacle sums up the problem with the liberal media today. let's play that. >> i was talking to a democrat who said this felt like the avengot gers, being rescued from craziness we lived through and now here are the super heroes to come save us all. >> kayleigh: biden avengers and
9:31 am
super heroes, i thought super heroes saved people not left some behind. >> harris: or be neutral and report the facts. when you have figures, press them on the issues. you know, president biden, did you feel like you needed to come to the white house to do a segment of your job for a few hours? if you felt that was necessary, why go back to camp david? the job is not over, this is not mission accomplished. we've learned a lot, this has been across administration and parties. our journey in afghanistana, and i love, love, love, the way that kt put this, you were there. albeit, 1975, you were only four, it was ark mazing kt, they let you in the vagz room, but when you talk about the lessons learned, joe biden was there, too. maybe not in the one room, as john james reminded us this hour, he was serving on the hill. why didn't he learn the same lesson? he had so much more experience,
9:32 am
four decades as a senator and two terms as a vice president. some covering our journaly in afghanistan. why is his learning curve so different? case yeah, unbelievable. emily, you have typical die-hards calling joe biden out. "washington post" editorial board did that, "new york times," biden will go down in history as president who presided over long-brewing, humiliating final act in the american experiment in afghanistan. typicals calling him out. >> emily: "washington post" is talking about the lagging response of president biden. there is shifting focus, going back to the "new york times" saying he had wisdom and courage to pull out. that is not the issue, the issue is not about pulling out, the issue was about utter abandonment of the afghan people and to zeller's point, fallure to analyze intel, and
9:33 am
ignoring plan after plan about how to evacuate the people and prepare those people and the failure of this media, the jesters as john james said, failure of media actors to neutrally explore this, that is what is a joke to me. the end of the day, we are all americans, we are all invested in each other and also in globala community. the fact the perspective outweighs that ability to explore the issuess, complexity of this, that is the failure. >> harris: george stephanopoulos will sit with the president, i think the first in the news conference this week. we will all be watching, of course, he was in the white house at some point in the last 20 years. it will be interesting to see his perspective, if he will bring neutrality and that experience enough to ask this president to stay on the issue, the issue isn't across two presidents, trump and biden, we were leaving, the issue is how
9:34 am
to execute that and why you flipped the switch that looked like it was a discernible and executable plan so that you could put your own stamp on it. is this what we believe is the biden stamp? how would you describe it, mr. president? >> kayleigh: i can't wait, i think it happens soon. >> i wish it was you. >> kayleigh: i do, too. >> harris: we've been there, we'll see what happens, i never count anybody out. >> kayleigh: we saw joe biden bolt like a lightning bolt from questions yesterday, we hope george stephanopoulos ask questions the american people deserve to have asked. less than 24 hours after pledging to honor women's rights, the taliban is clarifying their promise saying they will honor women's rights, but within islamic law, this as critics call out vice president harris for her silence. that is all next. this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity.
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>> kayleigh: the taliban
9:39 am
announcing today an amnesty across afghanistan, saying in their first news conference, they would respect the rights of women within the "framework" of islamic law. announcement coming as we learn of reports of islamist militants stalking cities for women and girl as young as 12 to turn into brides for taliban fighters. all of this as an afghan reporter makes an emotional plea at a pentagon news conference yesterday. >> i'm from afghanistan, i'm upset today, afghan women did not expect all the taliban, they took -- this is my flag, they put their flag. everybody is upset, especially women. i forgot my question you asked. where is my president? people expected he would be by the people, we don't have any
9:40 am
president, we don't have anything, afghan people, they don't know what to do, women, tough in afghanistan. i have a lot of achievement, i left 20 years ago, now we go back to the first step. >> harris: god bless them. >> kayleigh: kt, i can't imagine what that feels like as she said, to go back to this dark chapter. >> k.t.: i first want to ask about 15 years ago and met a snb snb -- number of women at the time. it will be the same way again. when the new taliban government says, we will respect islamist law, women have no rights at all under islamic law. they will become slaves. the only good thing that could come out of this, the taliban leaders today, they are sons and grandsons of people who were original leaders who stormed
9:41 am
afghanistan in the 1990s, at least they have never lived under taliban rule. i think a lot of people in afghanistan will be shocked at what it is like to live under taliban rule. i hope and pray there are enough people in had afghanistan, enough afghans who say, it wasn't so bad under democracy, when people had rights. >> kayleigh: john james, this is one message coming out of the taliban. majority of provences, there is oshg pasty to them, we don't know what is going on there, especially with the taliban position in terms of their "amnesty" they are extending. >> john: i remember being a senior, first year at west point in may of 2004 and witnessing nick burge have his head cut off for al qaeda propaganda video. those videos aren't done and we
9:42 am
have more in our future. that was 17 years ago. if i remember that from 17 years ago, a world away, what do you think that women like the one we just heard remember from the life they live? what do we think the afghan people remember from their time there? what stories have the younger generation heard of what is coming? this is the future that our president, joe biden, potentially doomed these people to by his utter abandonment and betrayal of the afghanee people. i absolutely believe it is salvageable, but congress and the world community and the american people need to continue to put pressure on this president to do the right thing. i don't trust the taliban as far as i can throw them and neither should you. >> harris: europe is not thrilled right now, not impressed with how we're handling this at all. it was never to have the end game be to stay forever, but how you leave matters.
9:43 am
how you exit matters. and apparently the mattering for the president was 20-year date to mark off on 9/11, you don't think the taliban has a calendar? they play the long game differently than politicians do. i want to get this in really fast this is from rich edson at the state department for us. former u.s. contractor in capable capable telling rich edson, taliban are beating people on the way to the airport. we were wondering about the perimeter and how to enforce it. it starts around the perimeter of the airport. make sure nobody is trying to get in. we can't reach our people, they are not getting there. afghan, former state department contractor told fox news, taliban fighters established checkpoints throughout the city and airport, some is are beating people on the way to the airport. we have video of kicking in the face and whipping a man walking by, we have not gained full
9:44 am
access, our team will tell us if this is some are what we are seeing. we know when the lights go out, when it becomes dark, there are eight and a half hours ahead of us, it is night time, has been since the top of the last hour, nightfall, the situation gets very, very dire there had. >> emily: and what makes this shocking, as well as the speed of how this unfolds, utter devastation that occurred within a few days, we have a video of another perspective from afghan woman talking about hopelessness and disappointment she feels. watch. >> i have never, never felt to this extent, helpless, hopeless, disappointed and miserable in my life. 20 year achievement maybe just go in few days. i was a child when -- now i am
9:45 am
an adult, i have seen how these people are. >> kayleigh: tragic, no words to describe it. this is a lot of tragedy about this situation, one of the most tragic is what will happen to the young women and young girls in this country. think about this, two decades with the u.s. help, greatest country on earth, women and girls got to be judgess, go to school, women would shave th hair and rename themselves and act like males to go to school. now the taliban is asking moms for list of girls 12 to 45 because they view the women as spoils of war to be divvied among themselves. it is sickening. forced marriages are things the taliban has done. lead hadding one woman to say we are worried about forced marriages, if they come for us like this, we will end our
9:46 am
lives, it will be the only option for us. hold them in our prayers. i woke up thinking about these women and girls, pray for them. >> emily: her emotion was heart-wrenching and yet our vice president is mia. >> kayleigh: coming up, one of the most dangerous and brutal terrorists held at gitmo. former president obama released him in 2014 as part of a prisoner exchange. now he is one of the taliban leaders running the show in capable capable. stay with us. insurance with liberty mutual,r so you only pay for what you need. kabul. stay with us. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> kayleigh: big show coming up top of the hour, former secretary of state mike pompeo will react to joe biden placing blame on his predecessor. former un ambassador haley will join us. first time haley reacted to the fall of afghanistan and we await a live press briefing at the white house. jake sullivan will join press secretary jen psaki, first briefing of that kind since the takeover of kabul. join us on "america reports" top of the hour. >> kayleigh: one of the current leaders of the taliban used to be a prisoner in gitmo, one of
9:51 am
the taliban 5 the obama administration freed from gitmo in 2014 in a prisoner exchange for bowe bergdahl. part of the delegation that negotiated u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan with president biden's envoy. kt, your thoughts? >> k.t.: you know, the obama administration and their attempts to appease adversaries in that part of the world led, i think, directly to the problems we have today. the passivity will lead to bigger problems down the road. >> kayleigh: passivity of the biden administration, i like how she puts that. obama and biden, look at both. under obama/biden, go from guantanamo bay to negotiator sitting across from the united states delegation.
9:52 am
you can quote guantanamo bay entirely, and obama/biden america iran gets cash, some to go to fund state terrorism as leading state sponsor of terrorism. it is pathetic. taliban getting weapons. we've given $83 billion to this endeavor and weapons are in the handss of the taliban. this is obama/biden liberal america. not a picture to be embraced by majority of the country. >> harris: we need leverage back, we don't have leverage on the ground once we pull out. i believe in our military and i know they will do everything to move heaven and earth to get our people out. i have confidence in them. i don't know if they can do it by the 31st. goodness, the taliban gets more information on when we are leaving. what is our leverage and what is our long game with the leverage to have some eyes on the ground?
9:53 am
in iran, we gave them all that cash and they are not letting us inspect the way we were supposed to do. we know what it looks like when we can't do what was promised, will they get to the table? >> kayleigh: john james, what is our leverage, if anything? >> john: take lessons from the previous administration, with this administration, obama administration, we show you can go from prison to the palace. previous administration, go from threatening american lives from the frontlines straight to hell. this is the punishment that happenss for people who threaten americans and our lives. i am opposed to war for war's sake, i hate wor. but at the same time, we must protect american interest and let our allies know we can be trusted and our enemies know that we are not to be underestimated. >> harris: joey jones said rather than take prisoners off
9:54 am
the battlefield, you have to kill them all, his words. >> john: well, have you to be careful, we don't want to be the enemy we are fighting. we only kill combatants. human rights are never divorced from foreign policy and make sure down to lowest level we enforce that. never can revenge come into the tactics that we deploy. as an officer, i recognize and i've been in those situations and we have to make sure that we give our folks on the ground the ones who are left every resource they need to be successful and get back home themselves. >> kayleigh: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. i "outnumbered just a moment. t "outnumbered" in just a moment. wil "outnumbered" in just a moment. "outnumbered" in just a moment. "outnumbered" in just a moment. "outnumbered" in just a moment. t a moment. g "outnumbered" in just a moment. . "outnumbered" just a moment. "outnumbered" i moment. "outnumbered" in just a . moment. or "outnumbered" in just moment. e "outnumbered" in just moment. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row.
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veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> harris: so, we have thousands of our u.s. troops in afghanistan, particularly headed to that airport to help americans get home safely and help afghans who helped us leave safely.
9:59 am
he has donated $100,000 to the group called now i'm left behind. they help evacuate and assist interpreters who supported our military in afghanistan, and they receive no government funding and the health now. visit tell us about it. >> john: going to west point, going to iraq, coming back home safely, i decided to run for office because i wanted to serve my state in the same manner, but i want to speak to all veterans out there listening. what he has seen over the past few days as a result of people who are unprepared and untrained making life-and-death decisions. you didn't quit your oath when you took your uniform off. your time for services till now, and i'm asking you, please consider going into leadership, running for office, and helping.
10:00 am
the mission has changed, but the mission still continues. if you would like to learn more, go to missionfirst, and in the interim, everyone please go to to get everyone out. >> harris: we will get that information out. thank you. "america reports" now. >> sandra: thank you, harris. we are standing by for the first press briefing. thousands of americans remain stranded there, but the pentagon says that the kabul airfield is not secure, and evacuation is starting. hello and welcome everyone, i am sandra smith. >> trace: good day. i am trace gallagher in for john roberts. we are moments away from addressing reporters. we expect them to face questions on how this situation unraveled so quickly.


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