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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 17, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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nation for the victory. taliban spokesperson says we are now emancipated and seek no revenge. it goes on we hold no grudge against anyone. okay, everyone is forgiven after insurgents have seized the country. we don't want any internal or external enemies what we're hearing now about no conflict between the u.s. forces. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is now. >> harris: fox news alert now and this is the time when nightfall comes in afghanistan. ground zero for operation allies refuge is that airport in kabul and we're all over it. i'm harris faulkner. a source in the ground describing the scene at the kabul airport. women, children, elderly pleading for a way out of the country. we're told taliban forces surrounded that airport
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preventing anybody from coming inside. so even if we're trying to get americans outside that perimeter the taliban has set up we can't get them in. the pentagon just told us the airport is secure so they have that. but nothing beyond it. the taliban has everything. the rest of the country. all u.s. citizens remaining in afghanistan have been told to shelter in place until notified. the latest. moments ago from the pentagon. >> a number of evacuations occurred overnight. as we speak we're continuing air operations and air operations continued throughout the night. yesterday the u.s. military footprint in afghanistan started at about roughly 2500 and by the end of today there will be more than approximately 4,000 troops on the ground in kabul. we have had no hostile interactions. no attack and no threat by the taliban. >> harris: that's remarkable. makes you wonder if some sort of a deal has been struck and
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could you trust it if you were. trey yengst is in jerusalem. is it possible at this point that the taliban will keep that perimeter? you have been in so many war zones and you no he that one. -- and you know that one. >> the taliban is taking a victory lap as we speak they're holding a press conference in kabul speaking with local and international media and they say they seek no revenge and work with the americans to facilitate what they see as a new government in afghanistan. they want to be seen as legitimate. i think that's why we're seeing many reports out of kabul that indicate the taliban is indeed not interfering with these efforts to secure the airport there by those american forces. we do know flights have resumed from kabul's only airport. military and civilian flights. scene far different from yesterday. one newly released photo shows
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640 people overnight on board a c-17 aircraft. it really gives you a sense of how desperate these civilians are to get away from the taliban. the pentagon press secretary indicating there could be upwards of 9,000 to 10,000 americans still in afghanistan. that's in addition to the thousands of allies and translators the biden administration has pledged to help. this comes as the taliban is urging government employees to return to work today saying that amnesty will be given across afghanistan. they also say women will be allowed to serve in the new government. it is important to note, though, the entire world is focused right now on kabul. specifically the actions and words of the taliban. you have to take everything this group says with a grain of salt because when you look at the broader picture, there are many parts of afghanistan that we have no information from right now but the taliban is in control and if history is any indication, the group will continue a brutal assault against the civilian population as well as implementing sharia law that will make life very
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difficult for civilians there. >> harris: look in the digital age, trey. it isn't easy, nearly impossible to have eyes on the ground but there could be some evidence that they aren't keeping their word with regard to how they will treat women. you will let them serve? you will give amnesty across the country? what do we know about the new leadership there of the taliban and whether or not this really could happen? >> look, the leadership of the taliban many of them are former top fighters within the group. we saw actually when the taliban first came into kabul a group of fighters was inside the presidential palace just after president ghani fled the country. one of those individuals said he had been detained at guantanamo bay for eight years. these are types of people we're dealing with and who will lead the government. many former prisoners in the taliban and we will also see the group working closely with other extremist organizations
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in the region including al qaeda. the images over the weekend of prisoners flooding out of the bagram air base. concerning to the entire region. >> harris: it is such valuable detail there. we're asked to believe that the taliban wants to work with us. look at who they are. trey yengst, thank you very much for getting us started on "the faulkner focus". for more i want to bring in two members of congress who also served. we'll get dual experience here. august pfluger, republican congressman from texas served in the air force for 20 years. mike gallagher from wisconsin who served in the marine corps for seven years. thank you both of you for being on the program. congressman pflueger i will start with you and what we just heard from the pentagon and feather it out a little bit for what it means with yet another date certain given at that news
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conference by john kirby, another date. now the new date is august 31st. do we have to keep doing this? >> well, it just goes back to the lack of leadership from president biden. when you telegraph your plan to the enemy basic military strategy 101 don't tell them when, how and what you'll operate and that's what they've done. we need to focus on evacuating american situations there. i have a constituent married to an american pilot. they are wanting to go back to afghanistan where they face certain death. we have to focus on the tactical execution. it has been a disaster so far. we need to get americans to safety and need to take care of the afghan military personnel and interpreters that we promised we would help. >> harris: one quick follow up. i'm curious now you have brought up the constituents of yours. uzbekistan and those countries,
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will they give one of our american citizens to them? >> it's a good question. i spoke with a high-level government official in uzbekistan yesterday. they said these are our neighbors. they are calling us to send back -- to deport almost 600 afghan military personnel of which the one i'm talking about is included in. they have to deal with the government whoever it is because they're neighbors. it is a very tenuous situation. we need to evacuate them from there and i'm calling on the biden administration to do the right thing and get them to safety. >> harris: when you look at the pictures now, congressman gallagher, that played out in the last 24 hours and taliban are massing outside the gates of the airport. so far no engagement with our u.s. forces according just moments ago to the pentagon, what does that communicate to you about the enemy? are they really deal makers or is there something else we need to see in all of this? >> well, i don't trust the taliban and i agree with august
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100% our pentagon shouldn't be broadcasting an arbitrary date for withdrawal. our message should be we'll do what we need to do to get our people out of there. however long it takes and however hard it is we aren't going to leave anybody behind. if the taliban messes with us we'll meet it with devastating consequences. instead the biden administration just keeps bungling this withdrawal. this is an epic foreign policy catastrophe. the president's speech yesterday was a disgrace. blaming the afghan people, blaming his predecessor. we've already had a saigon moment. now we have a dunkirk moment. can we get our people out and can we muster energy to save our people? that's on open question given the incompetence we've seen from the white house so far. >> harris: look, i've had former generals, retired, tell me recently it feels like we'll have to surge our way in there.
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there are 4,000 on the ground. we know they have put into motion some 7,000 u.s. forces. congressman gallagher, does that seem like that will be enough? >> the honest answer is we don't know. and even kirby in the press conference wasn't that specific about what is the extent of the mission? are we putting a perimeter around the airport? how many americans do we have outside of that perimeter right now? not just kabul. various parts of the country and a variety of constituents who may not be american citizens but connected to american citizens we all represent. a ton of unanswered questions. for the life of me i don't understand the intelligence and operational failure with this. why did we give up bagram before we withdrew our people? it makes no sense. >> harris: details that came from the taliban. the spokesperson is holding
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their first news conference as they try to get the world to see them as having legitimate see. dge -- legitimacy. right now they're trying to convince the world things will be very different, congressman, when it comes to how women will be treated. they will be honored under islamic law. earlier rule restricted women's lives. women's rights will be different is what they assert and be allowed to serve and so on and so forth. we were at war for 20 years in that nation. some of the children now have only known a world where we were there and they were freer than they had ever been. congressman pflueger, what do you make of the new taliban? i put that in quotes. >> well, it certainly is a less secure place than it was one week ago, two weeks ago. you know, you bring up the taliban holding a news
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conference and getting their message out. where is president biden? why is he not communicating? he has previously said i'll own the mistake. this is a mistake of epic proportions. the women and children are in extreme danger. i don't believe the taliban for one minute it will be a new regime. they will get revenge. you have the chinese communist party looking to recognize them as a real government. our enemies are watching. that's the real impact that we're seeing here. russia and china are watching. if you are taiwan you have to feel very insecure at this point in time because you can't depend on president biden and this administration to keep you secure. this is the administration that said we'll go out and rebuild and reform our relationships. that's nonsense. they've done exactly the opposite. now america will feel the impact as a less secure place as well. >> harris: congressman gallagher quick last word from you. one of your colleagues across chamber, senator rick scott,
8:12 am
republican, floated on twitter the 25th amendment to remove president biden of his handling from the exit from afghanistan. your take. >> let's get everyone out of the country including american citizens first and then we can have a big old messy fight where the blame goes. i agree with august, the effect on american deterrents of this catastrophe will be devastating. to the point about china, they were selling it as a way to free up resources for china. it is having the opposite effect. we had to rewrite a carrier, pakistan's victory threatens india. it doesn't make sense on geopolitical terms. biden should surrender the right to have a second term in office because he has messed up u.s. foreign policy. >> harris: congressman pflueger and gallagher, thank you for your service first of all in the military and for being here today to help us get through some of the breaking news. appreciate you being in focus. >> thanks, harris.
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>> harris: remember the gitmo five? former president obama said they wouldn't cause anymore trouble after he swapped them for army deserter bowe bergdahl. now one of them, one of the gitmo five is among the taliban leaders in afghanistan. plus reaction from joey jones, who you know made quite a sacrifice in afghanistan. and then there is this, the growing covid-19 crisis at our oren southern border with mexico. the virus is spreading among the border patrol. god bless them. lawmakers again are sounding the alarm. >> we've got thousands of people crossing, many of them with covid-19. we know there are terrorists coming through the border right now. apparently it's more about ideology and not really about safety. the newday two and a quarter refi
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>> harris: the "new york post" broke it and the pentagon is dealing now reporting one of the taliban masterminds behind the group's swift takeover of afghanistan, the whole country in 10 days is one of the gitmo five. the former guantanamo bay prisoners swapped for the army deserter bowe bergdahl in 2014. that was president obama's disaster. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. nouf what do we know about these five? >> pentagon officials told us they are in talks with the taliban to allow certain categories of individuals, diplomats, journalists and western aide workers through the cordon set up by the taliban in cab all. one of the state department's point of contacts was with
8:20 am
taliban leaders in qatar like one of the very same taliban commanders, five in total, who were released from guantanamo bay in 2013 as part of the swap from bowe bergdahl. the released gitmo prisoners set up an embassy in qatar and among the leaders that the trump administration began exit talks with and now under president biden who was in the white house at the time of the bergdahl deal orchestrated the overthrow of the afghan government and humiliating scenes at the airport. the former taliban interior minister who had been held at gitmo stat across from u.s. enjoy in moscow recently to discuss the final terms of the u.s. withdrawal. among those who took the afghan presidential palace after president gani fled is a
8:21 am
fighter held at guantanamo bay and the leader who gave a speech, a former gitmo detainee accused of u.s. officials being a long time security agent for the taliban's feared ministry of interior who told the gitmo review board he was a simple shopkeeper who wanted to return to afghanistan to care for his sick father. he was released by the bush administration. all of these appointed by president trump, kept by biden to negotiate a peace deal with the taliban recently released 5,000 hardened prisoners being held in afghanistan. here is general petraeus. >> the trump agreement was very flawed and resulted in the release of some 5,000 detainees of the taliban that were being held by the afghan government which was not allowed to
8:22 am
participate in the negligent yaixs. >> the biden administration is now left to negotiate with the taliban with some of the same leaders who the obama/biden administration released from gitmo. >> harris: he should be familiar with them. he has been in office for 50 years. weighs there when it was going on in the white house as well. who we're dealing with outside of the perimeter of that airport today. joey jones is joining me now. fox nation host and retired marine bomb technician and our friend on "the faulkner focus". we were together on "outnumbered" yesterday. now we get the detail some of the men in charge. biden should be so familiar with who he is dealing with here. >> we should have killed every one of them. if we've learned anything take no prisoners on the battlefield. if they have a gun in their hand put a bullet in their chest is what we learned. we won't be allowed to gather human intelligence because that process is considered torture now. what is the point in bringing
8:23 am
any of them in? they'll sit there, get fat. become martyrs for everyone on the ground and we lease them back to stir them up and take over afghanistan. that's exactly what's happened. we traded five leaders, five people with tons of blood on their hands for a traitor who got other americans killed and the obama administration passed it off as a victory. they were surprised we didn't have a ticker tape parade. they were puzzled we didn't celebrate from one coast to the other. we know the impact that latrelle has had on our military. a lone survivor, somebody captured by the taliban and made it home and today it would be different opinions. at the time we celebrated that. think of multiplying that times five and another 100 because it's a religious thing for them. all or nothing for them. these aren't just people who we are he leased. in their mind god set them free.
8:24 am
their god came through for them in their righteous cause. the impact of these five. we sit here and wonder why we can't win this war. because we're not willing to. we haven't been willing to in a long time. i'm not saying we should be inethical or immoral but our moral superiority to date has gotten more americans killed. at some point we have to fight a war which means kill the enemy. which means why did the obama administration care more about the living conditions and health of people in guantanamo bay than vets sitting in an arizona v.a.? i would love the answer to that. why is that a case? i'm really upset by this and not just trying to play partisan politics. i don't know if president trump set folks free from guantanamo bay. if i find out he has and see that report i'll say similar things about him or bush or anyone else.
8:25 am
this is 330 million americans against a ruling class in washington, d.c. and a bunch of generals that care more about building their career than winning a war. i'm tired of it and we deserve better >> harris: it is hard to think of being on that tarmac and trying to get on to the plane. you are an american. you are trying to wade your way through the people on the tarmac now and a vet there to get our own people out and the taliban says we'll sit out here and protect the perimeter. what happens if they change their minds and decide to engage? >> yeah, think about this. we have a few thousand troops surrounded by for what i know to be probably 10,000 or more, tens of thousands of taliban. in a powder keg stand-off and we're relying on the taliban to uphold their word that innocent american civilians can get through their checkpoints to that airport. what happens the moment the taliban decides one of those people that we're trying to get
8:26 am
through shouldn't go through? what happens in that moment? that's what i want to know. i would love for the president to get away from camp david on a vacation and answer that question. we're negotiating with the taliban to uphold their word? great. sounds awesome. yeah, that's how you fight a war. that's how you exit afghanistan. 20 years and this is the best you can do? you are an embarrassment. you were v.p. for eight years of this war. no. i'm sorry. thank you. >> harris: never apologize. we need some of that to go on at the white house press briefing today. all you are doing is asking the questions that every single american who served like yourself deserves to know. those gold star families deserve to know. the children of the people who served deserve to know. they are great questions and we will press on. i'm glad you are in focus, thank you. chris cuomo back on cnn.
8:27 am
he had an apology after his brother resigned as governor of new york. critics aren't buying it, though. >> no contingency plan. no matter how many times they point fingers and throw blame on president trump and others, they need to own this total and utter failure. this debacle. >> harris: from congress people on the hill to what joey jones broke it down and said president biden said the buck stommes with him on the afghan debacle as he again blamed the previous administration. hopefully he will have fresh material next time. former white house press secretary ari fleischer has been in the white house in tough moments and he has some strong thoughts next. but we e outdoor vehicles with home and auto to help people save more! [ laughs ] ♪♪
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>> president biden: when i came into office i inherited a deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban.
8:33 am
i stand squarely behind my decision. the afghan military collapsed sometime without trying to fight. american troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. >> harris: critics are digging in after president biden defended his decision to exit afghanistan. he just doesn't get the point. that's not the point. it is how he did it. it appears to throw his predecessor under the bus all while scenes of danger on the streets of kabul fill our screens. it was just a couple of months ago when president biden said these words. >> president biden: one thing i promise you i will do. i will take responsibility. no president that i've ever witnessed as a student of history is smart enough to handle all the problems. when i make a mistake i'll say it.
8:34 am
i'll acknowledge it and fix it. >> harris: but he didn't. republican critics now. >> that speech demonstrated a president who is dangerously disconnected from reality. >> it doesn't just go to show that, it goes to show how full of crap the administration really are. they are trying to play it both ways. >> why didn't he stop it? he blamed everybody but the taliban. what is even worse, harris, it isn't about leaving but american legacy and biden's lack of leadership. this will last for decades. >> harris: ari fleischer former white house press secretary on george w. bush and fox news contributor as well. it was interesting to see the former president, george w. bush and former first lady actually comment on all of this. they are giving their blessings and great thoughts and thanks for service and they want this administration to speed up the visa process for those afghans
8:35 am
trying to get here who have helped us. aside from all of that, what will the current president do just to focus on the issue? it seems like he doesn't get it. >> i have no idea what the current president will do. it just seems on issue after issue and region after region this is an emptiness to president biden's policies. all have seemed to backfire. the biggest backfire is this one in afghanistan. it is just -- i can only tell you as somebody who was there on september 11th in the white house and who was there when the military counter attacked taliban in afghanistan. a tremendous sense of sadness that it ended libeling this. i didn't think we'd still be there 20 years later but never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined it would end like this. this is why people especially i
8:36 am
gave president biden some understanding of his intention to withdraw the troops. i never criticized him for that but i do criticize him for how he has done it. it is a disaster. >> harris: can we talk about the president and his travels and how long it took us to hear from him? i don't want to rego over the past but just the last few days compared with what we heard. was he working at camp david on that speech? we have assume he was. was he watching the coverage of people, veterans who served asking the question why did it go down this way? he didn't seem to hit point for point. he gave a speech and went right back to camp david. >> look, the pressure is on the president tremendous and they can do their job from camp david. i haven't criticized him for that. i find it odd he is not surrounded by his national security team. there is a sense of detachment
8:37 am
that is an unhealthy detachment. what rankles me is blaming others. when he says he inherited it from president trump he also inherited a remain in mexico policy. if we followed that we wouldn't have the border crisis. why did he reverse that policy? he can reverse a policy from his predecessor when he wants to. all of a sudden now he can't reverse what president trump did and can't do it differently? of course he can. he is the one who set this in motion and if that's not perfectly knowable, why did we withdraw the troops only to have to send them back? there is proof he bungled it. >> harris: are there more far left people in his party wearing the pants no matter how they are dressing. is he out numbered? i've wanted to ask that question of someone who would
8:38 am
look at the situation and see maybe he is capitulateing to the loudest voices in the room? >> this is his decision. >> harris: why does it take him so long to speech? >> the long view we should bug out of afghanistan and this is what happens when you bug out badly. there is merit to the argument the troops need to come home. you bring them home in properly and sequence that allows for everybody else to be protected. just bug out. this is what joe biden wanted to do for a while. his judgment is so bad on so many foreign policy issues and sticking to it with a determination and stubbornness he has because he thinks he is right. this is simple. he thinks he is right when he is wrong. >> harris: i want to get to nancy pelosi and her unending support of this president no matter what is going on. speaker nancy pelosi just on monday again commending president biden for his handling of afghanistan saying he had shown strong leadership.
8:39 am
those are her words. this as she circulated white house talking points to rank and file house democrats to defend the situation there. oh, you know we'll get our hands on that. here are the talking points some of them. the administration knew there was a distinct possibility that kabul would fall to the taliban. it was not an inevitability, it was a possibility. the president said if july the afghan military had the capability to fight the taliban but they had to demonstrate the will. sadly that will not materialize. so as minority leader in the house kevin mccarthy said, the president is blaming and so is nancy pelosi everybody but the taliban. >> right. that's part of the distress. i just approach this with such sadness. after the 20 years, after the decisions made to send men and women to war, it cannot and should never end like this. america is better and our commitment to our allies and military has to be better. so nancy pelosi just to prop up
8:40 am
joe biden i guess you could expect it. the good news is a lot of democrats have disagreed and that is heartening and go back to the days when we had bipartisan foreign policy. it is good to see again. there are terrible lessons to be learned. let's hope we get our troops out safely and evacuate everybody to wants to get out. get them and their families somewhere else. let's hope it goes well over the next week to two. this never should have been the way it ends. >> harris: can't help but want to question the administration. i would want the ask the president this. was it so much hate for trump that got us to flip the switch on so many policies that have put is in harm's way and outlast some of the good that could happen in the last little while. we'll deal with the outcomes of this for years to come. was all of that more than a doctrine or a policy or was it just you hated donald trump? and you had to flip the switch.
8:41 am
>> yep. i think that's a big part of it. >> harris: yeah. good to see you. thank you. illegal crossings at our southern border hit a two-year high last month but major networks coverage of the border was the lowest it has been since march. why are the mainstream media ignoring the crisis? i mean, their coverage has plummeted by 96%. can you count the other 4%? plus this. >> it was a unique situation being a brother to a politician in a scandal and being part of the media. i tried to do the right thing and i just want you all to know that. >> harris: chris cuomo breaking his silence on his brother's rest -- resignation on his brother. joe concha is in focus next.
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>> harris: we come in with breaking details. the fallout is punishing for the people of haiti following saturday's earthquake there. 1400 people have been confirmed dead and we're told to expect that number to rise. thousands of people are hurt and many are missing. tropical storm grace hit haiti overnight slowing the search
8:47 am
for survivors so it just got worse. the government had to halt its operation on the ground leaving an untold number of people stranded after losing homes in the earthquake. they're out in the open. we'll bring you updates as we get them. we're watching the covid surge at the border. it's so bad and so fast there that it is now reaching our border patrol agents. nine of our agents at the border have died of covid so far this year. several others are hospitalized fighting for their lives. hundreds are currently in quarantine or isolation. jonathan hunt is live along the border in texas. jonathan. >> harris, the newly installed border patrol chief ortiz tells me that he has something like 400 agents currently quarantined because of covid and then yesterday morning,
8:48 am
early yesterday morning we got the terrible news that another agent had died as a result of covid-19. within 30 minutes of that news spreading here in the mcallen areas of texas, a host of law enforcement vehicles had shown up outside of the hospital in mcallen to pay tribute to that agent. we're also told there is another agent currently in that hospital in the icu. now it is impossible for anyone to say with 100% certainty how those agents contracted covid-19 but they are coming into contact with a number of migrants who have the infection. infected with the virus. we're told here in the rio grande valley there is something like 15% of the migrants crossing are infected. doctors here tell us it is a very tough situation for everyone. listen here.
8:49 am
>> they are coming in because they want a better opportunity and they end up in the hospital and i talk to them about their personal experience and trying to cheer them up, right, because they're coming in with an idea and dream here and they end up sick or very sick. so yes, it is frustration from them but it is a risk they take when they try to come in here in that way. >> it's a risk that those migrants take according to the doctor but it is also harris putting our border patrol agents at great risk. that's the result. the ninth death of an agent from covid this year. >> harris: think about it. the risk they're willing to take is the trek they make because they are more likely to get cared for here than the countries they're fleeing. >> that's exactly what they are telling us every time.
8:50 am
>> harris: jonathan hunt, thank you. our border patrol agents. border encounters hit a 21-year high in july. apparently that wasn't interesting enough for the major networks to cover. according to the media research center nbc nightly news covered the border information 3 minutes 43 seconds during the month of july. world news tonight gave it 27 seconds. cbs evening news didn't cover it at all during the month of july. joe concha, fox news contributor. when we talk about these subjects and where the other networks fall down, it isn't just to point a finger at them but to point a finger at the administration because if the media don't do their jobs and hold the administration accountable, they can ignore it, too. >> it's not coverage, is it? it's providing cover when you see a bias like that.
8:51 am
cbs the former home of walter cronkite. considering are t resources they have at their fingertips. in a sane world coverage would increase as border crossings increase. in this case to the tune of what was it in july 210,000 migrants crossing illegally over the border? a 21 year high? 210,000 you could fill madison square gardens 21 times. 1.4 million people have crossed the border illegally since the beginning of this year. that's more than the population of 10 u.s. states. do you think that's a story? meanwhile joe biden has yet to visit the u.s. border despite a crisis of his own making and his own dhs being caught on tape saying the situation is unsustainable. meanwhile the vice president put in charge of this months ago has yet to hold one press conference on this. where is she?
8:52 am
on the back of a milk carton? you can't find her. we have an absentee president and vice president when it comes to this border and afghanistan and there will be hell to pay in 2022 if they keep hiding from the press and pretending there is not a problem. >> harris: you and i both know if a bright enough spotlight. remember when the spotlight broke across the sex allegations and what they unearthed in the catholic church with boston spotlight. if something like that were the coverage we were seeing, if it were not just a few of us in the media across some sectors shouting that there is a fire at the border and you need to go deal with it, right? it would get somebody's attention. the administration doesn't feel the pressure of that and the american people don't get the benefit of getting all the facts. they have to go digging for it. we have to reach them in different ways. >> it seems that way, right? imagine if there was no fox news. fox news at least is covering
8:53 am
the story and a handful of other publications as well. but it is the exception now at this point. i recommend everybody go spotlight. won an academy a ward for a reason. you don't see that investigative journalism. it takes times and resources and right now we're an instant gratification industry. get it out quickly and don't bother the digging like we used to see. >> harris: you want to get clicks. not you and me. the people who did this and want to know the president's ice cream flavors and vice president cookie preferences. it's not that they aren't interesting people, we want to know what they do, not what they eat. let's move. cnn host chris cuomo addressing his brother's sexual harassment scandal for the very first time last night. >> i never covered my brother's troubles because i have a conflict. there are rules at cnn about that. i also said back then that a
8:54 am
day would come when he would have to be held to account and i can't do that. i said point blank i can't be objective when it comes to my family. so i never reported on the scandal. and when it happened, i tried to be there for my brother. >> harris: wow. swift reaction on twitter. he can't be objective. our own janice dean wrote the right thing to do was not advise your brother on his sexual harassment charge and decline covid tests that could have been used on elderly new yorkers. >> i didn't think it was possible to top andrew's apology but wow, insane. quickly, joe. >> what dishonest hubris from a network prime time anchor saying i can't cover my brother because of a conflict. in 2020 no problem putting him on 11 times to be the p.r. manager that led to a $5
8:55 am
million book deal and emmy. cnn you want to put him back on the air that's great. women of the network are thrilled after seeing jeffrey tube-in get a show. 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. 10 p.m. 11 p.m. all men hosting shows on the network. it's a boys club over here and putting chris cuomo back on the air proves it once and for all. >> harris: "outnumbered" after this. ate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. >> harris: fox news alert, air operations have now resumed at kabul airport with the u.s. military securing the runways. a frantic race begins to get up to 40,000 americans home from kabul before the two-week grace period runs out. president biden is blasted for shifting blame for the disastrous withdrawal. this is "outnumbered," i'm kayleigh mcenany, here today my


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