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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i am president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. i'm deeply saddened by the fact we now face but i do not regret my decision to end america's war fighting in afghanistan and maintain laser focused on our counterterrorism mission there and in other parts of the world.
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>> it is tuesday august 17th. fox news alert, no regrets. president biden sticking by his withdrawal from afghanistan before blaming a lot of people for the chaos in kabul. >> heartbreaking video shows thousands of afghans fleeing the capital city made claims the taliban is traveling door-to-door looking for us allies. we have live team coverage for you. mark meredith with fiery reaction to the president's speech. >> jackie ibanez has the latest of elements from overnight. jillian: senior taliban leader is said to be in the capital negotiating with afghanistan leadership and former president, karzai. talks are aimed at bringing on taliban leaders into the government which the taliban has
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indicated there will be, quote, inclusive afghan government. this little known about what the talks consists of right now but the associated press is reporting a government will be announced after negotiations are complete this comes after kabul airport reopened following chaos yesterday. thousands tried to flee the country. at least 7 people died in that video showing mister maddock seen as some ran alongside the aircraft attempting to take off while mother's day gold from the jet bridge. new pictures show crammed us cargo jet filled with hundreds of afghan refugees heading to qatar. they ran on to be a craft before military personnel could close the ramp. when reporting 640 people crammed into that plane. that plane holds 150 soldiers. john kirby insisting despite this chaos the situation was not a failure adding the military was prepared to handle noncombat evacuations, kirby faced an emotional plea from the afghan reporter who is demanding answers from the white house. listen to this. >> where's my president, former
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president donnie? immediately we don't know where this is an we don't have a president, they don't know what to do? >> i can't speak for where he is or what his views are. we all understand the anxiety and the fear and the pain you are feeling. >> reporter: the taliban and is reportedly going door to door searching for afghan officials and allies of the us. todd: thanks. jillian: mark meredith continues fox coverage as the president plays the blame game and dispense his decision to pull troops which he put a lot of blame on others yesterday. >> reporter: president biden says he has no plans to reverse course and extent american military presence in afghanistan. the president defended his decision to pull troops out.
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>> president biden: the buck stops with me. i'm deeply saddened by the fact we now face but i do not regret my decision. >> reporter: the president heavily criticized the afghan military accusing them of failing to put up a fight against the taliban. the president left without taking questions, he's back in camp david but his staff will give us an update later today. overnight we heard from the vice president, for two decades are courageous servicemembers put their lives on the line in afghanistan, we will be grateful and proud in the us military involvement in afghanistan is the right decision but on capitol hill lawmakers are furious, accusing the white house of creating a major foreign-policy disasters. mike mccall insists the president is not doing enough to react to the new reality. >> the speech blaming everybody
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but himself including donald trump. trump would never have sat back and watched an unconditional surrender of the taliban to afghanistan. >> reporter: lawmakers on twitter say the us needs to do more including cori bush who says following vietnam, 120,000 refugees in a single year yet the us is only taken 2000 refugees the far. we have a duty to save lives. the president says the us is working to help refugees get out of afghanistan with a handful of military bases housing is refugees but don't know how many being allowed into the country in the weeks and months ahead. a lot of questions still unanswered. todd: critics slamming president biden's defense of his decisions withdraw from afghanistan. here's what trey gowdy had to say last night. >> the right policy wrongly executed or the wrong policy
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wrongly executed but everyone in the country agrees this has been a debacle. i keep thinking of the words of robert gates, not the republican congressman we just played but obama's former secretary of defense who said joe biden for four decades was wrong on nearly every major foreign-policy and national security decision. that is robert gates saying that, four decades worth. i'm happy he kept a campaign promise because he seems interested in doing that but i'm sorry for the carnage left behind because he did. >> reporter: biden campaign is a seasoned expert in foreign-policy last one saying was highly unlikely the television would overrun afghanistan. jillian: state lawmakers will release a final report on the impeachment probe of andrew cuomo. facing backlash for suspending the investigation after cuomo announced his resignation. lawmakers are looking at sexual-harassment accusations
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against cuomo and allegations he covered up nursing home virus death and improperly used state resources for his book deal, cuomo leaves office next week. >> bill lee signing executive orders (stopped kids out of school mask mandate, he will not stop districts from doing what is best for their schools but insists parents should have the final say. >> our hospitals are struggling but those hospital beds are filled with adults. requiring parents to make children wear masks to solve an adult problem is in my view the wrong approach. >> the order comes after tennessee speaker of the house threatened to punish those districts that issued the mast mandates. jillian: the biden administration is expected to recommend covid vaccine boosters for all americans, the third shot would be administered eight month after receiving the second dose. the associated press reports the booster doses would not be available until mid-to-late september.
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pfizer committed initial data seeking authorization of a booster dose saying the third dose shows higher and the bodies. todd: twee 7 minutes after the hour president biden's speech getting back lash with the mainstream media turning on him. >> the president said the buck stopped with him but in fact the speech was full of finger-pointing and blame especially for the afghans. >> joe concha joins us to react. ♪♪ at you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ for skin that never holds you back don't settle for silver #1 for diabetic dry skin* #1 for psoriasis symptom relief* and #1 for eczema symptom relief*
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>> the presence of the buck stopped with him but his speech was full of finger-pointing and blame especially for the afghans. >> he did not accept responsibility for the catastrophe unfolding in kabul. >> the next month will be horrendous for him public relations-wise, this will be a propaganda tool on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. >> of the media turning on president biden bashing his address.
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>> joe concha, i don't it is turning on him but doing their jobs as journalists. >> it is impossible to defend what we saw yesterday so it's not like we've had this great awakening in this business. maybe we will hold the powerful accountable because that speech was that bad. what happened in kabul and the chaos is that bad. played chuck todd at the end, todd said in the same segment, the pullout happened under trump it would have been worse, got to work in the trump angle but i go back to a cnn townhall last month and this is what the president said on national television to don lemon, i made a commitment that when i made a mistake i would tell you i made mistakes and when i think i get it right i will say it but take responsibility for what i do and what i say and he said yesterday the buck stops here but that didn't stop, it was blame trump, blame afghan forces, blame the afghan government but not take
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responsibility, the responsibility he said he would take in these situations and was glaringly obvious to anyone with eyes, ears and a working brain. >> you just said it was impossible to defend president biden. msnbc's nicole wallace saying challenge accepted. >> 95% of the american people will agree with everything he just said. for an american president to finally be completely aligned with an overwhelming majority of what the american people think about afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief to the american people. >> does the media try to revalidate biden in the coming days or is this a one off from nicole wallace, former republican who seems to be huge biden supporter in the last 6 months? >> if you gave the lincoln project a tv show that is what it would look like on ms nbc. a principled republican in the
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lincoln progress, nicole wallace obviously is an exception. it is obvious to anybody with eyes, ears and sanity that that may be the exception, 95% of the americans don't agree with what president biden said yesterday. he's pulling in the low 20s on his handling of afghanistan. what stuck out to me the most was here you have the president in the worst moment of his presidency of almost any presidency and does this speech and runs from the podium and doesn't take any questions from the press whatsoever so if you add it all up the president of the united states, the vice president who you will see on the back of a milk carton at this point you can't find her anywhere and the press secretary and jen psaki have taken 0 questions on this debacle in afghanistan and i look at msnbc yesterday and see the taliban spokesman taking questions before our leaders are.
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what does that tell you about the most transparent administration of all time? jillian: a number of people are disappointed they haven't heard from the vice president considering so much of the conversation around afghanistan is what happens to the lives and livelihoods of women and young girls and a lot of people like to hear that. i was watching yesterday, i watched the whole thing and want to get your opinion on this interview, former cia analyst matt zeller and like many people, people in congress that we've been raising the flag on this for a while, he said i have been raising the flag on this for years, take a listen. >> i watched a different speech from you. i was appalled. i've been trying to tell the government for years this was coming. plan after plan on how to
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evacuate these people, nobody listened to us. jillian: frustrating and alarming for so many people, you can hear in his voice how frustrated he is. with your reaction to that? >> somebody who sees the situation on the ground having studied it through a pragmatic lens but what we have now is politicians in washington seeing things through a politically expedient one in the president did not think this through in any way, shape or form. what every military analyst has said, you do this when the fighting season isn't happening in the spring and summer, and when the taliban is a real, wait go do this in a morally fashion. you see those images on your screen where people are clinging to airplanes trying to get out of kabul and three fell to their
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deaths and this will only get worse particularly on september 11th when this will be everywhere when we mark 20 years and 3000 americans died in the taliban celebrating on top of the us embassy saying al qaeda will be back here, isis will be back here, as far as the attack on the us, something americans have to live within the american president can't spin his way out of it. todd: aoc and cori bush are more of a voice of reason then president joe biden, you are in trouble and the countries in a lot of trouble and the poor folks in afghanistan are in trouble. thanks for being here, appreciate your time, 18 after the hour, president biden sticking by his withdrawal from afghanistan before blaming everybody else, or focus on woke politics and meaningful policy. jillian: calling the administration out for its america last policy next.
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i inherited a deal donald trump negotiated with the taliban. the choice i had to make as your president was either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the taliban and. i stand behind my decision. >> president biden defending his administration's handling of the chaos unfolding in afghanistan while passing blame on many others including donald trump. congressman, good to see you, thanks for being here. you graduated the naval war college and use a war termination is one of the most important aspect of military planning and strategy and one of the first things your thoughts when you attend. from your experience what happened here? what went so wrong? >> a few hours ago i was on the
2:24 am
phone with active duty and some that have recently separated from the military and we all agree americans should reject this analysis from the pundits and the white house that this was a no-win situation, that was going to be a messy withdrawal come hell or high water. i've heard from this administration a plan for every contingency. i think every american should recognize that that is bs. you don't close bog room, the logistical hub of the military and funnel all the activity into the nations capital of kabul and expect to clean with all. there were no plans, no contingencies and it is a slap in the face to every man and woman who don the uniform of our nation because they have worked tirelessly, given their all for the last 20 years to make sure they do their job but the suit
2:25 am
in washington failed and when talking about war termination you need next strategy and there hasn't been one. we have had years and years to plan so this, the president is pushing blaming for particularly the intelligence community, people need to reject this, this is a failure of leadership, there was no contingency plan. no matter how many times they try to blame donald trump and others they need to own this debacle, this failure 100% because it is not what they did. it is how they did it. collectively americans were ready to come home. we can ready to come home and i have supported withdrawal for a long time but this has been handled so poorly. jillian: oliver north said last night doing the right thing the wrong way. so many disturbing images coming out of afghanistan, particularly
2:26 am
kabul at the airport. 640 afghans packed into this cargo jet. the pilot made a decision to get them out of there because he thought we have to get these people safe and that a small portion of the people who are desperate to get out of couple and to get somewhere where they feel safe. this image among others are going to hunt this administration and is president for a long time to come. do you agree? >> absolutely. when i was talking to these airmen, the same b-17 pilot to have flown 200 missions in and out of afghanistan. one of them said, quote, i don't know if i would have been able to taxi my aircraft down the runway. there's only one runway. a failure of leadership and planning. why we were not using bagram
2:27 am
that had two runways and ramps able to accommodate 20, b-17s, our airmen who are flying these aircraft in and out of the most treacherous mountain terrain and limited capacity with 0 fuel capabilities, they are having to air fuel. you look at the heart wrenching decisions these crews are making, that is a failure of leadership from the very top and the absolute accountability for this, they can't say we did the best we could and walk away, there have been lives and blood lost, this is something the american people need to support our troops 100% and demand accountability from the white house, resignations need to take place there needs to be in accounting from the highest levels of our military leadership all the way to the commander-in-chief. jillian: gives me chills to hear you talk about capabilities or lack thereof on the ground, truly unbelievable to watch it
2:28 am
unfold. your opinion on this situation, you're one of the cosponsors of the bill, the border security for america act, this builds the border wall, modernizes border technology and bolsters border staffing. a lot of republicans in favor of the border wall and trying to get a handle if we can on the situation at the southern border. where do you expect this to go? >> i talked to border patrol agents, yesterday received a text message from one of their deputy section chiefs, that the force multiplier, they need technology, the manpower wiggling for border patrol agents. dhs put out a volunteer call for border patrol agents to volunteer to assist in afghan
2:29 am
resettlement. that's what people don't need when we have an open porous border and thousands coming across every day we need every capability including every man and woman from border patrol, boots on the ground, not processing is 60% are doing but they need to help stop the flow and when we've taken away, i really mean president biden through executive order, we've taken force multiplier away, we've taken away their ability to turn people around, they are fighting tooth and nail to reinstate mpps, micro protection protocol and that is the tip of the iceberg, we have got to get serious about recognizing the danger an open border presents for humanitarian, public health and national security standpoint and looking at what's afghanistan and the southwest border means when the two collide.
2:30 am
jillian: such important insight into this considering you've been to the southern border and seen it firsthand. important to have you on today to get your insights into this. appreciate your time. todd: 29 after the hour. tomi lahren reacting to afghanistan as women are left to face the taliban, don't go away. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one.
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change tropical storm grace gaining momentum after tropical storm fred made landfall in florida, governor desantis declaring a state of emergency is streets are submerged. jillian: 65 miles an hour turning this swimming put into a wave. and we can but is hitting georgia where tornado warnings are in effect. todd: how is looking? >> it is a tropical depression but still a system to pay attention to. it is not something those folks are used to and you will notice that this morning, that low-pressure system crossing from alabama into georgia. it will continue to lift to the north likely getting to the mountains and portions of kentucky by late tonight and early tomorrow bringing a whole lot of moisture and wents we can as it makes that note, here's
2:35 am
your forecast, heavy rain through the north georgia mountains that can flood easily. yellow and oranges from four to five inches of rain. additionally a couple of spin up tornadoes. it's not the only system, you mentioned tropical storm grace sitting in the location past haiti but some heavy rain on the backside of this system. we back out a little bit, it will track to the west side likely hitting the yucatán peninsula with wind of 70 miles an hour, stronger store but looks unlikely that it will threaten the united states. two tropical storms we are paying attention to, tropical systems and we are just getting the season going. a lot to pay attention to. jillian: thank you. todd: the focus.
2:36 am
>> president biden: line heritage deal donald trump negotiated with the taliban. it did unfold more quickly than we anticipated. afghanistan political leaders gave up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed. sometime without trying to fight. i am president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. todd: president biden saying the buck stops with him but blaming donald trump and the afghan government for the fall of afghanistan, president biden undid every other trump policy. if he was upset with this one why didn't he undo this one. clearly he believed in it and it is not a pull out everybody is upset about. that was discussed weeks ago. that's not the issue. it is how it went down. the execution and she had a great point.
2:37 am
they prepared for every contingency. that is a lie from the white house, clearly they did not prepare for this contingency and president biden admitted this. jillian: he said, quote, this did unfold more quickly than we anticipated. while doing that he placed a lot of blame on others including the former administration including a lot of blame on the afghan troops on the ground and a lot of people questioning is that fair. i did hear a lot of people questioning was that fair to put so much blame on the afghan troops and didn't hear him talk as much, we didn't hear him focus on how safe we are here at home now and what is going to be done to ensure our safety as we approach the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. our safety at home matters each and every day but people are a little on edge with everything
2:38 am
that has happened knowing we have the twentieth anniversary approaching. a lot of people are rightfully upset about that. todd: another group that will be taking the lion's share now that this has gone down the intel community. robert charles said they're not happy with how this is gone down it is not right for president biden to blame them. >> the president get on nationally and blame intelligence analysts, not allowed to talk to the media and give two premises basically saying the taliban was to be ousted and he achieved that. in 10 days he received the opposite outcome. they are in control again. and tens of thousands of soldiers, that's not what we had. we had a finger in the dike, 10
2:39 am
casualties, and get out of the airport. it is a disgrace. todd: don't lie about the intel. and they are in the situation we are in. jillian: a lot of congressmen and women saying they been raising the flag. evan hafer is the founder and ceo of black rifle company, u.s. army veteran, former green beret and contractor who spent 3 years in afghanistan. he said it is so important to get the answers they deserved. they are scared for themselves,
2:40 am
scared for family members, take a look at what evan had to say. >> how the process of special -- the american citizens deserve answers. to protect the people who protected us. all the hard work basically being represented this way. >> i can't put myself or try to put myself in their shoes to understand how they feel. todd: make a decision to help the united states in light of the fact you are safely taken care of and you are not safely taken care of and your family is jeopardized. jillian: we will see what the plan is to make sure they keep as many people safe as possible.
2:41 am
we will stay on top of this. 20 minutes from the top of the hour. raising eyebrows over this. >> chanting death to america but they seem friendly at the same time, utterly bizarre. jillian: we will talk about the controversial comments. todd: hundreds of afghans fleeing the country, powerful images everyone is talking about, offering a ray of hope next. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> over the next 3 hours and 15 minutes we have this show coming your way. america's war in afghanistan ends in victory for the taliban as president biden owns his strategy was what did he say and where do we go from here, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is flabbergasted at what is taking place as you are. congressman brian mass broke both his legs in battle in afghanistan. how does he feel about this? rob tonio played a role in killing bin laden. lieutenant colonel allen west
2:46 am
wants to be the next governor of texas, he spent time in afghanistan. what does he think of the strategy? it is an embarrassment to the nation? kayleigh mcenany on the messaging and failure of this white house, how this is playing out around the world with the uk going from your and your fears, massive migration into that migration and what happened when syria fell apart. how it will unfold in our show, don't miss a minute coming your way in 15 minutes on "fox and friends". jillian: 14 minutes. >> 14 minutes, i stand corrected. something jillian pledged never to do to me in the past but she does it anyway. todd: a cnn reporter's comments turning heads after she said taliban firs in afghanistan seem friendly. jillian: carley shimkus with more and in fairness to her she is there, many of us are not and she's on the ground.
2:47 am
carley: this moment resulted in a nasty exchange between cnn and senator ted cruz. take a listen. >> chanting death to america but they seem friendly at the same time. it is utterly bizarre. carley: senator ted cruz said is there an enemy of americas responded in a sweet saying rather than running to cancun in tough times she's risking her life to tell the world what is happening, that is, bravery instead of re-tweeting a conspiracy theory soundbite, your time would be better spent helping americans in harm's way, when ted cruz went to cancun during a deadly storm in texas, nasty exchange. >> she's a distant this reporter doing the job many of us are not
2:48 am
brave enough to do. heather: interesting response from their pr department, typically their responses are boring and this one not boring. this photo is a stunning image. carley: the first images of us cargo jets packed with terrified afghan he is desperate to flee taliban rule. some of these people who jumped on american planes desperate to leave the country and that chaotic scene in kabul yesterday, 640 afghans on a plane designed to carry 150 soldiers, they decided to take off anyway. they could have kicked some of them off the plane and made it safer and easier to take off but this is a life-and-death situation. they got them out of the country. jillian: a world war ii veteran sing the national anthem. carley: something that will make you smile was a world war ii
2:49 am
veteran singing the national anthem before baseball game. ♪♪ oh say can you see ♪♪ by the dawn's early light ♪♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪♪ as the twilight's last gleaming ♪♪ carley: that is john kyleman, posted by the west michigan whitecaps and has been viewed 3.5 million times on facebook which makes him social media famous. todd: that is pretty good. congratulations to him. jillian: african-american women have a serious message to president biden about women and girls who live under taliban rule. >> girls who haven't -- under 20 who don't know what it is like under the taliban. todd: tomi lahren joins us next
2:50 am
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♪ jillian: we are back with a fox news alert. the taliban describing -- declaring amnesty across afghanistan and now urging women to join its government. a member of the taliban's cultural commission tell the associated press, quote: the structure of government is not fully clear but based on experience there should be a fully islamic leadership and all sides should join are. this comes one day after the state department called on the taliban to include women. the u.s. might recognize a new afghanistan government under certain terms. todd: meantime a female afghan reporter getting emotional while questioning pentagon spokesperson john kirby, listen. >> where is my president former president ghani? people expected that he would fight by the people? immediately we don't know where
2:55 am
he is and we don't have a president. we don't have anything. afghan people tonight know what to do. >> obviously can't speak for ashraf ghani or where he is or what his views are, i understand. and we all understand the anxiety and the fear and the pain that you are feeling. jillian: fox nation host tomi lahren here to react as afghan face the taliban. tomi, i thought that was a powerful moment and all the press conferences that were had yesterday and the president's speech, i thought that moment was so impactful and very powerful because everybody watching, i, could feel that raw emotion from that reporter. i think john kirby did a really good god in his response. it was heart felt, compassionate. sympathetic it still doesn't will leave many answers how these women and girls are going to be protected. >> you know, i don't think that there is a good answer and i
2:56 am
think that the united states as well as the world is looking at what is going on in afghanistan right now and really everyone is dumbfounded as to what is going to happen to that failed state, what's going to happen with taliban rule. i would also like to point out that the women of afghanistan and the women of the middle east at large, they actually experienced true oppression. they actually experienced what happens when your nation doesn't protect and defend freedom. but, meanwhile, here in the united states, the greatest country on the face of the earth, we just watched a female olympic athletes representing our country who felt that we had an oppressive nation, who received nike and subway endorsement deals for are ragging on our great country that does ensure freedom and the protection of that freedom it goes to show there are women, there are people all around the world that would literally die to be in the place of so many in this country who don't appreciate it, who don't love it who don't respect it and i think that's something that all americans should really take to heart and really understand and value the freedom that we have and the freedom from oppression
2:57 am
that we experience every single day and blessed and lucky to experience. todd: tomi, our colleagues at fox news digital caught one some afghan americans outside the white house. here is their grim message to president biden. listen. >> girls, you know, the young girls who haven't [inaudible] girls under 20 don't know what life is like under taliban. they're all destroyed. >> we are all incredibly disappointed in president biden and his administration for pulling out all the troops from afghanistan literally overnight. todd: tomi, for a white house that touts itself as a champion of women, how can they do this in the way that they are have done this to the afghan people and how disastrous will this be for the women and children of afghanistan? >> unfortunately, i think we all know the answer to this because we have seen it time and time again. i want to point out something that you said earlier, todd, that i agree with wholeheartedly. it's not the withdrawal of american troops that most americans are upset with. that's understandable. we have been there for 20 years.
2:58 am
we could be there for 20 more years. 21 this would likely happen again. it was the execution of it. it was the fact that we left this power vacuum and it was swift and we know that president biden did say that they had a miscalculation on how quickly the nation would fall and how poorly equipped and willing the of a dan security forces were to protect and defend their own nation. but we have to send our thoughts, our prayers out to those that are now going to be in a horrible position. do what we can to help. understand we have to put america first and america always moving forward. todd: let's switch gears, tomi, gavin newsom has a new campaign out saying the recall effort against him incorrect video we are talking about mr. newsom. we will get to that in a second. saying the recall effort against him with a matter of life and death. take a listen to this ad. >> what's at stake in the september 14th recall? it a matter of life and death with delta surging, gavin newsom is protecting california. todd: i mean, he went there,
2:59 am
tomi. a minute to you. is this a fear tactic in is it a sign of desperation? what is it? >> it certainly is a sign of desperation. although i think this ad is laughable. although i think all of his efforts to call this a republican recall to try to juxtapose some of his competitors and put them in photos next to donald trump and try to have his fear monger campaign, i think the bright spot in this is it shows that gavin newsom truly is terrified of his upcoming recall. californians i salute you. you have done a tsh job on the brink of getting rid of a horrible leader. don't let tactics fool you. don't let him fool you. he has had a horrible record of leadership in his state especially as it comes to covid and mandates and it restrictions. started the job time to finish it on september 14th. jillian: watch no interruption on fox nation. happy belated birthday. todd: i didn't know that. jillian: you don't follow her on
3:00 am
instagram? todd: i was busy doing non-instagram stuff. happy birthday, tomi. >> good to see you. obviously a heavy show. these are heavy times. tough right now and we are happy that you spent two hours with us so we could break it all down for you. jillian: "fox & friends" has continuing coverage right now. have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> president biden sticking by with his withdrawal from afghanistan. >> i do not regret my decision. >> it's not about whether we have how we execute that. >> biden's biggest blunder saigon moment. >> everybody is upset, especially women. >> we all understand the anxiety fear and pain from outcome girls who haven't [inaudible] lives are all destroyed. >> the biden administration is advising all americans to get a booster shot. >> at this point i don't see an argument.


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