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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 17, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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got to go. laura: was that a dance? the khaki pants dance? politicians can't dance. reagan danced, that was beautiful. greg got sold takes it from here. >> i'm president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. i'm deeply saddened by the fact we now face but i do not regret my decision end america's war fighting in afghanistan and maintain laser focused on our counterterrorism mission there and in other parts of the world. todd: this is a fox news alert, no regrets, president biden sticking by his withdrawal from
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afghanistan before blaming everyone else for the chaos in kabul. jillian: heartbreaking videos show thousands of afghans desperate to flee the c of the claims the taliban is traveling door-to-door looking for us allies. todd: your watching "fox and friends first". >> mark meredith is in washington dc with fiery reaction to the president's speech. >> senior taliban leader is set to be in the capital negotiating with afghan leadership and former president karzai, the talks aimed at bringing non-taliban leaders into the government, the taliban indicated there will be a, quote, inclusive afghan government. there is little known what talks consistent but the associated press report the government will be announced after negotiations are complete after double
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airport reopens following chaos as thousands tried to flee the country, 7 people died. video showing the dramatic scene as some ran alongside an aircraft attempting to take off while others dangle off the jet bridge, a cargo jet filled with afghan refugees, they reportedly ran into the aircraft before military personnel closed the ramps. 640 people crammed into that plane, holding 150 sores, us troops moved into kabul, they expect a 500 on the ground as pentagon press secretary john kirby insists the situation at the airport is not a failure. >> i take issue with your designation of this operation as a failure. what you are seeing transpired, the reason we can be so quick
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because we anticipated the possible need to do this. >> reporter: the taliban promised safety and transfer of power and conducting door-to-door searches looking for afghan government officials, military members and others who works with the us. the militants seeking out journalists. a journalist thinkable tweeting many started counting their final hours of life in kabul, nobody knows what happens next. jillian: hard to believe what is happening over there. >> president biden defenses decision to pull our troops. >> reporter: good morning, the president is back at camp david. he and the administration taking a lot of criticism over shocking developments in afghanistan. the president was in dc monday, gave a speech insisting pulling
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us troops out now remains the right college afghan soldiers failed to do their part to defend their country and keeping americans on the ground would do little to bring long-term peace. 's >> president biden: i inherited a deal donald trump negotiate with the children, either follow through on that agreement will be prepared to go back to fighting with afghan military collapse. mister donnie insists the afghan forces would fight but obviously he was wrong. >> many democrats are jumping to the president's defense arguing the war has gone on too long many republicans say the president failed to anticipate immediate challenges and plans to bring personnel to safety. >> that speech demonstrated a president who is dangerously disconnected from reality. thousands of americans stuck behind delavan line to have nuclear instructions on how to get to the airport and get out of the country. president biden didn't say a word to them. >> reporter: some frustration from far left lawmakers including alexandria ocasio
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cortez who says we have a moral obligation to the afghan people, the us role in the crisis is in dispute, we must help refugees safely and swiftly leave afghanistan was the president says efforts are underway to bring some refugees to the us including allowing some to stay at us military bases, the president will stay on his vacation at camp david, later in the week but we expect an update from white house advisors later today. jillian: president biden's address was met with swift reaction from some who say he did not rise to the level of commander-in-chief. take a listen. >> this is biden's biggest blunder, decide on moment, saying he would fight, dead wrong. >> one of the greatest disasters in modern american history, a disaster on humanitarian grounds for women and minorities, disaster for our credibility.
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>> they didn't care and now we see the consequences of it. >> we didn't pass the buck, we didn't blame them, we dealt with them, took them on. president biden needs to be held accountable for this taking place in afghanistan today. jillian: robert charles, former secretary of state for george w. bush and former naval intel officer who served in the reagan and bush 41 white house, thank you for waking up early. there was a bit of an admission for the president yesterday in saying this happened quicker than anticipated and there was a lot of blame going round and a lot of blame on the afghan troops. is that fair? >> i can't tell you how it is hard for me to properly present the extent of this foreign-policy failure. this is a cascading national security failure and i will make a little news for you. there's a document in the embassy traditionally call the f 77 of that document describes
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how many americans are in the country. i'm told the f 77 for afghanistan indicates there are some 15,000, 40,000 american scattered around afghanistan right now. we also noted tell a man as committed to week grace. go for them to get out but most of them are being told to shelter in place by the state department, we are talking places like iraq and on the heart and jalalabad. difficult to get in from there. then we are told, i'm told the delavan is in control, complete control of kabul and what you have at the airport, biden had to fall on bentley and create three rings taliban controls the outer ring, what is left of the afghan security forces and the marines are the last. the notion, let me add an additional fact which is to me extraordinary. i'm told to avoid responsibility for anticipated evacuation, we
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evacuated some hundred thousand people from around the world last year with covid, to avoid the responsibility for evacuation 3 weeks ago they convinced the secretary to sign a document which is not been sent to congress yet essentially eliminating the crisis and contingency responsible euro which is responsible for evacuations, they were told kabul could happen and they backed away from it so to me and to see the president on nationally and blame intelligence analysts who can't talk policy and the two premises saying the taliban was to be ousted he achieved that. in 10 days he re-achieved the opposite outcome. they are in control again and to say you have to put tens of thousands of soldiers in to get peace, that's not what we had, donald trump continued to negotiate for peace, we had leverage, we had troops on the ground, 10 casualties and we've had 7 casualties trying to get
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out of the airport and it is an absurdity, it is a disgrace. this is like dunkirk with a bad ending, this was a completely avoidable turn of eventss. in the near-term is a disaster within the point of view of humanitarians, refugees, tens of thousands of afghans who applied for visas, they couldn't process more than 2000. i'm told there tens of thousands on top of the american citizens that can't get to the airport and on top of that we are looking at long-term consequences. don't think china, russia, iran and north korea aren't looking at this saying this is the living embodiment of weakness, they of biggs, biden on vacation, this is absurd. it is abdication of responsibility and one of the worst national security decisions in my lifetime and i was born in 1960. jillian: you mentioned china and russia, where does that leave
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taiwan? that is ended the conversation. >> it should be at the center of the conversation, why wasn't it in the national security council ahead of time? hindsight is 20/20 but let's look at this closely. if you cut and run, scamper out of their in crisis mode, what it telegraphs to the world is you are not engaged, not willing to be engaged internationally. if i'm china i am saying this is the time to force a negotiation on that country because the united states allies are questioning around the world. how strong is that commitment they made to us? how strong are the commitments they made to allies around the world, you don't cut and run, vietnam taught us this but biden has forgotten that. >> the white house willing to transfer power to the television. here is spokesperson price.
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>> future afghan government that upholds the rights of its people, the doesn't harbor terrorists and protect the basic rights of its people including basic fundamental right of half of its population, women and girls, that is a governments we would be able to work with. laura: you mentioned your sources from earlier. based on what you are hearing in real time in the intel community do you have any confidence what did price just described will happen? >> let me step back and say this is a classic slate of hand in my opinion. the bottom line is we have no leverage. we can't tell the taliban to do anything. the taliban controls couple. they control the country. they -- the only variable we
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have anything like leverage on, they like to be considered a credible country and would like to have international legitimacy which china and russia have given them. we have no leverage. the notion of your giving conditions to the television while we scamper out with fear in the lead, it is intuitively most americans will realize that is not credible. the sad part is we had credibility in this country. we had multiple administrations that could have gotten us to a peace accord. we did not run the afghan government in fast enough, this business, this is the tail that wags the dog. this is a failure that swallows everything. normally a media failure, national security crisis for the region, for american citizen on the ground but it is a long-term
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crisis because what you've done is thoroughly undermined the trust our allies had innocent fortify our adversaries to believe we don't have the staying power to make things happen when we say we will. this was not supposed to end in 10 days and blame intelligence analysts, i'm sure there was intelligence in front of this white house that said this could happen in for the president to run away and say no questions, have a good day. to me that is disgraceful. that is dunkirk with a bad ending. >> thank you for your insight. it is disturbing what you said but it is important that we heard it. thanks. jillian: more reaction to the delavan seizing control of afghanistan want does it mean at home? we are talking to carlos jimenez and where the us goes from here. >> joe kochand joey jones still
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hey! it's me. the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. like sharpening your cooking skills with a top chef. join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. >> the president said the buck stopped with him but the speech
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was full of finger-pointing and blame especially for the afghans. >> he did not take responsibility for the catastrophe that is unfolding in kabul. >> the next month will be horrendous for him public relations-wise, this will be a propaganda tool on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. jillian: lots of people felt strongly that this address to the nation did not necessarily hit the mark, some people think they agree with what he said and thought he did a fine job but when you look at what president biden had to say yesterday he did a lot of blame on the afghan troops, that was one of the first things i wrote down in one of the first things we asked our previous guest, is that fair to put so much blame on the afghan troops when we supply so much of their power, we were their eyes and ears and their fight in the
1:19 am
sky and all of that was removed and something we talked about this morning was there was not much focus on what is being done to keep us safe at home, a lot of people feel we are less safe than last weekend there wasn't much focus on that yesterday. todd: at the end of the day the commander-in-chief have to job is to protect the homeland, to keep 330 million americans safe. his comments did not help. the actions we took in afghanistan certainly did not help. jillian: you weren't here yesterday, i want you to see this and for folks not watching at the end of the 5 am hour yesterday we had two goldstar parents, parents of navy seal and his father and the mother of lance corporal christopher phoenix jacob leavy and they felt strongly, this is worth
1:20 am
hearing, they feel they have been completely betrayed by the government. >> thought he was helping the afghan troops. instead of winning the war, helping the afghan people to take this in turn it into a tragic defeat, it is not on our warriors. they feel in their blood, families have given the sacrifice. >> they were making a difference but i think right now he would be so angry, what is jacob for? we can't let them give up but the government has failed them tremendously. jillian: imagine being a parent or sibling or spouse to someone who lost their life fighting this war and all of a sudden this is how it plays out? so many people reached out to me
1:21 am
saying their story needs to be heard because they have lost so much of their life in afghanistan and to feel that strong sense of betrayal i can't imagine what they are feeling. todd: we've seen a number of goldstar families over the course of the last 72 hours on the channel and i was with my parents over the weekend and talking to them. imagine if i was lost what you would be thinking and we can internalize that. we may not know the experience of losing a loved one in combat but we think about losing a loved one and associate that with all that is happening right now it brings it home to the american people and is a good punch. the one thing i will say is we've kept our country safe from a major terror attack for 20 years and while that is good and laudable it is tough to hear words like that. meantime this is the backdrop,
1:22 am
another crisis the media is not talking about the way they are talking about afghanistan, the border crisis, 96% decrease in coverage, abc, cbs since march, think about that, 96% less. look at comparison between march and july. 173,000 in march, with 200,000 plus in july. the media seems like it wasn't entrenched when it came to afghanistan. you are seeing a range of opinions mostly critical of president biden but the media was so entrenched when it came to the border. they were going to defend the biden administration when it came to the border and the one time, the one time the media
1:23 am
seemed to attack this administration it did not go very well and the media backtracked since then. they realized if we press the white house on this the white house is going to look bad and this is a white house that more or less propped up in the election and the course of the last 6 months. jillian: interesting to see the difference in coverage. the clips at the beginning a few minutes ago so many in the media critical of what is going on in afghanistan and it is good to see the coverage that is being honest right now. >> give credit where credit is due the take away credit when credit is not due and this is a situation nobody deserves credit for, 23 after the hour. 7-year-old chicago girl killed, or 6-year-old sister hurt, two or innocent victims of america's
1:24 am
crime crisis, ray stevens joins us live next. >> still to come chris cuomo breaks his silence about his brother's scandal to defend his own credibility on the anchor desk. >> i'm not an advisor. i brother. i tried to do the right thing and i want you all to know that. ♪ ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms belly pain,discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe.
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>> michigan police identified the man suspected of shooting and killing a shirt deputy was court documents reveal kyle was out on bond in connection to felony, drug and weapons charges. investigators say he fighter deputies during a high-speed chase, was killed after deputies return fire. coxmeyer was a 9 year veteran of the force who leaves behind a wife and 4 children. a murder suspect walking free after dallas police lose a massive amount of data, jonathan
1:29 am
pitts was made eligible because prosecutors were not ready for trial. is required to wear an ankle monitoring device and most show up when his try was rescheduled, he's facing charges stemming from a deadly shooting in 2019. prosecutors do not believe any data is missing but they must complete a full audit before any court trial happens. jillian: this is city of chicago grieving after shooting claims the life of a 6-year-old and leaves her sister in the hospital. >> is getting a car, her life was ended at that moment. that is senseless. she was innocent. she's 7. jillian: chicago radios joins me live to react. what are people saying in chicago because that is so tragic. >> the stories leading up to this you we mentioned prosecution. this keeps happening in this town.
1:30 am
what can you say? young girls getting put in a car, middle of the night, we hear over and over every monday the same thing in this town and it is got to stop but the thing is, a ritual criminals with guns in neighborhoods you and i don't want to go to, we can't forget these neighborhoods, we have to help these people but kim fox has to do her job, we have to put the bad guys away and stop putting this on the police. for some reason every time we turn around, we need an oversight board to look at the police and what is going on, we need to look at community and ask questions about how to stop. if i'm not mistaken out of the shootings in chicago 6 or 7 of them this weekend, kids were under 16 years old, we can't let this happen. it comes down to letting bad guys know they can't do this anymore and we will be doing the same thing, talking about the same thing every monday and tuesday.
1:31 am
jillian: let's look at numbers from the weekend violence in chicago, 52 people were shot, 9 people were killed, if you look at crimes against children in 2021 you will see 250 children have been shot so far this year, 30 to kill. here's what mayor lightfoot has to say on this, quote, we must unite against our common enemy, the gangs who have no regard for the sanctity of life. even that of young children. we must declare war on these colors, we must support our police as they leave no stone unturned. it is alarming when you see those numbers involving children and that in itself isn't enough to get people so riled up about this and want to put a stop to it. >> i to say this is one of the first times mayor lori lightfoot called outgained bankers and used the term game. we been too light on these guys, too soft on crime, we need to call it what it is and stop it because every week we go through this.
1:32 am
56 people shot in chicago but we cannot get used to it. for lightfoot supporting the police, not talking about superintendent brown but the rank-and-file to let these men and women do the job because the police in this town, god bless the 2 and women, they are afraid of the other guys. jillian: there is a family without a little girl, 6-year-old girl without her older sister. it is devastated, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. todd: that hits you in the throat. we are learning a tell a man commander was freed from quan, bay as part of a prisoner swap by the obama administration. where we dealing with in afghanistan? carlos jimenez on homeland
1:33 am
security committee joins us next. ♪♪
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jillian: fox news alert, rescue crews working group of tropical storm to find any survivors following the haiti earthquake. 1400 people have died, 6000 are hurt and they are overwhelming hospitals. the coast guard bringing in more medical supplies and personnel and evacuating the injured.
1:37 am
tropical storm grace drenching a camp for those left homeless. grace be the second storm to hit florida this week as tropical storm fred slams the panhandle, governor ron this and is declaring a state of emergency a street in mexico beach are submerged in rainwater, some saw 65 miles per hour turning this swimming pool into away full. fred has weakened as it makes its way inland. the national hurricane center says alabama and georgia should be on alert. todd: president biden under 5 refusing to answer questions following a speech on afghanistan. >> president biden needs to be held accountable for what is taking place in afghanistan, anything that befalls the united states a result of the decisions he made, the way he executed this withdrawal in a hasty, unplanned way that upended so much work that had been done. >> florida congressman and member of the homeland security, carlos jimenez.
1:38 am
thank you for being here, you heard reporters try to ask questions that they were shot down. biden failing to answer how this happened, why the withdrawal was so poorly executed. can you elaborate, do you have any sense as to why this was so poorly handled? >> the history of president biden makes wrong decisions all the time so this is another example of disastrous decisions that he's made in the first 6 or 7 months of his presidency. look what is happening on the southern border, complete disaster, overturned some really good trump there a policies down there, first day in office wipes them out and invites everybody to come in so you are getting hundreds of thousands of people flooding across the border, shutdown the pipeline and is begging opec to produce more oil so he kills american oil industry and asks opec which
1:39 am
includes venezuela and other communist nations as part of opec to please produce more oil because we need to get our gas prices down and now this debacle in afghanistan is the latest example of his poor decisions about making skills, and who suffers? the american people suffered? and we are looking at another example of president biden's incompetence in this area. >> from his time as president to his time as vice president, new report that a television leader was freed from guantánamo bay in the exchange by the obama administration. pop up a picture. before we show the wrong picture, this is the right guy. the mastermind of the taliban takeover, former gitmo detainee swapped out for boberg all by obama. what happened to the promise by the obama white house that
1:40 am
swapped prisoners would be sent to carter and kept from causing trouble in afghanistan? >> another false promise of the previous administration and we will pay for it. al qaeda is intrinsically involved in with the taliban and. they have al qaeda leaders that are part of the leadership of the taliban who are -- we are going to be here more about i do. they claim this to be a victory. they will use it to get more fighters to come to their cause. now afghanistan will be the face of terrorism for al qaeda and other terrorist groups in america will be much less safe. todd: if you think this is a problem that is an overseas situation we don't have to worry about think again. experts warning of another potential 9/11 attack, president
1:41 am
biden insisting the us can confront a television, al qaeda linked tell of an terror threat. take a listen. >> we made clear to the taliban and if they attack or disrupt our operation the us presence will be swift and the response will be swift and forceful. ashley: as a member of the homeland security committee how confident are you in the biden white house to keep the homeland safe in light of how it handled the situation in afghanistan over the last week? >> not keeping the homeland safe right now, look what is going on on the southern border, you've got thousands of people crossing, many of them with the covid 19 very, the lambda variant, new variant and we know there's terrorists coming to the border right now and so their policies right now it is more about ideology and not about safety.
1:42 am
i have 0 confidence in the biden administration to keep a safe and even in the director of homeland security, leaked audio foot he feels is going on on the southern border is different as he reports to congress so i have no confidence in any of his briefings as to what is going on on the southern border and what they are going to do about it and keep americans safe so i have very little confidence that this administration can keep a safe. >> the burden on our intel services has been increased to an incalculable degree. thank you for your time this morning. jillian: now to this if we can. i did your permission. look at your screen, look at this photo. this is amicable image out of
1:43 am
afghanistan showing 600 people attacks in the us cargo jet fleeing the taliban in the store behind it is incredible. todd: carley shimkus here with the story. carley: the first images of the us cargo jet pack with hundreds of terrified afghan refugees desperate to escape taliban, people who rushed onto planes during the chaotic scene yesterday, 640 afghans on a plane designed to fit 150 soldiers, the crew a decision to go, to take as many people safety as possible, didn't have to do that. could have been a dangerous mission, did it anyway to save as many desperate people as possible. there are thousands of afghans still waiting to come to the united states, 18,000 had their applications for visa pending in
1:44 am
the number will go up. former president bush wrote a letter encouraging the biden administration to cut the red tape. a lot of these people's life depends on it. they've got to get those visas going and get the process moving swiftly. >> we heard about biden's icon moment was that image is literally the saigon moment. carley: what we've been talking about our weekend. it is what the president said wouldn't happen. jillian: an observation from that photo. a lot of younger men on that flight on that plane and the stories we keep hearing of what could be happening to the women and girls there, the hope is you are able to get them to safety and get them out if they want to leave. jillian: to say one more thing on this. you were here reports of the taliban saying they would form this inclusive government and the same breath going door-to-door searching for these people who helped the us
1:45 am
government and us military mission. jillian: chris cuomo has broken his silence. carley: chris cuomo is back from his vacation, very planned and he did address the resignation of his brother governor andrew cuomo. take a listen. >> i was here to listen and offer my take which my advice my brother, on what you did, tell people what you do to be better, be contrite and finally accept that it doesn't matter what you intended but how your actions and words were perceived. it was unique situation being a brother to a politician in a scandal and being part of the media. i tried to do the right thing and i want you all to know that. carley: governor cuomo was a big part of his show during the pandemic. >> this was the actual swab that
1:46 am
was being used. >> you have blown the credibility of the entire interview. >> do you think you are an attractive person now because you are single and ready -- jillian: there you have it. the other thing i will check out, cuomo did say he was trying to do the right thing but reports that he was the one who encouraged governor cuomo to say he was the victim of cancel culture. i will leave it at that. >> and incidents like this highlight why we need the media to stop focusing on this and be critical because we have a situation like we have in afghanistan that if more people are paying attention to we might not be in a situation we are now. thank you. coming up veterans in the us have been pleading with the biden administration to protect the afghan interpreters and commandos alongside, the situation more dire than ever. jillian: coffee company hires interpreters, the ceo joins us live next.
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jillian: fox news alert, former defense about officials is president biden is, quote, not trying hard enough to help allies out of afghanistan, ben
1:51 am
west participated in the saigon evacuation of 1975 and says, quote, our military can airlift out those who fought alongside us to do the minimum. the air force evacuated 45,000 people from saigon including 5600 us citizens. present-day pentagon officials are attempting to evacuate 22,000 people. todd: thousands at risk as chaos erupted in kabul. michael mccall sounding the alarm. >> this is a stain on the presidency. he has blood on his hands. we can't warning the administration you have to get these afghan partners out. they waited until the last minute. we don't even have planes leaving the airport. they will be left behind. jillian: american veterans joining in calls to protect afghan interpreters including her next guest, former green
1:52 am
beret, evan hafer, thank you for being here, appreciate your time this morning. jillian: you are employing some afghan interpreters, we wanted to speak to some of them. i understand they are scared. give us insight into how they are feeling. >> afghan his work for us from our counterparts that i worked with all the way back to 2008. we started this process several years ago so we have multiple families here in salt lake city. our first person we got in contact with is an afghan he commander, has a great video of people are interested in hearing his story on youtube. we worked with him after he applied for refugee status, he was working and living in baltimore, he reached out to us,
1:53 am
we brought him to salt lake, him and his family and started hiring more afghan counterparts we worked with in kabul and other provinces. everybody is scared, scared for their families, their brothers, uncles, aunts, people that continues to help the american servicemember downrange in the last 20 years. they are concerned how they are going to get family members out. we are all concerned with how fast they are processing the sibs. american citizens deserve some answers why these were not processed or not processed. >> next time we offer safety for assistance and this is what safety looks like will anybody trust us ever again? >> this is a complex subject.
1:54 am
we had to rebuild trust for several generations after vietnam, the international community watches this. they understand how america treats their counterparts downrange, took several generations for guys like me in my previous job is green beret to work with our counterparts, to build rapport and what this does is takes away the credibility and degrades the professional image of the american war fighter and this will take generations to repair. in the military we have prior planning prevents bad performance and this was very ill planned and the commanders of the pentagon should be absolutely ashamed with the way they planned and conducted this
1:55 am
withdrawal, how they left people out to dry and the other piece people need to understand, the american war fighter is watching this as well, the veterans, the va should have been prepared to take in a lot of the psychological issues we are now dealing with watching this entire collapse of the pentagon along with the intelligence community and the administration should be working very hard to protect 20 years of service members overseas, we should all be concerned about their psychology. we've been reaching out to each other, what can we do to help, how can we help the families or widows and servicemembers that lost their lives and limbs over the past 20 years, this is not only a stain for the afghan ease, this is difficult for the american war fighters to see this hard work being this presented this way. jillian: i am sure you have a
1:56 am
lot of emotions about this some of which you just expressed and some you like many other veterans are still working through. keep us updated on everything, you're doing a great thing by hiring a lot of veterans, hiring those interpreters, make sure they are safe and continue to stay safe and keep us updated and thank you for your service and everything you've done, we appreciate it. so consciousa. >> tomi lahren as well, don't go anywhere. why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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>> i am president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. i'm deeply saddened by the fact we now face but i do not regret my decision to end america's war fighting in afghanistan and maintain laser focused on our counterterrorism mission there and in other parts of the world.


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