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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 16, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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extended for a couple weeks by the secretary. that was it incision he made a couple weeks ago because it was all part of the contingency planning for the need to maybe do some evacuations. to make that even faster we mov those marines ashore and we saw that now those marines were the first ones on the scene. so, it was something that we absolutely had thought about it. >> one last question this can b for you or the general. you spoke to the podium over th last several days medium times saying that the afghan air forc was conducting more airstrikes against the taliban then the u.s. u.s. was. my question is why was that. why did the u.s. conduct more strikes against the delavan in these final days? >> i think monday morning quarterback in here isn't i don't think helpful exercise, but as we said from a while ago that as our resources in capabilities in the dwindled
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because of the drawdown, in order to draw down by the end o august in we were nothing, but honest about the speed with which we had to do that because speed is safety. we wanted to make sure we did this quickly ended drawdown means a drawdown it's not just about boots on the ground it's about capabilities in resources in the region as we wrapped up our combat missions in afghanistan which meant we had fewer airplanes, fewer strike capabilities in the region as w continue to draw down. again, we were transparent abou the fact that we would conduct air strikes in support of the afghans where in when feasible cognizant of the fact that it wouldn't be feasible on every day in in every place. but, the afghan air force is indigenous in they are in a country. and they did maintain their presence. there were days where they flew easily twice as many strikes as we did they were able to often get on scene quicker because they were already there and because they had connections to
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their people in the fields. it's also a healthy reminder, something that i think we forge that in the last year in a half afghans were in the lead of almost all come out literally all, but just about almost all of their operations on the grounds. they were very much in the lead of their own operations in coordinating with the air force. >> i have a question for [indiscernible]. you said earlier that for afghanistan was really july. for president biden to and was taken in mid april. why did he take so long to create to take care of your afghan alliance. >> the department department of defense enters into this in
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support of the state department in the state department has for many years, as you know, executed the sab program. the addition of the u.s. military support to that progra is new in it was generated by guidance to try to accelerate i help the process due to the timed delays inherent within getting them through. so we were asked by the state department to provide support t their operation. bird that's not a suggestion, that is when they became a priority for the government. that has been for many years, the contributions that the defense department could make using our installations in the united states as an example where we could do this in a ver orderly setting, free of distractions without them comin individually or as scattering t multiple locations we could centralize the resources and contribute our resources, our logistics, or medical personnel
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for lee, virginia is the hunter of excellence for army intelligence. it was a good example of how we could use our resources to support a program that we all wanted to see continue in accelerate in help as many folk out as we could because we valu what they did for us and we wan to be reciprocal in that regard. >> they have to understand this group was created because of th slowness of the process of the state department? >> that's not what i said. it's a long process, to the extent that the addition of the dod resources in support could make it about bringing them altogether great if your most familiar with the process there's multiple stages in multiple agencies involved in our system. because of our resources this gave us the ability to have a base with a location to bring that together and speed up something that otherwise may have taken weeks into a number of days in became more economical, it increased the throughput of that process and can create the capacity to do
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more. >> i think we need to get to th funds to a little bit. i haven't done that yet. >> dan, the question first. >> thank you, john. the drill down a little bit on the flight out that we have see on video, they wanted in excess of perhaps 340 people on a c-17 playing out, and you also took question this morning in your first briefing in said that you would try to get back to us on it. they're appeared to be to peopl that fell from that aircraft likely to their death, can you confirm that? >> on the video footage, that w have all seen of something falling off the wing, i don't have an update for you in terms of specific validity of that. we are just as interested as yo in learning more about what happened there.
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and on the first question about the c-17 that was fully loaded. again i have no additional information about that aircraft in that particular flight, but, we will continue to try to dig down and see if there is more information like we had about that. it's obviously difficult from 8,000 miles away to have perfec knowledge about everything goin on on the ground over there. again, we are working hard to secure in to keep the airport secure in to keep these operations now sustained now that they are back on track. [indiscernible] i'm very upset today because i didn't expect overnight that of the taliban they took off my flag. this is my flag. they put their flag in they i
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forgot my question. where is my former president. immediately, we don't know wher he is right in we don't have a president, president biden said that the president knows, he ha to fight for the people, but we don't have any president, we don't have anything in the people they don't know what to do. women have had a lot of achievement. i had a lot of achievement. i left from the taliban now 20 years ago and now we go back to this first step again. the president should answer to the afghan people. >> i obviously can't speak for him or where he is or what his views are. i wouldn't do that, but let me say with all respect, but i understand, we all understand
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the anxiety in the fear in the pain that you are feeling. it is clear and it's evident. in nobody here at the pentagon is happy about the images that we have seen coming out in the last few days in we are all mindful of the kind of governance that the television is capable of. so heartfelt respect to what you're going through. and we understand that. a lot of us have spent time in afghanistan in the general mentioned that. everything that you are seeing, in the last 48-72 hours is personal for everybody here at the pentagon. weed to have invested greatly i afghanistan and in the progress that women in girls have made politically, economically, socially, and we certainly do
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understand in we do feel the pain that they are feeling probably after the same extent. in making sure that we do the best we can for those afghans who helped us. we have the secretary themselve talk about the interpreters in translator in the obligation that we know that we have for them. and so in this moment on this day, doing what we can to honor that obligation to all of those who help make all of that progress possible because by helping us, they helped us help you. i truly am and i know that they share that.
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>> they went to make space for 22,000, in others able to come to the u.s. there is about two weeks until all troops are supposed to be off of the group in afghanistan. who you is going to protect tha mission in september assuming that 22,000 people are not goin to get out in the next two week in will that mean that there is an extension of some of these security forces at the airport after that. >> i can't speak to the last part but are task is to continu to do everything we can in this department to support this process in those conditions change in opportunities change, we will do our very best to mak whatever resources this department has to contribute to continued success in that regard . i understand it could be difficult. we are going to stay in this as long as it takes, as long as we can contribute. >> i would just add that it is up to 22, that is the capacity were looking at.
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in the three installations. it doesn't mean there are going to be 22,000 people that need that support, we're just trying to fill out the capacity as bes we think we need right now. if we have underestimated that capacity, the secretary is full committed to finding additional locations in installations if w needed. in and if we've overestimated, then two barbara's excellent point, we planned well. we want to make sure that we ar ready. its capacity thing of up to 22. we're not being predictive that it's going to be actually 22,000 . >> so that's to say as many people who can get up in the next few weeks for it. >> over the next two weeks we are going to be as aggressive a we can in moving as many people as we can. as you heard me say, once we ge the operation up and running well here, we could get up to 5,000 out a day.
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but that is seats on airplanes, not just military airplanes, bu commercial and charter airplane as well. that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be that demand signal on the other end. does that answer your question? may go back to the phones here. haven't been good about this. >> thank you for doing that. we just reported on the c-17 is separate c-17 that was able to airlift 640 afghans out and learned that that was one of several c-17's that had that many or more aboard the rate i was just wondering how is the pentagon or state department tracking just how many afghans and americans it's helping assist depart the country in ho going forward are you able to track those people to be able t help them as they repatriate elsewhere.
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>> the number of 700 that i gav earlier was the number reported by the department of state in the commander on the ground. so that the question as we continue to go forward, that is one of the more important tasks that we will do is the department of state continues t provide names of those that wil depart. the military will continue to ensure that we have the aircraf whether it's military or civilian aircraft to get them out and continued to report. >> what is the determining factor? visit august 31st or is it the completion of the mission to evacuate diplomats, u.s. citizens, in vulnerable afghans? >> the mission is to evacuate our embassy personnel, american
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citizens, is well as afghans wh we can help. that is the mission sets. the timeframe we are on right now is to do that and complete that mission by august 31st and if we are at 5,000 and8 could g north of 5,008 pending on how many you can fly in obviously that's dependent on a lot of factors including whether, we believe that with that capacity should air operations be able t go uninterrupted, that we can meet that goal by the end of th month. beyond august 31st, it's just too difficult to speculate. we wouldn't want to get ahead o decisions that haven't been mad yet. our head is right down right no on getting the air operations going again. getting airplanes in with troop and getting people on the same
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airplanes as they head out too. in then once the troops is done to be continued to continue to flow in military aircraft empty to pick up people. again, our focus is on getting as much done as we can as quickly as we can and he has, the date of august 31st is when the president has told us to be done with this drawdown and thi movement. i won't speculate what it will look like beyond that. >> welcome back, everybody. the pentagon holding a press conference right now to try to unwind in find the chaos in afghanistan if it is possible. we are horrified but what we're seeing. the kabul airport is back up an running. 3,000 troops are headed there right now. i think it should be as high as seven it's an utter disaster in afghanistan. anyone who says anything differently is lying. president biden is refusing to back down. he is trying to justify his
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decision that allowed these chaotic scenes to take place. >> i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i have learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw u.s. forces. if anything, the developments o the past week reinforce that ending u.s. military involvemen in afghanistan now was the righ decision. >> the president who promised t not blame others is pointing th finger at everyone, but himself. >> when i came into office i inherited a deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban and. it was his agreement, u.s. forces would be out of afghanistan by may 1 of 2021. afghanistan political leaders gave up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed. some of them without trying to fight.
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americans cannot and should not be fighting in a war in dying i a war that afghan forces are no willing to fight for themselves. >> that would make sense if tha was the fact that that is not the fact. afghanistan is being too the humiliating fall of saigon. we pulled out technically in 73. the secretary of state dispensing such conspiracies. this is not saigon, we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in that mission was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9/11. we have succeeded in that mission. but take a look at these two photos. getting a lot of attention on twitter. you saw the other side too. the right showing kabul and afghanistan today. many people are saying this tha saigon was a lot better than we're witnessing now because this isn't quite overpaid what
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we're seeing right now as the president of the united states to his immense credit. he would've said 15 years ago o 20 years ago, don't tell me he tell me someone that's exactly what he believes. if you hear about any interaction. we have to pullouts of afghanistan, we went over the horizon with all the defense apparatus. the choice was to become back i or he is not being candid. that is not the choice he had. to say al qaeda was not a threa in that region is not right, it's to say the war on terror moved on is not correct. the facts are differently. dana, the speech went on for 20 minutes. i really felt he meant every word of it, but sadly, we are suffering the consequences of
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this that are going to hurt our reputation our national security . >> we do know that he went explicitly against the advice o the intelligence committee, the department of defense for state department in all of the foreig policy establishment which has been very much in joe biden's camp. >> they couldn't wait for him. >> i could i want to say one thing about the trump compariso in that because i think it was absolutely misplaced right i think the speech in some ways i you were giving a speech about when to leave, and why to leave okay, but that wasn't the topic today. there wasn't a failure to speak for the last six days it was about the aspirate they decided on april 14th that they were going to leave. so you didn't have to nag them in say that you were going to pieces in you've got a plan for the troops to get out, right? you not going to do it in the middle of the writing season.
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after all, as he told her several times he has the most experience on foreign policy. the u.s. presidency has ever seen. to the point that he blames president trump great it's very curious as we all know we talk about all the time he spends every day reversing drums decisions. sometimes knowing that it is illegal to do so and insulting scholars. if that's the case, why then does he not accept the presiden deal in terms of getting out of the iran nuclear agreement? because the same argument could be made too. if bound by this agreement with the taliban of all people, that was one thing. but president trump said we would get out. you don't know, but here's the thing. president trump's plan was to b conditioned based in the taliba is the one that broke the conditions.
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the afghan security forces less tens of thousands. >> not good enough. they're not going to be a democracy. it was president biden that decided to end that in the middle of the fighting season when he knew that they were ready to roll on in there. to be the criticism against president trump is galling. i think the president he leaves camp david after not speaking for six days to come to the white house to give a speech fo sentiments to get back on the helicopter in go back to camp david as if there's nothing els to do. >> it's astounding. i hear they have a great golf course. kennedy, when you look at this, it doesn't really matter, i think it was in a very importan point they brought up. should we stay, should we not state in then how did you do it
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very please tell me that was a huge intelligence failure. whether they were advising evil who fought thoughts, people who lost limbs. they all knew that this was going to happen. that joe biden made the assertion. >> the taliban doesn't have an air force. it so this security forces that we try to, they an air force. so guess who has an air force now part taliban entered guess who has all these weapons in al this into a diligent, the taliban does. for people who have been saying for a long time maybe we should learn the lessons so we don't have another saigon, this is what happens. sometimes getting out is just a
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dangerous as getting in in staying in a fruitless unwinnable situation for two decades. >> i would add this. the contractors volunteered to stay in the mechanics in the instructors, so you said okays, will be able to fix it in coach you. the contractor so you keep writing the checks, will stay. our allies wanted to stay. they cannot believe they are leaving. they were saying why did we try to stay ourselves because we lost 400 guys. know you must have a lot to say. i see a lot of notes for it to get i was waiting for you to stop talking. i said this before, we have bee far removed from this topic for quite some time so it's a good exercise to think about it before you have an opinion assigned to yourself i'm not going to refuse to get very upset about this. again, my opinion has been suspended animation for probabl seven or eight years. we've done more segments on the bachelor then on afghanistan.
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the argument isn't about leaving . we want to leave. its how is it done. it was botched, we can all admi that. there is something that is really galling is that it was a simple equation that we are all working on for 20 years. software expert what is x? x is what happens when you leav right i can't believe with all these experts in all these commanders in all these really bright people, we couldn't foresee this 20 years? we couldn't prepare for this? if you follow that equation, we probably would have killed more taliban we didn't wage a war, w were babysitting. we didn't wage a war, we were trying to keep the peace in i think that's where we are now. though i sound cynical and i'm skeptical, but i'm a little mad that everybody assumed it was going to collapse. people are saying i didn't thin it would collapse is quickly as it did, but it did appear to
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wait, everybody knew it would collapse even after all this training in intelligence? don't get mad at people who are happy we are leaving. don't call them quitters or tha somehow they're letting other people down. there just as disgusted as everybody else about that. we're disgusted at how this turned out, but it's not becaus we want to leave that bad, we just wanted this done correctly. by the way, we were too busy. think about all the stuff we talk about on the show. we were too busy talking about commander who was reprimanding an antiracism book to his troops . we have another the pc recruitment ads. we were so obsessed debating trends in the military that we stopped paying attention about we sat here in wheat obsessed over january 6, right? we obsessed over this white supremacy that's everywhere. know, we have the taliban and w have the terrorist right there
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and all of a sudden now were al upset? where is your solution? >> i have been on this forever. >> i'm talking for myself. >> a couple of things. so i find with the speeches tha i want to take elements of it i reword the order. and may be that just means late in life i would be to be a feature writer, but there was a lot innate that i wanted to hea including the buck stops with me . >> that came after the blaming of everyone else. >> and that is i think what democrats in supporters of the president in his foreign-policy position had really wanted to hear which as i do take responsibility. i think it was the right choice but it ultimately falls. yes i might be the fourth president that has overseen thi conflict i thought it was a smart line to say i'm not going to pass this onto a fifth president because 70 mark wants
2:27 pm
out of afghanistan. >> we always should say, but do you understand understand that there is it the terror attack would came from there, would it be worth leaving? >> i understand, i think the idea is people don't want to be subject to a terrorist attack, but we should be able to manage something like this after two decades in getting to know the people so well. so there was one thing that he said that stuck out to me which was our goal was never nationbuilding. and that is not true. our goal was nationbuilding or at least in piecemeal in is drifted out because we wanted t build thriving society in democracy so women like that poor afghan reporter that had the most poignant moment of the briefing where she said she put of her mask at her home flag on it in she said where is my president in she was talking about the afghan president he left yesterday and we don't kno where he is. and, we did, and i believed in it, tried to create a safe plac
2:28 pm
for minorities in afghanistan, for women to thrive they have a good job, to not be subjugated to the whims of their husbands, et cetera. and i think that we need to tal about that more because i've been looking at what the establishment in saying which i that this foreign relations, people put out a lot of ideas that i generally agree with as moderate, and they are saying this is not binary, it's not ou or income it's how we get out and no one disagrees about the outcome is just the way we get there. i didn't hear details we heard 22,000 may be people can come here. there are definitely 22,000 who want to come here. out are we going to make sure that our weapons don't end up the taliban's weapons? there was no guarantee of that and that is the scariest thing not just in terms of the air fleet, but on the ground for it to you know what it is scarier? to give the prisons containing isis, al qaeda, taliban, wide open.
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i don't know why the trump administration agreed to the 5,000, that's also something pretty bad. you've been busy can we just go off work, let's watch. >> the president did nothing that was inevitable that the taliban were to control of afghanistan he thought the afghan national security forces could step up and fight because we spent 20 years, tens of billions of dollars training them, giving them the best equipment, giving them support of u.s. forces for 20 years pretty good we've seen that force has been unable to defend the country in that has happen more quickly than anticipated. take it they got talking points down. we can analyze how we got here and i think one has to books coming out now the talks about our missteps in afghanistan, bu let's talk about now. right now, i have never seen a situation like that in the airport in my life. running is fast as you can on the tarmac with the biggest lea i've ever seen in you have hundreds if not thousands of afghans dying to get in.
2:30 pm
they just shut down the airport till they secure it or until th marines arrived. how do you solve the problem? if the tele- band starts moving on the airport, what do we do then? in the 2500 was too many, we go nine now. >> all good questions. one piece about the translator, the interpreters, it wasn't tha they want to come to america. they were promised they would come to america. it was like if you are willing to help us we will keep you in your family safe. that was the reason some of the are desperately running. i don't even know if we have this, but there is a photograph or you can see of inside that plane in i think the american pilots that were able to get that plane off the ground, ther we're about 600 people, they strapped people to the floor because there weren't enough seats. in a way they did what they can but i go back to you shouldn't have to do this kind of emergency if the decision was made in april, and on the
2:31 pm
intelligence, remember for months what has been happening. dod dod, about three months ago leaked to the media that they had offered to the white house the capability to do a big airlift in the white house said no thank you. in the intelligence committee kept leaking to the media or telling them, this is going to happen. and that's why they think that' why they knew because the intelligence was telling them. not only that, they were tellin us. if the american people shouldn' have to go manage the process. the process should be managed b the white house itself. >> with the keep saying is trum was going to pull out in they said the defense department was rolling. they were persuading him. there we're people that were trying to persuade him in a lot of cases they were upset about syria. he wanted to pull all the way out of afghanistan he paused no because they won, because he listened. so great, i know you have two more pages, so what else. >> know, you asked what can be done. i thought if you watched the
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five, i often use the prison of two ideas. i think we probably, biden missed an opportunity to redefine the mission in they ar not going to fight, we don't fight, but we can redefine our role. so we arterra control. we're not in a war, we talked about this before, we are terro controlled. it's like pest control, its maintenance, it's forever. >> but that doesn't work great if you'd redefine it in people understand that it's an ongoing thing. you've got to clean it commit you've got to clean it up periodically. that's a look at this. someone needs to make that clear . we're not interested in wars. i agree with you, i thought the fifth president thing was superstrong, but he was missing that next part which is this is what we do about terror. >> in that entire speech he sai let's talk about how we got her and he starts with the invasion of afghanistan.
2:33 pm
that was not the beginning. i would've added that line in there. welcome we're about to have the anniversary. if you look at the families who have spent 20 years without their loved ones also the veterans who have spoken very movingly over the past few days. the goldstar widows. they are like no, actually we remember the whole phrase of never forget didn't start in october when there was the invasion of afghanistan it started on september 11th. >> they can't forget because. stay right here, more of this o the five just a moment.
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2:38 pm
his interrogator after he was captured he said you americans what you don't understand as we don't have to defeat you militarily. we only have to wait long enoug for you to defeat yourselves by quitting. he predicted this day would com in on the 20th anniversary on the attack he carried out, it's country because of joe biden. >> existed in the commercial break i wonder what he is thinking of in gitmo this morning because what he they have always said is that the radical islamists are much more patient than any of us are. >> we gave them 20 years, much more than the soviets did. we know that, we knew that we kept up offensive in some respects surprised him. he also has quoted as saying i'll paraphrase, he was surprised president bush went back the way he did. even though he went to north carolina and he in thought he knew america was america didn't have the. not only did we bomb, we blew u the tele- family forced al qaed into the wings in eventually
2:39 pm
killed bin laden then held on for 20 years, but we made a lot of obvious mistakes, but some o the greatest generals of this generation would admit now that there were some tactical mistakes. it's also the pentagon constantly said, if i got my way , this is what i would've done if if it was run by civilians who are military experts in let the politics pla out. now they have to explain joe biden. a couple of things that stand out. so obscene i believe was this decision. you have ryan crocker, he is no shy about criticizing president trump actually questioning whether president biden should should still be president in then senator rick scott brought it up again today. that is how out of line i believe this decision is being digested. >> do you think the white house understands that or do they loo at twitter in think were probably good here if we hold o for a few more days. >> at think they know it's more
2:40 pm
than a checkmark that will die out in a few days. if it weren't that serious in part of it is that because of coming from inside the house. you had a clear difference of opinion you are watching john kirby's face when he is talking about this and he's part of the longtime community that agreed with the advice that we can't just pull out like this. in the interviews, president biden and i should mention the prime minister of the uk said the same thing that the taliban will not take control ever again . that's not a problem, we can pull out and that won't be an issue. so you can see that there are some discrepancy going on in terms of especially those who have been over there themselves in the last time their practice policy was enacted by a previou administration in it's very personal for people, the afghan interpreters, these families in
2:41 pm
these people became honorary americans they were our flags, they sing our national anthem, they love us because we promise them and we were supposed to bring liberation to them to wha now is. >> one thing that's really different to in 20 years is technology. because. >> it's a big deal. but also, there is an argument that a lot of what we're doing might be irrelevant because wha we've seen in the last year wit all of this attacks on our grid that is the wave of the future. you don't even have to throw bodies at things anymore and we have to start thinking that way. terrorism could be anywhere. it could be one person with a drone in some anthrax. i think that changes the scope. also, we may have a faster way
2:42 pm
in and out for me ever thought because if we actually are monitoring what's going on ther with drones, we've been there for 20 years, if we don't know their first names of every tab will be on fighter, i mean 20 years, we should know everythin it should be easy, that's a problem, may be where tracking, maybe we left things in some of the aircraft that are tracking that. i don't know. that the thing is, a lot happened in 20 years that shoul make this a little less difficult in make it possible for us to leave in not spend another 20 years there. >> all those things you said that we should may be our doing i would hope that redoing them, but what just happened over the weekend i don't have a lot of confidence. >> you know it's great, i like the fact that afghanistan leaders are looking forward to china's help ticket we have about a minute left.
2:43 pm
there is a couple of things here . john kirby saying we can't play monday morning quarterback. today is a great day to play monday morning quarterback. in what we should have done is declassified a lessons learned project it was 2,000 pages from over 400 people involved in every aspect of the afghanistan war in they are so frustrated into everyone from privates to generals are talking about all the ways we screwed up and didn't understand afghanistan i the first place. that something we should've learned from the 1980s. the context was totally unknowable, but we still went into it acting like we knew who we were fighting, and we knew what victory look like and how we were going to get out none o those things have materialized, so all the people that fought there, i can't imagine what they're looking at now. you talk about the goldstar wives. it's like how are you feeling today. your family member, if your son
2:44 pm
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>> welcome back. group women in girls feeling fo their safety as the taliban takes control. there are reports that the delavan is already forcing youn girls to marry their fighters. while those concerns are growing , president biden says he supports defending human rights. >> we will continue to speak ou for the basic rights of the afghan people, of women in girls , just as we speak out all over the world. i have been clear, human rights must be the center of our foreign policy, not the periphery. but the way to do it is not through endless military deployments. >> that's fine, but what happen to the women in girls now who are fearing for their lives. >> in record time. the problem with putting a statement out there or having people talk around the issue an in the last segment, we've seen the pictures now, and there is
2:49 pm
not multiple ways to interpret that. it were in the streets, horror in the airports. our embassy has been cleared, our flags are coming home, and that has real and practical meaning. we are not there anymore to protect them. i think there is this interesting dichotomy going on, but he also got it right on thi very just a little while ago, jason crow who is a congressman in a veteran had a bill putting forward to fast-track these applications for afghans in light of the fact that we decided we are going to come home. it was hugely popular only 16 congresspeople voted against it. those other kinds of actions that people that are serving that we have sent their need to be taken in we need answers in accountability chain of how thi ended up in this way because those are the people who are going to suffer the most from a hasty withdrawal.
2:50 pm
>> is it just lip service. we heard the same thing from vice president harris when she visited the border in she talke about an initiative that she ha helping women in girls. but still really not a root cause, you can talk about it yo can send thoughts in prayers, but what does that really do. >> in her case, let me read you what she said about the women. she said nothing. there is nothing to read grade she's skipped over the fact tha women will go back to the back of the house to raise the kids. when they say they can go to th school, what will they do. i bring back to this comment that is widely circulated, richard oberg said this when he said to this he said you got to put more time in effort. what about the women, you can't let a bull out of afghanistan i 2008 biden replied with a history lesson he said, what he said about the american application in afghanistan like the girls in the kabul school, he replayed f them, we don't have to worry about that, with
2:51 pm
didn't in vietnam and we have. >> how do you think he feels now ? >> i don't know, he saying that fighting misogyny in fighting for women that is the hallmark of his presidency. should he get a pass? i think that nancy pelosi is going to give him a pass since she speaker the house in she said yesterday before the president said anything that th president is to be commended fo the clarity of his statement regarding afghanistan and it says we are concerned about reports. the spokesman of the pentagon i actually think the way that he answered the afghan reporter wa a lot more empathy in care in concern in a little more representative of how americans feel. i thought that was a lot more heartfelt for the tone in tenor of the presidency. >> this is real life in real
2:52 pm
death, and i think she's absolutely right for it i don't think the president touched on that enough. sometimes, these platitudes are because who is going to documen the lives in murders of the women are left behind and essentially subjugated. >> and how can we be exploiting our values when we consider in our own country that our values are oppressive. we are terrible people. will the squad convention or condemn this cultural resurgence ? we have read it. we've read hard lessons to defend the role of women in radical islam, so it's going to be hard to see these people say welcome what we need more american values over there. good luck. >> they need more history lessons because the she has sor of botched her explanation of the involvement in afghanistan. we will have much more on the five after this. stay with us.
2:53 pm
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>> greg: let's get to final thoughts gut get my final thought watch the show tonight. cori mills, kat timpf, joey. i wonder what we will talk about. >> dana: florida mills is running for congress. he is a veteran. worth paying attention to. this will probably be an issue in the midterms. i have got a final thought for you. this just in from a congressional source. the taliban are kidnapping the families of these interpreters in america right now and telling them to come back to face taliban justice or their family member dies. so, to quote bret stephens from the "new york times" this morning. this is happening on biden's watch at biden's assistance against the advice of senior military advisers and with biden's firm assurance to the american people that what has just come to pass would not come to pass. >> brian: we heard july 6th this would not be another saigon moment. we understood from the chairman of the senate foreign relations
2:58 pm
committee this would not be another saigon. it's worse. we are not on top of an embassy. we are in the airport and so bad we can't even land and pick up the people because they are so desperate to get out. lastly, similar to what dana said, thousands of people are behind enemy lines in cities controlled by the taliban. don't just throw up your hands and say it's getting ugly you promised get these people out. you tell the taliban we will need people outside of those cities in certain amount of time certain a places. they shouldn't die because you were in a rush to get out. >> jessica: couple of things if you have a vrn in your life or family who has someone who has served. reach out and get their opinions on it. they are often very starkly different from what you will hear in the illustrious pundit class or other people in your lives. you know, there are a few you are going to have [inaudible] on your show is that what you said tonight? >> i am having joey johnny
2:59 pm
jones. >> jessica: sorry. >> kennedy: triple j. and a congressman from michigan. >> jessica: fantastic. >> kennedy: served in iraq wars. >> jessica: tune in to kennedy. reach out to people in your lives. they need support right now. and keeping in mind 9/11 coming up and how different it will be with the taliban in charge of afghanistan at that moment, it's something for us to all reflect on. >> greg: good point. kennedy? >> kennedy: i don't think we could have imagined 20 years ago what we would be seeing today. the picture from kabul airport will haunt this president for the rest of his administration. this someone of mows moments that people will absolutely remember what was going on at that time and, also, you know, any conflict can turn into vietnam and it can turn into afghanistan. and that is why it is incumbent upon every single president and member of congress to make sure we don't repeat these mistakes. >> greg: when you look at that you don't need any lang twooj
3:00 pm
exaggerate. it's an insurrection. you can look at that and see what it is it's positively surreal disturbing and sad: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: hey, greg. thank you. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, you just heard it stunning video from the airport in kabul showing incredible desperation of of a danes willing to risk life and limb to escape the taliban's control. [gunfire] >> bret: as u.s. air force cargo jet a c-17 taxis for takeoff, people cling to the side. hoping for a way out of afghanistan. reports of some plunging to their deaths from that plane holding onto the wheel as the plane reaches altitude. thousands made their way to that airport trying to flee as hundreds of them were packed inside. a couple of those planes


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