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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 16, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: breaking news as we await president biden who will speak later today. 3:45 p.m. eastern. the chaos of the danger unfolding in afghanistan for our american people. we are getting reports the pentagon is now going to send an additional 1,000 troops. remember there's an extra thousand and then another extra. that's 7,000 people to help evacuate americans and some of the afghan people who have helped us. nearly three times as many as had been ordered to withdraw back in april. when he took office there were
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2500 troops on the ground. now we got a 7,000. his remarks today will be his first in public since the taliban stormed afghanistan's presidential palace and sat -- seized control of that country in just ten days. video has been coming into fox news of citizens trying to leave the country, get away from the taliban. they have been flooding the tarmac where our planes are there to take people home. they are climbing up on top of the planes. on any flight to get away from taliban rule. some desperately clinging as the planes took off into the air, falling to their deaths. the u.s. has now suspended all remaining evacuation flights until they say they can secure that airport. we have details of some u.s. forces having to take people out of favor shooting in crowds of afghan he citizens. the enemy shooting at them there, trapped.
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our guys took some out. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. my cohost, back together again, emily compagno, welcome back. kayleigh mcenany, "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor miranda devine, and in the virtual center seat, joey jones, retire marine bomb tech and fox nation host. the american flag has been taken down and carried out from its now former home at the u.s. embassy in kabul. embassy staffers were evacuated via helicopter, drawing comparisons and memories to images we saw after the fall of saigon near the end of the vietnam war. as the taliban close to noncallable, president biden watched the cats unfold from camp david on a zoom call with his national security team instead of from the white house. we knew he would be there. we wondered what he would do. our fox digital team tried reaching out to press secretary
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jen psaki over the weekend. here's what we got. an automatic reply stating that she would be out of the office until this sunday. republicans saying the president's remarks will be long-overdue when they happen today. >> why is joe biden on vacation? i don't think he's taken one question from the press this entire weekend. it's a frightening situation, an embarrassing situation for the united states. >> is literally time for this president to resign. people we trusted and work with their going to be killed. they are going to be tortured. they're going to be heard. women are going to be raped. people will be beheaded. >> and disaster of unmitigated proportions. this will be a stain on this president and his presidency and i think he is going to have blood on his hands for what they did. >> harris: joey jones, i follow you on twitter normally. this weekend i was moved because you taught us, our friend, what
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sacrifice is really about. you and those who served with have quite the thread going on. 7,000 troops will be on the ground in afghanistan. your reaction. >> joey: it's beyond surreal. i really don't know that -- i just hope we have 7,000 troops who understand their mission and know what they are therefore and allowed to do it. that's my biggest concern right now. i'll probably spend the next several months criticizing president biden for all that's happened the last few days but right now today, i've got 7,000 brothers and sisters going into harm's way. they don't have a leader. they don't have someone to tell them what they are there to do. i can guarantee you we are sending more troops because the 5,000 or 6,000 that were there went there without a confirmed mission and walked into chaos. look at the images of the flight. 3,000 rates can secure any airport in the world. they can't if they're not allowed to have the don't know
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why they're doing it or if they're supposed to find somebody or help somebody. we have people climbing onto airplanes and airport that should be secure. that looks like a mess and a mess is not what we're there to do. i really am kind of in shock, to be honest. >> harris: what do you want to hear from the president today? >> [laughs] what i want to hear from the president. i hope congress opens up an investigation of mina how he got here. my concern is what happens tomorrow. what happens the day of the taliban secure full control of afghanistan? and we no longer have human intelligence telling us if there are terrorist they're getting ready to plan an attack. what happens? how do we secure our country? that's what i want to know. i would like to have known that before we data drawdown and withdrawal. i understand it was a 20 year stay in afghanistan. i think she was calling 3,000 troops in afghanistan a war that you would call 100,000 troops. i was there when it was 100,000
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it was a different type of conflict. if you're going to take them out, tell me what you're doing to keep our country safe. that's why they were there. when president trump said we are going to pull the troops out, my comments were, give us a plan and an objective for sure. pull them out. but really what we need to know is how do we stay safe? does having the matter keep us safe? i haven't heard either presidency one thing or the other on that. >> harris: that's an excellent question. miranda devine, also with us. that's the question. some generals and military analysts, retired generals and military analysts, saying that we just poured accelerant on a situation that was going to be dangerous anyway. al qaeda lurking in the wings. we know from the united nations they're coping with the taliban. you know they hate us. so now you speed up the timeline. >> miranda: it's all just so depressing and unnecessary.
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it's so destabilizing for the world. america and its allies. everyone is being caught flat-footed. there was no reason to botch this withdrawal. everybody wanted to get out of afghanistan. 20 years was long enough. i spoke to president trump yesterday. they have a plan to get out. that was that you would withdraw all the civilians. he would close down the embassy. you would get rid of all the equipment. you would obliterate the basis so that you would leave the taliban nothing. you don't withdraw your military in the middle of the night from bagram a month ago and just leave everybody else and trust that the taliban is going to let you have an orderly exit. as if. it's so naive. it's so feckless and it's so typical of the biden administration and joe biden himself. the memory of, just a few weeks
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ago, joe biden so constantly standing up at that press conference and declaring that there would be no helicopters coming off the tops of embassies like saigon. this is a man. i have just spent months working on my book about hunter biden's laptop. i have gone deeply into joe biden in his history. he's had trouble with the truth since its earliest days. he's almost delusional in the way he speaks about reality. he was unable to grasp reality. this is a serious problem. whoever is behind him, whoever is actually running the white house should step up, come out of the shadows come and tell us what their plan is. number one, sorry, they need to secure the border asap. right now. we cannot afford to have any more millions of people coming through that border, we already know there have been known
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terrorist on the fbi watch list to come through. no more. this is very dangerous. >> harris: such an important point. kayleigh, this is not how the last president left the situation would it's taken us 20 years to get to this point. whatever the decisions were that delivered to us end game. gold star families need accountability. they need that for their own closure. without all of that it would been nice to get our people back quickly. instead, it's protracted. those flights are suspended. we don't know who's coming on the tarmac now. >> kayleigh: let me be categorical in sameness. this move never happened under president donald j. trump. it would not have. miranda outlined some of the differences, the conditions. also our adversaries. us. they notice when president trump took out soleimani.
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they noticed when he went into syria after that horrible gas attack on the people. they took notice and they respected our commander in chief. now it's stunning to me, i was with you on friday. 48 hours later we have a newly declared terrorist run country called the islamic emirate of afghanistan. in 48 hours. our secretary of state said this is not something we could ever happen between a friday to monday. it did happen between a friday and monday and you had joe biden telling us on july 8th hey, it's highly unlikely the taliban takes over. they did. let me be clear. we do not have a commander in chief right now. we have a vacation in chief, a hider in chief who for six days stayed silent. >> harris: does 3:45 p.m. eastern change that? >> kayleigh: too little, also so late. six days, as people are hanging from planes. little girls and women in the
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country are facing horrible circumstances. sex slavery. period the military having to scramble. for six days you have a president at camp david. >> harris: i would say there is a prism through which everything is seen. i love yours coming back. you've been out of this watching it with the eyes of "i'm just an american tuning in." yet you know, obviously, many more facts than the average person who hasn't been on vacation. but what's your take on what we are seeing unfold so quickly? >> emily: the depth of how frightening this is, how horrible this is for the people there of afghanistan and the global community cannot be overstated. the suddenness with which this occurred, not only was predictable but it's absolutely tragic. the tragedies are one on top of
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another. our current president, are missing commander in chief, he campaigned in part on the strength of his foreign policy, the strength of his formulations. the global community sees us as shameful. the prime minister of the u.k., boris johnson said indeed president biden's behavior and actions and decisions have accelerated this crisis. it's not just this weekend. president biden totally abandoned those interpreters and then he bungled the special visa programming. so all this was backlogs before trying to get them out. meanwhile the u.k. for example, prime minister johnson, has come up with a far more clear, far more effective, strong statements condemning the taliban and vacuuming their interpreters and personnel. yet we have a speaker of the house that panders, colors up for the incompetence that is on a fundamental scale because it's leading to the loss of life and freedom. >> harris: what you're talking about is at the same time that the taliban were beginning to go basically to war to take humble,
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right? while that was happening, we heard from nancy pelosi commending president biden on the job, the good job he has done. if you could have done a split screen at that moment between wherever she was and wherever the enemy were outside kabul. >> emily: a go so far beyond the usual covering up we are subjected to. this is just absolutely heartbreaking because again, that tragedy which cannot be overstated is now being dismissed as a political thing that now the tribes are gathering together with the rest of the world sees this for exactly what it is. for president biden to come out and blame the prior administration, to me that was the most emblematic thing that shows he's not a leader. indeed there are four administrations and share responsibilities. >> harris: he was around for 50 years of it. >> emily: 's heartbreaking crisis finale, it's all on his shoulders. >> harris: senator burr four
9:14 am
decades, vice president for eight years. i'm not joking. i'm not exaggerating. a half a century that he's been there. he's had the front seat witnessing this from government. it's amazing to see him capitulate to whatever politics would get him to look backwards. joey jones has said, we've got to go forward. forward starts with the next hour because it's already dark there. trust everybody here, the taliban, they are talibaning. coming up, how the taliban's takeover of afghanistan poses a serious national security risk for the united states weeks before we are set to mark 20 years since the attack of september 11th. stay close.
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>> kayleigh: president biden returning to the white house where he is fit to deliver remarks at 3:45 p.m. eastern time on the fall of afghanistan to the taliban. with the taliban taking over afghanistan is nearly complete, u.s. officials are warning that a national security threat could emerge from there sooner rather than later. over the weekend, the taliban released thousands of inmates including former isis and al qaeda fighters from a prison outside of kabul. now listening to what this taliban commander told reporters on the ground about the groups ambitions. >> interpreter: it's our belief that one day mujahedin will have victory and islamic law will come not to just afghanistan but all over the world. we are not in a hurry. we believe it will come one day. jihad will not end until the last day. >> kayleigh: miranda, president ghani, our ally, gone. you have a new government saying
9:20 am
mujahedin will not just take over this country but all across the world. another taliban fighters standing the palace and saying i was in guantanamo for eight years. remember guantanamo, the prison camp joe biden wanted to shut down? he is there for eight years and now he's in the halls of the afghan government. what you make of it? >> miranda: we have seen this movie before. islamist terrorism has been the threat to us that we've been aware of since 9/11. that's when it's reared it -- it reared its ugly head for america first off. this is what president trump made his priority during the campaign of 2016. he completed that mission. he exterminated isis pretty much all over syria. they had a caliphate. they were beheading people. they sexually enslaved women and girls. they photographed and videoed barbaric tortures bernie people
9:21 am
alive in cages. terror was exported around the world from australia to gear up to the united states. we had isis terrorists attack on our civilians. and that ended. a pretty much had ended. now we are in a new situation where, the genie is out of the bottle again and it's really frightening and i don't think president biden is equipped to defeat it. he is projecting weakness to the world. president trump. i hate keeping on harping on him. but he never was really given the credit for that kind of mopping up operation of isis that he did. as soon as it was gone, people forgot about it. >> kayleigh: we have a sound bite from congressman michael waltz yesterday about the security situation that we now face. let's play it. >> as a veteran and today, america is less safe than it was yesterday. we are about to see the
9:22 am
reemergence of al qaeda 3.0. but it's going to be far worse because now they have access to tons of weaponry, artillery, ammunition, armor and others that we -- and a massive air base we have essentially handed them. >> kayleigh: joey, general milley, joint chiefs of staff, asked about this on a call. threat assessment at median peer lawmakers that are you going to have to reassess his answer was yes. this was entirely predictable. >> joey: absolutely. i made the point in the last segment, there's a difference between having 100,000 troops in afghanistan waging war on the taliban and 3,000 to 10,000 troops continuing the intelligence operations and keeping their thumb on the taliban. we fought two wars at one time. the first war, to ensure that we weren't attacked again. the second one creeped in
9:23 am
through messaging and politics, somehow establish the democratic government in afghanistan and we were never going to be able to do that successfully. but talking about what we do moving forward, the first thing we do is identify leadership and direction. on thursday, i finished "outnumbered," and went to new york and i was on sean hanni saturday i came home and worked for an hour for the big saturday show and i haven't got enough television since thursday. that's my job. my legs are worn out. i'm in pain but that's okay. no big deal. this is what i'm supposed to do. the american people deserve for me to do my job now more than ever. i am in afghanistan veteran and that's one of the reasons i'm on television. the president is released one statement. 7,000 troops are in afghanistan and the president said one thing in that same amount of time. how come i can do my job but he can't be asked to address the country, give us an update or let us know it's happening so we are not worrying and concerned.
9:24 am
7,000 troops. 7,000 sets of parents and families wandering if their son or daughter is in harm's way. do they have the rules of engagement to protect themselves? are they being sent into a hornets nest? we don't know and we deserve to know and as a matter fact we deserve to know before this happened with the plan was and how we're going to execute it. simply standing there and saying pompously there are 3,000 ana and that matters because there's only 75,000 taliban. guess what according to washington post report there weren't 300,000. that was an arbitrary number on a piece of paper. when we left bagram, that ana couldn't sustain the pace. we -- that was a month ago. we saw the signs. we knew it was going to happen. >> kayleigh: bubbled on so many letters. it's not just the taliban and al qaeda and isis, it's china and russia. russia notably could not close their embassy. russia didn't have to. we can put up the picture, the
9:25 am
foreign minister from china has a picture with taliban. china prepared to recognize this newly declared terrorist country. >> harris: the afghan national army which joey was talking about, just tapped out because they didn't have our air strikes. after we pulled out of bagram. we weren't supporting them anymore. they apparently, joey, even though we train them for two decades, apparently still couldn't fight. so there you have it. what's next? do we recognize ghani? do we recognize this taliban man who calls himself the president of afghanistan. what is that going to look like? if we don't, who benefits from our not having a seat at the table? russia saw this play out when they played a -- fought a war in afghanistan. they have been waiting. you've heard the same -- the
9:26 am
taliban has the watch and we have the time. it is us with the watches. they sit back. what do we do with this new president. he is supposedly very politically true. he's going to work all sides. >> kayleigh: he is already doing it. these threats, china, russia. taliban. our intelligence gathering operation. this is what folks don't understand, when the intelligence officers leave, the united states leave a 25 years ca veterans has intelligence basically stopped in the country. you have these safe haven for terrorists. >> emily: that's right. a reminder that the u.n. says that al qaeda and the taliban and remain "closely aligned," even though the taliban keeps denying it. the landscape there was frightening even before. 2020 was the most violent year on record in afghanistan as recorded by the united nations and the first three months of
9:27 am
this year eclipse that by 60%. meanwhile this is the fighting season of the taliban. >> harris: why not wait until winter? >> emily: the intel that we rely on will absolutely dry up. he will be completely opaque because of this new terrorist regime. remember in june top pentagon leaders protect that al qaeda would resurge and that there would be the u.s. homeland threat, a u.s. homeland threat within two years, they said. that was before this event, and a quick final word. >> harris: what is their timeline now? >> emily: whatever it is, it has accelerated. i keep saying that we can't overstate this but i think that's really the point to drive home here. as frightening as this in, we won't have a finger on the pulse to be accurate with what's going happen and that's the scariest part.
9:28 am
>> kayleigh: coming up, 20 years ago the first american troops arrived in afghanistan and today for many u.s. veterans, the fall of afghanistan to the taliban. feeling the confusion, disappointment and anger. joey jones will remind us of the true cost of war and share stories of soldiers who lost their lives in afghanistan next.
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9:33 am
>> joey: think so much. let me say i lost my legs in afghanistan. it was an absolute blessing to come home i know that every day. i don't hold that against any president or the taliban or anyone. i am at a full peace with it. i am honored to have served in afghanistan. i believe my work there helped people come home safe and that matters to me. but i wanted to take an opportunity i think we have some pictures to talk about couple men i fought alongside and didn't come home. the first was corporal daniel greer. he was a full-time fireman and decided to join the marine reserves and become an engineer which is not an easy job. he thought it was his duty as an american to fight a war to protect our country and seek revenge for 9/11. danny was killed by the ied that took my legs. he didn't make it home. we were injured on august 6 and he took his last breath on august 8th hole you're in germany together. he is a hero. we cannot, cannot forget daniel and the thousands just like him they gave their last breath so
9:34 am
that we could stay safe for at least 20 years. another person i would like to honor is a gunnery sergeant. he was a mentor to me and i think we've got a picture of him as well. a couple things about him. he was killed two weeks after i was injured covering the ieds i would've been working. accident led directly to his death. floyd and i had a conversation. he had a daughter that wasn't born yet and wouldn't be born until after his death. i asked him, do you wanted to be a boy or girl and he looks at me and goes, i don't care with the baby is as long as it's healthy and happy and i get to be there to see it born. that was floyd. that was less meaningful thing he said to me. it stuck with me ever since. i have a daughter now and every time i look at her i think about floyd and his two daughters. all i can think is these men sacrificed not just their lives but when you sacrifice your life, you sacrifice every single minute and day you would've stayed on this earth making an
9:35 am
impact in other people's lives. as mad and frustrated as i am to maia. so the american people understand these people died for you. let's make this world a better place and select leaders that are leaders and not just politicians. as much as we want to complain, may be less look forward and look for the right people to do the right thing. we haven't had much of that in a while. >> emily: joey commode is your message today for the gold star families of those heroes that you stared with us -- shared with us just now. demos 2500 gold star families of those that gave their lives in afghanistan. >> joey: thank you. because of your sacrifice, i'm alive. because of your sacrifice this world is a better place in this country is a safe place. we get to argue about what pronoun we want rather than who has to wear something over their head or who gets to the drive and who doesn't. we get to argue about things that a lot of us would consider
9:36 am
to be petty. but we don't have to argue about the tough things most of the time. because the country that we have and we only have it because somebody defended it and many died to do it. for the gold star families, thank you. for 20 years we've had nothing like 9/11. for those 20 years under our watch, honor your heroes' watch, we stayed safe here we made and gotten spoiled during that time but every time you get frustrated about some silly headline. we were so safe that we were spoiled enough to argue about petty things. we didn't have to argue about staying alive and for that i'm grateful and every gold star family out there, it matters. we love you. >> harris: you talk about, daniel and floyd, like their family members. >> joey: they are. >> harris: those of us who are the children of those who served, we are. you love someone who goes after enemies on the battlefield. you are suddenly related to everybody. i am elated to you, joy.
9:37 am
we are relatives. we are family that bigger sense. we are also family as a bigger sense as americans and what we are watching pour out on the tarmac is the love of america as they try to bring our people home and those who helped us. they want to be able to bring all of those afghanis who are on the tarmac home because we can't prevent everybody and they won't all fit on the plains. they didn't all help us but we want to help them because we know what's about to happen in their lives with the taliban. i would ask, because you have seen up close, what is life under the taliban? this new president, so he claims, right? ghani barardar. he claims he's going to have a different type of taliban. what does that mean? >> joey: two stories from afghanistan. there was a local farmer and we knew that the taliban was putting ieds on this property inside tell us where the ids are and he said i don't want them on my property and i would love to tell you but if i tell you they will kill me and my
9:38 am
family. they put the ieds in but they wouldn't turn them on. so after we did that we tried to help him, the taliban new it and they thought he talked to us so they went and turned them on. two days later we pulled a 9-year-old girl out of a tree one piece at a time because she had fallen on an ied on his property after they turned it on. that's life under the taliban. we had a toddler brought to us that was burned from the belly button down because they believed it was somehow possessed and they thought dumping it in boiling water would help it, fix it. we where the e.r. for the local village. i saw people blown up and shot, my brothers and sisters, he understood that. it was war. but when you see children hurt out of ignorance of evil, it's not hard to get up every morning and go kill everyone of them. but that's not what we did. we tried to bring peace and we tried to make world a better place for those who live there. >> emily: thank you for your service and your sacrifice. we thank those men, those heroes you shared with us earlier.
9:39 am
we send our love in our prayers to the gold star families. no amount of gratitude we could ever express could now encompass the depth of our gratitude to those who have served. all we can say at this point is thank you. coming up, a federal judge orders the biden administration to bring back a trump area border policy the critics they helped stem the surge of migrants. details next. with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis.
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9:44 am
in mexico policy was illegally terminated. >> emily: the judge essentially said terminating it was arbitrary and that it violated federal law. this president failed to consider the benefits. he also acknowledged that it had a direct impact on the surgeon migrants saying "they had skyrocketed since this was implemented." the 70s is to give the government time to appeal. order them to restart the program. here's the caveat. to do so requires the cooperation of the mexican government. it remains to be seen whether president obrador will have the same relationship with the commander in chief. >> kayleigh: they had a great relationship with president trump. why are they trying so hard to roll back some of these policies? >> harris: the importance of the relationship with mexico. we've got the northern triangle. the same way president trump did if we want to go forward.
9:45 am
this administration wants to him the mall cash. people are still going to leave. that money is not going to trickle down. what does that agreement with mexico really matter? the relationship with biden and obrador, we don't know what it's going to be. the question, why are they doing this? it is an agenda, narrative, every politician has theirs. how did they drown out the 329 million or so of the rest of us? how are they not hearing it? the issue that dr. marc siegel who leads are a team of doctors here in fox news, that interview that he just had with the hospital director in mcallen, texas, one medical center she said 80% of her covid sick patients are migrants coming across the border. texas has to do something. they have got to fight for something held in mexico and may be a stoppage of people, whatever it takes. it is raining on them with covid. it is like fire from the sky.
9:46 am
>> emily: texas is who brought this lawsuit along with missouri. your point, they are doing every thing they can legally but they are being absolutely flooded so what other choices do they have? we know that states are sending resources. everything but the commander in chief. >> kayleigh: exactly right. miranda, it's interesting. biden cares so much about asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants, he said. with the remain in mexico policy data isn't recognized that only 14% of credible fear claims are granted. there was a huge influx of asylum claims into the system. those with legitimate asylum claims were not being processed. they are hurting the very people they want to help by not following the trump arrow policies. why are they doing this? >> miranda: this is what always happens when you have these ideologues from the left you want open borders for their own purposes. the suite of border protection measures that the trump administration put in place were
9:47 am
very hard ones. they were very careful to put them together in a combination that worked. finally they caught the border down. i seen this around the world. it is very hard to close border. once it's open to get enclosed again it's going to be more than the remaining mexico policy. which i have no faith the biden administration of bye-bye. theory just ignore the eviction moratorium edict that came through the supreme court. >> kayleigh: it's a real tragedy. joey, your thoughts. >> joey: i went to school with dreamers and first-generation americans. they don't want their families to live as fugitives. they don't want their families in mexico does need care to salo. they don't want have to sneak back take money. they want people to be out of the shadows. closing the barn or securing the border and allow people come here illegally is the only way to make that happen. i believe first-generation immigrants are on the side of doing this the right way. >> kayleigh: absolutely. i hear it every day as a floridian for my colleagues, my friends from the cuban
9:48 am
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>> kayleigh: two hours from now president biden is set to address the nation as the taliban takes over afghanistan. back in washington, critics slammed him for making major mistakes in this withdrawal, this as fear spread, panic built at cobbles airport as seen in brand-new images will be showing your moments from now. senator lindsey graham as our guest, he will be joining us on the latest development. we will ask what he wants to hear from the president whether congress will be opening an investigation into how we got here so quickly. plus, commerce men michael waltz, senator marsha blackburn and more coming up as our coverage continues of afghanistan's fault of the taliban. "america reports" top of the hour. >> emily: new york city's vaccine passport takes effect tomorrow. the big apple is one of a growing number of cities that now demands proof of vaccination to dining restaurants, see a show, or work out at the gym.
9:53 am
some business owners are saying that after struggling after the pandemic, they cannot afford to turn customers away. miranda. >> miranda: look, i'm living in new york. maybe i am a frog in boiling water. i don't really have a huge problem with this. i am vaccinated. i got the excelsior passed the new york state provided us because it's convenient. i don't mind having to show it. i don't think people should be forced to have the vaccine. also think the people who have natural immunity should be able to have their antibodies passes the equivalent of having a vaccine passport. i don't think it's a passport really. that sounds very "big brother-ish." i don't think it's too much to ask. >> emily: is it an undue burden on business operators who have no extremes with enforcement or efficacy. if one has a forgery. is it taking away from their duties? >> joey: the question is what
9:54 am
punitive actions, and who do they come to? the person with the card, the person with the business owner. last i checked we are not indoctrinating business owners as public servants. i understand the process of thinking and i understand that it may not be with the intent of big brother tracking people. but what we deem righteous today can certainly be a violation of our rights tomorrow. just because the majority of americans may agree today, if the process is corrupt, that it is corrupt and it's wrong. i think that's a conversation with having. i don't have the data. from what i have seen, it depends on what your political party is what the data means half the time which is corrupt enough. beyond all of it, if you're having to do this now, that means you failed as a leader in the 70s polity over the last almost 12 months to convince your citizens that this vaccine is worth taking. i think i would look inward
9:55 am
before i would start putatively attacking outward and say what can we do to get citizens to feel comfortable and trust us with the vaccine? maybe not have such a corrupt governor. maybe have a mirror that isn't -- there is one thing and does another. maybe not have a long list of hypocrisy. maybe that's the action that should be taken. >> kayleigh: mayor de blasio, he said it's time to shake people, the voluntary phase is over. no, sir. your personal choice in this country. by the way, sorry, border ideas and how racist and jim crow but a vaccine passport is just fine? don't believe these facts. >> emily: more "outnumbered" and just a moment.
9:56 am
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10:00 am
u.s. forces like our friend, joey jones, who go everywhere with their courage intact. thank you for joining us on "outnumbered." now for "america reports." >> sandra: and this is a fox news alert. a human and political catastrophe is unfolding in afghanistan. a 20 year effort there to free the afghan people from taliban rule is over in just a matter of ten days. later this afternoon, we will hear and see from president biden for the first time since this crisis began to unfold. finally, many are saying. hello and welcome. i am sandra smith. he had >> trace: i am trace gallagher, and for john roberts. the only way out is to the airport. taliban forces and checkpoints make border crossings impossible, but right now, the airport is closed after being breached by thousands of people. 6,000 u.s. troops are being deployed to


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