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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  August 14, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hello, i am allysia. joey jones. welcome to the big saturday show. here's what's on tap tonight. >> you part democrats neutrons replace the word mother. >> people and their partners and burning people. >> now a call to make the word us feeding more gender inclusive? >> nicole. >> after that revealing week two
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audio showed all men security officer mayorkas knows how about the border crisis is and calls them out for him to go. >> joey. >> we reveal our big saturday, magazine clearing the taliban is over. that was 20 years ago. >> we begin with fox news alert, an update on the taliban take over of afghanistan. in the past hour, president joe biden announcing the deployment of 5000 u.s. troops from afghanistan. initially the pentagon announced 3000 would be deployed. the president issuing the statement from his vacation in camp david after meeting with his security team. today the taliban captured afghanistan fourth-largest city in a major setback to the government and this is as insurgents marked closer. the afghanistan president saying his priority is to re- mobilize afghan security forces surrendering to the taliban say
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as a historic responsibility, i am trying to not let the war that's been imposed on the afghan people causing further killing of innocent, the loss of 20 years of achievement, destruction of public institution and long-standing instability. joey, i want to begin with you because we heard friday 3000 u.s. troops were growing at an additional 2000 going now. biden administration insisting not a combat mission. what are your thoughts? >> i'll tell you the marines going there will get the job done if it's a combat mission, pretty much constitutes combat mission, a city is under siege, a country is about to be taken over by the only sworn enemy of the united states in the last 20 years and we are going to say it's not a combat mission, the regular doing what we need to do, it's a bad day. a bad time, who spent 20 years
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over and want our troops home but we don't want more americans to die simple because we didn't plan on bringing them home correctly. vice president for eight years of this said simply didn't have a plan in place are underestimated with the taliban was capable of. >> nicole, your thoughts, fist broke in the last hour as we were getting ready to come on here and this already crisis situation there, what did you think? >> i could tell you first about this area does not have a history of democracy or human rights in general and to think would come in in western lifestyle is a delusion. we went there initially to train the afghan army and we did this because of 3000 americans lost their lives in 9/11. whether you feel we should pull out 20 years ago or still should keep a form of counterterrorism present, the bottom line is the way we withdraw this or you have people at the embassy running papers and getting out alive, if we continue to see this and we
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see these pictures on the media about this as my friend said, a huge propaganda when for russia, iraq and china so that's the biggest picture right now, we should have done this with a little more organization and that did not happen. >> then, before i get your thoughts on this, i want everyone to hear something joe biden said in february 2020. >> don't you bear responsibility for the outcome if they end up back in control. >> no, i don't. are you telling me we should go into china because what they are doing with a million uighurs in the west in concentration camps, is that what you are saying? >> that was your quote. >> i gave you the answer, zero responsibility. >> then, zero response ability. >> if you can tell the response
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about he feels he has by a keyword he was talking earlier, he is talking about this from his vacation at camp david from affect how much he's making this moment serious. this is a sad circumstance and very predictable in fact, i read a quote from a former journalist from "wall street journal" think the lead up to this was an ice cream fantasy. something that was never going to work out and he predicted and thought we would see this type of overrunning of the afghan forces as soon as america make clear with no longer offer the kind of air support for the approach used. afghanistan i think was going to end up in this horrible circumstance matter how the exit was executed but i do think it's gone a lot worse than people expected, a lot faster and we have to understand the consequences for this are going
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to be long ranging difficult and probably going to end up with more americans having to go back over there again but that something that's an indictment of our military leadership, the approach that was used we should have been reconsidering in so many different ways over the course of the past several administrations which have all technically, in terms of their run, opposed there present their and promised they were going to pull out. instead, it seems incredibly mismanaged and is going to result in loss of life that could have been avoided if it had been more responsible and you didn't have to see him run from a vacation spot by the president. >> that statement came back in february 2020 but if there's any doubt that's changed, if you noticed in the statement put out by the president office over an hour ago, this also came, he is blaming the former president trump squarely saying when i became president, i made the choice, follow through on the deal with the extension to get
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our forces and our allies forces out safely or ramp up our presence and send more american troops to fight once again in another country conflict. i was the fourth president to preside over an american troop presence in afghanistan, to whom republicans and two democrats. i would not and will not pass this war on. joey, it began with i inherited a deal caught by my predecessor. he also said when the president talked to the taliban, camp david in 2019 said he made the former president make the taliban stronger. >> as a weak argument especially border situation, people remain in mexico and you see there so obviously he's not worried about going back on a deal that makes sense for america but this is not the deal president trump was pushing for and i don't know personally what president trump himself wanted but i know if the administration was pushing for ideal that allowed us to scale back in way perhaps like general
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stated from the last several days perhaps not doing it in the middle of the fighting scene season and the most organized and it seems like every part about this was either guilt or purposefully terrible. the politics of it i think really dreyfus several cycles now, where they get their motivation to make moves in afghanistan more than winning a war it looks like present biden knew he would be the president who lost the war and he would just rather do it before the midterms and after and as fickle as that may sound, it's true. >> i hope, forgive me here but i want to give joey a little extra time with reflection here because as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we are getting a new warning from the department of homeland security about the secretary of homeland security issued a new national terrorist advisory system regarding the current
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heightened threat environment across the united states. joey, final thoughts. >> you got to have faith in next generation. we complaint all day long about what is him at the cultural problems we face and worry we have a weaker version of america. we have to have faith in those choosing to go into the military today, whatever it is, they will respond but the problem is not their choice, it's the leaders we elect that allow things to happen and they have to go and unless we elect leaders in this to perceived threats and present them not with a 20 year mate and make it a political action rather than natural security. >> wellsite, thank you. the feud between president biden and fork governor desantis escalating now, the piping a ministration pay to defy the governor, next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show.
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between president biden and florida governor ron desantis, this was last week. >> florida and texas account for one third of all you covid cases in the entire country. just two states. i say to these governors, please. if you are inclined to help, at least get out of the way. >> if you are coming after him, i'm standing in your way. >> want you do your job, get the border secure and until you do that, i don't want to hear a flip about covid from you. >> using your words about don't be in the way. [laughter] >> the question is, what else has he forgotten? >> now the biden administration is offering cash to school districts in florida define the sentences asked mandate band. education secretary writing we
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are eager to partner with florida department of education on any efforts to further our shared goals protecting the health and safety of students and educators. they do not wish to pursue such an approach, the department will continue to work directly the school districts and educators who serve florida's students. governor desantis spokesman calling out superintendents and elected politicians response who don't believe parents have a right to choose what's best for their children. on fortis students which is what the funds should be used for. it seems to be looking at this, this is a situation that is predictable, a situation where the biden a ministration, similar to what they did with obamacare, sexually abusing national taxpayer money to bribe state to do according to what they want because i can't mandate it in a constitutional fashion, ordering fiscal student think different. what are your thoughts?
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>> bent, first of all i can't tell you how embarrassing us to see our president governor thing to protect and as a mother reports the first thing i would do is stroke them and send them to their rooms. this is embarrassing. can we act like adults here? first of all, we are the united states of america and with that comes freedom for the states to make decisions based on their individual needs and population that can be tricky in some instances. florida and texas undoubtedly have a rise in cases, arising hospitals, their hospitals are stretched. i have friends and colleagues in them and they are telling me they are burnt out right now but here's the thing, you have president biden saint we want to give federal funds to these school districts because governor desantis is not allowing them to do mass mandates. here's what i implore the presidents to do, he sank he wants all children k-12 mast including the adult because that's what the cdc says. show the data that putting these young children in these cross
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masks that alone would lessen the transmission in these states. show me that data and i might be on board. do you know what i do have data for? i can tell you the best way to protect our children right now is to actually have their teachers about the adults in the schools to be vaccinated, high-grade body medical masks but i guarantee i don't think president biden is going to speak out at the teachers union and tell them to do something because we know that has not played out during the pandemic so who's falling victim to this? our children. they play to the powerhouse that teachers union lobbying and unfortunately the president is falling in step two the teachers union. >> i've looked at this whole thing play out over the course of this past year end i was shocked the degree to which these teachers unions were willing to spend political capitol with really what i wanted to be a ransom note basically demanding more money
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from the feds, the american taxpayer in exchange for taking kids back and then even after they've been given this money and promised money stretched out into the future isn't even being spent in these calendar years, they are still refusing or putting more note in place altering the deal further over and over again, what is your response to what we are seeing played out and do you think is going to be political ramifications for the teachers unions groups because of the decisions they've made in regards to these policies? >> i don't see how there won't be ramifications for the teachers union after everything we've seen this past 18 months. that said, i agree with opal on what the data determine what happens here because the information that's important and if people start to doubt the information they are not going to do what they actually need. regent magazine has a piece out
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on for our teachers who died of covid, these are public school teachers. i'm sure you've heard of them. immediately there were members of the media who jumped on it and pointed to the mast mandate band by governor desantis, a laptop two very important details. three of the four teachers hadn't been vaccinated but even more, school hadn't started yet so these teachers, regardless of what the media was implying did not get covid from their students and that matters because when you start to doubt those details, it's obvious you're going to start to doubt other things and wonder what you need to believe. >> joey, one of the things we've seen throughout this process in terms of the media coverage really is flagrant examples of them leading, misleading coverage but we also see our own institutions we have to have enormous trust in when it comes
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to healthcare policies, we saw that this week. with the cdc adjusting fortis numbers after getting called out by the health department, a couple of tweets you can see here about this saying wrong again, the number of cases released for florida today is incorrect, they combine multiple days in one and we will correct the record. i think one of the dangerous things that come out of the past couple of decades of leadership in america is increasing level of skepticism and distrust for so many institutions at the center for american life. the last think we were talking about the american military, we are talking about people who decide health policy and make recommendations in america. you feel like that's going to continue to be a long-running problem, if so, how? >> who may not get rid of covid altogether but we are not going to get rid of the other epidemic
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in this country, the epidemic of public trust. it's completely deteriorated. i think doctor fauci e-mails, several outlets for the undermines the border, he was telling us about masks, i remember when everyone was wearing a mask and what material the mask was made out of, it was all for show, it wasn't effective and i got an e-mail that said that but at the podium they were saying something different and i remember when they told us we didn't need mask and then they said they wanted to make sure we didn't take up masks for the healthcare workers, i don't have -- i have a reason to be skeptical. i want to say you are right but then my question is, who decides the data and interpret the data? that's the problem we have. on got fell last night they were showing one outlet, i believe a new sort completed the entire pandemic the amount of children who pass from covid and put it into a seven-day average and left it there. correction doesn't get the coverage the original did but
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that's a huge difference in some people sway their decision on that. with want desantis, we are talking about conflict of pragmatism because the principal and me says the local school board should he sat and when they get it wrong people have a chance to vote them out but pragmatically, if it's safe to put kids in schools, are they learning anything and is it even worthwhile at that time. >> office leads to enormous losses when it comes to education and health of our children, a travesty. coming up next on the big saturday show, cory bush defendant getting private security, now the sheriff's deputies protected her are being fired. one is speaking out. that's next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. two deputies who served as part of the private security team of the fund the police, cory bush now fired. the sheriff sank the former deputies sworn authorized private security, one of the fire deputies told local news stations i do feel the hand dealt to us was unfair and unjust. you let us go but still have a plethora of individuals doing that. you are a reporter the firing seems cut and dry, doesn't it? in my missing something? i don't think you're missing anything, they didn't follow the rules and is in the military, as law enforcement subordinates have to follow what their superiors tell them to do otherwise the system breaks down and as we may all agree the
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system has been breaking down. not to mention the sheriff had already given them the chance. they got in trouble once, were told don't do it again and they did so i don't know which part is unfair. >> cory bush seems to be the epitome of rules, she defended her years of private security fist pump, but take a look. >> onward to make sure i have the freedoms i know i've had and i have too much work to do. >> i guess cory bush things are work and life is more important than maybe for citizens who rely on police to protect them. >> obviously she is more important than all of us. she's clearly a revolutionary change in the country with this all unconstitutional push in favor of extending the moratorium on evictions and the like she's received the level of
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media attention she's received, obviously she someone better than you in every circumstance and therefore is deserving of private protection and the record we are left to the party is delete and protect. we want one that's just not too much of a priority and i think you need to check your privilege as a citizen, joey if you think are the rice. >> that's why i believe in the second amendment. i want to show the irony, she is pretty offensive and getting police defendant, she got to deputies fire so she's following through. doctor, i know we are dealing with coronavirus like safety matters to these democrats, assuming both invented not
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addressing, isn't that important as well? >> rubbing entire time of this pandemic, 660,000 americans lost their lives in the integration to that is how everything has become politicized things have become neglected. but the physical houses are being crime for the, police and fire and violence in the cities are getting bigger and bigger and part of that is because people are out of jobs and that's what happens when people don't have jobs and don't have the means to make an income and mental health crises are being taken care of, they are going to see a rise in crime and when you have elected nation's leaders saying my body matters, even though crying is on the police and defund all public i met a private security, this is the hypocrisy that's leading us toward a dangerous path.
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>> you are right, these economic opportunities, under the trump administration should be looked at harder and less demonizing one side or another and we could agree that's how we get things done. this goes back in north carolina saying hundred be found police and i've been, someone i think of when it comes to crime, are we seeing the effect of defund police? >> i think we are seeing the effects across the country in ways that are semi- predictable. you have people closest to these crime ridden experiences get the most impact in media terms. the funding police may be popular among chardonnay rich suburbanites and because they live in areas largely peaceful not require as much a presence
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from officers. the officers present is the determining factor protecting a lot of different areas in our city particularly minority owned businesses alike and those of the people suffering the most from this approach to the idea you can't replace policing with social workers and the like. there's the fundamental need for law and order in these areas to make sure peaceful law-abiding people are. >> absolutely. so i had from home and security secretary to resign after leaked argument reveals him admitting the portable crisis is battle. that's next. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show. leaked audio first obtained by fox news revealed damning comments by dhs secretary alejandra meyer chris regarding the border crisis. >> going back to mexico and said we were going to lose the midterm and our people would
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feel it wasn't built for. >> the comment sparking outrage among many republicans and many are now calling for him to resign or be impeached. then, i'm going to call you ben. i did hear joey refer to you as bennink which may be tomorrow or do you refer to you as bennink but i'm still going to call you been right now so then, we heard secretary meyer chris say researching economy under the biden administration as well as rollback of the trump administration policies is what led to this unsustainable crisis. you think they should have rollback trump era prefaces? >> one of the things you can take away from the audio from secretary meyer chris is he's being honest behind closed doors and lying to the american people behind a microphone in front of
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everybody. they've done all men are trying to wave away the crisis and say something that's under control and it's a normal seasonal surges and the like even though the numbers don't bear that out what you heard from the white house and the secretary but behind the scenes he's clearly admitting something like the remain in mexico policy present trump put into place which prevented people from staying on the side of the border as their cases were being pursued in attempts to claim refugee status were being processed from about something enormously successful and kept this from being the crisis because people didn't have the expectation when they got to the border they were going to be a crossover and have the initial processing and essentially let loose, but free into the country to go with a will and that something that's an enormous draw and something
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else going on here that we need to understand because it's a common with the breakdown we see in afghanistan, the simple fact that the mexican government is not actually in charge of their border either. the people who actually run it, that is the cartel, they use it as a money making process to basically track everybody who goes through to make sure they pay to get there similarly to the idea for taliban sweeps and to take over, you have to recognize who is holding the power here in fact not the government of mexico and not unfortunately the government of america either, it's the narco state and cartel getting what they want out of the policies. >> that's good now joey, at a time when we have the people withdraw from afghanistan the taliban is starting to take over again our southern border is surging and if you hear secretary meyer chris they say
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we have a plan, we have a plan. what is that plan? you think you should be talking to the a market people to tell them what that is as we continue to see the resurgence of the border? >> if you think in afghanistan is combat, i guess what's happening at the border isn't a big deal and you have a plan. it only as you want to be the administration can hang its hat on. that's not a very effective account they have there. i come from a town 78% hispanic people hear me say this all the time, people on lifelong friends with our first generation americans and their families have come illegally they've done everything they can to pass citizenship. what's right on his nancy pelosi has a chance to take a deal from donald trump that would put us in a different place now defunding the wall, the doctor immediately and democrats would have the leverage to look at them and say we secured the border, let's do a passive
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citizenship with teachers what the democrats wanted and they have said let's do the border wall and look at that and democrats are in a position of strength now trying to make excuses and actively telling the truth into the microphone. real quick, i did not call then bennie but it was with an accent seven. >> i am from the southwest but the biggest thing in the media was what happened out of the trump administration was inhumane. i do think there was actually some benefit to keeping people in mexico while waiting for asylum? >> i will definitely have to be for the experts above me to decide but i will say secretary said the obvious thing out loud instead of saying the right thing out lot and the american people noticed that. you know who else noticed that?
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the border agent there. they see what's behind closed doors and know what's happened in front of the american people. my fellow reporters who've been on the border every single day, we have live reports from there every single day. it goes completely against what he says in public but what he says in private actors and you have border agents exasperated talking to secretary saint we've done this before, it's not new to have people crossing over in abundant numbers. you have to let us approach it the way we know how. >> the last crusade to change the english, coming up next, let's say the change of the english language has a new target of breast-feeding and we are going to discuss this next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. open back to the big saturday show. you heard the word mother.
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>> health equity for long-running people they debatable protect so many women and their partners. >> would you at least admit calling them mom burning person be offensive trying to be precise language? >> now the academy of breast-feeding is trying to rename breast-feeding to test feeding and parent milk to be more gender inclusive. recognizing not all people who give birth and back to identify as female and these individuals identify as neither gmail or hotmail new terms because backslash after signing off on twitter tweeting, little tyler liberating nullifying of women in fair availabilities. breast-feeding is an ability beautiful and important ability.
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you will write does not equal nicole, i want to ask you is because one of the things i think people appreciate his us of the discussions i found, they can have real world impact when people show up at a hospital may need to be taken care of treated with a medical issue and what time is the conflict between using new no american has traditionally used to satisfy politics as a create more risk when it comes to marketing tutor hospital. >> , mother of three and i breast-fed all three of my boys. i'm also a breast imaging specialist so i essentially look at breast all day long and everyone is born with breast tissue, male and female and from percent of all breast cancer occur in men. we still call it breast cancer because it forms and breast
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tissue. just like milk forms in the lobules of fibromyalgia tissue. it makes no sense to change from breast-feeding to test feeding. we have to get away from this quest for inclusion turning us into an embarrassment and for most antiscience nation of the globe. follow the signs, higher risk based on how you are born in terms of your chromosomes in terms of hormones your body produces and maybe hormones you are taking massage endlessly. your individual position because you are at risk for certain things based on how you are born. prostate, breast, uterus, cervix, all these things, it is hard for someone who works in cancer but we can't be so set behind this level of inclusion to get us away from reality of risk. speeding like breast cancer,
2:51 pm
it's a breast issue, to change the terminology is beyond patronizing. >> it seems to me it's a classic example of something nobody was really demanding, nobody was asking for but the craziest person in the room sometimes gets the most attention, the squeaky wheel gets the most attention, is that what's going on here? >> absolutely my answer would not be nearly as sophisticated but i will say i breast-fed my children and i will also tell you that at the time i was exhausted and if anyone would have come up to me and started talking to me about the terminology we could have used, they would have gotten hurt and it wouldn't have been there feelings. that's all i have to say. [laughter] >> i have to tell you, my wife expresses the same idea, the idea that this can be separated from the experience of being a mother seems ludicrous to me,
2:52 pm
how did we get this crazy in the country? >> it's earned and that's why i think the doctor, i come from the marine corps, titles are earned. ladies, what you've done, it's a superpower. turned them into beautiful and amazing people. i will fight to keep the title of mother earned it because it means something to our species. >> thank you. >> that's great. [laughter] next, big saturday flops, the biggest stories of the week that were a big sale. ♪♪
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which pushed
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welcome back to the big saturday show. inside now for a big saturday flops. let's start with joey. >> my big saturday flops goes back to december 2001 with the time magazine. they titled last days of the taliban. looks like the tolerant is back in way, control more than thirds of the country. i spent some time in 2010, now ten years later and they are stronger than ever. >> those were some long days. >> yes. i don't understand it, i don't know what they were thinking, i don't remember what we were all thinking 20 years ago. >> call.
2:57 pm
>> my big saturday flops is the so-called scaled-back 60th birthday party at present obama from a former, which could have maybe been a super spreader about, maybe maybe not. because it might not care how sophisticated a crowd is after all. >> this is going to be safe, sophisticated vaccinated crowd and all about safety. >> well at least 74 people on martha's vineyard tested positive, cases on the island since april. whether or not it's from obama's bougie bash, we are not sure but people got together, they danced and had a good time and i think that's okay but if they are more sophisticated than the rest of us, i don't know. >> i don't know, this was like so much irony, it's like christmas tree in all the
2:58 pm
decorations, i can't even take it anymore. then been. >> i do think the sophisticated by looking down, that's a bit of irony, too. the media ignored the new video from the daily mail of hundred biden shows him claiming precious drug dealers stole another one of his laptops. [inaudible] he also knows -- [inaudible] >> this is enormously important story, i have to say hundred biden is so fortunate he was born into a family of democrats. most republicans otherwise you
2:59 pm
might have heard about the story this week as opposed to it being completely avoided and ignored by the overwhelming portion of the. >> it would happen over and over and over it wouldn't be something we can say did you hear about this? >> i appreciate we put the words up there because the video i've seen, i've seen enough of that. i don't eat any more of that. >> i can't get that out of my mind. >> my big saturday flops is new york mets fan who nearly ruined the end of last night game against the dodgers. a player was about to back in the ninth inning of a tight game when a fan of the laser pointer out of the game by shining at the players face. i can't tell you how many times i thought as a mom when i'm doing the news about my kid,
3:00 pm
they would be in so much trouble, why do you need that kind of attention you have to do that and mess something up so badly? well, that does it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for the big sunday show. boxed report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ >> jon: i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. we're learning 5,000 u.s. troops total will be making their way to the afghan capital of kabul as our military tries to


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