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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 14, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ask your doctor if it's right for you. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report". us officials announced on thursday 3000 additional troops are deployed to afghanistan to assist with the evacuation of us embassy in kabul although the situation is rapidly deteriorating situation the tele band continues the blood he had brutal advance capturing kandahar this week the second-largest the pentagon spokesperson defending the actions saying the us is not walking away from its
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commitments. >> we are not walking away from our commitments to the afghan forces not eliminating our diplomatic presence on the ground doing the right thing at the right time to protect our people. paul: now let's bring in jack keane fox news senior strategic analyst. general, great to see you again. the president makes his decision to withdraw okay. could america have done more to what is increasingly looking like an out? >> absolutely paul. this is serious miscalculations by president biden in not considering the consequences of his withdrawal decision.
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that is now turned into an embarrassing retreat putting the forces in and that americans are harmed in the process of this withdrawal and with we should be reasonable people can disagree but the decision has been made. so number one i want to guarantee that the tele band are not able to take over as the one —- as an event of my withdrawal decision. that would put in place conditions to ensure that was the case. thirty-one august and then withdraw the forces during the wintertime when there is no fighting and that tele band are back in pakistan.
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we are withdrawing right in the middle of the fighting season. what the id just reported out from the pentagon. and then that tele band launches a major offensive in may. the catalyst is biden's decision because they know full well and then they would be completely. preoccupied. and then to assist the security forces for the last several years once that withdrawal announcement was made it really attacked the
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resolve of the afghan security forces themselves and that's why they are imploding. and now even setting a date we would leave sometime next year in my judgment. but you have to make sure those conditions are in place and that tele band will not take over. yanina: but at this stage with kandahar overtaking is that salvageable at all is there something we can do at this stage using airpower with assets to provide air support? >> i don't believe that biden team has the will or the stomach for it. i think despite what admiral kirby said i believe in biden's mind he has abandoned afghanistan. he didn't want them to take over but could we? yes absolutely we could
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consolidate around kabul and we have to bring back into afghanistan the resources that we took out to make sure there was the effective air campaign to be sustained. after all every taliban offensively have conducted sense pulling out our combat forces we have been able to stop that offenses and airpower has always been a major effort to support the afghan ground forces. we could do that again to get a stalemate situation to hopefully lead to some kind of political solution we tried it before president trump with the taliban that failed. we tried it with the afghans and the taliban talking. that has failed also. but the teach you want military victory.
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they don't want a negotiated settlement that want to share power at an ally people cannot get that in their head we're on a completely different page from where the taliban are. paul: think of the complete consequences we know that catastrophe but what about us interest? >> we have serious damage to our interest in the region we are pulling out seven military bases from the region russia, china and iran are on the region two of them are neighbors of afghanistan will be the beneficiaries of that. and then we had the taliban take over there is no doubt in our intelligence community as well as those military leaders that are very close to this that what i am about to say, no doubt the international terrorism will return to afghanistan and al
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qaeda will reemerge and that is a threat to the american people once again. these are serious ramifications. also the intangible aspect of the taliban take over and the defeat for the united states on a world stage will embolden adversaries as this kind of failure has in the past. what is it doing to our allies? even the europeans wanted to stay there because it kept a modest force with the al qaeda and t to take over they wanted to stay. you can imagine was going through their mind when they looked at the lack of us resolve. and with president biden stomach to stand up to this and what does it mean as a global leader?
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and that's the consequences of his decision. paul: thank you very much general. and now the inflation problem the majority of americans saying raising prices are causing hardship for their families. will cost continue to climb and what does that mean for the biden agenda? a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ don't rock the boat, baby rock the boat ♪
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mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. this is the sound of fasenra. ask your doctor about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. paul: inflation continuing the climb in july with the labor department that consumer prices rose five.4 percent over the last 12 months americans are increasingly worried about those rising cost with 86 percent of voters with a new fox news posting they are concerned about inflation and the majority saying raising groceries in gaston housing costs was a financial hardship for the family. let's bring in dan hettinger
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our columnist and editorial board member kyle peterson. so the feds mantra the biden administration that this is transitory it has on —- it's going to fade away are you seeing any signs that it is or will we see this for a while? >> there are no signs that housing prices are up 10 percent in 182 of 183 areas measured. that does not sound transitory. this is a classic clash between democratic demand side policies and those of us that you have to attend to the supply side so this is a lot of constraints on supply through the supply chain not being able to produce product there were some policy things that joe biden did such as a 300-dollar insurance on —- uninsurance bonus and that is with the stimulus spending
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also to give people incentives not to go back to work. but i would add in the entire regulatory constraints system such as shipping where products are brought into american ports that was all pre-existing and it is all coming to gather now to suppress supply in this country across industries. and there really is no reason to believe that this will slow down anytime soon. so the inflation will persist well into next year . paul: i don't thank you can let the federal reserve off the hook, kyle. they have had that in place since april 2020 and i think it's safe to say the economic emergency has ended but those same policies we're zero interest rates, $120 billion per month and asset purchases
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are continuing. and of course they are financing with those low rates and bond purchases. with traditional - - traditional spending. >> and they seem blasé about this which i do not understand. but if people get used to these price increases on percent here or 3 percent they are then it is a self fulfilling prophecy. aaa raise menu prices by 4 percent and burrito sales went up and the leaders of the company say they have not seen pushback from consumers on that so is that the environment that we are in the nose price increases will keep coming and i guess people have to get used to them and us a message they have been sending. paul: but obviously the administration is concerned to
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say we have this under control and then a couple of officials blame opec for not drilling oil which is hilarious and also blaming wheel companies for potential market manipulation how big of a problem is this for the president? >> if you look at the inflation numbers were you really see the big kids, it's in the places come i disagree with kyle a little bit i think americans will start to feeling it in their pocketbook it's impossible if you haven't gone out grocery shopping or for a meal, some of these prices are becoming eye-popping and then a 42 percent increase the gas prices and with gas prices also so these are the main bulk of fixed income households and when you see prices like that go what it squeezes out other things that
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really take a pinch and the biden administration answer is to say we will just send you more money. but the problem with all of these transfer payments it only scenes the demand side they were likely to see more of that to come this is why they are facing a political issue. paul: even though wages are rising because employers have to pay more because of the labor shortage, what you see is the real earnings after inflation earnings are going down and having going down on average or seven months in a row even though wages are going up they don't feel like they are doing better. >> i think it does put pressure on the biden administration the target of
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their stimulus spending was explicitly middle class and lower middle class wage earners and workers joe biden cap saying that on the assumption that a lot of those people were pulled away from the democratic party by donald trump so he was targeting them now his inflation is eroding what real wage gains they have had been experiencing. so it is not perfect political storm running at joe biden right now. paul: we will see how this unfolds. going for broke as democrats talk about the budget blueprint looking at what's on the table with three.5 trillion-dollar plan and if they can rim that through congressm ri despite the majorities. mo yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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paul. >> the democratic budget resolution is transformational and probably the most significant single piece of legislation we have seen certainly and decades and bernie sanders think so also and he is pushing for big change. paul: chuck schumer touting the democrats three.5 trillion-dollar budget resolution which passed the senate we hours of wednesday morning the bernie sanders crafted plan to ratify the size and scope from universal pre- k to free community college but a group of moderates whole house democrats is threatening to block telling nancy pelosi in a letter they will not vote for a bipartisan infrastructure bill until it passes the house and is signed into law now we are back with our panel.
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kyle, i agree with chuck schumer. i think this is a very big deal so just step back and think of the context. bernie sanders used to be in the periphery of american politics in the democratic party now he's writing the budget for the united states of america and probably will pass in some form. tell us what is in it so people can get a sense how big this is. >> that budget reflects that everything from a civilian climate core to universal pre- k free community college also align about lowering the medicare eligibility age. it doesn't say so i guess that is a committee to decide that but the key thing to understand is a lot of these are huge creation and
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expansion of entitlement programs and even if this budget can only find them for a time-limited number of years because of the reconciliation rules the democrats are betting that once there is a universal pre- k system set up it will be in perpetuity. paul: that is crucial the entitlements it is automatic you get them if you qualify by certain standards i'm trying to think the last time republicans or the congress repealed silly when i can think of is 1989 but also how rare it is with a catastrophic health care bill. that they are betting basically we will get this in place and then off to the races for all time. >> they know it works. how many years now has republicans been promising they would repeal obama care
12:24 pm
which was the last great entitlement for the country. democrats learned a lot from that and have a learning over the decades for this will be particularly disingenuous that they will start these programs small and might be forced to because of budget realities in this year cost so they will say these are pilot programs but once they are out there they will use them to continue pushing up and getting bigger. than the issue with that is one say make the claim on the federal budget, the only inevitable answer is higher and in for 2-foot - - in perpetuity taxes. paul: that three and a half trillion dollar number that sanders will try to stick with joe mansion says three and a half is too high for me that
12:25 pm
would still require the biggest tax increase since 1968 we don't know the details yet but it is sure to be significant. >> i do think it will be a political sticking point as well. it was for the 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. there was no money lying around washington to pay for that infrastructure spending so basically they did it with accounting tricks. now move forward where it does include specific tax increases by corporations and the wealthy presumably but nothing close to what would be needed to pay for these entitlements. so i think those ten house democrats sending pelosi a letter that they have no intention to vote until the infrastructure bill is passed is a significant event. senator dirksen said a billion here or a billion there we're
12:26 pm
talking real money. most of the time they spend money bennies the radar the pass one.americans will notice that this is not only the idea trillions upon trillions of dollars. paul: pick up the point on the house this is a foregone conclusion what about the house? in my experience moderates always roll over but would it be different this time but nancy lucy says she has democrats that will vote for this without infrastructure but she is 96 progressives that won't vote for infrastructure without this. there are some real policy issues that budget includes the uncapping of the state and
12:27 pm
local tax deduction which is a subsidy for expensive real estate markets but i would not bet against nancy pelosi she has a lot of ways to do angle goodies in front of her members earmarks are back. keep an eye out for those. paul: and the debate heats up over masks as schoolchildren return to the classroom. looking at politics with the new school year. next. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in.
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paul: the debate over masks and vaccine mandates heating up as millions of american schoolchildren are set to return to the classroom governor abbott being sued on his ban on mask mandates that he does not have the authority to stop them from requiring masks on campuses as california governor newsom says the teachers and other school employees must be vaccinated against covid-19 or submit to regular testing. the first state to implement such a requirement. we are back with kim stossel and wall street journal editorial board member alisha kinley. and t4 what about the brawl between joe biden and that you republican governors of texas and florida? i guess they are as well with their localities quick. >> on the joe biden friends this is convenient it was a
12:32 pm
nonsense clean if you just had better management you could handle the virus that was his argument against donald trump now we see the delta search so you can go out and ask people to get vaccinated but there is a limit to what government can do. so biden attempts to deflect go after governors with different policies and what he has advocated as a way to draw attention away from the fact you can see there is public discontent with his handling of covid right now. paul: so the second part of that that governors mandating localities and local school districts but they cannot mandate masks. who has the better argument there quick. >> i think this should be left
12:33 pm
to localities and under state law that i think they have a pretty strong argument that this is the obligation or responsibility for local school boards i don't think this is a political and for many governors if you look at the polling with the recent fox news poll and then supporting local districts and then those with the school board and their powers to do so i don't think they are helping themselves politically. paul: dan, do you agree with that quick. >> i think the politics of covid are becoming impossibly complicated. joe biden he wants to get as many people vaccinated as possible and the politics of vaccination and masking are beginning to work cross
12:34 pm
purposes. people think a lot of disinformation and joe biden by attacking governors desantis and governor abbott is polarizing for those who support governor desantis and governor abbott think the president is wrong about vaccination. so i think the masking piece is the intrusion on the goal to get as many people vaccinated as possible because of the transmissibility of the delta variant. that is the focus of the effort, not the sideshow over masking. paul: kim, what about the politics of the mask mandates? do you agree with allysia finley? >> i agree both on what is happening but also the politics. the reality is it's very different to say state
12:35 pm
government doesn't have the ability to impose something that the way that abbott and desantis is mentioned that is preserving freedoms in the states. the reality is we have no evidence showing that masking actually helps even the cdc acknowledges it is a function even at the level of the mask that you have and how well it's put on desantis was on fox that florida had a great real-world example schools were open last year son had masks others didn't. there was no statistical difference. there's that. if you are talking to your base, this is what people feel strongly about. the delta wave will crest soon and that governors may and up on the right side of the political issue over the wrong. paul: you get another response to that, allysia finley. >> first of all i do agree
12:36 pm
with kim the evidence for the mask is ambiguous maybe with the delta variant it could change a little bit maybe they are more protective to prevent transmission but among adolescents and teenagers who are much more likely to get second transmit the virus. on the other hand i think the local school board should be accountable to parents and if the parents don't like what the school boards do they can vote them out in the next election. paul: interesting debate. thank you a new climate change report from the un called code red for humanity. but are the findings all doom and gloom? being on board with what is on the data. next. ical appointments. that's why i started medhaul.
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paul: united nations intergovernmental panel on climate change released their latest report with you and secretary general good terrors that says it's a code red for humanity. the 4000 page report generating predictable media headlines but my next guest says don't buy the latest alarmism from the copenhagen consensus from the hoover institution his new book false alarm. so welcome back good to see you. what did you learn that's new in the report. >> it's great to be back. i spent time reading the report it's very very long that like its predecessors it's very scientific and sober and is not support most of the height that global warming is real. it is a problem it is not the catastrophe that you are being
12:41 pm
told. paul: just on the increase of temperatures it says the globe has warmed about one.1 degrees since the 18 hundreds and it could warm on the average case may be two and a half degrees in total that is one.four to the end of the century. what does that mean? >> it is a problem but not the end of the world. the un climate panel report comes in three parts but only the third that will tell us how big of an influence this will be back to give a sense climate economics every looked at this very carefully. what is important to recognize there is a big difference between the physics and what will be the impact on human society sea levels will rise so that is one very well known
12:42 pm
impact if sea levels rise 3 feet if you just assume everyone will have to drown or move then that is 187 million people. but human society is very resourceful we will adapt and become much more recent one —- so as we have more protections and resourceful like holland's was at 187 million it's more likely ten or 15000 much fewer people because we are richer. paul: and we can afford to adapt. one of the things that i noticed in the report. there is new evidence that makes a clear linkage between warming and catastrophic weather events like hurricanes, droughts, drought causing fires.
12:43 pm
things like that was that evidence persuasive to you? >> they actually stand a lot of time in chapter 11 going over extreme weather. that becomes very forceful to say this is global warming. they tell us what we already know. more heavy rain. more heat waves, fewer cold waves. that's pretty much it so remember looking at heat and cold waves yes there will be more we saw those overall a new study estimates that 500,000 people died from heat each year to scene 116,000 more heat death a small part that has been reported that we
12:44 pm
have seen a decline of almost 300,000 in total 166,000 fewer deaths we need to hear both sides we only hear one. the other thing we have heard a lot about what that catastrophic flooding's that the un climate panel tells us now. we cannot do that. we have low confidence to attribute changes in the magnitude that is what the climate panel report tells us. paul: what about more serious storms like tropical cyclones or hurricanes or those tornadoes in the continental us which is linked by politicians to climate. any more proof of that in the report? >> on tornadoes they don't know. but we are seeing declining levels of strong tornadoes with hurricanes they still
12:45 pm
don't know we have been expecting over the last decade that you will see fewer hurricanes but stronger hurricanes and that is worse than fewer so overall that is true. we'll probably see fewer but stronger and that will be a problem. but remember, because we are much richer the impacts of these hurricanes will likely be much less a percent of gdp that tells us yes it is a problem. but the right way to fix this is not cutting carbon emissions permits you better building restrictions, better zoning, better preparedness this is simple and cheap to help many more people much quicker. paul: adaptation and mitigation. thank you for coming in bjorn lomborg. president biden vows —- bows to progressive pressure that cancellation of student loans through january.
12:46 pm
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>> we are here today to say tiktok mr. president. millions of americans are asking you now to pick up the pen and cancel student loan debt. pick up the pen and extend the payment and make their lives better. paul: bowing to pressure president biden pause student loan payments to january extending another temporary pandemic program despite the strengthening labor market according to education
12:50 pm
department data 90 percent of the 43 million student borrowers were not making payments as a mark on —- as of march the senator warren are pushing to cancel that altogether so the latest extension sets the stage for sweeping student loan forgiveness. so what is this latest extension of the student loan payment justified? >> i think it is quite ridiculous first of all congress initially said student loan forbearance is also a pause on interest accumulation. enacted through last september and president trump and president biden have both extended this multiple times. the college unemployment rate for college grads is three.1 percent are more college graduates employed then there were before the pandemic there is absolutely
12:51 pm
no reason to extend the forbearance for the most part even those who didn't graduate but have some kind of college education are doing fine. paul: how much has this cost us so far? this forbearance quick. >> $80 billion but also they are not accumulating interest while the treasury pays interest on its own that so it would increase the cost of by $20 billion i'm sorry. paul: looking ahead did you see any signals from the president, kim that may be this extension is a prelude to a more aggressive or maybe permanent cancellation of debt that chuck schumer and aoc in senator warren want? >> i think the signal was the press conference.
12:52 pm
he can hold out on this but what we are seeing again and again that progressives go out and make the campaign the white house has no back to and did on eviction policy and now on student loan forbearance. the demands from the groups they want him to cancel up to $50000 of student loan. he campaign on canceling up to ten but getting into office he said i probably don't have legal authority but will that stop them? again they don't seem to care even the positives are likely illegal he is spending money that congress has not appropriated. paul: t1 and even going into the education department it has been written that he
12:53 pm
thinks biden does have the legal authority so will we see a brawl inside of the administration? >> i don't thank you will have a brawl i think they'll just say he does have legal authority but —- is the time to allow that legal justification. i think it is dubious but elizabeth warren has said to pause the's payments with the ability to cancel debt. paul: so the argument is it such a great political issue than why are they begging joe biden to do it with the stroke of a pen that is controversial? why not vote? >> they don't have the money. as i just mentioned neither does joe biden. but everybody just winks and nods. we are not us on —- supposed to spend money unless congress appropriates now there are other priorities if you want
12:54 pm
to do elizabeth warren's plan of $50000 of debt forgiveness that is $1 trillion. no one has that at the moment so they are just pretending this is cost free to the government. i think the courts will have the last say. paul: the people that benefit from the start tend to be graduate students and relatively affluent we will take one more break hits and misses of the week when we come back rtant to have confidene in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ don't rock the boat, baby rock the boat ♪
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paul: time for hits and misses of the week. >> those 22 texas lawmakers who fled the state are now suing governor abbett claiming the efforts caused anxiety and
12:58 pm
distress as well as discomfort and embarrassment i sure they are embarrassed after to be having a holiday in portugal but the answer is not litigation that to go back and do your job. >> i will give ahead to the u.s. postal service for proposing christmas package surcharge at five dollars a box i don't mean to be a grinch but they lost $9 billion last year going on a decade and a half of straight losses and ultimately i am on the hook you are on the hook taxpayers are that. now this only applies to long-distance packages over 20 pounds but in essence better surcharge now than a bigger bailout later. >> this is a miss for
12:59 pm
progressives in california who complain about the lack of affordable housing and do everything in their power to make housing less affordable. they mandated solar power —- solar panels and batteries for apartment buildings increasing the cost of half a million dollars. if you want affordable housing moved to tech. >> here is ahead who is kathy hogle? the new york state lieutenant governor who and row cuomo consigned to siberia once elected now she will succeed him as the first woman governor of new york as he resigned. between cuomo and mayor de blasio new york has been on automatic pilot the past two years so we wish kathy locke as well all the rest of us living here in new york. paul: get out the veto pen governor and stop the crazy
1:00 pm
assembly and state senate. if you have your own hit or miss send it to us. that is it for this week's shelving into my panel and especially to all of you. i do see you all here next week. >> at least 227 people killed and many more feared dead after a powerful earthquake rocked haiti this morning leveling buildings in a country still recovering from a tremor back in 2010. welcome to fox news lives. >> it struck in western haiti over 90 miles from the capital of port-au-prince the usd logical survey measured a magnitude of seven.2 stronger


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