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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i'm back tomorrow and i'll see you all ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." bewildering moment as we often note, what exactly is going on? there is a pattern. if you look around for a moment, youu may notice things that add up. gas lines, inflations, spiraling funds, collapsing cities. if you're over 40, it could look familiar. it's the 1970s but without the
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free speech and brezhnev running our government. if it gets more perfect, we may have another fall of saigon. remember the fall of saigon? if you're watching television on april 1979, you remember it well. it was the single most humiliating day for the united states abroad. american officials fleeing in terror as a peasant army swept to the capital city. desperate citizens clinging to helicopters as he took off the roof ofhe the u.s. embassy. complete disaster, total ignominious defeat. spent more than a decade in vietnam and in the end we lost. no matter how you felt about that war, it's painful to see it happen and nobody wants to see it again. last month, joe biden promised we will never see it again. watch. >> some vietnamese veterans the echoes of their experience in the withdrawal of afghanistan. do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what have beenpp vietnam?
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>> what you have is entire brigades breaking through the gates of our embassy, six if i'm not mistaken. the taliban is not the north vietnamese army. they are not remotely comparable in terms of capability. to be nogoing circumstance where you see people lifted offms the roof ofn embassy of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comparable. >> tucker: it's not comparable. the difference, joe biden told us, and afghanistan we can rely on the afghan security forces to keep the savages at bay. these are crack troops. they've got billions in u.s. tax dollars over 20 years. by the way, they were trained by mark milley, the u.s. joint chiefs of staff. mark milley himself led his personal stamp of approval to the afghan security forces. watch. >> the afghan security forces
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have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country. we will continue to support the afghan security forces where necessary. in accordance with the guidance of the president and the secretary of defense. the future afghanistan is squarely in the hands of the afghan people. the range of possible outcomes in afghanistan, and i want to emphasize repeatedly, i've saide this before, a negative outcome of a taliban takeover is not a foregone conclusion. >> tucker: it's not a foregone conclusion buried the military takeover of the taliban is starting to look like if organ conclusion. taliban forces have control over a majority of the country including kandahar, control about 15% of the district in afghanistan. the taliban is not isolated in the capital, kabul 30 miles away. analysts say kabul could fall in days. thousands of american troops on
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their way to evacuate the u.s. embassy. our helicopters flew into the city this afternoon. they are not on the roof yet but it's early. explained recently to congress is something called white rage. the taliban by contrast are slightly ten or so they didn't seem as dangerous in the januare taliban voted for donald trump, so naturally underestimated them. but others saw very clearly what was coming. three years ago, the inspector general found they had influence over just half the country. that's it. in other words, afghanistan has been unstable for a very long time. always come actually and yet the pentagon repeatedly told us otherwise. we are on the right track now. four years later, another general, "they are the afghan national security forces are winning. based on those competent
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assessments, officials in washington spend more than $130 billion on nation-building there. for some perspective, that's more than we spent on the entire marshall plan in europe after the world was destroyed in 1945. you've got to ask yourself, where did all that money go? the pentagon of court is not really sure where all that money went. but it turns out internal documents suggest it was wasted. the afghan papers make it clear that a lot of the money went to the most corrupt people in they country. only about two in ten afghan security t forces could read or writee or reliably follow order. for years, afghan commanders have routinely pocketed taxpayer money from the united states with so-called ghost soldiers, those are troops who appeared in the payroll but didn't actually exist. one recentdn't assessment foundt between 50 and 70% of police
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positions and some afghan provinces weren't really alive, they were people who existed only on paper. k the troops who did exist use their weapons to commit crimes and few american troops or officials. one observer estimated that one and 30% of afghan police recruits would take their guns and "set up their own type ofto checkpoint to extort travelers." between 2007 and 2013, insider attacks from afghan forces killed or injured hundreds of coalition these are signs of a major problem. other soldiers, with money that we sent them, began to sexually abuse children. according to a piece in "the new york times," "rampant sexual abuse of children has h been a problem in afghanistan. the practice was called boy play in american soldiers and marines have been instructed not to intervene and in some places not with their afghan allies who
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have abused boys or military bases. so all of this is going on. sex abuse on our american military bases. but the pentagon maintains publicly that everything is going according to plan. you can see why it comes quite a surprise to those of us who took the assurances at face value. just a couple of days ago, it was two days ago on wednesday that the ridiculous john kirby insist that santa monica in thet mountains. >> watching this from a very early period, right after the president gave us the order to draw down, we certainly have been watching what the taliban has doing. we have noted and noted with great concern the speed with which they have been moving and the lack of resistance that they have faced. we have been nothing but honest about that and i think i will leave it there. >> tucker: so today, john kirby called on the people of
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afghanistan to rise up and fight for social justice, the women's right victory, the afghan government has cured. right. meanwhile the actual country is collapsing at high speed. you are on your screen right now, the caliban now controls it. spent hundreds of millions worth of resistant vehicles, humveeses, drones at the pentagon left behind in afghanistan and all of it now belongs to the taliban. somehow the biden administration is pretending that they are in charge byy the u.s. embassy in kabul announced this, "we are hearing additional reports of taliban executions are surrounding afghan troops. deeply disturbing and could constitute war crimes. war crimes. hilarious. so when do the tribunal start. who is going to run the tribunals? we may need to invade afghanistan again.
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here's another idea, let's figure out how this happened. how did we spend 20 years or trillions of dollars, thousands of american lives and end up with absolutely nothing but more humiliation? tribesmen shooting at us with our guns as we run away? that's the definition of disaster. so rather than just complain about it, let's hold somebody accountable for it. for once. they are still employed there. why is that. the pentagon was of poorest to build a functional national army in afghanistan to protect the government, but they didn't do that. so people didn't do their jobs and lied about not doing their jobs, but they are still wearing the uniform of our country? why is that? good question. for the first time in a long time, may we can hold our own leaders to account for theou calamities that have caused. that's not a matter of justice, though it definitely is that. it's the only way to prevent
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disasters like this. eric prince knows a lot about afghanistan, he's a former navy seal, founder of blackwater, joining us now. before i ask you what we should do, i just cannot resist asking why is it that for 20 years not just under biden but under previous b administration's, state department and pentagon felt the need to use american power for a some kind of social experiments, to rearrange their traditional society in afghanistan? how is that international interest? why would we do that? >> it's the same collection of national security elites in washington that have failed for the entire 20 years. they took what was a brilliant victory by special operations and the cia in the first six months after 9/11 and turned it into a massive failed nation-building exercise and it largely has been like a "star trek" convention where they sit and talk to each other and delude themselves into thinking they are making progress and it's been the same nonsense, they refused to think about any other ways to solve
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this problem. they took... afghanistan was never really a country and they ignored that and tried to make the central government nirvana based in kabul, ignoring any kind of central or local governance based on whatever their social experiment is, and the u.s. military replicated itself -- the u.s.. military, the most expensive military in the world replicated itself in afghanistan with a lot of expensive capability, and we have been beaten by weapons designed in the 1940s carried largely by illiterate goat herders. it is... if there's any shame in washington, there should be a lot of people resigning and if not, they should be fired. >> tucker: but they are going to get away with it! and must frustrate you more than anyone because you spent a lot of your life there. but they are going to get away with it. the people who did this, who made these decisions, lied about it onth tv, they are going to me on to the nextex country. >> the real disgusting thing is
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that people who made the decision in the comfort of their beltway officers do not have to live with lost limbs, lives, marriages -- it's real damage. on top of that, just today what. used to be the u.s. a boxer's biggest base, the prison was open and all the al qaeda and isis prisoners were released. the ones that were released from guantanamo, brought to afghanistan are now free and open on the range again. unleashing terror, they will unleash terrorism. we will live with these consequences for years to come, where the u.s. totally failed in vietnam, there was 30 million people who died in southeast asia. trust me, this problem will spread to ms the region. the taliban never disavowed al qaeda. the cosplay diplomacy going on in the united states thinking that they are going to make a a deal with the taliban... whether it's the trump administration, biden administration, obama administration, the same knuckleheads giving bad advice
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at the national security level have gotten away with the same failed approach. >> tucker: if i tip over my crane on a construction site and kill people, i don't get a promotion and a bigger crane. why is it that only -- a, making bad decision the past 20 years has power again? how can this happen? >> tucker: we've gone through 18 generals. none of them resigned in disgust because they were restrained from the fighting or carrying out the operations the way they want to. they had no excuse. one was fired for embarrassing obama but none were required failure for delivering victory. the taxpayers done their part. lord knows we spent a lot of money. they have fought well. but we have failed leadership and allowed lawyers to become -- the political officers and the
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soviet union fighting with half measures, it makes it all a waste. i am truly for the veterans. we have lost 60,000 veterans to suicide in the global war on terror. that's more than we lost in vietnam from despair, from seeing it done poorly. why do i sacrifice myself, why do it hang it out, to see it pissed away by half-baked politicians in washington. >> tucker: even sadder than i thought it would. i appreciate you getting on tonight. they dhs secretary alejandra mallorca said in a press conference yesterday that the border strategy is working. of course it's working! 2 million people coming in the country legally! but privately, even alejandra mallorca knows that's a lie. the dhs secretary admitting the
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situation is out of control. listen. >> if these numbers continue... >> tucker: julio rosas is senioruc editor at "town hall." i don't know how long he's been on our southern border. he joins us from there tonight. thank you so much for coming on. you actually covered this, unlike virtually everyone commenting on it, includingon m. how do you compare with the image creation is saying in public with what you are seeing? >> it's quite simple. it's the fact that they are lying. i do not know how this is a bigger deal. dhs secretary admitting what most in the country already know, the current crisis on the border is not sustainable. just today, the rio grande valley sector of chief out that in one day, they encounter 4,000 immigrants.
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that's absurd. we are in august now. instead, wend are seeing, we hae defenders of the administration in the media focusing on racist republicans, being concerned about covid that some of these immigrants bring when they get released by four patrol ignoring the high positively rates. they had a press conference, the latino democrat, the webb county judge, the mayor of laredo, they were all concerned because they have these migrants, some of them have covid, they don't havt the ability to take care of them so they have to spend money to send them elsewhere because there is a problem must be 26 there. this whole thing isid so maddening, especially someone who has been down there for multiple weeks and just this year seeing the human misery. i've been called a racist for highlighting human misery that these open border policy brings.
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that's fine, the truth is on my side. >> tucker: it's so funny pure people who are doing this to get chief domestic help that you are pointing out the suffering of migrants from guatemala's pecan sanity and i'm just glad you are not intimidated by it atat all. thank you for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you. >> we know that tony felt she is stronglye in favor of ghoulish experience on the bats. but those are the only experiments on animals he has endorsed. including experiments on dogs. ghoulish experiments on dogs. straight ahead.
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>> tucker: we don't want to scare you but it's our duty to inform you of something thehi epidemiologist call a super spreader event. inre this country. it began last weekend on a $20 million ocean funded state in martha's vineyard. owned by an netflix producer. at the time, he was hosting a
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60th birthday party under the name barack obama. we were told that the crowd was going to be both vaccinated and more importantly sophisticated, which would keep them immune from covid.m apparently the crowd was not of his gated enough. we now know that 63's between six cases have been confirmed on the island of martha's vineyard, in most cases on the island since april. is there a connection? we think so. well, in addition to funding that coronavirus research at dell that we now know that dr. felt she conducted research and other animals too. dogs appeared not to study them, but to kill them. according to david it's obtained by the white coat race project, paid 400 grand a year to run it, gave money to the university of georgia to infect 28 beagles with parasites bear they allowed them to infect
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we are happy to have her on tonight. thanks so much for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: hurting dogs is -- if they save your child's life okay. doesn't sound like this research was essential. was t it? >> it wasn't essential. the most will probably see out published paper that will get status for the experimenter. this is unfortunately the case with all experiments on animals. this is why peter is saying that the leadership at nih, fauci and his boss have to go. they continued to back the failed paradigm of animal experiments and we know that the 60,000 dogs who were in laboratories now and the 110 million animals who will die by the end of this year and laboratories will fail to lead to anything to help humans 90%
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of the time. >> you can just take 28 beagles because you have a research grand... you don't have to prove theirea deaths are necessary for are going to improve human life dramatically. just because you have the correct grant you can kill beagles? >>, that's exactly what's going on. nih has a budget of $40 billion and about half of that is going to animal experiments even thougho we know, that 95% of ne9 medications and new vaccines that were developed using animals fail in humans. so why are we throwing half of this budget away on animal experimentses? peter has a plan, we call it the research monetization deal, and it's a modern straightforward way to get us out of this quagmire that has been in place for the last 70 years that nih continues to support. >> i read that people like
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>> tucker: i read that people like fauci because not their physiology is the same but they are emotional and eager to please. >> we have of breeding facility that we've been trying to get close down where they have 5,000 beagles in cages and they sell them to laboratories all across the world. i think most people we know from surveys who are opposed to animal experiments in any reasons, but while we wait forwa cures, for all types of disease, parkinson's disease from a plethora of other diseases, we are not spending our research dollars where they belong. the 60,000 dogs in the laboratories in this country right at this moment are not going to lead to cures for human beings. >> they are choosing the dog specifically because they are sweet and they want to please you. that tells you a lot. appreciate you coming on tonight. omthank you very much.
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so we listen to democrats talk out loud. we draw obvious conclusion from what they say for a couple of months they told you that they'd like to change the demographics of this country so they can have permanent political control. that's what they told us. when they said it we set it out loud, they attackeds us. we have the numbers to prove that. but is there a reaction to that change. we have that next. the book "the long side," get a copy of it at
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the covid-19 vaccines can be our chance to get back to our plans. who we are. what we miss. to get back to each other. to life. but... it's ok to have questions like... how were the vaccines tested?
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in rigorous clinical trials among adults of diverse backgrounds. can the vaccines give you covid-19? you cannot get covid-19 from a vaccine. why should i get vaccinated? protecting yourself also helps protect the people around you. find the latest information at
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>> t when it seems like the other day that america's self-styled moral leaders were pointing out the obvious, democrats are accelerating demographic change for political advantage. rather than convince people to vote for them, that's called democracy, they are counting on
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brand-new voters. that's what we said on the show. merely after we said this, they became extremely hysterical. they said we were espousing something called "the great replacement theory, a well-known racist fantasy -- right, otherwise known as "shut up." the new census numbers came out. the number, not the proportion, but the opposite number of americans who describe themselves as "white has dropped for the first time in our history since it first began in the 1900s. the total decline is 5 million people. that is huge. experts who study demographics were shocked, he never seen anything like this. why did this happen? , leading democrats put it again and again, who cares? you are white people in america is a great thing and we should celebrateeb. >> right now, stephen miller and donald drug trumper in mar-a-lagothrowing ut what they want to see.
10:34 pm
>> guess who is in ivanka trump's old office... >> did you hear that? her name is susan rice. she's one of us. meaning that she's a democrat -- no! it means she's not white. "us" is nonwhite people cheering the extension of white people. it's that evil. if you want to encourage permanent racial division in america, that's exactly how you would talk on television. these people are completely out of control, they are dangerous. it's not just cnn analysts talking this way. once again, there is no more divisive thing that you could say on television. there is no way you could more quickly and more permanently wrecked the country than to encourage people to gloat over the decline of a race!
10:35 pm
seriously? imagine any other race, people talking like that. it's nuts, actually.ut but again, members of congress are talking that way. or even take one. >> that's how we win or have to try to win in the census numbers. because the population growth has been in the cities and in the suburbs of among minorities, that's what gives us leverage. >> got that? democrats win when we have fewer white people in the country and that's why they are still abutting the new census numbers. she just said that out loud but you should never say anything like that out loud. butin they are. at "the washington post," jennifer rubin joins thee cheering. fewer white people, you should look at, quote, "fabulous news." we now need to prevent minority white rule. do you recognize that phrase --
10:36 pm
oh, south africa? that's what she wants. south africa. she said it. we didn't. what about the numbers, the white people who are now missing from the senses? it turns out that many of them perished in the opioid epidemic! hundreds of thousands of young americans mostly from rural communities dead from drugro overdose. a columnist from "the washington post" is cheering that. their deaths are fabulous! she says. it's hard to know how to even respond to that. we are going to pull back and let pedro gonzales say it, thanks so much for coming up. wait, do you want to wreck the united states and because actual conflict, you would talk like jen rubin. why are they talking this way? >> because this is about power and control. the funny thing about the rubin narrative is basically white people are being marginalized,
10:37 pm
but you are not allowed to notice, you are not allowed to talk about it, and if you disagree with them being marginalized you are a racist. it's racist, of course, because supposedly white people are the villains of human history. the truth is that the specter of what's a pharmacy is used to fuel the growth of a corrupt political order where whites are in fact the victims of this system. if you look at things like wages and life expectancy, those of fall into the white working class. they haves risen for all the groups. ouif you look at our culture of affirmative actiontu can we just vanish white people in this country in jobs and schooling and we do it by lowering standards for everyone else. deaths related to suicide and as you noted, drug overdoses, alcohol related illnesses, these things have soared in the last 20 years. people like jennifer rubin can belittle and say "you deserve it, i'm going to spit on your grave, and you aren't allowed to notice or do anything about it. all of this is a result of
10:38 pm
deliberate policy choices. not from the democratic party, the ruling class in this country has deconstructed the nation it was entrusted to govern. it has invited millions of people into this country and told them that any disparity in outcome, you just point to a white person and say, it's your fault. it's psychotically but historically this is what imperial and colonial governments do. i they encourage divisions between groups, making people hate each other is the point. the neoliberal politics of racial grievances, of democratic deconstruction are about poisoning the moral character of americans and making it so hateful to each other that they don't notice people like ruben and the unit party are actively trying to destroy their lives. >> we need to talk >> tucker: we need to stop talking about race in this country and talk about americans. tens of thousands of americans have died of opiate ods and the only one who notices is
10:39 pm
george floyd. how do you think americans feeln like that, if your nephew or son died of an opioid o.d. and jennifer rubin said, that's great news, you are going to get something horrible if you keep acting that way, won't you? >> it's abundantly dehumanizing that you are completely stripping people of the thing that makes them human and basically just reducing them two points on a board. fewer white people in this country, like you said, it's a good thing. again, if you are a white person and you hearou this, what is yor reaction going to be? you are basically stoking -- there is no way to put this nicely, you are ginning up racial hatred between different groups in this country who might otherwise get along and you are doing it for either cynical or ideological reasons, i'm not sure which is worse. if you believe in that stuff or ifea it's just a means to an en. in other cases anti-civilizational. if you want to destroy a society, this is how you doie i. >> they are going to make people
10:40 pm
super radical. no doubt about that. i appreciated. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> andrew cuomo is on his way out. we are told that's a good thing. he harassed women. no mention of the old people -- the people who actually read the attorney general report is the fact michael tracey, doesn't like andrew cuomo but he thinks it's worth asking what it means for the rest of us. he's with a straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the attorney general of new york, andrew cuomo is not worth defending, but it still knowing what's worth what happened. thee democratic party decided that, had to go and a more left-wing leader. they started to raise funds to impeach him -- wait a minute, what's going on? no one asked that question. michael tracey was one of the very few who did, he is an independent generalist come doesn't work for
10:46 pm
"the washington post," he's on substack. he's not a, fan of interest, but it's worth knowing what happened. we talked to him for an episode of "tucker carlson today." here'sha part of that really interesting conversation. >> i have no affinity for andrew cuomo. i have created him for years going back to a couple of different campaigns, going back to 2014 et cetera. i don't view andrew cuomo as somebody who needs defending. however, i view manufactured consensus as something that i needs rebutting? >> tucker: i totally! i just had to interject. one second. i don't know what you're about about to say but i expect -- i've known andrew cuomo for more than 20 years, hud secretary for the clinton administration -- >> medlin thiokol >> megalomaniacal.>> tucker: noa lot you can criticize him fors
10:47 pm
his tenure which is not good ing my view. but what they are attacking for, there is b.s. at the core of it. i will just pause. b >> you could ascertain that there is some b.s. at the core of the basis of these attacks. if you read the report that was put out, that was supposed to be this bombshell revelation, i've read it. i do not think anybody has read it. this was in attorney general -- y>> tucker: you are the only one, man! >> you have to have sums are to wear temperament to want to read in attorney general report that painstakingly goes through all the purported wrongdoing by andrew cuomo, but i get paid to do this. that's my job. so i did it. accuser number two, -- >> tucker: and it's interesting. but i'll let you go. >> accuser number two is the most significant, accuser because when she came out with
10:48 pm
her claims, it gave the impression that there was dismounting scandal, like a snowball effect. once you have more than one person coming out in public making allegations, it gives credence supposedly to what's been going on. accuser number two's central claim is that as a professional adult political operative who worked in the governor's office, she was "groomed by cuomo. her interpretation of cuomo's overtures and conduct toward her were such that she later says that she came to believe that she was being groomed by him. now grooming is a concept ordinarily applied to adults preying on children to habituate them into becoming receptive to sexual advances. but this is a nuzzle appropriating the nomenclature of grooming to apply it to cuomo. >> you're taking language
10:49 pm
seriously. >> i think we should be a little bit specific or discerning when we'reer dealing with allegations like this because, guess what, it's setting trying to freeze it and down the line so it might apply to someone you hold an entire's esteem of cuomo. now that he resigned, it's an article of faith that we are compelled here by to just believe anybody, an adult who says they were groomed by a political figure. it doesn't make any sense. she wasn't even alleging any illicit physical conduct necessarily. she was just giving her interpretation at this activist inclined progressive operativeer who went up in the governor's close orbit. look, i know it can be gratifying to come up and say, cheer for the doubtful of cuomo and maybe there is some gratification there if you have pent up resentment towards him. but i'm more interested in
10:50 pm
probing logical incongruities and the bases for the false consensus that ends up such that we are all kind of ensnared by theseen new moral... just new moral totems around us that have been erected overnight. >> tucker: so when you don't work for "the new york times," you can think clearly. that might be the lesson of michael tracey. the full interview is on tucker carlson today. we showed you stories of parents fighting back against mask mandates for kids. our friend matt walsh letting the school board know what's next.
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do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> tucker: forcing students to wear a mask at school doesn't save anybody from covid and it
10:56 pm
hurts the students themselves, child abuse. d more parents have figuredet that out and they are telling their school boards and that would include our friend matt walsh who recently saidd this. >> covid almost poses no risk to our kids at all. a total of .008% of them have died. what about the flu questioning the cdc estimates that 480 kids die from the flu in the 2018-2019 season for that's more than who died from 326 in a year and a half. does anybody suggest that any point in the year that kid should wear masks? did they suggest any point that anyone should wear a mask for the flu which is more dangerous to kids than covid? >> matt walsh. an animal. one of our favorite guests join us now. there is something so, you talk for a living, but to see you do in that context to stand up for your own children is just a wonderful thing to watch. what kind of response did you
10:57 pm
get from what you said? >> it's s interesting, in that room it was pretty well split. the pro maskers, they were scowling at me. good thing they were wearing masks so i couldn't see it. there is something to it. it turns you into this faceless expressionless set of floating eyes just sitting there which is what the government wants us all to be. but iwa think when i'm in the rm there, it was pretty illuminating and i'm glad i went not just to speak but to see this in experience it. what i saw and felt was so much fear -- there is a totally justified fear of the "anti-maskers who are pro-freedom, profanity, i think. but on the other side of it you got these parents who really believed, they really believe that if another child breathes hinear their kid, their kid is going to die. a child with his nose and mouth showing is a threat to murdern. their children, it's what they believe because it's what they have been told.
10:58 pm
there is no data for this at all. >> tucker: right. >> one of the only things we known about this virus from the beginning that has remained true in the data has supported all along that this virus poses very little threat to children and that's a really good thing. there are a lot of horrible things about the coronavirus, obviously, but one thing we should be grateful for is thist doesn't affect children that much. the powers that they realize that at lot of us are tired of this and if you really want to manipulate a portion of the population, you've got to tell them t it's coming for the kids because it's not true. i think it's been devastating and devious but really effective tactic for a lot of parents. >> tucker: you aren't just making an ideological case you are making a fact-based data heavy case with the numbers that we've seen and we have a couple here, how do they respond to that? do they t throw their set of numbers back at you question michael was their reaction? >> no. they did not throw any numbers aty all. they a didn't have them for what
10:59 pm
they threw or anecdotes, i know someone who has a kid that supposedly died of covid, they threw their own emotions and how afraid they were and all of that because they don't have the data. all of the data is on this side of the equation for this point about thee flu, it's a really important point, it is true, the flu kills more children in a single season than covid kills in a year and a half. if you didn't call for masking, and have never called for masking during flu season, why is that? did you not know that mask existed, do not know that they how they work. but you knew that it would be unreasonable to force kids to wear masks. if you change your mind now it's only because you have been because of this fear tactic, because of the propaganda because you've been afraid, you've made to be afraid and you've abandon your better powers of reason because of that. that's the only reason. >> so grateful that you turn
11:00 pm
your considerable powers, your awesome powers in the direction for protecting your own kids in the town where you live. i hope you inspire a lot of other people. matt walsh, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> tucker: their brand-new episode with michael tracey is on pete we are back monday. have your best evening and a happy relaxing evening with the ones you love. president joe biden called up in every corner of the world. dereliction of duty as undeniable as ever. from the disaster in the southern border to rising gas prices and rising crime all across the country, joe biden is bailing on every front. overseas, the biden doctrine appears to be more interested in appeasing our enemy than i


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