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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  August 13, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> all right. for more information about jimmie allen >> run to the radio, have a great weekend. >> see you monday. >> "america's newsroom" starts right now right here on fox. >> bill: fox news alert now. rapidly changing matter in afghanistan. the taliban take over picking up speed overnight. president biden plowing forward with his decision to get all u.s. troops out by the end of this month. big deal here as we say good morning on friday. i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off. nice to be back with sandra. >> good morning to you. i'm sandra smith and this is "america's newsroom." the taliban surge prompting the president to send 3,000 troops back into afghanistan. they are evacuating american personnel from kabul. the president is asking the
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taliban now to spare the u.s. embassy there. >> bill: the situation drawing comparisons to the end of the vietnam war in 1975 when they evacuated staffers from a rooftop in saigon. the taliban seized control of kandahar. southern part of the country. the birthplace for the taliban there. not much of a surprise kandahar would fall. it happened. the second largest city in the country. >> reaction pouring in. you heard jack keane calling it an embarrassing retreat, hasty withdrawal. >> the territory now the taliban has captured so far in the past four months. that group controls about 2/3 of the country. closing in on the capital city of kabul. will me make a move on that? we don't know. u.s. officials say it could fall in a matter of months. jack keane, roll this. >> they're
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>> -- it will be horrific. they are a killing machine. >> jackie heinrich, hello. >> good morning, sandra and bill. the u.s. sending 3,000 troops to kabul to assist in the evacuation of americans and diplomats. signals to many deteriorating confidence the afghan government can hold off a taliban surge. according to reports, negotiators are trying to get assurances from the taliban they will not attack the u.s. embassy if they overrun the capital. to the president's critics it is beginning to look like the end of the vietnam war. images from saigon. something biden said would not get to this point just in early july. take a listen. >> president biden: there will be no circumstance where you'll see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan.
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it is not at all comparable. the likelihood there is going to be the taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. >> taliban has taken 18 of 34 provincial capitals as part of their week-long surge. according to the associated press. two hours ago the official number there according to the a.p. was 14. it shows how swift the surge has been. yesterday the state department and pentagon tried to quell concern that the u.s. is letting afghanistan fall. >> this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale withdrawal. what this is is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. this is a drawdown of civilian americans. >> the president's critics say it is time for joe biden to admit this was a mistake and
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reverse course. send more troops. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell among those who from the beginning said the withdrawal is a mistake and said if the u.s. does not take action here al qaeda and taliban will celebrate the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by burning down the u.s. embassy and the u.s. armed services -- house armed services committee ranking member mike rogers also wrote our allies are watching as afghanistan rapidly deteriorates and president biden still claims he doesn't regret his unconditional withdrawal. make no mistake. the consequences of this has been hazard withdrawal will be felt for decades. the president didn't take any questions before he left on vacation yesterday. >> bill: more developments when they happen. dan hoffman here to analyze. good morning. i'm looking at 20 years and
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$900 billion. what can be salvaged at this point? what's happening at the pentagon behind the scenes as they try to funnel more support into the capital city, dan? >> i think the united states government particularly the intelligence community and department of defense is transitioning to new war gaming strategy. taliban has taken large swaths of territory. the major cities are falling like dominoes. kabul will be under siege within days probably. so we have to factor in now the likelihood that al qaeda will homestead with greater impunity on the territory the taliban controls. we need to have a new plan for how to defend ourselves in the region starting with our embassy and beyond here in the homeland from the attacks that al qaeda will plan on that ungoverned space. there is no question the biden administration did not plan effectively. that is the evidence of that is clear. we're sending 3,000 troops to defend our embassy. moreover, the decision to
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withdraw our troops now fighting in afghanistan is seasonal. this is the summer fighting season. had we waited until fall or winter we might have had a better opportunity to withdraw our troops in a more measured approach than we're seeing right now. >> bill: a lot to get through. "new york post" cover. biden's saigon. going back to 1975 the embassy there in south vietnam. i liken it more with the soviet empire fight a war in afghanistan for eight years and i remember vividly the tanks that were on the way out of town with that desert dust kicking up behind. i thought the soviet empire could not win in the country. now the international community looks at the united states and says they can't win there, either. dan, how did this go so wrong when you know the commander-in-chief overruled the general's advice that he was given?
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>> the soviet supported government in afghanistan lasted looks like they'll last a lot longer than the united states supported government. the u.s. always maintained that there was no military solution to this conflict. i think that was entirely detached from reality. of course there was a military solution. for the taliban it was stay in the fight. they might lose every battle to the united states and coalition forces but as long as they stay in the fight they can win the goal. the goal of an insurgency and they succeeded. afghan forces lack the organization, will, leadership and morale to carry on the fight effectively. we should have known that. my goodness we've been training them for 20 years and able to give the president the kind of advice and guidance he needed. he probably had it but biden decided to remove the troops. his policy decision and we'll face the consequences. >> bill: 2014 robert gates, former secretary of defense on joe biden's views on foreign
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policy. here is what he said back then. a man of integrity and capable of hiding what he really thinks and one of the rare people that can turn to for help in a personal crisis. still i think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. fast forward 2019 on cbs he was asked whether or not he stands by that and this was the exchange. >> would he be an effective commander-in-chief? >> i don't know. i stand by that statement. we disagreed significantly on afghanistan and some other issues. i think that as i say elsewhere in the memoir, i think that the vice president had some issues with the military. >> bill: there is robert gates reflecting on that july 8th of this summer president biden said 300,000 afghan forces we've trained and equipped and
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they can hold the ground. so far that hasn't happened at all. your view of his judgment on this is what then, dan? >> look, the best leaders under whom i served including presidents took in as much information as they could, 360 degree optic relying on the state department, intelligence community, department of defense and then they would make the best decisions they possibly could based on the available information. i think in this case president biden appears to have started out with a policy that he believed in, i think he framed it wrong and called it an endless war when we were deployed overseas to detect and preempt threats before visited on our shores. this is the result, however of 20 years where we got sidetracked. we went into afghanistan to target al qaeda, to bring osama bin laden to justice, which we did. we got sidetracked and strategy changed to nation building. and i think that cost us a tremendous amount.
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it is not what our country went there to do and not what we're good at and we got sidetracked from the counter terrorism mission and paying the price today. >> bill: dan, thank you. great to get your analysis and we'll speak soon. thank you dan hoffman former c.i.a. lucas tomorrow lin son said overnight u.s. military officials at the pentagon talked about the images of the taliban moving are demoralized for u.s. forces who sacrificed so much. >> why do this during the summer fighting season? that summer fighting season is obvious to the generals advising the president. so it brings into question why they moved forward and not wait until fall or winter to carry out this strategy. >> bill: the president is at camp david. >> pain at the pump continuing for americans at home as gas prices top $3 a gallon
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nationwide as the biden administration is pleading with foreign oil producers to up their production just months after tightening restrictions for american oil companies here at home. casey stiegel is live in arlington with more. hi, casey. >> good morning. 2.85 a little cheaper is the average for a price of unleaded regular here in the state of texas. last year at this time texans were paying $1.87. roughly $1 higher this year. this week as you just said the white house in an effort to ease pain at the pumps nationwide calling on opec to boost its overall oil output. the rise in prices we're experiencing now experts say is simply because more americans are traveling and bad news, they are expected to get even higher. >> recent aaa survey showed that gas prices would have to be well over $3.50 a gallon the
6:12 am
national average before some drivers would start to change their plans. >> texas governor greg abbott taking a jab at the president tweeting dear white house, texas can do this. our producers can easily produce that oil if your administration would just stay out of the way. quoting here, allow american workers, not opec, to produce the oil that can reduce the price of gasoline. don't make us dependent on foreign sources of energy. the white house has not given a specific comment to governor abbott's public statement there. >> i think americans across the country are feeling the pain. national average over $3. thank you. we'll have more on the impact inflation is having on americans when our friday get ready for it money team steve moore and austan goolsbee join us at the top of the hour. >> bill: meanwhile stunning new numbers from the border.
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is u.s. seeing another record breaking month of july of illegal crossings as we get exclusive leaked audio of the white house official in charge of the matter. his candid assessment is devastating on the situation there. >> new polling shows 8 in 10 voters are very concerned about the rise of violent crime happening across this country. how that could play out at the ballot box next year. >> bill: wow, the pastime came to iowa for the first time in major league history and let's just say that fox showed this in a way that americans have never seen it before. we'll take you back to the field of dreams in a moment. veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48.
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>> the men and women in green and blue need help bottom line. they are strained, they're overworked. they don't need just a pat on the back they actually need the resources. >> bill: that is democratic congressman henry cuellar on the dire need for backup for border patrol agents. that's happening at homeland security secretary announcing border agents encountered more than 212,000 migrants in july. that breaks a 21-year record. there is also leaked audio of the dhs chief revealing how overwhelmed the administration is on the border crisis. listen here. >> these numbers cannot continue. we cannot get to a point where we were a couple of weeks ago and we'll make sure that doesn't happen. >> bill: john hunt.
6:20 am
the fallout after that visit today. >> good morning. we got that laekd audio of secretary may or cast. we watched the steady stream of migrants that built up to the figure of 221,000 kept coming across the rio grande and to a processing area. those pictures from our photographer who has been out here night after night with us. and in these leaked audio that we hear it is really about a change in tone from secretary . he is admitting to border patrol agents that he understands just how difficult it has been for them. listen here. >> it is our responsibility to make sure that this never
6:21 am
happens again. >> the secretary went from that meeting with border patrol agents to a news conference in brownsville, texas. he spoke again about the challenges there. listen again. >> the situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. it is complicated, changing and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic. >> and as you a look at our live drone pictures over the border let's look at another number that was revealed yesterday. there were 18,689 unaccompanied minors encountered by border patrol in july. that's up 24% from last month. but perhaps most significantly it is up from just around 2500 the previous july, july 2020. that, of course, bill, is an absolutely staggering increase. frankly, the flow of migrants
6:22 am
that we've seen night after night, day after night shows no signs of decreasing. in fact, it is headed clearly in the opposite direction. >> anyone's guess what happens in august. >> let's bring in a texas judge richard cortez south texas border leader who met with secretary mayorkas yesterday. first off you had the opportunity to meet face-to-face in the man in charge of the crisis. what did you ask him? >> well, we asked him that this thing is out of control in our county. we have had over 100,000 immigrants cross our area, of which 9% of them tested positive for covid and we're not prepared to serve that volume of people. so the burden has gone to us, the local non-governmental agencies and ourselves to deal with that and we have run out
6:23 am
of capacity. having more capacity is not the answer. we asked him to put a pause on all new admissions of asylum seeking immigrants. >> what was his response to that? >> he said he was very aware of the problem and they were looking into it. i don't believe we received any response at all as to what the potential solution would be. >> i look at the statistics there that are happening in hidalgo. 14% of the population is infected with covid right now. i look at the numbers that are staggering, coronavirus positive testing now double what it was a week ago in that county. migrants are hospitalized with covid-19, hospital beds are filling up. what impact is this having on the residents of your community? >> it's having a very negative impact. again, you know, the solution is not to add more resources to
6:24 am
the problem. the solution is to stop the problem. you have to stop the flow of those immigrants now or it will not get better with time. >> what is it that secretary mayorkas thinks he is doing about the situation that you heard in this meeting that you are clearly saying is not working? what is his plan? >> you know, from the very beginning he admitted that there is a problem. he knew what the problem was and wanted to know -- wanted to hear from us. of course, many of us wanted to redefine the problem but didn't spend a lot of time on solutions. to me my analogy is like this. i have a -- i can't send people to mop the water. i need to send a plumber to stop the leak. that was my recommendation to the secretary that he just has to put a pause. i call it a moratorium, which i think by legal definition that's a legal delay of the law because the volume is too high and comes at a really bad time.
6:25 am
hospital beds as you mentioned are at capacity. we've added at least 19 going to our hospital here today. having the additional burden that is not the responsibility of local governments such as mine. >> you appreciated his visit but it will take a lot to get this under control. voters are taking notice. 57% of voters disapprove of how biden is handling the situation at the border according to the latest fox news polling. judge, we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: good interview. eye opening, too. more in a moment on the suspect accused of killing a chicago cop. how he ended up back on the street while already on probation. the effort to uncover the origins of covid. why the world health organization today is now changing its tune. listen. >> this has not been conducted as an investigation. sort of an intel project. investigation would assume we got a crime scene, we have a
6:26 am
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>> sandra: we're learning more now about the man accused of killing chicago police officer ella french. the suspect was reportedly charged with a serious hit and run back in april while on probation for robbery. the hearing that could have sent him to jail was scheduled for august 10th, three days after officer french was shot and killed in the line of duty. garrett tenney is live from chicago on that for us. >> good morning to you. that hit and run back in april sent a man to the hospital in critical condition but the state attorney's office said police did not ask prosecutors to consider felony charges against monte morgan in that case. instead he was charged with miss demeanors and a citation and case sent to traffic court and then was released. we asked cpb why police didn't
6:32 am
ask for more serious felony charges in the case and if they were aware morgan was out on probation for robbery at that time. we're still waiting on a response. a spokesperson told the chicago sun times we do not have that information at this time. according to the sun times a week after morgan's initial court appearance in may the cook county probation department filed a petition in court saying morgan had violated his probation with the hit and run. that ruling could have sent him to jail. but the judge reportedly decided to give authorities time to renotify morgan of the hearing and scheduled it for several months later on august 10th, this past tuesday. just three days before that hearing that could have sent monte morgan to jail he allegedly shot chicago police officer ella french in the head killing her and critically injuring her partner. monte morgan is facing murder and attempted murder charges. a lot more to learn about this case, how and why this happened. we'll keep on digging and get
6:33 am
you those answers. >> sandra: absolutely horrible story playing out in chicago. bill. >> bill: thank you, sandra. 32 past the hour. lawmakers gearing up high stakes mid-term election year 2022. fox news poll shows inflation and political divisions and violent crime topping some of i voters. congressman tom emmer. his job to raise money and win back the majority for the republicans. good morning. i want to show you one more poll and get you to answer on this. we asked whether or not you support defunding the police. our polling 63% are against that. factor in these issues and how do you see it playing now as you travel the country? >> well bill, thanks for having me first. i will tell you republicans are poised to take back the house in the mid-terms. we have a lot of work to do yet but you hit two of the big issues. voters across the country are seeing prices rise in the grocery store, at the gas pump. higher cost of living and they
6:34 am
literally hold the president and socialist democrats and house accountable. then of course this defund the police insanity, bill. we're finding that about 75% of americans don't just like their police, they love them. and let's face it, democrats have become the party of defund the police and it is not a winning message for the mid-terms. >> bill: you are raising money, $86 million so far surpasses the previous mark where you were two years ago at the same time. the cities have defunded have police, l.a. austin, minneapolis, portland, new york city, but based on this you have now put out a list of targets, 15 targets to win back the house. they stretch from arizona in the southwest to maine in the northeast. what do these 15 congressional districts have in common do you think? >> the top 15. we've targeted 57. the top 29 of the 57 of which
6:35 am
these 15 are included are districts that donald trump either won last fall or decided in a few margins. out of 152 million votes cast in congressional elections across the country last fall, bill, we ended up with 213 republicans in the house. it takes 218 to be in the majority. the difference that five seat difference was decided by a whopping 31,751 votes. these 15 that you are referring to are some of the districts we are intent on picking up in the mid-terms to flip the house. >> bill: i think we only had room for 15 on the board. we'll work on 57 next time. census came out yesterday. interesting findings. some texas and florida gained, new york and california lost in population. a lot more nuance in this, 2%
6:36 am
fewer white people, 2% fewer rurals, minorities ticked up here and there depending where you live. how did you see these results, sir? >> look, people should never -- they are good for republicans, bill. i would say we should do well in redistricting because american voters voted for republicans in their state leather across the country. that being said you don't win elections through redistricting. it is with great candidates, right message. run great campaigns. that's what we're going to do across the country and be extremely competitive. >> bill: we'll stay in contact and see how it goes and be in touch with your democratic counterparts as well. i'm certain they have a response to all this. tom emmer, thank you for being here today. >> sandra: news out of washington house speaker nancy pelosi raising the salary cap for top staffers, aides can make up to nearly $200,000 a year. that's a 15% boost from where
6:37 am
the current annual cap is. this means some staffers could make more than members of congress. thanks to a pay freeze that's been in place for lawmakers since 2009. she said the increase is needed to boost recruitment and retain top talent. staffers might be making more than their bosses. the bosses's annual pay cap is $174,000. >> bill: making capitol hill great together. san francisco has harsh covid restrictions and what it means for businesses. the battle for britney spears future have taken another turn. the state of her battle coming up shortly. ♪♪♪
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>> sandra: in the first ruling of its kind supreme court justice amy coney barrett denied an appeal from students at indiana university challenging the maxine mandate. it could have gone to the full court for review. justice barrett denied it before that ever happened. it marks the first ruling the high court has made related to a vaccine mandate. >> bill: san francisco releasing new covid guidelines as the first city in the country to mandate proof of full vaccination for certain indoor venues, bar, restaurant or gym. jonathan serrie is live with the latest now in atlanta. home of the cdc. good morning. >> good morning. san francisco goes one step further than new york which only requires proof of at least one dose, mayor london breed
6:44 am
explains her decision to require full vaccination. take a listen. >> the delta variant is just that more contagious. and we are not out of the woods as it relates to covid. >> overnight the fda authorized a third dose of pfizer and moderna vaccines for people with weak immune systems, 3% of the adult population. the authorization does not apply to people who received the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine nor people with healthy immune systems at least for now. a new study suggests the delta variant has reduced the effectiveness of the two leading covid vaccines in preventing infection. between january and july mayo clinic researchers found the moderna waned and so did the pfizer in preventing any kind of covid infection. the study found both vaccines
6:45 am
still offered robust protection against severe illness. >> with delta, people even though we're vaccinated and we have good immune systems, this virus can cause mild infections akin to a common cold or might even put you in bed for a day or two but you don't have to go into the hospital. >> more than 62,000 people are currently hospitalized with covid in the u.s. the vast majority of them are unvaccinated, bill. public health experts say vaccine hesitancy is what is driving this current wave. back to you. >> bill: thank you, jonathan, nice to see you in atlanta. >> sandra: now a major reversal from the world health organization. the head of the team investigating the origins of covid-19 now says the wuhan lab deserves a closer look.
6:46 am
the organization saying quote w.h.o. is committed to following the science and we call on all governments to put differences aside and work together to provide all data and access required. the next series of studies can be commenced as soon as possible. joining us now jamie metzl one of the member of the w.h.o. advisory committee. thank you for being here. for months now you have had the world health organization down playing this lab leak theory. now why the reversal and need for more information before you can reach a conclusion? >> just to be clear, the world health oh organization itself hasn't been down playing the likelihood of a lab incident origin. it was an international expert committee that was doing so. actually the director general of the w.h.o. has been pretty strong saying we have to examine all hypotheses. this international committee which in my view very shamefully announced in february of this year in a
6:47 am
joint press event in china alongside their chinese government counterparts that a lab incident origin was extremely unlikely, their words, it now turns out they were essentially lying. that the leaders of this international committee actually believed a lab incident origin ranged from unlikely to likely but that they did a deal with their chinese government counterparts who didn't want to mention the lab incident origin at all. so the deal was well, we'll mention this possibility and then we'll say it is extremely unlikely and not call for a further investigation. so the leader of that independent expert committee has now essentially come clean. it is just outrageous that this happened and it's why the entire world must come together and demand a full investigation into the origins of the pandemic in china with full access to record, samples and
6:48 am
personnel. >> sandra: china is unlikely to cooperate him. they've been propagating from day one on this thing. rather than looking for a virus and origins they seem to know where it came from day one and started propagating a cover story. when i hear you talking about a full investigation, why was anything ruled out so early on when we didn't have all the details and certainly didn't have all the evidence that is out there? >> i totally agree with david and with the premise of the question. as you know, i was one of the earliest people early last year raising the possibility of lab incident origin and calling for a full investigation. it's outrageous that we don't have it. and in sum the reason we don't is what david said, china began its cover-up immediately and
6:49 am
destroyed samples and hid records and silencing chinese experts. because of that, there was lots of international experts didn't have the data they needed. president trump and i'm a progressive democrat and i disagreed with a lot of what president trump said but he happened to possibly be right in the allegations he was making about the origins of the pandemic and then the mainstream media and scientific journals and i say this as a progressive, didn't tell the story that needed to be told. and so now we need to get to the bottom of this. our safety and the safety of our children and grandchildren depend on understanding what went wrong and fixing our problem. >> sandra: is the world health organization and are you jamie operating then under the assumption that -- on the lab leak theory? is that the probable theory? >> so the answer is we don't
6:50 am
know for sure. i personally think it's the most likely origin but that is exactly why we need a full investigation. the biden 90 day review is a start but we need much more on the national and international level. >> sandra: all right. they're looking at that. all the available evidence. it's supposed to wrap up end of this month. see if it reveals anything at all. appreciate it, jamie, thank you. >> bill: fox news aleft. video of a shooting in broad daylight as crime continues to be front of mind for so many americans. this is a major american city. what the voters are telling us about their own neighborhoods now. it is not you, just about everything seems to be more expensive. how long does this continue? we'll talk to our friday money team coming up in the next hour. come on back.
6:51 am
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6:56 am
shows a begunman opening fire in broad daylight in harlem. police still looking for the shooter. new fox poll showing more voters feel there is a rise in crime in their neighborhoods from a year ago. up 54% in may. a manhattan institute senior fellow and lead institute for the public safety initiative. good morning, rafael. what do you make of the polling suggests how people are feeling about this? >> i think they are right to be worried, bill. in 2020, the united states saw what looks to be a 25% rise in homicides. probably the single biggest year-over-year rise in american history. and allocations are that has continued into 2021. the rise in violence has been coupled with an attack on the institutions that have always thought to be best positioned to push back on that kind of violence, the institutions that helped get us out of the violent crime spike of the
6:57 am
early 1990s. americans are right to be worried. the main question i have whether the poll will translate into meaningful political action. that will be the real question. >> bill: okay. hold on that now. i just want to show you more polling. support -- what is your opinion of local police? it is up favorable 77%. how due feel about black lives matter? that support is down significantly from 67% to 49%. so police is up, blm down. what does that tell you? >> i think it tells you that americans are starting to recognize a fundamental tension between these two groups, the police in the united states have been really on the blunt end of really an endless attack that black lives matter has been leading for quite some time. some americans have every right to expect police officers to be held to a high standard and
6:58 am
social media has really helped, i think, elevate a lot of these problematic encounters that have frustrated a lot of americans and made for more skeptical of that institution. the problem is blm has used its platform not to affect change at the margins and address those small but meaningful problematic areas within the institution of policing but sought wholesale changes like defunding the police and it has made communities less safe. >> blm blew it when they had support for the communist government in cuba. you alluded to a change in policy. is that true? >> i'm not sure we can get there just yet. we have a couple of interesting examples. new york city is one of them. eric adams elected on a tough on crime platform. it reflected a lot of people's sense that this was something
6:59 am
that was good for the city. however, at the same time in that same election, alvin bragg, the democratic primary winner for district attorney, won his primary running on a very extreme reform platform promising to make incarceration a last resort and promising not to pursue -- not to prosecute whole classes of offenses. what is not yet clear is whether this worry about violent crime will translate into the political sphere. what i think you will see are americans sort of isolate themselves more and more moving to the suburbs and that sort of thing. it will prove really bad. >> bill: i want to squeeze this in. give me so good news. when do you hit the tipping point? >> the good news is that i think eventually we will hit a point at which americans will have had enough and they will start to effect change. we're starting to see again
7:00 am
candidates like eric adams see more success and see americans pay attention here. they just have to get out and be active. a lot of criminal justice policy gets made at the local level and low visibility but high stakes races. as more people grow worried about that we'll see them get more involved. >> bill: thank you, sir, here in new york. going to watch this, right? it will be an issue especially mid-terms. >> sandra: for sure considering we're seeing the spikes in crime all over the country. >> bill: okay. hour one down. 10:00 in new york, fox news alert. president biden said to leave wilmington, delaware in a moment heading to camp david for a summer vacation. multiple crises here and overseas. the taliban overnight seized more provincial capitals. delta variant spreading in southern states and migrants testing positive for covid
7:01 am
stream across the border if record levels in july. the pinch on the american pocketbook posing a large challenge for the president. rising cost of everyday goods topping concerns for voters. dana has the day off. i'm bill hemmer. smitty is here. >> sandra: that's a way to wake up viewers on a friday morning in august. i'm sandra smith. the friday money panel is standing by with a closer look at the growing problem of inflation and what it means for you and your family. edward morris fox business network is live at the white house to kick things off this hour. >> inflation clearly on the minds of americans. new fox news poll shows it is the number one concern for registered voters. 86% of registered voters say they're very or extremely concerned about inflation. that is more than violent crime, more than unemployment and you see it at the pump. according to aaa the average gallon of regular gas has risen.
7:02 am
it is more than the price we paid a year ago. white house officials say they believe inflation will settle down but they can't tell me when. mitch daniels, former indiana governor said this administration is in denial. >> i hope that the white house in their denial of the possibility of a serious problem. i hope they're right. inflation is a regressive tax. it is a very unfair to savers and very dangerous to the future economy. >> in response to rising gas prices president biden not considering any energy policy reversals but an investigation. listen. >> president biden: recently we've seen the price that oil companies pay for a barrel of oil begin to fall. the cost of gasoline at the pump for more american people
7:03 am
hasn't fallen. that's not what you would expect in a competitive market. i want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of leading to lower prices for consumers. >> national security advisor has asked opec to increase oil supply. inflation, they say they're focusing the month over month number and ignoring the year overyear number but we all feel the increase in prices. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: steve more worked for donald trump. austan goolsbee worked for barack obama. good day to both of you. get ready to start your engines. nice to see you both. here is what steve moore writes in the "wall street journal." will biden bring an end to reagan's era of prosperity? concludes his piece the following way. until now mr. biden wants to erase 40 years of progress and return to the 70s show with run away welfare spending and if
7:04 am
reagan were alive we think we know what he would say. well, there you go again. end quote. steve, back it up. steve moore. >> is that for me? i thought it was for austan. that is exactly the problem. we did revolutionize the world. 40 years ago we slashed tax rates, deregulated the economy and moved more toward free trade and got inflation down. we have had an incredible run. 40 years of a lot of prosperity, tax rates have hovered up and down but remained under 40%. i'm very concerned about the increase if taxes that joe biden is talking about but also i think if i were joe biden's advisor as austan is i would be very, very concerned about the economic and political ramifications of these rising prices. we just saw a big spike in
7:05 am
producer prices yesterday. that could cause big problems for the country and for joe biden in the months ahead. >> bill: the headline producer prices soar7.8% in july, the most on record. austan, to you. >> steve, are you back down in florida? i think steve needs to go make sure he doesn't have covid because he seems to be having some delusions. he is looking back to reagan and forgetting that when donald trump was the president, the man he advised, we had the worst growth since herbert hoover. so it's for sure true that inflation is on the minds of people and you see prices going up quite a lot. now they are concentrated in a few sectors, the pandemic-hit sectors. so i'm hopeful that what this is is not unlike the period when the pandemic began that we had toilet paper prices going
7:06 am
crazy and hand sanitizer prices going crazy and we have to work through those supply chain issues that are affecting those sectors like autos and things like that. but if you take a step back. >> bill: a big list. >> the stock market is hitting record levels. gallup says the highest share of americans ever say that they are thriving and the overall economy is good. we're growing. we just have to get control of the virus. >> bill: all of our polling we asked about hardship. whether or not it caused your family recently. grocery prices 70% yes. gas prices 67, housing costs, 53. we could go on and on. austan listed a number of things he sees as going well. can you name one thing that's going well under president biden? >> you asking me that? yeah, look, austan is right, strong recovery now no question about it t. major explanation
7:07 am
for that is this miracle of operation warp speed and getting americans vaccinated and getting our businesses reopened. i think for the rest of the year we'll have a pretty strong economy. and we have had really good job growth. austan is right about that. the problem is when we got that report friday on wage gains and jobs, the biden administration was crowing look at this 4% wage gain for workers? the problem is inflation is running 5 1/2%. if you get a 4% raise if your income but your cost of living goes up by 5 1/2% you are getting poorer, not richer. >> bill: respond to that and we'll roll. >> that's not wrong. steve is correct. if inflation is sustained it would be a big problem. i don't think inflation will be sustained. i think it is concentrated in the supply-chain constrained industries but we'll have to see. if we keep growing like this. get a vaccine. we have to get control of this virus. >> bill: thank you, austan and
7:08 am
steve. good job on the five this week. have a good weekend, gentlemen, thank you for that. you are the economics major in the group here. >> sandra: austan's reference to the stock market as americans doing well is interesting. they were so critical of donald trump for touting stock market gains as an example of how well the economy was doing under the last president. secondly pandemic-hit sectors he referenced as those that are experiencing the most inflation. that is interesting to me because i hear that from a lot of economists. please define it. i would love for -- what are the pandemic-hit sectors. housing, the price of lumber and groceries and gasoline going up. not quite sure what the pandemic-related inflation is. i hear it a lot, though. >> bill: we talked about crime as a campaign issue. watch for this one, too. polling says 86%. you can't get the american people to say 86% on anything
7:09 am
other than a field of dream games last night in iowa. >> sandra: the completion of the u.s. withdrawal is weeks away now but the biden administration is already sending thousands of troops back into afghanistan. they are evacuating staffers from the u.s. embassy in kabul. the pentagon is declining to call this a combat mission. all of this despite the taliban seizing territory at an alarming rate now. more than 2/3 of the country is under the insurgents' control. the biden administration is under fire for what critics are calling a chaotic exit strategy. >> we have been watching closely with concern the security situation on the ground and far better to be prudent about it and be responsible in watching the trends to make the best decisions you can for safety and security of our people than to wait until it's too late.
7:10 am
we believe that this is not only the right thing to do but the right time to do it. >> sandra: lucas tomlinson with more from the pentagon this morning. >> three infantry battalions, 3,000 soldiers and marines are being rushed to kabul and how the pentagon described the mission. >> a temporary mission with a narrow focus. as with all deployments of our troops into harm's way our commanders have the right of self-defense. any attack on them can and will be met with a forceful and appropriate response. a total of 8,000 u.s. troops are deploying not only to afghanistan but the middle east. in addition to the 3,000 going the kabul the alert brigade from the 18th airborne, 4,000 paratroopers heading to kuwait in reserve and now in qatar to help process interpreters. the taliban has captured more
7:11 am
than half of all capitals. the u.s. built up an afghan army and they've crumb beld. top brass wanted to keep 2,000 troops in afghanistan. president biden overruled the generals. after withdrawing troops in u.s. month the same number going back to evacuate americans. pentagon is not calling it a combat deployment. >> do you consider this a combat mission? >> a very narrowly focused mission of safeguarding the orderly reduction of civilian personnel out of afghanistan. >> marine and -- >> what i'm telling you and i said it before they'll have the ability to defend themselves. >> u.s. military's demoralized at the pentagon watching afghanistan melt down. sandra. >> sandra: lucas tomlinson live from the pentagon. >> bill: going to the border. migrants streaming across the border like clockwork. the number of those encountered
7:12 am
last month hitting the highest level in 21 years. where do we go from here once apprehended? william la jeunesse has answers live in los angeles from there today. >> it's illegal to enter the u.s. without permission but data shows that fewer and fewer migrants are being deported. now at the end of president trumps term 92% were deported. under president biden it is now fewer than half despite his title 42 authority that everyone could be deported because of covid. just 45% of those deported were under title 42. 7% left under other orders, 3% in limbo. 45% received a notice to report or appear in court. majority released on their own recognizance and others sent to ice but typically out within 21 days. many go to seven family-staging hotels like these in phoenix where taxpayers pay millions for them to stay until they
7:13 am
travel to other cities. another stat. migrants claiming asylum have jumped 98% under president biden. of those who claim asylum or credible fear at the border only 13% actually get it from a judge. 8% get deported. the majority either never show up for court or fail to complete their case and stay here illegally. >> most of the individuals are probably just going to disappear into the united states. ice probably doesn't even know they're here. they will be able to live their lives in the united states until they encounter dhs somehow. but most of them never will. >> underscore that point, ice only arrested 250 non-criminal migrants in all of july. ignoring the thousands who never showed up or ordered removed by a judge. mayorkas admitted yesterday privately that has to change. >> as a matter of fact we are
7:14 am
making apprehensions of no shows a priority. >> what secretary mayorkas was talking about bill is that because of overcrowding the border patrol is simply giving migrants a notice to report to ice location within 60 days. people are not doing that. and they are simply ignoring it. of course it has been his policy not to have icing after non-criminal aliens. he says that needs to change. >> bill: thank you, william la jeunesse on that and see what numbers we get in august. we talked about the polling. one, smitty. increased funding to central america was the root causes? here is how americans feel about it. whether or not you should send more money to ease the migration. 53% a clear majority are against it. >> sandra: and also spit out to us was the fox news polling on the opinion on the migration increase and whether that is directly tied to joe biden being elected president. really interesting to see that
7:15 am
about 75% of respondents collectively believe he is completely, mostly, or at least a little responsible. not at all that number jumped 7 points. are you surprised by april to now. 7% more believe he has nothing to do with the surge? >> bill: if you put completely and mostly together a simple majority. so that is what we found when we went out and talked to you over the past week. >> sandra: the number stayed the same. >> bill: nancy pelosi holding up an infrastructure bill in the house yuntion it as leverage to pass a 3.5 trillion whopper. senator rob portman helped write the bill on infrastructure and get his thoughts. >> sandra: a w.h.o. scientist shedding light on the wuhan lab leak theory and how chinese officials pressured investigators to drop it. >> the chinese cess pool of
7:16 am
lies they've propagated from day one. rather than looking for a virus and its origins, they seem to know what it came from for day one and they started propagating a cover story. has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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7:21 am
>> it now turns out they were essentially lying, that the leaders of this international committee actually believed a lab incident origin raised from unlikely to likely but they did a deal with chair chinese government counterparts who didn't want to mention the lab origination at all. >> sandra: a stunning reversal by the scientists who led the investigation into the outbreak.
7:22 am
they originally called the lab leak theory extremely unlikely. he is now calling it probable and china pressureinvestigators about it. let's bring in dr. nesheiwat. a stunning reversal. >> i hate to say it but i'm not surprised. since the beginning there has always been a lack of truth and transparency when it comes to the ccp and wuhan lab. we still don't have access to raw data, to hospital records and specimens. the red flag for me if you recall about a month prior to this global outbreak there were three researchers from the wuhan lab who became ill with covid-like symptoms. ill enough to require hospital care. that is when i realized there was potentially something happening in the lab that caused the outbreak. >> sandra: this is a doctor in his own words. he said this on danish television. right up to the end it was
7:23 am
discussed whether it should be included or not. it is probably because it means there is a human error behind such an incident and they are not very happy to admit it. it could also be that someone wants to hide something. who knows? that's a scary enough thought. he goes on to say the findings suggest the lab incident hypothesis is extremely unlikely to explain the introduction of the virus to the human population. so where does this leave us, dr. nesheiwat, knowing we're about to see the results of the 90-day investigation that president biden promised and will release back here at home? >> it is six months too late. it gives china another six months to cover up and hide any potential information that could have shown us hey, this is what happened. we need to know the answers. we need to know the truth. it will tell us how to prevent and minimize the damage from future occurrences from future
7:24 am
pandemics which may likely happen again. at this point china has had plenty of time to cover up, eliminate or eradicate any potential data that leads to wrongdoing. we still need to push forward and fight for answers until we can really get to the bottom of this. >> sandra: so much to take in when it comes to what we learn about the virus, the effectiveness and variants. the fda approved a third booster shot for some people. who should get the third shot? are we going to see more of this? all of us having to get the booster? >> this is great news so the data that just came out found those who are immunocompromised. if you've had an organ transplant, a liver or kidney transplant. data shows if you received a third shot of either pfizer or moderna, then you increase your antibody protection substantially. that will really help protect
7:25 am
you against variants of the coronavirus that we're seeing, specifically the delta vair yanlt. very good news. also applied to other people with medical conditions that could weaken their immune system or on medication. right now targeted to that group. down the road will others need a booster? potentially yes. in israel those 50 and up are eligible to get a booster. also in the u.k. it will be something that should be available to all of us especially healthcare worker on the front line and got their first dose last year. >> sandra: i don't rule out everything. everything changes by the day. we learn so much every week it seems with this virus. always good to see you. thank you. >> bill: 25 past. another alert the taliban accelerating its advance across afghanistan. now the finger pointing is just beginning. >> weakness begets war. you see what weak leadership ultimately leads to.
7:26 am
>> bill: who ordered this? we haven't heard from the commander-in-chief. the power vacuum grows greater by the hour. drivers digging deeper in the pocket to fill her up. is there any relief in sight? that's next. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose.
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veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. >> sandra: you probably noticed the price at the pump isn't getting cheaper. gas prices up more than a dollar a gallon from a year ago. it comes as the bipartisan infrastructure bill is trying to get more people to use battery-powered vehicles. we're live with more on that. hi, jeff. >> i'm at the newest fueling station in philadelphia, and look what they've got. who needs money in the
7:32 am
infrastructure bill? tesla put in a dozen supercharging station. the focus on electric vehicles is helping to drive the price of gasoline up. if you look at the latest fox news poll, what are people most concerned about when it comes to where we stand right now? is it political divisions, violent crime, coronavirus? no, it's inflation. the high price of things like gasoline. and as you report, we are at a high right now. i look and if i can get a shot as the truck rolls by $3.25. if you look at the chart on this nothing but increase for the past year or so. about $1 more expensive it was a year ago. a lot of people at the pumps over there at the supercharging station, i don't see any cars at the moment. maybe they'll be here soon. >> sandra: it is remarkable. i feel so many people have the reaction you see where you may live and many of them do sit
7:33 am
open. when you talk about pennsylvania, though, as a state pennsylvaniaians are right now paying $3.25 for a gallon 10 cents above the national average and still not enough to drive demand on its own to those vehicles. >> nope, not in this part of the country. california is a different deal. i've seen one car since we've been here. we've been here three hours. one car from california on a road trip. >> sandra: guess what they're paying in california? $4.40 a gallon for gasoline. >> bill: amazing. >> the military will still remain committed to helping protect the diplomatic presence that remains inside afghanistan. nobody is abandoning afghanistan and not walking away from it. it is doing the right thing at the right time to protect our people. >> bill: this was a fascinating press conference yesterday afternoon.
7:34 am
pentagon press secretary john kirby talking about the situation in afghanistan. not good. the u.s. sending thousands of troops back into kabul to help evacuate the u.s. embassy and maybe do more than that. we see. the taliban advances at a relentless and alarming rate. provincial capitals are falling like dominoes. republican congressman michael waltz served multiple tours in afghanistan. and gayle lemmon. what do you make of what we're watching now, congressman >> it is a disgrace and national humiliation. i think that president biden is barreling towards his own saigon moment. this didn't have to be this way. many of us pushed for a small counter terrorism presence and another one to provide critical support to the afghan national army. but here we are. the point that i want everyone
7:35 am
to understand is that with the taliban offensive, will come al qaeda 3.0 that will follow it home just as when president obama pulled out of iraq too quickly and too soon that led to the ride of isis, call fate and attacks across the west once again. al qaeda, according to the intelligence community, intends to do the same. my heart is breaking. every veteran i know is sick to their stomach. we know these attacks will follow us home and eventually we're going to have to go back except this time it is going to be after our local allies have been mass acreed with no bases in the region and far more cost, blood and treasure in the future. >> sandra: that's quite a warning. the "new york post" this morning says the same thing. biden's saigon. the scramble to evacuate afghanistan. president biden was asked do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in vietnam with some
7:36 am
people feeling like there is no, none, zero. he went on to say not comparable at all. there would be no circumstances that he could foresee where you would see people lifted off the roof of an embassy. here we go. what are we about to see? what happens next? >> this was across four administrations. not the first administration not wanting to withdraw from afghanistan. i don't think they would have engineered a humanitarian crisis on the path to withdrawal. the taliban are in the house and we need to have time to slow down the momentum to really help those who have been america's allies find a path out. i've covered the policies since 2005 and there is not one administration that hasn't talked about withdrawal. the question is how, and how do you protect those who have been
7:37 am
america's allies, those who have been girls growing up who have never lived under the taliban and become doctors and judges and engineers and how do we protect them? i think that is the next urgent question before us. >> bill: "wall street journal" headline. taliban force marriages in taliban-held areas. >> i don't think it's too late yet. there are three key things biden could do and stand up and show leadership. one commit american air power. we did it in 2001 with virtually zero troops on the ground. the taliban are out in the open, exposed. it would blunt their offensive and buy us time not only for the afghan security forces but to get our local allies out. number two, pakistan is completely complicit. their military is supporting this taliban offensive. i want to see all aid frozen and possibly sanctions against
7:38 am
the pakistani military. number three, we desperately need a new strategy. i believe ambassador, the point man across multiple administrations who has told them the taliban have changed and interesting the peace i believe he should resign or be fired. and only once we have reestablished strength and stopped their momentum can we seriously talk about negotiations. otherwise the taliban are actually using that to bolster their own legitimacy. the world'd's greatest super power begging them to not hit our embassy and please come to the table. the taliban doesn't understand strongly worded letters. they understand strength and leverage and bombs. and at the end of the day that's what president biden is going to have to step up and do. otherwise what is the plan for al qaeda 3.0 after kabul has fallen and again that's just incredibly disturbing?
7:39 am
>> sandra: gale, why now? the agreement to pull these troops. bipartisan agreement all along to do that? you're talking about the timing. poor timing of this. general keane this morning talking about fighting season. why not wait until the fall or winter? was that the biggest mistake? >> listen, i think there is plenty of conversation to be add, 2012 i wrote a piece about afghanistan withdrawal. 2014. the last administration there was deep concern with president trump's announcement that put the timeline at may. how do you protect people's lives and to the point of u.s. power, we have diplomatic power. we have the ability to really navigate both creating time and space for those who have put their lives on the line, for example my whatsapp is full of young women trying to protect their moms and dads. a young engineering trying to figure out how to get her mother and father help? how do we create time and space
7:40 am
for them and pakistan to open the border to refugees and how do you have in-country visa processing from the unhdr. it says nobody can do anything because you have to be in another country to apply for them. so i always believe the united states has options and i think that we can exercise them. >> bill: a lot what the last 20 years was about. thank you both. a couple those here. thinking that the strategy here is to draw the taliban out as congressman waltz referred to. you can do that with air cover. it has been minimized here. 2009 when joe biden was the vice president. he was against the troop build-up that barack obama eventually decided to do in afghanistan. he was against it. and now based on his decision, he is still against it in 2021. >> sandra: another interesting angle to hear from those who served in afghanistan. joey jones at the 1:00 hour on
7:41 am
fox news and get his reaction. >> bill: one more thing here. we've heard a lot about waltz talking about veterans. they feel humiliated by this, many of them. we'll put it up here. the humilityiation is extensive if you think about the blood, treasure, years and effort we put there. there it is if you need a number. >> sandra: moderate democrats putting the squeeze on house speaker nancy pelosi threatening to torpedo the party massive spending plan unless they vote first on the infrastructure bill. we'll hear from senator ron portman on that next. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
7:42 am
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>> bill: democrats divided over how to proceed with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. group of moderate democrats threatening to hold their support for the 3.5 trillion proposal unless speaker pelosi immediately brings the infrastructure package to a vote. want to bring in republican senator rob portman out of ohio back home in cincinnati. thank you for your time. good morning to you. you helped craft it, 19 republicans got on board and voted yes with you. "the new york times" gave all the credit to joe biden. ted cruz, however, is not on board. he said the following. my colleagues have tried to
7:47 am
claim this bill is paid for. it is not. even if you count the gimmicks and fake offsets it will increase the deficit by over a quarter million dollars. make your case. why is it a good bill, senator? >> first of all, it is the right thing to do for the country. infrastructure is crumbling. 46,000 bridges need to be replaced one in your hometown of cincinnati right behind me. also it's true that this is a bipartisan effort. that's good for country right now, too. there is a definite need for us to replace infrastructure and improve it. people get that. 86% of american people ought to think we need to do that. in terms of the economics of it, this is good for the economy. this is long-term spending. not spent next year or the year after. spent over the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years for bridges, roads and railways and broadband infrastructure.
7:48 am
some of the spending president biden is pushing out there with social. this is long term spending. every president has strongly supported it and we've never been able to get it done. donald trump proposed $1.5 trillion in an infrastructure package. sometimes he talked about even more than that. i give him credit. he is the one who got republicans thinking about the importance of investing in infrastructure. hours is $550 billion. it is over a five-year period. again, it is something that's needed and good for the economy. makes the economy more efficient and brings tax revenue into the economy. >> bill: marc thiessen. infrastructure bill saved the filibuster and made it more likely republicans will take back house and senate. there is stuff buried in there that people learn about later. i came across this including a
7:49 am
$250 million program for invasive plant removal on major highways across the u.s. i don't know if that's in there or not. seems to me it's a local issue and not a federal issue. that's an aside. moderate democrats are pushing speaker pelosi to vote on this thing now. how do you game out 1.2 trillion over year and the potential for another 3.5 trillion bill voted on behalf of just democrats? how do you see that working, if at all? >> first of all, bill, i think marc thiessen is write. he is a conservator columnist who wrote this morning that the bipartisan effort shows you can get things done on a bipartisan basis. it is not joe biden's infrastructure package. it was done by republicans and democrats, moderates on both sides working together to how to take the biden proposal that was 2.65 trillion, with huge tax increases, the biggest tax increases in american history and a lot of stuff not core
7:50 am
infrastructure. let's pull out the core infrastructure that everybody wants to do. that was $550 billion out of the 2.65 trillion and let's take all the tax increases out of it. we did. that's what this is right now, this bipartisan package represents. the reason marc thiessen thinks it's good in terms of saving the filibuster is right now the 60-vote margin is necessary to get things done. under a filibuster it would go away. the democrats would be able to pass all sorts of bad legislation including making d.c. a state and changing the supreme court and so on. what the democrats have argued is nothing can get done with 60 votes? that's not true. it just has been done. we gave confidence to members like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema who don't want to get rid of the filibuster. they now have an argument. those of us who believe
7:51 am
democrats ought not to believe the get rid of the filibuster we can get our work done and requires concession on both sides. in terms of the invasive plants on highways, that's the interstate highway systems only. not local ones. i don't know if it ended up staying in the bill. it's an example our interstate highway system needs work. those who waited in line for rush hour they would rather be spending more time with kids or getting to work sooner, it will help our roads and bridges and ports and railways and broadband a huge issue. >> bill: i can talk about this for a long time. hope you come back. yes, no, maybe, do they pass 3.5 trillion? >> i sure hope not. it is a terrible bill and huge tax increases and a whole lot of spending. both senator sinema and manchin have said after the infrastructure bill passed they cannot support legislation at that level. these nine moderate democrats who just sent a letter to speaker pelosi said we need to
7:52 am
vote on the infrastructure package. they have deep concerns about the 3.5 trillion. it would be terrible for america. >> bill: i will put you down as a maybe for the 3.5. thank you. >> sandra: if you build it, they will come. major league baseball playing a game for the ages last night. did you see it? ♪♪♪ ing the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate.
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7:58 am
group could do exactly this. 2,000 american lives lost. a trillion american dollars spent in that war. general jack keane, k.t. mcfarland in focus at the top of the hour. >> just one question to answer. is this heaven? i don't think i heard you. is this heaven? [cheering and applause] >> bill: i think we needed that, huh? iowa last night. you saw it all. kevin kostner doing the intro for the field of dreams brought to you only by fox. carley shimkus was watching. >> how cool was that shot as the baseball players going through the corn. dyersville, iowa, the first time this field of dreams game has ever happened, right? and i think that the reason this game is so important you said we needed this, right? it is patriotism, it's america
7:59 am
and it gets people excited for baseball. america's pastime. some people argued that america's pastime in 2021 is really football. here is baseball's answer in terms of the field of dreams. >> bill: the production was amazing. >> sandra: baseball has other problems like sky high salaries and play -- we forgot about all that for a night. one question. have you ever visited the field of dreams? >> i have. have you? >> sandra: yes. it is worth it. family trip there and you do, you get the feeling. it is a special place. >> bill: fantastic. kevin kostner went in the booth for a couple of innings and he said at one point before they went to commercial a new tradition has started and you have done that. awesome night. >> it is heaven, it is baseball. all things wholesome and america and we absolutely loved it. now i'm hungry, i want apple
8:00 am
pie and corn this weekend. let's eat some of that. >> bill: have a great weekend. nice to be with you, smitty. >> sandra: back at 1:00. joey jones at the top of the hour. >> bill: at lot to say about what is happening in afghanistan. harris begins now. have a good weekend. >> harris: the entire nation of afghanistan under siege as the taliban now have crushed under their control city after city. and now rapidly closing in on the capital kabul where our u.s. embassy is. the pentagon deploying thousands of troops and even more on stand by in the middle east. operation allies refuge get our people out of there. i'm harris faulkner, you are in "the faulkner focus". the lightning speed at which much of afghanistan has fallen is


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