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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 13, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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ashley: a fox news alert, two more cities fall to the taliban, afghan officials say they have surrendered the capital of uristan province and the capital of zabul province has been seized. it's believed to be the 14th provincial capital in the country to be taken over. carley: three other major cities were captured hours before. the pentagon now stepping in, sending 3,000 troops to evacuate the u.s. embassy in kabul.
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you're watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i'm carley shimkus. ashley: i'm ashley strohmier. todd an jillian are off this morning. now to the border crisis, homeland security secretary new mayorkas announcing border crossings hit a 21 year high. carley: griff jenkins is live with brand-new audio recordings that are telling. >> reporter: we haven't seen these kind of numbers since the spring of the year 2000, never during a raging pandemic. secretary mayorkas announcing this number here, more than 212,000 encounters in july, a five-fold increase over last july. >> the situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. it is complicated, changing, and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic. >> reporter: but behind closed
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doors, in this leaked audio, talking to border patrol agents, mayorkas admits the situation is much more dire. >> these numbers cannot continue. we cannot get to the point we were a couple weeks ago and we're going to make sure that doesn't happen. >> reporter: meanwhile, outgoing border patrol chief rodney skott not mincing words on what his agents are facing today. >> i firmly believe it is a national security crisis. immigration is a subcomponent of it. whether it be covid, whether it be the massive crisis on the southwest border right now or whether it just be the general tone of society and anti-police movements, there's a lot of stress out there and we would be fooling our selfs to think it's not getting to some of us. >> reporter: during mayorkas' visit he met with local leaders including democrat congressman henry cuellar who is pleading for assistance. >> the men and women if green
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and blue need help, bottom line. they're strained. they're over-worked. they don't need just a pat on the back. they actually need resources. >> reporter: meanwhile, we also learned that desperate local officials in laredo say they're having to spend 8 to $10,000 a day to bus untested migrants out of the city. carley: 8 to $10,000, democrats say they're the party that is taking covid seriously. griff, thank you so much. ashley: texans living near the southern pour deer -- border say they're frustrated over the biden's administrations double standard on rules and restrictions. >> they're not thinking about the american people. these immigrants, illegals, as far as we feel are more important to them than we are and they still want us to carry a card around saying we've been vaccinated and you've got to wear a mask. the illegals aren't told to do anything. to me it's unamerican.
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ashley: laura logan has seen the crisis firsthand. she joins us later this hour to weigh in. a. carley: manhunt is underway for two gunmen a wild florida shootout, police reveal surveillance video showing two men huddle behind a car and opening fire on two cars driving by. people inside the passing cars returned fire. no one was hurt. police say the suspects showed no regard to safety and are asking for the public's help to find them. ashley: police in new york city releasing this shocking video, showing a gunman opening fire on a street in broad daylight. another man can be seen darting into oncoming traffic to avoid the bullets. the incident happened on august 1st in harlem. police say the shooter took off on a scooter and remains at large. thankfully, no one was hurt. and then to this, it's biden's weak spot, another one. americans are seriously
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concerned about crime. will voters make their voices heard in the midterms and beyond? so i do have to say, like the video we just saw in harlem, broad daylight in new york city, i personally feel that this has been forced because of the defund the police movement because you see it in the bigger cities, you see the mayors and governors pushing this. but if you look at this, a fox news poll, 81% of registered voters say they're extremely or very concerned about violent crime. so are the democrats going to wake up and realize that this is not working? unfortunately, it happened. but are they going to realize it's not working and are they going to try to back pedal. carley: if you remember, earlier this week, senator corey booker, he made that speech on the senate floor and he was saying -- they actually did a very good thing. they voted it, it was 99-0, they voted in favor of withholding federal funds from cities that
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defund their police. all democrats supported it. all republicans did. and corey booker's point -- not cori bush, very different -- the feeling on the police perspective, his feeling was finally senators, democratic senators can stand up and say that they don't want to defund the police, but unfortunately in the house many democrats do. that's where you have the squad members, people like cori bush and aoc and they're the ones that are really driving this movement. ashley: i think it's because they realize that their seats could be in jeopardy because they pushed it, because when you see numbers like that, you know, 81% of people saying that they're concerned about the safety, they have nowhere to go. carley: there are more numbers. fox news released more, majority of people say there is more violent crime in their local area compared to a year ago, so 57% say that there's more crime in their local area, so almost 60% of people polled say that they feel less safe and that is
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more than just republicans. that's democrats and independent and that's why, ashley, to your point, this has to be on president biden's radar. he made that speech about crime but when he did, he didn't talk about criminals specifically. he said it was a gun issue in cities. ashley: i do want to play this. this is basically a montage of democrats calling for the defunding of the police. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew. >> why use the word defund? it's like this is the word that's coming from the streets. >> suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police. carley: suck it up. ashley: i cringe every time i hear it. carley: absolutely. i want to say it's not just defunding the police that's the problem. we heard a lot of cops in recent weeks say that it also has to do with the soft on crime, the criminal coddling policies, bail reform where they arrest somebody and the next day
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they're out on the streets. it's like why even arrest. ashley: monte morgan. carley: exactly, we heard the story of the person that's accused of killing police officer ella french. he was involved in a hit and run accident. he fled the scene and he probably did that because he was also on parole for a robbery. ashley: right. i mean, like i keep saying, this is -- the defund the police movement, it's not going to just affect the police officers. obviously it is affecting them. it's going to have a trickle down effect. it's going to start affecting the every day average citizen who cannot call the police because there's not enough to respond or in a timely manner. carley: we went from defund the police in 2020 to hopefully re-fund the police in 2021. ashley: you are seeing some mayors saying they need more police after they called for -- carley: defunding last year. the time is now eight minutes after the hour. there were more than 200,000 border encounters last month
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which is a 21-year high. that's a stunning development in the ongoing crisis, so why is the media ignoring it? joe concha thinks knows why. we're talking to him, coming up next. ashley: this baseball game looked more like a ufc fight. video of the brawl that broke out at the braves' concession stand, over a hot dog. i don't know that. carley: yikes. ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. like sharpening your cooking skills with a top chef. join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. carley: good morning. welcome back. texas law enforcement officers are called to round up democrats that fled the special session. the texas house speaker wind warrants to bring them back to the state house so the chamber can vote on the election protection bill, this comes after the state supreme court blocked a judge's order protecting democrats from civil arrest. britney spears is one step closer to being free. her father jamie announcing plans to step down as conservator of the singer's estate, not before doubling down on his innocence of allegations of conservatorship abuse. the court filing says he should
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not be suspended or removed and certainly not based on false allegations. britney's attorney firing back at the filing, saying, quote, this is a major victory for britney spears, rather than making false accusations and taking cheap shots at his daughter, at his own daughter, mr. spears should remain silent and step aside immediately. it's unclear when the popeye consistent's father will step down -- pop icon's father will step down. the next hearing is scheduled for september 29th. ashley: a new york lieutenant governor, kathy hochul, gearing up to replace governor andrew cuomo later this month. >> no one will ever describe my administration as a toxic work environment. no one who is named as anything, doing anything unethical in the report will remain in my administration. there will be turnover. there will be turnover. my administration will be fully transparent when i'm governor. i'm not governor yet. ashley: i wasn't so long ago that she was praising the
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disgraced democrat on women's issues. joining us now is rob estrino. we just heard the sound bite from kathy hochul. she talks about transparency. speaking of transparency, do you think we'll hear anything about the nursing home scandal? >> yeah, wouldn't that be top of the list, you would think. and i asked her i think it was in march, i tweeted to kathy hochul, like how about answering questions from the press or how about the press asking you questions like what role did you have any any of this. did you agree with the executive order? do you think there should be an investigation? did you ever see or hear or get told about any of these allegations against governor cuomo with regard to sexual harassment? she has gotten a complete and utter pass. nobody knows her -- how to pronounce her name, let alone anything about her and then she is going to take over the reins in less than two weeks.
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she's gotten away scott free. now she is saying i don't know andrew cuomo, i've only been with him for six years and run for re-election with him and talked about how wonderful he is but i really don't know him. ashley: that does bring me to this. she was a middle of the road democrat for a while. under cuomo she became more left-leaning. so how do we know how she is going to be as governor? >> we don't. kirstin gil bland, me had an -- gillibrand had a rating of a plus then she went to the left. hochul is not part of the new york city machine. in order for her to move forward i think in her mind and certainly with the party she is going to have to go left. she supports all this, no cash bail, all this nonsense that led to violence in cities, people
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leaving new york, the high taxes. she has been part and parcel of all this, as well as corruption in albany. she's got the stain and stench of cuomo on her. it's going to be houdini act to say who is cuomo. ashley: a he is eligible for the $50,000 per year state pension at the taxpayers' expense. do you think he should and will forfeit that? >> he never will forfeit it. should he? absolutely. he just got $5 million for a book deal that was based on not only false pretenses, all his lies on the covid situation and less death than what happened, and yet he'll walk out the door with that $5 million as well as $50,000 a year pension. no, he should not take it at all, he should do the taxpayers
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a benefit for once, since they're the ones always getting screwed and decline it. he would be ineligible for a pension if he is convicted of a felony. that would of course -- ashley: that's up in the air if that's going to happen. i've got to leave it here. we appreciate your take this morning. >> thanks, ashley. carley: the time is now 18 minutes after the hour. more than 200,000 border encounters last month alone marking a 21-year high. and hardly any mainstream media coverage. joe concha is here, we are talking to him about it next. ashley: plus an nba player jumps into action after his son fell, the video proving not all heros wear capes, coming up. ♪ just keep breathing and breathing and breathing. ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat.
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ashley: back with a fox news alert. this morning, the taliban capturing three more capital cities in afghanistan. they now control more than two thirds of the country and the pends gone is stepping -- pentagon is stepping in, sending 3,000 troops to evacuate the u.s. embassy in kabul. jackie ibanez joins us with more. >> reporter: the last two hours, afghan cities have fallen to the taliban. afghan officials say they have surrendered the capital oerzegon province. it's believed to be the 14th and 15th provincial capitals in the country to be taken over, part of a week long blitz. the taliban's growth shown on the map, you can see it in red. while kabul isn't directly under threat yet, the military is not wasting time, sending 3,000 troops to help u.s. embassy personnel and other americans evacuate the country and an additional 3500 troops out of
2:24 am
fort bragg to kuwait as a standby force in case they're needed. the pentagon maintaining it's not deserting the country. >> nobody is abandoned afghanistan, not walking away from it. it's doing the right thing at the right time to protect our people. >> this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale withdrawal. what this is is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. >> reporter: now, president joe biden on the other hand refused to take questions on the issue ahead of his delaware departure there yesterday. this as senate minority leader mitch mcconnell released a statement saying, quote, afghanistan is going towards a massive, predictable and preventable disaster. president biden should immediately commit to providing more support to afghan forces. without it, al-qaida and the taliban may celebrate the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks by burning down our embassy in kabul. some intelligence assessments
2:25 am
predict the taliban could take control of kabul within a month. ashley: combat veteran joey jones who lost both legs while serving in afghanistan says he's concerned about america's leadership. >> what makes me so mad about this is we have a man in the white house that couldn't predict this, that told us just a week ago nothing like this would happen and those are the people that are going to keep us safe, that are in charge of our borders, that are in charge of a virus that's spreading across the country, that people that couldn't see this happening or did they know and they just wanted to lie to us because biden knew he would be the president that lost afghanistan and he would rather do it before the mid terms than after. i don't know. ashley: envoys from the u.s., china and other countries are in qatar right now trying to accelerate the peace process. no deal has been made to stop the relentless taliban offensive. carley: migrant encounters at the southern border hitting a 21 year high in july and the major
2:26 am
news networks are not saying a word. ashley: joining us to discuss is fox news contributor, joe concha. okay, joe, so the nightly news, abc, nbc, cbs, they give zero minutes to the border numbers but abc world news tonight with david muir, 15 seconds, cbs evening news, 20 seconds to britney spears. >> it's a big story, sure. but you can do both. they have 22 minutes each night. you've got to understand, people say who watches the evening news anymore, 20 million people per night watch the evening newscast. they still have influence. the fact that you had the homeland secretary at the border talking about an unprecedented crisis, even though he called it a crisis, the biden administration is interesting with their words and covid is spread to communities throughout the country as far as covid migrant -- i'm sorry, positive
2:27 am
migrants being released into communities throughout this country, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any plan around how do you stem this tide. remember, we were told that when the warmer weather months come the tide would stop as far as the hundreds of thousands of migrants coming over the border and it's only accelerating. you would think this would be a story. carley: you have a leaked audio of mayorkas saying this is a big deal, an untenable situation even though the administration's response to the cameras is this is not a crisis. a brand-new fox news poll shows that 66% of people are extremely or very concerned about the border. they can't all be fox news viewers, can they? >> maybe they can. no, look, biden right now is getting -- when you look at the polls, he's only in the 30s as far as his handling of the border which is not a good place to be as far as politics are
2:28 am
concerned. when you combine all these factors, you just talked about afghanistan, right, kabul's about to fall. the middle east is in chaos. you have inflation, 86% of americans are very concerned about inflation. then you have violent crime skyrocketing in american cities, they're very concerned about that as well and now you have the border. to your point, around those numbers. what does the democrat party run on in 2022 when you have a country that's more expensive to live in, less safe to live in and has a border that's completely insecure. ashley: feels very friday the 13th. >> oh, it's friday the 13th, isn't it. i wondered why the black cat just walked by. ashley: washington post critics ripped cnn for shilling on behalf of chris cuomo. if we have the sound bite, i would like to run the sound bite of seltzer on the late show on wednesday. >> it is an odd conflict, a crazy set of circumstances.
2:29 am
this was definitely automatic a ward for cnn. overall i think what was most important is that we covered the story on-air the same we would any other story. ashley: are they covering this story on-air like any other. >> how do you go on national tv like that? the media correspondent said they're covering it. not in the 9:00 hour which is the highest rated hour. they would not touch the andrew cuomo story once. last year, he was you allowed to interview his brother 11 times and never bring up the nursing home scandal which weren't even interviews, it was pr at that point. he said this is a crazy set of circumstances that cnn created. carley: how do you feel about stephen colbert having brian seltzer on at all? do you think there is a lot of interest in what he has to say about the topic, enough to garner a late show experience. >> i guess britney spears isn't available. these shows used to have
2:30 am
celebrities on. ashley: you have to feel bad for the studio audience. >> you would think, who is this person, he's trying to sell a book that not many people are buying. that's what late night has become. it's no longer about escapeism. i go to late night to not see and hear people from cnn and then i have to see people from cnn. it's an interesting situation. for the media correspondent, he's embarrassing himself at this point. the network is embarrassing itself at this point because they're going to bring bakeries cuomo and he's going to lecture all his viewers about x, y, z shall where he committed every journalism ethics violation you can think of. carley: you're not embarrassing yourself. thank you for being here. >> take care. carley: you can hang out the whole show. gas prices are going up and american families are feeling the impact. the president's solution, asking opec to pump more oil. so why are we canceling pipeline
2:31 am
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carley: some are calling it america last, the white house is sounding the alarm over rising energy prices and asking for more foreign oil but president biden is also limiting production here in the united states.
2:35 am
texas governor greg abbott saying, quote, texas can do this. our producers can easily produce that oil if your administration will just stay out of the way. don't make us dependent on foreign sources of energy. here to weigh in, laid off keystone xl pipeline worker, lynn allen. good morning to you, sir. so the buy done add medicine -- biden administration is saying foreign oil producers, you've got to pump more. governor abbott saying we can do this at home. what's your reaction. >> good morning, young lady. thanks for giving me a voice this morning and i promise you right now, greg abbott is right. texas can absolutely flood the united states of america with oil and this administration they got right now is hurting so many oil and gas workers, it's not even funny. our families are suffering and yet he will go to the foreign nations over there and buy oil? that don't make sense. what's wrong with this administration? what's wrong with it?
2:36 am
why can he not take care of his people, the american people, like he used to be and how it used to be was america first. now i guess we're america last. because they don't care. they do not care. all it is a round-house money waste for him to skim more money in some sense. i don't understand it. when we've got the good riches right here and more than we can ever burn. carley: this started because national security advisor jake sullivan, he wrote a letter to opec nations, the oil producing nations, he said while opec recently agreed to production increases, these increases will not fully offset previous production cuts that opec plus imposed during the pandemic until well into 2022. this is simply not enough. he is saying foreign oil, we need more because gas prices are going too high. but at the same time, lynn, you lost your job because he cut the
2:37 am
keystone pipeline. he also suspended oil and gas leases on federal land. so why is foreign oil okay for the biden administration? >> ma'am, that's something i can't answer. i don't understand it. we've got better resources right here that can put american families back to work. i don't understand it. i don't understand it. there's some money somewhere where this administration is making money off of it somehow instead of using good old united states american labor and technology instead of having to go to the foreign countries. carley: president biden may be good for jobs but those jobs, they're overseas. lynn, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, ma'am. god bless america. carley: god bless you and god bless america, absolutely. ashley. ashley: let's take a live look at the st. louis arch.
2:38 am
meteorologist adam klotz is here with our fox weather forecast. and adam, we were talking boff this, phoenix is already 86 degrees, they're going to be sweltering by the time the sun comes up. >> they're used to it. 80 degrees in new york city. >> that's hot. >> i think it feels good. >> we're not used to it. 80 degrees before the day is over, it's going to feel really good. we'll be close to 100 here in the city, here are your temperatures currently across the country. 82 back in dallas, 86 degrees here early this morning in the phoenix area. the larger weather story the next couple days, a tropical depression moving to the north of cuba, winds at 35 miles an hour. this will be our next tropical storm. it's fretted. it will become -- fred. it will become a tropical storm probably by this afternoon, not likely to become a hurricane. most of the tracks run this up the western coast of florida, not making landfall until you get to panama city.
2:39 am
they've seen hurricanes the last couple of years. you see all of that rain battering south florida, getting into tonight, into saturday morning, and that's where most of the rain is going to be. maybe as much as 6 to 8 inches. it's going to be a slow one, guys. as i head back over towards you, a rain maker. that's the big story with this one. the winds aren't going to be the story, not as much, not the storm surge but really just a soggy couple of days. carley: what about key west this weekend. producer sarah, she's going there? >> no. carley: it's not going to be okay? >> no. carley: luckily there's other things to do. have fun indoors? >> ion't be all weekend. carley: good, good. sarah, there's hope for you yet. adam, thank you so much. ashley: coming up, crime skyrocketed in liberal cities nationwide but not in boston. >> in order to have a positive relationship, you have to have a relationship, you've got to be out there, you've got to be involved, you've got to be in
2:40 am
the community. ashley: how are they doing it? carley: lawrence jones hit the street with those leading the charge and he joins us live, coming up next. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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ashley: a welcome back. crime is surging in major cities across the country but not in boston.
2:44 am
numbers just in from july show crime is actually down. you now, the success in the city may be in part to a proactive program led by reverend eugene rivers. "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones hit the streets to talk to the reverend and other community leaders. take a look. >> this is where it started for you. >> we moved into dorchester in 1987. and this is where we live. and as you can see, there are the three bullets from the second occasion that our house was not into. >> that sets the scene for how life was. >> oh, yeah. >> in the city. >> that's right. >> y'all start this community meeting, bring law enforcement, clergy, community leaders at one table. >> yes. lord, we thank you and praise you for your goodness and mercy. we thank you for the young people, we thank you for the
2:45 am
sticks we thank you for the community, we thank you for our law enforcement partners. >> crime is skyrocketing all across the country in liberal cities but not in boston. why? the community and police are working together and it starts with this meeting every wednesday. >> there are some kids who are falling through the cracks. >> we really need to make sure our children are safe. >> is this gang activity -- do you have any general sense? >> we're working with a kim families that were true -- couple families that were traumatized. >> i am here because i'm a mother of four children. our community deserves to be safe. >> a lot of cities the police and the residents are at odds. >> they're not having these types of conversations. so how are you guys able to do this? >> effective community policing. >> we've got to do the work on the prevention, intervention side. that's our responsibility. the faith communities have to step up and this needs to be
2:46 am
said, that the boston police department was supporting this kind of academic, educational and cultural literacy. that is not being done anywhere else in the united states. >> the extraordinary work that officer domerville has done working with the young people with us today. >> in order to have a positive relationship, you have to have a relationship. you've got to be out there. you've got to be involved. you've got to be in the community. boston police, that's what we promote, that's what we do. >> how important is it to have the police leadership, community policing here, all in one location with the pastors, community leaders, working together, how important is that? >> that's very important. that's very -- even to the youth. >> together, we can do a lot of things. we can't expect the police to make an impact if we're not working together with them. >> we have experienced violence
2:47 am
in the city, more recently, our numbers are nowhere near other cities. we have a really strong partnership, quite frankly, with the community and our police department. >> boston has in fact crime is going down. crime has been going down steadily. one. secondly, even when there's an uptick, the faith communities and the cops get together so it doesn't become black lives matter, anti-cop, defund the police. none of that. >> these kids, they respect you. i just watched them interact with you, they talk with you. >> yeah, yeah. >> they don't just respect you, they respect the other male role models that are there. >> absolutely. look, this is a result of spending 20 years on the street. >> i guess my big question is, is this a model for the country? >> let me tell you something. a model that says faith communities, law enforcement partnerships are the way to go. with the commitment that the faith communities as separate
2:48 am
institutions will provide secular services working in collaboration and partnership and transparency with us. this is the model, this is the pro poe type. ashley: i interviewed the ref rent this past weekend and it will take people like him who know the system to help the cities. so these other cities, they need to follow suit and see what he's doing. carley: what an incredible, uplifting story. when you look at it that way, this problem doesn't have to be hard to solve. strong two parent families, school of choice, safe leaders like reverend rivers helping out. that's an incredible story and obviously lawrence did such a great job. ashley: a time for the good, bad and ugly. the good, 76ers center andre drummond reminds us not all heroes wear capes. the nba all star player darting into a pool to share his
2:49 am
2-year-old son. he shared the video, adding no one was hurt. carley: next, the bad. a british man's bank robbery attempt is foiled because of his sloppy handwriting. sus ex police say allen slattery left the bank empty handed because staff couldn't read the note he handed over demanding cash. he did successfully rob another bank later before being arrested. he was sentenced to four years behind bars for robbery and attempted robbery. ashley: maybe he can type the next one up. and finally, the ugly. two women got into a ufc style brawl at the braves game in atlanta. they traded blow as other fans tried to separate them. the video shared online ends with one of the two being arrested. it's unclear what started the fight. that looked like beer and popcorn on the ground. carley: a beer and popcorn infused fight. ashley: aren't they all. carley: still ahead, the biden administration says the border is one of the toughest challenges they face.
2:50 am
as migrant encounters reach a 21-year high with more than 200,000 last month. ashley: lauren logan reacts to the alarming new stats, coming up.
2:51 am
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>> the situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. it is complicated, changing and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic. carley: mayorkas wrapped up three-point south texas impeachment. 200,000 migrant encounters in july. highest number in more than 20 years. ashley: here to react is fox nation host lara logan. okay, laura, they are pushing for mayorkas to be impeached.
2:55 am
leaving it to the local leaders to clean up what's going on down there. i want to pull this up and want your reaction on the other side of this. local leaders plead to dhs stop releasing migrant families due to the surge of covid-19. more resources for border patrol and reopen land ports to nonessential tourists to stimulate trade. you have been to the border. you have seen it what is your take on it? >> well, this is a very serious situation. perhaps the most serious part of all is that the biden administration has been asking from day one is that this is not happening. and once again you heard secretary mayorkas come to the border and talk about the people who are struggling and the people, you know, who are in a bad situation having to travel at this time. what he doesn't talk about, what no one in the biden administration actually talks about is the national security threat to this country. the biden administration, like the previous one. knows that the mexican cartels today are the most violent criminal organizations on earth.
2:56 am
that operate all over the world. 54 countries. cgng more than 40 crun countries. one of the statistics through the roof the amount of fentanyl seizures at the deadliest street drug in the history of this country and also every country in the world. you know, what we know for certain is that the biden administration is not addressing the national security threat. they are taking no action to address it. they don't even acknowledge it they don't explain it. to the american people. and so, the real question here, that is not being asked of the biden administration. is why they are not concerned about a national security. why they are not doing anything to mitigate the threat. and why they are focused all the time is only on defining the border in humanitarian terms. when everybody knows that when you have an open border policy the way they have. that you are letting across both
2:57 am
the innocent people seeking a better life and you are also enabling the cartels, the human traffickers who move them, who are the number one beneficiaries of this policy. and do you know who it isn't, when it you talk to the ranchers and talk to the people along the border, it isn't the american citizens who are directly affected dr. or the american citizens across the citizens who are. carley: you bring up a good point about drugs. were just seized at the border. and those drugs, they are not staying in texas. they are going to every single state here in the united states. >> yes. and overdose deaths are through the roof. you know, i mean, it's just so ironic because we all remember when, you know, constant sort of, you know, drum beat of coverage over the opioid crisis, opioid crisis. isn't it so terrible. look at all of these americans dying in the tens of thousands.
2:58 am
overdose deaths this year already exceed the last fiscal year. and the last fiscal year was a record high for this country. and when you break it down, the number of americans who are dying every day is shocking. not only that, it's the nature of who is dying that has changed, which is really the part that we should be talking about. because this isn't about, you know, drug addicts on the streets of baltimore. something like that. this is about 12, 13, 14, 15-year-old girls and boys who think they are taking adderall to study they are taking a fake pill counterfeit pill made chinese chinese and mexican cartels. they are using that to undermine this country from within to kill innocent americans, do you know what mann from dea said to me. one very senior leader said to me i have dea agents trained to fight the cartels. trained go into battle.
2:59 am
what they're doing is they are in post-traumatic shock because day after day after day, they are going into the bedroom of young children who are not addicts, many of whom don't even take a lot of drugs. don't even use recreational drugs. and they're dying in record numbers. and we are silent. we do nothing for the families of these victims. ashley: lara, i want to get to this quickly. illegal immigrants being sent to cities without covid tests. americans feel they're last restrictions put on us and hospitals are overloaded. what is your take on this. >> americans are being put last. what's reprehensible is that the very same time that the biden administration is doubling down on masks and the delta variant and, you know, saying that accusing people who are not vaccinated are being killers at the very same moment they are just letting this flood of migrants across the border and
3:00 am
don't forget the numbers you have, they don't include all the people who just got away. there is tens of thousands pouring across the border. carley: even higher than that, lara, you have done. >> much higher. carley: thank you for covering it. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ashley: thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ >> as president biden leaves for vacation. >> the u.s. sends 3,000 troops back to afghanistan. >> the taliban has now captured the country's second and third largest city. >> we need to blame the suits for this tragic failure and not the boots. >> homeland security secretary mayorkas july migrant encounters 21 year high. >> how do you deal with that. only one man who can fix it is biden and so to me it's unamerican. >> a complaint against maryland elementary school for segregating students by their race. >> i was appalled in 2020 we are talking about black


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