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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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speak to a final congratulations to jewelry to, she had dominic celebrated the happiest day of their lives. >> the population continues to age and shrink. for the first time in the of white americans is below 60%. everybody who is not white is growing in number. >> homegrown team to focus on what's right. everybody outside the state is pitching about the stake. >> greg: if there's a californian who should his mouth covered it, it is gavin newsom. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] all right. happy thursday, everyone! as joe biden likes to call it
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please, god, tell me hunter's and banging again day. and sorry out of luck. more cd videos have been unearthed of a naked and animated hunter biden chatting with a lady of the evening. about pretty crazy stuff. lady of the evening. great term considering this was likely shot at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. unearthed is really the correct verb. what does hunter remind you of in the grainy, weird footage. he's like a perverted deviant bigfoot. sasquatch with a crack pipe. at least bigfoot is modest i've seen hundreds but more often then his toilet seat has. hunter tells the woman that russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for black male purposes while he was high as a coked up hike in the vegas hot tub in 2018. if i'd a dollar for every time it happened to brian kilmeade, i
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would be holding more singles than a strippers thong in last call. the vegas vendor that ended up being 18 days beating cats record by two. died in a hot tub and never gete forgot his floaty's. how much time does he spend marinating and hot tubs? a cross between aquaman and ron jeremy. good for you, you're wholesome. pretending not to know who ron jeremy is. you make me sick. he explains how another laptop was stolen which makes it a total of three laptops. have you ever even lost one? really, who has that many laptops lying around? we should go to hunter biden to find out.
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>> oh, hunter, not again. [laughter] >> greg: really has a lot of laptops. the latest computer contained info of his dad as well as humiliating pictures, nada sees the mic decent recipe for potato salad. there is explicit contents of you have the kids in the room, tell them to shut the heck up. >> [bleep], [bleep]. [indistinct] >> he also said you could do something else. >> greg: anyway. i'm sorry, folks, i know you don't expect that kind of filth outside of c-span. the picture is unclear which is
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fine since everything i learned when i was a kid about it was from watching the scramble playboy channel but it wasn't until 19 that i realized woman's were not on their forehead. hunter says he's a victim of a russian black male plot, this was exactly what the corrupt american media had been pushing for four years about trump. the russian say the press referenced hourly never materialized. yet the situations all too real with me mark hunter they disappeared the story like brian stelter on the box of twinkies. an order for trump to lose in 2020 the press and dems needed to keep this hidden because of americans knew joe was this compromised he would not have won. you want to fix an election, that's as good as it gets. hunter was target as part of us foreign intelligence operation. when a target he was.
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he served the perfect gift basket for extortion, a nonstop conveyor belt of, scandal, drugs. like "game of thrones" with blow. this guy makes anthony weiner look like an eagle scout. it's one thing to party, i get it, but it's another thing to talk about your party and your dad, you're missing laptop to a. if she's a, not your shrink. there is no client privileged at least that i'm aware of. the cia learned, if you want the truth serum it's meth, mat. call me a detective but i think hunter might have a problem. he is nowhere near as repulsive as our media who in plain sight. the story to throw the election. who needs voter fraud when you have facebook, twitter, and google. if social media when it let talk about it with out squashing your account. if the public was made aware of
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the laptop it wouldn't change their decision about the election. it's like a bride to be finding after the wedding stripper at hs bachelor party. if somebody told me i would never have barry deal. it handed to the media, they did this so i'm not interested in taking joke out over his son, we have weirdos in our families. ask kat sister. time for justice in the media spent over four years pushing false conspiracy based on black male and a banish true story this way the election. we get torrents of hunter's incriminating acts and only they can pull it off. and you do not have the power, they have that power. you can't let him get away with it. time to open the investigation on the cover up in them if you do not it's going to have it again. think about it, andrew cuomo's behavior was buried forever until they needed him gone. what about dianne feinstein having a chinese spy for a driver?
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for decades! what happened to that! eric swalwell had a dalliance with a spy but where did it go? done in thin air like one of his. i like bringing up that, i don't know. compromising his dad and now the country, the media gas lit as telling us it was true. if we are paying the price and it's only going up now thanks to inflation. let's welcome tonight's guests! he serves his country by spreading the news and donating his eyebrows. "fox & friends" co-host, brian kilmeade! look at those eyebrows! he's got two undergraduate english degrees. double the amount of the average waiter. "up in the air" author, walter kirn! [cheers and applause] she represents florida stronger than a rifle-totin' alligator. american conservative union foundation senior fellow, mercedes schlapp! [cheers and applause]
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and her idea of "netflix & chill" is watching a movie and then hiding a body in the freezer. fox news contributor, kat timpf! [cheers and applause] before we get to the questions for the panel, i want the panelists to look under the seat of their chairs there's a special gift for you. can you go and get it? >> here we go. of >> greg: it's your very own hunter biden laptop! yeah! everybody gets a hunter biden laptop! it is filled with nothing but smut and drugs. >> my favorite! >> greg: mercedes, don't dig into it right away, wait till you get home. she's very conservative but not with her drugs and smut. >> mind had lube on it. >> so did mine. >> it's only my herbal supplements i don't know what you're talking about.
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>> greg: it's just a hip massager. all right. while there, i haven't seen you in a while, i've seen brian enough. he seems curious with his laptops. were you ever like this before you cleaned up? >> it's a rich kid problem losing laptops. to me, the way i grew up it's like losing your car. [laughter] but the thing is, why is he concerned about black male? he documents every single crime he commits and he takes a movie of it and he shows the movies to hooker's and then he worries about foreign intelligence agencies? its compulsive and he's like some kind of fyodor dostoevsky character. if he does anything a listen he talks about the brines he takes on. >> i love his honesty.
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i think you're happy that hunter biden exists by comparison you look almost human. >> yeah, not really. i've to clean my act of. >> greg: were you ever this bad before you cleaned up with dr. fox? you were a dirty little skunk, weren't you? >> it's interesting way to pose the question, attack me. >> greg: anything that wasn't hammered down. >> none of what you say's true. >> greg: i'm going to keep saying this until somebody shuts me out. >> i can't imagine the damage doing to my career on the show. if so, greg, he's not billy carter, robert clinton, inside show. his life suddenly is not going to end well. i do not want people looking on hunter. it relates on the country as it relates to the president. and where's that gazillions of dollars? we know he's making hundreds, tens of millions of dollars from the chinese and he made it from the ukrainians. where is his father?
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meeting some of the same people in washington and in mexico on air force 2. how can you pick on the guy? no, nothing to do with him. it's what's going on and where's the fbi? they are supposed to be investigating him? everything is on tape, it's all documented, three separate hard drives. they all show up again. what's it going to take to convict this guy? >> greg: he's all about transparency. >> that's true. >> greg: mercedes, what about the corrupt the media piece it's amazing that i know it sounds cliche, if this was donald trump jr., holy. this would be explosive. >> so much time trying to destroy trump's children and we know they try to keep the presidential children out of the limelight. there is just a cover-up for hunter biden. in fact i'm almost thinking that there must be like a therapy group for andrew cuomo that he's
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attending as well as hunter biden is attending. i think it's therapy and i think the paintings that now hunter biden should be doing, russian news. >> greg: russian news! yes, kat, he seems like a lot of fun. >> yes! i know! >> greg: you know that he's the guy's he's going to have all the drugs. if you do not have to carry it. he's going to have a play for it. >> also the transparency and the vulnerability and honesty that him and the worker shared, like, that's more than most people experience in an entire marriage. i've been thinking, we haven't done the honeymoon yet, like we're going to take a trip next year and i think now i'm going to get a hotel room and a bunch of crack! >> greg: that's a heck of a honeymoon. >> beautiful! >> get a bunch of crack! >> think about how much money
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you could spend on crack that you would not send on a flight to bora bora. >> year ago there and you go there in your mind to bury spoon exactly, you go there in your mind! i think i'm going to do this again tomorrow. exactly 100 said. there will be another laptop. >> no tomorrow if you stay up the whole time. >> the hardest part about doing drugs is going to bed. not that i would know. the biden white house is on its knees begging for more oil please. ♪ ♪ how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: yes! with biden expect plenty more.
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joe plays the will. this week the white house to increase oil production to tackle rising gas prices. the members include iran, saudi arabia, venezuela other countries with america's best interest at heart. while everybody stayed home they cuts productions. here's the part, the biden administration imposed a tighter restriction on u.s. oil companies earlier this year. the president limits the oil and now asks opec for theirs. it's like saying we should defund the police before hiring private security. if telling everybody we need more jobs than killing the pipeline that provided us thousands. it's almost as though biden believes energy independence is a bad thing and maybe it is. energy independence makes us less likely to be pulled into foreign wars and help us decouple from places like china who cornered the market and solar energy.
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i can see how biden would hate that. the people are catching on and a new poll finds that 80% of countries are concerned about inflation, 67% think rising gas prices because a financial hardship and their families. we are not a year in and the president is spinning his wheels. what is the deal, man? >> i can do both, i can do both. i restrict here, and i purchase it over there. little restriction, little purchase. that's the way we do it, man. i can do it both, right? i'm president. like the woman used to thing, i can bring home the bacon. fry it up in a pan. never, never, never, let you forget you're a man because i'm a woman. it's alina jolie. >> greg: that was disturbing.
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brian, you are rich, you must have joined the hardworking americans who suffer. >> did you write that down? unbelievable. >> greg: soul. >> we used to see him in the halls. in the pandemic. >> a couple of things. it's true we need oil and gas, you know that, we know that, he's pretending we are off two days prior, he's buzzing around an electric car now is begging america's enemies where he wants decouple saying go ahead and pump more oil or do this, ask the russians. the russians like to pump oil and make money so to me i think texas is doing the right thing. at least say excuse me, we do oil and gas and why don't you ask us to make more? he had to remind texas, remind and be reminded by texas we make our own oil. it is he that adamant, does he not see the irony here?
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>> greg: he's like an elderly gentleman taken for a ride by his speedy in-laws taking him to the atm and take money out of his account and they don't know any better. is that a terrible thing to say or not terrible enough? >> not terrible enough. >> greg: it's pretty clear! >> it's good, i like that one. >> greg: what you make of the whole issue. it seems kind of sad that we were energy independent and now we are happily forfeiting that? >> we went from russian hooker's to now deporting the russians energy industry and not supporting the american here. i think it's a huge disgrace at the end of the dates killing american jobs. it's a national security threats. it supporting dirtier foreign energy sources. while they are making climate change the religion, the democrats and biden administration ever everything has to be a great new deal moving away from the evil, satanic fossil fuels, it is hurting us, our workers.
8:22 pm
it is why you're seeing red states stand up against the biden administration. it it's taking us back. i think that it's going to be just a huge waste and unfortunate for our country. >> greg: that's a downer, kat. >> sorry. >> greg: you love foreign wars, right? >> no. >> greg: i am being opposite days. energy independent capes us out of foreign wars. we don't have to care about what's going on the middle east. >> listen, yes, this is what have bins with reality. it's like he can say, look, we can do this and i'll be more expensive but reality hits and we are going to need oil. a lot of the green innovations are not innovated enough. it's just not there and ironically, the only way that they are going to get innovated innovatedder is going to be through capitalism. it'll be capitalism!
8:23 pm
new innovation to have these things work but they are crushing it. you can say okay, we're going to rely on green energy sources before we have those. >> greg: the green energy sources, where will they come from? china! the country responsible for the worst biological disaster in the history of mankind! walter! >> can i talk now, greg? >> greg: have you noticed a pattern, if you go first in the first segment, you go last in the next one. there is a system behind my questions and you're free to jump in, walter. don't be such a scared little man. >> i have a theory about joe biden. i don't think he has a good memory. i don't think his mind is -- it's failing a little bit. if you remember the past more than the recent past when you're in the situation.
8:24 pm
if people remember their childhoods. i think biden has forgotten every thing but the 1970s. when he started in politics. and what we are seeing in the administration is a 1970s restoration project. we have cities burning down, inflation, we've got an oil crisis, we've got everything that was bad about the '70s without the flip olson show. the good thing. >> greg: what was the name of the female character that he played? remember, -- >> gerald dd. >> greg: the devil made me do it. >> you guys are sounding very old. >> we are. but dear don't like what i want to say -- >> greg: do you remember a pink lady? and susie quattro? the '70s were depressing, they were very depressing. you know it's amazing about the '70s, the amount of litter.
8:25 pm
people would like go to the drive through, and they would eat their food and then roll down the window and they would just throw it out the window. that was totally acceptable. >> that's all it took. we were gilded into it. >> greg: i don't think he's a native american, right? >> he's an italian. >> greg: the crying italian would be a great biden meme. it's '70s thing. >> he's making us cry. >> greg: up next, the crime prices exploded, journalism erodes. musical musica we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families.
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8:30 pm
where work crime coverage. if changes include if you fewer mug shots which means no photos of cracked out addicts. "the goal is to move beyond coverage that lacks context and relies on police narrative to the detriment of marginalized communities." god forbid they accurately show people arrested for a crime. here's a solution. from now on, replace every monk shot with a photo of fred savage it's a win-win, right? when the real thugs are released to let the little bird drivers and the dog walkers, the shopkeepers guess who the muggers are. while america devolves into lawlessness, g.o.p. senator tom cotton votes more criminal should be behind bars not fewer. writing in the national review magazine, ill-conceived policies have unleashed thousands of criminals onto the streets.
8:31 pm
as a result, the nation's grappling with a d incarceration crisis that's costing the lives and the eroding of the rule of law. if for more, we ask steve the dog who got out of prison to weigh in. >> steve, steve, what you thing about getting rid of mug shots? good or bad idea? steve, what about arson? to support sending stuff on fire? wait, steve, before you go, steve, what are you doing later? >> greg: steve is a dog a few words. kat, we know what you're going to say, it's bad they incarcerate drug offenses. let's get that out of the way, and let's get people who are violent and disgusting in prison forever. >> how about we talk about somebody in my year we paid
8:32 pm
several hundred of dollars for fred savage buried him i don't know who that is sorry, i was like a fetus at the time. >> greg: that joke was not worth $200. $300. i'm having a flashback, i hung out with fred savage. yes, i did. not too long ago. nice guy. a very nice guy. >> we talked about his past. >> you didn't get along well enough for you to get a picture? >> greg wanted to be the child star. >> greg: this is in therapy, you've already lost like 2 minutes of your time. >> the newspaper thing doesn't make sense because 20% of the topics in the newspaper doesn't represents daily life in rochester. who wants to read newspapers about average daily life? we spend a third of our life
8:33 pm
asleep. i don't understand. >> greg: excellent point. you surprised me for one spirit of my. while there. do you have something interesting to say? i wanted to get to you quickly before you sulk. >> i've a problem with mug shots. whether you have done the crime or not, everybody who has a mug shot looks guilty. >> greg: that's true. that's a good point. >> i've monk shot online from southern utah. >> greg: want for? >> i don't want to go into it but i assure you i'm innocent. in any case, any case i don't see that they run that many mug shot's in the first place. this is a weird straw man. are saying the paper now takes the police side on crime too much and not the criminal side? i do not get what the bad trend
8:34 pm
they are pushing against. >> greg: exactly. they are trying to be proactive in the virtual signaling. instead of defensive. >> when crime is rising, a great strategy for people who backed the regime under which it's rising is not to cover crime. when -- i think that's what's really happening. it makes perfect sense because when he walked out in new york city it's like zombie land. nobody talks about it except a local news and "the new york post." >> who reads "usa today"? >> greg: that's true. >> you get it when you go to the hotel room and it's like under your, you know -- >> greg: biden reads it because he's in the hotel room. >> they will put hunter biden on the cover! >> greg: he walks out the door with "usa today" and that means it's another day. >> wait, wait, greg, his mug shot will not be included in "usa today"! >> greg: he's had breakfast with the and you like gold like
8:35 pm
"leave it to beaver." mug shots. >> i love the living section for the mug shots, don't you? >> at the point here is that with the mug shots for example, it's actually leads to more clicks. and for them, they are going to lose i think interest from readers, viewers because it is like the o.j. simpson car chase. that was historic. you will never forget where you were when that happen. you might have been a fetus, kat, too. >> what year? >> '93. >> greg: '94. brian, before when you are in the green room, you said we should lock everybody up who slightly overweight. [laughter] i thought that was slightly off the record.
8:36 pm
>> one of the things in "the boston globe" said that we are going to start to give people a chance to opt out of stories. if you want to give a story perspective they will go no, no, call the person and say can you stop including me in crime like for instance o.j. simpson could call up and say focus on my football and enough about the murders? >> greg: enough about the murders. >> which he didn't commit. >> he could start a podcast! enough about the murders. hard to get a sponsor. >> greg: you know what he would do? he read his own ad. i'm going to stop right there. what's a glove manufacturer? i don't know. up next, covid kids from hollywood would do any good? ♪ ♪ able transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: do the rich and famous want to covid shame is? free advice is worth what you pay for it especially when it
8:41 pm
comes from celebrities. first off, famed of her alleges in madonna's ex-husband send in a recent interview the vaccine should be mandatory. trying to get his movie showing in china. he previously refused to return to the side of the television show until both cast and crew were fully vaccinated. if you've never seen workers so happy to him as a union gig. tom hanks on has been vocally vocal online about his anti-vac stance. >> let's be real. 99% of you [bleep] wouldn't use shampoo that's not fda approved. if unless you're willing to get some experimental government injection. okay. there is more evidence for ufos being real than that vaccine being out there for yo. just saying. >> greg: good point, that's why you you shampoo approved by the fda and aliens? whitest tom hanks son have an accent?
8:42 pm
finally, criticizing anybody who refuses to follow covid guidelines. of course, arnold loves things he can inject, and my right? >> people should know that there's a virus here. it kills people and the only way we prevented is to get vaccinated, wear masks, and do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just you think about what my freedom is being sort of disturbed here. no, screw your freedom. because with freedom comes obligations and of responsibility. >> greg: screw your freedom. i never thought i'd hear a man from austria say something like that. [laughter] >> it's like the sound of music buried can you see them? >> greg: unless freedom is the name of a new housekeeper. >> all! >> greg: all right, mercedes. i love tom hanks' son is the exact opposite of tom hanks.
8:43 pm
>> you've got to think that there's got to be some psychological issues going on there between the parents and the child. i'm assuming he's not good friends with jennifer aniston. >> greg: tom hanks started the whole celebrity covid week. he got it in australia? lake got covid the same ten days and he was first. he saying it's just the flu. he has inside information about that -- is that what hank said? he said is just the flu. that was early on. >> no, he said in the interview, he's like the red pill hunter biden. [laughter] >> greg: i don't agree with hanks and i don't agree -- i think the fda approval thing is a red herring. i don't think you need to wait for that and it's a legal thing. we've got plenty, plenty of information that shows that the vaccine is safe. if i've been injecting it regularly into yo, o'brien.
8:44 pm
>> i've got two doses. but a couple things, i could watch chad hanks. he's great on camera. >> greg: ethic is going to be here on the show. >> you've got to get him on the show. he's the opposite of his father and i'll add one more thing, to the fact that he wants to find a lot of people. he's got a lot of tattoos. i believe that he is a handful. >> greg: i think he would be very interesting as a panelist on the show. if he is watching, you know, call me, you have my number. anyway, kat, aren't all of them in general speaking from a privileged position, none of -- arnold schwarzenegger never has to work again so telling people stay in your home, where your masks, that's easy for him because he can do whatever he wants with his little dog. he's got a pool and donkeys too!
8:45 pm
he's got donkeys! how many times do i have to say the word, kat? >> your names on the show. you can do what you want. i think i agree with you, i got the vaccine. i say that but i'm not mean to people. if there is people have a lot of questions i didn't even know existed. i got an email from a lady who says she's got synesthesia commission wants to to know -- i still makes' indecision which means i taste words if you don't know. she is like it did it affect you and a reply like, no, i'm still tasting words. especially if you're super rich and you have all the donkeys as he mentioned, it's condescending. nobody's going to listen to you. >> greg: you taste words, can i throw some words that you? ppa. >> nothing like that. the words taste like mandarin oranges for example. i was learning reading in school
8:46 pm
certain words taste like thing and she stared at me. >> greg: diarrhea! >> you just think about [bleep] all day? [bleep]! >> greg: what did that taste like? >> it tastes like special k with milk. >> greg: that's an interesting problem. >> broccoli soup. >> greg: that's a problem for me. >> salad with italian dressing. >> okay, i'm getting hungry! >> how do you think i feel! >> nobody mentioned john penn the whole time. >> that's right, he's boring buried >> greg: we totally forgot! >> he's playing dr. fauci i think. >> greg: sean penn, what does it taste like? >> like one of those easter pieces. >> people say that, it doesn't work like that. >> greg: this is more interesting. >> topic is chocolate pudding. >> greg: i can tell, she only
8:47 pm
tastes boring word. >> only is soggy. >> greg: this is like to read syndrome when you decide to have it. >> asked me the same words at a different time! >> greg: you decided to have it! >> you are marginalizing me! >> greg: i'm marginalizing you on television! up next, coworkers rather resume than be stuck in the same room? ♪ ♪ nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: can returning workers be weaned off being called a meeting? companies are seeing a spike in workplace instability as an employee returned to the office. according to a new study from portland state university home of the flying deaf gators. [laughter] researchers say hey, just happens buried him they say that people got used to not having to engage in interpersonal communication as much and that's why issues have sprung up like rudeness, employees interrupting and publicly criticizing their colleagues. ryan, we work together and you're probably up >> i don't blame you, i blame
8:52 pm
that you work remote and you're having trouble keeping your thoughts to yourself. i don't believe the portland state study and all the others from portland state idea. if there is no way you forget how to act after -- >> greg: it's like riding a bicycle! >> how do you lose your -- >> greg: how do you forget how to act? while there, once the last time you worked in an office? >> 1987. i'm not kidding either. perfect for the segment buried him >> greg: here's what i think is happening, i don't think people are being more uncivil. i think people are being more easily offended. i think that people are losing the ability to tolerate differences, annoyances, other opinions, now they've come back together and they just don't like each other. if we lost the ability to be human beings to each other.
8:53 pm
i think mercedes said to her current point, we are also very scared of possibly rubbing people the wrong way. figuratively. but like we keep hearing about people getting fired for saying this or that, whatever, having people on your lap. i didn't know! [laughter] >> come had people on his lap and they were like doing that all the time! >> greg: matt lauer, what happened to him? don't answer that, kat. >> first of all, i think there might be a problem with the parents because they might resort back to the fact they had the little children at home and they are working like a shut up, i'm on a conference call. i think that might be part of the problem of having to readjust to dealing with adults that are your age as opposed to tothe 5-year-old or the 6-year-old. >> greg: i've been working to
8:54 pm
must you've been away for a while. i had all the snacks to myself. if i could do whatever i want and i could talk to myself. i was alone -- i had my own elevator. >> you can dress accordingly. >> greg: my point is, people started showing up again, kat, i resented them. i resented them like i resent you. >> sorry. no, i don't think i ever known how to behave in an office despite working in many of them are in public in general. thank you. >> greg: that's it, that you're talking point? >> i don't know, what you want me to say? you're talking point is that you're mad that i came back to work! >> greg: okay, this is therapeutic. do you want to have it out right now? >> i was leading with love despite the fact that you insulted me! i think you for the wonderful opportunity and then you insulted me again! i'm going to continue to lead
8:55 pm
with love and say thank you, greg, i enjoyed being a part of the show! >> greg: to her credit, she's never left the show. what does love smell like was mexico it's personal, it's taste >> greg: do notice it's a trend that it's only mundane words. etiquettes made up in your head. >> it's not, ask me a same word in the separate time. >> greg: same is the monday and where it! >> you two are part of the portland study. >> greg: never going to oregon again. on that note, will be right back. ♪ ♪ all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens.
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see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america. >> shannon: we have time now for one more thing, whatever. if kat! >> tomorrow, friday the 13th i'm going to be filling in on "the five." i'm doing great already! first time in six years! [cheers and applause]
9:00 pm
>> greg: we had to call six people buried >> everybody was busy. >> greg: no, it's going to be great. we are out of time. it set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode. mercedes schlapp, kat, while there, brian, shannon bream is next i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america! ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, more usa d from new orleans and san francisco will soon require you to show your proof of vaccination for the common indoor activities like restaurants. if the growing pushback from business owners frustrated with what they say makes more sense as the vaccine police. a panel debates the necessity of e


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