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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 12, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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lots of butter and jam. a traditional breakfast. have a wonderful afternoon. we had great discussions. what a great team here. "america reports" is next. >> ♪ ♪ >> harris, thanks. put me down in the wine column. fox news exclusive in the fight over critical race theory coming up. a virginia teacher who resigned in protest and speaking only to fox news. we will hear from her and another school teacher on this busy afternoon on "america reports." joe chonca discusses the higher prices at the pump and why the media is going easy on president biden. >> charles pane is here and a tennessee senator sounds off the democrats push for the biggest welfare expansion in decades and a doctor on the amount of protection the
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vaccines are providing against the delta variant. >> we begin with president biden declining approval numbers on immigration. a poll shows biden under water just 35% of registered voters approve of president biden handling ever immigration. his weakest category. i am john roberts and welcome. >> i am jackie in for sandra smith. the poll comes awaiting new numbers from border patrol. july apprehensions will exceed 210,000. the highest in 20 years. jacqui heinrich. the chief calling the border public the most complicated situation. >> and standing by for remarks from the dhs secretary mayorkas who was at the border today. the biden administration says the border is closed. but community leaders say their
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towns are being overwhelmed by migrants. >> fox news coverage. >> jonathan hunt is in brownsville, texas, today. >> we expect secretary mayorkas here at the brownsville station within the hour to answer questions from the press. we asked a one-on-one interview with him for fox. it may or may not surprise you, we have heard nothing from the department of homeland security. prior to coming here he's been meeting with local leaders and a congressman in mcallen, texas. one of the epicenters of the migrant surge. he got a pretty good earful from those local leader. they told the secretary this is a federal crisis. it needs federal solutions.
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the government is relying too much on local cities to bail them out. in the words of one man from laredo, whatever system they are using it is broken and they need to fix. i spoke yesterday to the incoming chief of u.s. border patrol. he was very interesting in many ever his comments about what needs to be done. he said it's going to take every branch of government to make a difference here. listen to the chief. >> if we have this whole government approach we can turn the tide on this. the most complicated migrants crisis in 30 years? >> the most i have ever seen. >> the chief used the word crisis in response to your
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question about how bad it is here. he said to me at one point, what keeps him awake at night is the safety of his agents who are out on the front lines here every day. every night. all day. and all night. he said whether it's from an act of violence or a case of an agent getting coronavirus from an infected migrant. the thought of having to hand a flag to a family is what terrifies him the most. >> jonathan hunt, thanks. >> the biden administration facing pressure to turn their focus to the surge of migrants coming into the u.s. testing positive for covid. since february there have been more than 7,000 migrants released with covid in just one city. this crisis is a national
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security issue. chris is live from washington with more on this. >> good afternoon. that's right. we will see numbers we have never seen before. the outgoing chief scott posted a farewell message to the men and women in green. >> over and over again i see other people talk about our mission, your mission in immigration. the current crisis today being an immigration crisis. i challenge you that i believe it's a national security crisis. >> if we look back at the numbers every month since president biden took office. the number of migrants crossing the border surged from 100,000 in february to 190,000 in june with july about to shatter records. the continued surge is impacting the president's standing among
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voters on the handling of the border crisis. our fox news poll shows 57% disapprove of his job performance on immigration. that's up from last month. texas congressman chip roy is slamming the administration over it. >> secretary mayorkas and president biden and vice-president harris are mia. they are ignoring their duty to defend the borders of the united states. >> we expect the local leaders to ask for a moratorium on migrants releases. that's never been done before. they are asking for that moratorium due to the spike in covid cases among the migrants population. >> thank you.
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we have coming up webb county judge who will be talking to mayorkas today. we look forward to hearing that conversation when he joins us. >> good to be a fly on the wall during the conversation. looking forward to that. the fully vaccinated in the united states may run a greater risk of suffering a breakthrough covid infection this they received the pfizer shot instead of moderna according to a new mayo clinic study. the fda will authorize booster shots for the immumnocompromised. this doctor will break it down. the pfizer vaccine 42% effect. moderna 76% effective. i got the pfizer vaccine. i think how much of a risk am
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a the? what does this mean? >> it's hard to tell whether or not this is a true vulnerability to the delta variant. pfizer was given to healthcare workers and high risk individuals early on because it was the first vaccine approved. they were around the infection more. it's hard to make sense about a true increased susceptibility to delta. the interval is an important part of the durability. pfizer was 3 weeks. moderna 4 weeks. we know in general with vaccines the longer the interval the greater the immune protection. this has been studied with vaccines given 3 months for the second dose with astrazeneca and the pfizer vaccine. that's what i did. i got my second dose at 3 months. the spacing plays a role. it may be related to the spacing rather than the vaccine itself.
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>> another question. maybe we come down with a breakthrough infection. how sick will we get? >> the breakthrough infections are mild and asymptomatic. the vast majority of them. also we can look at data, talk to bed side doctors across the country. they do not see severe illnesses after full vaccination. the rare times they do, we think it may be related to bad administration or a bad batch the vaccines. you can feel good about your protection against severe illness and death long-term. >> and possible vacuation boosters for a certain population of people. about 3% of the population who are immunocompromised. there were studies done on people with organ transplants. they respond differently to the vaccines than people who have
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not had these transplants. what can you tell us? >> that's right. some research was done by a colleague of mine. only 60% of organ transplants recipients -- that's about 11 million people in the u.s. -- don't mount as good of a response. we give a third dose and we may need to do that for older people as well. it's protection against a mild breakthrough infection. at the same time we have vaccines ready to go. israel is offering it to people over 60. in the u.s. we are throwing out tens of thousands ever vaccines this week before they expire. we should offer that to those who are older and concerned. if you could get a booster to prevent a mild common cold, you
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would get it? some would say yes and others no thank you. >> interesting findings about the president and fox news poll about handling covid. it's weakening. 54% of people approve of the way the president is handling covid. a drop in 10 points. does that surprise you begin when we are hearing from the white house? >> well, there has been so many missteps. people realize we should have given one dose early on to increase the interval of the vaccine. the blanket requirements of every child to wear a mask and the talk of the mandateds is a big miss. they lost a lot of credibility for that. when you are not straightforward about the data people are suspicious. one of the biggest drives of vaccine hesitancy is in the
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federal government and the fda's failure to issue a fuel approval. it's long overdo. >> thanks. >> u.s. officials are concerned about the security situation in afghanistan. the taliban continued their siege of the capital. u.s. and nato forces are withdrawing from the country. the taliban controlling two-thirds of afghanistan. u.s. intelligence officials predict the capital kabul will fall to the taliban within 90 days. >> gas prices soaring nationwide with states averaging 4 bucks a gallon now. a lot of finger pointing going on about who is to blame. is the president's approach to gasoline prices hypocritical. watch this.
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in command skipping the traditional playing of bagpipes for officers killed in the line of duty. this supports a nationwide lack of support for police officers from government leaders says this person. >> [muffled audio]. [inaudible]. >> she was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop. two brothers are charged in that attack. mayor lori lightfoot will boost police funding after it was slashed during the defund police movement. >> police feel politicians are creating these conditions that put them in harm's way. >> chicago has an interesting recording from the second in command in the police department
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saying we don't have time for this blankety-blank. >> and a fact check on mayor lori lightfoot's claims that this is because the courts are closed. it's not just that. >> there are a lot of bad people on the streets. >> more teachers are pushing back against teaching critical race theory in schools including a former public school teacher laura morris in virginia. she resigned on the spot this week in protest of those lessons during a school board meeting. >> i was told in one of my so-called equity trainings that white christian females have the power in our schools and this has to change. i quit "your world with neil cavuto" policy and your training and being a cog in a machine.
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>> monica joins us now. you said -- >> thank you very much. >> of course. you said that the county won't say they are teaching crt but they are pushing this philosophy under equity training. what are you seeing? >> i sat in these trainings. i have witnessed the division pushes critical race theory. they are imposing it as a lens by which teachers are supposed to teach. it's not like they are taking critical race theory and saying teach this to the kids. they are using it as a lens by which we are supposed to teach kids how to view the world. for instance, i have seen them pushing the stereotype of white
10:21 am
privilege. that trickled down into the student body. some students of color are exclued white peers. saying you can't be part of this conversation because you are white. that has nothing to with whether or not they have something to add to a conversation. if you are colorblind that, is an arkgression. you are being racist.ggression. you are being racist. that's the opposite of what dr. martin luther king taught us. he wanted a colorblind society. >> how are the students reacting to this? are you seeing kids be negatively impacted or do some kids appreciate it?
10:22 am
>> it's a mixed bag. we are polarized. it's heart breaking. some kids buy into it. we are seeing this impact our students in the way they look at one another and dividing each other along lines of race. there are some kids just not buying into. our biracial students have a lot of trouble with this. they have one parent who is white. if they speak up to protect that parent or a friend who might be white, they are considered white adjacent. >> we heard from the school teacher who resigned in front for the board. how has that been received by the administration? have they reached out to you? would you resign? >> i don't know about the full reaction of everyone else. but laura's word to the school board were eloquent and
10:23 am
poignant. as a like minded teacher, myself and other teachers found what she said to be a great articulation what have we are feeling and experiencing in the last 2 years. i see her resignation as a tragic casualty of this school board and their policies. >> you hope they reverse course before more people take her position? >> i would hope so. you asked if i would resign. my answer is no, not at all. i love my job and i love my kids. i have every intention to continue to do my job with excellence and show them love and respect and bless them in every way i can. >> thanks for speaking with us. later we will hear from the teacher who gave that empassioned speech in the
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meeting. >> she shook things up. she is an example of teachers being fed up with the bureaucracy. anita will have that. president biden urging opec to produce more oil as gas prices sky rocket. are his own policies to blame? charles payne will join us with his thoughts on that. plus this. >> ♪ ♪ people will come, right? >> they are coming. they are already here. hours away from one of the epic regular season baseball games in history. field of dreams next.
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10:29 am
background or age and where we live can agree that prescription drugs prices are outrageously expensive in america. i will talk about how to help millions of americans say money and easy their burdens by lodering the cost of prescription drugs. >> president biden, we will monitor that to see if he takes questions afterwards. what the president was saying about children and masks was that this is about public safety. it's not about politics. some people are turning children and masks into a political issue. president biden also urging opec to increase its oil production and asking the federal trade commission to look into illegal activities that may drive up the sky high gas prices. critics say it's president biden's only policies that are
10:30 am
to blame. gas prices are $3.19 a gallon across the country. that's a dollar and a penny more than a year ago. charles payne is the host of making money on fox business. when you look at the contradiction here of the president saying to opec pump more and the president choking the domestic production of oil, you have to wonder. how much political pressure is he feeling with the inflation consumers are feeling. >> no doubt. trying to create a stay prawn argument with respect to gasoline prices.
10:31 am
>> are you against oil in general? are are you against americans making money from oil? they do it all the time. every time oil goes up. there is never a major scandal. opec we need you to pump out more. taking about taking american dollars and shipping it to saudi arabia instead of keeping it here to create our own opportunities.
10:32 am
it blows my mind. >> someone emailed me it say a year ago nobody was talking much about opec because we didn't need them that much. now apparently we do. >> well, we would not need them if there was not a war on fossil fuels. we became a dominant player. president biden ran on the platform of going to war with fossilulus. -- fossil fuels. in texas a week ago the oil is $75 a barrel. that's what happens when you tell them they can't drill on federal lands and they can't go to wall street to raise money for large scale products. you heart -- hurt supply. we can't get it. we have to go to another country and say we will ship out u.s.
10:33 am
dollars if you produce more oil. it's so backwards. it's heart breaking. a lot of times blood sweat and tears went into making our oil industry dominant. shell is an example of technology. we awakened communities that people thought were dead. north dakota, oklahoma, parts of colorado, texas and these are american success stories. we don't need to extinguish them am we need the product. it's obvious we need it. we are asking other people to provide it for us. >> and the folks in the control room. put this up on the screen. there are troubled waters ahead for president biden and his administration. his numbers are on handling the economy under water now. french% of people approve the job he is doing. 49% disapprove.
10:34 am
. >> those numbers will get a lot worse. the free money is running out. you fuel inflation. the number 1 issue in the country has been inflation. a poll showed inflation above the wages. wages if you take into account inflation are getting hammered. they are down every month. even if you got a raise, when you go to the supermarket, you are leaving with fewer bags than you did 6 months ago. people know this. you can't sweet talk them out of this. you can't blame anyone else. that's why the numbers have gone down. >> if we put this up, 70% of people say grocery prices are their biggest hardship in the
10:35 am
inflationary pressures in america. youor the wear in 25 minutes. -- you are on the air in 25 minutes. >> we will tackle this. there are new rules being written. watch and make money. >> charles payne, thank. >> you if you build it they will come. the yankees and white sox coming tonight. the field of dreams game will take place in iowa. after a year's delay due to the pandemic baseball fans are fired up. will is there. what are you seeing? >> jacqui heinrich, feast your eyes on this. in front of me is the family home from the movie field of dreams. that's the stadium where the yankees and the white sox will
10:36 am
play tonight. this is the field that ray built to welcome the old chicago black sox back from the corn, back from the dead to play baseball. it's as awesome in real life as in the movie. for baseball and even america itself. yesterday i caught up with alex rodriguez of the new yorkers fame. he explained the significance of this place. >> this is sacred ground with coopers town and wrigley field. when you think baseball one of the first things that comes to mind is field of dreams. it's about family relationships and pursuing your dreams and
10:37 am
going the distance. >> this is number 1. watching field of dreams as a kid. even beyond baseball. it's about making your dreams come true. it's a father and son playing catch. i am jealous. little kids get to make their dreams come true. >> that was alex rodriguez and the director of field of dreams. the movie and the moment and the place means so much. on fox 7 eastern, you will see one of the most unique baseball games you have ever seen. let's hope there is a home run or two off into the corn stalks. >> thank you very much. >> one of the great things about covering politics you spend time in iowa. there is a picture of me and
10:38 am
lindsey graham in december 2015 at the field of dreams outside of that house. it was a lot of fun. >> i never made it to iowa the whole time i was there. it's cool what they have done with the set. the scoreboard. >> you go out there and the movie rushes back at you. the homeland security secretary mayorkas will speak at the border. will the biden administration handle the deepening crisis. one texas person says the administration failed. >> republicans are warning the spending plan could transform america. republican senator big hagerty of joinous that. here.u've been waie
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>> the ice may be thawing. meghan markle and duchess kate working on their relationship after meghan markle revealed that kate made her cry before her wedding. now they have been talking after a year of drama including tension between their husbands. kate has been sending gifts since the birth of meghan markle and harry's first daughter. >> they all want to get along for once. >> it's tough being a princess. >> homeland security secretary mayorkas is expecting to seek any moment in brownsville, texas. we will listen in here on the situation at the border.
10:44 am
>> recognize and thank the men and women of the united states border patrol who are doing absolutely heroic work in the service of our nation and to uphold our laws. under the leadership of president biden we are doing everything we can to provide them with the resources they need to do the work in the way they feel most proud. i want to introduce to you rual ortiz. he will become the chief of border patrol this saturday. and i want to introduce the department the homeland security chief financial officer. the situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. it's complicated.
10:45 am
changing. and involves vulnerable people during the time of a global pandemic. i want to provide the facts and the challenge we face and our plan to meet the challenger. that's what we do. we confront challenges and meet them. i also want to take a few minutes to defunct false information. before i provide the latest numbers and they reflect an increase in encounters between the ports of entry, i want to explain who the migrants are. the composition of the migrants population and the processes we follow. first, let me start with the unaccompanied children. in title 42 authority of the centers for disease control was used to expel unaccompanied children regardless of their
10:46 am
age. that's a practice we discontinued immediately in the biden administration for humanitarian reasons. because fact, they are just children. some so very tender of age. these children are eligible to make a claim for asylum or to pursue special immigrant juvenile status in court proceedings under our laws. in the united states border patrol transfer them to health and human services for their care, custody and control as quickly as possible to unite them with a parent or legal guardian here in the united states before they make their claim for asylum or for special immigrant juvenile status. you will recall in march of this year, we experienced
10:47 am
a tremendous crowding in our border patrol stations of unaccompanied children. i said then that it was a challenge for us, this we had a plan to meet that challenge. we were campath on that plan and that it would indeed take time. that's what we did. we cleared the border patrol of the overcrowding of the unaccompanied children in execution of our plan. we have unaccompanied children still but we are moving them much faster than in march. under the 72 hours required by law. next we have the single adults. the great majority of single adults are expelled under the
10:48 am
title 42 authority and the public health authority of the centers for disease control. they are not expelled they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and prosecuted for removal unless they make a successful claim for relieve and establish they are entitled to remain in the united states under the laws congress passed. the third category of individuals are families. they are expelled under the title 42 authority unless we are unable to do so. for example, in certain parts of mexico they have no longer any capacity to receive expelled
10:49 am
families. in that instance, we place the families in immigration proceedings for removal to the united states and they are removed unless they make a claim for relief under united states law and that claim is successful. we are encountering an unprecedented number of migrants between the ports of entry at our southern border. a few points: we have seen microsurges in migration before in the past. they are not new. 2, importantly, migrants encountered at our border are expelled or are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings. the rise in encounters of migrants at the southern border began in april of 2020, the
10:50 am
increase is sharper over the past several months and greater than in june. allow me to share but the enforcement numbers for july. 212, 672 persons attempted entry. a 13% increase over june 2021. a majority continue to be single adult. this is a 6% decrease from june. 95,788 individuals were processed for expulsion under title 42. 116,864 individuals were processed under title 8. they are immigration enforcement
10:51 am
proceedings as distinct from title 42 public health proceedings under the cdc's authority. 78% were processed for expulsion under title 42 with 24,880 processed under title 8. lastly, 9,948 family unit individuals or 12% were processed for expulsion under title 42 with 73,018 processed under title 8. these numbers and this is a very important point, these numbers 2 not reflect the number of different people who were encountered at the border. the large number of expulsion during the pandemic contributed to a large number of migrants making multiple border crossing
10:52 am
attempts. 27% of encounters in july were individuals who had at least one prior encounter in the past 12 months. the number of unique individuals in july 2021 was 154,288. a total of 845,300 unique individuals were encountered -- different individuals have been encountered year to date in fiscal year 2021. as compared to 796,400 during the same period in 2019. >> all right.
10:53 am
we are listening to secretary of homeland security mayorkas giving us the newest members. 212,000 people attempted to enter the united states along the southern border in july. a 13% increase from june. majority single assaults. -- adults. a huge number were expelled under title 42. they are discussing ending that practice. we want to bring in west county texas judge. you met with secretary mayorkas earlier today ahead of this news conference. he spoke to local leaders. what did you hear from secretary mayorkas? >> he did, jacqui heinrich. thanks for having me on. he had his ears open and expressed to us he wanted to hear us.
10:54 am
behind closed doors it got exciting because we are frustrated. what people don't understand this is not just a border crisis. we call it a border crisis, but in reality it's a national crisis. let me explain what is going on. all of these migrants coming in undocumented -- we believe in the process of being legally coming through the united states. but illegally the covid situation. in 2019 we had immigrants from around the world but the biggest difference is covid. president biden failed the american people and failed us. we are battling a war with our tied with our hands behind our back. not having the resources to do this. we are the lowest on the totem
10:55 am
pole. we are local entities. you have the state and the federal. this is a federal failure. i congratulate the men in green -- >> we have 30 seconds left. one more question. you said your discussion got animated. describe exactly what that looked like. what was said? what words were exchanged? >> frustration from the local entities. his answers were i can't disclose it. we want answers. he could not disclose it because it was still in plans. it wasn't heated but very animated. we were all showed frustration.
10:56 am
help us help you. >> judge, thanks for speaking with us about this. i want to get more questions in. you had a disaster declaration and wrote that migrants were overwhelming your county and local law enforcement. you said the medical examiner's office recorded 194 deaths related to illegal immigrants. what has been happening? the impact it's having and how this disaster declaration is no longer being enforced. the buses will now resume coming to your area after it was paused for 7 days. what was the impact you other than seeing? did it let up for 7 days? what will happen next? >> absolutely. i was the only county judge in the united states to do a declaration such as. this it halted it for 7 days.
10:57 am
they honored it. people are not understanding -- and it's rightly so -- it's important for people to understand we received 4 to 6 buses aday. we were like book ends. we were getting all of these untested immigrants coming in and they are praseing them. -- processing them. they said 47% of the buses transported to texas were 40% positive. the other 60%, they had been exposed already. because they didn't test positive they went across the country. this is a national crisis and not just a border crisis. it's important for people to understand that. everybody thinks they are safe away from the border. no, quite the opposite. they are going to you. it's very dangerous. not only that, when they get there, they have sponsors.
10:58 am
they are making hand over fist money. a lot of immigrants are saying they are going to the same address, different name but same address. guess what? when they get there. they have to give -- they already have jobs. they have to give up their jobs and give them a certain percentage of their jobs. the sex trafficking can getting to the point and covid is going crazy across the country. we are in a crisis. i really do need to say i ask president biden to help us help you. stop failing the american people. it's not about red or blue. it's about -- >> you are getting into my next question. had you thoughts on why you think the federal government
10:59 am
shows webb county as a place for a tent city. can you further explain what you think is happening? >> well, the tent city is happening all around the border. it's a processing center. my biggest question to the secretary was: why are you taking them from border town to border town? i don't understand. i didn't agree with his answer. he said the processing and this is where his field people are. we have people in the federal government with contractors all over the united states. why take them from crisis mode to crisis mode? the tent city is happening everywhere. i congratulate our men in green. we vaccinated over 70% in our
11:00 am
sector our men in green. we are so proud of that. >> judge -- >> webb county 95% of 65 and older have been vaccinated. >> we are up against a hard time limit. sorry to cut you off. hope to have you on again soon. thank you. >> starting a brand new hour as "america reports" rolls on. i am john roberts in washington. >> i am jacqui heinrich in for sandra smith. we begin with a story impacting every person in america. prices rising on just about everything. and it's painful at the pump. look at. this the price of gas up more than a dollar from 2020. hitting the highest price tag of all year. >> the outcome that president
11:01 am
biden's critics predicted but not a word from the white house about how supplies were impacted by killing the keystone pipeline. the biden administration is pointing the finger of blame halfway around the word. >> fox business edward lawrence kicks us off from the white house. >> we have seen it at the store and the pumps. now it's getting uncomfortable. a fox news poll shows 70% of voters say the increase in grocery prices caused a hard ship to their family. it's one thing to say gas prices have risen. it's another thing to see it. look at that.
11:02 am
president biden reversed all of the energy policies from the previous administration. so now he is saying his administration is asking opec to drill more hoile. -- oil. he will visiting the gas marketplaces. >> we have seen the price oil companies pay again to fall but the cost of gas for the american people hasn't fallen. that's not what you expect. i want to make sure nothing stands in the way of oil price declines leading to lower prices for consumers. >> and a house republican said the president is playing politics and the american people are paying for it. >> [muffled audio]. [inaudible].
11:03 am
they are playing politics and paying back people who helped them get into office. >> now for all of us we are paying more for things we buy. for how long? that depends on who you ask. >> thank you. >> if you depend on the mainstream media for the news the hypocrisy here might fly over your head. some new organizations such as the associated press publishing a story on all of this with no mention of president biden's own energy policies. leaving out critical context and portraying the president as trying to be the fighter for lower prices when are surging as a result. pandemic. joining us now is fox news contributor joe chonca. many people can be forgiven when they drive by a gas station with
11:04 am
prices topping $4 a gallon this is a push to electric vehicle. >> that's the biden administration. those fox news polls say it all here. in terms of what the american people are feeling and seeing at home regardless of the media coverage. 8 in 10 americans blame the biden administration policy for inflation. 86% are cardinals about inflation. -- are concerned about inflation. it's a tax on the middle-class. the party in it power, democrats control the house and the senate. they get the blame and rightly so. the associated press can spin this all they want and apply the
11:05 am
bias of omission not mentioning the keystone pipeline the president killed and killed all of those jobs too. allowed a company to move forward handed vladimir putin a wet kiss to make russian oil exports a major player in europe. the president's numbers are down on every issue. handling of covid down 10 points from last month. handling the borders in the mid 30s. it's a miracle it'sine that high. handling of violent crime. the media can't save the democratic nominee in 2024. >> back to the contradiction here at the white house.
11:06 am
the president killing the keystone pipeline and getting rid of drilling for oil in the arctic and the push for electric vehicles and more green energy. at the same time encouraging opec to pump more. causeed to the "wall street journal" to it say the following: ask mr. biden why oil produced by foreign companies is more desirable than oil produced in america? a year ago we were not talking about opec. now we encourage opec to pump more. >> opec, you think of the '70s. you think of what happened under the carter administration the one term because inflation was out of control.
11:07 am
american hostages in tehran so carter was blown out by reagan that year. why doesn't the president answer questions around this? the president hasn't done one, one-on-one interview in more than 90 days. took questions earlier from a press conference. but a u.s. presidential candidate who earned more votes than anyone in history is afraid of the press and won't sit down with chris wallace to answer hard questions. he doesn't get hard questions out of peter doocy. why are you hiding the president? >> let's go back to the numbers you mentioned in the fox news poll. i have handy graphics to help people follow along.
11:08 am
when the president's approval ratings are like this why isn't the media from the mainstream media that his policies are back firing? >> one would think. i am see something cracks now in places that are normally sympathetic to the president. like the "washington post" they slammed the president on the border where we have not seen much criticism on that. and the "washington post" warns the president if he doesn't get this under control, this will result in a power change in 2022 losing not only the house but the senate. you follow sports like i do. when a team is losing and you have numbers like we are seeing here, there are changes. players are traded or a manager gets fired. i think at some point the
11:09 am
president has to answer did i choose the vice-president kamala harris to be the right person in terms of the border. it's not going in the direction they say it's going in. the vice-president said they are making extreme progress but the numbers are going up and up with encounters of people there, crime is sky rocketing and police are resigning or retiring at record numbers. inflation is a big deal. you would think there would be chargers that come down the line. whoever is running the show on those fronts ain't doing a got job. the numbers prove it. >> the numbers are going the wrong way for the president. negotiate. joe -- no question about it. good to see you. we make changes as well. it's not like you are say week ago are having a losing season so change it out. >> with respect to the gas
11:10 am
prices, it makes we wonder if anyone in the administration is rethinking their plan to decarbonize of economy. >> if they are, they will hear from the squad about that. >> no kidding. ahead the interview you won't see anywhere else but fox. the teacher so fed up with woke culture in the classroom she quit her job in dramatic fashion. >> hear that teacher in her own words coming up. homeowners. for veten newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate.
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11:16 am
today we continue to have a decrement presence. -- diplomat presence. we will continue on the ground that will allow us to fulfill services.
11:17 am
the humanitarian support services on the topic of humanitarian support you look at what the united states has invested in the people of afghanistan. not only in recent days but over the past 20 years. on june 4th, we announced more than 26-6-million dollars in assistant for afghanistan. that will not change. even given the more difficult security environment we provide humanitarian assistance. importantly, we will continue to press forward in every way we can with the diplomacy, in an effort to bring about a just and
11:18 am
durable solution to this conflick. let me spend a moment on that. we talked about that in a number of times this week. there has to continue to be movement on the ground. the ambassador and his team have been there this week. they have taken part in a couple of gatherings already. today they took part in a gathering of countries from the region and beyond as well as from multi-lateral organizations with a couple of goals in mind. number 1, to press for a reduction of violence and a ceasefire. number 2, a commitment on the part of those countries represented and those organizations represented in doha, not to recognize any entity that takes control of afghanistan by force. not to recognize any force that
11:19 am
seeks to take control of afghanistan at the barrel of a gun. the meeting today has included representatives not just from the u.s. and host. germany, india, norway and turkey. that is a broad and inclusive group of countries and international organizations. they will game together today and agreed that the peace process needs to be accelerated and they always agreed importantly they will not recognize any government that is imposed through military force. this is not just the united
11:20 am
states making this point. this is not just the united states speaking with our voice. this is the international community represented in the consensus that emerged today. regarding this very simple point. any force that seeks to take control of afghanistan with a barrel of a gun will not be recognized, will not accrue the international assistance that any such government would likely need to achieve a semblance of durability. let me just say, this is an important statement that has or soon will iminate from doha today. we have seen the international community come together to speak with one voice on this point over the course of weeks and months. i spoke recently about the u.n.
11:21 am
security council statements last week. the members recalled resolution 2513. there is no military solution in the conflict and do not support the restoration of an islamic entity. we have heard this message loud and clear. the previous gathering of the united states, russia and china and pakistan. there is no military solution in afghanistan. the u.s., europe including france, germany and nato and the norway. there is no military solution to conflict. we do not support any government in it afghanistan imposed
11:22 am
through military force. there was a c-5 plus 1 statement. it has a similar point. the embassies represented in kabul put out a similar statement. it was signed by the embassies of canada, czech, germany, italy, japan and korea and the netherlands. today a similar statement from the german foreign minister. the india government made a similar statement. this is the established consen us of the international community. >> what difference will this new joint declaration make against the taliban? we heard this again and again and they have seized 10
11:23 am
capitols. >> every time the taliban hears the international community seek with one voice -- you are right we have not achieved what we want to achieve. we are not sugar coating this. there are data points. number 1, this diplomacy has been on-going for less than a year. a years ago the islamic republic the government of afghanistan and the taliban were not speaking to one another. they were not sitting in it the same room. that changed. earlier -- that changed within the past year. they are sitting in the same room right now. the chairman the senior taliban leader are together.
11:24 am
the ambassador has met with both sides. both sides presented to the gathering, presented their ideas going forward. i want to be very clear. there is daylight between the presentations that have taken place so far. but the fact that they remain in this engaged and the international community is speaking clearly and with one voice, we intend to move forward with that process to continue at it to continue to support these afghan talks in the hopes and something we will do we will support that this ends up in an afghan owned political solution that hasn't been 3 to 6 months but 40 years of conflict. the people of afghanistan deserve an end to this conflict.
11:25 am
they don't want to see 40 more years of civil war. they don't want 4 for years. we don't want 4 more months ever conflict. we are realistic about the difficult road we have done down and the difficult road that lies ahead. we are going to continue to support this diplomatic effort but the international community knows that the only way to diminish the violence and establish a ceasefire and get a political settlement is through diplomacy. >> that is ned price talking about the diplomacy putting pressure on the taliban from not going into kabul and taking over the country. but saying it hasn't worked and the taliban continues to tick
11:26 am
off these capitols. they got the third largest city in afghanistan. there are fears that kabul will soon fall. the strategy of the taliban is let's take control of the country and then we will talk. >> they say they are at the table talking but taking the country by force. lucas reporting from live from the pentagon. >> we heard ned price confirm that the u.s. embassy in kabul a partial evacuation. thousands of american citizens and african interpreters will be evacuated. and additional u.s. marines are going into kabul to help this happen. plans briefed to president biden and approved. the taliban is going across the country. afghan's third largest city has
11:27 am
fallen on the border with iran. the spiritual home is in the process of falling. how quickly this happened. 10 days ago the taliban doesn't control any capitols and today they control 10 and it might be 12 by the end of the today. >> thank you very much for that report. >> a fox news exclusive. an update to the story we brought you yesterday. a school board voted to approve a controversial transgender policy for students. this allows transgender students to compete in sports of the other gender and used bathroom based on their gender identity and requires the teachers to use student preferred pronounce. >> a teacher resigned publicly
11:28 am
and spoke exclusively to fox news. anita joins us live. >> laura morris took a bold step giving her resignation pub likely. he is opening up why she did that. she told the school board she didn't want to be a cog in a machine pushing a highly political agenda on to children. then she resigned to the shock of everyone around her. in her first tv interview she tells me she felt compelled to make a statement. >> this was an opportunity to do something i needed do for myself and for my opportunities i wanted them to know why i was leaving. i hope people will be inspired to do something.
11:29 am
>> her goal as a teacher is to concentrate on reading, righting and math. she felt the focus of the district was too heavy with politics and equity train asking education was taking a back seat. if she had it to do all over again she would not change. >> i am sad about what i am leaving behind but i don't regret anything i said or does. -- or did. >> since tuesday morris has received a lot of support from just about everywhere and many job offers from across the country. she has accepted a teaching position at a private christian school. >> thank you very much. president biden is pushing the biggest social spending agenda that republicans are warning now would push the country closer to
11:30 am
all out socialism. that could be what democrats want. stunning new fox news poll showing the shift on the left about socialism. tennessee senator big haggerty joins us straight ahead. eryone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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11:35 am
>> democrats are advancing a 3.5-trillion dollars spending plan and republicans warn it will change america as we know it. a fox news poll reveals this might be what democratic voters want. more democrats have a favorable view of socialism than capitalism. republican senator bill haggerty from tennessee. former president trump said this about the through bill. while you were sleeping the radical democrats advanced
11:36 am
a communist plan to destroy america. you spoke to the former president. what did he say? >> he is with me in this and feels this is an abomination to push us towards socialism. america has a free enterprise system. what this new bill does, the 3.5-trillion dollars drafted by bernie sanders this is pushing us over the cliff to socialism. president trump wants our children to have the same opportunities we had not worse. >> you referred to this as a socialist debt bomb.
11:37 am
people on the left says this will help people gain more economic freedom. >> freedom is the worst possible choice of words. this is taking away our freedom. the government wants to take care of us from cradle to grave starting with free childcare. the government will pay for everything. the amount of debt our children and grandchildren will shoulder for this is enormous. we continue to race taxes. we will crush the economy with the taxes for this. they said so. death taxes are growing up. they will kill capital formation and kill the fossil fuel industry and make america less competitive and china will laugh all the way to the bank. >> what do you make of what the president said yesterday about opec needs to pump more oil. >> it's amazing. the president's policies in
11:38 am
america make our oil prices go through the roof. every good and service we buy has to be transported. the prices at the pump will have a long range effect. he talks out one side of his mouth to make us more dependent on energy sources and encouraging opec to bail him out. >> asked about their opinion of capitalism and socialism, democrats have a favorable view of capitalism and 59% had a favorable view of socialism. the last time we did this in february 2020, 50% favored capitalism and only 40% socialism.
11:39 am
what does that tell you? >> the talking points the democrats are use are all about socialism. i hope the democrats will look what is happening in cuba or venezuela or communist china. look what is happening in hong kong. they don't want what they think they may want. this would lead us to devastation of the american economy and our society. i hope they wake up and set aside the talking points and look to what the policy delivery. cuba, venezuela and russia and china are the examples they need to look toward. >> senator haggerty, thank you. >> secretary mayorkas is on the ground meeting with local officials meeting with local officials whose towns are overwhelmed by the migrant surge. this is taking a toll on
11:40 am
president biden politically. >> let's bring in our guests. a former obama director of press advance. looking at those numbers from july. 212,000 people crossing the border illegally. no season slow down that we typically see when the heat of the summer gets cooking. this looks like it spells trouble for president biden. >> yes. we have seen an increase over a long period of time in migration to america. i feel blessed i got to travel around the world with president obama. there is no place better than the united states of america. people are trying to migrate here. we will see an increase because of climate change. we need to look at comprehensive immigration reform which hasn't happened in my lifetime. the last time they passed it i
11:41 am
was 4 years old and i have a 19-year-old now. immigration adds to our economy. if we just give a pathway to citizen suspect t undocumented immigrants in this dollars. immigration doesn't take our jobs. adds to our jobs. we have to see bipartisan immigration reform. >> orderly and legal immigration improves the economy. she said this is driven by climate change. >> well, i think the underlying cause, the root cause is the change in policy that took place when joe biden became president.
11:42 am
the entire democratic campaign was about loosening the trump restrictions at the border. president biden was a candidate who made promises about immigration and promised to stop all deportations for 100 days. he promised to throw out the remain in mexico policy. he has done both of those things. everything he did sent the message to people, not just in mexico or in central america but to people around the world, if you cross illegally into the united states, you can stay. now people are being allowed into the united states and being sent to cities across the country without even being given a notice to appear. they don't even have to appear in court to have their cases adjudicated. people in central america and in mexico get the message. they don't listen only to what
11:43 am
mayorkas says. they have word of mouth and understand they can come here and then they can stay. >> john, we have heard from more and more border democrats who are critical of president biden and on immigration. in our last hour we heard from a judge a democrat who was very critical of the administration. are you surprised to hear this shift and a growing chorus of democrats saying this is an issue that needs action? we can't wait anymore? >> no, i am not surprised. there are a lot of people on the border who want to see more support for immigration control. but also to get people a pathway to citizenship. the previous administration did not solve this problem. building a wall and letting people starve on the other side is not solving this problem. we have to look at our
11:44 am
immigration reform. there are some promising signs. not only the fact we got bipartisan infrastructure done. i have seen some promising signs from congress they are looking at taking this on. i like to see them both at a local level and at the federal level come together and look at the problem and then provide solutions. the truth it's not just the biden administrations that ha had this problem. if we blame it on rhetoric it's as bad we have people saying biden has open borders when he does not. >> [inaudible]. >> immigration is an issue that it past administrations have not gotten anything through but congress doesn't agree on this. what you are hearing from democrats at the border, we need to stop the influx. we don't have the resources. it's not about the pathway to citizenship.
11:45 am
it's a strain on that locality. >> yes, it is. it's absolutely a strain. we need to empower people locally and we need to fix this it problem with immigration reform. it's not enough to say the other side is always wrong. we need a pathway to citizenship and get people here so we can add to the economy legally and grow the american future for all of our children. >> 10 seconds to respond. >> well, comprehensive immigration reform is a long-term solution if at all. people understand this is a crazy situation at the border. if you fly into the united states from abroad and land at lax or chicago or atlanta, the u.s. government demands you produce documents showing you have a legal right to be in the country. no one would abolish that
11:46 am
system. yet on the southern border people cross by the thousands without any scrutiny. it's a crazy system. >> good to have you with us today. appreciate it. a new study sounding the alarm over covid vaccines effectiveness against the delta variant and the fda may green light booster shots. who should get them first? that's ahead. veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt,
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>> ♪ ♪ >> john kerry's private jet emiting 30 times carbon emissions from an average car and up from 20 trips this year. we will talk to fox nation host about all of this. abby, kerry was tweeting this week that the climate report spells doomsday but he has a bigger carbon foot print than most people. >> yes. it's like someone smoking a back ever cigarettes telling you they can kill you. it doesn't make sense. you brought up good numbers. i will add one more. the private jet spent 26 hours in the air since the beginning of the year.
11:52 am
and put that it 138 figure into context in tons of carbon emission. an average person in a vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons. that report suggests there is damage being done to our planet and john kerry is frustrated and angry we continue to report on. this but in 2019 john kerry called flying private the only choice for someone like me traveling to win this climate battle. when he flew commercial he got heat for a picture someone took of him not wearing a mask. he said it was only off for a moment. why is flying private the only choice for john kerry? >> i think that's a great question. it's a question people are asking him.
11:53 am
like you are asking cori bush why paying for private security. john kerry said things that are not backed up. he mentioned that he also offset his emissions which he had no explanation for. >> i would love to learn to offset my own emissions. abby, thank you very much. >> surfer in south carolina showed off his moves when a shark happened by and stole the show. that's next. ffective. and while walgreens has safely administered over 25 million free covid-19 vaccines, we can't stop there. because this is still our shot. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ over oh! are you usingovid-19 vaccinliberty mutual'sp there.
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11:59 am
>> it's personnel, it's military police, that kind of thing. they're going to qatar right now because as you know, we've been working with countries in the region to try to find processing sites outside afghanistan. so i would just tell you, they're going to qatar for now. we'll see what the need is after that. we want to be flexible and close by and in the region. that's why they're going there right now. >> there's one infantry that is going to kuwait you said. that's only if things go bad, you have like a qrf basically. >> they'll be there prepared if there's a need for additional security at the airport. they'll be in the region and more accessible. >> and then the ones that are going to qatar, that's for siv applicants. sounds like you're building -- >> when i say engineers, we're
12:00 pm
talking about a small number of engineers and largely for electrical power to make sure that we have power to do the processing of applicants. by engineers, i didn't mean construction and that kind of thing. >> so the kuwait is 3,000 to 3,500 people total, right? >> infantry, combat brigade. >> so 3,000 people coming right away. then another 3,500 that will be there on stand by for security. i'm unclear what they're doing. if the 3,000 -- it's like a couple miles from the embassy. what are 3,000 people doing? securing the airport? >> they'll be there to provide safety and in a secure movement of the reduction of civilian personnel out of the embassy to


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