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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 12, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> ♪ ♪ >> alert. president biden blasted in brand new fox polling with his approval numbers taking a big hit. as voters voice serious concerns about their leadership on a host of key issues. this is "outnumbered" and i am kayleigh mcenany with harris faulkner and shannon bream and leslie marshall and in the center, a virtual seat retired bomb tech and fox news
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contributor joey jones. president biden has been president 6 months and illegal immigrants coming across the border sky rocketed and gun prices are way up and on just about everything. most surveyed disapprove of the way the president handled all of that. biden is down 10 points since june on handling the economy. takes the biggest hit on immigration and crime. joey, it appears the honeymoon is over. he is underwater on immigration, crime and the economy. we will put the poll up here. you combine that, it's 71% of voters who say it's in poor or only fair conditions. the economy is one of the
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biggest issues and he is struggling even there. >> absolutely. you go to the gas pump you see it. no matter what kind of money you make have to buy gas. you see the prices going up. i had family in town from denver looking to buy a house. the housing market is in disarray. it's a get in where you can market. building terror cell are up. i have family that want to build a house and they can't because it 80 thousands more in materials. it prevents you from making the next step in life. >> shannon, another poll will pop-up from fox news. 86% are concerned about
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inflation. hard to get 86% of voters to agree on anything. when you look at product by-product. grocery prices, 70%. and housing costs, 53%. on every metric here, voters are taking notice. on things simple as gas. >> those are real word impacts. people have to keep a roof over their head and get the kids to school. 86% worried about inflayings. it's hard for americans to agree on anything.tion. it's hard for americans to agree on anything. larry summer continues to warn about this issue of inflation. he is not a conservative. he is not a right wing nut job.
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this is somebody on the other end of the political spectrum warning this administration. the president said yes the consumer price index is up 5.4% over last july. he said if you take out everything affected by covid the numbers are not that bad. we can't take that out. this is a problem for the administration. >> it is a big problem. 79% who blame the economic policies on the federal government. people are tying the crisis at the pump to politics. leslie, when you move to crime his approval rating is in the 30% range on the issue of crime. should he have waited 6 months into his presidency to give an address on crime? >> well, considering the needle hasn't moved for president biden up or down in 7 months and we
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would not be talking about this except for the fact it moved for the first time, if you look at the numbers and you look at how much of a drop there is, these are not significant drops. he is still popular. in this fox news poll half of american families feel financially comfortable. 86% blame the pandemic and not the president and not even congress and our elected officials for this. when we look at certain sectors of the economy, retail, wal-mart half a million hires since march and more stores open and infrastructure hopefully going to the finish line, i think the polls will be looked at as out liars. >> harris in all due respect to
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leslie, we saw what the democrat's message is for the mid-terms, they will pivot to other issues. they are ignoring the crime situation and immigration. his approval is in the 30s. democrats are turning their head. i don't think voters will. your thoughts? >> well, all due respect to leslie who did her home work on all of those numbers, the one number that stands out to me is the food prices number. gasoline is important. i could ride my bike to the store to feed my little one. if i can't find milk and bread i am in trouble. we had an economy that has been limping in the decisions by this president and this one category, prices going up. people not wanting to take those jobs. yes, they hired 500. we have 10.5 million job openings. that's like a teardrop in the
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ocean, leslie. my concern is the longevity of paying people to stay home and they have to reengage under pressure in a changing landscape of who will wear masks and who will do this or that because covid is spiking, all things changing. when i get to the store on the bicycle i can't buy the bread and milk. i don't care what they pivot to. i don't care what numbers leslie and others come up with. she is great at doing that. they can't seem to feed us. you know what? we don't want them to. we want to feed ourselves. we want a situation where we can go to a store and afford things. the inflation nation can't be something that sustains beyond our ability to take care of ourselves. i envision republicans fighting
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against this. 2022 will get here like that. >> yes. this is before we have 5 trillion, the infrastructure package and the budget, before we have 5 trillion dollars in more spending. joey, people are seeing prices go up and crime come to their neighborhoods and send their kids to school where they are taught critical race theory. the reality americans are facing i don't think they will like what they see. on top of that masks on your children and no freedom or choice in that matter for the parents, i think is a hurricane brewing ahead of next nov. your thoughts? >> yes, the biggest pandemic we have is the pandemic of public trust. look no further than the community of georgetown and washington, d.c. to know the bleeding heart liberals still want safety and security. that's why they won't let the metrocome to town. if president trump was still
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president, people say inflation would have happened but people would not be worried about the safety of their neighborhood and you would not have a surge at the border. someone that favors and says this is the message across the country about democratic leaders: there might be bad actors among the police force so let's treat them bad. that's the mess megs they sent. it's better to be a criminal today than ever in this country. there are more opportunities to get away from it or demonize the police officers. this administration failed us at the border and abroad and doing it with our police force. >> job openings for the criminals too. >> yes, that's right.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> this alert because we are awaiting now the new numbers on the border crisis. homeland security secretary mayorkas is in southern texas today to see how the situation has exploded. he is expected to speak. july's monthly migrant
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encounters. let's call it what it is. people trying to get into the country who had to apprehended are expected to reach another 20 year high. we are looking at 210,000 of those apprehensions last month alone. that's up 188,000 in june. we are told to expect record numbers today. we are getting brand new video of the cramped conditions that this one facility in the rio grande valley, we have watched people come over live on camera. dozens packed into one concrete room. republican chip roy on the "faulkner focus" told me the administration better get its act together. >> secretary mayorkas and president biden and
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vice-president harris are mia. i think it's on purpose. we know 7,000 covid positive people were dumped into the community in mcallen. and mayorkas and biden and harris don't care. we are the ones in danger. that's why andy is correct. i called for impeaching homeland security for failing to do his job. >> joey? >> it's a terrible situation. i come from a town 78% hispanic. georgia is a multi-racial city in georgia because it's a text tile industry. the jobs were there in the '80s and 90s when immigration spiked. the reason why i point this out. this is a personal issue for me. to be called racist because you want security and order is false. first mexican immigrants don't like open borders.
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they want an opportunity for their parents and their family still in mexico to have a legal path to visit them and be a part of the american system. people coming across the border illegally don't have the opportunities we want. the democrats want it that way. when you live in the shadow, you have to rely on big, broad government programs just to survive. like the department of health. that's why democrats don't have a problem with people coming here illegally and being disenfranchised from legal citizenship. president trump said we will talk about a path to citizenship and nancy pelosi could not make that happen. so we are still dealing with this. >> your comments on deep and wide on the name calling towards
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conservatives. my big question is why didn't democrats just take the win? was it because it was put forth by donald trump? >> kayleigh mcenany? >> that's impactly why. these were trump policies. they were warned it would be a problem if they rolled back the successful trump policies. they did it any way. they don't care. i agree on chip roy on that sound bite. where is kamala harris she said itian catastrophe in the trump era. we heard about cages in the trump era. those were obama cages.
9:19 am
now you have these shocking images and horrible reports of kids eating under-cooked food. where is the biden administration? mark morgan made that point. where is the mainstream media? there are the open borders advocates and the democrats who had crocodile tears in 2019? they are absence. >> leslie, you and i have gone back and forth to get to the realities of the people on the ground. biden has to look at the situation and see some of his people are not succeeding. when you have calls for one ever them to be impeached and mayorkas going to the border today. this will be pressure on him. not even by all republicans. henry will be at the board to talk to mayorkas today. democrats a big voice in the
9:20 am
house. you can turn off the spigot long enough to let us catch up? can you put title 42 back in place? long enough for us not to be so exposed to more covid coming across the border? what do you say? >> well, first the images and outrage were by representative quaar and he is a democrat. vice-president harris should have been ages ago at the border. we have to look at distinguishing. i watched an interesting video by a texas county judge courtez. he said we have in the rio grande in texas a misunderstanding of the labelling of individuals. for example, if you are seeking asylum and you come here with children under the age of 6, you are given a court date, you are then here legally until that
9:21 am
court date. >> should they be testing those people at the border? >> we have to look at what happened in mexico. they said no more children under 6 years of age. we don't have the facilities to care for them. that's increased the numbers that we have at the border. these are not excuses. these are realities. to joey's point i love you. but this is not an obama, trump or biden problem. this is an american problem going on 17 years. >> leslie, i asked you an important question. >> [overlapping talking]. >> should we test these people for covid before we let them? asylum is very specific. haiti's government went to hell in a hand bask after their president was shot. those people are coming here to get away from a war-like
9:22 am
situation. that's asylum. we will deal with those. how do we protect our own citizens? covid is the number 1 thing. nobody said all democrats don't care. henry is an exception. shannon? >> the secretary who will be down there today said the border is closed. the vice-president said in june we made extreme progress over the last month. you talk to anyone and they say it's not true. the hidden exclusive video came through from julio. i talked to him last night. border patrol agency are terrified for their own health and distraught by the people and the situations they are seeing. the trafficking and they are feeding him this video because they feel their administration is not listening to them. hopefully secretary mayorkas
9:23 am
will get a good look at what is happening there today and deal with the reality. the american people get it. they get this. the polling shows us that. these are human beings and we can't allow this to continue. >> coming up an officer died in the line of duty. police in chicago now outraged that her final sendoff was cut short. leadership didn't want to wait for the bagpipes to come in to say good-bye to this officer. now how chicago's mayor lightfoot is reacting to all of this.
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as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> out rage is growing after a rushed tribute for a fallen chicago police officers ella french. her colleagues lined the streets to give her a final sendoff after she was shot and killed
9:28 am
during a routine traffic stop. according to the chicago sun times the department's second in command cut short that tradition and demanded that her bode be taken inside immediately instead of waiting for the honor guard to escort. >> we are not waiting on the bagpipes. take the vehicle inside. do not stop. >> chicago's mayor lori lightfoot defended the motive saying new covid moves were the reason behind it. >> restrictions put in place, that would not be fair to them. they may have lost an important window of time. a call was made to focus on this. i support what carter did. >> wow! the police and mayor lori
9:29 am
lightfoot have had a strained relationship. 2 dozen officers turned their backs on her. it's not just in her city but police across the country are not getting enough support. >> [muffled audio]. [inaudible]. they feel under attack by politicians and the public. at the same time most are not supported by their leadership. in this case, a very emotional time for the officers and a lot of stress. a call was made that i am not sure needed to be made. >> what a hero ella french was. instead of waiting for the bagpipes he said we don't have 20 minutes for this f -- can't
9:30 am
say this on air. how insensitive. >> where did we get to the point where our protectors are not respected at all? no one is perfect. nobody argues that. people argue can you do reform and support at the same time.yo and support at the same time. where is the shame for this mayor's department. lori lightfoot, we got the truth at fox news. we got the science and the people can science told us waiting 20 minutes for the bag biopsy -- pipes would not have affected this.
9:31 am
why can't the mayor's office scoop up the science and why can't the second in command of those who wanted to give a sacred sendoff spiritually to their beloved person in uniform, why can't they get the truth and the science? why do they have to blurt out what we know is not true on top of the disrespect we see? i have a lot of questions. >> those are all great questions. a former police superintendent reflected on the time when he had to inform a fiance that her partner died. she was rolling on the floor and i was rolling on the floor with
9:32 am
her to comfort her. the handling of the family and the body is sacred. that's the treatment that our offices and their families deserve, shannon. >> this is so upsetting. i thought there has to be more to this. this can't be accurate about the bagpipes. my late father was a marine and law enforcement officer. he wanted bagpipes at his funeral and we had them. it's in my mind forever. it's a tradition. a sacred honor for these men and women. there has to be more to this story. the mayor is telling us this is about covid. what about lalapoolozan and we don't have 20 minutes for this family and officer? it doesn't add up. they are things that don't make sense to them.
9:33 am
one high point i hope that officers will hear. the trust that people have in institutions. the only one in the plus column in 2021 was the police. i hope they know they are appreciated and loved. >> 100%. they are here on "outnumbered." joe, whether she likes it or not lori lightfoot is the face of the anti-police sentiment. it was bill de blasio. the officers turned their back on him in the deaths of other officers. lightfoot how shameful this is. covid as an excuse. she is the face of anti-police. defund sentiment whether she knows it or not. joey? >> yes, this is a garbage politician. this is not a leader. she has an entire police force
9:34 am
who knows she doesn't honor and respect their sacrifice. this decision by her and her second in command will be felt in every community those police officers work in. every single citizen in that city is now at jeopardy of not having the security they deserve because of how she treated that police force. those officers will second the guess to go into's harm's way. not from being mad but they will think about their own family and how their family will be treated in they die in the line of duty. that's not a decision that any leader gets to make. lori lightfoot is not a leader. she is an excuse maker and a vindictive politician who holds people in contempt. that's disgusting! >> that's right. she will increase police fonts. imagine that turn of events. >> she has to. the crime in her city is out of
9:35 am
control. >> the head of the minneapolis democratic party said burning down police buildings is an act of pure righteousness. your party needs to get in line here. that won't work in the mid-terms. what do you have to say to him? >> i say it's a disgusting remark. it's not true. just as disgusting as republicans calling january 30th tourism. my daughter's name is ella, like this officer's. we have all buried a loved one. you want them to have their day. that day, those bagpipes for the family more so than the person
9:36 am
who went on to be with the angels. i have to say in defense of the mayor, if she didn't support what the second in command of the police did, the police will turn their backs and say she didn't have their backs and his call on that. either way, she would be looked at as -- >> you don't lose by supporting a fallen police officer. >> i agree with joey. you don't lose by supporting a fallen police officer. your sentiments are well taken about your beautiful daughter. we hold in our hearts the families of ella french. coming up arnold schwarzenegger has a message for anti-maskers. his rant on freedom in the age of covid. >> i am disturbed here. no, screw your freedom! veteran homeowners, great news
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>> former republican california governor arnold schwarzenegger ranting against americans who refuse to wear masks or follow health guidance in the name of personal freedom. >> screw your freedom. with freedom comes responsibilities. you cannot just say i have the right when you infect other people. that is when it gets serious. come together rather than fighting and say according to my principles this is a free country. i will have the freedom to wear no mask. [bleep]. >> okay. we have the benefit of lip reading. kayleigh mcenany? >> it's frightening how many elected officials we have in this country and dr. fauci that don't understand freedom.
9:42 am
it's a concept that is the bed rock of our society. what a terrible thing to say. to think this it man led one of the largest states in our country. dr. fauci over there saying you are infringing on someone's individual's rights if you don't wear a mask. we doesn't understand individual freedoms. it's frightening how little they understand about our constitutions and our freedoms. that's not a popular thing to say. good luck, arnold schwarzenegger. you are walking the line with dr. fauci who a lot of people have lost trust in. >> leslie, our nation is divided. arnold schwarzenegger a former governor of a huge state. is what he said helpful? >> i live in the state he was the former governor of. i didn't listen to him then and i don't listen to him now. he doesn't speak for my party. he left his state worse than it
9:43 am
was after the recall. that's why i don't want the next recall. nobody's freedoms should be repeat what he stated. what sets the united states apart from other nations is the freedom. i agree with coming together. the freedom of healthcare workers is infringed on. the freedom of having extra beds in the icu and the freedom for all of us to respect each other. i have had my children and i mocked for wearing masks. whoa should be in the nation not making this as blue or red. how do we get every variant of this in the rear-view mirror so we can get back to the life we knew before the pandemic. >> shannon bream? >> well, he might want to talk to prominent californians who are not helping him make the
9:44 am
case like gavin newsom who goes out to restaurant and his kids showing up to campus unmasked and nancy pelosi going to get her hair done. a lot that goes on in california doesn't match the messaging. if you are with me in this, you have guidelines, great. not if you make guidelines for me and people go on about their business. those things hurt the messaging. this is a country where we have to balance freedoms. there are constitutional protections. a number of the supreme court justices handling cases about whether churches can meet, we can pause some stuff but you don't suspend the constitution because we are in a pandemic. you have to remember america is built on freedoms am you have to balance that. insulting people will never get them to come along with you on masking or vaccines or anything else. >> this is what california think a republic is.
9:45 am
i think that's why not many are left there. freedom is something people die for. ideas and public faith are important in this country. we can take a piece of paper with a dead president printed on it and exchange it for goods. we have freedoms. this conversation matters. what can the government take freedom for? what will we allow the government to mandate? that conversation matters as much as anything else. healthcare workers freedoms are infringed upon because i that are fired if they don't take the vaccine. there are a lot of conversations that i don't know where i fall on but are important to have. >> wow. we will move on. google is giving its employees the option to stay home forever! is that a good idea. >> ♪ ♪
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>> covid vaccine are not as effective preventing the delta variant as the original virus. the fda is looking at booster
9:50 am
shots. what do we need to know. a doctor will be break it all down for you. the dhs secretary is touring the borders that a release staring numbers for the month of july. and why is president biden urging opec to open the oil spigot when he is reducing production in the united states? charles pane will take on that cbs sports. i am john roberts. sandra smith is on vacation. jackie will join me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> after more than a year of working from home google is letting thousands stay home for good. they may have to take a pay cut. something many agreed to do. leslie, we all know that moms have been on the sidelines of the jobs recovery.
9:51 am
i think it makes sense to give flexibility to let mothers stay at home with their kids. but not with a pay cut. your thoughts. >> well, being that i am working from home. please don't cut my pay! i want to be clear. the studies show it's an advantage for corporations to employees work from home. 30% of the work force continues to work from home. 27% increase in productivity. that's the low end. in addition to that, it's cost saving for corporations. they can down size their headquarters. lower rent or lease. they don't have to pay expense accountses for gas or transportation or travel costs. it's a win-win because if you work from home for some of us.
9:52 am
but for a lot of people they are working an extra day and getting up earlier before they get the kids off to school to get the work done. i think it's a win-win. i don't think google or anyone else shall penalize those working moms when it's financially helpful to the corporation. >> i agree. harris tmay help some moms who have to be care takers and want to be workers as well. >> finding full-time daycare is particularly difficult because we for another wave of covid and another variant. working moms and dads are finding it particularly challenging. more women lost their jobs during the pandemic by millions than men. this issue cuts across the board. when you say work from home, that doesn't mean we are doing our nails. i worked a whole new show during
9:53 am
the pandemic from the man cave which has better decorations than had ever had with my husband. i would say this, corporations better be careful when they take away pay. we got north of 10 million jobs open not all are low paying jobs want the competition to put somebody on the table if you are not matching the market will take care of. >> you that's right. joey? >> i am all for people getting paid as much as they can get paid. be careful criticizing this. a lot of people got a pay bump because of how much it costs to go into work. the federal government did the same thing with cost-of-living. i am for people keeping as much money in their pocket.
9:54 am
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>> just in time for friday night pizza. a pizza kit. with flies and 8200 pound shipment. in space what would you like for them to send you just one thing to eat, joey? >> looking for meat. any wild game in my freezer want
9:59 am
send it to me. >> okay. >> shannon? >> i started to say cookie dough. the cdc says no on eating raw cookie tao -- dough. >> is wine a food group? no. the home cooking mac and cheese with the wine. >> kayleigh mcenany? >> i am with leslie on the wine. for me, taco bell or pizza hut. >> traditional break fast. scrambled eggs and bacon which is a food group in my house.
10:00 am
and onions and green peppers and lots of butter and jam. a traditional breakfast. have a wonderful afternoon. we had great discussions. what a great team here. "america reports" is next. >> ♪ ♪ >> harris, thanks. put me down in the wine column. fox news exclusive in the fight over critical race theory coming up. a virginia teacher who resigned in protest and speaking only to fox news. we will hear from her and another school teacher on this busy afternoon on "america reports." joe chonca discusses the higher prices at the pump and why the media is going easy on president biden. >> charles pane is here and a tennessee senator sounds off the democrats push for the biggest welfare expansion in decades and a d


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