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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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people remember his time in office? >> obviously the pandemic. you talk to people in albany are across the state, they say he did a masterful job of keeping the state safe and dealing with the situation. >> laura: ed, get our room. second worst death rate in the country. >> some people in this deliberative body want to defund the police. 100 people sashay down there and vote for this amendment and put to rest the lies. can we add also that every senator here wants to defund the police, believes that god, country and apple pie. >> greg: spartacus is not so smart-acus. ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] hitting me right now, the coffee. happy wednesday. time once again for... everything is racist! oregon decided that reading, writing and arithmetic is racist. it was written in the bill which makes this bill inherently racist because someone had to write it. yes. the worst state in history, you're welcome, new jersey, has decided to drop the requirement that students demonstrate that they have mastered those skills. crap, i said mastered. that's racist too. according to activist ben crump, the phrase master is in master bedroom is racist. i can only wonder what he thinks of my sheets. there's another joke i can make involving master about why beat the audience.
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ooh, i am being heckled. shut up! it's a serious topic. for the next five years oregon students will get a diploma without the necessary skill base making that rolled paper as meaningful as a pink belt in karate. valen is whalen currency is more -- enjoy devito's case, when he applied for this job was a curious george book nms t-shirt. this is new. this state isn't mandating schools to become diploma mills. the governor signed this bell almost a month ago but didn't brag about. there is no signing ceremony probably because again, writing is racist. the state legislature had publicized other pass laws but not this one. they hated like a cold sore on prom night. i remember that. it's weird.
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progressives have happily trumpeted a lot of crazy [bleep]. they are still bragging about defunding the police. may be here they actually feel some shame about this particular travesty. the governor will talk about it. why should she? it's like asking andrew cuomo how he feels about misogyny in the workplace. is this new bill racist? according to one of the government lackeys they dropped the requirement in order to benefit oregon's black, latino, latina, latinx, indigenous, asian, pacific islander, tribal and students of color. effectively turning their degrees into a participation trophy. to answer your question, hell yes, it's racist. you couldn't do worse if you name the bill minorities are stupid because now expecting them to learn is viewed as an impression rather than providing knowledge and opportunity. apparently in the mind-set, minority aren't up to the task. they assume these groups are hopeless. tell that to elon musk or any
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other immigrant who came here and hit it big. i wonder what the angry blackmail thanks. ♪ ♪ >> what is that? low reading, writing, arithmetic. arithmetic? >> are you copying me? because let me ask you a question. stop talking. >> stopped talking. >> seriously. >> seriously. >> what if i told you that you didn't have to do reading, writing, math in school anymore. >> what? >> yeah. >> no. >> you wouldn't have to get a job or pay bills. >> how wanted to get a job and
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your bills? >> i don't know. do you think that's a good idea? >> i think [bleep]. >> what? >> greg: pretty good. the soft bigotry of low expectations has now become law except it's not soft. it's as hard as a 2-week-old bengal. we can't get these damn kids to pass the most basic exam so just ditch the exams. we could try harder and overhaul our own education or c, check out why the students are having problems but it would cut into our three-month summer vacation. instead, drop the requirement. problem solved which actually punishes talent and hard work. it's academic communism. meanwhile parents can tell how bad the schools are really doing. could be tried elsewhere?
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med school is hard. so we are dropping the requirements on diagnosis and surgery. here's your new doctor. the good news, if you like your clown, you can keep your clown. engineering is not only complex, it's also racist. expect minorities to absorb mathematical data. we are dropping the requirement on industry relevant skills. meet the guy who designed the latest jumbo jet. clearly that's the fence. law enforcement is challenging. have to deal with constant stress and your own secret racism. plus you have to run with all that stuff around your waist.
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that's got to chase, especially when you don't wear pants, like me. we decided to drop all requirements related to crime prevention. here's your new police force. bottom line: it's not the requirements that are racist. it's the assumption that specific groups can't meet the standards. if you don't think a black kid can learn to read and write, you're the racist. you're also the same ones who have been hate clarence thomas and thomas sowell. it's not us. no one with both left hates school choice so much because parents would choose schools and expect kids to learn math. if you think it's too hard for latino and latinx to do sophomore level mass, first, congrats on using the woke classification but you're still a racist, you jack ass. even tony montana had to learn the metric system. every arena in life where standards are being dropped is
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racism. it's the ultimate condescension. we make the rules so only idiots can follow them. but they, maybe they don't know they're being racist because they're too busy calling everybody else and everything racist. maybe we start pointing out to them with the same tenacity they used it to point us out. it's boring and it's repetitive but someone has to do it. it sure beats doing math. racist. welcome tonight's guests. she knows investing cash like i know persistent heat rash. fox business correspondent susan li. he has 5 daughters, so tonight he's here for the peace and quiet. american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. he's available for all of your entertainment needs as long as they're 50 feet away from a playground or school. writer and comedian joe devito. finally, she's like a lamp: bright, attracts bugs,
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and blacks out at night. fox news contributor kat timpf. susan, you are an expert in business. >> susan: so they say. >> greg: they say. i don't know where you are but i never stop to ask them who they are. how does this portend comments that the word for the future? >> susan: that's a big word for you. [laughter] >> greg: that hurts. i wasn't even sure i was using it right. she does have one on me. anyway, if we have a whole generation of kids who aren't learning the basics, what happens 20, 30 years economically? >> susan: development is my big concern. marriage is not racist. how many times do i have to say this? what about development? we know the high school is not reality. ask the star quarterback or the head cheerleader. >> greg: i was both. i don't brag about it because i
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know it makes people feel bad. i know it makes you feel bad knowing you haven't majored in anything important. >> susan: what happens? >> greg: i was homeschooled. it was weird. i wasn't even at school but i would win everything and i never showed up. >> susan: proficiency in math, reading, you need that in real life. you're hurting these kids by not making the meet that standard early on. >> greg: what happens to your kids? your kids are going to be doing great. >> susan: you mean because i'm asian that my kids are going to do great academically. >> greg: no. i meant -- >> susan: it's true, actually. i promise you. i will be the tiger mother that says you will be there after school starting piano four hours a day. >> greg: there you go. there's a great instrument. everybody can fit in their house. susan, you're such an elitist. matt, you have five daughters.
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>> matt: i do. it's true. >> greg: it's amazing you're still alive. how do you see the future? i keep thinking about the future. it's not good. >> matt: i'm confused. he went from leave no child behind to leave every child behind, and they are saying that homeschooling is terrible and we should all be in public schools but then they shut down all the public schools and make everybody home school. liberals only like homeschooling when they can make you do it. every single one of you. now we are in this situation where we are saying please open up the schools. he read the stuff and you're like maybe they should keep them close to. maybe we should figure out a different way. look at the kindergarten rates of people going into public schools in kindergarten, they are dropping. people are starting to make alternative plans. >> greg: i hope you're right. such an amazing point. they mock homeschooling because they are not in charge of it but once you're in charge of it, that it's like you have to do it. brilliant. joe, are you keeping up? >> joe: yes.
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>> greg: how are you doing? >> joe: i'm good. i don't like this. i don't like it. >> greg: it's a good beginning so far. >> joe: thanks for having me on the show. i don't like this. okay, why not just give them a harvard diploma? why not announce, congratulations. everyone of you is the president of shell oil. if we are taking away any sort of measurement and you know they're not being required to attend because no one can say that you weren't here. you weren't here on time. i don't see what the point us. what they are going to be teaching them all this time. such nonsense. what struck me come in that announcement, he said dropping the requirements will benefit oregon's black, latino, latina, latinx, students of color. why did he say latino, latina and latinx. i thought latinx was supposed to cover it. why did he see asian x or indigenous x or x-men.
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these words don't mean anything. it's nonsense. asian students are the ones that suffer the most. to get the good grades. they lower the standards, kids that work harder going to look so much better and they say we can't have that. it's the same as any other leftist plan. they have to build walls around it to keep successful people from getting out. >> greg: that's such a good point. kat, what about the other countries. they must be laughing at us. that's a question no one has ever said before. >> kat: no one has ever mention something on this channel, with this country is ahead of us in this. i have done a lot of things in my life where i left back. >> greg: you can stop there. >> kat: shouldn't have done that. maybe could have used my time a better way. i've not felt that way about learning to read. i am very glad. i still use it.
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the reading. and the writing. i don't get it. i feel like if you're one of these super left people, at some point you might say okay, so our philosophy is we don't believe that children of color are capable of learning to read. we are believing that 2-year-olds are capable of leaving masks on all day and using them properly. at some point you look in the mirror i would think and be like, what am i doing? >> greg: and a 4-year-old, we can gender reassignment. can't read, can't write that we are going to change your sex because for a brief period of time you wanted to wear a different type of clothing. that's insanity. >> kat: nice red meat tag. >> greg: blow your speech 24 nose. >> kat: i did, and it was
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>> it's the cuomos starring andrew and chris. >> greg: excuses are not so hot, as chris cuomo heads for the yacht. fox news caught up with chris cuomo at a hamptons dock before i had a chance to remove his shirt to show off his packs.
8:20 pm
mike is medium-size polo, you know he shrunk it on purpose, his lips were tight. >> have you spoken to your brother today, sir? >> of course. >> are you continuing to advise him. do you think that's an ethical conflict? >> i think you've got a job to do and i'm letting you do it. >> is your brother coming to east hampton? >> yes. if you wait here, he'll be here in 5 minutes. >> greg: see, that's funny. that's funny. put that in my monologue. at least he has finally learned to control his temper, right? >> ruin your bleed. throw you down the stairs like a [bleep]. >> greg: see, he's changed. someone who never lose his composure unless it's around krispy kreme's. brian stelter. perfect company man. are you applauding him or the
8:21 pm
joke? he defended cnn's handling of the cuomo crisis on colbert. >> "new york times" reporting that's true. chris was helping his brother. has it created any conflict at cnn behind close doors? are people mad at him? is he in trouble question might >> some people are mad at him. i have a source that since chris was on the phone with his brother this week. >> is your source named cuomo? >> it is not. you need to have boundaries. you need to draw a line. >> he doesn't have boundaries. >> does. i don't know about the governor. >> greg: he said there's nothing in the journalism ethics books on how to deal with the situation. i guess it doesn't have a section on "duh" either. nice to hear someone mention boundaries when talking about the cuomos. limited chuck todd. >> his career was either permanently over our almost permanently over and he chose the path almost permanently
8:22 pm
over. i expect in my lifetime andrew cuomo to probably run for office again. >> greg: chuck had only got five years to live. but the body is not even cold year. tucker carlson proposed interesting theory about the new york ag. >> she said the ag. he thought it meant attorney general. she said it stands for aspiring governor. there are reasons to question letitia james' motives to put it mildly. >> greg: like my phone number on a truck stop bathroom, the writing was on the wall for the governor. by the way when you do call the number, specify route and location. i'm not going to drive around forever. tucker has echoed what i've heard a lot which is cuomo is a creep but wait until you see what's coming in. you could get el de blasio as governor. he would get letitia james.
8:23 pm
is it better to have a less crazy creep than the noncreep who is a hard-core leftist? i don't know. >> matt: i'm having trouble with the logic. i'm glad he's gone. i think there's a special place at cnn for every failed new york politician. i could see a rebound of the man's career for sure. and i think the thing more than anything else that's gross is to see brian stelter say who his sources are not. anonymous means you're not talking about your sources. you don't say keep coming with the names. i will tell you when you're getting warmer. it doesn't work that way. >> greg: you know that with him it was cuomo. kat, could there be an opportunity for the brothers to have their own show? very popular among the media when that happened. >> kat: a boat show. people are missing a very important part of the story which is the name of chris cuomo's boat is heart strong.
8:24 pm
okay, buddy. who names the boat that? it's like a movie about a high school football team. he is not the guy he thinks he is and also it blows the whole plan vacation thing out of the water. who makes millions of dollars a year and plans a vacation to stay home? nobody. >> greg: when your home is the hamptons. >> kat: i wouldn't know about that. >> greg: joe, what do you make of this? is the story ongoing or is it about a flameout? >> joe: there's a lot to it. for chris cuomo, if your nickname is fredo, don't go on any boats. he is in the hamptons. his brother is evident in by himself. harassing himself out of loneliness. here's the problem, you know i
8:25 pm
get my political predictions from cnn and from celebrities. i miscalculated. they told me in 2020 that andrew cuomo was going to be the next president of the united states, and i spent all my money making these bumper stickers. cuomo-michael avenatti 2024. trying to unload them. i think these might move, i had them edit them at the print shop. they have a handcuffs on. >> greg: that's a good editorial cartoon. >> matt: are we allowed to bring props question mckay didn't know this. >> joe: my lessons from last time. 2012. >> greg: he has been carrying that around for eight years. >> joe: i have had in my backpack. >> greg: it's got a yogurt
8:26 pm
stain on it. >> susan: the nike sign for avenatti? >> greg: i asked the questions here. >> susan: think of corporations. >> greg: what should happen to chris cuomo? >> susan: that's a great question. >> greg: thank you. that's why i'm sitting here. >> susan: i don't want to make any judgments on any fellow peers, journalist ray didn't he used to work here? did you know him? >> greg: we were roommates. we couldn't find a place to live so we stated a women's college. we dressed up as women. did you watch the resignation? i love that the chyron's were still behind. 5 minutes behind before they said cuomo resigned. everyone was checking, did he really say that? wow. everyone's double checking at the same time. >> greg: kat, what do you feel about chuck todd saying that
8:27 pm
there could be a come back? >> kat: i want to know what would possibly lead to that. based on what evidence? he resigned. this was all really bad. he's a bad guy. but there is still all these other things that he did. >> greg: the nursing home. >> kat: priority testing for family and friends. i lose track, so many horrible things. misusing the funds for the book. what a weird hill to die on. why, chuck todd? maybe he got the test. >> greg: there you go. he could still run again as governor or he could run for mayor of new york. i would take him over de blasio. up next, rand paul's message wasn't compliant so he got censored by a big tech giant. don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ don't rock the boat, baby rock the boat ♪
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>> greg: rand paul should be thanked. instead his videos got yanked. youtube suspending rand paul over video proclaiming cloth masks don't work against preventing covid transmission. i guess he has been reading anthony fauci's emails. youtube yanked the video. an early video of paul being interviewed about masks, he posted a video in response to being censored. in the second video he claimed two different studies proved cloth masks are useless. >> a danish study of 6,000 persons found that wearing a surgical mask did not significantly reduce a person's risk of covid-19 infection. a vietnamese study of 1600 participants from the cloth masks allow for 97% penetration of particles the same size as the virus. most of the masks you get over the counter don't work.
8:33 pm
they don't prevent infection. >> greg: wait, that sounds like science. shut up, rand paul, you crazy actual medical doctor. he got booted from youtube for a week under their three strikes policy. for strikes means that google runs over you with a tank in tiananmen square. like any conversation kat has with her husband has been, this area only works one way. in oklahoma public school board discussed the law passed by the governor prohibiting schools from imposing mask mandates. one board member's argument was that kids could commit murder by not wearing masks in school despite evidence that murderers often wear masks. >> anyway between now and the beginning of school we can get this changed. i hope we can. it's just not okay. for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask.
8:34 pm
it's possible that they will cause the death of another child because they came to school without a mask. >> greg: so paul gets suspended from youtube. but if you exaggerate claims like say maskless kids are murderers, nothing really happens. i get it. he's a senator and she is a schoolboard lady. it appears that the media only cares about a certain kind of claim. it's like my uncle ralph used to say. when truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie. uncle ralph lived in an abandoned car wash with 30 cats. joe, this is an interesting thing. i don't think they are fair comparisons, the schoolteacher and the senator but there's two kinds of misinformation, two kinds of extreme information. the opinion that covid is a giant scary and you should be skeptical or the opinion that if you don't wear a mask you're killing people or you've got blood on your hands, something you see on msnbc or cnn. the media only cares about one
8:35 pm
side of that so-called misinformation. it's the same way they did with fake news and fact-checking. the only fact-check one side. there were right about your skepticism and not the hysteria. >> joe: it strange that they keep me aching rand paul videos. youtube's position, we don't just put up videos from anybody? oh, we kind of do. we are you too. he is an actual doctor and he makes a good point. this mask wearing has become theater for a lot of people. it's enabled a lot of people to be the schools they have always wanted to be. if you can breathe easily through the mask, what is it blocking? what is it holding out? you see the woman on the school board. if you can make that jump shouldn't you be arresting the obamas for attempted murder. the huge event. and be the first time obama
8:36 pm
killed somebody without a drone. don't moan. what's our relationship to reality? no mask and we hide inside? >> greg: it's the prison of two ideas, kat. masks are not 100% effective nor are they% effective. this woman has had her opinions assigned to her through the media. there is truth to the fact that it's an obstacle but it's not fail-safe. that's why parents should have a choice, no? >> kat: especially. it's not murder. two euros cannot commit murder. there's not way to be a reenactment. >> greg: that would be a great forensic file. >> kat: i don't know if these people have seen a 2-year-old. i saw the 2-year-old, the kid
8:37 pm
was touching the scaffolding and rubbing their face because that's what 2-year-olds do. they are not sanitary. >> greg: susan, where do you stand on this? >> susan: i think i've told you about the difference in vaccines rules and procedures for different airlines. united says we are going to fire you if you don't get vaccinated. 64,000 employees. then you have other people saying actually will incentivize it or you don't have to get vaccinated but you have to get tested. i want something standard and uniform so we can all abide by the same rules. >> greg: i don't know if i want something standard at this point. i want people to be able to make their own decisions. you should know. out of all of us, you're the most, what's the word, the most irons in the fire. your five kids. >> matt: the iron is out of the fire. [laughter] >> greg: may be less iron in the fire. >> matt: exactly.
8:38 pm
i understand where you're going. trying to homeschool your kids. i never felt so incompetent my life. you're doing third and fourth grade math. they are scaring the hell out of these kids. telling them they are going to be murderers? it's child-abuse and it's wrong. my 18-year-old and my 15-year-old have more common sense. we need to get rid of them and start all over again. >> greg: a vote reveals what some lawmakers are about. telling lies in selling us out. millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul.
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it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> greg: tulane! 19 republicans vote like sheep so china can sell crap to us cheap. it's time for boring but important! we get that infrastructure talk
8:43 pm
can be drier than nancy pelosi for her plasma infusion. you're going to see some awesome but totally unrelated videos. here we go. china has done a pretty good job of screwing everyone. makes perfect sense that most of the g.o.p. wants to limit their power. what doesn't make sense is that 19 senate republicans voted with democrats to pass the infrastructure investment and jobs act and sell america out faster than our upcoming shows in nashville. the bill with the provision to allow companies to bypass buy america rules. when iron and steel construction manufacturing products would razor projects cost by more than 25%. since china dominant mates those industries, it could be a boon for corporations like nike and apple. it's amazing what you can save using labor camps. no matter how bad china keeps screwing us over, we can't seem to leave them.
8:44 pm
it sounds like kat when she was dating menudo. >> kat: why is that sam? >> greg: i don't know. it's funny. here's the part where you tell me you are a libertarian, freedom, markets. blah, blah, blah. >> kat: i could do it but since you expressed it so eloquently, i'm not sure i can do any better in explaining my point of view in terms of free markets. i get upset in general at these massive spending bills. one after the other. no one seems to care. i am so sick of hearing joe biden and everyone else talk about what my fair share payment is for something that i have nothing to do with. there's no such thing as your fair share of my [bleep]. >> greg: and no one wants it. susan. >> susan: infrastructure.
8:45 pm
>> greg: the first and only time infrastructure will be mentioned on the show. my essay structure? why is it infrastructure. it's generic and broad. >> susan: broadband. high tech. i'm proud of you. the last time i said infrastructure on the show i think your eyes tried to go as back as far as they could. >> greg: i was looking at my cerebellum, just checking on it. it looks all right. i've been watering it a lot. >> susan: did you notice. i don't know half the time or he is saying so i laugh along. that's really funny, greg. don't you notice that by and kept the on china? they were saying you're going to ruin the economy by stepping up to china. >> greg: there you go. you know what he did? he did a trump but he didn't say. he left it there. >> matt: he watered down these
8:46 pm
america first policy is in the language. bynes had made in america and the key in all of this is that the spending is out of control. kat is right, $9 trillion is juicing the economy. it's why we have inflation. a guy has to fill a tank with gas and that really hurts. buy the box of swanson's or whatever we are talking about, it hurts. it's going to be a real big problem for democrats. >> greg: great deal, fried chicken, 12 pieces. joe, you know it. you're a bachelor. >> joe: don't even heat it up. >> greg: pretend the you are in alaska exploring eating cold chicken. >> joe: slice them with the tin. >> greg: i'm tired of this conversation. last word to you. >> joe: think china needs to get over the inferiority complex. the wall is okay.
8:47 pm
they are claiming olympic gold medals in hong kong and taiwan won. we have to keep in mind that's who we are dealing with. this is a company. they are our biggest rival in the world. have to be very careful who we are cutting deals for. >> greg: this is the country that's responsible for the largest biological disaster in human history. in human history. and we want cheap shoes and cheap phones so we are okay to do business with people that have your kids and masks coming relatives dying, your business is crumbling because you want to get cheaper freaking iphone. up next, capitalism. it's racist. we see things dif so you can focus on what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all.
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>> greg: when you hear about amex's flow, you will be reaching for diners club. american express recently hosted a critical race theory training program. aspiring antiracism initiative started by amex execs last year in the wake of the george floyd protests. how many -- in the wake of the george floyd protesters of being unmitigated
8:52 pm
disasters? probably a lot. other elements include teaching white employees how to identify their privilege. while likely ignoring that you are specifically marginalized being white. saying that a guest lecturer argued that profits must be sacrificed to advance national doses. i've been amex love that part. it's only because of capitalism that american express is able to employ over 60,000 people. for up to the woke, they would all be broke but i guess this training program isn't as bad as last year's amex seminar. >> welcome. [bleep] >> greg: oh, my goodness. joe, is amex stupid? [laughter] >> joe: yes.
8:53 pm
will mohammed from the nation of islam. speaking of inclusive organizations. they are going to be surprised when they hear his opinion on {flush the slogan. their high-end card is the black card. >> greg: you should use that material wherever you are performing next. >> joe: it's in new jersey this weekend. >> greg: i would have a problem working at a place that is so coldly corporate and cutthroat financially but then hires people to tell you you're racist. it's like hobos telling you about hygiene.
8:54 pm
>> matt: very good. i'm going to have to laugh at that. i'm going to figure out how to laugh. >> greg: tough crowd. >> matt: these corporations, people are starting to vote with their feet and they are holding back dollars. this is a boycott i can get into. i've told the women in my family we are not using the american express card for months and i feel great about it. >> greg: does this have an effect on amex? is it more corporate virtue signaling so people leave them alone? >> susan: no one uses diners club anymore. with the centurion, the black card. what you think motivates people to pay $700 a year for that card? capitalism. this great country. >> greg: what you get for that 700 bucks. >> susan: a lot of benefits. prime tables at restaurants. >> kat: there was no wealth creation for thousands of years and countries started trying capitalism then it started
8:55 pm
happening. in terms of we could all, people of all races could equally lay around and starve, then they have a point but that's not my ideal situation for the world. >> greg: you are truly a philanthropist. >> kat: yes. >> greg: already, we are done then. anybody want to say anything else? >> kat: i'm not going to pay my amex bill. >> greg: there you go. my idea! we should -- we should cancel credit card debt. that's $800 billion. $800 billion. the average american is $5,000 in debt. amex, let's cancel their debt. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪
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>> greg: out of time. thanks to susan li, matt schlapp, joe devito, kat timpf, studio audience. "fox news @ night" is next with shannon bream. i'm greg gutfeld. love you. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: a heated debate on transgender issues comes tonight in an affluent school district in washington, d.c. we have breaking details barely will take you inside the meeting and tell you about the new policy for pronouns for students. mainstream media turning quickly on their former h


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