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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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alejandro mayorkas goes to south texas to talk about the border crisis there. we are live on the board as we have been covering that important story. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still in phase. "fox news prime time" starts right now. >> thank you, bret peered welcome to "fox news prime time." ♪ ♪ >> we learned last night that joe biden doesn't care about the constitution pure look no further than the eviction will moratorium. he said he could legally extended, he went ahead and did it anyway. breaking the law must be fun, because biden is looking to do it again. this time it comes with the mask mandate. governors in florida and texas banning them, but uncle joe didn't like that one bit. and now even though he has no jurisdiction over individual states, he's looking for a way
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around them. >> d of the power to intervene in states like texas and florida? >> i don't believe that i do thus far. we are checking that. but there are -- on the federal workforce, i can. >> why does joe biden look to take such extreme measures? so let's talk about florida, shall we? 28,317 -- that is the number of new cases the cdc says florida has sunday august 8th. it turns out they overshot their estimate by almost double. florida's department of health saw the cdc stats and noticed the numbers were way off. by their count, the caseload was more close to 15,000. they said they rolled them into one, eventually the cdc met them in the middle and devise the caseload to about 19,000. so why is that important?
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well, think about it. joe biden and ron desantis have been going at it for a week. joe biden wants to bring back the lock down and ron desantis is getting in the way of that. we can't say for sure that the cdc intentionally cooked the books, but i can darren do not guarantee you that they never would've made that correction if florida did not stand up and say something. remember a few weeks ago when they told us that the delta variant is far more contagious than the chicken pox? turns out, they were simply exaggerating. belgian scientist at some actual research and found that while the delta variant is more transmissible than the original covid-19 strand, it is still cannot compare with the chicken pox. those are the facts. so why is all of this happening? all the fearmongering and all of the misleading data.
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because the scarier the situation seems, the easier joe biden and his goons can go on and force the agenda of their dreams. joining me now, dr. and deputy health secretary. thank you so much, doctor, for joining me. you have a tough job. you are responsible for the health and safety of the folks in florida. how hard does this make your job when the cdc doesn't get those numbers right? >> hi, lawrence. thank you for having me. i'm the deputy secretary of health for the florida department of health. it is very important that data is accurate in the state of florida. they deserve it, we've been putting out accurate data since the beginning of the pandemic. on monday, we notice that the data was displayed incorrectly. on that night, we notified the cdc. the next day we had a conversation with them to upgrade the data. it's very important we have accurate data that is shown to
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the public. >> lawrence: doctor, can you explain to her audience, because we have a lot of folks that look at fox news that are in florida, we are seeing some polling changes. it seems like there was a lot of fearmongering taking place based on those new numbers. so can you explain to us how something like this happens? where does the cdc get that information from? >> so in florida, we have what is called an integrated public health system peered we have 67 county health departments, over 12,000 workers responding to this pandemic. every day we submit data monday through friday to the cdc, case information paired without information they display our numbers on their website. on this past week, that data was shown incorrectly. so we probably got in, had a
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conversation to make sure that the people of florida got the correct information. it's very important to us that people know the numbers so they can respond that's important to us that we have the accurate numbers so there are public health professionals can respond. >> doctor, what does the cdc say to you guys when you said there were some inconsistencies? did they immediately own it, was their investigation, what was that process like? >> originally that night they sent an email that next day, some of the epidemiologists had a conversation with them. they acknowledge that the data was given to them correctly on that monday and that they would change the information. i really don't have a good out don't not understanding to what happened to cause that data, but they said they acknowledged it and that they would work with us to get the data corrected that day. >> did we release any statements apology into the people of florida? often times they look at the official sites of the country.
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so did they apologize to the residents of florida and to your office specifically? >> we had a conversation with the cdc about adding a disclaimer to their website to just talk about the data process, how it works. and then we implemented a new process in place to make sure that as we submit the data every day, the cdc monday through friday, that we would continue to give them historical data to make sure that even in the past, they can look at that data every day to make sure it's the numbers that they reported the previous day was actually the correct number that was displayed. so we are committed in florida to data accuracy. we are committed to the people of florida and we want to make sure that we have accurate data to the public. >> lawrence: doctor, i've got ask you this. with all this back-and-forth on the data, how is it like in florida? should people be wearing masks in florida or should people be conducting themselves as usual if they've got the vaccine like
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your governor has encouraged them to get? >> good question, thank you for that. i just want people to know in florida that we have a very multifaceted response. we have over 22 million people in the state of florida. we have county health departments that are responding, we have people in our state health office who are responding. there's not a one-size-fits-all approach to responding to covid-19, so we take a tailored approach in each county. so you know, we make sure that people understand different things to make sure they are safe and protected. we've inputted to make sure that vaccines are available, we've promoted tsa's to say that they are safe, with bent communities all over the state. we are a trusted resource and we continue to respond to covid. and people have the choice to make certain decisions in life about medications and we have provided that through outreach continuously throughout this pandemic. >> lawrence: dr. robinson,
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deputy health secretary. thank you so much for joining the program. thank you for your service to our state. >> lawrence: dr. robertson is not a political figure. your wife happens to be a doctor, joe. she's not a political figure. but i find it very suspect that when the president is going back and forth with ron desantis, that the official website of the cdc come after the deputy says they gave them the right numbers, that it just magically doubled. how do something like that in politics not play a part? >> that is exactly right. politics is playing apart. particularly with the cdc and the nih. it's probably worse now pure chills that only about half of americans have trust in the cdc. they were pulling in the 80s at the beginning of the pandemic. it gets even worse, 77% say their trust in the cdc, lawrence, has decreased since the beginning of the pandemic.
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so look, it's not just the cdc either. it's the nih as well. you remember just last week or two weeks ago, it was the director francis: suggesting that vaccinated parents wear masks around their kids. he not only had to walk that one back, he had to sprint it back. anthony found she also increasingly looking more political and making arguments for a political prism and one following the signs pretty saw with chuck todd -- that looked like a mask was seen out of mtv's spring break and a tenth the size of nantucket. so look, that's how things are going. people see this now that even the people we is to trust the most, the cdc, nih, and obviously our leaders in washington, not everybody sees us as political football. and that is why you are seen so much community dell not confusion. >> lawrence: it's very clear the white house has been doing
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not as well as the president of the united states, but i think you have -- he has some reflecting that he needs to do. this is a new fox news poll out, i wanted to take a look at this. the president overall job approval -- it is now down to 54% that approve him. and 42% that disapprove him. now, i want to go to the coronavirus. 54% approve of his handling and 42% disapprove. the interesting number, it's that 64% back in june approving of his handling. that is a 10% jump downgrade on that issue. do you think they should change their messaging on this considering the american public really is entrusting them on this issue? i think it's important to note that this is one issue that he was leading on. >> that is exactly right. that was the issue, right? if there is no covid in 2020,
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it's hard to see how wade biden/harris ticket wins. yet the two biggest keys going for him video feels few things going for you -- you always win reelection. of roaring economy, low on employment, rising wages. okay good, i feel safe in my job, i'm doing well overall in terms of my finances, and things are good. and then you have peace abroad. no major conflicts. but covid game team but in the singular issue without actually having to campaign. and now it is put up or shut up on key issues, lawrence. inflation, 86% of voters are very worried about inflation. that's a tax on everyone. it hits the poor and middle-class the most. they don't have that much money to go around here they are changing the way they shot. the president is underwater on the economy come away under water like levels on immigration. violent crime obviously a huge problem with no solutions and police resigning and retiring at record numbers.
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and now he's found ten points in the past month alone. that must be a very disturbing number for the biden team. >> what else is disturbing is that kids. the kids have to be back in school appeared the mental health, the social distance income all of that. we've got to drop it and go back to normal. we know that the kids can survive this. not many of them are being infected, and even when they are, they despise it. i find it fascinating when i got this new fox news poll. back in may, 51% of americans said that they wanted kids to return back to normal as usual. while now, joe, that is down to 36%. and when you look at the math, inmate was 27%. now people are saying if they return back in prison, 33% are saying that they need to have a mask. so joe, we are in trouble right now. because the fearmongering seems to be working on the public.
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>> absolutely. because of the delta variant obviously leading in many newscasts. people are hearing this and saying, oh, my god, we can't send our kids back to school. but this is not a argument based in science or based in data, because remember, even towards the end of the last school year, the cdc was saying it was perfectly safe for unvaccinated children to go back into school. because they saw schools at the lowest transmission areas of anywhere you could possibly be. i've got a five and a 7-year-old, i'm telling you, what you see happens to them when they are massed, they can't have those nonverbal communication. and when they are at school where they can even talk to their own classmates -- for years we are going to be hearing about this -- what kind of damage it -- it's because of a political argument, not because of what the science and data are telling us. >> lawrence: i think you are missing it, because -- they say
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that the g.o.p. is killing kids. watch this. >> can you understand a somebody who was a republican strategist, what is the strategy behind killing children in your own state and letting children die of covid? i can't figure it out. speak on this is message from msnbc during the same hour. instead of giving the facts, the data, let's just scare everyone. and it's working. >> how does this person have a prime time show on the national level to say stuff like that? it's unbelievable. and look, it seems like with donald trump off the stage come off social media, now ron desantis is trumped to point out in the eyes of msnbc and cnn. they focus all their time and energy on what may be going on in florida, because they see him as a legitimate threat to win not only the g.o.p. nomination, but the election in 2024.
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>> lawrence: it is shortsighted, because they did the same thing with the vaccine. trump and his goons create the vaccine and then they wonder why -- they've got to walk it back, get the vaccine themselves. it turns into a lot of trouble. anyway, joe, things are coming with the program. i just hopped in, thanks man. >> you just work here. >> lawrence: up next, whatever this is... >> madam president! >> senator from new jersey. >> i am so excited! i would walk over there and hug my colleague from alabama. ge cu? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments.
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the polls are in, and americans -- that could pose a problem for the democrats in the midterm. many of them have been vocal about their desire to take cops off the street. so senator cory booker took it upon himself to rewrite history. when faced with a police to funding amendment, this is how we responded on the senate floor. >> some people have said they are members of this deliberative body that want to defund the police, to my horror! finally once and for all, we can put to bed this accusation. a somebody and has great esteemed body would want to defund the police. so let all of us, 100 people, not walk but chasse don down th. >> lawrence: he's preaching. i hope his congressman cori bush doesn't hear that. >> circled up and defunding the police has to happen.
4:22 pm
we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets, because we are trying to save lives. >> lawrence: which embodies the democratic party more? he was preaching today, he sounded like a southern baptist preacher. but the problem is, those are the facts. and they do this a lot. when the pulling shifts, they change their position on issues and defunding the police is the latest issue appeared what you think? >> here so i think that democratic policy positions are adopted, lawrence. i think that about 5%, 5% at most of the population dictates what democrats a point. that 5% you can find on twitter or on social media. it's quickly taken up by people, for example, on the squad you mentioned cori bush. defunding the police was openly advocated for and still is by alexandria ocasio-cortez, et cetera.
4:23 pm
these members exercise outside influence for the rest of the democratic party feels the need to follow along because they drive so much passion. and then, as you point out, the polling comes back. then they see the numbers, than they want to pretend like they were never for these radical ideas. and it's not just on defund the police, it's on critical race theory. you see the pushback, the backlash inside of local school board meetings. this will be the end, either. we are going to see my prediction. and vaccine passports. just in an order of time, democrats will pretend like they were never for those policy positions of either. >> lawrence: i finally figured out how they are able to get away with this, because it seems like it's just either they are clueless or -- here it is. the media never holds them accountable. when you don't have people that are there to call the balls and strikes and say look, i'm going to fact-check this. you did actually say you were for defunding the police. then they get away with it.
4:24 pm
>> that's right. that is absolutely correct. there's nobody that fact checks them here there is no accountability mechanism whatsoever. so they can say and one breath, look, we are not really advocating, for example, for critical race theory. we just named something else. we have a different name with the same principles and policies and no one will call them out on it. you are absolutely right. they will try to pull that off with defund the police. and i promise you, with other issues going forward. >> lawrence: so true. several major companies and corporations announced that they would follow joe biden's lead and introduce vaccine mandates for every employee. first it was united airlines, tonight we learned mcdonald's is on the board with this plan as well. essentially telling their employers, if you want to work here, you have to get vaccinated, no matter what. this a lot of people out there tonight. they don't want the shot for whatever reason. and now they are afraid. so what is going to happen to these people? are they going to get fired, or
4:25 pm
with these companies eventually buckle. >> it looks like they will get fired. we saw just on the last week or so, several cnn employees on vaccinated who were fired. we saw this in the hospital in houston. dozens of employees who were fired because they didn't want to get vaccinated. here's my question, lawrence. if we all want to protect as many americans as possible, why have we adopted only a one-size-fits-all solution? not all people can get the vaccine. what are they to do? just lose their jobs? and what about the, i do know, some 100 odd million americans who already had covid and have natural antibodies. did they not count in the stats? there are people with individual health decisions, individual risk will board calculation all throughout america. so why does joe biden encourage corporation to adopt simply one policy proposal? one that cannot possibly solve
4:26 pm
this problem for everyone. why is that? and make no mistake, this is forced upon every american. >> lawrence: it's something is very complex into me is that, you know, there's polling out there that suggests why folks aren't getting vaccinated. a lot of it is because it hasn't gotten fda approval, some others say that people are afraid. you know, i'm sure the white house can be that same data, so why not cater to that instead of being lazy and just forcing it down people's throats. >> because they've adopted this idea that if you are not vaccinated or choose to go on vaccinated, you are not just stupid, they believe and they are using the rhetoric that you are the enemy of the state. you are the problem. they are out laying all of their blame, all of our society's problems on people who they have no idea what individual factors are influencing those decisions. you know, they are legitimate
4:27 pm
questions when you balance the science. let's say a child age 14 -- the long term unknown to the covid vaccination, the risk, the signs, the data that we know about the threat that covid represents to that child. but if you dared to go through that risk/reward analysis come if you dare look at the data, if you dare to actually care about the science, you are an enemy of the state. listen to their language. >> no questions can be asked. you are at the field of dreams and you are going to be live there tomorrow. tell us what you have cooking down there? >> that's why i'm casual, lawrence. it's not just because i was doing that to you to you. >> lawrence: i thought you wanted to do -- show some of your tattoos. you've got tattoos? >> no tattoos. no way. [laughs] want to make a bet on that? i'm too old, i've artie passed over the hump. i'm not getting andy tattoos. but i'm in iowa and i was out of the field of dreams, literally the site from the movie.
4:28 pm
kevin costner, 1989, cut out of a cornfield. i played ball on the field today. the yankees and white sox will be playing on the massive field. i talked to a-rod come i talked to youth league players. you will see it all tomorrow morning on "fox & friends." >> lawrence: we will work on that this weekend. look, i'm just saying. totally plain. >> really? >> lawrence: we will fix it this weekend. >> i hope they give you those, not just the ones where i missed. i connected, i promise i connected. >> lawrence: see you, brother. after seeing his buddy andrew cuomo go down, governor newsom knows he's next. >> it would be nice if our team started focusing on what's right. everybody outside of the state -- complaining about it
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>> lawrence: welcome back. apparently the process is on gavin newsom's hand after seeing his buddy cuomo get taken down pretty seems to be realizing that democrats aren't untouchable end of the recall election he's facing might actually be the end of his rule. watch. >> it would be and nice if our homegrown team started focusing on what is right. everyone outside of the state is is -- about a stay because of our success. i know i'm a little poignant today, but i've been taking a lot from a few folks. nice to be able to express myself too. i'm the future ex-governor, could happen in a few weeks, could happen in a few years. but i love this state. >> lawrence: here now, fox news contributor johnny joey jones and cohost, galen mcelhinney. ladies first.
4:35 pm
kaylee, you were a press secretary. donald trump is going to say whatever he wants to say. but this right here was unhinged. so how do you manage something like this? >> yeah, you can't manage anything like that, lawrence jones. look, we are witnessing a wave -- it's the truth. we are witnessing a wave of democrat politicians that are unaccountable to the electorate. we look at joe biden recently sane, you know, governor cuomo, you did a hell of a job. now the thing you want to say in the midst of a resignation. but look, what should've drowned governor cuomo is not the sexual assault, which was bad enough itself. but it was the covid issues. it was sending testing to your brother, special preferences to your family that seniors didn't get. it was putting seniors in nursing homes. gavin newsom, you are out at a fancy restaurant when the rest of your state cannot go out. covid should drown these
4:36 pm
governors, not sexual assault allegations, which are bad. however it should've been something long before that. there's no accountability, but we are starting to see, lawrence, a tiny bit of accountability. >> there is a shift in the polls. i just got back from california last week, part of the things they are upset about is the crime. you just let people walk into walgreens and they can steal whatever they want, as long as it's below $1,000. so if it seems like people, and his or democrats, these are hard lined leftists, but at the end of the day, they want safety too, joey. >> you are absolutely right. what's funny about the gavin newsom video that i thought, and i presume that's where he became unhinged pretty looks really unhinged and aunt. he kept going back to texas and florida. i lived in texas and florida and he said that the effects of tax rate is higher than those two states in california. you can't put a price on safety, security, culture, state pride.
4:37 pm
we say in texas, you live there, i lived there, the cowboy smoke the green cigarettes and the hippies have guns. they enjoy being in texas and around people who are happy to be there, you can put a price tag on that. and even though he cited this one report that tried to make it out to where it's less expensive for middle-class -- it's absolutely not true. there's more to it than that. that is really what that report outlines itself. it's beyond kaylee come i've got to ask you this. it's going to get very complicated paired the midterms are coming up. what do you think the strategy is going to be for the democrats? because eventually, they need a win. and we just showed polling come at joe biden's event dropping when it comes to the coronavirus. the crime as she was a big thing. people want to return to normalcy. so what do they run on? >> lawrence, it's a great question. i can tell you exactly what they are running on.
4:38 pm
chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, joe biden pier they've all said it. nancy pelosi said what we've seen come through congress, this 3.5 -- billing, excuse me -- truly and, excuse me -- is transformative change bit i can get the price tag high enough. the voters did not give a mandate for a big, bold change. this is the narrowest majority in decades. democrats did not win extraordinarily in the house and in the senate. they are running on big, bold change. social programs, child care tax credits, without any work accountability. that is not what voters are interested in right now. we have big job openings, not enough workers, we have crime in the streets, beautiful little babies lexa coria turner, nayak courtney, no their names. have died in the streets has people are saying "the phone the police." critical race theory in our schools -- you are oppressed, so we are going to segregate our
4:39 pm
classrooms. these are the issues that will determine what happens in 2022. not big, bold, transformative policies like lbj. they are betting on the wrong capulet. >> lawrence: they say they want to live. that is russian roulette now with our safety. and that is going to be the issue i think of the next election. thank you all so much for coming on the program. coming up, if democrat leaders want to step up to combat the surge in violence across the country, who will? we joined two heroes doing their part to stop the bloodshed in their city. that is next. ♪ ♪ deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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4:45 pm
leaders to stop the bloodshed. and albany city commissioner has raised $10,000 to bring the killer of nigel brown to service. julissa ford is or who don't like looking to honor her late son who was killed by gunfire last year at only nine years old. she is working to combat the carnage in her city. jalen johnson, julissa ford joined me now. ms. ford, we are so sorry for your loss. you took that pain and you directed it toward helping the community. what made you do that? >> yes, my son was always a child that wanted to give back to his friends. and wanted to be that helping one. and to live out his legacy, i started just being more involved with my commission team with helping the kids in the community just have a better
4:46 pm
opportunity and a safety net to have a chance to grow up. >> lawrence: jaelyn, i want to go to you. nigel brown was killed in an drive-by shooting in the bed living his life. you decided to step up to the plate, because no one was coming up and offering solutions or trying to get the killer. and you decided to offer of reward. what has the response been? have you gotten tips in? what are you seen on the ground? >> thank you for that, lawrence. i would first want to say that i am praying for nigel brown's family p of the incident happened 9-year-old nigel brown -- our leaders are asleep at the wheel. i decided to donate $10,000 of my own money. to help bring a suspect forward paired this should not happen to any mother in the united states
4:47 pm
of america. kids should be untouchable, and they should be able to live, grow, and play. they've seen that young people like myself, was also running for city commission in albany, has been able to step up and offer tangible results to these problems that we have in our community instead of offering empty solutions. i'm willing to fight for our community. >> lawrence: julissa, i see the picture of your son. i forgot to ask you, when you talk to the leaders that are out there, do you get any closer from them? do you feel like this is going to take a turn? what is it like out there? >> in the community where i'm from, it's devastating. you know, because we do have community leaders out there, but we need more of a voice for our communities. and we don't have that. and that is why i've been trying trying to advocate for our community with giving a better opportunity for our safety. because we don't have any.
4:48 pm
>> lawrence: what does the one jar deal? what is that foundation focus on? >> 1 jar foundation is a not-for-profit organization that i created in honor of my son. and what 1 jar does is just give back to the community and focusing on the kids, the children of the community, and the youth. and just giving them an opportunity to be kids. >> lawrence: jaelyn, what is a message for the leaders that are out there? you are a young man yourself, you are in the capital living your dream. you are from albany and you decided to step up and run for office in your town. what is your message for the people? >> look, i worked on capitol hill for a wonderful congress member. and i decided to move back permanently to my hometown of albany, georgia, to step up to the plate and take this opportunity for my family and also the residents of albany,
4:49 pm
georgia, because we've artie had 11 homicides this year. that is insane. we should be able to live and grow together without fearing for our lives. i want to tell every leader in my hometown that it's time to step up to the plate and take on the challenge we can protect our citizens without defunding the police. we need to come to the table with tangible solutions to offer our citizens what they deserve. and i'm willing to do that. that is the reason i came back to run. >> lawrence: this is happening all across the country. jaelyn, julissa, a lot of people talk about it, but you guys are being about it. thank you so much for coming on the program. coming up, carley shimkus is here. and she is on the clock. don't go anywhere. look at her! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪>> just a few minutes left in the show, stories and seconds, let's go. first up, move over sharks and spiders. the most dangerous thing for australians is the fellow neighbors. take a listen to this health official. >> engaging in conversation with others, to be friendly. unfortunately, this is not the time to do that. so even if you run into your next-door neighbor, don't start up a conversation. >> so carly, don't go by my office, no chitchat, none of that. >> my reaction is the same as yours. australia is beautiful but
4:56 pm
literally everything is trying to kill you there. most dangerous snake, most dangerous -- you know those videos were somebody comes home and there is a giant snake. always australia or florida and i feel like florida has a better response, more reasonable response to the coronavirus. >> do you think it's going to far, you can't talk to people? >> i do, sidney just recorded their highest case count since the pandemic began but here are the numbers. there were 356 new cases and four deaths, so i would say that not being able to talk to somebody at the grocery store is a bit of an overreaction. still waiting for people to shake each other's hands when this is all over again. >> next up, it is not home sweet home at google because employees could be looking at a 25% pay cut if they want to work from home permanently. should they look for a new job or suck it up and come back to work? >> come back to the office, dust
4:57 pm
off the briefcase. it's going to feel like the first day at school but i think it's time to get back to normal life. this is actually a really smart business strategy for google because they are saying if you are at home, who do work from home they are probably eventually going to downsize. >> exactly and they are giving them a choice but they want the money into still be able to work from home. >> i never wanted to work from home, i didn't like the work from home life. >> we worked the whole pandemic, some of us. brian stelter was on colbert last night doing damage control for cnn over the cuomo brothers. >> when they admitted he screwed up, we were on the phone with your brother's aides advising him what to do and that was inappropriate but they said of course you're going to talk to your brother and overall what is most important is they covered the story on error just the way they would any story. ultimately, isn't that what
4:58 pm
matters? >> the media critically spends most of his time criticizing fox news has nothing for the cuomo brothers. >> the one thing that stuck out to me about this interview is when he said that he has a source that can confirm "the new york times" reporting that chris cuomo is still talking to his brother and try to get the strategy for his brother but when you're talking about your own office, you just call that person a coworker. it's no longer a source. >> but he said there is no special book, they had no guide to do it. i think it's basic instinct. finally, no beating around the bush here, the video shows a wayward president have been a little trouble finding his way back to the white house. where is he going? this is our president and we wish him well and i don't want to make fun of him but this keeps happening. he keeps losing his way -- >> he was supposed to turn there. right there. the secret service pointed to
4:59 pm
him. >> maybe he's just trying to get extra steps in. i try to walk 5 miles a day, so maybe that is what he's doing. heart health is important for all of us. a former president trump did something like this, speaking of late-night shows, remember when trump took those very careful steps down the rail and it became the whole monologue for stephen colbert. >> that's exactly right. meanwhile, this guy, he slips going up the plane, air force one, always can't find his way into the double standard. they did this to reagan and they did this to president bush as well. it just seems like a double standard. >> to say the least. >> we are use to it here. thank you so much, you going to be on "fox & friends" tomorrow? >> i will be bright and early. >> what stories, can you give us a little tea? >> maybe they haven't happened. 4:00 eastern time. >> saving the goods, this is the
5:00 pm
trick to make sure that you stay up to 4:00 a.m. and you will get all the goods. >> may be a little wine and pizza, make a night of it. anyway, thank you. thank you so much for watching "fox news prime time." i'm lawrence jones. tucker carlson is sitting in his chair and he's coming up next. see y'all later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's mid-august, summer is almost over, amazingly enough. kids are going to resume their education, not just in this country but around the world. in ireland as kids begin to return to school recently, authorities they're faced a choice. now the most obvious course would be to blindly accept guidance from self-described public health experts in the united states. that is what many countries h


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