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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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feel a road trip. >> john: we have to have her on fox no question about that. >> she's inspiring and hopefully make us thinking about how grateful we can be. if you lived anywhere else other than this great country, we're the best flawed but the best. >> john: i moved from afar to be here. >> glad to have you. >> john: it's been awhile. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shannon bream. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york, this is an enormous story that we're watching break right now. it's suspending the likes of which the united states has not seen since world war ii. it has zero republican support. a $3.5 trillion bill that was orchestrated by senate budget chair bernie sanders. it is -- both sides agree this is a transformational bill of
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guidance. it's more in line of what you'd see in the u.k. and france and think about the economies and how they changed the past decade. listen to this. >> the democratic budget resolution is transformational. probably the most significant piece of legislation that we've seen in decades. bernie sanders thinks since roosevelt. he's pushing for big change. >> martha: take them at their word. that's what this is, a transformational remaking of a lot of the united states economy in terms of enormous spending. it's going to government checks for child care, housing equity, which includes rental assistance. elder care, climate change, college for free and community colleges. and then you have amnesty in this bill. tough to figure out how this falls under the reconciliation frame when you look at how it
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will be passed that will go to millions of undocumented immigrants. the president says it's to build back better. look at what is in here. what is in here for american businesses? what will help them get back open? get back to work? there's barely a mention of that kind of incentive in here and how do you get those workers back, how do you get them to leave their home and fill the 10 million jobs that are now available in the united states. who better to talk about this? fox business correspondent susan li and charlie gasparino. great to have you here today. we just watched the president pitch this to the american people as a way to build back better. susan, you first. >> i have to say when we talk to small business, the number 1 complaint is finding the people to fill the jobs. right now we have one million job openings. more -- basically what is
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happening, you heard from uber, mcdonalds. they can't find the right people to fill the jobs because of the benefits. if you cut them, those states that cut them off, people come back faster. that's something that needs to be focused on. >> martha: the "wall street journal" wrote a piece on this. nobody should be surprised when you pay people not to work, millions decide not to work. it's bad for the economy, bad for employers and bad for the workers themselves whose skills erode as they make themselves depend dent on politicians and the welfare state. >> and horrible for the economy. there's a tax increase in here. it's stealth. it's called inflation. inflation is embedded more and more in the economy. inflation is a tax on the working class and poor people that can't -- basically are fixed incomes, people that don't speculate with stocks. and joe biden just raised their taxes. what he's doing by spending this much money is basically throwing
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more money into an overheated economy. so prices will keep going up. it will cost more for gas, cost more for food. and you, average americans just got a tax increase. i will say this. i'm not surprised, this is the consequence of losing georgia. if you want to say -- if you want to get down to it, donald trump did a great thing giving us operation warp speed. for the most part, the pandemic is reduced to something less bad. the economy is improving thanks to donald trump. by not going out there and supporting the republican candidates in georgia and being tied up with the election fraud stuff, he basically put this country -- basically elected bernie sanders as president. that's what you got this. you may see more of, this they're going to try to buy the mid terms. this is how you do it. keep throwing money at it. keep appealing to your base voters. >> martha: you're saying they're paying off voters.
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>> look at it. read the laundry list. >> you have to think at some point they have to cut this off. the record stock market. gdp is the highest -- >> why? they don't care. >> when you feel it in your pocket and you saw the inflation numbers -- >> you could have cut it off last week after the first -- >> martha: it's interesting. you heard the president, you know a couple weeks ago talking about how, you know what? companies you need to pay people more. pay them more. here's the problem. they're paying more, right? but it's not enough. it's getting eaten up in gas prices. >> here's the problem with inflation. it's great to have two businesses competing with each other. you want that normal inflation. businesses don't mind that. what you don't want is the federal government saying we'll pay you more than any business. so stay home. not only do your skills erode, inflation occurs, you lack productivity, you're creating a welfare state on steroids. that's what's going on here. go back to georgia. if the republicans would have
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picked up one of those senate seats, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> georgia is a microcosm for what we're going to look forward to in 2022. what will the former president's role be and repeats of georgia or not. what about worker incentives? we had tax cuts for small businesses. depreciation on purchases for equipment. and let's spend more money on the businesses. is there anything about that in here? >> what about the fact that people are being paid more, 4 to 5%? that's not enough to keep up with the inflation and the prices at the super market or at the pump. when you talk about paying people more, why not just invite the unions to the electric car push? why not invite tesla? unions, if you're trying to pay them more -- >> i agree. and i don't see this as an economic story. this is a social -- this is a public policy story. this is really about the democratic party changing fundamentally changing as you
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said earlier. >> martha: changing america. >> we don't need to spend this money. the economy is fine. >> martha: it's the europing of the united states. look what happened to france, europe, the increasing socialization of their economy over decades and decades. be aware of that. take a close look. that's what we're looking at. they were once great nations, super powers. >> and watch your paycheck diminish by inflation. the average american. >> martha: great to have you both. charlie hasn't been here for a while. pointed out that we were here before the pandemic. hopefully it's not a bad sign. better days ahead. we know. susan, great to see you. thanks. all right. so also breaking today, a big story in afghanistan. it is tumbling quickly into taliban hands. there's awful reports coming of what is happening to children and women in afghanistan.
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general jack keane will join us to talk about what potentially president biden could still do to turn this around and what his policy and choice will be coming up next. >> have your current plans to withdraw u.s. troops changed at all? >> i do not regret my decision. veteran homeowners. while some banks are raising their interest rates newday is holding the line to keep their rates low. two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. (vo) at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene,
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american soil, but it was an attack on the heart and soul of the civilized world. the world has come together to fight a new and different war. the first and we hope the only one of the 21st century. a war against all of those that seek to export terror and a war against those governments that support or shelter them. >> martha: almost 20 years ago. general jack keane is standing by. ben hall with his reporting. >> people thought the taliban would take over parts of the country but nobody thought it would be this quick and this sudden. they control 2/3s of the country and hold nine of the capitols and that number rises every day. the cia said kabul itself could fall in six to 12 months.
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now that prediction is being cut in half to 90 days. yesterday president biden defended his decision to pull u.s. forces out. >> we spent over a trillion dollars, over 20 years. we trained and equipped with modern equipment over 300,000 afghan forces. afghan leaders have to come together. >> there's been limited u.s. air strikes in recent days and the last ditch attempt to prevent afghanistan's second largest city from falling. drones, f-52 bombers trying to hold back the brutal taliban onslaught. stories are emerging of bloodied corpses dragged through the streets and women told to stay indoors and mass revenge killings. and now the government is turning too old war ladders.
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the big question is whether or not the taliban can take kabul. they are starting to incirculate it in some places. whether or not they can take on the full might of the afghan army there is a question to be seen. >> martha: thanks. joining me now, general jack keane from institute of war and a fox news contributor. what are we willing to do to prevent the fall of kabul, if anything and is that something that we should endeavor to prevent happening at any cost? >> i definitely think those questions should have been asked when the decisions were being made. reasonable people can be on either side of this argument. obviously we have lost thousands of troops and even more casualties. the afghans have suffered significantly but we've been
12:16 pm
fighting side by side with the afghans against radical islamists. we don't want another safe haven to be harbored in afghanistan. that's what this is about. when the president made his decision to pull out, the question should have been asked, what is the impact of no longer having effective and decisive air support and robust intelligence community going to mean to the afghan security forces? even the intangible aspect of it, the psychological and emotional morale aspect of having air support that you normally expect to have and they have had it since they've been fighting this war for the last seven years. they've had that on a regular basis and been very decisive. when we pull that plug and we come from out of region, in orders, we're coming eight hours away from other countries to try to stitch together some measure
12:17 pm
of effective air support without the proper intelligence to direct the airplanes to the specific targets, we don't have the drones flying in support of us and the numbers that we had in the past and then we don't have sufficient ground coordinators to direct the airplanes so they specifically at this time the targets and avoid casualtying to civilians and friendlies. we pulled that plug and now we're stitching something back together, which is not effective. it's negligible. it's not stopping the taliban's momentum. the only way that could be done i think at this point so to return some of those ground coordinators. that would be a reversal of some of the decision and certainly figure out a way to get more effective sustained air support in the theater even though we're coming a greater distance. some of that may have to return to afghanistan to do it. if you're doing to wipe your
12:18 pm
hands of it, this ugly bloody situation that has to concern anyone looking at it will unfold in slow motion before our eyes. >> martha: john kirby at the pentagon moments ago was asked about this. he said the u.s. focus now is on "supporting the afghan forces in the field and where feasible from the air." what is your interpretation of that? >> well, they're trying to stitch together this kind of air support that is coming as far away as qatar and the middle east. we don't have all the specifics on the ground to do it. it's going to be imperfect unless that they make a commitment to return to some of the capability that we had. yes, the afghans are going to consolidate around kabul. certainly they'll hold that for at least an appreciable amount of time. the suffering that will go on in the rest of the country, the
12:19 pm
thousands killed as the taliban overtake it is going to be obvious to everyone. at some point i'm convinced the president will -- he doesn't regret it now because the adverse thing that we're all predicting has not happened. but it's very likely it's going to happen. it's going to have adverse consequences on our allies and certainly it's going to embolden our adversaries. >> martha: and russia and china are doing joint military exercises not far in the region. thanks, general keane. thank you. so caitlyn jenner is joining us next on california's crime crisis as residents cry out for help and governor newsome, some say, lost his call on this zoom call. >> it would be damn nice if our home-grown team started focusing on what is right. look that up. that is a fact. i don't know why that doesn't get more damn attention.
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12:24 pm
in oakland. i'll speak live with caitlyn jenner running to replace governor newsome if he's recalled from office. first, to claudia cowan who is live in sausalito, california with more. hi, claudia. >> hi, martha. oakland, california has always had a gritty reputation. this latest attack has the chinatown community blasting the defund the police movement and demanding the governor send in reinforcements. this attack happened saturday afternoon in broad daylight. it was captured by a surveillance camera. the video shows two suspects wearing hoodies when two other men step in. the good samaritan gets shot in the arm and leg and can be seen slumping to the ground. the 27-year-old that goes by the name mr. lee said he doesn't hesitate to intervene. >> i would not call myself a
12:25 pm
hero. i consider myself as trying to help someone in need. i'm pretty sure that they needed help. >> they did. his friend in the white sured was pistol whipped. both are expected to recover. this is the latest attack in a community that has seen a surge in crime like carjacking. homicides up 51%. robberies up 14%. civic leaders say oaklanders live in continuous fear for their safety and the governor needs to take action. >> we ultimately request that you, governor newsome, be claire a state of emergency and deploy the california highway patrol and other law enforcement officers to restore safety for citizens, businesses and property. >> speaking just a short time ago in alameda, county, governor
12:26 pm
newsome said the state is helping oakland through outreach programs and special grants, other resources to combat asian hate crimes. he stopped short of declaring a state of emergency. the two suspects from saturday's attack still on the loose. back to you. >> martha: thanks, claudia. so as i said, let's bring in caitlyn jenner. she's running for governor of california. good to see you. when you see the business leaders in oakland standing on the street and asking governor newsome to send in the state police and he says, you know, we'll send you some support and some aid but not a state of emergency. what do you say? >> i say let's go for the state emergency. right now we have an epidemic of crime in this state. it's legal right now to steal. san francisco, you see it all the time. governor newsome, this is about leadership. governor newsome is not a
12:27 pm
leader. when it comes to the police force, when it comes to crime. the first -- you have powers as governor. you obviously have veto power and the power to put in a state of emergency. he also has the power to bring in the national guard if it's that important. he's not doing any of that. just recently on an interview, he was really down playing the crime that is happening in this state when it's rampant. we just can't have that in a leader. he needs to stand up, support our police and support the communities and the safety of our cities. >> martha: what would you do? would you bring in the state police, call in the national guard? how would you utilize the national guard in this situation. what would make a difference? >> well, first of all, i am pro police. i think they do a wonderful job.
12:28 pm
we have to support them and give them the tools that they need to restore law and order in california. obviously you can bring the state police in, you can back it up with the national guard. you have to be able to stop the crime that's going on right now. people are worried about a lot of things. people in l.a. are worried about driving down the freeway and gotting shot. the state is totally out of control when it comes to gavin newsome. he's the leader and he's 100% responsible for protecting the citizens of this state. he's just not doing it. always he's worried about right now is this recall. banging on the table, yelling and screaming about the recall. i hate to clue you in, gavin, you're going to get recalled. there's going to be somebody else in there pretty quick.
12:29 pm
you have failed this state and you've done a horrible job with this state. he's got to go. that's all there is to it. >> martha: it's interesting. bringing in the national guard or the state police would only point the finger in the direction of having a failure. as you said, he doesn't really want that depiction of what's going on in california right now. about a month away, he's frustrated on that zoom call as we showed everybody. we'll be watching closely and hope you come back soon as we follow this story. >> i will come back soon. ballots go out in a couple days and vote yes to recall gavin newsome. >> martha: thank you very much. good to talk to you. thank you. so next to the crime crisis in chicago. what landed the mother of these two brothers charged in the death of chicago police officer ella french. now their mother is also behind bars. we'll tell you what happened
12:30 pm
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save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. >> martha: we're not waiting on the bag pipes. that's a quote from the second in command at the chicago police department reportedly told grieving officer there's after 29-year-old officer ella french was shot and killed. the "chicago sun-times" report police wanted to give her a traditional send-off. the department's number 2 said there wasn't enough time according to that report. many moments, gary mccarthy who says rushing that sacred ritual is inexcusable. first to garrett tenney joining us from chicago. garrett? >> martha, we're now hearing two
12:35 pm
competing stories about what took place saturday night as officers lined the street outside the medical examiner's office to bid a final fred to their colleague. sergeant eric carter infuriated officers by asking that officer ella be straight to the m.e.'s office. >> bag types, get your vehicle inside. take it all the way inside. do not stop. >> when i reached out to cpd about this report today a spokesperson didn't deny it and would only confirm what they first told the "chicago sun-times" saying no comment beyond reminding you what an emotionally difficult night that was and continues to be for everyone involved.
12:36 pm
at a press conference and hours after i got that response, mayor lightfoot said the reports are not true. she claims there's no official honor guard that night and a poorly organized and well-meaning group wanted to hijack the procession, which would have delayed the family of officer french. >> given the new restrictions at the new corner put in place, that wouldn't have been fair to them. they may have lost an important window of time. so a call was made under those circumstances to focus on the family. eric carter made the right call. i support what he did. >> martha, as to the covid restrictions, the mayor pointed to in defending this decision, it's not clear what she referred to. i spoke with the medical examiner's office and said no new restrictions have been put in place since the start of the pandemic and the rules that are in place would have had no impact on the family if the procession had been delayed.
12:37 pm
martha? >> martha: thanks, garrett for that reporting from chicago. now former chicago police superintendent carrie mccarthy says there's always enough time to give a fallen officer a proper send off. he joins he now. very tough time for this family, for the officers in chicago that are grieving the loss of this young woman officer, 29 years old, three years on the job. now killed in the line of duty. what do you make of that controversy when you listen to the back and forth there? what do you think is going on? >> first of all, i've been in chicago ten years now. this was a tradition before i got here. the officers across the country, this the same in new york and los angeles, feel under attack by politicians and the public.
12:38 pm
most of them feel like they're not supported by leadership. in this case, something obviously a very emotional time for the officers, a lot of stress for the command staff, the call was made, which quite frankly needed to be made. we've been doing this a long time. i mean, it's so important the sacred nature of rituals within policing. you know, if there's an excuse for what happened, you know, maybe they should talk about it publicly themselves. but i think it's damage control at this point. unfortunately, the police superintendent called the wrong name. he called her ella fitzgerald. so the officers are looking at this and it's a comedy of errors. they feel unsupported by the
12:39 pm
leadership and under attack all the time. this is a very important time when officers are getting killed. by the way, it's been reported that the officers never drew their weapons. that is probably a result of a policy put in place. taking away -- it's just policing is entirely under attack. that's why we have 100% increase. >> martha: that leaves everybody more vulnerable and the city so much less safe when the police themselves are under attack. we're going to dig into and let us go into a few more details about whether or not they drew their weapons. this is an important story and hope it does not happen again. gary mccarthy, thank you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> former superintendent of the chicago police. friday, don't miss a story special event as we dig into
12:40 pm
this issue and how many of a factor are the gangs on the streets in all of this that causes some of these young teenagers to be killing people partly as part of rituals related to the gangs. we'll talk about that next. and enough fentanyl and amphetamines to ruin countless lives. there's tons of drugs coming across in one drop. the biggest drug bust we've seen in a long time, if ever, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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>> martha: the feds say it's the biggest methamphetamine drug smuggling seizure at the severe weather border that they have
12:45 pm
ever seen. almost three tons of methamphetamine and fentanyl powder turning up in a tractor trailer at a checkpoint south of san diego last week. the drugs are worth $13 million on the drug trade. here's a look at some of the other drugs that have been seized at the border just this month. look at these other hauls that are also enormous and think about all of that pouring into our country and the damage that it goes on to do to kids and addicts all across the united states of america. jonathan hunt reporting live on this from la jolla, texas. jonathan? >> martha, we spoke to the new chief of the u.s. border patrol earlier today. he said the meth and fentanyl smuggling is a gross industry for the cartels, which he says are taking advantage of what he calls the situation at the border. chief rual ortiz is the chief.
12:46 pm
he doesn't mince his words when it comes to the situation he's now going to face as chief of border patrol. listen to this. >> so this is the worst crisis you have seen in 30 years? >> in my 30 years, this is the most complicated situation i have ever experienced. >> and with the migrants still coming across the rio grande, across the border day and night, in their thousands, the chief confirmed to us, our reporting from earlier this week that the july apprehension numbers are going to hit a 20-year high. listen again to the chief. >> we have heard that the official july figures for apprehensions will be north of 210,000. can you confirm that? >> yes. our official numbers will come
12:47 pm
out tomorrow. i'll tell you they increased this month over last month. we've seen steady increases over the last four or five months. >> over 210,000? >> yeah, i believe it's over that. >> now, homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas will be visiting the rio grande valley tomorrow. chief ortiz will be meeting with him. the chief says the message he wants to convey is that this crisis needs a whole of government approach as he puts it if it's to be tackled. to end this on an optimistic note, martha, he told me we can turn the tide on this. it's just going to take a lot of work. martha? >> martha: thanks, jonathan. thanks very much. my next guest has introduced a bill to help stem the flow of deadly synthetic drugs over the border. he's leading the effort to find out how many migrants are on the terror watch list to find out as well.
12:48 pm
john katko is on the commission. 210,000, think of it. picture 210,000 people coming illegally across the southern border, roughly somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 people every single day. as you point out, each one of them essentially has a price tag on them that is going to the cartel, right? >> you're exactly right. the cartels control the southwest border completely. you can't cross without their -- without paying them. the average cost is $4,000 a person. so do the math. 210,000 times 4,000 is close to $800 million in one month. we're enriching the cartels like we never have before. >> martha: we're basically enabling the cartels to increase their business dramatically. not only do they get a fee for every person we let come in, they also under the cover of all
12:49 pm
of that chaos, they're getting so much fentanyl and meth into the country and you see that even impacting your upstate new york region. >> yeah, there's 127 pounds of fentanyl. there's enough fentanyl in the first five months of this year to exceed all of last year. last year was a record number. the amount of fentanyl seized this year is enough to kill every man, woman and child in the united states five times over and the list grows. over 27 pounds is a stunning amount of fentanyl to be seize. it's acting local communities. in syracuse, 45 out of 47 overdose deaths have had fentanyl mixed with the heroin. the fentanyl is killing our kids and killing our kids across this country. so if you think the border is not affecting it, you're wrong. it's affecting everybody. every city is a border city now. >> martha: a great point.
12:50 pm
it's so tragic. i spoke with a mom whose daughter took some things. she didn't know what it was. it was laced with fentanyl. she died. a one-time event. this could happen to anybody across this country who find themselves in a bad situation and loses their life because of it. john katko, thank you. coming up, a shocking prediction from robert redfield. he believes the covid virus was engineered in the wuhan lab and that because it's an engineered virus, the variants that we're seeing now are not normal variants. they're super charged variants. listen. >> sadly i'm going to predict that within two to three, four months we'll have another variant and that variant will be more infectious than the delta variant. that's how this evolution is taking place. this virus got a jump start by being one of the most infectious viruss in humans. >> martha: here's why it's so important to know.
12:51 pm
where it came, from did it come from the wuhan lab and this investigation is underway. we need to know where this came from. dr. marty makary responds to that for the first time next.
12:52 pm
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the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. >> martha: california is the first in the nation to require vaccines for teachers and school staff but with a caveat. dr. marty makary is here in a moment. first, to jonathan serrie from atlanta from the cdc. jon? >> the vaccine requirement goes beyond teachers. it requires all staff that includes bus drivers, custodians, anyone having contact with children in k-12 schools in the state of california. employees that are unable or unwilling to get vaccinate leaders be required to undergo routine testing for covid. california is the first state to impose such a requirement in schools. >> we think this is the right thing to do and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our
12:56 pm
schools open and to address the number 1 anxiety that parents like myself have. i have four young children. that is knowing that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe. >> the state's teacher's union praised the announcement saying this is the next step to ensure safety and protect our youngest learners under 12 that are not vaccine eligible from this contagious delta variant. the best way to protect unvaccinated kids is to surround them with people that are vaccinated. the state already requires teachers and students to wear masks while inside attending classrooms indoors. back to you, martha. >> martha: thanks, jonathan. here's dr. makary, professor from johns hopkins school of public health and a fox news contributor. dr. makary, you think that makes
12:57 pm
sense that mandatory vaccination program and you think they should be testing people for anti-bodies for naturally acquired anti-bodies from having had covid? you think that part of the argument holds up? >> for teachers and for those of us that are healthcare workers, it makes sense as long as we're factoring in natural immunity. it's reasonable. >> tell me about how -- dr. redfield who i spoke to and we played that sound bite, he said because this was he believed built in the wuhan lab, this virus, the variants that we're getting are super charged essentially and they're able to transmit in a faster way than if this were a regularly naturally occurring virus. do you agree with that? >> it is a theory that's been circulating. i talked to virologists that say it has credibility. normally 99% of a virus mutations are downward, less
12:58 pm
severe and get outperformed by the more contagious strain, which is delta. given this virus made have had breaks in unnatural places -- if you go to -- >> martha: we talked about in february that we thought this would reach herd immunity by april. how do you amend that now that you look at what is going on with these other variants? >> so herd immunity refers to slowing and people confuse it -- we always knew the remaining 10 to 20% of nonimmune adults would get it. delta changed that game. it accelerated that infection. we're seeing it right now.
12:59 pm
if you look at the countries ahead of us, the netherlands, india where delta came from, they're way down. look at the history, the bellwether of the united state. this is the second day where the daily new cases are belong the seven-day average. >> martha: i want to apologize. i know you're breaking up. sorry. you're coming in and out unfortunately. i hope that people heard the good points that you made and i've also been watching the chart in india to see because we know that they went through this before we did. it has come downwe so always good to have dr. marty makary with us. how about this? you go fishing in the ocean. never know what you'll catch. right? watch this. hard to see.
1:00 pm
that's not the beach. caught a great white shark on his fishing line. it happened sunday at a cap cod beach. watch out. never know what you'll catch. good to see everybody. thanks nor being with us. "the story" goes on tomorrow. look forward to having you with us then and "your world" comes up at the top of the hour. have a great day. go fishing. >> neil: thank you. inflation continues to take a bite out of us to play off that shark theme. running away at a 5.5% clip in case you're counting, it's hitting everything that you're buying. in july alone, year over year increases, the likes of which we have not seen in decades. gasoline up 42%. air fares, 19%. car rentals north of 73%. it's the trend that is not t


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