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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 11, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> the fight over critical race theory and transgender policies in county schools hitting the boiling point with one that a teacher quitting on the spot in front of parents in fellow teachers during a school board meeting last night. her emotional speech is coming up. >> we will also hear from leslie marshall and john duffy on the republican effort to shame .-dot another down another massive democratic spending bill, plus doctor nicole weighs in on how you can as more kids get infected with the delta variant.
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>> we need for students and schools, the executive order prevents local officials from imposing mask mandates on students. he says parents should make that decision, not school districts. john roberts in washington, welcome to another edition of "america reports". >> i am in today for sandra smith. the white house says that orders goes against proper public health guidance, and now president biden as checking to see if he's got the power to intervene in the seven states that have banned mask mandates. >> dr. nicole saphier as standing by with her opinion on all of this. hi, jackie. >> hey, john. after florida governor threaten to withhold the salaries of
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school board members and administrators who don't comply with his order banning mask mandates, the white house says it's looking into its options with respect to covid relief money that was distributed to the states, distributed to florida. there checking to see if they can use some of that money potentially to cover the salaries of those administrators who may not get paid if they don't comply. now in the briefing, white house press secretary also was asked about over it for hundreds more ventilators in florida which the department of health and human services confirmed, the governor said he doubts. >> when i saw the remarks and comments by the governor and representatives of the governor, i noticed that as a policy we don't send ventilators to states without their interest in receiving the ventilators. i think the most important question here is why would you oppose receiving ventilators when you clearly need those in their state given the percentage of hospitalizations that are occurring in florida.
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>> president biden says the ministration is checking to see if it has the power to intervene in states like florida and texas that have banned mask mandates, but for his part he is holding firm. >> we're going to do what we can to vindicate the rights of parents, and make sure that parents are in the driver's seat when it comes to the health, education, and welfare of their kids. they should not be decreed by the government, they should be something that a parent is making a decision on. >> today president biden as meeting virtually with governors and local leaders on covid response efforts. we're not going to hear anything else. he's going to turn it back to race with a virtual summit on equity. back to you guys. >> jackie, thank you. for more on this let's bring in dr. nicole saphier. let's get to the masks in just a second, but there has been a marked increase in the number of cases among young people from the week of july 29 until augus0
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824 cases, that represented 15 percent of all covid cases. parents are becoming increasingly concerned. what is your message to them? >> john, undoubtedly, i want to get out of the minutia and look at the big picture. we have a rise of new cases in children when it comes to sars co. v2. the rate of hospitalization seems to be constant or even lower than it was last year. because we are seen to marquesas, we are seeing more children being hospitalized right as were heading into the new school year, we're all starting to wonder if our kids are safe. i can tell you i want people to remember that while about one of every to hundred children exposed to this virus may be hospitalized with covid 19, at the risk in young children of rsv, which every parent is well aware of what rsv is, it's another respiratory virus, the risk of hospitalization with
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that is about six times that of covid 19 in young children. i want to keep things in perspective. what can you do to keep your kids safe? keep them as healthy as you possibly can. we know the children that are getting sick with covid 19, the far majority over 99 percent of them have pre-existing health conditions whether it's being overweight, whether they have some chronic medical condition. for those children you have to take further precautions, the best thing to do is get the adult surrounding that child vaccinated so you lessen the risk of transmitting the virus to that child. to get let's look at the other big controversy. the mask mandates for children, according to the who, the world health organization taking a couple of lines out of their mask guidance for children, children five and under according to the who should not be required to wear masks, and children 6-11 consider potential impact of wearing a mask on learning and psychosocial development, yet ten states, and
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let's put them up there on the screen have mask mandates for children in schools, we also know the centers for disease control has come out and said all children going back to school should be wearing a mask regardless of their vaccination status. we've got a lot of contradiction going on here. break it down for us. >> john, as a physician and mother, my opinion on whether young children should be wearing masks is not unknown, i do not believe in universal masking in our young children. i believe in taking proper measures to lessen transmission within the community as well as within the school, but i think one of the biggest things you can do is increase vaccination amongst the adults amongst the teachers, and consider putting medical grade masks on the teachers. we know long-term mask wearing in kids can have dermatologic issues, dentition issues, but that development, what about the kids still learning their speech or who have some sort of hearing issue. wearing a mask will be detrimental to them. i am concerned in the states where it the school as saying
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that they're going to have a mask mandates or not, the governors are saying the parents should choose whether their children wear masks. unfortunately, that may cause some issues in kids because one child has to wear a mask because her mom said so, another child doesn't. that is going to cause some bullying in some children feeling isolated. i think it should be a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the classroom, but ultimately, the goal needs to be that children should not be wearing masks, especially these young children. other entities have acknowledge the risk to them when it comes to mask wearing, and we need to look at the big picture and acknowledge the risk to children, especially young children from covid 19 is very low, much lower than other risks that we have gone forward in our lives with in terms of swimming because of accidental drowning, getting in cars, rsv, and others. we need to look at this on a big scale picture and young children
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should be going back to school without masks. >> i wanted to ask about something that came out just before we went on the air and that was a new push from the cdc for pregnant women to get vaccinated saying they've got new data that shows that the vaccine is safe for people who are pregnant? >> the american recommend that women get the vaccine that are pregnant. there is a lot of data showing that there are risks two pregnant women and their babies if they contract covid 19 while they are pregnant. i understand people are hesitant to get vaccinated if they are pregnant. we're all hesitant to take anything, so unless you're going to isolate yourself and not get exposed to the virus, you should talk to you the doctor and see if the vaccine is right for you. >> great to see you this wednesday, appreciate it. >> thank you. new guidance from the cdc, i think that will probably ease their fears of a lot of pregnant women because there is some misinformation out there about how the covid vaccine might affect fertility. to get the more data the better, people want transparency and they're willing to go along with sacrifices or to step up and do things if they feel like the
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science is there, the data is they are and our leaders are being consistent about their own willingness. we will keep tracking that. the fight over critical race theory driving a virginia teacher to walk away from her job. fifth-grade teacher laura moore is stirring in her resignation in an emotional protest during a loudoun county school board meeting last night. school board, i quit. i click your policies, i quit your trainings, and i quit being a cog in the machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. >> anita vogel is live in washington. what can you tell us about the meeting tonight and a big boat they're going to have on transgender policy for the school's? >> some big decisions to be made tonight in loudoun county in terms of a policy towards transgender students and it is dividing the community over what is the priority. here are some of the items they will vote on tonight.
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first whether children should be able to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice, weather to require teachers and students to call fellow students by their preferred pronoun, and weather to allow students consistent with their gender id to have access to participate in extracurricular activities including sports. naturally, there are folks on both sides of the issue. >> and basically getting tired of elected officials using our children as pawns for their political agenda. children should just play and be children and be happy. trans girls in particular get portrayed as monsters and bathrooms and there is absolutely no bias or basis for that at all. we know that if we protect those students and students of color, we really protect all students. >> more than 150 parents and concerned citizens spoke last night either virtually or in
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person, there was lots of extra security and passionate parents. they only allowed 20 speakers in the room at once and at one point it was nearly 100 degrees outside and then there was a massive thunderstorm making it very uncomfortable for parents waiting outside to speak, but fortunately, no fights broke out this time. with regard to the teacher who resigned, the school district says there is not currently of form preventing staff from criticizing school policy, they say it was a proposal from a few years ago that got voted down, that is the official position of the district, but were hoping to get some clarification from the teacher herself may be later on today. >> we will track that and we will have coverage of the board meeting tonight on fox news at night. thank you. >> a drug bust is border officials deal with the deepening crisis at the border. we will talk to a texas judge who is taking matters into his own hands. plus this. >> if you advise him to step down?
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you got this. refresh... it all, comes down, to this. ♪♪ >> americans are getting hit by a sticker shock this summer and it's supposed to last a little longer than you'd expect. will the soaring prices topic president biden and the democrats tax and spending spree? our panel sounds off in minutes. first, one riot or will serve nearly nine years in prison after last year's protests and unrest following the deaf of george floyd. the acting u.s. attorney for the district of minnesota says matthew rupert drove more than
10:17 am
400 miles from illinois to minnesota where he set is cell phone store on fire during riots in minneapolis. meanwhile police in oakland, california, say they've seen an alarming trend of robberies including one incident like this caught on camera. two robbery suspects shot and injured a witness who attempted to step in and help. community leaders are calling for governor gavin newsom to declare a state of emergency over a rise in violent crimes around the city including several assaults on asian americans. >> it's extraordinary when you think of what's happening in the city and it's happening all across the country as well. >> you hear from officers that are frustrated that they show up and make arrest and sometimes the prosecutors are not charging people are going light on them and the message it sends to others to get involved in criminal activity. we heard from the police chief of washington, dc saying it's crazy that these people are ending up back in the communities. new questions this afternoon in the aftermath of andrew cuomo's resignation including whether
10:18 am
the justice department will over open as civil rights investigation. his brother chris cuomo is facing questions of his own for his role in advising the governor, his brother during the scandal. in an exclusive fox new caught up with him in the hamptons in new york, but he had little to say. did you advise him to step down? are you continuing to advise him? do you think that's an ethical conflict? >> i think you've got a job to do and i'm letting you do it. >> thank you, sir. >> live from albany with the very latest on all of this. where does it stand wednesday afternoon at 1:18 eastern time. >> in 13 days, we know that governor andrew cuomo will be homeless and that's because he's been living in the governor's mansion behind me for the last ten years and he doesn't have
10:19 am
any property listed under his name. yesterday, fox news digital did catch up with chris cuomo. >> is your brother coming to east hampton? >> the cnn anchor is under scrutiny for taking part in strategizing meetings with his brother who he reportedly urged to resign. despite his resignation, the governor remains under multiple criminal investigations by the albany sheriff for groping, and the fbi and the brooklyn da for the alleged coverup of nursing home covid 19 deaths. the new york attorney general also investigating whether he misused state resources for his $5 million pandemic memoir, all of this and more is the subject of the state assemblies five-month ongoing impeachment investigation. the democrat majority judiciary can mediate as meeting on monday to discuss whether to move forward with that impeachment.
10:20 am
>> the question of accountability can be looked at from many different angles, one would be an impeachment, but also, he has left in disgrace. that i think for a public figure as an awful lot of accountability. i still think we as a committee have to issue a final report. >> and a statement republicans on the committee say they are committed to completing the investigation. we intend to hold governor andrew cuomo accountable on behalf of his victims including the innocent lives lost in nursing homes. at to p.m. today the lieutenant governor will hold a press conference here in albany and become the first female governor of the state you remember, john she tweeted calling the alleged actions were impulsive and she also said she agreed with his stepping down. >> we will be looking forward to that later on. of course the new york post likes to have so much fun with scandals like this in its
10:21 am
coverage had this today about the governor putting on the front cover of the new york post at the end of his grope. but there were many people who believe he's going to try to live to fight another day. >> i wouldn't be surprised, but was so many other things we talk about next our potential criminal and civil issues, investigations of the nursing home with the book. >> that's for sure. >> more on that coming up. inflation staying historically height in the month of july with prices for everyday goods up yet again. a new report from the labor department showing the consumer price index made a 5.4 percent jump compared to the same time last year. let's bring in our economic panel of former ceo, director and president of the american action forum. robert wolf is the former economic adviser to president biden founder and ceo, and a fox news contributor. good to have you with us. >> thank you, shannon. >> and want to set the chart of some of the notable price
10:22 am
increases energy up 23.8 percent, gasoline 41.8 percent, used cars and trucks 41.7 percent transportation services 6.4 percent and robert, there is a lot of real-world stuff that translates for people for food, for energy, for their daily life it's a tough place for the white house to be right now. >> shannon, i've been saying for over a month or to now that i don't think inflation is transitory. i would probably disagree with the fact, i think it's time to taper and i think they have to watch their balance sheet. there is no question the dollar is getting you less and we have to take note of that. yes, wages are up, and even the numbers were not as high as expected, but they were so high, so i think the fed as backpedaling a bit by using the word transitory and the way of not saying how long transitory is, but it's clearly that we are in a situation where the supply chain, the wage growth, the
10:23 am
literally disconnect between those jobs available and those taking jobs. i mean were just in a situation as your chart says and i think douglas will equally say, we have inflation the fed has to be back on their game. >> let's talk about those openings, over 10 million jobs now available, historically high since we've been tracking that in the u.s. yet we have employers, you hear them every day anecdotally saying i can't staff my restaurant or my retail operation. people are continuing to have benefits from the government which were certainly necessary at some point, is it time now for those to taper off in order to get the labor force rebalanced? >> it's time for them to taper off, perhaps fast past time. there's a little nugget in the employment work that showed that for those people that do not have a high school diploma, their labor force participation jumped by to.6 percentage points in the last report, that's an enormous increase.
10:24 am
no one else labor force participation moved. that suggested really some drop in those benefits about half the states were republican governors got rid of them in june, and then they show up in the july report. would they see that evidence even if it's not confirmed yet? i think it's time for those to go. in a normal labor market you don't have those kind of numbers. >> what is the political implication going into 2022 we know people vote on their pocketbooks and their kitchen table issues. if these numbers don't turn around, what trend as there for democrats. >> i would say the economic issues have been only positive. yes, it's a mismatch of the labor force, demand and supply, but let's be clear, wages have gone up dramatically. hours worked has gone up, and the mismatch actually is getting people that are benefits at
10:25 am
their job. i will disagree a little bit with douglas on the recent numbers. there is may be 3 million people or so on these extended benefits, but they are still north of seven and a half million that haven't come back to the workforce, they are not staying ahead of the workforce because of benefits are not getting. their stain out of the workforce because they want the right job with the right wage and the right healthcare benefits especially in a coat post covid world. i think this is working towards president biden's way because the economy is doing much better. we have that v-shaped economy that actually president trump was talking about but didn't have. >> there are those critics out there of the ministration that was a when you put off student loans commit when you put together an eviction ban that even the president himself says may not be legal and these payments continue, you have a lot less motivation for people to get out there and survive on their own. >> i think that's true. there's a lot of interference in the labor market that one wouldn't consider in the absence of a pandemic. now that it's more and more in the rearview mirror and that we hope for were that remains true, we shouldn't continue those policies. i disagree a little bit on the
10:26 am
political implication. wages are rising, but not as high as prices. if you look at food, energy, and shelter, those prices are up 9.f this year alone and are continuing to rise at a 9 percent annual rate. that won't cut it politically, they have to worry about that. >> thank you both for weighing in. great to see you. >> thank you very much, shannon. >> fires raging out west, now authorities think a college professor may be behind at least one of them. a college professor you say? a live report coming up. one state doing away with key standards for graduation. all they say in the name of racial equity. we will hear from a mother fighting back next.
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than 50 democratic lawmakers if they do not attend a special session on voting legislation. they fled to dc last month to prevent a house vote on election security measures. texas is one of several states during the past voting right statistics. >> to men suspected of killing police officer has been arrested herself, police say the woman kicked a hospital officer in the groin while trying to gain access to her son's room. u.s. officials warning that caliban could gain control of afghanistan's capital within 90 days and earlier cia estimate had predicted it could fall within 6-12 months. this comes after afghan officials say the insurgents captured three more provincial capitals and a major army base. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to fox news/act. signing a bill into law that
10:32 am
says high school seniors no longer have to prove that they are proficient in math, reading, and writing before graduation. at least not for the next few years. this startling new measure apparently made in the interest of racial equity. joining us now is the cofounder of oregon moms union, she's also the mother of two young children. so this bill that she signed commit mckinsey, it's bill 744 says that considering math and reading to be essential skills has been an unfair challenge for students who do not test well. what do you say? vicki i mean really, i think this is about all of our kids. these requirements basically states that they expect graduating seniors to have a tenth grade proficiency level in reading, wrapped math, and writing. i think we should push all of our students to have higher proficiency levels and these requirements also serve as a checkpoint so those students
10:33 am
they don't have the correct proficiency levels, either they can get extra help, they can get workshops in tutors to really help check-in and make sure that all students are able to graduate with the same proficiency levels. >> i remember when i was in high school, and students were having a problem they would stay after class and they would have a teacher who took an interest in them and help them along. i was one of those kids in math. i couldn't understand calculus and eventually, my teacher help me get through it. but the office says the new standards are going to benefit the states black, latino, indigenous, tribal, and students of color. how does lowering standards for graduation help anyone? >> i'm not sure why they think that lowering the standards is going to help those. those are our most vulnerable students, those are the students we should be helping we should be offering tutors and a special program to make sure that they have the ability to graduate with the same proficiency levels as other students.
10:34 am
>> is so if were graduating high school students that are not proficient in the essential skills of learning math, reading, and writing, when you look at the increasingly competitive nature of the world, countries like china, lake india, the european union, all vying for a bigger slice of the economic pie, and in china's case, global domination, what does that bode for the future of the united states, and for these students who are graduating without a basic knowledge of what they need to know to graduate? >> i think it's really concerning considering the last year and a half here in oregon, students were stuck in distance in virtual learning and our months behind where they should be already. i if i feel like removing these graduation requirements are not sure how they expect these kids to be able to compete in the workforce and trade schools and in college with all these other kids throughout the country who are able to go back to full-time in person school last fall.
10:35 am
not to mention as we mentioned, all the kids around the world who have these basic proficiencies. it's really concerning especially as a parent. >> countries like china, south korea, china, they are pushing their kids to do better and better and better, good is not good enough and now were telling our students at less than good is going to get you through high school. i want to switch gears and asking about what happened in loudoun county, where a teacher said she is basically fed up with the push toward critical race theory and she quit on the spot at the school board listen to what, she sai. i will find employment elsewhere, i encourage all parents and staff in this county to flood the private schools. >> it's a shame that school boards are losing teachers is a result of this but do you understand where she is coming from?
10:36 am
>> i think when we look at places like oregon where they're getting rid of these proficiency requirements because they're worried that students aren't going to meet them, we need to get back to basics, we need to not worry so much about that that curriculum and we need to get back to teaching reading, writing, and map to our students to make sure they can compete in the workforce and college against other kids. >> when you consider things about what's going on in oregon, when you think about critical race theory come out when you think about washington state, the teaching of correct answers is somehow racist. are we at risk of focusing so much on things that are rinsed and sold to learning that we are going to start to graduate an entire generation of children who are not prepared to go out there in the big bad world? >> i think that is something we really need to be cautious of and like i said, because of the pandemic and what happened with schools and how far our kids are
10:37 am
already are behind, we need to get basked to basics of going to set these kids up to succeed in the workforce and in college. i think we just need to make sure that we are worrying about those basics and not worrying about divisive curriculum. >> good to talk to you, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> what do you think of that? >> i covered a story when i was a local reporter in washington about a school that had sent so many goals kids through and pass them and graduated them without some of them even being able to read. i talked to one of the teachers so frustrated because he said we're told to just push them through the system. he said i have kids who have gone on to community college and college and they call me in tears because they can't do any of the curriculum and they're completely overwhelmed so you're not doing those children of a verb. >> there's got to be a better way, rather than lowering the standards has got to be a better way to bring the students up to grade level. >> and it is certainly hard on them to capable us to imply that
10:38 am
they're not capable of doing about it. the migrant crisis escalating. officials on the southern border are taking action on their own. where our next guest declared a state of disaster for his entire county. >> the tenure is coming to an end 13 days and counting, but this may not be the end of the road for his legal headaches. criminal defense attorney is coming up. stay with us. >> at the peak of this pandemic, he took the information away from us because he was facing a book deal. that is criminal. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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10:43 am
meth and fennel powder hidden in a shipment of plastic household items. those drugs worth nearly $13 million the mexican driver continuing was arrested and turned over to ice. >> this is a very real issue at the border, it's terrible that were trafficking human beings but the drugs our something that whether you feel like it's a political or not in immigration, this is an issue that impacts americans, overdoses. >> and we saw the unbelievable video the other day of the officer that just got a lift of sentinel and passed out, if his partner didn't have narc him on his person he might have died right then and there. >> he probably wouldn't have made it. president biden at the white house coming out now and delivering remarks on his agenda for economic growth. let's go to the white house now and listen to what the president has to say. >> the largest month of job creation in u.s. history making the administration the first ever to add to 4 million jobs in
10:44 am
the first six months in office. then, in the past 24 hours, we have seen this and it advanced to key pieces of my economic agenda. the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and the budget resolution that is the framework for my bill back build back better plan. today i'm pleased to share morey index is down by nearly too thirds. from its pace over the past three months. when you take out the goods directly impacted by the pandemic like cars and airplane tickets, and among the monthly core consumer price index has less than two tenths of
10:45 am
1 percent. so here is where we stand. jobs are up in monthly price increases have come down. economic growth is up, the fastest in 40 years, and unemployment is coming so i would argue that our biden economic plan is working. historic investments are on the way as well. this isn't accidental. it's a result of our strategy to get shots in arms, grow the economy from the bottom up in the middle out, and it's the rest of the result of the american rescue plan and everything else that we have done. it is the result of the grit and determination and really hard work of the american people. even with all this progress, a lot of families are still feeling the pinch. ht, and paychecks don't go as far as they need two. that has been the reality in the millions of households all across america for too long.
10:46 am
that's why i want to talk today about what we're going to do to try to ease the burden on families right now and what we need to do to help them succeed over the longer term. first, for millions of familiesw thanks to the american rescue plan. friday, 40 million families will receive their second monthly payment as part of our tax cuts for families with children. $300 for each child under the age of six, and to hundred $50 for every child six through the age of 17. that is money for diapers, food, rent, school supplies, equipment for the child to join dance teams and classes. also it gives the parent a little bit of breathing room. the money is a changer. and so, i would argue for some, it's really a lifesaver.
10:47 am
economists also tell us that those kinds of tax cuts boost test scores, college attendance, and lifetime earnings for children. a win win. that is why i'm glad that early this morning congress took an important step to make sure that this tax cut for families with children does not expire next year. so let's keep the tax cut going. and not raise taxes on middle-class families. this i can point i would like to make is we are talking about taking action that alleviates global supply chain challenges they keep prices higher than they should be. for example, we are tracking congestion at the ports of los angeles and long beach. the largest ports in the united states where increased shipping traffic and they challenges operating safely in a pandemic are creating disruptions. those disruptions impact everything from how much our fots to when deliveries
10:48 am
are alive. so my administration is bringing together port operators, shipping lines, labor unions, trucking companies, railroads, and others to speed up the ports operations. right now, our experts believe major independent forecasters agree as well that these bottlenecks in price spikes will reduce as our economy continues to heal. while today's consumer price report points in that direction, we will keep a careful eye on inflation each month andst the fed to take appropriate action if and when it's needed. third, i am directing my administration to crack down on what some major players are doing in the economy that are keeping prices higher than they need be. take your grocery bill. when big agricultural ope consolidate, they put a squeeze on small and family farms making them pay more for seed, paying them less for what they produce,
10:49 am
and raising prices on what your groceries are at the grocery store. my executive order opens up competition in the agricultural business, gives more farmers a chance to compete, which will give americans more food choices at lower cost. fourthly, we are taking action to reduce gas prices as well. today gas prices are lower than they were earlier in this decade, but they are still high enough to create a pinch on working families. one key thing about the infrastructure bill that just passed the senate is there are no gas tax increases. no gas tax increases. i made that absolutely clear i would not raise gas taxes. i am glad everyone in the senate seemed to agree with that. that's not enough. recently, we have seen the price the oil companies pay for barrel of oil start to fall, but the
10:50 am
cost of gasoline at the pump for more american people hasn't fallen. that's not what you'd expect in a competitive market. i want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of oil price declines leading to lower prices for consumers. so today, my director of the economic national economic council has asked the chair of the federal trade commission to use every available tool to monitor the u.s. gasoline market. and address any illegal conduct that might be contributing to price increases at the pump. while the cost of a barrel of oil is going down. we also made clear to opec, a major oil exporting nation of the world that the production cuts made during that pandemic should be reversed as a global economic recoveries in order to lower prices for consumers. the child tax credit stepping in into address the supply chain challenges come up my
10:51 am
competition orders, the ftc investigation and the price gouging. these are some of the immediate steps were taken to put more money in your pocket and make g. we also need to do more to bring down the cost of the squeezing month families month after month and year after year, we need to make this economy work better for working families in the long run. these challenges were with us long before the pandemic and before i took office. as we recover from this crisis, now is the moment to put in place a long-term plan to build back america better. a plan that will increase opportunities, with better jobs and higher wages. a plan that will lower the everyday cost that strain our budgets and our nation's families today, and long into the future. it starts with making investments that we know will make the economy more productive, and lead to more
10:52 am
growth over the long run. bringing down the cost everyday cost that have been taking a bigger and bigger bite out of middle-class families income. the expenses that parents that keep parents up at night and ro. health care, prescription drug costs, childcare, education, housing, or caring for elderly relative. for those they get their insurance from the affordable care act, the american rescue plan allowed us to cover more people at lower premiums and lower premiums by an average of 40 percent varied. my build back better plan, we want to build on that progress, or prescription drugs. right now, we pay the highest prescription drug caused prices of any developed nation in the world, the highest. my build back better plan is going to lower prescription drug
10:53 am
costs by finally giving medicare the power to negotiate the prices of drugs they purchase for the american people. saving americans hundreds of billions of dollars. on top of that, my plan would add hearing, dental, and vision benefits to medicare. right now, there are hundreds of thousands of americans who need home and community-based care services. my plan expands home care for older americans and people with disabilities. while improving jobs to pay for the workers who care for them. my plan will also provide access to quality affordable childcare with new and upgraded childcare facilities across the country. middle-class families will pay more than 7 percent of the income for highly qualified care for her children up to the age of five. the most hard-pressed working
10:54 am
families will not pay a dime today, my council of economic advisers and the office of management and budget released a report showing clearly how my build back better plan will lower out-of-pocket expenses for families. for example, a family with to parents who together earn $85,000 a year, they have an adult daughter who lives with them and attends a community college. they care for an elderly parent who needs arthritis medicine. which cost $5,500 out of pocket each year. an eye exam, getting a new paragraph says, under our build back better plan, her daughter would be eligible for to years of community college free, that will save them $2,400 a year. that's like a $2,400 tax credit. in addition, i should say tax cut, not just credit. in addition, my plan would cap
10:55 am
out-of-pocket expenses for the moms and dads prescription drugs, saving that family another to thousand $400 a year. and the new vision benefits under medicare would pay for that eye exam and new glasses and lenses saving $450 a year. all told, my plan would save that family making $85,000 a year $5,250. the build back better plan is going to save your family a lot as well. now, there are a number of misleading talk which is no surprise i guess about what i'm proposing in my build back better agenda. it's not a short-term stimulus. it's a long-term investment in american families. our republican colleagues have argued that long-term investment in physical infrastructure will grow the economy, and reduce inflation pressures, i thank
10:56 am
them for that, they're exactly right, we agree on that. at the same time, it's true that long-term investments to bring down the biggest cost of that families face, housing, childcare, education and healthcare, those will lower out-of-pocket expenses, not raise them. they will spur more people to work by helping ease the burdens of childcare and senior care that parents, especially mothers bear, keeping them out of the job market. they will spread out over the decade. they will make a huge difference for families, but they will only make up around 1 percent of our ec each year over the next decade. and they are going to be fully paid for. this isn't going to be anything like my predecessor whose unpaid tax cuts, and other spending added nearly $8 trillion in his
10:57 am
four years to the national debt. $8 trillion. he didn't even to try to pay for their tax cuts which went straight to the largest corporations and the wealthiest americans. the investments i'm proposing will be fully paid for over the long term by having the largest corporation including the 55 corporations that paid zero federal tax last year, and the super wealthy begin to pay their fair share. they will still make a lot of money, but pay their fair share. that means it will actually reduce the national debt, include improve our physical position over the long run. my build back better agenda is fiscally responsible, fiscally responsible way to reduce the cost for families. in fact, we here at hear here at economist across the board confirms this commitment of these has said that quote worries that the plan will ignite and this is moody's now,
10:58 am
we'll ignite undesirably high inflation and overheating economy is overdone. nobel prize-winning economist said my plan and i quote there is no conceivable way that it will have any significant impact on inflation. jason furman of harvard university has said quote i don't think the infrastructure bill or the reconciliation plan would materially impact inflation over the next decade. so, if your primary concern right now is the cost-of-living, you should support this plan not oppose it. because of vote against this plan as a vote against lowering the cost of healthcare, housing, childcare, eldercare, and prescription drugs for american families. let me close with this. we brought this economy back from a cold start, and there is going to be some ups and downs.
10:59 am
but i am committed to making sure that are historic economic recovery reaches everyone, this time reaches everyone. and eases the burden on working families, not just this year, but for the years to come. thank you, god bless you and may god protect our troops. thank you. >> so president biden at the white house unveiling his economic plan or at least talking about it, not so much unveiling it a couple of things he did include is he says he's going to task his administration with monitoring the price of gasoline in this country to see if decreases in oil prices are matched by decreases at the pump. there's already a way to do that it's called gas buddy. >> maybe he doesn't know. >> it's a helpful tool. let's bring bird let's bring back our economic panel. i want to start with something the president's head off the top, he talked about the good things that he saw in the consumer price index the report
11:00 am
which is up he said take out the goods directly impacted by covid and it's not that bad, but for most people putting gas in their car and food on the table includes those things which we just talked about were up 5.4 percent, we are at historic highs when it talks about inflation in prices. >> i think he's misreading the inflation picture. i think the administration is defensive of it for good reason. one of the things he points out is he claims is plans are working. the only hate done as the american rescue plan. we've got the same growth in the second quarter we had in the first quarter and it moves the price inflation needle a lot. we saw a goat 3.3 percentage points of which inflation. no real growth, just inflation. i would argue it's not working all that well. >> roberts, the president said that the new investments included in his agenda will be fully paid for by tax increases. he wants to of course up the corporate tax.
11:01 am
if you look at the spending 1.$9 billion, 1.$2 trillion. which the committee for a responsible federal budget says would probably be more like 5.$5 trillion from other taxes in the world aren't going to pay for that. >> there is a lot impact there, first, let me start, i think this speech will be well received childcare, eldercare, prescription benefits, i think that's what everyone is concerned about in a post covid world. get that being said, getting is highly unlikely. i think he was speaking to two people. they have more or less said they are not passing three and a half trillion, so the question as what amount while they pass. my gut tells me it will be somewhere around 2 trillion or less.
11:02 am
i think, this was not direct and necessarily at all the democrats. >> we will see where this goes as it makes its way through the senate. to give the governor raising eyebrows with his behavior. we do not mean andrew cuomo. governor gavin newsom and his critics call unhinged. good afternoon, welcome to our two of "america reports" i am john roberts in washington. good to be with you again. >> this bizarre interview packed full of our powerful hour we've got with that covid got a guest for you including new vaccine side effects in kids. >> some soul-searching going. >> and breaking news from israel, the word that the president plans to hand a big win to palestinians, something
11:03 am
one leader is calling disastrous a redline redline that cannot be crossed. >> it's a fox news alerts, and in just a few hours or virginia school board is set to vote on a policy that could have ripple effects. to push their agenda in classrooms across the nation. >> the school board voting on policies dealing with gender after an explosive and emotional meeting yesterday. among the changes, parents and students would be required to use students preferred pronouns like he and she and it would let this bill will come just months after a contentious meeting in the same school district over critical race theory and the classroom. supporters say the policy being taken up today aims to give transgender students more
11:04 am
equality. critics say it makes matters unfair restricting what words they can use and forcing girls to complete with athletes born with physical advantages. >> first to anita vogel on what's at stake tonight. >> a lot at stake, and we are expecting about tonight on this new transgender policy for students, passions are running high on both sides of the issue. more than 150 parents gave their thoughts to the school board last night over this new policy that affects how transgender students will be treated on campus. as you mentioned at the top, everything from what bathroom and locker room transgender students can use to what pronoun they want to be called, and what activities sports teams they would have access two. some parents say the policy is needed to protect kids while others say education, reading, writing, and math have gotten. underneath a the progressive social agenda. >> i was lucky that my teachers, most of my teachers were
11:05 am
supportive when i changed my name and my pronouns six years ago. however, there were no policies that would protect me from bowling from my peers or my school admin. there should be no place in schools where the teachers make me feel unsafe or unwelcome. >> the focus of the school board on everything but education is has really angered us that they are not really concerned about listening to parents and they just want to shoot down any new thing that isn't favorable to them. >> you might remember the past you in the meeting there got so heated at least one parent was arrested. last night they had extra security on hand and only allowed 20 speakers in the room at a time. they ran out of time at the end so they will take that vote tonight instead. even though there were no arrests, there was still lots of drama last night. one teacher who was so upset with the school board resigned on the spot in front of the whole district. i also want to mention there is an effort underway to recall six of the school board members
11:06 am
there and they're getting close to gathering enough signatures. >> we will track that meeting tonight. thank you so much. >> let's bring in katie. let's start with the idea about the vote that's going to beonigt on transgender issues. there is a lot of opposition to this, but many people contend it is just a needed evolution in policy. what do you say? >> first, i think it's interesting to look at how the loudoun county school board has handled dissent and opposition to these policies that they want to implement despite the majority of parents organizing and being against these policies. last night there was a violent thunderstorm outside of this meeting and they essentially locked parents out of the room and cited security and covid protocols to keep them out of the meeting room which is i think telling in terms of what they're willing to listen too. in terms of what parents are doing here, loudoun county and
11:07 am
fairfax county have been ground zero for parents who are looking at their kids curriculum after trying very hard to get students back into the classrooms after teachers refused to go back to school, and seeing really that their education is not focused on math, reading, writing, and science, it is focused on a woke agenda whether it's through critical race theory or these transgender policies being pushed. we've seen this play out in other states like, connecticut for example which has been sued by on behalf of female athletes, high school athletes who were forced to compete against male athletes losing out on scholarships, so there are serious consequences to this. parents in loudoun county and fairfax county want their kids to be focused on education, not necessarily on awoke social agendas that we are seeing all over the country. >> it's understood that the parents obviously have a vested interest in what their kids are learning and how they are taught and what they their tots, but
11:08 am
speak to that student who said look, this will offer me protection so that i don't get bullied for wanting to be called by a different pronoun and living a lifestyle that may be different than other people at the school. >> i think there is an unfair argument being made that parents who are opposed to the school board implementing these broad policies that force everybody to comply with a certain set of ideologies that there are somehow engaged in bigotry when they believe that they can teach their children at home what they think about that child's certain situation and not to bully and not to treat people unfairly and not to discriminate against people. they believe it's their job as parents teach teach their kids those values of treating people with respect despite their backgrounds and who they are. they do not believe it is the school board decision to decide what sort of language they should be using is parents, what kind of language there children
11:09 am
should be using, and what kind of ideology they should be believing in. they believe no matter who you are, or what your pronouns are, you should be learning, math, science, and english and learning how to read and write. they can take care of the treating everyone with respect at home. >> earlier today, they spoke to a conference of teachers on equity. he repeatedly urged teachers to become warriors for equity in social and racial justice. listen to what he said. >> educators were warriors for equity and justice were made for this movement. we were forced to the fire and we know what it takes to create opportunity out of crisis. this is our moment. we didn't sign up for this. but we are here now. >> so this movement has got the full backing of the federal government, could parents who are in opposition of this or concerned about it to be forgiven for thinking that they're being steamrolled here
11:10 am
at the highest level? to get they are being steamrolled at the highest level. the white house has essentially made threats against parents who are trying to impose this kind of critical race theory or other leftist ideology being indoctrinated in their schools, and this is a matter of local parents, community organizing to stand up against this type of ideology and the bottom line is that they are paying for it, and while the education secretary wants to tell teachers around the country to be engaged in equity or just kind of leftist indoctrination instead of focusing on an education, parents are paying an average of $14,000 or taxpayers anyway for students to learn, and it's really hard to understand how this equity outcome is even possible when you have people like the governor of oregon for example eliminating any kind of testing standard for anybody to get out of high school. in fairfax county, they got rid
11:11 am
of advanced placement classes because they believe it's not fair two certain groups of people so they've eliminated any opportunities for students or minority students or all students to achieve academically in a way that will give them a brighter future. i think the bottom line as this really covid especially has opened up the doors and put a spotlight on what is happening in the public schools and how corrupt it has become and high how ideological it is. it allows parents to get behind the movement of paying for kids individually than rather than funding schools and systems. >> there is no question there are a lot of bites to this apple and it is still being eaten. we will see where it all goes. thank you. >> thanks, john. >> what he said this morning, there was no consideration for the other side and what he said. which is very curious. i tend to be more liberal, but when i saw that there was a complete shutdown of any conversation about some of these
11:12 am
really tough topics, that's when i decided to get involved. they will have this vote tonight, we will have it. we will let people know what happens. >> a lot of the school boards just don't seem to listen to parents and that's what really ticks me off. >> that is where the recall is underway. a stunning reminder that it's not only migrants surging across the border, but also crime now hitting historic proportions. making the biggest meth bust on border at the border. jonathan hunt is on the ground in texas with more on where things stand on the border. hey, jonathan. >> hey, shannon. we just wrapped up a pretty extraordinary interview with the chief of u.s. border patrol, and he confirmed to us during that interview that meth and fentanyl smuggling is indeed a growth industry for the cartels as they look to take advantage of the
11:13 am
situation at the border. chief raul ortiz takes over officially as chief on sunday. he has had 30 years in border patrol, and he did not mince his words about the challenge that now faces him and the entire agency. listen to this. >> was this the worst crisis you have seen in 30 years? >> in my 30 years, this is the most complicated situation i've ever experienced. >> and come up with the migrants continuing to cross this border here in the rio grande valley, every day, and every night, they come in the hundreds every single night. we have shown you those exclusive pictures all week, and for many weeks before, the chief confirmed that the july apprehension figures are going to hit a 20 year high. listen again to the chief. >> we have heard that the official july figures.
11:14 am
artificial numbers will come out tomorrow, but i will tell you that they increased this month over last month, and we've seen steady increases over the last four or five months. over 210,000? >> i believe it's going to be over that. >> now chief ortiz will be among the officials who will be touring the area of this region tomorrow with homeland security secretary and the chief tells me that he will be delivering the message to the secretary that this needs a whole of government approach is it if it is to be solved. to end this on a note of optimism, the chief also said that in all this urges he has seen over his three decades with border patrol, even though this event is the most complicated, he believes there will be an inflection point and in his words, we can turn the tide on this. >> thank you for your work down
11:15 am
there on the border. we appreciate it. >> the pressure taken note toll on the california governor. his critics jumping all over an interview he gave calling the governor unhinged as he rants about his critics and slams his fist down in frustration dozens of times. we will show you the video. >> whirred word breaking out of that president biden is planning a major move that could shake up decades of cooperation with our allies. . refinance now and save thousands. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power.
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11:21 am
or recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. the move is drawing criticism including knesset member and former mayor of jerusalem who says the plan could hurt relations between the u.s. and israel. >> by doing something like this without consent between the
11:22 am
israeli government to make a decision that is not in our best interest, is something unacceptable. it could dramatically impede the relationship between the israelis and the americans. this is something friends don't do to each other. kick it we also spoke today with the senior palestinian official who said the consulate suit rate should reopen in jerusalem immediately and any delay would be unacceptable. he added this. >> is that the american administration or is it that is really in the israeli lobby. that is the big question the americans have to understand. >> certainly is some concern from the palestinians about the influence that israeli officials have over the biden administration. >> we will see where this one goes. >> just moments ago, you heard president biden sales pitch for trillions more and spending coming just a day after he scored a win on a different spending bill all of it adding
11:23 am
up to the biggest shift in social spending we've seen in generation but republicans say it's something our nation will one day regret. former, and leslie marshall both our fox news contributors. welcome, guys. >> hey shannon. >> we are talking about the next step, this 3.$5 trillion bill people are looking at senators, and joe mansion to see if they put the brakes on some of that spending. i want to talk about what's happening in the house because over there it's actually the left that the speaker is going to have to try to hold together they don't think these packages go far enough democrats have to stick together on these boats. what happens now in the house? >> i think they stick of 3.$5 trillion in the senate and that goes over to the house that will be enough for the left wing of the democratic party in the squad there, but if you have the two that tried to bear that number down and make it smaller and that send that package over to the house you're going to have squad members in the socialist wing of the democrat party actually give a lot of
11:24 am
pushback. the house will be confronted with the idea that we can take this deal or take nothing and i think they will be hard-pressed not to take 3 trillion or 1.5 trillion in addition to the 1.2 trillion in the infrastructure plan that is passing the senate and take that home and call that a win as opposed to taking nothing and waiting for republicans to win the house in the year and a half. >> there's a conversation with great peace in the wall pete wall street journal. where he talks about biden is delivering obama's third term. he says a democrat in the white house is once again discouraging work, growing the size of the welfare state and increasing dependence on the government. is that what voters wanted president biden to do? to get know, and again, that's an opinion piece clearly because when you look at the numbers in the facts, that's not what's happening. retail for example had an unprecedented increase in the month of june of 1.1 million hires. there are more stores being open.
11:25 am
dollar stores hired 20,000 people. walmart has hired half a million people. healthcare continues to hire people, and so i just don't see more people being on the welfare rolls, i do see people going back to work and retail especially is very encouraging so now when you have hopefully full passage in both chambers of infrastructure you will have so many jobs out there, especially in manufacturing that i don't think anybody is going to be able to even try pen something like that in the future. >> that's the issue he makes in the piece. he says we have historically high, never had this many jobs open in the united states, but he says when you get rid of rental, obligations because you have the eviction band which we've said, the president himself questions whether it's legal or not. you have extended unemployment benefits, he makes the argument in this piece that it's more beneficial for people to stay home they go and fill some of those 10 million jobs.
11:26 am
>> that's what happening. wesley is wrong on that point you have so many jobs open but so many more people are staying home because they're making more money by getting government assistance. if you want to help people break out of the middle class you don't do it by welfare, you do it by work so let's incentivize people to get back into the workforce and help hold the economic train. one problem we have with these massive bills as if you want to add new taxes and more welfare benefits and also add more regulation to the green new deal, you will see businesses back up and go to china and india and take the jobs with them. you'll have less opportunity and less growth which is bad for tax revenue which is what you need to actually pass paid that massive debts that the democrats are throwing on the backs of future generations. >> like i said, again, i go back to this infrastructure bill, if we get full passage there is specific language in there that products and materials have to be from the united states, so i don't know what kind of money these corporations are going to make if they continue to as they
11:27 am
have for decades send jobs to china and india. the legislation being put forth by the biden administration and both democrats and republicans have liked and have passed would actually prevent that and it would be more incentive for people to keep that here and to purchase goods to make those products here. >> made in the usa. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon, it's official all u.s. troops must get that shot. the biden administration announcing a vaccine mandate for the military but what happens if they say no. even the pentagon doesn't seem to have an answer to that. >> what parents need to know about a new study on vaccine side effects in teenagers.
11:28 am
11:29 am
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a veteran who may have served in my time, can take one to four days to fully work. during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> some alarming headlines as kids go back into the classrooms, 15 percent of all new covid cases in the last week
11:33 am
were in children. hospitals say that they are admitting more kids, but it's unclear if the delta variant is anymore dangerous to children within the original strain. with doctors divided on mandatory maxing and vaccine safety and our younger kids, there are a lot of parents to weigh this school year. who better to answer the questions in our dr. mark siegel. good to see you. let's start with the vaccine in teenagers and those younger than 12 that the fda will be looking at soon. their was a study done in jama cardiology regarding this rare side effect the heart inflammation myocarditis, what did the study find? >> actually, it showed him among severe cases there was a fairly high amount of this, but you have to remember that real data on this isn't in yet and they won't be reviewing it until september and may be we would see approval below 12 september or october sometime mid fall.
11:34 am
between 12 and 17 we have the data and i want to give you an idea of this. you see about 70 cases of myocarditis from million from the vaccine, but there is a study just out revealing data that shows 460 cases per million from covid itself. you might say out there wait, i'd rather take my chances then i will get covid, but here's the problem. if you're 12-17 and you get covid, there's a 10-20 percent chance that you will get long covid. where i come out on this and i do it on a one-on-one basis with my teenage patients and with their parents, it is way on the side of getting this vaccine because there's too much risk with covid, too much risk with the numbers coming up, and most importantly, even if god forbid you got myocarditis from the virus, it's about very very very mild. if you get it from covid, it's not mild and you could end up in the icu. here again, i know the fear
11:35 am
factor and i know the worry factor, for me, the vaccine is a way to go. >> in terms of the myocarditis from the vaccine, is a treatable? doesn't last long? >> it only lasts a week or to, and it is treatable with nonsteroidal's and it gets better almost 100 percent of the time. even hospitalizations which are very rare are usually very brief. i talked to a pediatric cardiologist about this he said no-brainer, it's way worse from covid itself. >> lets put a couple things on the screen the covid cases among children in the last week, it wasn't last week, it was the week before from july 29 through august 5th, as we mentioned, it represented 15 percent of all weekly report to cases, but when it comes to the idea of vaccinating kids under the age of 12, the kaiser family foundation poll found that there is some hesitancy here. 40 percent of people said they're going to wait and see
11:36 am
even after approval if they get their kids vaccinated. they want to see more data. 9 percent would say that they would only get it if required, 25 percent said definitely not. so you can see, there is some concerns there among parents of children under the age of 12, even if this thing is approved for emergency authorization. >> i think by the time it gets approved for those under 12, it's going to be a fully licensed vaccine. that may change their minds. to the point hey, i want to wait and see the data, there is a point there because they data is in from 12-17 we were below 12 you were going to look at study data, people might decide to wait a month or to, but over 200 kids were hospitalized every day over the last week, that's about as much as it was at the peak of the pandemic. i want to answer the question you didn't ask yet which is i don't see a sign that it's more severe in kids, i think more kids are getting it, orchids are
11:37 am
spreading it, it's easier to get the delta variant because it so highly contagious. kids were not big spreaders before, they are becoming bigger spreaders, so i think the numbers aren't that it's more severe, necessarily, but it's spreading more amongst kids. i want to see the 12-17 group vaccinated. below 12, okay, we're watching and we want to see the day of it. >> that's why we love you so much you ask the questions we haven't even asked. and all without a co-pay, even better. >> no co-pay for you, john, ever. >> thanks, doc, good to see you. no co-pay for you. >> i like that. the secretary of defense says every service member will have to be vaccinated beginning september 15th. life at the pentagon with more on how this might work. to get they are not going to throw them in the brig at least not right away. the pentagon is mulling over what to do with service members who refused to roll up their
11:38 am
sleeves. >> nobody is looking for a strong punitive disciplinary measures here. frankly we believe most will respond positively to the order just like they do in every other mission-critical order that they are issued. 74 percent of the navy is already vaccinated leaving the arms versus 60 percent of the air force and nearly 60 percent of the marines, only half the u.s. army. don kirby said yesterday there is a religious exemption possibility for any mandatory vaccine and covid will be no exception. he said the process begins with counseling. >> it's not unlike putting body armor on in combat, it's a way of protecting yourself and by protecting yourself you help protect your unit, your ship, your command, your community. this is about force protection and readiness across the forest. force. >> some lawmakers think the military is being used as pawns to beef up the number of americans vaccinated to help the white house. >> now to the governor grabbing
11:39 am
headlines who isn't named cuomo. it seems like california governor is feeling the heat for his upcoming recall election now a month away by the governor becoming visibly angry with reporters during a recent zoom interview, cursing and slamming his desk. tell us what happened. >> john, what is remarkable is how little play this received in the media not the la times, san francisco chronicle or any local news shows and more about the drama than the content but in the interview depending on your point of view he's defensive, agitated, angry, or intense, informed, and passionate some partisans call it a whiny self eating rents. numerous times he challenges the premise of questions from the editors from the newspapers. he went after a federal judge and fox news for the number of segments focusing on him. he said more than a dozen times may be two dozen and slammed his fist on the desks desk about 59 times.
11:40 am
>> 15 percent and factory growth. no one comes close. blue-collar, middle-class jobs, california dominating all those other states. i did it a $6 billion signing ceremony on a district that noone is supposed to get broadband two every one of his constituents. >> he dismissed the closure of energy power plants and said more green electricity is coming online and housing he said despite promising some 3 million new homes coming he couldn't snap his fingers and build them. >> we had better health outcomes than florida and better our more modest rate than florida and texas. i don't know why that doesn't get more attention. >> in fact, texas has no state income tax and study shows the overall tax burden in texas ranks well below california. so he also chided folks for not getting on the newsom bandwagon.
11:41 am
>> it would be nice if our homegrown team started focusing on what's right. everybody outside of the state is complaining about the state because of our success. >> so he did announce the first statewide mandate of public school teachers would require vaccination k-12 or a test negative and you know, john, of course, california was the first date about to weeks ago to require all state workers get vaccinated as well and many states followed. while it is great to see you. thank you so much for that. >> we want people to see the real john, he is very much a diva here. but man, that makes him look panicked about the recall, it makes him look insecure. >> when your backs against the wall, the claws come out. here on the east coast, governor cuomo will be out, but his brother still in the spotlight
11:42 am
for his involvement in the scandal and now cnn is facing serious questions about the star anchor's fate.
11:43 am
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11:47 am
same ticket she is making it clear she is no fan of his. >> i think it's very clear that the governor and i have not been close. physically or otherwise in terms of much time, so i've been traveling the state and do not spend much time in his presence or in the presence of many in the state capital, but that is beat what is being reported and i want to stand right here at the end of my term, whenever it ends, no one will ever describe my administration is a toxic work environment. >> as she takes office when cuomo is set to leave in to weeks. >> governor andrew cuomo is announcing his resignation, fox caught up with his younger brother and cnn anchor chris cuomo in the hamptons. chris cuomo could face his own questioning for advising his brother on the matter of whether or not to stay or go. howard kurtz joins us now. what's interesting about all of this is that he never recused himself from the air, although
11:48 am
he did recuse himself from coverage of his brother. >> he was recused by his network and perhaps that would've been a better course. chris cuomo has made no public comment about his brother's resignation even at the new york times reports he is not denying that. cnn has barred him now from discussing his brother on the air and marked contrast to the 11 fun filled appearances the governor had on the cnn show last year. as you mentioned,. >> have you spoken to your brother today, sir? >> of course. >> did you advise him to step down? are you continuing to advise him? do you think that's an ethical conflict? >> i think you have a job to do, and i'm let i let you do it.
11:49 am
kick it now chris cuomo has made a number of mistakes, he joined strategy calls with his brother and top officials becoming part of the damage control machine and has had to apologize to that according two new york's attorney general he helped write or edit the denial that the governor first put out about the allegations back in february, but the biggest mistake was by cnn allowing the cuomo brother show to go on and not shutting it down when he got into trouble over nursing home covid desk and the i'm sure this is devastating to chris cuomo, but he knows the media, he's leading the field right open for his critics by not saying anything at all. >> a lot of people are calling for his resignation but until jeff stoker does zucker does, he still has a show. >> the governor could still be facing some legal troubles over his states covid 19 nursing home desk, his book, and many other things when he leaves office. criminal defense attorney joins us now, mark, it's nice to see
11:50 am
you. >> same here. >> and number of local authorities say they are investigating potential criminal complaints they've received, so let's start there. what could the governor be facing? >> battery charges, these are misdemeanor unlawful touching of another person without their permission. he could face up to a year in jail for each elected touching. >> and what about the civil. it seems like a number of these alleged victims would have plenty of avenues to pursue. >> there is no question that they've already lawyered up, many of them and we know from whom they've selected it's extremely likely it doesn't end here with his resignation. the burden of proof in the civil arena is merely 51 percent can they prove that he acted improperly and did them harm, and i think you will see some of civil lawsuits as well. so come at the nursing home desk, the doj says it's not going to pursue that investigation, but we know there are congressional bodies
11:51 am
interested, some state-level investigations going on, do you any think any of those will bear fruit and giving answers to the families of the loved ones who they lost during the pandemic and mainly say directly because of policies tied to the cuomo administration. >> i think this is one for the use and the political arena. i don't see it going anywhere in terms of anyone getting harmed from it, i think answers aren't necessarily going to be forthcoming, i think his resignation will somehow put an end to a lot of people demanding answers because he's gone. >> they are also calls for looking into books, his book deal and the potential state resources that may have been used he's got to face all of that as well. he is going to be a busy man as you are. thank you for your time. >> at my pleasure. >> shannon, the olympian who made headlines for how much he loves america is talking to fox, that is coming up next.
11:52 am
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11:57 am
>> highway deaths in 2020 were at the highest rate in more than a decade even though there were fewer motorists on the record. >> yeah, it all comes down to how fast people are driving. california highway patrol says compared to before the pandemic, they had written twice as many tickets for folks caught driving in excess of 100 miles per hour. this is a story that they're seeing from coast to coast. the video here happens to be one of those incidents. it was captured by a california trooper showing two case racing. one of the vehicles reportedly reached speeds of 130 miles per hour. nearly 39,000 people died in crashes last year that according to the national highway traffic safety administration. that's the highest since 2007. all of this despite less driving
11:58 am
amid the pandemic. authorities say part of the reason they're seeing the increase is speeding. the a they are factor, police are patrolling the roads far less with fewer drivers and focused in 2020 was on protests and politics. how do you slow people down? in california, it's traffic and congestion. people don't have the space to drive that fast. the other is good old fashioned enforcement and patrols. >> i'm going to slow down. thanks, jeff. >> and a u.s. wrestler's stock went viral for holding the american flag high and praising the united states when celebrating her olympic win. now she's talking to fax about that big moment. >> i felt like i went in a trans and god spoke through me. i looked at the camera and just
11:59 am
go. i know that there's been a lot of negativity going on. i just want to enlighten people of my positive and it happened. >> she says she wouldn't want to live anywhere else but the united states and she's using her prize money to buy her mom a food truck. in fact, she was very emphatic about her love for the united states. >> yeah, she wanted to spread positivity and that's what she did. everybody was cheering her on. to see her light up, talking about the opportunity and how much she loves being here. i love how she's using her prize money to help out her mom. it's sweet. >> john: and her mom is a great pit master. she's going to have a barbecue truck. >> i feel like we have to do research in the field. >> john: i love taking trips to texas. love texas barbecue. >> it's a new story once mom gets the truck up and running, i
12:00 pm
feel a road trip. >> john: we have to have her on fox no question about that. >> she's inspiring and hopefully make us thinking about how grateful we can be. if you lived anywhere else other than this great country, we're the best flawed but the best. >> john: i moved from afar to be here. >> glad to have you. >> john: it's been awhile. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shannon bream. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york, this is an enormous story that we're watching break right now. it's suspending the likes of which the united states has not seen since world war ii. it has zero republican support. a $3.5 trillion bill that was orchestrated by senate budget chair bernie sanders. it is -- both sides agree this is a transformation a


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