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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 11, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: maybe you could put on the menu something gold medal ribs or something like that. >> bill: tamyra you are beautiful inside and out. thank you for sharing your story with us. awesome stuff, red, white, blue and gold. >> dana: i want to get a hug from you one day. thank you so much. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: the epic downfall of governor andrew cuomo leaving a permanent stain on his legacy. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". mere hours after governor cuomo announced he was stepping down, president biden stepped up and weighed in and plenty of people are not thrilled about that. >> how would you assess his 10 1/2 years as governor of the state? >> president biden: in terms of his personal behavior or what he has done as a governor.
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>> governor. >> president biden: he has done a hell of a job on everything from access to voting, to infrastructure, a whole range of things. that's why it is so sad. >> harris: queue the damage control. press secretary jen psaki is president addressed quo*efm's infrastructure and right for him to step down. reiterated his support for women to come forward and made clear you can't separate personal behavior from other work. trey gowdy didn't buy it. >> look, biden got more questions about cuomo than he did about this historic infrastructure bill? i think he really bungled it. >> harris: also the headline across every "new york post" and paper this morning, at the end of his grope. tucker carlson torched the
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self-described new york tough governor. >> he is so tough he is running away. he is so tough he is quitting. you've heard that claim a lot recently. watching that tape it is possible that we have sold andrew cuomo short. we told you his emmy in november was the high point of his career. in fact what you just saw may have been the single greatest performance of his life. i'm resigning not because i killed the old people in nursing homes or my closest advisor went to federal prison for corruption. not because i have a super creepy personal life and a made member of the mafia. no, i'm resigning from my job because i love the state of new york. that's what love does. it resigns. >> harris: while cuomo's alleged victims may rejoice others are still seeking justice for his notorious covid-19 nursing home policy which critics blame for countless deaths. steve scalise said this in a statement. all those families who lost
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loved ones deserve answers and the ability to seek closure. janice dean fox senior meteorologist lost both her parents-in-law in new york nursing homes and has been calling for cuomo to go for a very, very long time. janice, you were with me as the news was breaking yesterday. you have had a few hours now to think about what is next. that's where the focus is now. >> i'm starting to hear that, you know, he might run for reelection at some point. so i hope they impeach him so that can't happen. i'm seeing lawmakers on social media talking about their war stories now with governor cuomo, i remember when he did this and i've always known he has been like this. where were you when we needed you most? i'm talking about assemblyman ron kim. he has been there for us. but the rest have been silent and in fact they have tried to silence us. it was this time last year, harris, i was supposed to speak
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in albany at testimony to talk about the nursing homes and they rescinded my invitation because they were too uncomfortable for me to appear. >> harris: you talk about ron kim and use the words us and what i think ofist is everybody else. you aren't talking politics, ron kim as a democrat, as an american citizen stood up for everybody. that's what the governor of a state is supposed to do. >> yeah. >> harris: with all of this, you bring up an excellent point. if they impeach him it does the one thing that cuomo can't live without. the oxygen of politics. >> he has been in the governor's mansion for decades for three terms and because his father was also governor. he has had the cuomo name all of his life and power is what he loves. you know that he loves that power and for him not to have it anymore, you know, must be quite something. >> harris: it is so cliche to say but you have to use the god
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given power for good and so we'll see what investigations unearth, the ones that continue to go on. i want to get to this. the media has now been covering cuomo's sex scandal a little bit. a media research study shows the same cannot be said of the nursing home scandal. it found that from march 1st to december 31st of 2020, there were 400 cuomo stories on nbc, abc and cbs nightly news broadcasts but only two mentioned nursing homes. look, you and i have talked about the importance of both of these lanes that this governor created in one shape or another. the governor hasn't said these things didn't happen with him inappropriately touching women and can name the places he did it. he forgot about some and the nursing home scandal is different. the receipts on that is coming from a high level. and there are 15,000 deaths.
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>> where is their time to testify? they can't. it's very disheartening i've been shouting for all of this time speeng on behalf of over 15,000 dead seniors that don't have a voice. they didn't seem interested in the story. >> harris: why do you think that is? >> a few reasons why. our country doesn't care about old people unfortunately. i just don't think they do. i'm being honest. i don't think it brings headlines or eyeballs to cable news. they would rather talk about the me too stuff. it's at this time lateing and brings headlines. #metoo movement has gain a tremendous amount of power over the last couple of years. i also think it has to do with theal capone theory. they got him on tax evasion. i'm proud of these women for coming forward and their positions of extreme dur ess
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trying to go forward, the corruption around the nursing homes can bring down a lot of powerful people and that's why they are afraid to cover it. >> harris: for at least cnn there are a lot of conflicts of interest. when you have the brother of the man who is falling lift out his hand and try to give him advice in the middle of the scandals it is complicated to keep that person front and center in the prime timeline-up. >> he is part of the investigation. >> harris: i believe in the american people. i hope and pray we'll hear their voices. many of them have lost loved ones during the pandemic, too. and they can feel what we feel when bad decisions are made and those among us who need our advocacy and help. >> our greatest generation, grand parents. >> harris: thank you for being with us and god bless you on your journey. more to come. come back and keep me posted.
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>> i'm grateful for you covering the story from day one. >> harris: in the wee hours of the morning senators approved a 3.5 trillion reconciliation package. it opens the door to ram things through congress without republican support. it includes amnesty for illegal immigrants. climate research, tax hikes and more. gop lawmakers say that's not all good. >> senate democrats have made it clear that they want to use this reckless tax and spending spree to implement the green new deal. >> they told us it was about real infrastructure. it wasn't. calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like calling anthony wiener a saint. >> they are throwing every liberal idea and hope it sticks
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to the wall. they are going to change your country. it will be more like venezuela and less like america. >> harris: chad pergram live on capitol hill. i would say this to start, chad. i don't know if people realize what was happening simultaneously yesterday. we knew about the infrastructure bill and the trillion there, theirs plus there and now there is more. this is exactly what republicans have been talking about. behind every door it is money, money, money, money, money and it is our money. >> keep in mind nothing went out the door yesterday on this 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation proposal. this is a framework. what they were dealing with last night, this is called a vote-a-rama but it included a vote drama. the senate voted until 4:00 this morning on amendments to the budget framework. both sides tried to engineer controversial amounts.
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john barrasso of wyoming concocted an amendment to bar the implementation of the green new deal. it was rejected 99-0. the so-called cow tax amendment. listen. >> this cow tax could be put -- could put our local farms out of business. they could devastate our rural communities who are continuing to feed and fuel the world. >> the senate voted 66-33 against imposing new restrictions on methane emissions from livestock. senate also adopted the plan to hire 100,000 police officers nationwide. democrats needed the budget measure to avoid a filibuster on their next big spending bill. >> it will restore the basic social contract in america. if you work hard, you can do better and pass on even greater opportunities for your children. in doing so, it will restore something in the american character that we have nearly lost.
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>> both parties weaponized the amendments to force the other side to use controversial votes. democrats embark on an 11-state bus tour to promote their plan. >> harris: a bus tour? okay. speaking of democrats getting around, these democrats are still on the run. texas dems who fled the state to d.c. last month to block a vote on election reform bills. now the state supreme court has ruled the texas house speaker has issued warrants for their arrest. a lot of advancements of this story, what will happen next. we're all over it. >> i think part of it is clear that joe biden has been hijacked by the far left of the democratic party who wants to radically alter this country. what is happening right now is not an accident, it is intentional. >> harris: a president hijacked.
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>> we have covid, we have violent criminals, gangsters, terrorists and the american are footing the bill on all of this. it is time now for heads to roll. people need to be held accountable. if we have a continual path that we are currently on coming from the biden administration to ignore our southern border, then nothing is going to improve. >> harris: that is georgia's
8:18 am
jody hice among many house republicans demanding answers on what is happening on the southern border. some are calling for a field hearing in new mexico to assess the impact of migrant crossings on that state. others are demanding that the department of homeland security reveal just how many people are on the terror watch list that are flowing across that border. the white house says they are making all the right moves when it comes to the border crisis. not sure if they actually used those words border crisis. but some democrats are not so sure. "the washington examiner" with this headline. white house defends border strategy as allies fear electoral bloodbath. border officials announced they have intercepted nearly three tons of methamphetamine and fentanyl worth $13 million so far. the largest ever meth smuggling seizures along the southwest part of the border.
8:19 am
let's bring in now texas attorney general ken paxton. great to have you in focus today. first of all, your reaction to the amount of drugs that are coming. and drugs don't walk, they have to be carried by these people crossing our border. >> i'm not surprised. these border agents aren't able to do their jobs. they are more focused on logistics of taking care of people coming across the border and where they'll go. the drug trade and cartels have tremendous opportunities thanks to the policy of the biden administration. i'm sure they know this. they accept that as part of their plan. so this is not surprising and we will see a lot more drugs coming across the border as the policies of the biden administration are implemented to a greater extent. >> harris: i want to focus on hypocrisy now. it's a thing for me during this hour of the day. when you talk about the flow of drugs people are taking them and getting addicted. it's part of healthcare, yet this administration is said to be focused on healthcare. i don't know how you let one
8:20 am
thing come and make situations worse and not focus on that. and then the other thing is covid. we are being told all sorts of things right now to protect ourselves with the variant. upwards of 50% of those tested coming across our southern border are said to be covid positive. that means some of them, if you do the stats on that, they are not vaccinated and how do you take care of all of these people as a nation? how does that happen during a pandemic? you know, you are right there on the border in a border state. >> the credibility of the president on covid is gone. he is letting all these people in knowing they have covid. they are being dropped off all over the country. dallas police officers watched a couple buses unload in downtown ball yas -- dallas in the middle of the night. they disappeared. some have covid. to be told when you are out of the country and a u.s. citizen you can't come back if you have
8:21 am
covid is hypocritical and i have lost complete respect for the president on the whole covid issue given the fact that he is allowing people to cross the border and doesn't seem to care. >> harris: real quickly, what do you do with those lawmakers who are coming back? the texas supreme court has ruled democratic lawmakers who left the state last month to block a vote on a gop voting bill can be arrested for doing that. the state house speaker wasting no time issuing warrants to be served unless those representatives come back to texas to vote. here is what one texas democrat said would happen if they go back? >> we believe that this is an overstep by the republican leadership that we are simply exercising our rights as legislators to protect millions of texans and protect our democracy. there is not one single one of us that wants to be arrested. guess what? we're not cowering to the threat of arrest. we'll continue to advocate and
8:22 am
spike and speak truth to power. >> harris: what is their message now? all we ever talk about is they left, they got lots of attention on instagram and social media. >> well their strategy no endgame. the endgame would be they never come back. it's not representative government. that don't allow the rest of the legislature to have their right to vote. these small minority of democrats are making the decision for all the other legislators as to what will be voted on. that's minority rule not the way this country was set up or the way our state was set up and the framers -- they are defiant and a judge has tried to do the same thing. thank goodness for the supreme court of texas and we were able to get this going. we will get it going. >> harris: you say we will get this going. no bluff here. we have been talking for months about this. you aren't joking. it will happen if they come back and don't go straight to the state house to do their
8:23 am
jobs, what will it look like? >> they will be detained. if they are spotted by law enforcement, any police officer can detain them and put them in custody and bring them back to the capitol. if they want to live in texas they will have to show up or they will have to vacate their job at some point because it is their job to show up and represent their constituents and allow the other people who are elected to do the same. they aren't doing that. they aren't allowing democracy to work and dictating what everybody else has to do. >> harris: before i let you go it is a bigger overarching issue. when you see a runaway situation like this with lawmakers, they are not representing all of the constituents in their district obviously. what are voters saying on the ground? i'm curious. are there democratic voters who say i care more about this or that? what's it like? >> i think people are disgusted by this.
8:24 am
i think whether you are democrat or republican many are disgusted because in is not the way the process is supposed to work. people want you to fight. whatever you believe, go fight for what you believe. have the debate and let the vote turn out the way the elected representatives want it to turn out. that's democracy and representative government. >> harris: when they don't see people fight for what they believe, do they really believe it or there just for themselves? that's a fair question. attorney general ken paxton, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: critical race theory has taken on an emotional toll. in particular on one virginia teacher. watch. >> i quit your policies and i quit your training and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents. >> harris: some explosive claims about the school board's dealings with its teachers. we'll get into it and debate it.
8:25 am
plus this. >> president biden: when i suggest that people in zones where there is a high risk wear the masks, i'm told the government should get out of the way. i find that totally counterintuitive and disingenuous. >> harris: go to the border and pass out all that stuff. that's where it is really needed. president biden saying he is checking to see if he can intervene in states banning school mask mandates. the battle with florida governor ron desantis goes on. jason chaffetz in focus next. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal!
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8:31 am
school superintendents who are requiring students to mask up in the classroom. >> president biden: my concerns are deep. one of the things i find a little disingenuous, when i suggest that people in zones where there is a high risk wear the masks like you all are doing, i'm told the government should get out of the way. >> do you have presidential powers to intervene in states like texas and florida where they're banning mask mandates? >> president biden: i don't believe that i do. that's why we're checking that. >> harris: at least seven governors banning mask mandates in state schools. a group of house republicans are demanding answers from the attending physician of the u.s. congress on why he is requiring everyone to wear masks around the capitol building. jason chaffetz fox news contributor, former utah congressman. jason, this is such a hot topic
8:32 am
because it touches our greatest resource, our children. where are we on this and when the president of the united states says he is checking to see if he has the power to intervene with governors like desantis, does he? >> i don't think that the president does. it is about more power and more control in washington, d.c. i think the president has it wrong the way he stated it. it is not about government control, it is about empowering parents and allowing them to work with their own medical professionals to make these types of determinations rather than dr. fauci sitting at some desk or doing a photo shoot for in style magazine. that's the core of it. not every child should have a mask. look, i've taken the vaccine, my wife has, i would hope that would work for most people because as best i can tell it is most effective. not every person will come to
8:33 am
that and you know what? in the united states we get to make that self-determination. democrats would have a lot more credibility if they lived by the words they said. they don't seem to care about this on the southern border or care about it when they have sophisticated parties. they don't seem to care about it like np when she takes off a mask even when she will arrest members of congress because she has a photo shoot. it becomes disingenuous and inconsistent and therefore it undercuts the overall goal which is to get more people vaccinated. >> harris: you had a lot of examples there. that has to be a problem for the white house and for the biden administration. the list is long of those areas where they've been hypocritical about this. but as you say, to start with the president of the united states, he has first got to get it right on what the lingo needs to look like in terms of our conversation as parents. very interesting. outkick founder clay travis speaking out on what he calls
8:34 am
the absurd tee of masks in schools. it was a very heated tennessee school board meeting. let's check it out. >> i feel bad for all these people walking around in masks engaging in cosmetic theater thinking they're making a difference against covid. they aren't. have any of you ever mandated masks for the seasonal flu? shame on you, every kid in our schools has been under more danger from the seasonal flu every year than they are from covid. >> harris: jason. >> look, i think travis makes a really good point. these are parents that should be making these decisions. why don't you implement school choice so if parents can go a different direction? >> the problem this administration has. they take a policy position and try to find the signs. what they should be doing is releasing the scientific studies, allow it to percolate and allow the medical community
8:35 am
to coalesce around this. right now it's a clown show at the white house. the influencer dancing around the white house like a court jester. you are offering in some places lottery tickets to take a shot. new york city they want to give you $100 to take a shot. the american people are smarter than this. those are clown antics to try to force people to do what they want them to do rather than saying go talk to your doctor. they will tell you this is probably a good idea. >> harris: the doctors that we've had on this program in focus have all said that distancing is probably going to be the thing that makes the most difference when kids get in the classroom. when the cdc shrank the distance from 6 feet to 3 feet dr. siegel said maybe they need to put it back to six feet. the mask wearing is problematic. cosmetic theater. it is per child. it is our responsibility, jason. you bring up a good point.
8:36 am
we're the parents. trust me when i tell you parents are engaged. i appreciate always when you are in focus. thank you. i'll show you another way parents are engaged. not just parents who have had it with critical race theory. they are engaged. a dramatic moment at a school board meeting in loudon county, virginia. a fifth grade teacher quit on the spot in public in protest of the school's forced social justice agenda. >> within the last year i was told in one of my so-called equity trainings about white, christian, able-bodied females currently have the powers in our schools and that, quote, this has to change. school board, i quit. i quit your policies, i quit your trainings, and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. >> harris: wow. good for her. power panel, t.w. shannon former co-chair of black voices
8:37 am
for trump and former speaker of the oklahoma house. crystal night. former political director of priorities usa and emerge tennessee. great to have you both on the program. t.w. i will start with you with your top line thoughts on this. >> first of all, harris, i'm excited to see parents standing up. this is an education revolution happening in our country right now and it started during the pandemic when the unions were exposed for what they are. left wing propaganda agents of the left and they are not concerned about children, they are concerned about a radical left wing agenda and i'm proud to see that parents are standing up and saying enough is enough. i think what we'll have to do is go a step further as a parent and make sure the money follows the child. we'll have to support the idea of school choice. allowing parents to make the point. this 19th century model of educating our children doesn't work anymore. crt is a great example.
8:38 am
government-sanctioned racism. the oppressor or oppressed. i'm glad to see parents standing up saying enough is enough. let's get back to signs and math. >> harris: the teacher's name is laura morris and raised eyebrows further with this. >> emails sent by the superintendent last year reminding me that a dissenting pin is not allowed going so far as to send a form to my colleagues and i encouraging us to fill it out if we hear one another speaking against the controversial policies promoted by this school board and adopted in this county. >> harris: it will be interesting to see if they produce one of those pieces of paper. meanwhile the school board spokesperson told fox news the policy of not being able to verbally disagree with policy was a proposal under a former superintendent that passed. he says it was under consideration by the board but it is not currently a policy.
8:39 am
like i said it would be interesting to see the receipts on that. what is your response to this, crystal? >> i think america was founded on free speech and attempting to silence a teacher because he or she disagrees with a policy i think that's a flawed thing to do. but what i really think we should be discussing is why are teachers opposed to equity training? what's wrong -- why is this politicized? critical race theory is not taught in k-12 education. it is a conservative talking point the conservatives continue to push on school boards across the country and loudon county has been ground zero for this critical race theory debate. >> harris: with all due respect i will step in here. there have been many instances where the basis of crt is being taught to children in that age group you are talking about under the -- >> where? >> harris: unified heyward california where they spent $40
8:40 am
million on a program that very much teaches these principles. that's just in their current budget right now. please look it up and learn more. when you find out the other dozen or so school districts around the country you can look and see for yourself what they are teaching in which grades. we are not talking collegiate. i invite you to do that. >> i'm happy to. >> harris: i want to get to this. the debate over defunding the police has hit the senate floor. a very animated senator cory booker appeared to mock a gop amendment to the democrats' massive spending bill. it would block federal funding to cities which defund the police. let's watch and crystal i will come right back to you. >> senators are giving us a gift that finally once and for all we can put to bed this accusation that somebody would want to defund the police.
8:41 am
every senator here wants to defund the police believes in god, country and apple pie. thank you. >> harris: measure passed 99-0 with all democrats voting yes. but despite booker's words at least 11 dem-led cities have defunded their police departments including new york, portland, minneapolis, san francisco and washington, d.c. crystal, this is complicated for the party because no matter what the far left may want, apparently they also want votes for people like senator booker. p you shall push >> what the party is saying first of all defunding the police is a challenging and tricky subject. a tricky slogan. what democrats are saying is that we want to reallocate funds -- >> harris: what's the difference? >> to programs that deter crime. >> harris: that didn't happen in new york. they took money away from the unit that fights homicides and
8:42 am
homicides spiked. >> give me the property to explain. first of all defunding -- what we're saying is we want to reallocate funds to community violence intervention programs and reallocating funds into programs -- let me finish. we should be reallocating funds toward job programming, things that deter crime and not allowing police departments to buy military-style equipment to deter crime. so that's the challenge we are facing. >> that is disingenuous. the reality is this. the leaders of black lives matter are not for defuning police and all abolishing police. the cities like those like new york reinstated $92 million. baltimore cut 22 million and reinstated 27 million. they are reversing it because the policy is a disaster. not only is the name defund the
8:43 am
police problematic, the policy itself is problematic because it cost people lives. >> harris: it will be interesting to see how some of the democratic leadership had to refund the police. because if the money were simply being moved. >> they never said they were defunding it. >> they did defund it. >> dana: democratic senators did not say that. it passed 99-0. so name me a democratic u.s. senator who talks about it. >> harris: we're talking about the municipalities that have done this. a long list of them. >> you are mixing two things, harris. >> harris: we're talking about what votes may count in the future from voters if they don't get their messaging and policies right here on this. the crime is spiking across the country. specifically in democrat-led cities. it is pretty simple. i want to bring you back. crystal and t.w. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: actor alec baldwin
8:44 am
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8:50 am
>> have you spoken to your brother today, sir? did you advise him to step down? do you think it's an ethical conflict? is your brother coming to east hampton? >> he will be here in five minutes. >> harris: wow, fox news caught up with chris cuomo on the day his brother resigned as governor of new york. it was during the cnn anchor's eventually timed vacation. "new york times" reports the younger chris cuomo has maintained close contact with his brother and here is a quote, he is regularly spoken with governor cuomo by telephone over the past week and advised his brother to resign. remember what chris cuomo promised when he got caught advising his brother last may. >> when my brother's situation became turbulent looped into calls with other friends and advisors of his that included
8:51 am
some of his staff i understand why that was a problem for cnn. it will not happen again. it was a mistake. because i put my colleagues here, who i believe are the best in the business, in a bad spot. i never intended for that. i would never intend for that. and i am sorry for that. >> harris: apparently he doesn't care about that anymore. jimmy failla is host of fox across america. i care about my colleagues. this is like tik tok with a poof be gone. can they just both go away? >> in an ideal world, yes. chris cuomo's boat. they use giant q-tips as oars. chris cuomo is so arrogant which is why they went down to begin with. he is talking to our reporter. there is your q tip. in case the engine doesn't work.
8:52 am
he is talking with the same smug self-righteousness who never thought the media would come back for them. cuomos were useful idiots in an election year. everybody in the media who propped them up as a means of tearing down trap they are a transactional bunch. getting rid of cuomo for sexual harassment puts distance between them and the nursing home scandal they refuse to cover. >> harris: other democratic governors, the governor of new jersey had a similar policy, shorter span. interesting. >> the reason the story is so build they didn't build up phil murphy the way they made cuomo the god king of covid. it looks that much worse when he goes down and why they want to get away from the story. >> harris: funny and brilliant. that's you. a scathing "new york post" op-ed title here now chris cuomo must go, too, says --
8:53 am
think about this, chris cuomo who still derive powers and status from his brother still gets to make his own rules. what a farce, not a shred of mortification of humility. that's subtle. >> i wish they wouldn't hold back so much. really it's a workplace liability. what message does it send to a staffer if you have a guy anchoring a prime time show was involved in silencing accusers. >> harris: i was reading about this. during the height of the love fest with cuomo some people including trevor noah declared themselves cuomo sexuals. tons of merchandise went on sale. there was even cashmere sweaters with this on. $400 apiece. most of the items scrubbed from internet sites now and videos springing up of people burning that merchandise. >> i feel bad for the people
8:54 am
who bought these. now they need to find a whole new way to tell the world they are a loser. it was a convenient way to get it done. a funny part to all this. you know what happens to these shirts? sent down to a third world nation. someone is walking around in a cuomo sexual church next to a guy in a president clinton shirt and sore to hit home on that one. >> harris: that hurt a little bit. kansas city chiefs who lost the super bowl run. i'm curious as we go forth. i don't live in new york. for those who do maybe they have a better feel for this. does it matter the next 13 days with the governor? >> it matters if you are in close confines. defense wins championship and he is a dirt bag. hopefully they have a shock collar to make him behave. it leaves him time for pardons or other things while he has
8:55 am
that power. for the state itself we have to get our affairs in order. this was an embarrassing chapter and we need to end it. >> harris: thank you. always a pleasure. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the commercial break. veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. . . up front costs. lock in your rate. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ don't rock the boat, baby rock the boat ♪
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♪ >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. the fight over mask mandates is dividing americans. while pitting the white house against two republican led states with the president now checking to see if he can overrule the florida and texas bans on masks. specifically inside classrooms. this is outnumbered. i'm harris faulkner. here today my co-host kayleigh mcenany, fox news headlines 24/7 report carley shimkus. fox nation host of no interruption tomi lahren and in the center virtual seat media and politics columnist for the hill and fox news


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