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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 11, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> sean: hypocrite of the day, squad member congresswoman tlaib's spotted maskless. the video comes on the day she was critical of senator rand paul for speaking out against new cdc guidelines, the same one she's not adhering to. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham killing it, takes over. >> laura: hannity, i think she actually went to the barack obama school o >>laura: i think she actually went to the barack obama >>laura: i think she actually school of dance. [laughter] d d no i will not dance on camera but. >> that would beho high ratings. >>laura: only when you do. >> i have done and you will on camera i'm not dancing on camera i had my moment. n[laughter] >>laura: we will continue to do the dance video show and tell as the weeks go on.
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but i will get you toay h,'1tñànw no, you w. >> laura: yes, i will. >> sean: not happening. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. a few months ago rhode island mother f this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. a few months ago a rhode island mother filed dozens request for public records aboutoz what her daughter was being taught in school. in response of the nea is suing the mother of the nea is suing the mother because she dared to ask questions. the first, big apple, big mess, dig lesson is the focus of tonight's angle. on the many christenings joe biden said they went outing the so-called infrastructure bill, when moments get out during the mostly friend the q&a with reporters. >> as governor of the state. >> for his personal behavior? he has done one hell of a job.
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access to voting to of things that's why it is so sad. >>laura: think about it. >>laura: think about it. what is sad that cuomo didn't have more time to implement morent policies. whole range of things. y do you know what's really sad orwh devastating is that cuomo's handling of covid led to handling of covid led to thousands of needless death remember those in a nursing home and they were infecting and killing others i don't think will ever know the full extent of the cuomohe carnage and as senator biden said one hell of a job the press knew that they did not need to give their boss chance to resurrect with that heckuva job moment.
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>> can you really say one hell of a job if he has been accused? >> he asked the substantive question should he remain as governor it when you make accusations that on the face make sense but the question is did he do a good job with infrastructure? that was the good job. he did. >> correct me if i'm wrong. >> outside of his personal behavior? okay. >> can you separate the two? >> . >>laura: she was right but there is a lot of specific questions and none of them are also that about a personal scandal it is almost expected at this point doesn't seem like yesterday that the sister
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was forced to resign due to the prostitute —- prostitution scandal? who can forget anthony weiner a congressman forced to resign over his own sex scandal in 2011 sending cell phone photos to minors now he's a registered sex a offender. over the past 11 years since cuomo was elected new york has slid slowly but surely down a rat hole and now he's out but this has to be one of the lowest points in the history ofn the empire state you think i'm. exaggerating? i know you do people are voting with their feet in 1980 after ten years of the reagan-bush era, new york had 34 congressional seats. today it has 27 and it will drop down at 26 during the 2022 midterm the population
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growth of new york is not three.2 percent. people were fleeing high taxes and now highre crime murders are up 30 percent and up 102 percent in 2019 now the absurd o covid mandate keeping schools close the past 18 months now by comparison look at the trendline in texas and florida texas gain to congressional seats was ■ç frome almost 15 percent is states were stock it would be the must by i category and new york would beca in cell with barely 4 percent populationro growth. no honest or fair-minded
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observer should even try to make the argument that cuomot has done one hell of a job in this we take it at its literal meaning of hell. at the end of 2010 the dow was 11577 right before cuomo today it is more than triple but yet it has been a historic time for stocks in new york the home of y the stock exchange has fallenha behind. joe biden has been hugelyow embarrassed how the red states outpace the blue states and economic growth especially in new york since late spring of 2020 texas, florida tennessee 0;■ exploded with growth and opportunity people enjoying life and playing football in michigan andnd
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illinois and california now those dates are all run by liberals. that's why there's so quick on cuomo. and now at the own massive collateral damage. so i see tonight that is wishfulul thinking. but it's no surprise that the democrats are not desperately trying to convincete you that somehow governor desantis is leading history into an abyss coming out against mandates no vaccine mandates and no masks for kids and governor desantis won
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interventions have never been shown to work as used in real life. and with the vulnerable population governor desantis is not anti- vaccination just anti-at especially what happened to the kids were not even in school and the devastating consequences to american families and small businesses. so here are some hard numbers progress of june new york had nine.4 million of the labor force. but seven.7 percent unemployment rate in new york at the same time in florida unemployment rate was only 5 percent. ten.4million people in the
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florida civilian labor force only 523,500 unemployed. and has been clear for a long time states like new york and california are lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to putting citizens back to work. forget what this means ordinary people at the unemployment rate is the same as florida, approximately 252,400 new yorkers who are currently unemployed would have jobs today. that figure is 23 percent greater than the population of rochester new york. to 5000. that is a cost he will pay if you vote for liberal democrats. hundreds of thousands of lost jobs in new york state alone.
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so how long will new yorkers want to pay that price literally nothing is working in the state of new york not even regular trash pickup in some parts of the city the where being bird de blasio has presided over i'm sure biden joagp>y+;vñywr1x billy. theth big lesson of andrew cuomo era goes long beyond beyond proper office adequate that liberalism fails every time hehe tries. n, should've then held accountable for killing nursing home patients and for hisil role to kill economic revival for a once greatat state. he thought he was accountable to no one. to no one. and for what matters most, he has still gotten out scot-free. that's the angle. joined me now new york congressman and gubernatorial candidate. congressman is there any doubt
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looking at things tonight that cuomo's replacement for lieutenantli governor will be just as bad if not worse? >> right. first off from one scandal to the next andrew cuomo lieutenant has nothing to say she was silent i saw firsthand it was an embrace of the intimidation harassment and abuse that was injured cuomo's claim to fame and he believed he would rule by fear and she lived up to it and was ascending to lieutenant governor and now governor following that. as far as policiesol go, i don't expect she will be advocating for paying people less by the government to return back to work.
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cashless failed to make sure the handcuffs are on criminals as opposed to law enforcement. >>laura: just of the viewers understand who she watch. >> just get vaccinated to get all the kids back in b school putting the economy toward green energy ink the systemic injustices don't use cannabis the legalization get help us in a number of ways. >>laura: climate activism so this is what will turn new édx11dç3qt .¥[jdñac@égj finally? >> no way and build de blasio did this to new york city to impose the vaccine mandates and the passports for the struggling business owner that's barely alive right now and to turn down ass paying customer and then we bring in a governor
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clear she looks up to this clear she looks up to this style of governance from andrew ok cuomo she will not take on bill de blasio from the front and now you're pointing out with a vaccine mandates what is to come when you are out of touch you make more new yorkers look to places like florida where your money goes further people feel safer and live life for year and they will use their feet and not look back. >>laura: it is shocking if you look at the actual numbers of unemployed new yorkers versus those proportionately of unemployed floridians you cannot debate this. they are killing new york when i saw he resigned today do you know what i said? the entire democratic party ind, new york they should all resign. they have destroyed that is a once great state and it has to be rebuilt i love new york and i am disgusted with what they have done beyond even the
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horrible stuffbe they did which was criminal as it was at the issue is e criminal. >> they got >> they got 12.5 billion-dollar monopoly funny money payment sent from dc they should be able to brag how they are balancing their budget with that but the how they are balancing their budget with that but the march and beginning of april budget passed at the end of march and beginning of april with that many but they spent fund$2 billion on a newh, for people in the country so they increase the taxes on many new yorkers. >> something the media will not cover in new york. york covid hospitalization rates. only florida or texas
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overwhelmed hospitals the vast majority including all of new york city new jersey connecticut now higher with covid transmission they want to blast the red states what do they have to say about that? final word. >> people want freedom and government to enact lirestriction there is a very high burden and that commonsense mill test and that's why ron desantis has gotten so manyot kudos from his own constituents and floridians who say thank you floridians who say thank you governor and government for letting them live their lives. >>laura: good to see you tonight congressman and in the shooting that left one police officer fighting for his life and that killed his partner officer a t lot french one said he fired the fatal shot.
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>> he admitted he is drinking and pulled the gun and opened fire. please stopped the suv him and his brother were driving for expired plates eric followed instructions that the situation escalated and when drink and the cell phone by the camera footage shows he had a handgun in his waistband struggled with police then fired shooting and killing officer french and a 39 male officer shot in the right eye the officers fell to the ground faceup. here's the prosecutor in court here's the prosecutor in court today describing what happened next. >> morgan is seen on video emerging from the passenger compartment holding a gun in his leftng hand he can see on the camera coming back
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interview stepping over the bodies of those officers as they lay in thes street. >> the third eventually shot morgan he was ordered to be held without bond because the police did not have their weapons drawn and were not firing but yet morgan shot and killed when officer eric the brother is also held without bond charged with unlawful use of a weapon also today the morgan's mother was arrested outside of christ hospital after refused access to her son monty. >> i want to see my son. monty. she was taken into custody for causing a disturbance she tells the viewers not to believe a damn thing cpd says that her boys were afraid and she doesn't trust police officerdo french was the first from a gunshot on the job in
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threes years. >> she wasle courageous, spontaneous a good person to be around. >> a third man is in custody to illegally by the gun used in the shooting death. >>laura: heartbreaking up next newt gingrich andg. s congressman is here telling us congressman is here telling us why biden's approval numbers are slipping and after the last school board meeting ended into arrest parents are back at the public meeting tonight that is still ongoing alive report ahead.
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>> i think we can get a significant portion if not all of the reconciliation bill i think we would get enough democrats to vote for t it. and i think that the house will eventually put two bills on myy desk one on infrastructure and one on
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reconciliation. >>laura: despite the angles warning for almost a month that this bill was a trojan horsero for bidens real goal of three.5 trillion-dollarr reconciliation bill, still, 19 ÷:64m ignored the base of the party and fiscal responsibi of the party and fiscal responsibility and voted forliot it they didn't just give him a win when he was on the ropes needlessly hurt the country in the process republicans who voted for this monstrosity claimed it would be fully paid for and itt b isn't to focus on traditional infrastructure it doesn't and they claim without moderate democrats to abandon the larger bill it won't so why the surrender? joining us now indiana congressman and fox newsgr contributor 19 senators basically signed on to go
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right into the reconciliation bill we knew this would happen senator cassidy tried to senator cassidy tried to debate me on this i'm sorry now he looks like a fool. your response? >> this is just insane. we are trying to win back majorities in the house andhe senate. how do you do that when republicans act like democrats? how do we convince them toot give]n.ij6'kkt℠e#&tn like ths happen today. we know that inflati to lead when they see stuff like this happened today?on inflation is on the rise the price of everyday goods cost more and real wages are declining and america will only get worse it is a along with it a republican senators that went along with this infrastructure deal only 9 percent is actually 9 percent is actually infrastructure the same senators that deniedas donald trump the infrastructure deal
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for half of this all of it went to infrastructure they would not let him accomplishet that under donald trump's watch why do they go with democrats to give joe biden a win on bidens watch? i don't get it?.ke >>laura: nancy pelosi speaker of the house reacted to the passage ofse this bill. >> all the respect in the world to the senaten bill. i'm glad it passed i'm glad it i'm glad it passed i'm glad it is bipartisan. but it is not the totality of joe biden and congressional democrats. if we have to do this much bipartisan. okay. but that is not the vision. the vision is to build back better. >>laura: the hand motions. are trying to assure our reviewers and conservatives across the country that it across the country that it would make it less likely the three.5 trillion would ultimately pass t in some form.
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your reaction? >> it's very hard to understand. i agree with jim i can understand why a single republicanan senator would vote to did me any of the standards they promise. it is it paid for. it isn't restricted to infrastructure it does have tax increases. it has left-wing proposals and projects and ideas and massively pays off schumer in new york city with what i think is enormously expensive tunnel. the state share of theta infrastructure part. and it has no serious reforms. i cannot imagine how these o :.5 straightfaced to suggest they voted for something that is truly bipartisan and of course it will all get worse in the i house because pelosi is
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running a dictatorship and she has absolute control of her narrow margin sufficient margin so who knows what will come back and i think from the standpoint of any conservative voter in america this is a disaster it's unnecessary disaster and self-inflicted wound by senate republicans. >>laura: bernie sanders calls the nextxt monstrosity the reconciliation bill the most reconciliation bill the most consequential bill since the newenl deal. so to remind everyone universal preschool two years free community college dental vision and hearing benefits to medicare cutting carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and immigration overhaul that ends up being amnesty is the tip of the iceberg and the new climate core and climate change giveaways.
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could the house possibly stop this? >> i hope so we have been called back the week after next the house will come back into session we'll do everything we can to stop this. the american people need toeo know joe biden is a socialist president. governing as ahe socialist. adopted the bernie sanders playbook but also on top of that this will grant the widest reaching amnesty this country has ever seenatou be 1,220,000,000 illegals including one.5 million migrant set of town to the country illegally it is dangerous on many levels will do everything we can to fight against it. s >>laura: a new paul shows america's optimism after six months of biden has taken a nosedive dropping 20.since may are you surprised that this agenda and what we see at the border with the new covid
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variant that the democrats still decide to go left when fuç(■pez? >> no. the democrats are caught in the logic of bernie sanders andoc aoc and the left wing of the party. this bill could be entitled socialism now that's why bernie sanders is excited could be more inflatione and faster that's what larry has been trying to warn them about and this is a furtherre reminder that the biden administration is committed to treating illegal immigrants better than they treat americansra tt i think it's very significant the biden administration refuses to tell us where they are sending peoplela last month they had 210,000 illegal immigrants which is about the city of birmingham alabama.
12:31 am
have no idea where they were sent. we have no idea how w many have covid or criminal records. a friend of mine told me but we cannot verify they were )ci4 afford that turns out to be true in a situation where you the average viewer cannot afford to go there for vacation but i i seats were taken up by an illegal immigrant that is how sick the administration is. demand the governors and demand the governors and states have a right to know what the government is doing to change their states forever. thank you for thedew months after the last board meeting ended and arrest meeting tonight on issues regarding transgender in the schools critical raceal theory this has national implications we have live reports on the ground
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>> i have watched you over the past 18 months d >> f watch over the past 18 months destroy a wonderful school system. you are creating racial divides by your critical race ca theory condoning boys and girls to use the same bathroom taking way the safety of her children and exposing them to os stop whileagenda you can save our children do the right thing. >>laura: less than twoem months ago when parents were harassed some even arrested after the voice displeasure at the new school policies aimed at promoting transgender ended on —- transgender and critical race theory tonight they are back as a final blow on the transgender portion of the provision set to be voted on in the comingth b t days here ws someone who spearheaded the parents reform effort the executive director of fight for schools.
12:38 am
the school board actually changed some of the rules shutting out and silencing some folks and there was no bathrooms is that accurate? >> that is accurate. so they made it is only ten people to go in the building at ath time so they had everyone out here waiting in 100-degree heat but they also switched up so the virtual speakers go before the in person speakers they got two minutes to speak so that was another changeup in 100-degree i heat no bathrooms these people waiting bathrooms these people waiting to go in person now the end of the public p comments, ten people inside and 20 people outside waiting to get in they got poured on in a not let them in because of safety concerns but it waset a joke. >>laura: not just the parents w
12:39 am
but also teachers. but also teachers. >> i was told in one of my christian able-bodied females currently have the power in the s school "this has to change i quit your training and quit being a pod in the machine with a highly politicized agenda on the most vulnerable constituents. >>laura: this is powerful that these are the teachers we need chd our schools being driven out because they will not buy into this. with this loading curriculum that is pushed on thehang kids d forced on the teachers. forced on the teachers. >> it is heart wrenching. we saw what happened with the teacher sunday and live stream today during the school board meeting several teachers spoke there and they speak with our kidsid daily they do not like
12:40 am
what is happening in loudoun county public schools. this teacher had to resign meanwhile members of the school board engaging harassing parents not oneneerhe single member will call on this school board member to resign it is cowardice for this teacher to do what she did that is bravery and standing up what she believes in and i applaud her. >> every single member of the >> every single member of the school board has to be for start if they go along with it step. thank you. thank you. >> a few months agooo6kdúc&se&çb attention after she found dozens of public record request for reading listthi and materials pertaining to gender and race it is not uncommon for journalists to do this. they used to but since we all have a working independent press anymore parents have been forced into that i because they do want to see what their kids are beinghe
12:41 am
taught so now the rhode island chapter the nea decided to sue this woman alleging she is putting teachers at risk of harassment. so she joins me now. nicole and her attorney from goldwater institute. they want to bully you and they want to silence you. will you stop? >> absolutely not. this litigation is frivolous they have no standing. they have a personal vendetta they have a personal vendetta against me they are politically motivated because i submitted public record request to see how they are teaching gender theory and critical race theory they thought it would go away now they pull all the tricks to try to silence me. this is not the first time the
12:42 am
nea targeted mee'tnc . they had a private emergency meeting to put my name and picture on slides and characterized me as an attack a on public education. they are trying really hard to silence me but i am not scared i have a goldwater institute behind me it is public concern subject to public disclosure and every pair and has the right to request this informationig every parent should you can request the communications of annie a a members and read their e-mails to see exactly how they are implementing critical race theory maybe we'll seein they have b been targeting you also. >>laura: this is so great. i am so proud of you. it sounds weird to say but i am in on. you do have courage. i do understand that the goldwater institute you rock w the sand we will get through itay but to not hate to given the fact your client is
12:43 am
looking at the 74000-dollar bill she is a taxpayer 74000 to get the records? what >> you cannot make this up it >> you cannot make this up it is truly reprehensible the public records laws are intended to open government attd so all of us know the government is up to never intended to be flipped on their head and used to attack citizens seeking public information good faith and parents to figure outut what their kids are learning in his school. you put your finger onn it it is theis intimidation tactic $300 million per year that has nothing better to do than going after mom's figuring out why kindergartners will learn. >>laura: the nea has a massive warchest to fight the parents whose kids their teachers are teaching a huge amount of money and they have a slush fund they used to send
12:44 am
politicians who will do their bidding. i want people to peo understand your information request to the school dealing with the union has been about you asked all e-mails to or from mentioning the word equity including implicit bias training with the concept of whiteness as a social construct at all gay on —- grade levels these requests sound reasonable why can't they provide the records and what are they trying to hide quick. >> you think they are tryingre to hide critical race theory they stated if communications were revealed how teachers were shown now the teacher would be subjected to harass nobody wants to beyo harassed at
12:45 am
harassed me but if they are engaging in discussions of critical race theory implementing in curriculum that is public concern parents want transparency obviously there isen controversy and to be debated openly. >>laura: we have to go. thank you so much. eye-opening now the truth about who is vaccine hesitant and why is more complicated then the media leads you to believe we are joined by the hugely popular podcast or who explains that next
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>> we have done everything in our power actually there is more and we will do more to continue to make the case to the american people who have not taken the vaccine that it is in your interest to save your life and fundamentally impact the lives of those you love. >>laura: white house turn genuine hesitancy in some populations into a partisan and exercise. and they do so because they don't want to confront the
12:51 am
risks of other sectors of f>?u8 voters 32 percent of african-americans are fully vaccinated one of the most progressive cities in the country, new york compare that to the southern states 34.6 percent alabama and mississippi 39 percent of all floridians. author strong advice guide to fitness for everybody host of the podcast real talk. good to see you tonight. my is a pressure campaign backfiring? >> i think there are a lot of reasons for this. first of all a lot of it stems from the communication of the activities over the past year and a half not just here in the usa that my home country
12:52 am
and the uk virtually every single country around the world the communication february 2020 at through now people go back-and-forth from l©"kv8pfdp et cetera. there are a lot of factors. first a lot of people have natural immunity 18 months into the situation millions of people have been infected with covid they have antibodies that give them natural immunity including those t cells. >>laura: we talked about that a lot on the show. you don't hear it much from the public health sector is not as good as the vaccine which is totally not true.
12:53 am
>> number one is the financial profit incentive they tried to sell vaccines. a lot of money has been put into and billions of dollars have been made from it. and people are wanting to sell w so it is a strange secular religious cultish of session and it's important for people to understand happening here in the us but all over the world. >>laura: i saw may be 13 or 14
12:54 am
today driving out of the center of my a talent he was by himself wearing a mask it is 98 degrees. very hot. it was stunning just outside by himself what have we done to young people? we have 30 seconds. >> it is a shame we haven't talked much how people can build up their own natural b$(88& getting enough sunlight and sleep is not just wearing a mask and taking the injection. >>laura: get his book which is fantastic we cannot tell you are ripped. thank you for coming back. [laughter] >>
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>> look, this bill -- look, let's be clear, work is far from
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done and we all know why. look, i understand -- no, look, we spent over a trillion dollars. look, look, the lesson learned is being willing to talk and listen. zzckgutfeld. jillian: a fox news alert, we are following two major breaking stories this morning. first, new york governor andrew cuomo resigning in disgrace. todd: in washington, democrats are pushing more massive spending after the senate clear's biden's infrastructure plan. plan. some republicans say the price tag already crosses the line. >> calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like -- it's like calling anthony weiner a saint. there's more green new deal and welfare in this bill than infrastructure. they told


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