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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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check for the dates. >> greg: make his mom proud and sell out those shows. thanks to kat, katie pavlich, joe mackie, tyrus. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: the trouble is far from of new york governor andrew cuomo once he resigned from office. critics from both political parties demanding prosecution for like they say our years of crimes and coverups. our legal panel is standing by to debate.
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>> no more masks! >> shannon: a crowd of students and parents chanting no more masks outside of school board meeting in tennessee. it got heated. we have breaking details. tensions flare across the country over back-to-school covid restrictions and mandates. why proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic is really no longer required for high school students in the blue state of oregon. supporters of the moon say it's meant to benefit disadvantaged and minority students but there's plenty of backlash. we start with him battle governor andrew cuomo resigning. laura ingle has the latest from new york. >> hi, shannon. admitted sexual harassment scandal and under fire for both local parties, and battle governor andrew cuomo gave the people of new york his two week notice. >> given the circumstances, the
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best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. >> the stunning about-face came during a live news conference tuesday in which the governor of new york who have been described as being in fighting mood just days before apologize for offending his accusers. >> i take full responsibility for my actions. i have been too familiar with people. but i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. >> in this exclusive video, cnn anchor chris cuomo was spotted by fox news digital in the hamptons on tuesday and was asked if he advised his brother during the sexual harassment scandal. >> have you spoken to your brother? did you advise him to step down? >> got a job to do. >> the governor's announcement
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coming week after the strict ste attorney general office released a report saying that he harassed at least 11 women. something his attorney rita glavin fought back against. >> the report got key facts wrong, omitted key evidence and it failed to include witnesses whose testimony did not support the narrative. >> reaction was swift from those who had called for cuomo to step down including president joe biden. >> he's done a hell of a job. a hell of a job. both on everything from access to voting to them for structure, a whole range of things, that's why it's so sad. >> many more legal hurdles ahead. five district attorneys are investing allegations contained in the report and the question of impeachment proceedings still remains. >> we will get to the truth of not just the woman but the
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nursing home scandals, book deal. >> kathy hochul is the heir apparent to take over making her the first female governor for the state of new york. >> shannon: laura ingle, thank you. what happens to the soon-to-be former governor, facing potential criminal and civil consequences. let's bring in the legal eagle, jim trusty. brooke rollins, president of america first policy institute. welcome back to you both. i want to start with you. what would you be most worried about for your client moving forward? >> he's got to keep his eye on the possibility of criminal prosecution. that's the most personally destructive and potentially devastating moment to get charged or convicted in criminal court. you have different d.a.s looking at some of the allegations. you have two things worth
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noting. we are probably talking about forcible touching charges with the one-year misdemeanor with a two-year statute of limitations. it's going to be interesting to see if these come to be as singular events with one offs, one victim trying to establish a difficult case or if were going to have bill cosby moment where there is a critical mass accumulation of multiple complainants in a single charging document which is a much tougher road for rita glavin and paul fishman and the attorneys for cuomo. keep your eyes on melissa derosa. she was mentioned specifically by cuomo today. he's got to keep her loyal. she could be the equivalent of a monica lewinsky dressed in a criminal case because she's had an insider view. she's going to know things about harassment and about retaliation which will be of pretty bad part of the evidence against cuomo and any of the cases. still one of his top aides who resigned in the last year to apparently probably knowing what
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was coming, there's been conversations about whether he would negotiate with state lawmakers over impeachment. they were finally organized to move forward with that. tweeting "democrats did not discover a single thing about andrew cuomo they haven't always known about him, not one thing. all that changed is too much proof. need ongoing support frame unsustainable." they are pretending to be horrified but we know often it's the political winds of being the straw that breaks the camel's back. >> that's right thank you for having me on. works for governor rick perry in texas and president donald trump personally my heart hurts for the victims, having worked for two men that were amazing and respectful and really enabled me to run policy shops at a young age. i'm very grateful to have had those experiences, grateful to my former bosses and to your point, none of this is new.
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it's interesting. the concept that he resigned today based on a report the basically just gathered a lot of information that we already knew to be true, took a larger political point. governor cuomo was no longer useful to the radical left. they decided that the narrative during covid, isn't he amazing, miracle worker in new york versus the horrible ron desantis or horrible donald trump. we know that what he did during covid cost a lot of lives in new york. decision-making wasn't great and he's no longer a perfect person that we are going to hold up to the left. it's time for him to go. i think that's really what we are talking about, the media that lifted him up and a media that no longer thinks he's useful for their narrative. now let's send them on his way and that's what happened. stu and you know there are plenty of folks who look at this and see those who appear to be gleeful. they are pointing back at president trump in saying that
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there were allegations against him. you are a woman who worked for him. how do you answer those who say there were a number of women who said things that were not flattering about the president. >> what i know to be true is this. for three years every day i worked in the oval office alongside president donald trump and he fought for this country. i've never seen a president, never worked for a boss who's enabled more women with more respect. he had more women surrounding him on his senior staff in most any president to that point. i think we all would agree whether it was sarah sanders or kellyanne conway or ivanka trump or mercy slap or kayleigh mcenany, we all have the most amazing experience working for him and i often felt that i have better and stronger voice in his office because of the unique perspective that i brought. >> shannon: i want to ask about the nursing home scandal. a lot of people including janice dean who say we can't let that be ignored. got to have answers. will you get them?
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>> i'm not convinced we will. albany might engage in a brought impeachment office. or they want to go on record blasting away at things such as the nursing home scandal. it's been reported that the doj's civil rights has already walked away from it, potential liability for governors like cuomo. it's surprising to me not just in terms of substantively walking away but the fact that derosa and cuomo are on record admitting that they fudged the numbers, they lied to doj during information request which is usually viewed as an independent crime obstruction or false statements. i am disappointed. we could do in our show about doj civil rights. they are on a mission but it doesn't seem to include accountability for governor cuomo. >> shannon: given the sexual harassment allegations, questions whether there could be civil rights issues that doj could look at. let people know what goes on with it.
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thank you both very much. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: summer may be winding down but school board meetings are heating up as kids head back to the classroom, many required to wear masks. this demonstration at a board meeting in williamson county outside nashville, tennessee. >> no more masks! no more masks! no more masks! >> shannon: and overflow crown making their feelings known. at least one person was removed by law enforcement. i'm told those parents are not going to back down. we'll see. across the pond, tensions over vaccine passports escalating in london. a group of anti-vaccine passport protesters clash with police. building they believed to be bbc offices, public broadcasting
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outlook. kevin corke's back. we are happy he's with us. covering the divisions over covid restrictions here. >> great to be back with you. i want you to do me a favor. keep an eye on your calendar especially early september because that's when the fda is hoping to fully approve the pfizer vaccine which public health experts can say will come with vaccine mandates. there's a growing list of republican lawmakers who say the choice to get the job or not should be up to the individual and not the government. some are pushing a bill to intranet. >> my views are simple. there should be no mandates, zero concerning covid. that means no mask mandates were gross of your vaccination status, no vaccine mandates. >> leave it to a pair of g.o.p. senators to push a veritable political boulder above very steep. texas senator ted cruz and
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north dakota's kevin cramer say they had enough. enough masks, enough mandates and the shutdowns. they proposed bills aimed at banning mask and vaccine mandates part of a national g.o.p. push to block the return of pandemic era restrictions despite a recent uptick in cases. one bill would repeal cdc guidance on mask wearing on federal property as well as its mask mandate for public transit. another would prohibit mandating all three current coronavirus vaccines. that bill would also require parents to sign off before vaccines could be administered to anyone under 18 years old. >> they do not respect your liberty. they do not respect your right to make your choices about your health care about your children, about your life. >> senator cruz hardly alone in his crusade. kentucky senator rand paul, a physician himself who has repeatedly and pointedly clash with dr. anthony fauci on both
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the origins and the research funding of the virus says now is the time for all who believe the government has gone too far to stand up and stand your ground. >> it's time for us to resist. they can't arrest all of us. they can't keep all of your kids at home from school. they can't keep every government building enclosed. don't have to accept the mandates. lockdowns and harmful policies that petty tyrants and bureaucrats. we can thickly say no. not again. >> republican governors like greg abbott and florida's around the santos -- ron desantis, the florida governor's office has made it clear that the statn would use financial penalties to enforce the states ban, warningt superintendents and even school board members who require schoolchildren to wear face masks in schools would face fines or even see their salaries withheld. i want to take you inside the numbers for a moment. the fact is according to the
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very latest cdc data, well covid cases have been increasing across the u.s. and more vaccinated divisions are testing positive, most of the breakthrough cases are mild or asymptomatic. at least so far, unvaccinated kids still rarely get it, spread it, or suffer from it. >> shannon: that is the best possible news. you and i are going to talk about one of our favorite topics, food. we've got some news that any chocolate lovers going to want to hear. i'll see you in a minute. breaking tonight: loudoun county, virginia, school teacher publicly quitting during the first board meeting there since a fiery session in june that featured parents upset over equity training requirements. that teacher is laura morris. she refuses to put what she calls a political agenda. >> this summer i've struggled with the idea of returning to school.
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knowing that i'll be working yet again with the school division that despite its shiny tech and flashy salary promotes political ideologies that do not square with who i am as a believer in christ. i thought it necessary to resign in front of you. school board, i quit. i quit your policies. i quit your trainings. and i quit being a cog in the machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents: the children. >> shannon: the board debated tonight and number of things, whether children should be able to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice regardless of their biological gender. whether to require teachers and students to call fellow students by the preferred pronouns and whether to allow students to have access to per despite and extracurricular activities include exports that line up with their gender i.d. school board did not get to finish up those issues so we are told they will probably have about tomorrow. there's a new law in oregon scrapping for efficiency requirements and reading,
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writing and math for high school students. the democratic governor kate brown to spending and essential skills requirement. backers of the governments trickle governors move say the old standards hurt disadvantaged students. matt finn is joining us. good evening, matt. >> in supporters insists considering reading and math is essential skills creates an unfair challenge for students who do not test well historically minority students. local reports say there was some bipartisan support. republicans of come out against this new bill claiming it lowers expectations for kids. oregon's democratic governor kate brown's office tells fox news that right now graduation requirements remain the same. this new bill creates an opportunity to review graduation requirements saying that today more than 40% of oregon's public school students are of color. the governor's office also denies that governor brown signed this bill in secret last
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month as reported because they say notifications were sent to senate offices the same day. oregon's republican house minority leader christine drazen is slamming the curriculum saying the approach for senate bill 744 is to lower our expectations for our kids. this is the wrong time to do it. when we've had this year of social isolation and loss learning, it's the wrong thing to do in this moment. foundations for a better oregon's has an inclusive and equitable review of graduation and proficiency requirements when guided by data and grounded in a commit to every student's success will promote shared account ability and foster a more just oregon. on fox news earlier today the coo of the cicero institute had this to say. >> i want everyone watching to understand that what governor brown and the bureaucrats are doing is they're not pushing for equity. it's not about equity. not going to -- it's going to increase learning gaps, lower
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the bar and it tells children you don't have what it takes to achieve a high standard. >> the oregonian newspaper editorial staff urged governor brown to veto the bill in june saying oregon's schools were among the last of the country to reopen in school instruction and educators should be focused on regaining the lost year and half. so for the next three years high school students in oregon do not have to prove efficiency in some critical subjects. >> shannon: all right, thanks for tracking it. good to see you. a road rage attack. this dog doing anything he can to try to get a snack. viral videos next. moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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>> shannon: while dashcam video capturing a road rage suspect trucking and acts. that's right, and acts. the driver behind him, the law enforcement was able to track that guy. charges pending in case you missed it. this next video has passed 10 million views on tiktok. the determination, persistence, commitment of this dog. i love her. she's going like i'm not giving up, jumping many times to get a french fry off the countertop. michigan, a truck crashing into the storefront of an insurance company. this video captured by security camera shows the moment a chevy silverado smashes through the building. the good news is no one was hurt. police are launching an investigation and say that alcohol may have been involved. three tortoises.
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i don't know what thes. living there best lives at the san antonio zoo in texas. getting some watermelon in their playpen. a spokesperson for the reptile department noting that the colors of visual attractive. either way, looking good. each of them already over 100 years old. a dog and a puppy rescue underway in turkey. stranded and stuck in the backyard of a house damage after being caught in the middle of a wild fire. firefighters successfully saved a dog who was left tied up. found some puppies below a rock. the family was safely taken to a vet. hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media with your videos. the senate approving a bipartisan structure bill the price tag of 1.2 trillion of your tax dollars. this may be the start of the washington spending spree. big fights between democrats
9:26 pm
over what should be in there even more costly infrastructure package that is still to come. congressional correspondent chad pergram reports from capitol hill. good evening. >> the infrastructure bills are all about next year's midterm elections. democrats want to show voters with the party can do for them. republicans aim to highlight deficit spending. democrats hope you hear this when it comes to infrastructure. >> the american people will see the most robust injection of funds into infrastructure in decades. >> republicans hope to curate this narrative. >> it's truly the gateway to socialism for the democrats. >> drastically increased taxes on job creators. >> if they want inflation and tax hikes to be the legacy, then republicans do not have the votes to spare the american families this nightmare. speak of the g.o.p. won't help on the democrats bigger message that's why democrats are deploying a special budget process to avoid a filibuster.
9:27 pm
the $3.5 trillion bill is stocked with noninfrastructure democratic party's ranging from climate change to health care. much of the bill has nothing to do with girders and steel. >> this legislation is going to ask the wealthiest people in our country to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> republicans highlight the cost. >> are helping democrats pass their budget. >> at the end of that ten years in their budget, we will have $45 trillion of debt. >> liberals demand everything in this bill but moderate democrats are cautious. if democrats overpromise that could force them to scale back ambitious plans. >> the democrats are in control but it's pharaoh narrowly divided. they promised a lot. >> democrats must thread the needle to pass the bills. >> i think we will get enough democrats to vote for a paid
9:28 pm
speaker the president grabbed it with the arms of reluctant democrats to vote for controversial provisions like immigration and that could cost democrats at the polls. shannon. >> chad pergram, thanks. it is time to bring back kevin corke. glad he's back. he looks fully rested and relaxed. you know were going to have to talk about something we love, food. we love to find a study that supports whatever we are after which is apparently there's one saying that eating chocolate for breakfast is good for us. maybe a midnight snack. for some people it's breakfast, can you tell us. >> you know i've already -- i have already opened it. i will eat this as soon as we finish talking. here's the deal. researchers including some from harvard medical school, goa, harvard, found eating milk chocolate in the morning may help you burn fat and decrease blood sugar level
9:29 pm
throughout the day. that study showed women who ate chocolate in the morning felt full throughout much of the day and they consume fewer calories by the end of the day. we are talking a lot of calories and the chocolate bar. if you were to eat it all, 600 calories, 60 grams of carbs and 30 grams of fat, give or take. maybe not this barbara close to it. i would add to our some dietitians disagree and they say that it requires much more study but i for one i'm satisfied. >> shannon: i hear you, case close. listen, if harvard says that, i'm going to get less fat eating chocolate for breakfast. no further study necessary. >> thank you to tracy, our producer. was it tracy or mary pat? somebody brought me this chocolate. >> shannon: tessa. >> thank you. see you for more good news.
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>> shannon: the exclusive video from the southern border. hundreds of migrants streaming into south texas even as the biden administration insists the board are disclosed. top officials prepare for a visit. jonathan hunt shows us from mission, texas. >> almost every minute of every day border patrol agents are intercepting migrants across the rio grande, some hide in small groups hoping in this case failing to outwit the agents. others come in large groups. this one last night a startling sight, several hundred strong. their goal not to evade border patrol agents but to get picked
9:36 pm
up, processed and hope for a silo. >> it's a constant flow and the white house being pushed by mexico to remove all pandemic related travel restrictions and open regular border crossings. >> that could potentially attract more migrants to those facilities just as the biden administration says it's adopting new measures to try to ameliorate the crisis, such as expulsion flights deeper into the mexican interior and renewed attempts to avoid overcrowding at holding facilities. >> steps we've started to take, moving migrants from one part of the border to another where there might be more processing capability or facility capacity to expel migrants. >> so far whatever the administration has tried has not worked. the number of migrant apprehensions has shot up rather than headed down, so much so that the 210,000 apprehensions
9:37 pm
in july represent a fivefold increase over the same month in 2020. it's something homeland security secretary will travel to south texas on thursday and dhss working with those of the front lines. >> speaking with the border patrol agents who have spoken to us off-camera and those asians are as candid with him as they have been with us, he's likely to hear stories of frustration, exhaustion and in some cases anger that more is not being done to stem the still rising tide of migrants crossing the border. in mission, texas, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> shannon: as we've been reporting, mask and vaccine mandates on the risers government officials pressure the unvaccinated to get their shots. in hours, and order in california will go into effect which will require anyone visiting a loved one in the hospital. i think nursing facilities and
9:38 pm
longer-term care to be vaccinated or provide proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the visit. let's discuss with tonight's panel, news contributor's leslie marshall, dr. janette nesheiwat, and jason chaffetz. somebody who is a familiar face here on fox news is dr. marty makary. he is got a piece. we were covering the board meetings tonight with students and parents fighting about mass mandates and schools. legal challenges. the doctor wrote a piece about this fact that he says neuroscience for masking kids. public health officials basing it on guidance on science but there's no science behind mass mandates for children. before we adder turgor to the masking, let's see data. the battles are ongoing.
9:39 pm
>> they are ongoing in the administration not releasing the data and then stating the policy. they scramble to find something. i believe in self-determination. i think parents are the best position with their medical professional to make the best decision for their children. i don't need some government bureaucrat telling me what's best and not and the government over the last 18 to 24 months has flipped and flopped. i don't believe dr. fauci. and of the key should be there. i'll think the country has belief in the guy and i want parents to make the decisions, not a federal bureaucrat. >> shannon: it sound like there's growing frustration across the political spectrum about people say they're confused. different guidance that they get. "the federalist" warning parents it's only a matter of time before the cdc shuts down your child's school. don't get used to the fact that they're going to go back. keep your school supply receipt because it won't be long before the cdc flip-flops to satisfy the demands of people who don't have your child's best interest
9:40 pm
in mind. it gets to that point that jason was making. people want to see the data and trust the decisions that you're making. frankly they're feeling very confused. >> this sends out the wrong message. we need clarity and consistency. the fact that people are even talking about lockdowns and shutting down schools should be completely off the table. when kids are not in school, it's not only a matter of loss of education. the end of being withdrawn. they are isolated. they suffer from mental and emotional distress. it can have a long-term negative psychosocial impact on them. we know what to do to get kids in the classroom safely. you need a health safety action plan. vaccination, masks for those who can't be vaccinated and good ventilation. that's all you need. we need to do everything in our power to make sure we get our children back in the classroom. >> shannon: leslie, with all those downsides and the spike in
9:41 pm
suicides and emotional and mental distress and drug use and the things we've seen, you've got to balance it against the rest of the equation. npr is going to the numbers. talking about the fact that it's real and we have to take it seriously but let's have some perspective. they say that since the pandemic began, 4.2 million children have tested positive for the coronavirus. they say that the good news is severe illness and death are still uncommon for kids who contracted the virus. 358 children and all of the u.s. have reportedly been killed by covid-19. you know what it's like to lose a child. no one wants anyone to suffer something horrific like that. to balance it against those other harms to kids, how do we find the right balance? >> by looking at other numbers. how many children are on life support how many children are in the icu? the delta variant is hitting children and younger population members more so than originally.
9:42 pm
my kids are 13 and 14. i had to stop for a moment. they grow so fast. they are vaccinated. they are going to return to school. when they return to school they have to provide a negative covid test and they might still have to wear masks because some of the parents have chosen not to vaccinate their children. if you're wearing a mask, it's not just for your protection. it's for somebody else's protection. this is constantly fluid, it's a virus that continues to mutate. for my children, i agree with the doctor, there's more psychological damage to the children from apparent perspective, keeping them home. wearing masks, not a problem for my children and most of the children they come in contact with. until we can get this behind us or reach that magic number where the virus doesn't have as many people to latch onto you, i don't think it's quite frankly too much to ask.
9:43 pm
the cdc doesn't make that decision. the states do in the local school districts. parents, teachers, school board. >> shannon: we know when the cdc makes recommendations a lot of people will point to it and say maybe it's a recommendation but for us it's going to turn into a requirement so that's back to the point of us being able to trust the cdc. >> i don't trust them at this point because they have flipped and flopped and if the administration was serious they would move along with dr. fauci. i would also point to the united states congress, democrats have the house and the senate, why is there not a single lead investigation into the origins of the coronavirus? why are the democrats not even interested in how this thing started? that's just absolutely malpractice on their part. there are a lot of suspicions about what the cdc, where they or were they not complicit in funding some of this research?
9:44 pm
it's a legitimate question. congress should be looking at it. there is a lot more to do but i don't trust the cdc at this point. i want to make that decision with my doctor, not the cdc. >> shannon: let's hope there's up bipartisan well to get the answer is because it will impact how we treat this virus and handle others. it's critical information. thank you for being with us. can a school allow black lives matter signs on campus while banning signs that say blue lives matter? it's all happening in one school district and parents are suing. we'll tell you about it. our legal eagles dive into night court next. someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare.
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state one time for court, a minnesota school district facing legal trouble. the lawsuit filed by a group of native american and white parents of multiracial students argues the school will not allow all lives matter or blue lives matter signs because they say discounts the blm mission. discloses it welcomes all perspectives. parents claim the school is engaging in viewpoint discrimination. our experts.
9:50 pm
attorneys ethan bearman and david bruno. welcome back. statement from one of the plaintiff says black lives matter of course but so do all other human lives. posting blm signs and disallowing all lives matter signs is political speech or viewpoint discrimination. ethan. >> it's not viewpoint discrimination. it fails the public forum doctor entitled the goods going to hold up under that argument. if this is a public space, if it was a bulletin board, they would not be able to do that. the school put it up under pedagogical reasons, protected under the supreme court decision from 1988 that states schools can make decisions like this for pedagogical reasons. the other argument that they are going to fail with is we do have things like black history month where we talk about it. it's not viewpoint
9:51 pm
discrimination, part of the education process. the school is the process to make this decision for what they put up in the hallways. >> shannon: this is a statement that says we've believing each and every student has a state constitutional right to a public education that's equitable and free. of racism and harassment. >> it's one thing to say it and another thing to do it. we are guided by a 195 case. rosenberg and university of virginia. when the government targets not subject matter but a particular view taken by the speakers on the subject. the district made two mistakes. first it has a statement that says that the school, we believe in black lives matter and stands for the social justice statement that the artwork represented.
9:52 pm
so i think it gets over the hurdle. they have adopted the language. the second mistake is when there were inquiries about putting all lives matter or blue lives matter, the school board took a position and said no. it said these are opposition views. i disagree that they are opposition views. i stand for them all. black labs, blue lives, all lives matter personally. the school board said that they are -- the opposing views. that's what they were going to have a problem. they adopted and then prohibited and opposing view. >> shannon: part of the complaint say it's viewpoint discoloration availing the first amendment and creates a hostile educational environment. plaintiffs seek an end back to the discriminatory practice. i give you 20 seconds to make your final arguments. ethan and david. >> it's not discriminatory to teach accurate aspects of american history the -- that
9:53 pm
have been neglected. schools are trying to cover the subjects that may be haven't heard the people suing here in their upbringing. >> i disagree with the civil rights aspect. i do not agree with the plaintiffs on the count two or three. it's a very different legal issue. i agree with count one. not that it's a civil rights violation. >> shannon: the school putting up signs for black lives matter and plaintiffs say they were not allowed to put all lives matter or blue lives matter. we had our legal experts weigh in. ethan and david, thank you very much. >> pleasure. skewing good news, a little boy in nevada getting a memorable escort to his first day of fourth grade. the child accompanied by the las vegas police department and a special motorcade. noah's father who served with the officers passed away from coronavirus complications. his former buddies wanted to
9:54 pm
provide emotional support to noah and honor his father by helping him turn off his schooling with plenty of backup. making sure he got there safely. a lot of folks loving and supporting him on day one. >> it means so much the families especially when you lose someone like that and see the smile, that was terrific. going to take you to the grand canyon state for a beautiful good news good night. love arizona. this is for a pair of high school students on a real mission to share veteran stories and launching a series on youtube and they are calling it patriot plates. they find cars with veteran license plates, pull them over and ask if the veteran would like to talk about their time in service. the teens say it's been incredibly rewarding. they can't wait to share it with the world and they say it's great to know we are helping preserve our history for future
9:55 pm
generations. a big congrats to bella and bridget, way to go, young ladies. both 17 years old. >> greg: what a great idea. kevin, have you finished your chocolate? >> halfway through. we are off the air, i'm going to finish. >> shannon: good night, kevin. that's it for "fox news @ night." see you tomorrow.
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