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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: we have heard that before from presidents. thank you all, panel. appreciate it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced unafraid. "fox news primetime." "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. thank you,. >> lawrence: lawrence good evening, bret and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: i'm lawrence jones and sometimes when you love something, you've got to let it go. >> new york tough means new york loving. and i love new york. and i love you. and everything i have ever done has been motivated by that love. and i would never want to be unhelpful in any way and i think that given the circumstances the best way can i help now is if i
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step aside and let government get back to governing. >> new york governor andrew cuomo shocking the political world today announcing that he will resign in 14 days amid a mass of sexual assault scandals. the love gov was apologetic to accusers and strangely thanked them for coming forward. he smeared the investigation as a political hit job. >> i am a fighter. and my instinct is to fight through this controversy. because i truly believe it is politically motivated. >> lawrence: president biden, who knows all about giving people awkward hugs mourned cuomo's resignation he did some good things, right? >> he has done a hell of a job. he has done a hell of a job. and i mean, both on everything from access to voting to infrastructure to whole range of things. that's why it's so sad. >> lawrence: but don't be sad that it's over, joe. be glad that it happened.
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don't worry happy times may be here again. here's why. by resigning, cuomo will likely escape an ugly impeachment proceeding and accountability for his nursing home scandal and if today's press conference was any indication he will continue to proclaim his innocence and wait for all of this to blow over. some in the media think his political comeback is already beginning to take shape. >> his career was either permanently over or almost permanently over and he chose the path of almost permanently over, right? the resignation gives him, you know, we know the way our world works. it's amazing the people we have seen make political comebacks. you know, you can't ever rule it out. >> lawrence: a comeback. so will we see president cuomo or is this sadly the end? i know someone that knows ask host of the clay travis and buck sexton show buck sexton himself. buck, is this the beginning of the end or the beginning of a comeback? >> oh, i think cuomo is done,
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lawrence. he may think that he has some second act in him after all of this, but, let's be very clear, there is still the nursing home scandal. there is still criminal probes swirling around him. there is the issue of special favor testing for people using state troopers to ferry them from the hamptons up into albany. there are all kind of additional scandals beyond the 11 women who came forward and had their testimony corroborated and found to be persuasive and accurate in this attorney general's report that was released. so, i think for cuomo, it's really just a question of trying to salvage something of his brand. he may think he is going to go again, lawrence, i think cuomo is going to be rejected by the new york electorate if he were to try again. you never know. i will say that no one can predict the future. >> lawrence: buck, you bring up all the rest of the scandals, especially the nursing home scandal. it doesn't really seem like there is any curiosity from the
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press as well as the folks that are entrusted to investigate this to get to the bottom of it so, it's it's just a shower. thing, is there ability for him to make a comeback from just that point of view? >> well, you know, lawrence, i think that the democrats feel like by getting him on the shower. issue, they flex their me too bona fides if you will. it looks like they're cleaning up their own house, and they avoid the other marv issue here, which is that cuomo wasn't just a guy who sent seniors with covid into nursing homes with an executive order. that is likely led to hundreds if not thousands of additional exposures and debt of people in those nursing homes and then covered it up. he was hailed as a hero by the democrat party. they were referring to him as the shadow president. they were saying maybe at the last minute, lawrence, he a was going to be put in the mix as a democrat hopeful in 2020 instead of joe biden that narrative of covid catastrophe.
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this a governor who presided over the second worse state by the numbers when it comes to covid deaths in the country. the democrat party got it all wrong. not only did they treat a villain as a hero but now they are hoping to escape without the accountability of who else did they hold up? you know, i'm looking at you gavin newsom. >> lawrence: thank you, buck. you're optimistic that the democrats are going to have some accountability. let's see if that happens. bring in tomi lahren host of no interruption on fox nation. tomi, buck is optimistic that there is going to be some accountability. i'm old enough to remember governor black face. i'm old enough to remember president clinton who had his own scandals. hell, i'm old enough to remember our current president that, you know, has his checkered past as well. so will the democrats push this under the rug? there is a track record there. tomi. >> i don't think that cuomo has a political future. i really don't. i don't think that you can resurrect someone like that as much as the democrats might try.
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nursing home scandal under the rusmght i do think that will be well, he is out, he has resigned, let's move on. i agree with buck. i think that the democrats very conveniently threw cuomo under the bus for the shower. allegation because they didn't want to confront the nursing home scandal and why? there were several other democrat governors that did much the same thing. so it's much easier to throw him under the bus for this. i will say i hope new yorkers are paying attention. they had their governor step down. had their governor resign. they needed recall option like the folks in california have. because these tyrant know they are not too big to fail. yes they got him on shower. allegations. yes, he did step down and resign. when we have the next governor, i'm sure there will be another democrat governor taking his place and a democrat governor for years to come. the people of that state need to know that they have the option to recall. but it's a great day. we have cuomo down and come september 14th, gavin newsom is next. >> lawrence: i will tell you what, tomi, of course there is a
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lot of differences between cuomo and the former president trump. this is what they said about president trump that after allegation after allegation that you should count the man out. that his political future is over. yet, you see the former president making a run for his own come back, so are you sure that this is over? >> well, president trump, former president trump has an excellent track record to run on. that's why he is still very much the face of the republican party and the movement itself. because he has great numbers. cuomo, on the other hand, as much. >> lawrence: that's true. >> he doesn't have an excellent record especially when you look at his covid response. so, no, i think he is done. i think it's time for him to move on and i think now the people of this country need to look to other governors and say hey, we got cuomo out. we're going to go for newsom next. who is after that. >> lawrence: i hope you and buck are right. there still hasn't been any justice for the grannies out there. it's like our standard you can
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touch people inappropriately. as long as you kill granny you can get off scot-free. thanks for coming on the program. today a bipartisanship group of senator passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that they have been cramming down our throats and they are so proud of themselves. so they just might throw a party with their mask off. but the real question is what do you have to -- why do you have to jam a bill to get these people excited? find out next. ♪ ♪ [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. as someone who resembles someone else...
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♪ >> lawrence: so while we were all distracted today by the resignation of andrew cuomo another big story quietly unfolding on the senate floor this one actually matters to you. republicans and democrats teamed up to sell the american taxpayer up the river. passing a $1 trillion bipartisan
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infrastructure bill. so what does this mean? well, if you ask joe biden, it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> create millions of jobs literally. not $7 an hour job and $15 an hour job. the job prevailing marges wages is making 46, $50 an hour with benefits. it's a bill that would end years of gridlock in washington and create millions of good paying jobs. makes key investments that will, one, create millions of good paying jobs all across the country. >> lawrence: that sounds pretty good on the surface, right? i think we can all get behind jobs and better roads and bridges. not so fast. if do you a little digging you will find the deal isn't as sweet as it seems. in fact, billions of dollars would go towards things that have nothing do with infrastructure at all like radical equity and environmental justice whatever that is. we can't be surprised. notice how it's mostly bad ideas that get bipartisan support. members of both parties love
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nothing more than to waste your money because they don't care about you. republican senator josh hawley voted against that bill today and he joins me now. senator, you know, i understand why the democrats voted for the bill. this is art path agenda joe biden ran on this. the radicals love it. why did your republican colleagues vote for this bill? >> you know, good question. i have to say i don't know the answer to that question and i'm disappointed that anybody would support this bill. you said it exactly right. this isn't an infrastructure bill. this is a radical left woke politics bill that has stuff like gender identity mandates in it. the radical equity agenda. the green new deal. that's all in this bill. and by the way, it's going to cost trillions of dollars pork barrel spending. there is stuff like bridges and highways in canada in this bill. we ought to be building highways and bridges in the united states not this foreign countries. this is a bad bill and that's why i voted no. >> lawrence: those that follow this for a living knew this was coming.
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a lot of these problem solvers they call themselves were marching back and forth to the white house and there was an agreement that they were going to get real infrastructure done but come to find out the democrats just decided to get another bill as well and put it on the floor and they are going to vote for that as well. so did the republicans get scammed again? >> yeah. i'm afraid so. i mean, listen, this is all joe biden's agenda. that's the key thing to for this. is the biden's far left agenda, spending trillions of dollars to remake our society and to remake it in the image of the woke left. that's what he want to do. and that's what he is succeeding in doing right now. so, it's absolutely imperative the republicans say no, this is not the right vision for this country. we are not a racist country. we are not an evil country. we are a good country. we don't need to be remade. americans need to be empowered to live their lives. that needs to be our agenda. >> lawrence: so the little money that was there, can americans expect that the roads are going to be improved and the bridges are going to be improved and that you know, life is going to
4:17 pm
be made better with their tax dollars on some type of front? >> you know, i don't know about that. i mean, what it looks like to me is over a trillion dollars in pork barrel spending, only a small percentage of that actually goes to roads and bridges and in my state waterways which are important. what do americans get stuck with? they get left with a massive tab they have to pay for with increased taxes and get left with woke politics which is what most of this bill goes to pay for. that's why it's such a bad deal and republicans need to oppose it. >> lawrence: just to be clear, senator, republicans, conservatives, they call themselves, are voting for tax increases because that's the only way you pay for something like this, right? >> yeah, right now, the congressional budget office said look, hundreds of billions of dollars in this terrible bill aren't paid for. got to be paid for somehow. we all know how that works. it's working people who end up paying for it increased taxes. i will tell you what else working beam are going to be paying for. increased food prices and increased prices for car repairs
4:18 pm
and gas prices all of that because of this out-of-control federal spending of these far left policies and i say again, republicans need to put forward a better alternative, a better vision. just going along with the biden agenda that is not the way. >> lawrence: all in the name of bipartisanship. i would love if one of those republican senators would join me tomorrow or any day this week to explain why they ran with a conservative message and they are not governing that way. i think a lot of us are sick of that people nonpartisans, libertarians people that believe in improving the lives of americans, and they just can't get the job done. thank you so much for coming on the program. >> thanks for having me. >> lawrence: deranged school board member says watch out there are murderers coming to a school near you. watch. >> it's not okay for kids to commit murder by come to school without a of course that. when it comes down to it, it's possible. >> lawrence: crazy. more "fox news primetime" coming up. ♪ ♪
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urps lawrence welcome back, when a governor sign as bill they are proud of. there is usually a lot of fanfare. press release and a few lownd of tv introduce. what happens when they know their actions are about to hurt generations of kids in their state? last month, oregon governor kate brown quietly got rid of proficiency requirements for high school graduation. this means that students can graduate without proving that they know how to read, write, or do math. so, why would she do this to help minorities, of course, in a statement. the governor's office said that suspending the reading, writing and math proficiency requirement while the state develops new graduation standards will benefit, quote oregon's black, latino latin x, -- students of color. frankly insulting that they think bar lower with a different skin color. give up students don't have the
4:25 pm
capability of learning we will pass them without actually educating them. if you actually want these kids to learn, you need to put in the work. and if you are not willing to do that then give these families the choice to put their kids in the school that will. take a look at capital prep charter schools harlem, bronx, serve predominantly low income students. people of color. they refused to lower the bar. they raised the bar. push their student to meet my standards. prepare them for challenges of the real world and don't make excuses. the result? 100 percent of college acceptance rate for their graduates. shouldn't all students have the option to attend a school that cares about their future? teachers unions and school boards know if parents have the option to use their tax dollars going to public schools to instead sent their kids to better charter schools, there would be a mass exodus. and the public school system would either have to drastically improve or shut down. so, for them, it's just easier to lower the bar and that's sad.
4:26 pm
joining me now monroe, institute ceo and founder of black guns matter. whitney, i want to go to you first because you have an education reform advocate must of your adult life. it seems like they think instead of improving the system let's just lower the standards. >> yeah, no, it's really sad. i want everyone to watching tonight to understand what governor brown and the bureaucrats are doing they are not pushing for equity. this really isn't about equity. it's to create a system that does the exact opposite. increases learning gaps, lowers the bar and basically tells children you don't have what it takes to achieve at a high standard. it's very sad. we have to ask ourselves what's the incentive here? what the is incentive behind getting rid of these learning standard? you know, in oregon, kids were out of schools. their schools were locked down for 14 plus months. they were lucky if kids logged in for two to three days a week for virtual learning. we know that gaps already
4:27 pm
existed were exacerbated by the pandemic. now that it's time for kids to go back to school and for us to start seeing where they really are instead of going you know what? let's look at where they're and set a baseline? we have gotten rid of the baseline. so now those people responsible for breaking the system, won't be held accountable because we won't actually have the numbers to prove where the kids really are. >> lawrence: that's exactly right. you can't cut the mustard you can't read or write if you come from a poor neighborhood we can't educate you. you cannot be helped. let's get rid of the standards. did i gets that roj wrong? >> no you got it absolutely right. soft big to the got tri of low's expectations make sure that the black folks you can't do it anyway let's lower the bar for you. they can couch it as many vague and floury words that they want. to say the relate of matter is it's the soft bigotry of low
4:28 pm
expectation. this is the type of legislation that wants to make black americans that work very hard, may not have the best economic scenario, but this is the type of legislation that they want to make black people a permanent under class. it's goofy and it's wrong. but it's par for the course for, you know, the dems on the left. >> lawrence: it's goofy and because it was goofy, they hid it under the radar, whitney. the thing that is so profound to me is that there used to be an argument there weren't charter schools. now that we got the charter schools that have been proven. now they want to block these charter schools from getting more money. >> yeah. you are exactly right. it's fever competition proving that what you have been doing wrong and saying wrong all along doesn't work. you know, we -- the reality is that our kids are having a hard time. there is a struggle in communities across the country. and we want, you know, education a s. a fund building block how we get kids and adults prepared for the best aspects of life for
4:29 pm
achieving and for climbing that social and economic ladder. they have pulled the rug out of under these kids by doing this it's very sad and very tragic. and to be completely honest, we need to be holding them accountable for the things that they're doing now that are going to create generations of children who cannot achieve what is possible for them because of these decisions. >> lawrence: let's unpack what whitney just said, maj, this is obvious now at this point that these kids aren't going to be able to make it in the real world with this. this is just unacceptable. so, when these kids get into crime, these same advocates are going to be saying just lock them up. but they put the policies out there. if you don't believe me, just follow it over the years. look at oregon. look what's going to happen. these kid are going to be in criminal activity and they are going to want to lock them up over something they designed for these kids to do. >> this is the school to prison pipeline legislation this type
4:30 pm
of legislation that has tremendously been supported and pushed by the left and, again, many my friend and family are on the left. love you all. a spade is a spade though. the relate is this is the prison -- excuse me the school to prison pipeline 2.0. here is the other difference though. now in a generation, you know, when a.i. and all of the businesses are automated when you can't each get a job at mcdonald's with the subpar information because we don't even need threw because it's robots. now we are dealing with the repercussions in a few generations of this type of legislation. i want everyone, you know, the sister said is very clear. they do need to be held accountable and anyone that even thinks to present something like this, forget no child left behind. we are not even going to make there to be a line for you to even get behind in the first place. we are going to pretend like there is no standard. any other politician that is in support or even utters any of this type of thing should not get your vote, should not get your support, because these have no interest in the forward-thinking or future of our youth. and i don't care what ethnic group you are from. as an american, you should be
4:31 pm
incensed boo this. and any other politician should be put on notice. >> lawrence: you know, it's such a joke because we were lectured through the pandemic that the reason that they did not want to return to school was because of ventilation system and everybody didn't have a mask. and everyone didn't have the vaccine but then more and more we dig -- these people don't want to do their job. i feel sad because there are a lot of loving teachers out there that want to do the work. there is a part of these bigger system that tells them what to do and have -- that these kids cannot succeed. it's embarrassing that this is happening in america. the land of the free. the land of opportunity. how can you have opportunity if you have no education if you can't read, you can't write, you can't do math. it's insane to me. maj, whitney thank you for being on the program. >> thank you, lawrence: >> lawrence: members across the country continuing quest to make sure every last kid is masked despite the potential for mental health consequences that are
4:32 pm
staring them right in the face. rhetoric is becoming more insane by the day. listen to this school board member in oklahoma. >> i think if anybody is going to three to virtual school it's going to be the maskless because it's just not okay for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask. and when it comes down to it, it's possible. they will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. that's not okay. >> lawrence: here now is dr. -[inaudible] chief of pediatric disease children's hospital. doctor, should kids be wearing masks? >> well, first of all, lawrence, thank you very much for the opportunity to talk with you this evening. and i would like to make very clear one point that i am speaking for myself, not for tufts university or tufts middll
4:33 pm
school or the fda. i'm speaking three decades of experience as a virologist and a vaccine expert who has worked at nih. i have worked at the cdc. and i have worked at the american academy of pediatrics. what i would like to say in regard to masks is we really don't know what the role of masks is for children who are going to school. it's simply has not been studied. there are no well designed, controlled trials that have been done by nih or by the cdc. that address this issue and that's why there is so much controversy. >> lawrence: doctor, i'm sorry to cut you off, doctor, i apologize. you said there is no science that suggests, there is no study. why do i keep hearing people say that the science supports this?
4:34 pm
>> well, there is no science to support the use of masks in children while they are in school. every adult should be vaccinated. that is not an issue that can be debated. it is a safe and effective vaccine for adults. if an adult is not vaccinated, then clearly that adult should wear a mask. but, for children, there are many disadvantages and poo daniel harms that can come from wearing a mask in school. i think it's pretty apparent that children need to see facial express. >> they can't learn without understanding fear or happiness or expression that their teachers are making. there are simply no data,
4:35 pm
controlled data to indicate that the benefits of wearing a mask in school outweighs the disadvantages. >> lawrence: there is no data, doctor. and they are going to question you for doing this interview and they keep lying and lying and lying to the american public saying there is data. when you ask them to, you know, give us that data, i would love to put it on the screen for our audience can review did. they are not able to give us that data. thank you so much. do you ever get the feeling that our elected officials don't care about the surge in violent crime across the country? it's too convenient for them. they don't want to hear from those. but i do and that's next. ♪ ♪
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4:41 pm
atlanta so as our local leaders tell us, we are left to defend ourselves [inaudible] last year and he is director of the d.c. guardian angels and he joins me now. can you tell me about your grandson and thank you so much for being on this program. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it well, i tell you he is a bright kid. he is one kid that he skipped classes in school so he was very smart. and also what everybody know him for is his football, a lot of people heard about it or saw him on the field. the boy was going places at a young age. he was one that wanted to get out and play football and do things that other children do. but what i will say is that he went beyond that his mother crystal mcnell show a violent interruptner washington, d.c. when she would go out and do cookouts which she was doing that day to bring the community
4:42 pm
together or take all the young people out of the community to take them to do something positive, he would go. you know, instead of saying i want to stay here with my cousins and play -- play playstation and things like that, he was definitely learning how to become a volunteer and how to give back to the community at a young age. >> john, tragedy struck and he was a victim of that same violence that he was trying to interrupt. tell us what happened that day. >> yes. what he was trying to interrupt what i do i have been fighting crime for over 30 years in d.c. and new york and other places. never thought that this would hit home. but after one of those events that his mother was giving, they stopped at the aunt's house to get a charger for the phone. when he gets out of the car, he goes to the door and as soon as he knocks, you start hearing bang bang bang bang. these guys start shooting wildly and one of the rounds hit davon
4:43 pm
mcnell right in his head he perished due to the gunshot wound in his head. >> lawrence: you have been vocal about this. are the leaders responding because i have got tell you as someone that has been covering this and been to d.c., it seems like these lowered more concerned with justice initiatives but no for the victims. hell on a day to day basis and his future was robbed. >> people are living in hell in washington, d.c. and of course throughout the united states. it's happening all over the place. i'm just speaking about washington, d.c. people are afraid to walk the streets of d.c. you have people now saying they are going to move. they want to move to other states because you don't know you could be sitting in car and somebody shooting and you could get shot. we have some people having dinner on 14th street where individuals were shot. as you know the baseball game.
4:44 pm
who would think that people would be shooting guns around a stadium? so d.c. is just what because dodge city again. remind us of the 90's when the crack co-era bodies left and right. numbers 3 and 400 people dying a year the numbers seem to be going up again. we had 120 homicides right now and that's 5% increase of homicides over last year. another thing i want to mention in the month of july, we lost 8 people to covid-19 but we lost 21 people to homicides including a 6-year-old girl that was shot and killed in washington, d.c. this is ridiculous. our officials need to figure out something to i don't know if we need do gun buy back programs. get out here and educate the kids to get some more programs going. but it's not just the kids it's
4:45 pm
the adults. >> lawrence: john we know what they need to do. they need to get warns and they know who these people are. kick in the doors. don't violate these people's due process but get these people off the streets. >> i agree. >> lawrence: your grandson deserves better. we appreciate you coming on and speaking tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> lawrence: switching to another. being a cop is a thankless job. we for this. you put your life on the line every day only to be ridiculed by people you protect. spent the last year vilifying the police creating a toxic environment for law enforcement leading to mass exodus from the force and even suicide. four capitol police officers tragically took their own lice in 2021. we don't know why. but it plays to an alarming trend among law enforcement. the suicide rate among cops is significantly higher than the general population. 17 out of every 100,000 officers kills themselves compared to the rate of 13 per 100,000 of the general population. but the party of the defund the
4:46 pm
police have wasted no time in using these deaths for political game. as democrats try to blame this on the january 6th rather than their destructive attitude toward cops. sergeant betsy smith national police association and a former chicago police officer and she joins me now. sergeant, thank you so much. it's always a pleasure to talk to you. i don't doubt that the officers of january 6th experienced a lot of pain that day. but, this has been happening every single day for years. just look at the numbers that i just listed. so, it is mighty convenient that the democrats cheese this day or lori lightfoot chose to days ago to mourn with the cops when this is happening every single day? what is your response? >> well, lawrence, i, phil, i want to just correct you. i'm a chicago suburban police officer. >> lawrence: okay. >> and, yes, over 90 police officers have already committed
4:47 pm
suicide this year. in 2019, over 200 police officers committed suicide. all around the nation. it's an extraordinary issue. we die twice as often by our open hand than we do by felonious assault. now, the left is trying to politicize police suicide and say that these four police officers who tragically killed themselves in washington, d.c. are the only four police officers who experienced the trauma of a violent riot. we know that's not true and the national police association did a survey with rasmussen and two thirds of american voters said we want all the riots to be investigated and we want all the police officers who were injured and had to deal with these riots recognized in the same way that these officers from the capitol hill and the d.c. metro police department have been recognized. it's all cops. there is 800,000 police officers in this country. we need to be recognized and our
4:48 pm
mental health is at stake right now in this atmosphere. >> lawrence: sergeant, for those watching this show today and they don't know the day-to-day life, what is the mental struggle for an officer on a day-to-day basis? >> understand that your average police officer will see more trauma and tragedy and human depravity in the first couple years on the job than most humans are even aware of in a lifetime. so we see everything from just horrible things from dead children to just people who don't care about other people and then we see the injury and the death of our own brothers and sisters. we also get physically hurt. we work long hours, we are forced to work overtime. and now for over the last year, we have been vilified and devalued and told that we are racist and that we don't care about our communities when every
4:49 pm
day we go out there and we try to protect our communities and some of us lay down our lives for the people in our communities. >> lawrence: you know, sergeant, i talk to a friend the other day and is he a police officer. used to be an activist and wanted to help with the profession. anyway, he almost had to pull his trigger the other day because someone this that knife to his wife's neck. after-thankfully he did not have to do that but he was sent right back on the street right after that. doesn't make any sense to me. why are officers being put in these positions and then expected to go back on the street and act like nothing ever happened? >> well, that's the problem that we're in, lawrence. we are so short-handed, you know, most police departments in large urban areas are missing 100, 200, 300 police officers. chicago police officers are being forced to work so much overtime, they -- everyone is exhausted. and, yet, we don't pay attention
4:50 pm
to our own mental health. that's a leadership issue. and it's a political issue. >> lawrence: so right, sergeant. thank you so much for come on the program. we appreciate your service to the country. >> thank you. >> lawrence: when we come back, the next governor of new york, greg gutfeld. [laughter] ♪ ♪ for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: all right, just a few minutes left on the show, so time to put greg gutfeld, host of "gutfeld!" and cohost of "the five," four stories, 60 seconds each, let's go. first up, having trouble getting a good night's sleep? try putting away her phone. according to a new study, americans spend an average of five and half hours a day looking at the device, but nearly 60% say they sleep better when they take a break from their phone before bed. greg, do take a break -- >> this is not science. this is just some way to make us feel worse about the fact that
4:56 pm
we changed our lives for the better. this is a good thing. you know what i do before i go to bed? i remember one of my most sleepy is always at lectures in college. >> lawrence: yeah. >> so i get on youtube, i find like a lecture on philosophy or astronomy, i put that on, i am out. >> lawrence: the astronomy, the history lesson. >> anything that has to do with space or consciousness and all of a sudden they start using language that i don't understand and i am out. also take melatonin. >> lawrence: it doesn't work in me because you get used to the melatonin and then you've got to switch over to something -- nyquil works for me. >> have you tried zeke will? it's good. >> lawrence: you are sponsored by them, you want to endorse them. up next, connecticut is doing its part to dismantle systematic racism by giving black and brown entrepreneurs the first crack at legally selling weed. governor ned lamont promising to prioritize minority businesses with pot stores opening in 2022. you have to be upset because i know you're selling pot on the
4:57 pm
side. are you going to protest? >> you know, i'm 100% for this even i find -- maybe it's wrong to be doing this, but at the same time it's like i am pro-capitalism and if there are people -- if there are people that are having a hard time getting on the ladder of capitalism, this is a great way to do it, become a businessman. that's what it's for. besides, this helps conquer the other problem we were talking about, sleeplessness, with a nice low-powered edible -- marijuana edible. >> lawrence: it's not going to be fair to guys, we are better at it we are going to have a head start anyways, so we are going to beat y'all at dealing pot as well. so they may want to check that out. anyway, next story. if you call the biggest bedroom in your house the master bedroom, you're a racist. they are phasing out the term because many people associate it with slavery. civil rights attorney ben trump celebrating the move tweeting
4:58 pm
"words matter." i'm interested -- don't get fired from a brother, because i can't help you. >> i know. >> lawrence: what do you got to say? >> you producers are aware that i'm white? >> lawrence: you are white. >> you picked this topic, there's somebody on the staff that doesn't like me. let's have them say something really, really "problematic" so he'll get in trouble the next day when he says "what's the big deal, what's next, the going to get rid of black holes and black friday," but i'm not going to say that. instead of more people to ask if they noticed that i got a haircut. >> lawrence: you did get a haircut. but you're not going to get out of it. this is what happens, they set you up with a topic like this to get you fired and if anyone wants to know greg is mean in real life, the only reason why he did this show is because kat's show is next. great news for guys named kal and zane. pepsico on the boston beer company are teaming up to make an alcoholic version of mountain dew.
4:59 pm
the drink will hit the stores in 2022. will you be drinking it? you lost a lot of weight. >> i've been exercising. i need alcohol but does not have carbs, and i don't know if this has -- i don't think it has any carbs, but i don't like mixing soft rings with alcohol, that's like mixing ice cream with steak. i like to keep them separate. cat is in for kennedy in the business channel so i will be on that. that's why i'm here sitting here risking my career with you. >> lawrence: wait a minute, did you just come on my show -- >> yes. >> lawrence: i only get a week of this in your promote another show on my show! >> "gutfeld!" is on at 11 can we just rip andrew cuomo to shreds. we actually drink tequila and wine on the set to celebrate. >> lawrence: but no mountain dew. >> no mountain dew. >> lawrence: i'm going to join greg, may be on friday for his show, only because he did the show tonight. i wouldn't have done it -- >> i scratch your back, you scratch mine.
5:00 pm
>> lawrence: that's how we do business, especially on "fox news primetime." especially when the black man is filling in on the show. that's how we do it. thank you so much for watching "fox news primetime," i'm lawrence jones. i think tucker carlson is in the chair waiting for me to toss to him. he's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." man the world is changing fast. we say that often because it's true. it's kaleidoscopic. every morning we wake up in a brand-new country, and it's hard to keep track of the change because there are so few mile markers. but here's one, here's one measure of the change. it was less than a year ago that millions of us gathered around our electronic hearts in anticipation of andrew cuomo


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