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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 10, 2021 2:00am-2:58am PDT

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todd: it is tuesday, august 10th. 10th. democrats on a spending spree as they look to push through a multi trillion dollar budget package. why republicans are calling it a socialist shopping list. jillian: florida governor ron de santis going head to head with school boards looking to impose mask mandates. what his office says it will do to those who defy his ban. todd: busting a move, breaking the rules, the internet crying foul as congresswoman rashida
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tlaib is spotted maskless on an indoor dance floor. i'm pretty sure mele just did a south park impression there. we'll find out as "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ i said you're holding back. ♪ she said shut up and dance with me. ♪ this woman is my destiny. jillian: todd really likes this song. todd: i do. it reminds me of the song i played after my first dance with my wife, the next one, i hope they only watch the five. this is what happened after the first dance. everybody associates this with a song from my wedding. this is two days in a he row that you did a voice i'm press. jillian: i didn't mean to. it was unintentional. todd: let's see what happens tomorrow. i think she'll do voices like rich little. jillian: good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro.
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the senate is expected to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill following months of negotiations. jillian: democrats are shifting their attention to pushing through a massive multi trillion dollar budget plan without republican support. lauren blanchard is live from washington with more. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. mid-morning the senate is expected to pass the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure bill with about 20 republicans on-board. $550 billion in new spending, for traditional items like bridges and roads, the electrical grid, railways, broadband, internet, public transit and electric vehicle infrastructure. some republicans stood against the bill for being too large. it will add $256 billion to the deficit. but before the ink is dry on this bill, democrats are eyeing a $3.5 trillion bill which they plan to pass you through reconciliation meaning they will not need a single republican vote to do so.
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>> the budget reconciliation bill will do more to combat climate change than any legislation ever, ever in the history of the senate. that is a promise. >> reporter: in the new proposal it will focus on individuals and families with money to help my migrants, money toward climate spending, money for pree pre-k and two years of community college and strengthening paid family leave. mitch mcconnell calls it a socialist shopping list. >> they won't let republicans have any say in this monday, buy want help with their credit card to make it happen. democrats want republicans to help them raise the debt limit so they can keep spending historic sums of money with zero republican input and zero republican votes. >> reporter: neither of these packages will be fully passed any time soon. the house is on recess until september. it's likely democrats won't get them to the president's desk
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until sometime this fall. todd, jillian. todd: lauren, thank you very much. jillian: senator john kennedy says the bipartisan infrastructure bill alone is enough to hurt your wallet. take a listen. >> they told us this isn't going to add to inflation, but it is. i don't like to brag about all the expensive places i've been but earlier today i went to the gas station. this bill's going to make it worse. it's going to make it worse for groceries too. and look, i'm for infrastructure. i'm just not for infrastructure at any cost. jillian: the congressional budget office said the bill would add to the nation fall deficit by at least $256 billion. turning to the pandemic. dr. anthony fauci taking heat for saying he hopes making kids wear a mask won't have a long-term impact on them as the back-to-school battle over mandates intensifies. .todd: jackie aban necessary
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joins us to explain. >> reporter: during an interview, dr. fauci said to keep an open mind about masking. the nation's top covid advisor saying the delta variant has been more trans miss i'll than other -- transmissible than other variants. >> it's going to be a balance that we would feel very badly if we all of sudden said okay, kids, don't wear masks. then you find out retrospectively that this virus in a very, very strange and unusual way is really hitting kids really hard. but hopefully this will be a temporary thing. temporary enough that it doesn't have any lasting negative impact on them. >> reporter: former cdc director robert redfield echoing dr. touch even the trans -- fauci on the transmission of the delta variant but he's pushing for kids to get back into school, noting there's very few cdc studies involving children wearing masks in a classroom
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setting. >> these policies should be grounded in data, as opposed to opinion. >> reporter: schools across the country are issuing mask mandates in opposition to executive orders issued by governors. several counties in florida and texas requiring masks for students and staff or have made masks optional. texas senator ted cruz planning to introduce legislation this week aimed at stopping vaccine and mask mandates, the senator saying he believes in individual choice. listen. >> my views were very simple. there should be no mandates, zero concerns covid, that means no mask mandates, regardless of vaccination status, that means no vaccine mandates, that means no vaccine passport. you can make the choice for your family. >> reporter: secretary of defense lloyd austin announcing all military members will be required to get vaccinated by september 15th. so far, 237,000 troops have received one vaccine dote while 1 million troops are fully vaccinated. in a memo to troops, austin said
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the date could move up sooner if the fda grants full approval of the pfizer vaccine by the end of the month. todd: as alejandro mayorkas heads to the border, he needs to be pressed not only on the humanitarian crisis but also the covid crisis. it. is stark. it is real. it is scary. take a look at the numbers from nbc news. 18% of migrant families and 20% of unaccompanied children are testing positive with covid. jillian: it's really unbelievable when you look at those numbers and just the fact that you think once people who are covid positive cross into the united states, a lot of them are just in some instances free to go where wherefore they want -- wherever they want as we reported earlier. an area in new mexico is reporting that uber and lyft drivers are called to pick up some of these migrants and they're disbursed in some of the
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communities. you look at the covid numbers, you look at how this could create more of a widespread issue if migrants are infiltrating communities in the u.s. what does this mean for the midterms? it is on everyone's mind. it is probably one of the things people vote on. an op-ed from the washington post reads president biden needs a coherent strategy for the border. they say it may cost democrats control of one or both houses of congress in next year's midterm elections. so far there is nothing in tad theadministration's strategy tht is likely to shift the dynamic. todd: you mentioned the individuals are released into society. there are no restrictions on them when it comes to mask mandates and things along those lines. i don't care where you fall on the mask debate. it's require relevant to this -- irrelevant to this point. your kids will be in a state where they will have to wear a masks in the classroom while
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these individuals are flooding into the country with no restrictions. remember we talked about lockdown versus restrictions. something is coming, whether it's a lockdown, hopefully or a restriction in some parts, something is going to happen. jillian: why do you think we would go back into lockdowns. todd: i'm not saying lockdowns. let's go to the minor level first. something is going to happen in light of the delta variant in your state. we're starting to see it. to your point, migrants can do whatever they want and that's the major issue that mayorkas has to address. jillian: let's hear what molly hemingway has to say about this, the senior editor of the federalist. >> a lot of republicans arey grower to see what -- eager to see what happens in the midterm elections because of how unpopular the democratic policy proposals are, whether at the border or inflation or the growing crime surge, but republicans need to understand that voters are looking for someone who is actually going to fight the democrats on these things. jillian: it's going to be so interesting to see what happens next year. todd: we were talking about
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this before. we're close. i mean, this is august. august is rounding third base here, maybe on second base i should say, but we're a year plus away from these midterms. we know next year is going to be super charged with the campaigning, it's going the to start early, it's going to be often. these issues will be brought to the floor by republicans. it will be interesting to see how long they can sustain it. what if the democrats suddenly covid goes away to a high degree or crime improves, democrats will have that leg to stand on. it will be interesting to see how much the republicans can hold this as an issue in front of the minds of the people. jillian: i'm going to say it right here. i are referenced this before. think in certain parts of the think in certain parts of the country you'll see record turnout for midterm voting. i think some of those areas along the border, a lot of the bigger cities and surrounding suburbs where you have crime going on and people are afraid, i think we'll see numbers we haven't seen before. i could be wrong. todd: i think you're right. jillian: clip it, right now. todd: 5:10 on tuesday the tenth
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of august. jillian: two brothers charged in the fatal shooting of a police officer are due in court. officer ella french was shot and killed during a traffic stop. her partner was also shot and remains in critical condition. this as we learn more than 2 dozen chicago police officers reportedly turned their backs on mayor lori lightfoot while she visited the hospital saturday. >> bravo to those officers because they were not going to be used as a photo op. i'm glad you shunned lori lightfoot. >> amen. >> everyone knows that lori lightfoot does not care about police officers. she's a fraud. she doesn't support police. jillian: a third suspect from indiana is charged with indiana is charged with illegally buying the gun used to kill officer french. and coming up later this hour, tommy laran joins us to react to all of it.
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todd: new york governor andrew cuomo faces two more accusers. the new york post said the women contacted attorney general latisha james after her report became public last week. the women were told the probe was over and referred to local authorities. at least 13 women accused cuomo of inappropriate behavior, as state law makers say the impeachment inquiry will look into cuomo's handling of nursing home virus deaths and the $5.1 million book deal. jillian: it is 5:12 right now on the east coast. cnn, do the they have a cuomo crisis as anchor chris cuomo is reportedly helping his brother, governor andrew cuomo do damage control. todd: vogue running a flattering feature on press secretary jen psaki, after spending several years ignoring strong females from the trump
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administration. joe concha sounds off next. ♪
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that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. todd: welcome back. chris cuomo coming under more criticism as a new report says the cnn host is continuing to consult his brother, governor andrew cuomo, over his scandals.
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jillian: here to react, fox news contributor, joe concha. joe, it's good to see you. i want to get your reaction to a washington post report which says cuomo who has not been coming to the office is left with few advisors, he also continues to confer with long time advisor charlie king, a lobbyist at a public strategy firm, as well as his brother, cnn anchor, chris cuomo, according to people familiar with the situation. you know, people are of the mindset, family above all, can't blame him for wanting to help his blower. the other half is, what is cnn going to do about this? going to do about this? this comes down to cnn's decision, correct? >> correct, jillian. and let's look at chris cuomo's own words from may when this first came to light that he was advising his brother on how to smear credible accusers of sexual harassment against the governor. he said it was a mistake. he understands it puts cnn in a bad spot and here's the key part, it will never happen
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again. well, sure enough now it is happening again even after the ag's report comes out in black and white showing chris cuomo engaging in this activity while playing an anchor on tv. i guess when they're zero accountability for the anchor's actions, prior actions, in advising his brother on how to beat the sexual harassment allegations, why stop now when you know you're untouchable at the network. by the network not saying one thing about this outside of a media critic attempting to defend him, a laughable attempt that's been mocked and criticized, you now chris cuomo he can do whatever he wants. i agree, help your brother. you can't continue to go on television, claiming you're an objective anchor that covers the big stories because he didn't cover the biggest story in the world last week and that was obviously andrew cuomo and theal allegations that came forth by the ag that will probably lead to his impeachment by the end of the month. jillian: you mentioned chris
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being untouchable. is that still the case? he's on this alleged preplanned vacation this week. >> again, i would think that network, the brass, would have said something at this point saying we believe this is wrong and it cannot happen again. but they're not even making any sort of public statement. so what does that tell you? had they did the same thing with jeffrey toobin. they let it go on for months and months, let the news cycle take it away and they brought back toobin to the note work to lend a hand again, giving legal analysis. let me leave it here. they couldn't get more than 630,000 people to watch the network at any time last friday, compare that to the five that gets 2.5 million people at 5:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. on the west coast, four times as much. they are sinking faster than they could ever believe. todd: meantime, vogue, not the dance, the magazine, ripped as frauds for a glowing feature on jen psaki after a quote, unquote, four year hiatus from the white house. this is from vogue. when psaki first appeared in the
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press briefing room there was a collective swoon, she had a mixture of warmth, humor, intelligence and edge. are you surprised at this? [laughter] jillian: are you going to say something else? >> yeah. even psaki probably read that and say hey that's laying it on a little thick, can't you think. vogue came out 31 years ago, that freaks me out from an age perspective. sarah huckabee sanders, kayleigh mcenany, melania trump, all shunned. they are afraid that the boycotts that will come that will never materialize. jillian: i'm not offended by glowing articles about women in high positions doing a great job in their roles but be fair and do it for every administration. that's the key.
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>> try to be a little consistent, right. that's all i think anybody wants at this point. at this point. todd: also, melania was a model. model. vogue is a fashion magazine. i don't know, maybe marry those two. jillian: maybe they'll do an article on joe. todd: i think they should. time now, 20 minutes after the hour. princeton offering a black lives matter course taught by a pro critical race theory prof. .jillian: dr. carol swain said the class is designed to indoctrinate future leaders. she joins us live, next. ♪ massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible
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bleeding problems are common and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness or confusion and severe decrease in blood counts can happen. heart rhythm problems and heart failure may occur especially in people with increased risk of heart disease, infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you have signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. i am living with cll and living proof that imbruvica is right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. jillian: good morning, a grim milestone in america's crime crisis, 2021 is already the deadliest year on the streets of portland in two and-a-half decades. the city reported its 56th homicide over the weekend. that surpasses the previous record of 55 set back in 1994.
2:26 am
homicides in the rose city are up 327% compared to last year and shootings up 116%. a judge set to decide whether minneapolis can include a ballot explanation for a proposal to replace the police, it would remove the department from a city charter and create a department of public safety. they have until august 20th to submit final language. todd: princeton university offering you new course in critical race theory, titled hashtag black lives matter. joining me to discussion, carol swain. here is a course description. it documents the form of dispossession that black americans face and offers a critical examination of the prison industrial complex, urban poverty and white supremacy in the u.s. dr. swain, does this offering by your former employer shock you in any way?
2:27 am
>> no. critical race theory was around -- it's been around for decades but what we do know is that it did not stay on the university campuses, that it has permeated every sector of our society and we know the harmful effect of taking that dangerous ideology that divides americans into the k-12 classroom and so i think that we now see that there needs to be a reckoning with universities, especially those that are turning out the future leaders of tomorrow, the ivy league schools, where the graduates dominate our society. todd: to push back on that concept for a moment, we've seen in recent weeks, recent months a pushback on the elite institutions, on your ivy leagues, from an employer perspective, saying i don't know if i love the employees that are coming out of these ivy league
2:28 am
and other elite schools. don't courses like this support that notion that, hey, i'm going to get a better worker coming from somewhere elsewhere they've actually been taught skills and not this. >> absolutely correct. and we need to stop selecting supreme court justices almost exclusively from that environment. and while i have your audience, i'd like to point out that i have a new book on critical race theory that offers strategies on how to fight back, it explains what it is, where it came from, how it impacts our society, why it's unamerican. it runs counter to our constitution. and we don't have to stand for it. and the book is "blackout for america, how critical race theory is burning down the hous" obviously you're in the field, you studied the field. you know this field.
2:29 am
where can over-achieving kids go to college with an eye toward i want to get a good job, i want to be a future leader when i get out. and this is coming from somebody that -- i'm an ivy league grad. i don't know if that's the proper way to go anymore, dr. swain. >> it is not the proper way to go and all the other institutions look to the ivy league, they want to be the harvard of the south or the princeton and so if we can target those ivy league schools and change them, the other schools will follow suit because they look at each other and the millions and in some cases billions of dollars the institutions are getting to teach anti-americanism, and it's not he defined to one class, it's all over the institution and the departments of education and that's why we have lost k-12 education in most of america todd: you mentioned money. this will only stop when parents
2:30 am
say i'm not paying for my kids to go to these schools anymore. that will be a big factor if that changes at all. dr. carol swain, pick up a copy of her book. she mentioned it. dr. swain, thank you. >> thank you. todd: jillian. jillian: the taliban marching on the northern city of kunduz after capturing six cities in the last few days alone. but the biden administration showing no signs of stepping up air support. congressman august pfluger, a colonel in the air force reserve, joins us next.
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. the taliban gaining control of six afghan capital cities in less than one week. now afghan military pilots are reportedly quitting amid the danger, leaving government forces even more vulnerable. here to react is texas congressman and air force veteran, august pfluger. thank you for being here. appreciate your time. >> thank you, jillian. good morning. jillian: of course. so let's go ahead and take a look at the numbers here, 19 military pilots left the air force in recent weeks, eight pilots have been killed in recent weeks. how do you think the biden administration should be responding to all of this? >> well, this is what makes it so important when have you a conditions based withdrawal and things are right to leave, then you don't have this issue with the overrunning of the cities, we saw this in iraq when the obama administration left. it really left a vacuum, a power
2:35 am
vacuum. it's no surprise that the pilots are targeted. i'll tell you why. they are the competitive edge to the afghan military. taliban does not have an air force. so when you have these pilots, they've been trained, we've been training them for over 10 years. they're doing a good job but their lives are in danger. we need the biden administration to take it seriously along with the special immigrant visa program that congress had to push biden on to get the folks that helped nato and our troops for the last 20 years to get them out and to safety. jillian: what does this mean for the war on terror? >> i think it's going to be a huge challenge. i mean, we're going to have an overhead presence with intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance. but i think afghanistan as we have seen in the recent weeks is going to be ripe for a breeding ground of terrorism. it's very concerning. we're going to have to keep an eye on it. it's going to be very difficult to do it from afar. jillian: let's talk about this for a second because the pentagon is now requiring members of the u.s. military to get vaccinated for covid-19,
2:36 am
against covid-19, this is going to be by september 15th. here's what the administration says, i will seek the president's approval to make vaccines mandatory to defend this nation we need a healthy and ready force, that is from the defense secretary, lloyd austin. what is your reaction to this? >> there's no doubt we need a ready force. remember that president trump was the one that brought operation warp speed to bear. if you remember then senator kamala harris when she was running for president as a candidate said i would never take the vaccine if mandated from president trump. the real issue i see right now is there's mixed messages. we've got mixed messages coming out of the cdc that say you don't have to wear a mask if you're vaccinated, now they say you have to wear a mask. so what's the real deal? i think that it's a lack of trust not just from the military but also from the american public on what the biden administration is saying. let's get it straight.
2:37 am
let's be consistent. tell us what we need to do and don't use the military as a political pawn in the game of chess that seems like they're trying to use. jillian: meantime, yesterday you were part of a bipartisan group of 25 military veterans in congress who requested a meeting with the president to ask for his help in finding a location for a memorial dedicated to service members who died while fighting the war on terror. tell me why this is important to you. >> well, in the word of bad news this actually is a great news story. there's 25 of us who are a member of the four country caucus and we're all veeterans, we've all served, many of us in combat and this is one issue i think we can agree on, we're asking to find a location for the monument for those who served, that have given their lives in the global war on terrorism, to try to make america and our allies a better place so this is really important, proud of the efforts that both republicans and democrats have come together on. i wish we could do it on more issues. and maybe this will be the
2:38 am
litmus test, the catalyst for that in the future. jillian: we'll certainly continue to follow that to see what happens. it's hard to believe it's going to be 20 years. congressman august pfluger, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. good morning. jillian: good morning. todd. todd. todd: it's unbelievable. take a look at this, kaye gloss illinois as multiple tornadoes reported across the state. look at that. you can see one twister toss around a huge piece of debris. this tornado could be seen for miles as it carved its way through the region. jillian: multiple homes suffering heavy damage. no injuries have been reported, thankfully. the storms forcing o'hare airport to cancel more than 600 flights yesterday alone. todd: janice dean joins us with the forecast. >> a dozen reports of tornadoes around big cities and it's a miracle that no one was really hurt and fingers are crossed because we have another round today in some of the same areas. you can look, the tornado reports around chicago,
2:39 am
milwaukee, peoria, grand forks. this is unfortunately not over yet. we're going to see a little calm before the storm ramps up again later this afternoon with some of these damaging storms that could produce large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes again. there's the severe threat, some of the same areas, sort of a bull's-eye across the area. we have heat advisories. we are into august, you can tell. we have heat advisories, heat warnings in effect for the west as well as central u.s. and the northeast as well including new york city where it's going to feel over 100 degrees and the tropics, here we are. this is going to probably be named fred. we don't think fred is going to be a big deal. my fingers are crossed. it's going to travel over -- jillian: all the freds watching might argue you on that point. they might think they're a big deal. >> maybe they do think they're a big deal.
2:40 am
for all the freds that feel offended by this forecast, i apologize. [laughter] >> it could potentially affect florida as a tropical storm. jillian: don't mean to make light of it. todd: fred doesn't want to be associated with a catastrophic destructive storm. >> that's why we want to keep it quiet and calm. todd: that's the jen psakis that want to be associated with stuff like that. nice segue. jillian: still ahead, do not call her nice, why jen psaki takes offense to what many would consider a compliment. janice is nice, she's not offended by that. todd: a mask for thee, not for me. me. rashida tlaib let loose on the dance floor without a face covering. carley shimkus is letting loose right now. "fox & friends first" coming back. ♪
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>> i'm really excited to tell you what's coming up on the show. you're going to hear from kayleigh mcenany on the messaging coming out of the white house, an infrastructure package is looming, bipartisan so-to-speak. what about the recall in california? dr. marty makary, can someone do a study on whether masks work for kids or not. jd vance on the critics that he
2:45 am
has now that he's running for republican side on senate. plus, how to return to the classrooms is pivotal in america's economic recovery, we know that. we'll hear from a panel of moms who had to readjust during the lockdowns and readjust to go back to so-called normal. this story you will love, a veteran getting his purple heart medal 17 years later, how two teens made it happen to make sure he got the honor he deserves. all that if we can fit it into three hours, if not, dana parino of, might get us there first. jillian: todd is offended that i listen to what you say and i tune him out a littlending fencl
2:46 am
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her nice. quote, it's like nails on a chalk board she says, really you can't think of a better description, the word is sexist and a little diminishing but she says it's also a desire to put people in a box. jillian: i don't get it. carley: you know what i was thinking about? some people say it's sexist to call people mean too, like female ceos, to call them mean. they say you wouldn't call a man mean if she did that.
2:49 am
so you can't call women mean or nice. todd: i'm sitting that one out. jillian: i can't keep up. thank you, carley. todd: first, the good, a 9-year-old las vegas boy getting a special first day of school drop-off. >> you ready? first day of school? all right. >> why are you wearing a tie. >> he's the man of the house now. >> that's right. todd: officers from the las vegas metro police department escorting him after his father died in june from covid. noah wants to be a sheriff when he grows up. jillian: next the bad, oj simpson tells the athletic he avoids has angeles because -- los angeles because he's doesn'o his ex-wife's real killer. he said i might be sitting next to whoever did it. i don't know who did this. he was notoriously accused and acquitted of killing nicole brown simpson and another man. todd: finally, the ugly, squad member cori bush and cnn coming
2:50 am
under fire for highlighting a story that ended up being fake. the network airing a segment that the las vegas woman claimed she and her children would be on the streets if the eviction moratorium ended. she raised $230,000 through a gofundme campaign. cnn had her back on air, praising her efforts. just one problem, the children's real mom came forward revealing the woman was simply the baby-sitting. cnn issuing a correction. bush has not commented. that's an issue. a group of chicago police officers turning their backs on mayor lori lightfoot as they pray for a critically wounded colleague and mourn the death of officer ella french. jillian: tommy laran says democrats have blood on their hands. she joins us live, next. ♪ amusement parks are like whooping cough.
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. jillian: good morning more than two dozen law enforcement officers turning their back on lori lightfoot. todd: after the officer's partner ella french killed in the line of duty over the weekend during that traffic stop. fox nation host tomi lahren joins us. tomi, can you blame them? >> no, i can't blame them at all. you know, they might have turned their backs on mayor lightfoot but she turned her back on them time and time again. and they have the frustration that they feeling and all officers across this country are feeling is completely valid. they have been defunded, demoralized and demonized. we have ambush style killings of our police officers up over 26% year-to-date. those who believe there is not a war on cops in this country are not paying attention. especially in places like crime-ridden chicago. the mayor knees to have they're officers' backs time and time again she has shown be that she has placated to certain movements that are about demonizing defunding police and not standing up for those protecting defending her city.
2:56 am
>> here's what the mayor's office has to say quote the mayor spoke to a range of officers that tragic night and sensed the overwhelming sentiment was about concern for their fallen colleagues. the mayor focused on healing the wounds and reject any and all that try to use this moment to drive further divisions in our city. when you look at elected officials across the country, not all of them certainly but many of them have used really harsh rhetoric towards our police officers. they have, you know, a lot of congresswomen and men have called to defund the police. i guess i just wonder how when this conversation is still happening are we supposed to try and mend any of these wounds? how is this not further dividing? >> what really strikes me is that statement saying that they want unity and they don't want continual political division. let's be honest, there have been groups in this country hell bent on political division especially when it comes to our police officers and law enforcement in general. you have got several members of congress. you have got several democrat
2:57 am
mayors and democrat governors come out against their police force saying they need to be defunded or otherwise be changed. maybe the problem isn't the police. maybe the problem is the community. maybe the problem is the leadership come out of these communities. you have got crime spikes happening that certainly isn't because of the police. that certainly isn't because of an overabundance of police there are many in these cities screaming out for more police officers, more law enforcement. so for her office to talk about division and talk about a lack of unity, well, that's coming from the top down. that's coming from the leadership. and time and time again we also see mayor lightfoot denying the fact that her city has a crime problem. so let's admit we have a problem. let's uplift those trying to protect and defend and make sure they are not demoralized. they have gone through something tragic, especially when we have lost an officer and i'm glad that you guys are saying her name because some do not. lost an officer. her partner is this critical condition. this is a time to come together around the nation and support our officers, like i said, ambushed style killings of our officers up 126%.
2:58 am
year-to-date. and those are things that have nothing to do with the blm, defund the police movement are sadly mistaken. todd: she had her whole life ahead of her 29 years old. meanwhile, tomi, interesting topic here. probably have a thought on this. largest economic growth in the u.s. as you know. tomi moved from california to tennessee. she can explain why other americans are joining her. tomi, why is this happening? >> oh, it's easy to see. you have got a lot of californians coming to the great state of tennessee and the great city of nashville. we offer a lot here in nashville, obviously. we have great central location. we are in music city. there is a lot of entertainment here. it's a great place to be. there are others that are fleeing from states like california that didn't come with the policies i came with which are conservative policies that maintain a great city and a great red state. now, i will also say, this come one, come all and join nashville. bring your money. come and buy a home as so many are too long. please do not bring your liberal policies with you. the fact of the matter is what
2:59 am
happens in nashville and happens in places like austin texas is you have liberals coming in but they want to change the dynamics of the city they come into. it's not going to be a great place and economic growth if you bring those policies with you. you bring votes to raise taxes and elect democratic mayors and governors you will not have the safe haven bike we have in the great state of tennessee much longer. jillian: the weather is hot down there but certainly a lot to do. a bit more open down there than it is up here. 30 seconds to you, tomi. i guess you don't regret your decision at all? you are happy with it? >> i mean, look at california. i will say i'm very proud of californians for efforts to recall their governor. i will say this. a lot of the democrats and a lot of the liberal minded folks out there that criticize governors of free states like tennessee, like texas, like florida, like my home state of south dakota, they're the ones fleeing to our cities and states to take advantage of these great policies and take advantage of freedom. like i said come one, come all.
3:00 am
understand what makes these states great, that's freedom and low taxes and business friendly policies. so come and enjoy it but, please, leave the liberalism at home. jillian: california does have beautiful beaches and nice weather. todd: tomi did that exactly in 30 seconds. jillian: that is professional right there. todd: a nashville proud. it. jillian: thanks, tomi. jinx. "fox & friends" starts. todd: right now. jinx. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city and capitol hill as we look at the capitol, we have got a question for you. back that up. because some kids started school yesterday. so a little instruction, a little education. how tall do you think the u.s. capitol building is? ainsley: how tall? steve: take a guess. ainsley: i can't even guess. steve: 2 8 feet.


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