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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 10, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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planning to use the 37500-dollar prize money that she got in the olympics for 37500-dollar prize money that she got in the olympics for truck for her mom. t the first african-american woman to win gold in wrestling said owning and operating a food truck was her lifelong dream.g after they lost her father in a tragic car accident. wow. i love her and she is on it i love her and she is on it kept saying i love the usa. she is the hero of the olympicsla to me. >>laura: it's easy to look at the negative stuff at the olympics but there were a lot of inspiring stories and we will focus on those.. this puts me in a good mood on a monday. with everything else goes to hell in a handd basket. >> she is my hero the whole olympics. she gave me faith.
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>>laura: we have faith for the next hour. greatxt shallow. on —- great show. this is "the ingraham angle" this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight we have a big show want cap. tucker carlson will be here at 10:00 o'clock. that's head of the chicago police union will be here that's head of the chicago police union will be here moments that first the coming gop tsunami is the focus of tonight's angle. first that bad news we have at least 18 spineless fiscally unsound republicans in the u.s. senate that just gave biden a much-needed win on infrastructure. bills of the chunk that we don't need and can't afford no physical or social conservative ever should have physical or social supported us. conservative ever should have supported us. senator kennedy is so torqued off what his colleagues did including the louisiana bco junr
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candidate so he will be on shortly that there's a lot ofs good news that democrats are poised for a massive route next year axios says rising crime and the border surge are positioning republicans for a bigger gains and imagined months ago but not forget biden's handling of covid he allowed them to celebrate july h 1 way they handled the coronavirus pandemic is a liability as the delta vibrant returns to mask mandates and the shutdown so now under biden it's back to doing gloom 24/7. >> you have seen that we will see pediatric intensive care units completely overwhelmed and even a possibility of small tent cities of sick
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adolescentste and kids. >>laura: those tent city is that the border then the author that a variance that will prevent things from ever going back to normal. >> if you give the virus a chance to continue to change, you are leading to a vulnerability we could get a worse period and then that will impact not only the vulnerability we could get a worse period and then that vaccinated because that will impact not only the unvaccinated the impact the protection of the vaccine. >>laura: other words a 70 percent target that biting gave us was a t lie. now it means the guys in the white coat to control policy will not be satisfied unless 105 percent get the vaccine and in the booster shots forever now late last year the
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anglete sounded the alarm how the democrats would keep the covid hysteria going into the fall of this year right into the midterms. when we said that we were laughed at that here we are. people again wearing masks, and i saw this today walking outside alone wearing a mask or driving alone in their own vehicles no less. it is sick. most sane americans are set up in looking at the bottom line and there are many is not and there are many is not going asir far. so as he private jets his way john kerry is not affected by skyrocketing gas prices but most working americans are. gas is up nearly 30 percent from one year ago nearly one .ollar per gallon do the math that is biden taking money out of your pocket every time you buy anything. every time you go to the store.
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robberies throughh bad policy and not just covid and raising cost of goods and services but also the wide open southern border and the crime wave that is gripping thehebo nation aftea year of democrat lockdowns in calls to defend the police. if you had a choice between starting a family or opening a business right now. and you could go to either chicago or nashville, which would you choose? if you chose chicago get ready for weekend of death and destruction. to police officer shot this weekend oneho killed more on her life and we will talk about her later. police are describing all of this as a breaking point people are at their wits and the alderman telling the chicago sun-times are police
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officers have been under siege underappreciated and thrown under the bus for the last underappreciated and thrown under the bus for the last year and a half they feel leadershipnd across the city do not have their back that rise of crime will improve now that biden opens the border to biden opens the border to anyone who wants to come in from any country on earth. if they confer any o benefits oo commit crime, we know for sure many are also bringing in covid. one of their democrats clean up women says it's just another gop hoax. no evidence they are no evidence they are responsible for the covid surge the centuries old trope to demonize foreign people as disease these conservative voices know that they those americans they profess to care about with this misinformation one minor question does she
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think the border patrol is in the hoax to because these are there numbers. 18 percent of migrant families leaving border patrol custody tested positive for covid. over 25 percent migrants recently scheduled for some expedited deportation tested positive those documents obtained from border patrol by nbc news. your kids have to be masked up across the country seven hours a day when they are in school? that migrants can walk right in? the squad and bernie sanders trouble so does the white house so they will ram through as many socialist goodies into the next monster bill as possible of course the three.$5 trillion so-called reconciliation bill that you pd m gain of 18 made possible to
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ensure that we lose more of the country that we love this is just ante partial list amnesy , civilian climate core, climate research, racial justice and health investments, look at those numbers. universal prepaid tuition free community college and the all-important electrifying the federal vehicle fleet. massive tax hikes will pay for some ofiv this and of course huge borrowing as well it will be cronyism like solyndra and be cronyism like solyndra and waste and fraud and abuse to accompany any spending of this magnitudeis chuck schumer feels the climate is just right. >> the budget reconciliation bill will do more to combat
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climate change than any legislation ever, ever in the history of the senate. that is a promise. >>laura: we know this because climate was mentioned nine times in the instructions to the senate committee. what the democrats have done to america in six and a half months is breathtaking. you have to give themort credit they are not wasting any they are not wasting any time. they whipped up a poisonous left-wing steward job killing race baiting sovereignty race baiting sovereignty destroying business suffocating and inflation in creating ingredientsndnd only tn to exempt themselves from the same rules they demand the unsophisticated americans have to live by artist fauci now think really bad dancing and the crowd protects you from the delta variant is not just time to kick them out at the kitchen we need a storm of common sense and responsibility to wash them out of washington for good and out of washington for good and that is the angle.
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fox news contributor arii fleischer and molly hemingway. no one is done a better job i think of igniting grassroots opposition than the democrats themselves, that this gop gift to biden online infrastructure itself wasf breathtaking. >> it is. i know a lot of republicans i know a lot of republicans are eager to see whatof r happes in the midterm elections in the midterm elections because of how unpopular these policies proposals are whether inflation or the border or growing crime surge but republicans need to understand that voters are looking for someone who will fight the democrats. and democrats have power they use it when republicansir use power they tend not to even when they are out of power
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they don't fight as much as their voters would like them in the 17 senators voting for the bloated infrastructure package leading tolo overspending bill causing problems with inflation, this problems with inflation, this is not what republican voters is not what republican voters are looking for are. >>laura: let's talk about what the democrats are offering by way of with the new reconciliation bill that they married together to the infrastructure bill so this is the exchange and msnbc with senator tim kane who gave up the ghost. >> so to learnrn a new term for qualified immigrants who would be included? something to judiciary something to judiciary committee will work on they will try to craft a detailed description of what that means that can satisfy all 50 democrats we are not expecting
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on republican votes what has to be something every democrat will agree to. >>laura: all americans accept this? >> [laughter] you can see another tea party rebellion brewing right here. it's not just the individual spending bills but at theg month. we the people pay for them combined. so how much has joe biden propose to spend? six.5 trillion additional new dollars on top of the spending the government does and to put that cost in context come in 2019 the total government spending was four.$4 trillion this is now six.5 trillion additional new spending on top of the existing spending the government does there has never been a blowout this big in government spending.
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hinever. this is what joe biden wants to do almost all of it focused on redistribution. of course the answer should be no. >>laura: tonight on cnn chuck schumer's nightmare is a potential challenge from the left to his long-standing tenure in the u.s. senate. aoc is still holding out. >> will you challenge senator schumer in the primaryry race? >> [laughter] i do not look at things and i do not set my course conditionally. i make decisions based on what i think our people need to my community needs. >>laura: they are terrified of >>laura: they are terrified of her positively terrified. >> i think they should be. she has been a very effective
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member she came in representing a small contingent that continues to grow to set the policy of the democratic party. throughout the 2020 election those that were running were moderates and they would grow to set the policy of the restore to the united statesth a wonderful situation but wonderful situation but instead whether the instead whether the presidential level or the senate or the househe we see absolutely radical policies alarming so many people they are very much in favor with that wing ofmo the democratic party in control setting policies even with president party in control setting biden saying even if he knew it was unconstitutional extending the eviction moratorium because that was one of the things aoc and her friends wanted to have in .lace this is very much a threat to this is very much a threat to rule of law and a warrant small business but the small businesses will work. >> she is a thought leader for sure great to see you both.
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chuck schumer took to the chuck schumer took to the senate floor for a victory lap with a twist. >> we have come to an agreement for final passage of the bipartisan infrastructure proposal as we move forward we are proceeding on both tracks. the track of the bipartisan infrastructure proposal and the track of the budget resolution with reconciliation instructions. >>laura: just went into end aoc. wanted he said that double tracking it's impossible tracking it's impossible because just last week the bec so-called republican senator cassidy of louisiana told me something very different. >> we think it's less likely to pass somehow if i may laura makes that bill less likely to pass but if we sink this and marry them to gay on —- it's more likely to pass.
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>>laura: who was right and wrong? wrong? joining me now with a final warning louisiana senator kennedy from the senate budget committee and voted properly on this so-called infrastructure bill. your message tonight to your 18 colleagues who took the path to help biden to throw him aato lifeline now three.5 t. >> i can share with you my perspective. early on i was a likely yes on this bill. who is not for infrastructure? who is not for i in for children and prosperity. but then i got a copy of the bill and i realized quickly that if you look up stupid stuff in the dictionary there is a picture of this bill. they told us it was real infrastructure. it's not. only 23 percent is real
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infrastructure. the rest is green new deal and welfare. they told us the bill was paid for. it isn't i maybe borrow $400 million to pay for it. they told us no tax increases. there are. my state will have to pay new taxes onn in the petrochemical industry. they told us that the democrats were wary of this bill and if we pass the bill would make it harder for them to pass they are 5 trillion-dollar tax and spend binge reconciliation bill. that's true then how come every democrat voted for this infrastructure bill? and they said it will not add to inflation but it will. >>laura: what happened with your 18 colleagues? i went to the list.
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maybe with the exception of a couple, senator i would say pretty much the same people couple, senator i would say who wanted jeb bush to be president is like a venn diagram which is fine that they were arguing that this would say $500 billion so you say the cbo agrees with you but those numbers are false so what will that do to the credibility of the republican party fiscal responsibility going forward, sir? >>laura: i don't know why it passed with 60 plus votes. day drinking may be? [laughter] for example inflation alone which is a horrible taxon middle america. but it is. i don't like to brag about the expensive places i have been
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earlier today i went to the gas station this will make it worse it will make it worse for groceries. infrastructure i'm just nott for infrastructure at any cost time and for infrastructure no matter what and we're going into a fight with the democrats over raising the debt ceiling and taxes and the argument i would like to make it is which i could make, senator schumer, this debt is yours. but the truth of the matter is on this last bill with the infrastructure bill it belongs to democrats and republicans. >>laura: first of all we appreciate your common sense approach to this. sense with facts versus fiction and we appreciate that. republicans gave joe biden a lifeline and i cannot tell you
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how angry so many people are out there about the one fact it is fraudulent and false and if they think they are going to escape for six years they will not people have a long memory. thank you for being here veout senator. ahmad tried to ruin a man's life after something they thought he said at a major league baseball game last night tucker carlson is here and a breakdown of the obama party also his new book just came out. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: >>laura: last night the miami marlins took on the rockies that late in the ninth inning microphones from the florida telecast picked up a fans voice it sounded like he was yelling the end words as the team member was batting and i rockies are disgusted they have zero tolerance for any form of racism many fan using derogatory language ism ejected and will be banned from coor's field. they went evenie further the rockies need to find this faster than do bad things.
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"usa today" nightingale said disgusting. please find him and put him in jail without the right to ever attend a sporting event punish him cast him out of society. but what was actually said? llsahere is the video. >>laura: it turns out it was a tgrandfather yelling dinner the mascot trying to get a photo with his family he said he was devastated by the accusation that bob nightingale "usa today" does not care he had no mea culpa to the man but did say this after personallyy seeing racism it was too easy to believe it happened again. tuckerr carlson host tucker
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carlson today any other shows you want to announce? [laughter] and author of the brand-new book the long side he's on the cover i just tweeted that out by the way. congrats your neck is not that send by the way. [laughter] >> what a shocking story and that if you asked bob nightingale are you for lynching? if not then why do they participatete in the crazed mob behavior? honestly they don't respond honestly they don't respond that way when they see someone get shot to death on the street social media has turned people crazy it's important to note that all the behavior you just described is the product of an entire society who spent all day on twitter getting crazier and crazier more and
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more removed from reality and social media has moved america to a bad place. >> i think about what has >> i think about what has happened to society we have other stuff to get to but is how everything has to be so how everything has to be so safe for kids and even with the current debate that from go carts to walk around in bubble wrap and double masking how life used tod be fun.
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>> i had a father who believed in dangerous toys he gave us below guns or shotguns or machetes or lawn darts. [laughter] >> i knew your dad. >> great man. excessive risk is not wise but life entails some level of risk and telling people they should never expose themselves to anything they could be in moral which is a lie. it's not a question if it will end but how do you live? >>laura: in the long slide toward permanent recruitment nation against those with whom you w disagree in today's society. you and i came of age in the media you could debate other people. but now you are horrible awful rotten racist person you want rotten racist person you want everybody to get covid unless you believe in vaccine mandates for everyone and that's how it is today.
12:30 am
your comment on that aspect? >> i just had to reread 30 years of magazine pieces i havee written and i had contractor simon & schuster at the same moment they were canceling josh holly's book because he cast a vote they did not like so this crystallizes the change so book publishers to that for people's freedom of speech but now they run johnson park runs simon & schuster openly simon & schuster openly defending censorship that the democratic party has demanded it. that is the moment right there are publisher pushing censorship blows my mind. >>laura: tucker, other stories that speak to these erosions of basic freedoms. in the united states we have not seen yet the type of brutal enforcement of a medical dictatorship that they are beginning to see in france
12:31 am
now they go table to table checking for people's health passes. i thank you and i were marked last year for saying this is what the left wanted to happen. do you agree that is what they would prefer to happen here? >> of course but why would it stop with covid why not hiv patients or people with hepatitis or any transmissible diseasear there is a principle that your health status has to remain t private the government doesn't have a rice on —- a right to make you take right to make you take medicine you don't need and you can keep private your own health condition. when we give thatve up you're looking at a brand-new country and the french are fighting back. i don't think their testosterone levels are as bad
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as food but huge numbers of people are pushing back against this you wonder how far theyy can go obviously want to get covid under control but you cannot force me to take medicine what else can you do if you don't own my body? >> liberals used to believe in all that. congrats on the book the long slide. i am glad you are back you not changing the change of residency to hungary. >> i am american. but thank you. >> you can buy a copy of the booker order signeded copy. why are doctors downplaying natural immunity? indiana university students
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indiana university students have filed this in appeal over vaccine requirements. one of the students in her one of the students in her lawyer are here in a moment.
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>>laura: you may not know this that iceland is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world against covid so basically they should have wiped it out if you listen to doctor fauci. so thewi surge has produced 33 cases for every 100,000 people that iceland is right behind us at 29. the director general telling writers that since july 9, 77 percent of domestic infections were among svaccinated individuals and should have every doctor screaming about natural immunity but instead we getns this.
12:39 am
>> the previous infection does confer some degree of immunity but is it as good as having bed —- as being vaccinated and durable? i think all evidence is very clear that having previously affected will not give you the same level of protection. >>laura: that is false now we have doctor mccullough and epidemiologist, first of all is he correcting what he just said about natural immunity? >> i respectfully disagree i think most americans would as well. covid-19 is one and then the natural immunity is complete and in durable up through may 1t the cdc reported 10000 vaccine failures 9 percent were hospitalized 3 percent died they did not record a single failure of natural
12:40 am
immunitymm. >> one of the health ministers in iceland basically said in response to this data that atnd this point everyone just has to be exposed to the virus and we have to deal with the rest of it through natural immunity and herd immunity that is what they are coming to they are not anti- vaccine they can only go so far. >> 330,000 people may have done a terrific job with treatment the only had 30 deaths but those explosion of cases has been upsettingng to get nearly vaccinated when at five or ten fold almost as if it invited an explosion of cases. >>laura: i remember when covid >>laura: i remember when covid restrictions were not about eliminating the virus altogether it never was it was about not overwhelming the health care system.
12:41 am
i want to show you this chart from johns hopkins. we don't have icu bed capacity problem so what is this we are hearing about?bo overwhelmed hospitals that the icu? is that ae problem? >> not that i can see think this part of the outbreak is handled with early treatment it hasar now the if well treated iathe lowest mortality the rates are controllable those hospital as i those that got no early treatment and are hospital as i those that got presenting with high risk features importantly we are at the peak of this outbreak the uk and israel looks like they and on the other side of the three days we should get on the other side.
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>>laura: great to see you as >>laura: great to see you as always. always. 600 colleges across the country now require we went to get the vaccine before stepping foot on campus be some students and faculty are stepping foot on campus be some students and faculty are fighting back suing indiana university saying it violates the constitutional rights a smacked it downuit the last week the ruling was upheld by the appeals court that wrote people who do not want to be vaccinated may go classes start in exactly two weeks leaving the students in limbo now it's in the hands of the supreme court joining me now is one of the students doing and also the attorney. so what is your plan? they don't accept many cases on certiorari or very many emergency appeals two weeks is a short period of time. what next? >> my a plan is to wait in cia
12:43 am
do hope they rule in my favorite that would make my decisionon easier so now i'll sit tight and see what happens. >>laura: this is an uphill battle because of the jacobson battle because of the jacobson case a lot of americans don't read the supreme court opinions and they don't really know what's in thepi case how would you distinguish that old case that came long before before the modern therapies, how would you distinguish that case of the court. >> that was at the height of the progressive area where of course the progressives wanted you have total authority to healthcare professionals to make these kinds of decisions and that reflected from a legal standpoint that led directly to the most horrifying decision one of them in the supreme court
12:44 am
history which is buckley bell to say three generations of in the sold was enough and then approve the forced sterilization because of the decision allowing that much of change with jurisprudence a last 50 years the supreme court has recognized bodily integrity and autonomy and integrity and autonomy and medical treatment choice starting where a medical treatment decision by an incompetent patient to force involuntary commitment with mental retardation. >>laura: before we get lost in president that i love that the audience may get lost, we have
12:45 am
to remember that amy coney barrett gets it first it's her circuit i would imagine she refers it to the wholee court so they will vote on the emergency appeal with john roberts and brett kavanaugh , what are your thoughts? >> we think there's a good chance three justices have already commented on jacobson and the precedent it is now antiquated. we are helpful. the thing is the government hashi to justify forcing you to put chemicals in your body. the only time they haven't protected the right to make medical treatment decisions those felons incarcerated in a
12:46 am
prison those are the only ones that get rational review. they are treating students like they are prisoners in a prison. >>laura: why will you not get the vaccine quick. >> i have a chronic illness i've worked very hard to get my health back in very close to getting the phd candidate and it could make me backslide. >>laura: we will follow every aspect we appreciate you aspect we appreciate you joining us and we wish you the best offre. >>laura: another weekend of >>laura: another weekend of violence in the windy city this time not just chicago residents w the 29 euros officer was census lee gone down by a gang banger. what level of culpability does
12:47 am
the mayor deserve? next.wer that question
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>>laura: over the weekend police officer and her
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partner made a routine traffic stop. they approached the vehicle and the suspects opened fire. officer french shanahan and is gone. her partner is fighting for her partner is fighting for his life. two brothers, 22 and 21 years were charged in her murder. joining me now is president of the chicago fraternal order of police. we heard a story about lori lightfoot going to see the officer in critical condition and the family in the hospital. what happened when she gotap there? there? >> first of all i want people to say her name. lf french. our city is less safe because she is no longer with us. disgrace. against the wishes of the against the wishes of the family the mayor proceeded up to the seventh floor of the hospitalor and was given advice
12:53 am
from a recently retired member and let her know what he thought and he did not and let her know what he appreciate her coming up there and the officers on that floor when she went to approach them all turned around and face the other way and took a couple steps away from her. it was in! to the sentiment seven floors below at the street level right was were several hundred right was were several hundred officers. a very palpable, angry, resentfulre police force. not just because of the incident that because the mayor was there and certain brass that have led to a lot of problems within this policef department. >>laura: there is pent-up anger and frustration and a sense of betrayal those that wouldn't come on camera. words cannot describe the words cannot describe the emotion that lf french, i'm so glad you said it the way you
12:54 am
said they want everyone to know her name. amazing officer. >> yes. she is the face the department going forward be the change. she was trying to be the change. because of policies encouraged papa propaganda and actually promoted by city and state officials, these criminals think they can do whatever they want with no repercussions. at the hospital saturday at the hospital saturday night, a group of members made a stand and thankfully they did. i justhe left were ally and the officer were at with a large contingent of the's officers after the superintendent got done speaking to them. the mayor was supposed to be there at that willd call. they said they do not want the mayor there and she could not speak. >>laura: okay thank you for >>laura: okay thank you for being with us tonight. this is a heartbreak.
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we have to take a break. we will be right back.
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>> i want to thank john for being such a good representative of his officers, all the chicago police who work tirelessly to protect their city, despite the lack of help, support they get from the mayor. it's an outrage. >>laura: thank you to john to be such a good representative of all chicago police who work tirelessly to protect their city despite a lack of help or support they get from the mayor. it is an outrage. most importantly may allow city despite a lack of help or french rest in peace may her memory be a blessing and inspiration to all ofre us.


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