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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 9, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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doubt about it and the president has to be careful he takes victory laps and at the same time he says he can't -- that we still need to push through three and a half trillion in spending. ari we got you for a moment, we got you back but ran out of time. thank you very much we appreciate it, kaylee, ari. you can catch me on fox business at 2:00 p.m. on making money. ♪♪ >> hello everyone i'm dana along with katie. and greg gutfeld 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is the five. ♪ >> main stream media being accused of a major double standard over its covid coverage. outlets hardly mentioning barack obama's 60th berth day party in martha's vineyards where he was dancing without a mask among a crowd. one new york writer is facing backlash about how she is defending these scaled down
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celebrations. >> other people said, you know, this is really being overblown. they're following all the safety precautions. people are going to sporting events that are bigger than this. this is going to be safe. this is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd and this is just about optics, not about safety. >> the press taking a different approach when it comes to gop governors by directly blaming them for the spread of the new coronavirus strain. >> greg abbott is in a race to be the worst possible governor in the country and the only one he has competition with right now is governor desantis in florida. >> instead of the delta variant, why not call it the desantis variant. >> in florida we have a governor interested in playing politics than saving lives the desantis variant. >> i think it's great the president had a birthday party, good for him if you're vaccinated and want to have a party and invite people to your house, that's fine, but greg was this the most marine and two net
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thing we've seen. >> i just want to know, where did they scale stuff back. >> david didn't come. >> yeah, instead of three kardashians they said we're putting the limit on two and no bottle service at the helipad. that was it. obama just told the rest of america, don't just live your life, live your best life. that's what he's telling you. he goes, i am having a massive birthday party. i'm telling you half the people there he didn't even know, right? but he wasn't going to change anything. but now he has to do something else because the problem with him is he had a massive bash while the unvaccinated rates in the city among blacks remains near 70% and he is somebody who could change that. so you're done with the party. why don't you do something? why don't you create some kind of free speaking tour right invite some famous friends and the only entrance fee is that when you're in line you get vaccinated. you could go to every inner city, whether you want to do
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manhattan or oakland, dc, atlanta, detroit, harlem, bronx, whatever. the impact could be incredible, he could really do something. but instead he's going to have a party. as for these other idiots, you know, it was great to watch acosta think that that was clever. what if we call it the -- what was it? >> desantis. >> desantis. actually like he took one from column a and another thing from column b and he put it together and thought that's really edgy and then you have the dumb broad from the morning doing the same thing. can't remember her name. >> and also, will, as soon as you heard annie from the new york times protecting celebrities from any scorn saying they're sophisticated. >> sophisticated crowd. >> not like those people that went on a motorcycle ride in sturgis. >> right. let's be clear who we're talking about, these are sophisticated people, vaccinated people. >> the only thing is i'm happy president obama is living his
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best life but he's not encouraging others. >> by his actions he is. >> but by his political party and political ideology they're saying there are two classes of people in this world. this is a sequel to a very bad movie. this is covid part two, the delta variant. we saw it in the first version, gavin newsome to the french laundry, now miriam bowser officiating weddings maskless while masking dc. now talking masking children in the school year while president obama has a party with four to five hundred people largely maskless. great, live your best life. may we live our best life as well? >> yeah. >> i want to party. >> i think everybody should be living their lives normally. i think that they should be moving on with, whether it's sturgis or whether it's president obama having a party. the problem is that the white house, the cdc, democratic governors around the country, are still -- they still have a
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boot on people's livelihoods because they're still threatening that if you don't do this or this, we're going to shut your business down or we're going to implement mandates on you. and the idea that they do want to put two year olds and children in school and mask for hours on end without any real data to back up that it actually works, by the way, i think is really appalling, and when you look at the standard the media has, a sophisticated vaccinated crowd. this is a class war. you know, nancy pelosi wants hair dressers to work in california when you're doing her hair. the d.j. at the obama party can d.j. for a large group of 500 people during covid as long as he's working for president obama for a party. but if you're a d.j. who wants to do a regular italian wedding in new jersey there's going to be restrictions on you and we are he not going to allow you to work. and the bottom line is this is still america and americans are not subjects, they are citizens and they certainly are not peasants who are supposed to play by a separate set of rules than the elitist ruling class in
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washington or in hollywood. and that's exactly what this is. because there are real consequences for working people who are worried about losing their job again as a result of what people like this and the decisions they are making for their lives. >> jessica do you think president obama could do something more in terms of helping black americans become more comfortable getting the vaccine? >> i think honestly all of us could do something more. there's an opportunity, i like greg's idea. i'm not a black american but i would get vaccinated a second time if it meant i could go see barack obama speak. we could all do more and this was a big conversation early on during the pandemic when the vaccine was coming about how the people that we really need to be out there talking about it for the black and brown communities are people that matter to those communities. so j z and beyonce and lebron james and what a big deal it was when nba players had one shot and not the second shot and then protocols and it's confusing. this is a confusing disease and you say it's a terrible sequel,
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the delta variant. it's really terrible, though, when -- i'm not calling it the desantis strain but there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people who are now hospitalized in florida, and a lot of them children. and this is what 20% of the new cases of delta are amongst children and that's why it's so important that adults are getting vaccinated, that you do your part and you do that to protect your children who are not approved to have the vaccine yet. so i'm all for a full court press on the vaccination fronts, but i do agree, if he wants to have a party, he should have it outside, where we know it doesn't get outside. >> so was sturgis, sturgis was also outside. >> i don't know if anyone watched bill maher, he shouted out lollapalozza which was a hundred thousand people and i appreciate that from the liberal side. call out the big party in chicago, don't just call out a motorcycle rally. >> how about we don't call out anybody and let people make their own decisions and manage their own risks. >> because they are taking a toll on first of all our
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healthcare system. i hear from could be con sievetives i don't want to pay for your decisions. we're paying for people in the icu. >> we've been doing that for 40, 50 years with cigarettes. >> and obesity. >> yeah. you know what i think? it would be good to hear governor desantis respond to what you're saying because i never hear the numbers. like what's the exact number of the children who's hospitalized? >> that's exactly the point. >> yeah, and i don't know and we know these kids aren't supposed to be vaccinated and so what are we supposed to be doing. but i would love to know exactly what the numbers are because i always feel like you're not telling us. >> that's exactly right greg. this isn't a story about vaccination this is a story about reality. the point is the elite like president obama are not living like delta variant is this incredibly scary thing that they're saying. president when we make decisions for our children in all honesty and curiosity, i want to know the numbers that greg points
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out, i want to know the hospitalizations and mortality for delta and the rest of covid in the numbers. because what i have seen is it's less lethal has less of an effect on hospitalizations than the common flu. >> we do know it is not a problem for people who are vaccinated. so if you're watching please get yourself vaccinated if you're 12 or other. we know there are more cases of children being reported in laces like florida, in liberal as well, california, new york, arkansas a doctor there pleading to get vaccinated because they are overrun. i believe the numbers are available, i will text you later when i have them all. >> jessica, you are awesome >> ahead carnage in chicago after a police officer is gunned down in the light of duty after just a routine traffic stop.
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>> criminals getting more brazen in chicago after a police officer is gunned down during a routine traffic stop. 29 year old officer ella french was killed in the line of duty while her partner remains in critical condition after being shot three times. sadly the carnage doesn't end there. this past weekend alone 73 people were shot and ten were killed in the windy city despite this out of control violence,
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democrat cory bush is doubling down on her call to defund police. >> you said you have your own security, well almost in the same breath advocating for defunding police. >> the reason why we have these problems is because those that were in power and could have fixed this problem before now didn't and it cost lives. we're adding more money to the police, but we're still dying. >> congresswoman -- >> you know katie, we just got done talking about two classes of in this country, elite. cory bush's position seems to be that she is more important than everyone else. her position doesn't seem to be just let them eat cake, it's let them eat lead. >> absolutely. officer alley french one to make a difference in her community signed up for a dangerous job in one of the most dangerous cities in the entire world and woke up that day to do her job to try and help and she got a call that ended her life and there are dozens of other officers around
2:16 pm
the country who have suffered their own fate and you have the mayor making statements and people like cory bush who have implemented this leftist ideology at the mayor level, at the prosecution level and criminals are in charge and it doesn't seem like they're doing anything to make sure that this doesn't keep happening. and, you know, cori bush keeps arguing she wants more social workers to be involved. well, call a social worker to deal with a dangerous situation where someone will respond to a traffic stop with lethal force and there are police officers every day who get up to serve their communities to make a difference. they don't go home. they have families, too. and if you want to really understand how this all went down, listen to the police scanner because that will give you a whole different perspective on the this entire debate. >> dana? >> tiffs going to mention to cori bush's point if you follow her logic to the extent there is any, routine traffic stops
2:17 pm
should end. why do you have routine traffic stops because there was a call and it says this could be a problem. turns out actually the feds just arrested right before we came on air a straw gun purchaser. so somebody bought the gun for the goy, now that guy's in trouble as well. and her brother, the officer's brother said, he is an iraq war veteran so the family was all about public service, and he's devastated he said god took the wrong kid is what he said here and i thought that the police superintendent there, he said no one's going to march or protest for her. >> yeah. >> and that's a shame. i don't know -- i'm not suggesting people protest and march in the street or riot. i'm not suggesting that but he makes a really good point on where we put our values. >> you know, jessica, mayor lori lightfoot wants to move this away from being a political issue, at least the defund the police political issue. she wants to actually focus in on a different political issue. let's watch what she had to say and i'll get your response. >> the police are not our
2:18 pm
enemies. they're humans, just as we are: flawed, just as we are. we have a common enemy. it's the guns and the gangs. >> see, jessica this is a story about guns. it is a political issue. but not defund the police, gun control. >> it's all the same. i wish people -- it takes too long unfortunately, we have an hour show which is a huge privilege to revisit top innings and get people's opinions on them and unfortunately that's not how the news works and there's so many tragic angles to this and yes guns are part of the problem and someone who sold a gun to someone who had a felony charge beforehand and that person's going to be in trouble as well. it's a problem that these guns used in these cities come from conservative states with looser laws and then they get buffed across the border and used in chicago. so i don't want to be like oh silver lining in this because it's a tragedy to lose a life.
2:19 pm
i'm happy to hear more new answer in these discussions from people in positions of power who are moving away from just straight up like this is about cops that gunned down unarmed people that we need to celebrate those in law enforcement who do risk their lives every day and we also need to talk about the victims, the unarmed victims, but the police officers, in the way they should be and that's something eric adams who will go on to be the mayor of new york city will do very well. where he names the officers who have been shot and gunned down themselves and victims as well. >> greg, not ever story is a media criticism story but to jessica's point, in 2019, there were 14 unarmed black men killed by police. in that same year, 51 officers killed in the line of duty. >> right. >> i don't think americans understand that context in fact i know you don't. if you ask people how many unarmed black people are killed every year, they get it wildly wrong regardless of political affiliation. >> yeah. every time there were riots or demonstrations and arson, what
2:20 pm
predated it? it was a video of a tragic, ugly event involving either the death of an unarmed suspect -- like the media, if they wanted to, they could spend two hours every day and look at each case that happens through the year, because there's not a lot. like if you add black and white in, i guess, other, or non-white, it's probably about two dozen, 30 maybe? and that was 2019 from the washington post data. so i would suggest that like, yeah, people should get in other people's faces. it's time. it's like if you -- if the media -- if we had video of the death of this police officer and we played it as much as the george floyd video, what would happen? we will never know. because that will never happen. we will never treat the death of a police officer as importantly as we would in any other case. i understand it, because you could say well, one is an authority and one isn't and one
2:21 pm
is armed and one -- i get it. but if you look at every single one of these cases, they are so nuanced and i start to say this is a really hard job, we demonized an entire force which then led to obviously the defunding but also the ferguson effect in the dramatic rise in crime. meanwhile and i say this all the time, lori lightfoot is depending on what she's calling on the national problem of gun violence. that's to paper over the fact that the national problem is crime. right? whenever they talk about crime they go that's a local problem, but the guns are a national problem. no, no, no. they're both the same, okay? so they're both a national problem. >> all right. >> up next for fact if you remembers, cnn brian stelter giving the corrupt cuomo brothers a pass. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> cnn is trying to cover for enbattled anchor chris cuomo while he and his brother drown in scandal chris facing writ switch for refusing to cover the story but getting support from the educate network's so called critics. >> this is a con undrum for cnn that have no perfect answer or solution. some people say cnn made it worse when chris was allowed to interviews his brother when he was new york. that was unprecedented. and so is this, a famous family in the news a governor at the highest heights now to the lowest lows. self-inflicted wounds. and a brother who just wants to do his job. just wants to anchor his show. >> greg, the famous family is having a hard time and, quote,
2:27 pm
chris cuomo has a lot to say but he cannot say it. >> i'm having too much pleasure right now from everything he just said. he's the media reporter. would he have addressed the nuance of this topic if it had happened at fox news? >> no. >> suddenly he's discovered the complexity of life, the complexity of reporting. before it was just trump supporters racist. that was so easy. and fox news should be taken off the air. we didn't need any nuance then. but now i need nuance. my favorite part about it is that's so seltzer. he went to his sources, right? i don't know, he went into the break room and he found out that chris cuomo just wants to do his job. so i'm beginning to wonder what is the anonymous source, who that was? was that like the cafeteria lady or some italian guy who's brother's governor. just say i want to do my job. i love seeing the spotlight turned on them and watching their behavior change.
2:28 pm
it's refreshing to see them suddenly discover that life isn't as simple as they've been playing it. they have assigned so much simplistic blame to law enforcement for ten years. right? >> yeah. >> there was no nuance about cops. if there was one cop that did something bad, it was the entire police department that was guilty of systemic racism. right? there was no nuance there. there was no nuance anytime a trump supporter posted a meme. clearly that means all trump supporters were racist. there was never nuance. now they figured it out. good job. >> cnn is trying to make this sound like there's a conflict with chris cuomo coring his brother andrew cuomo. >> convenient. >> but that's defense of the situation. this is actually about chris cuomo writing statements and e-mails that then the governor's office actually sent out almost verbatim on behalf of the governor during the scandal. so there are layers to this that they're not wanting to get into. >> of course. even on the journalistic ethical
2:29 pm
level that's convenient to take where you were perfectly fine covering him when he was being lauded and given emmy awards. but now there's criticism there's conflict of interest here. but you're absolutely right katie it doesn't stop there because chris cuomo isn't just covering the story he is part of the story helping to craft the message for governor cuomo. i look at this quickly and i think how does governor cuomo hold on. right now he's lost political party, lost polling in the state of new york, lost every legislate you are in about the state. and the only answer is the one that keeps chris cuomo in his job and that is we are watching privilege play out. someone talked about privilege. this is fame, a political family. this is people born on third base and think they hit a triple and can't imagine the world is going to hold them accountable. this is completely for both brothers a story of privilege. >> does the governor stay or go. >> first i want to say i actually understood that sports in et for and i'm proud of myself. it was a very good one. couple things happened that we
2:30 pm
have to keep in mind. his chief of staff resigned today so not only has he lost the people will just mentioned but when she who enabled a lot of this realizes that she better hop off of this train and try to save herself, if she can, because she's also going to be a witness in all of this, so she left. the other thing i did not realize is that, once impeachment starts in the state of new york, he has to step aside as governor. okay. it's not like when we saw the congress impeach the president twice where he's still at the white house and it's over because we know it's not going to pass, it's no big deal. he actually has to leave. so i do think because you saw his team float an idea today, a deal, in which he basically would say to the state legislature i promise not to run for a fourth term if you don't try to impeach me. to me i this think he knows one he's not running for a fourth term anyway and two he knows if he gets impeached it's all over and he knows he's going to get
2:31 pm
impeached. so i don't think -- i don't know how he leaves but he leaves. >> jessica there was another big resignation as well today. the leader of the time's up movement which is supposed to be about defending women from sexual harassment and sexual assault at work, roberta kaplan. she actually was helping governor cuomo go after the women who were accusing him of doing all these things and corroborated in this report we saw come out. so there's that layer too, this time's up hollywood movement on the left supposed to be standing up for women and the woman running the show was actually helping to smear the reputations to women coming forward. >> this is really a continuation of the story we've been seeing in the aftermath of, you know, the beginning of time's up where people realized actually these stories are incredibly textured and they're different in cases, like you remember the beginning suddenly harvey weinstein and al frank inare the same person which is ludicrous and i think al franken is sitting there saying i cannot believe i
2:32 pm
resigned after seeing what we saw happen there. so it was right for her to resign and i do as someone, the only member of the liberal party at the table, i can tell you people who have the same politics as me has shifted away from believing in organizations or shifting in organizations to moving case-by-case basis this is what i think about this particular instance. and greg and i were talking about this before we came out here. when the governor cuomo scandal shifted from the nursing homes to me too, that's when i said this is not going to end well for him because i think that people were a lot more comfortable and felt like there was more fodder to go after him on this where it seems -- these are very real accusations, and it did not make her happy, i'm sure, to have to release that report. there was like 11-plus women. so they knew that this was something that all of society can get behind. right? this is something that we have come out with and you're going to have president biden who was forced to, and i'm sure he called cuomo ahead of time and said i said on stephanopoulos if the report is bad that you're
2:33 pm
going and that was the standard you wanted us to hold you toen a i i've known you for decades and i loved your dad but this is the standard. >> well, the white house has denied that the president has called andrew cuomo directly. >> sorry. >> the prime minister called. >> yeah, ron klain may have called but the other thing on wasn't just cuomo there were a number of democratic governors involved in nursing homes so once again it's easy to walk away from that. >> nuance, complexity. >> i love nuance. >> before we didn't have nuance now we have nuance. >> the run away texas domes suing governor greg abbott for violating their constitutional right. ♪♪
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>> the run away texas democrats who brought covid to dc are now suing governor greg abbott and other republican leaders for trying to bring them back to the state. almost two dozen of the dems claim they've been, quote, deprived of liberty. are they in jail? i don't know. for substantial periods of time, suffered much anxiety and distress over the separation from their families. should interviews the families. and much discomfort and embarrassment. the judge issued an order that blocks the democrats from being arrested so they'll be able to return home soon. >> all right, dana, they're deprived of their freedoms. how is that possible? >> are they in jail. >> this is the texas tik tok democrats, like the worst political stunt in the history of political stunts and has now turned into the most ridiculous nuisance lawsuit ever to be
2:39 pm
filed. >> what is their premise to the lawsuit? i hope it involves racism. >> of course, and other things. so i'm just going to borrow from byron york who did a threat on twitter so you can see the whole feed there. i'll mention a couple of things. one of the things they write is their constitutional rights were violated on the basis of race in that, i'm quoting, certain plaintiffs are either black or white. okay? they also -- >> that's all you need. >> they also claim that they've been violate order the basis of creed. okay, creed. and that plaintiffs have expressed a faith or belief that every eligible citizen has a right to vote. >> wow. that's almost so idiotic i almost admire it. >> in a way they have nothing -- this is the worst stunt, they got on a plane maskless they drank a bunch of food, had so much fun, put their dirty laundry for everyone to see, asked for care packages. then a couple of them had non-refundable tickets to
2:40 pm
portugal and their excuse for going to portugal is that, yes, we agreed that democracy hangs in the balance, but we had non-refundable tickets. >> you know what? it's the airlines fault, non-refundable tickets. they're a scam. they force you -- you buy them and can't refund them. will what were you going to say. >> don't dismiss them when they give away the game. they said their political position is their creed, their faith, their religion and therefore the political opinion onis their protective class. they're giving it away. it's rich. a wonderful rich argument. yes, i shot that cop and i ran, but you chasing me has now violated my civil rights. and i feel like my constitutional rights have been violated. i broke the law, i'll give it to you, i broke the law but you shouldn't be pursuing me. that's their argument. >> that's not far off because we're not really pursuing people because we don't want to cause problems and that's probably racist, too. jessica, shouldn't they just go
2:41 pm
home? can't they read the room, that is the united states? we all have problems right now with life and covid and stuff and they're just kind of like, they're a circus rather than, we can't -- we can't take them seriously. >> well, it's also at this point a bankrupted circus, because there was a ton of attention the first week, they had meetings, like marine mum bailey's is out of business, like circumstance did so lay they're out of business, there's not an appetite and very serious things have gone on, people are dying from covid, a police officer was shot and killed, we're trying to get kids back to school. they should go back and from the get go i felt like a this is going to back fire and b, stand your ground on the floor, filibuster and give one of those crazy wendy davis 24 hour speeches about voting rights and you will get coverage for that which is the core issue. >> if you wore pink shoes. >> pink running shoes. >> i forgot about her.
2:42 pm
what is her name. >> wendy davis. >> biggest texas political stunt. remember the pink shoes? >> that was a distraction. >> sorry. >> there was a lot that you could do to make your political point without getting lost in the tail winds of the end. >> it's the best katie. this is almost as funny as watching the cuomo brothers implode. >> yes. i have a quick question. what is the beer in texas? >> shiner's. >> so you're allowed to maybe drink shiner on the floor in the texas house but you're not allowed to drinkr drink miller light apparently that's why they left to come to dc get on the private plane. the funniest thing is they all portrayed themselves as fighters and marters and they've had a really tough time. they caused a crisis for the biden administration, multiple days of distractions for the white house briefings and the press secretary trying to answer questions about what they were doing there. they met with the vice-president, tested positive for covid. the whole thing's a disaster and
2:43 pm
then they fled to europe. >> it's a beautiful story. it really is a beautiful story. >> texans not representing them and they should have brought shiner to he want are. >> or lone star, nothing snouty. >> all right, the fastest seven's up next. ♪♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you.
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now serving at a taco bell near you. ♪ >> welcome back it's time for the fastest. first up, have you ever dreamed about living on mars but dreaded the 9-month commute? well, nasa has a solution for you. the space agency is looking for volunteers to live in isolation in a 1700 foot fake martian habitat for a year here on earth. is this that exciting? >> it's what everybody's been doing for 18 months. i just realized. we're in isolation? we are he done, experiment over. we've been to mars. >> it's true, we have. >> and cost billions of dollars, perhaps trillions. >> next topic? >> no, what i find interesting about this is this is a simulation of mars. >> yes. >> so what does that tell you? that what we're doing right now obviously started as a simulation to see if we could
2:48 pm
live on earth. >> whoa. >> yeah. so what we are now talking about a simulation within a simulation. we are sitting here right now, we are part of a test to see if we can actually live on the other earth. we just don't know that. i know. >> disclaimer. >> mars is nothing like earth at all. >> how are they going to do it. >> there's no water really, there's some water but it's all frozen. >> also if you have to stay inside the whole time and if you go to mars and have to stay inside the whole time i hard pass on that. >> it's the window looking. it's a cool thing. >> great view. >> a lot of places in northern arizona and southern utah that look a lot like march. that's where they test the rovers, so if you want a quicker trip go there. >> it would definitely be a red state, though? right? mars. >> definitely. definitely. >> that's funny. >> i don't know. yeah. >> okay. next up, a woman is reportedly
2:49 pm
suing mcdonald's because their burgers are too tempting. she claims to have broken lent because mcdonald's ad she saw was too enticing and convinced her to get a cheeseburger. do ads like this work. >> she has to take this up with the good lord. i don't think that's an excuse for breaking lent. it's all about will, right? >> that's what i hear. >> and sacrifice. >> yummy. >> go to will. >> it's all about will. will, what did you do? >> your fault. >> i think the director knew that when he cut to me. those advertisers, by the way were not too appear tieing those certainly weren't the ones to entice lynn. >> are there any that get you. >> we were just talking about this. greg has never seen an ad for foot that sucked you in. >> not at all. she broke lent and then broke wind. this is russia by the way. >> yeah. >> i was thinking this had to be a texas democrat for the lawsuit.
2:50 pm
in russia, how much they love mcdonald's is beyond belief. they will wait for hours. >> i went to the first mcdonald's that ever got to russia in moscow, they did it right. it's not gold but -- >> how was the indoor playground? >> i can't fit in any child's. >> it has all the balls, but you're in prison. >> you can never leave. >> you can never leave. >> there are any food commercials that get you. >> i typically don't like picture food when you go on vacation. >> in the menu. >> on the menu there's pictures of it, i hate picture food. that's not usually my thing. but, yeah, i guess so, like some steak houses will get me. out back steak house has some good ads. here's what i will say. this person's lawsuit, whoever made the ad, they need to put this on the top of their linked in page and resume, you made a great ad i would live on that for the rest of my life. >> did you see the damage he was asking? $14. >> which is like 70 million rubles.
2:51 pm
>> she just got the reason for the lawsuit. >> and if it were here it would be like a billion dollars because of logistics. >> and they probably would have paid it. >> mcdonald's the hot coffee that was the first one. >> that was real though. >> yeah. >> okay. we do not have anymore time. one more thing is up next. ♪♪
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. .
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2:55 pm
♪ will. >> dana: time now for favorite segment, one be more thing. i'm going to start off and congratulate my friend chris blair on the opening of second location in tennessee listening room. a great place where can you hear singer songwriters talk about the stories behind how the country music you love got born. really. there is one in nashville which i love this one, this new one is in pigeon forge, tennessee.
2:56 pm
and it opened this weekend and if you love country music you should really make a plan to go and visit. i heard it was great. will: definitely. >> greg: all right. let's do this. i was trying to think of something cool to say. i'm glad i decided not to. i caught myself. ♪ animals are great. >> greg: you know, my life is 90% trying to reach a scratch, you know? lafayette. >> greg: i swear to god i have a scratch right now and i can't get to it because of my short stupid arms god gave me an itchy back and short arms. this is why you need one of these things. check out this fellow. this turtle knew what to do or whoever. he has like these -- this little contraption and scratches his underside. >> dana: like a car wash. >> greg: like a car wash for somebody with dry skin. i don't know how that helps his shell. maybe he can feel it through the shell. katie: is that a boot cleaner? >> greg: i don't know but i think is he flirting with us shaking that.
2:57 pm
[laughter] >> dana: kind of quick at it too for a turtle. jessica, what do you have? >> jessica: nothing turtle crashing or ass related. olympic basketball on normal tv time men and women's gold medal games this weekend and they did not disappoint. both won gold with kevin durant win win over france and earning third medal. pulled out all the stops to earn fifth gold medals. bird said this was her last olympics while said see new paris where the 2024 games are chris middleton and drew holiday are now the first teen mates to win the olympic fines and gold same year since michael jordan and scotty partnership pin. >> greg: look at you. >> jessica: i got to show will cain can i play. >> dana: you brought your one more thing game.
2:58 pm
impressive. >> dana: katie? katie: i know you guys two weeks ago i suck at fishing and never catch anything. this guy is the opposite of me and he is from missouri and he set a new state record with his massive fish qualified for a new world record. it's a carp and he didn't real l this thing in on a typical rod and reel, he was bow fishing when he caught the carp. he thought he was shooting a 30-pound grass carp but when they tried it pull it out of the water they realized it was huge. he called it a quote straight up monster so congratulations for setting the state record. will: a little word play there. >> dana: love it very clever producers. excellent producers. love our producers. will, you are next. will: i would have been more impressed if he noodled that fish. >> greg: that's a noodle. will: that's when you stick your arm. catfish bury themselves in dams
2:59 pm
and get very large and stick your arm into their burrow into the hole. bite arm and grab insides pull them out wrestle them. >> jessica: it doesn't hurt? will: anti-climatic end of the to story. >> dana: that's not like catch and release. >> jessica: people eat catfish. will: speaking of catch and release this guy was wandering around a grocery store in los angeles. that video was captured by actress tisha campbell. everybody in the store was pretty laid back about this. many people tried to pet him. >> greg: what do you think he was looking for? will: honey. >> fish. carp. >> do we have that video of the los angeles lady or whatever the little girl. anyway. we could keep looking at the bear. we never have 30 seconds left.
3:00 pm
katie: he looks very hungry. >> greg: somebody was eaten. will: i wouldn't advise petting a bear. he is a baby so probably pull it off. >> dana: hanging around with those people. resk jessica wish we had 10 second. >> dana: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. bret: i don't want carp on your noodling and turtle scratching but i liked the bear. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says he is in favor of a plan to require all members of the u.s. military to be vaccinated. the coronavirus resurgence is prompting consideration of new restrictions and mandates which are generating considerable pushback throughout the country depending on where you live. this comes as the u.s. is averaging more than 100,000 new covid-19 cases per day. that's actually the highest level since february. white house correspondent peter doocy is with the president in wilmington


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