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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 9, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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eating dirt real quick because just like that, you are going down. >> kayleigh: impressive. abby, quick thoughts? >> abby: i am not sure if she is a mother, but she sure has the strength of one. >> kayleigh: thanks, everyone. great show. now here is "america reports." >> john: thank you. we will see you soon. chicago police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop, but also critically wounded her partner. she was surveying on a unit that was created to stop gun violence gun violence. the shooting, part of another bloody weekend. chicago alderman and former police officer will join us on the out-of-control violence in that city. >> sandra: also coming up, laredo, texas, mayor on the worsening crisis at the border. jonathan turley, brand-new lawsuit filed by texas
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democrats. and kayleigh mcenany on the latest in the governor cuomo scandal. >> john: and that is where we begin today. the hits just keep on coming for andrew cuomo. key figure behind his grasp on power in new york is calling it quits. hello, i am john roberts. welcome to you again. >> thank you so much. i am in for sandra smith today. she was secretary to the governor, and she was well known as being an enforcer and the governor's office. painting a picture of her as well, alleging derosa tried to smear the credibility of cuomo's accusers. >> john: now one of those accusers is putting her name and story on the record. brittany commisso, she alleges cuomo groped her in the governor's mansion as recently as last november. >> these were not hugs that he
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would give his mother or his brother. these were hugs with the intention of getting some personal sexual satisfaction, maybe, to him. he thought that this was normal. but see me and the other women that he did this to you, it was not normal. >> john: our bryan llenas has been on this right from the very beginning. live in albany, new york. the heat being turned up another notch. >> no doubt about it, john peered with governor andrew cuomo showing no signs that he will resign, all eyes are now on the impeachment process. the state assembly's judiciary committee has been meeting behind closed doors to discuss next steps and their five month long impeachment investigation. and also to discuss perhaps possible impeachment proceedings. earlier today, they discussed a little bit about this on camera but potentially the kind of
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timeline we are talking about in terms of the potential impeachment. listen. >> as early as later this month, we will discuss the evidence publicly and in an open and transparent manner. once the investigation is either completed or very close to completion. >> now, that is, as executive assistant number one, brittany commisso, still working in the governor's office, spoken her first tv interview about how he groped her aunt sexually harassed her. warning that what you're about about to hear is graphic. >> that's when he put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra. i remember looking down, seeing his hand, which is a large hand, thinking to myself, oh, my god. i know the truth. he knows the truth. i know it happened.
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and so does he. >> she filed a criminal complaint with the albany sheriff's department. she says she believes that cuomo broke the law and deserves to be held accountable. the sheriff says that it could lead to a misdemeanor arrest of the governor. this as melissa derosa last night, mentioned 187 times in the attorney general's report. reporting that derosa resigned after determining that cuomo no longer had a pact to stay in office and she would no longer be willing to publicly defend him. meantime, roberta kaplan, an attorney for the #metoo organization has resigned. lgbtq organization, actually under investigation. his name is alfonso david. they are both accused and the attorney general's report of helping governor cuomo retaliate
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against one of his sexual harassment accusers. >> john: the onion just keeps getting peeled back, layer by layer. brian, thanks so much. we are expecting the speaker of the assembly as well as chairman of the judiciary to come out later on this afternoon and sort of explain next apps and all of this. >> anita: you've got two things going on. the judiciary committee meeting, and now you have the criminal complaint, so like you said, the heat is getting turned up. >> john: moment by moment. >> john: moment by moment. >> john: joining us in a little bit to talk about this, make sure you stick around for that. >> anita: moving on, new covid case is now averaging 100,000 cases per day. confusion is growing as schools prepare to reopen with the varying rules on masks and vaccines here now one of the nation's largest teachers unions is reversing course, calling for
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vaccine mandates for teachers. >> matter of personal conscious, i think we need to be working with our employees, not opposing them, on vaccine mandates. >> anita: white house correspondent peter doocy life in wilmington, delaware, with more on this mass can vaccine mandate confusion. peter, can you clear it up for us? >> i will try to, anita. they are not going to back off the recommendation that every single person who steps foot inside a school facility anywhere in the country needs to have their mouth and nose covered, even if they have been fully vaccinated. >> i understand the fatigue of wearing masks. i don't like wearing masks. i know my own children do not want to wear masks. they are vaccinated, but we also understand this is bigger than us. we are trying to keep infection rates low, and it's more dangerous for students to be
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home then have interrupted learning because of that we are making. >> they have already decided it is possible to require the vaccine, even if an employee protests that it is not yet fda approved. but that argument may soon be moved because dr. anthony fauci says they prove this coming within weeks. there are republicans with other issues, though. >> what we shouldn't have as government mandates telling people that have been vaccinated that they have to wear masks indoors or telling kids and teachers that they are mandated to wear masks, or even worse, shutting down schools for a 30-year in a row. that is not the best course of action. >> president biden is here in wellington today. public events on the schedule, we do not expect to see them on camera until tomorrow. anita. >> anita: keep us updated, please. live from wilmington, delaware. john. >> john: both a criminal and
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health threat to the united states peered one prominent doctor telling fox an uptick in local covid cases is "certainly a link to mike rounds with covid." this as immigration and customs enforcement agents uncover a 18. 20 feet underground, running from -- the democratic mayor of laredo, texas, pete saenz, joins us now. obviously, drunk tunnels are not an issue where you live. but we see a lot of these tunnels in california. this one apparently did not have an exit on the u.s. side, but what are you saying down there in the laredo sector in terms of criminality in criminal enterprise? >> thank you for having me, by the way. our situation is more directed towards stash houses. the laredo section, we are
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seeing them come through our area. in the single adults, basically organized, the cartel was local gangs. but if we don't obtain resources from the biden administration, that may change. so the stash houses, people are gathered there. loaded into tractor-trailers or even trains leaving laredo towards the north. and of course, it worries us because the criminal activity. there's women, children, guns, money involved. so it is just a splendid recipe for something bad to occur. >> john: as we have seen, lives are involved as well. van crashed into a utility pole. the people inside were killed. there is also health implications.
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over the course of the year, some 7,000 people have been dropped there who were infected with covid. 1500 just about a week ago. the spokesman for the national border patrol council. >> it's pretty bad. i know we have at least 80 other agents, more than 80 have tested positive. >> john: again, what is the situation there and mike >> the situation is that border patrol is overwhelmed. they are busing migraines migrants. basically busing these folks further north because we can't handle them. very limited. whatever migrants were being received here would easily
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create or cause them to be quarantined. of course, border patrol keeps dumping more and more migrants, so we are just busing them out. >> john: about a third of the way it is a small town called rio grande city. he is a physician there. he was asked by fox news about the surging covid cases, and he says a lot of it is coming in from a legal migrants. listen to what he said. >> we've had a significant number of new cases show up in our area here and in our practice, but also remember that as though migrants travel north, they continue to be infectious because the cdc guidelines for quarantine and isolation are not being followed. and that's a huge problem. >> john: so we have, mayor, huge contradiction. we have the biden administration recommending mask and mandates.
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the pentagon is going to require all active duty personnel to get a vaccine. yet at the same time, these illegal migrants who have not been tested, who have not been vaccinated, many of whom are covid positive, continue to flood across the border. >> border patrol, they don't have that capacity. you know, what do you expect from a smaller entity like the city of laredo? although we coordinate with ngos and the emergency management coordinators, we are doing the best we can with what we have. >> john: let me quickly ask you this question. got elected mayor there in the mcallen. he's a republican. we have been hearing a lot more from officials about the situation down there. you are a democrat. even though your office is not
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partisan, what would you say to president biden at the white house about this? >> please send us resources. we have been asking for months, and i mean personnel. the border patrol budget for this year did not increase. i think it was lessened. we cannot go in that direction. we need more border patrol. we need more technology. we need the migrants to be tested before they travel further north. so that is the sort of thing that we need here. we need relief. we need to secure the border, frankly. for us, we should be applying this from their country of origin or somewhere close. don't force them to come to the border to claim asylum. >> john: got it. mary pete saenz of laredo. nice to talk to you. best luck. hope you got the message across.
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>> anita: we are getting a glimpse of former president obama's big birthday bash in his martha's vineyard to stay this weekend. why the images are triggering outrage online. plus, chicago mourning the loss of one of its finest. >> john: the latest on that investigation and what leaders are saying the rise and gun violence across the country. that's all i had. >> they come to work, willing to run towards things. towards gunfire. and they are willing to sacrifice their lives. ♪ ♪ someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor,
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♪ ♪ >> anita: well, the current crisis in chicago now putting the city's police officers in the line of fire. what can be done to keep the officers safe and repair their relationship with the community? but first, social media ripping president barack obama over his lavish 60th birthday soiree despite a surge in covid cases. he was seen dancing without a mask in a crowded tent as he partied with his celebrity friends. the images immediately sparked outrage online, trending on twitter with the hashtag, #masklessobama. >> john: some have said that he is vaccinated, but in areas of high transmission, you should
10:20 am
wear a mask, particularly around a lot of people. dukes county, which happens to be martha's vineyard, is an area of high transmission. so, if you were following the cdc by the letter, you would have to wear a mask. >> anita: that is why he is getting a lot of flak on twitter. it looks like quite the party. >> john: not so scaled-back. this is a real tragic story. one is dead after a shoot out during a routine traffic stop saturday night. we all know that there is nothing such as a routine traffic stop. ella french and another officer had pulled over a car. alderman anthony napolitano was standing by with reaction to all of this. but we begin with garrett, life force in chicago. this is prompting a lot of outrage. a lot of that aimed at mayor lori lightfoot in chicago.
10:21 am
>> the risk that officers face on a daily basis are too much for families mourning the loss of a daughter and a sister and another that is -- after two officers were shot on the city's outside. ella french and her two partners conducted a routine traffic stop when one of the passengers opened fire. take a listen. >> i've got an officer down. 10-1. officer down. shots fired. officer down. ella french. speak out officer ella french was rushed to the hospital but ultimately died from a gunshot wound to the head appeared she 9 years old and joined the force just three and a half years ago. her brothers that she wanted to make a difference however she could. always thought of others before herself, and believe that
10:22 am
therapy or social services could help people more than sending them to jail. on sunday, chicago's top cup praises the work that cops do and said this is a stark example of the sacrifices they are willing to make on a daily basis to hugh, keep the rest of us safe. >> they come to work, willing to run towards things, towards gunfire. they are willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect strangers. >> this past weekend alone, 86 people were shot. 13 killed in chicago, including officer ella french. we are being told one of her partners, a six year veteran of the force, remains in critical condition and is fighting for his life after being shot three times, including one through the eye. city leaders are asking to keep the families in their prayers. see you on such a tragic story.
10:23 am
garrett tenney for us in the windy city. >> anita: while, for more on all of this, let's bring in chicago alderman, anthony napolitano. thank you so much for joining us. our condolences here at fox go out to you in the city for the loss of that young police officer. let me ask you, how do you describe what is going on in chicago, one of our great american cities? >> yeah, thanks for having me. right off the bat, prayers go to these officers and their families. we will be grieving this loss. the issue here is what we have been saying for a long time. you have a socialist movement that has been demonizing the police, and now you have the brazen attitude of people on the street that are going after the police. they are actually making the police the enemy on the street right now, and you don't have a single political politician in chicago that is pushing a movement to crack down on these
10:24 am
criminals. they are going after the police as well. and this is your end result. these officers are doing their job every day of the week, twice on sunday. they are treated as the enemy. this is wrong. that is not how it is supposed to be. the city of chicago and voters better wake up right now for who they are putting in office because we are losing the city. >> anita: we heard in garrett tenney report there is some degree of anger being pointed at the mayor here. let's listen to what mayor lori lightfoot had to say about the shooting of this young officer. >> the police are not our enemies. they are human, just as we are. flawed, just as we are. but also risking their lives every day for our safety. insecurity. >> anita: you know, there are a lot of people saying that she is certainly hitting the right
10:25 am
tone. that is the right sentiment, but it is coming a little too late now. i want to ask you, tell us rest a little bit about this police officer who lost her life. the first chicago officer to lose her life in the line of duty, ella french. what can you tell us about her? >> you have to know right off the bat, this is a young lady who took a risk by taking a job that a lot of people don't want to take now. she is a hero and not alone, knowing that while we sleep at home, she's going to be out there protecting us, her and her partner. for anyone in this war zone, this crime riddled city, to step up, put that uniform on right now, an absolute hero. for people to keep demonizing the police, this is your end result. 39 shot or shot at since the beginning of the year. over 6500 people shot in the city of chicago right now. this is a war zone. it needs to be fixed now. >> anita: yeah, in fact, and
10:26 am
garrett's report, he also put the numbers up about the violence over the weekend. i would like to put those numbers up again because i think there important. look at the spirit shooting incidents, 54 shooting incidents. 13 people murdered. this seems to be becoming commonplace there in the windy city. where does the mayor stand on this? she has that she doesn't support the defend the police movement, yet she eliminated vacant positions. so, where does she stand in terms of policing and may be providing more funds for the police department? >> a lot of the saws on city council as well. 50 aldermen in there. you maybe have about -- let's say about 18 that are adamantly exciting defunded the police. that is not the direction. the mayor cannot do anything in the city council votes in its favor. they spent the last four years trying to find a 12 police accountability program to have
10:27 am
oversight, instead of fighting crime in our neighborhoods. that should tell you where this is going. they are the ones creating this hemisphere. they are the ones creating the defunded the police movement. they are bringing the brazen attitude on the street that the cops are the enemy. they need to vote the socialists out of office right now because we are losing our city. i cannot be any more clear than that. take a look at who is funding them and who is behind them. they need to go now before we lay chicago. >> anita: all right. aldermen anthony napolitano, thank you so much for your thoughts. thank you for joining us. hopefully my peaceful days ahead. john. >> thank you for having me. these are sad times. >> john: the pentagon will require all troops to get vaccinated for coronavirus by the middle of next month your deadline, september the 15th. could be pushed up. if they get final approval, or if cases keep rising. thank you to lucas tomlinson for confirming that ap report. >> anita: the taliban issues a
10:28 am
warning as the u.s. prepares to withdraw. it is a total takeover imminent? >> john: plus, chuck schumer unveiling a massive spending measure, costing multiple trillions of dollars. yes, trillions of dollars. how will this affect rising inflation fears? what is in the bill, anyway? steve moore and robert walsh here to weigh in on the other side of the break. ♪ ♪ address my fellow veterans. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates, newday is holding the line with our two and a quarter refi. that's two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. this is our lowest rate in history. and it can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments we're holding the line on interest rates so that every veteran family can save. because that's what newday usa is all about. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪
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10:33 am
unity and not deter voters from heading to the polls next month. >> anita: and canada opening its border to the country today. the u.s. is not allowing nonessential visitors from canada on tell at least later this month. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen, or go to >> john: chuck schumer unveiling another massive $3.5 trillion budget plan as the senate prepares to pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan later today or in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. how are senators justifying all of the spending? well that further increase prices you are already paying for just about everything? let's bring in our panel. the democrats are saying that this is a three and a half trillion dollar budget bill, but if you believe the committee,
10:34 am
they say that they are hiding a lot of the actual costs, that they are arbitrarily sending some things. probably closer to $5.5 trillion. can we afford this? >> of course we can. most americans understand that this is an incredibly financially reckless for our country. don't forget we have the $1.9 trillion spending bill the democrats passed at the beginning of the year. now they've got a $1 trillion additional infrastructure bill that is putting more of a green deal on the table now. now they are talking about $5 trillion more. if my math is right, that is like six or $7 trillion. this is monstrously overbudget. the democrats are going to have to raise the debt ceiling to accommodate all of the spending. i think it will lead us over the fiscal cliff, and i think we will see raging inflation. and the massive indebtedness that will do great damage for
10:35 am
decades in this country. >> john: i still think people cannot fully comprehend how much $1 trillion is. some of this bill, universal pre-k, paid family and medical leave, tuition free community college, affordable housing, expand medicare, renewable energy investment, path to citizenship, and encouraging union membership. they plan to do it under reconciliation, which would require only a simple majority to pass. that is a lot of benjamin's to bet on a slim majority vote without having any kind of meaningful debate on this. >> it is a lot of benjamins. i just want to get his math right. it is wrong. not surprising. i like steve, but that is wrong. first of all, $550 billion infrastructure bill, only $70 trillion is energy related, which if you speak to people in louisiana, they are glad.
10:36 am
so, it is not 90% if you are not 50%. it is about 12%. and by the way, when president trump put his infrastructure bill of, less than 5% was paid for. over 50% is being paid for. now, as we go to the new reconciliation, i just had to get those facts on the table. first of all, i don't think it is going to pass. this is a budget reconciliation. it is not going to get 50 votes in the senate. it won't pass the house, in my gut tells me we are probably talking about under $2 trillion. it is going to include things like what i would say social infrastructure. schools, education, elder care. those things are needed. and by the way, once again, those things i needed and a postcode environment. we have seen what has happened in schools and education, but you should support this. it is bipartisan. and it's everything that you
10:37 am
guys were talking about when president trump was in office. >> john: on this idea, flipping those graphics around. this is the $1.2 trillion. broadband equity program. grants for electric vehicle charging stations. there is a green new deal part of it. mandates to privatize union contracts. >> there's a lot more than that, by the way. for amtrak. why don't we privatize that? >> john: steve, give me a moment here. speak up billions of dollars for mass transit. people are not writing mass transit anymore. >> john: steve, give me a second. can you hear me? >> the infrastructure -- >> john: let's not forget the first act of joe biden was to veto a project that had no cost to the taxpayer. we need pipelines in this country. we need to be able to transport our oil and gas across the country. this basically transfers our
10:38 am
energy system from unreliable wind and solar power, from coal and oil and gas, which has provided most of our energy. robert, i might be wrong about my math because i can keep up with the spending proposals. >> john: okay, okay. >> close to five or $6 trillion. >> john: steve has got selective hearing, i think. >> these numbers are completely out of control. >> john: he is either got selective hearing, or he's lost is an ear microphone. one of the things to address this, on the green new deal i think too, the secretary shall establish a pilot program to demonstrate a national motor vehicle per mile user fee, and the only thing i can think of is that if you're transitioning away from gasoline powered to a lecture, you lose that gas tax. you've got to make it up
10:39 am
somewhere else. >> to things. it's unfortunate you are a mute button did not work. with respect to broadband, we all broadband is needed in rural areas. i mean, that is not green new deal. broadband is needed. that would get 100% passing on world broadband to those areas. that is clear. number two, as you know, joe biden was not supportive of the green new deal, so the idea that you're talking about the green new deal is absurd because it is nothing like that green new deal, okay? just to be clear. it is just not accurate. what i would say with respect to electric vehicles, they are here to stay. get used to it, fellas. they are here to stay. >> john: good to talk to you. steve, we've got to go. steve, next time, put it in your good ear. great to see you.
10:40 am
>> anita: i think we've got to take steve out to dinner. he's got a lot more to say. >> john: he sure does. goodness gracious. >> anita: well, moving on, could governor cuomo be arrested? the sheriff of albany county new york said it is a possibility. we will break down the governor's legal situation. >> john: plus, the debate is heating up as districts across the company reopen. why is some say that masks could do more harm than good. ♪ ♪ ime in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind.
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>> anita: the woman named executive assistant number one in the new york attorney general's report is coming forward, exposing the potential legal trouble facing governor cuomo. brittany commisso alleges that governor groves her as recently as last november if you she has filed a criminal complaint, and the sheriff in albany county confirmed a criminal probe into,
10:45 am
was underway. criminal defense attorney joins us now. for more on this. thanks so much for coming today. so, this young woman has barely come forward to tell her story. she says no question, the governor broke the law. let's listen to part of her interview. >> these are not hugs that he would give his mother or his brother. these were hugs with the intention of getting some personal sexual satisfaction out of. he quickly turned his head and kissed me on the lips. >> anita: okay, what with the actual charge be here? is it sexual assault? what happens next with a criminal complaint? how long does the legal process take? >> this is really interesting because the victim in this case has obviously read the penal law
10:46 am
in new york because what she is describing is forcible touching. forcible touching is the touching of the intimate parts of the body for basically the sexual gratification of the person who is doing the touching. that is what she is describing. textbook case. there are things that the police and prosecutors will have to look at. the calendar. this is a relatively low level offense. there is only two years from the date of occurrence to bring the charges, and she describes the first instance being somewhere around december 2019, so they could be coming up against it. the second thing is the actual evidence. and so far, what i'm saying, this is a quintessential "he said-she said" type of situation, but without more, the prosecution is really going to have to weigh whether or not and when they want to bring criminal charges. >> anita: we know that there is support in the new york state
10:47 am
house for an impeachment, both within the assembly and the senate coming and we are waiting for an update on that. there is also support for resignation, but which happens first? he set the complaint in this up against the clock for the statute of limitations, so which would happen first? >> that is a great question. if i am potentially prosecuting this case, i would wait to see what happens in the impeachment proceedings before i file criminal charges as a prosecutor because for one main reason, let's let governor cuomo give us some more information to use against him in a criminal case because right now all we have is is denial. the way this breaks down, both of these people cannot be telling the truth. if the accuser is telling the truth, cuomo is lying in. vice versa. because it is a "he said, she said." if he gives us some more pearls
10:48 am
like that ridiculous video he gave us for no good reason last week, that actually might help prosecutors build a case against him. >> anita: yeah, and if he gets impeached, does not help build the case as well? just the mere fact that he would be impeached over these allegations? >> no, it's interesting because i probably would affect his credibility, and that is what the criminal case would come down to. she did nobody any favors. she collected a large report and then basically dropped the mic and said we think he violated sexual harassment laws. now the ball is in your court, everybody else. that, to me, does not make a lot of sense. i would wait if i were them. >> anita: all right. jonna spilbor, thank you for that advice. john. >> john: the taliban, meantime, making big gains in afghanistan as u.s. troops move closer to fully withdrawing from the country. it is afghanistan already too
10:49 am
far gone? >> anita: controversy brewing ahead of 9/11 remembrances. why some families of the victims are telling president biden not to come. >> they are adding insult to injury by not giving us the documents that would bring us closer after 20 years. it has been far too long. ♪ ♪ insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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10:53 am
>> anita: convicted murderer scott peterson is expected to be called to testify at the trial of team men called and kristin smites death. they knew each other when she was a student in the late 1990s. peterson was flooded as a potential suspect and smites disappearance. now the lawyers, who are charged and kristin smites death, they want to question peterson. they claim that they did not consider other suspects. legal experts say the attempt to connect peterson to the smart case is likely to fail. >> john: the taliban and issuing a warning to the united states as a group gains more ground in afghanistan. american troops finalize their withdrawal from the war-torn country. signs are already pointing to a
10:54 am
takeover. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. anybody who says, lucas, that they were surprised by this likely was not paying attention. >> that's right. another sign of how dire the situation is. warning american citizens to evacuate as soon as possible. "u.s. embassy urges u.s. citizens to leave afghanistan immediately, using available commercial flight options. security conditions and reduce staffing, u.s. citizens in afghanistan, extremely limited, even within kabul. they said the u.s. government will pay for the flight. six cities have recently fallen to the taliban. five up north. they made their most recent battlefield gains to wear u.s. air strikes are not significantly happening. the u.s. has been providing limited air support down south, but it has now forest bombers
10:55 am
and gunships -- very little time of her head in afghanistan. requiring coordination from special forces on the ground, which exist down south lacking up north. former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan says it is now a moment of crisis. >> a prolonged civil wars are a more likely outcome here. be very smart about this. major strengths into kabul. they are doing their part to create a climate of fear and panic. they are succeeding wonderfully at the spirit >> officials say there are no signs that president biden will reverse course. >> john: we will keep watching and see where this goes, but it looks like nowhere good. >> anita: the executive who claims governor -- the executive who claims governor cuomo grabbed her now speaking out. but the governor says never happen, and he is refusing to
10:56 am
resign. what will it take for him to step down? kayleigh mcenany is here with her thoughts. that story, plus jonathan turley, joey jones coming up in the next hour. ♪ ♪ endraising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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11:00 am
cracked, busted, sticky buttons and all thank you. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network. (laughter) >> john: new at 2:00, too sophisticated to catch covid? taking heat trying to defend former president obama and his mask less bash. those who preach but don't seem to want to practice. >> anita: the governor's top aide calling it quits. his former assistant breaking her silence, saying he turned her dream job into a nightmare. >> what he did to me, he broke the law. >> anita: kayleigh mcenany standing by with a reaction. >> john: declassified, or
11:01 am
don't bother attending. 20 years later, they are demanding president biden release documents they say welding saudi arabia to al qaeda. we will talk to him and his father died in the twin towers about the fight for answers. that afternoon. i'm john roberts from washington. this is the second hour of "america reports." >> anita: hello, john. i'm in need of vocal and presented today. we begin with a warning about children and masks. >> john: democrats already pushing for trillions of dollars more in spending. bipartisan infrastructure deal. >> anita: by john, critics say you should read the fine print. they point to a provision that could lead to federal and state mileage taxes. we are live in chicago where folks know all about taxes when it comes to their cars. say it isn't so. a mileage tax? >> anita, yes. on top of the already high gas
11:02 am
tax. there is now talk about tax on every single mile that you drive. it includes $125 million to look into the feasibility of this mileage tax, at the local, state, and federal levels because more and more people are driving electric vehicles and therefore of finding those avoig those. they say what burden low income americans, especially in addition to existing gas taxes, though that is still unclear. it also raises privacy concerns. how does that government track the miles that you drive? john duffy tells fox business he also opposes a mileage tax. speak up if you live or i live in wisconsin, minnesota, we actually drive a lot, right? there is distance between towns. we might try 30 to 40 miles into town, so this is a tax on rural america.
11:03 am
>> president biden has promised not to raise taxes on americans making under $400,000 per year. my colleague, hillary vaughn, asked the white house about that as it relates to this, in the white house says there is literally nothing in the bill that is counter to the president's pledge. the administration will evaluate all legislation, including any bills relevant to these pilot programs against the $400,000 pledge, but anytime there is talk of new taxes, that is worrying to people. especially drivers in states like illinois, pennsylvania, california, will already pay some of the highest gas taxes in the country. >> anita: thank you so much pnm from california, so it's definitely got my attention. thank you so much for that report. i know you tweeted out this information about the possible mileage tax last week. you have 4 million impressions on twitter. >> john: a lot of people are concerned about new taxes, new fees. new taxes masquerading as fees.
11:04 am
as we said was robert wells and steve moore, the only thing, maybe that government is not so greedy that they want a gas tax and mileage fee. maybe the transition to electric vehicles, people will use less gasoline. so they need to get it somewhere else somewhere else. >> anita: got to make their money up somewhere. >> john: startling numbers expected from the southern border. the biden administration set to release 210,000 migrant apprehensions. that would be the highest monthly number in more than 20 years. jonathan hunt to live in la joya, texas, with mark. typically this time of year, we see a decline in the number of people coming across the border, but it keeps on coming up. >> we are in the rio grande valley, which is the epicenter. one of the many migrant alleys.
11:05 am
about a mile down is the rio grande. they come across there, and just a few moments ago, bunch of border patrol vehicles went down there. they say that there are some migrants there, that they are trying to round up from in the bushes and bring them back this way. for processing. yesterday afternoon, take a look at the video cameras caught. we saw around 70 to 80 migrants who just came along from the rio grande, and then over there. again last night, and a group of several dozen i can, still being processed by border patrol. i need to take a look at the figures, and it just shows how constant flow is viewed overall, u.s. authorities stop migrants about 210,000 times at the border in july. if you compare that to the figure a year ago, july last
11:06 am
year was around 41,000. so that is something like a fivefold increase. also increasing the number of covid cases as a result of the increasing number of covid cases among the migrants. telling us that doesn't have recently contracted the virus here amid fears of inadequate testing and further spread into the u.s. listen here to brandon, president of the national border patrol council. >> being released into the public, spreading throughout the united states, those individuals are not tested by the government. >> now, president biden and of course is taking heat from the left and they are right here appeared from the left, for being too slow to rollback a lot of the trump era policies. and for deporting some of these migrants under the basis of title 42.
11:07 am
to be deported if they test positive for covid. from the right, of course, he is getting criticism for being too slow to stop the flow. the biden administration has repeatedly said that they expected the numbers to drop off considerably in the heat of the summer appeared well, as the numbers now show, john, and the pictures have shown you, every day for so many weeks, that is emphatically not the case. >> john: those pictures down there under the bridge are just extraordinary. we spent a lot of time on the border. i don't know about you, but i've never seen anything like that before. >> it's pretty extraordinary. those pictures are around 4,000 migrants under that bridge, taken a week ago. we put the drone up early this morning. there were perhaps just 100 or so then. the question is where they are all going. we believe many are being buzzed
11:08 am
dominic bused to the facility which is terribly overcrowded right now. >> john: create the troubling report. speed to new york andrew, silent. his top aide has resigned, according to the attorney general's report. melissa derosa helped create a toxic workplace and try to smear the credibility of one of the governor's accusers. then there is, former executive assistant who decided to come forward, saying that he broke the law. joining us now, "outnumbered" cohost, kayleigh mcenany. there is a lot going on here. resignation from melissa derosa, said to be deep in the inner circle. trusted aide. let's take a look at a tree that was put out.
11:09 am
part of her statement. she says it was "the honor of her lifetime to serve the people of new york." and she goes on. now she is gone. you understand the way that media works better than anyone. why do you think she dropped this news on a sunday night, making all the headlines on monday morning, instead of friday, when it would have been buried over the weekend? what do you think? speak it's a great question. maybe you distancing herself, but that's fairly hard to do, given that she has been arriving to the position of secretary, the most powerful and elected position in the state government. he will remember, anita, during those covid briefings, she was often right there at the table with the governor. more so even then the state health commissioner. this is a huge loss for governor cuomo, but impeachment looks inevitable. that means the lieutenant governor takes over. there are some sources that the chance of melissa derosa
11:10 am
staying after those mentions in her report, was next to no dominic nil. >> anita: she saw the writing on the wall, apparently. the committee is meeting today to discuss impeachment. we are waiting for an update anytime, but it really seems like the governor has dug in. what do you think his next move is question mike >> currently what's happening, governor cuomo's aides are reaching out to lawmakers, saying let's strike a deal here. let me stay. don't impeach me. i will not run for another term. on the record by the democrats, the head of the democratic party there in new york. the evidence you have that this is really over four. you have two-thirds of the assembly saying we want to impeach, but beyond that, you have members of his cabinet actively calling the lieutenant governor saying if you take over, let me keep my position.
11:11 am
when you have that kind of background talk happening, normally not a good sign of your future. >> anita: that is so interesting to hear the talk behind the scenes. of course there is word now that kathy hogan is getting ready perhaps to step in. not really a household name, but she has a lawyer and a former new york congresswoman, so she has been on the national stage before, but it sounds like she is about to become the very first female governor of new york. is there some irony here, given the circumstances with 11 women saying that they were harassed by the current governor? speak out there certainly is. what a stunning turn of events. governor cuomo being touted as a presidential candidate potentially. some say that he would have been better than joe biden. then the stunning fall from grace. the first governor, the second in new york history to be impeached. it happened in 1913.
11:12 am
more than a century since we have seen something like this happen. and he would be replaced by the first female governor of new york. almost certainly will run for a full term after that. there is indeed a bit of irony there. >> anita: the truth is stranger than fiction. kayleigh mcenany, thank you for the inside scoop. get to see you as always. >> john: there certainly is a rich history of people being impeach. he ran afoul the powerful political machine. they can do whatever they want. basically, charges that there were an inaccurate documents. with that only ever having happened once, there is probably a lot of wiggle room. >> anita: the drama is unfolding minute-by-minute, day by day feud we will stay tuned. >> john: those shoes keep
11:13 am
dropping. we are getting breaking news on the government to -- there is a major development that could let them go home while leaving their republican opponents powerless to do anything about it. the breaking details on that coming up. >> anita: a "new york times" reporter explains the maskless partygoers at obama's birthday bash. why they say they are just too sophisticated to follow the covid rules, like all the rest of us. we are also learning the big names invited to the party but later told to stay away. among them, nancy pelosi talking about the brutal snob. ♪ ♪ berty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... grabbing a hold of what matters.
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>> john: students get ready to finally head back to in person learning, parents, teachers, and even politicians are debating masks in the classroom and whether they are really worth it. that was the focus for his research partner, who said they only found one study that tried to find an answer, and the results of that study, inconclusive. they write that some can struggle with a mask wavering, and forcing them to wear masks is "abusive." dr. mccann rejoined fox news earlier today. >> zero harm with masks, and that's not true. it may be for a matter of months or weeks, but two years now with kids wearing masks, they are losing the human connection. >> john: he is an assistant editor and a fox news contributor. if i could start off by pulling a quote from doctors marty makary and cody meisner in "the wall street journal," in which they wrote "the case
11:20 am
against masks for children, it is abusive to make kid sacrifice for the sake of unvaccinated adults." they say one study that was inconclusive. what do you say? >> i'm really glad we were able to publish the keys. obviously injecting some facts into what is the latest political panic over covid. the fact is schools which were never super-spreader events as people feared, children were never at risk. teachers who face very little risk of transmission from students. on top of that, we now see there is very little evidence to say mask requirements are going to move the needle on covid. but they are going to do harm to some children. >> john: you know, one of the things many people don't even consider, if you have ever worn glasses with a mouse, i don't care how tight you try to sell them off, inevitably, they start
11:21 am
to fog up. if you are a young kid, you are wearing a mask and glasses and the classes start to fog up, you are going to be paying more attention to your fog to glasses the teacher. >> that's right. that is just one of a number of potential harms. it does inhibit breathing, so if we are doing this to children, we want to be sure that we are getting a real benefit. the available literature says we are not. it can be that glasses fogging up and creating difficulty learning. it can be difficulty breathing for some children. it causes some children to breathe through their mouth all the time, and on a sustained basis, that's not healthy either. beyond the physiological, you have mental health. the ability to transmit and receive communication on fear, sadness, happiness. all the things we communicate
11:22 am
with our faces. this has big developmental impact on children. i think that doctors emphasized if we were talking about a week, probably not a big deal. but unfortunately, many of these public health directives come in with covid, they end up blasting a lot longer than we thought. i don't think any parents imagined we would still be having these kinds of debates. it's another burden on young people from the older people who are making covid policy in this country. >> john: you had your own article where you voiced concerns about the eviction moratorium that was -- rochelle walensky. you remember back in march, a feeling of "impending doom" when it came to covid. "many americans have learned not to trust her feelings about covid, but what really should concern the citizenry is the fear of government disease doctor might have been referring to constitutional liberty."
11:23 am
break it down for us. >> yeah, it's the idea that the government official, without any change in law, without any constitutional change, could suddenly say to the people who own property in this country, and by the way, not all of the company is who have house or apartment rentals, you are not going to accept no compensation. you're going to continue to pay taxes, but i, the public health official, i'm going to deem that people do not have to pay you back. there is no grounds for this. there is no constitutional grounds. the supreme court has already signaled that very clearly. president biden seems to understand he is hoping to get more federal money out the door before he does. but there is simply no basis for it when you look at the american consumer, brimming with cash. there are more jobs than there are unemployed people. bankruptcies are at an historic low.
11:24 am
those kids, someday they are going to have to pay the bills from all of this covid relief. it is not a situation where nobody is able to pay the rent. it is really the opposite. historically healthy he was consumer with plentiful jobs. >> john: kids on the hook for trillions and trillions of dollars. thanks for joining us, kicking us off this monday. one of the other things we did not get a chance to talk about, the fact that randi weingarten, he is now saying maybe we should have a mandate for all teachers to get vaccinated, so if they do, do the kids get to take out the masks? >> anita: that's a good question, right? all the studies showed they don't spread covid as much as adults do. >> john: nowhere near. i think there are cases of kids getting sick. so far, so good. >> anita: that's good. hope it stays that way. families of 9/11 victims say that president biden made them a
11:25 am
promise on the campaign trail. but since the election, all they have a silence. >> john: we will talk to him and his father perished in the attacks at the world trade center about why he and many other families they president biden is hiding the full truth of what happened that day and what they are demanding he do you, or else he should stay away from next month memorials. 20 years since the attacks. ng t, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low.
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11:30 am
>> anita: robert durst, the real estate tycoon accused of murdering his best friend, is back in court. we are waiting for him to take the stand. william la jeunesse is monitoring all of this. he is live in los angeles. william. >> well, he is accused of killing his best friend because she was allegedly going to tell police that durst killed his first wife. he is 78 years old.
11:31 am
he is likely to take the stand later today, when he well denied that killing, saying that he did not kill his first wife either 40 years ago. it is unusual for defendant to testify in his own murder trial, but he did it before. well, durst said he was acquitted because it was self-defense. prosecutors in this case pressed him last week after testimony suggested that durst killed berman back in 2000 because she was finally prepared to tell police that he killed his wife in 1982 during an abusive marriage. one witness claim durst admitted "i had to. it was her or me. i had no choice." durst prepared to take the stand, but the judge ordered a recess because someone in the courtroom tested positive for
11:32 am
covid. hbo, if you recall, featured durst in that six part series. he seemed to make an admission. "there it is. you're caught. killed them all." he is an old guy. he has been trying to say that he has medical conditions. prosecutors say that that is all a facade, if you will. >> anita: yeah, no kidding. it will be interesting to see that. william la jeunesse live in los angeles. thank you. >> john: america's crime crisis continuing over the weekend. the camera was rolling. warning, you might find this video disturbing. the attacks of vicious, we've got to warn you, it is hard to watch. the 22-year-old victim was on vacation when a stranger approached him. he threw him to the ground out of nowhere. repeatedly stops the victim's head, knocking him out cold. eventually the attacker ran off.
11:33 am
still in bad shape, suffering from headaches, still spitting up blood, apparently, days after that attack. >> anita: that is brutal. just one day after being released without bail, and accuse new york city bank robber was at it again. the man took more than a gram before getting caught. police had arrested him the day before over a similar stunned at a bank. he was charged with their degree attempted robbery if it was like oh, thanks to the state's new measures. flagged with a more serious charge and a $25,000 cash bail. >> john: family members of those who died on september 11th telling president biden not to attend the memorial events next month. that is, unless he makes good on his pledge to declassify documents they believe will show a link between saudi arabia leaders and al qaeda.
11:34 am
he died almost 20 years ago. for small, condolences for the tragic loss. i'm sure it has had an unbelievable effect on your life. you are concerned that president biden might go back on his pledge. he said the following. "the 9/11 families are right to seek the full truth and accountability. i will direct my attorney general to personally examine the merits of all cases where the unification of privilege is recommended and to err on the side of disclosure." what is it that you are calling on the president to do? >> we are calling for the president too, once and for all, have the courage, have the guts to do what the previous administration's failed to do. that is stand with the 9/11 families. stand with your own citizens. do not give into the temptation or the influence of saudi lobbyists. we want transparency appear the
11:35 am
government refuses to give us the documents that we need to bring closure. they do not deny that these document success appeared we subpoenaed the fbi in 2019. the fbi's response is that the federal government is involved with what is known as the state secrets privilege, so it is not a conspiracy theory that these documents exist. it's not even a question of the government knowing. they show culpability on behalf of the kingdom of saudi arabia for supporting the 9/11 hijackers, but our federal government will not give them to the families because they are deemed too sensitive and too secretive, so president biden, in 2020, sent a letter to our representatives. he said if he is lucky enough to be elected, he would stand by our side, and he would help us and honor disclosure. he said that we are right and just to pursue this. it has been seven -- eight months since he has taken office, and we have heard
11:36 am
literally nothing from his administration. engage with us, mr. president. you have an historic opportunity to be our champion. >> john: so you and other survivors, world trade center and pentagon attacks have said that if the president doesn't make good on his pledge, then he is disinvited from any 20th anniversary memorial gatherings. some would say that is harsh. what you say? >> it is not directed at any specific president but whoever occupies the oval office, so to quell some of that fear that we are going after biden, it was president biden that made the commitment to us. however, to be fair, president trump told his attorney general to invoke state secrets on us, so this is not a republican thing. it is not a democratic thing. it is an american issue, and we are asking the president to stand up and be our hero.
11:37 am
we would welcome president biden with open arms, but engage with us. reach out to us. we have reached out to the administration through appearances on the hill. we have heard nothing. the silence is deafening. i think no political leader should utter the words "never forget," get up and start talking about it, but behind closed doors, avoid our efforts to bring closure. that is our main effort here. >> john: we are seeing pictures of you and your father. he died when you were a teenager. here is what the 9/11 commission wrote about all of this. you know this well. "saudi arabia has long been considered the primary source of all kind of funding, but we have found no evidence that the government individually funded the organization. this conclusion does not exclude the likelihood that charities with significant sponsorship diverted funds to al qaeda." you say that the continued
11:38 am
stonewalling by successive administrations about releasing these -- >> i will give you cause to believe -- if i could just clarify about the 9/11 commission was written in 2004. we know, and we have evidence, after the conclusion of the 9/11 commission, secret fbi investigation called operation encore started in 2006 and one for over a decade and was concluded in 2016. that is the evidence we are talking about, so the saudis have always relied upon the findings as some sort of exoneration of their role. but that is not the truth because we have had a 12 year investigation of the saudi involvement in 9/11, that the 9/11 commission never have the luxury to rely upon. everything we are talking about today is post the findings that you just quoted. >> john: we wish you a lot of luck in your endeavors. we will stay in touch. >> thank you for having me.
11:39 am
>> john: again, our most sincere, heartfelt condolences to you and your family. it is terrible for all of these 9/11 families to think that there's something out there that could prove that this foreign government was behind this, and they do not have access to really see what the deal is. >> anita: it is a shame and interesting to point out the picture of him as a little boy. it will be 20 years in a couple of weeks. >> john: it is hard to believe that much time has passed. >> anita: that was a great interview, john. thank you. the democrats who fled texas can now return without the fear of handcuffs. instead, it is the republicans whose hands are tied after a big development to short time ago. jonathan turley on the breaking news just coming down from the judge. next. ♪ ♪ lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy.
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♪ ♪ >> john: breaking news out of austin, texas. i judge they're granting a temporary restraining order to those democratic lawmakers who fled the state to block a republican voting bill. it means that they cannot be arrested as the republican opposition had promised they would be if they returned it to texas. the order lasts for two weeks. governor greg abbott said set
11:45 am
foot in texas and i will put you in handcuffs and how you back for a special session. the judge saying no, you can't do that. >> well, first of all, there are a couple of different cases. one was filed in federal court, which i read about on my blog. that one was really making some pretty serious legal theories, suggesting that these legislators have been harmed by the threats being made by various texas officials for their arrest but also the condemnation of their actions. really not the rule of federal court to protect against in terms of the specific legal claims. this sounds like a second lawsuit in the state courts. now, what judges will often do is freeze action. they tell everyone to go and sit down to allow them to appraise the claims. it does not necessarily mean that they will prevail.
11:46 am
the specific issue here is whether they can be arrested. in these legislatures have argued that this deprives them of free speech. maybe even that it is a type of discrimination against them. the court will have to get through all of that. what is being threatened is something that is allowed under the rules, but it doesn't mean that the courts would allow it to apply in this case. >> john: but it means that these lawmakers can come back home, at least in the next two weeks, without fear of being slapped handcuffs. that lawsuit that you are mentioning, where these democrats are suing greg abbott, it says "arises out of deliberate act of status discrimination as well as discriminatory policies, customs and practices." however, they say no examples. "has been deprived of liberty for a substantial time, suffered
11:47 am
much anxiety and stress, separation from their families." no one forced them to go there, and they happily broadcast their escape to the world. >> yeah. this is interesting. on my blog, i talk about it with my students. it is sort of mystifying as to what this would mean. it also is a good question to talk about educationally as to what is the role of the lawyers here? there is a misspelling of one of the elite defendants. and another, giving the wrong name. not the legal name. they even misspelled the name of the firm who is of counsel in their case, so it is not exactly a grand filing, but there is very little law here that is discernible to support these broad allegations. the question of whether they can be arrested raises some interesting questions that a
11:48 am
court may have to address, but the irony here is that the democrats in washington, celebrating their flight to washington while also denouncing filibusters in the federal congress. this is sort of a flight filibuster. they are celebrating people who have stopped the vote by just depriving the state legislature of the forum. you have to wade through the hypocrisy in washington to get you the truth. >> john: you're talking about the spelling mistakes in the filing, which is here. according to one report, the attorney is an x lawmaker practicing law under a probationary and suspended license, so the entry continues. jonathan turley, always great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, john. >> john: one of the claims is that they suffered much discomfort and embarrassment and their reputations, but they are
11:49 am
the ones who tweeted pictures and spread covid. >> anita: you can't forget that appeared in the lawsuit, it says that they experience stress and anxiety. didn't look like it on the plane. looks like they were having a pretty smooth flight. >> john: you knocked back a few miller lights. >> anita: all right. well, next, the sophisticated skus from party years that president obama's birthday bash. you can bet joey jones has a message. he is on deck. ♪ ♪ who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> john: folks in california got a bit of a surprise. a baby bear. casually strolling down the snack aisle in a grocery store. staff acted quickly to shoo him away. apparently people wanted to pet the bear.
11:55 am
tip, don't pet the bear. authorities tranquilized the cub to move him. he's a cute fuzzy bear but he weighs as much as you do. >> anita: and a fightening moose encounter caught on video. a colorado hiker getting a little too close for comfortable, jumping behind a tree at the last second to avoid getting trampled. park officials are warning even though a moose appears to be peaceful doesn't mean they won't charge. >> john: yes. now up to a ball girl that just made her case for mvp. this happening in los angeles during the dodger's game. guys running across the field. over the fence. a fan managed to evade security yards and the ball girl got involved taking out the fan's legs. can we see that one more time?
11:56 am
watch this. there he goes. the right place at the right time. >> she deserves a raise. doing two jobs at once. >> a reporter for "the new york times" facing backlash over former president obama's birthday mask in which the president and so many others were maskless. >> other people said this is being overblown. they're following all the safety precautions. people are going to sporting events bigger than this. this is safe. this is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd. it's about optics. >> anita: joey jones has been waiting all day. i know he's chomping on the bit to react this. joey, good to see you. "the new york times" white house correspondent said it was a sophisticated crowd and following the guidelines because
11:57 am
they were vaccinated and know how things work. the rest of us don't? >> she went on to clarify that she was speaking for them. she said the question is what are those people saying? so i'll give her that. that's fine. so what you're telling me, the former president of the united states, one democratic lawmaker and celebrities and sophisticated people believe that the message -- she dismissed in her own words this is just about optics. they believe the message they're presenting of get vaccinated -- oh, by the way, support my fellow democrats in cities trying to shut down restaurants and make you wear a mask, support that but know i'm smart enough to get vaccinated so i can do these things. those are bad optics. if we have a pandemic of anything right now, it's a pandemic of public trust. people will either don't trust the vaccine or they don't trust their fellow americans to have gotten it. so the difference between sophisticated and wise, let me
11:58 am
explain it to you. very few people in my family made it out of high school. my dad didn't make it past the eighth grade. i graduated high school and went to college. i have a tan line across my forehead because i was so sophisticated i forgot to put on sunscreen when i went fishing, a wise lawmaker understands the only problem we have to solve is to manage the impact with the pandemic with the daily lives of americans and make sure one doesn't trump the other. in other words, that we don't get so wrapped into science that may or may not be fully true about masks or social distancing that we ruin the lives of americans. this is real world, real life consequences where you can't pay your mortgage, can't go to work and can't find an opportunity to put a smile on your kid's face. that's the fight we're fighting.
11:59 am
when you're the party advocating for the lock downs and masks and having a zero tolerance on vaccinations, you can't allow or support the leader of your party -- president obama is probably one of the most powerful democrats in the country -- to completely disregard it and say this is bad optics. >> anita: fair enough. the reporter clarified her remarks with a tweet. but let's go to the guest list. they're whooping it up there. big guest list. lots of celebrities. they got a lot of flak before the party. they had to cut it down. some people got cut out including nancy pelosi. she said she had other parties to go to. not a big deal. she was on martha's vineyard as well. other things to do. what do you make of that? >> i don't know that the inside drama on this. if she had a fund raiser to go to, that would be more important. the house democrats need to keep
12:00 pm
control of the house. i don't they'll do it. she'll get it done with a smaller event with donors other than celebrating a former president's birthday. i use the term crazy in fun. >> anita: thanks. what a way to end the show. great to be with you, john. >> john: great to be with you. i'm john roberts thanks for joining us on "america reports." >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. we have two big stories breaking right now. brand new developments as golf cuomo's top aide step down and accusers speak out. >> that's when he put his hand down my blouse and cupped my breath over my bra. i exactly remember looking down, seeing his hand, which is a large hand, thinking to myself, oh, my god. >> martha: so in albany, a


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