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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: it is monday, august 9th. tragedy in the windy city, a chicago police officer is dead and another fighting for his life after a suspect opened fire during a traffic stop. the attack part of a disturbing trend as attacks on the badge continue to skyrocket. todd: plus, parents nice wade protesting the return of student mask mandates, the back-to-school battle brewing this fall. jillian: dr. fauci sounding the alarm about an outdoor motorcycle rally because of covid but no mention of obama's birthday bash. the latest double standard for democrats. "fox & friends" first starts and continues right now. it does continue. ♪ you're going to hear me roar. ♪
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todd: roar by katy perry. jillian: i feel like you roar every day. todd: i realize everybody in my state is loud. it's not just me. you can blame an entire state for me. don't blame just me. where do you live? jillian: pennsylvania, new jersey, all over the place. todd: who is louder? as i yell at you. jillian: you are. todd: there you go. i'm going to be quiet for the next hour. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele. the president of the second largest teacher's undercalling for vaccine mandates amongst educate tears. todd: parents are pushing back. lauren blanchard joins us live from washington with more. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, todd, jillian. randy weingarden of the american federation of teachers says vaccines should be mandatory for educators, originally saying they should be voluntary, this comes after the rise of the delta variant and the fact that
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kids under 12 cannot get a vaccine. >> it's a matter of of personal conscience. we need to work with our employers, not opposing them, on vaccine mandates. >> reporter: with school bells about to ring, more officials are making masks mandatory for both teachers and students, leading to protests across the country by angry parents who say the mask decision should be left to them. >> while i understand the argument around not wanting to wear masks because they're fatigued, it's without question student safety and staff safety come first. >> just give us good information. americans are smart. they'll make good decisions for their families. >> reporter: there are nearly 100,000 covid cases on average a day, just over a month ago that number was under 20,000. with cases dramatically rising, health officials called for caution when it comes to large gatherings. dr. anthony fauci singling out the sturgis motorcycle rally in
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south dakota, saying it could be a possible super spreader event. >> i'm very concerned, chuck, that we're going to see another surge related to that rally. there comes a time when you're dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family, and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do. >> reporter: but check out the photos from the daily mail dot-com, former president obama's big birthday bash over the weekend. republicans are frustrated because events like an outdoor motorcycle rally are criticized but not a birthday gathering or even chicago's music festival, lollapalooza, which drew thousands. sturgis' rally expects 700,000 for the year. 44% who live in the area are fully vaccinated. todd: lauren blanchard, kicking us off in the 5:00 a.m. however. thank you. jillian: the chicago police department mourning one of their
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own after a violent weekend, 29-year-old officer ella french killed during a traffic stop. . >> reporter: one police officer is dead, another in critical condition after a shootout during what was supposed to have been a routine traffic stop. cpd identifying the officer killed in the line of duty as ella french. she joined the department in april of 2018, both french and the injured officer are members of a city-wide community safety team that responds to crime hot spots. superintendent david brown praising the courage of his officers continuing to work after one of their own of was killed. >> they go to work, risking everything to serve the people of chicago. they come to work willing to run toward danger and they're willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect
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strangers. >> reporter: so far, 38 officers including french have been shot or shot at this year in chicago alone. and as crimes against the badge are rising, mayor lori lightfoot sends a message to opposing voices on policing issues. listen. >> the police are not our enemies. they're human, just as we are. a mother lost her daughter last night. a brother, his sister. a family forever shattered. >> reporter: lightfoot ordered a day of mourning and all flags lowered to half staff, the shooting rocking a department that has been the target of numerous protests in recent years. meanwhile, democrat cori bush doubles down on defunding the police. >> what we're talking about every single year, increasing the budget for police and then the budget for like health and human services continuing to
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shrink, when we're adding more money to the police but we're still dying. >> reporter: a gun was recovered at the scene. all three suspects are in custody but no charges have been filed yet. detectives are still looking at body camera footage. todd: jackie, an absolutely horrible situation. thanks for keeping us posted. let's highlight the hi pop consider sigh. it starts today with cori bush. she was the individual who basically said we need to defund your police, keeping in mind that a situation like this becomes easier when you defund police, there's fewer cops on the streets, cops have less protection and it's them versus the world with an emboldened public. two, she will spend whatever it costs to protect herself while she, quote, unquote, does the work. remember this? >> i have private security because my body is worth being on this planet right now. i have private security because they, the white supremacists,
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racist narrative that they drive into this country, so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. jillian: we spent a lot of time talking to chicago alderman anthony napolitano, we talked to him i feel like sometimes always weekly. he's based in chicago. knows what's going on in the streets there. we had him on in the last hour. i asked him if you were to have a sit down, face-to-face conversation with cori bush in light of the remarks that you heard. what would you say to her? take a listen to what he said. >> i would let her know this blood is on her hands, this blood is on the progressive, the socialist movement, the blood is on her hands because the heroes are dying in the streets, protecting them day in and day out while they street. they are the ones defending us and they're trying to get rid of them. had they have no answers or no solutions, with our 117,000 gang members turn into 130,000 gang members overnight. jillian: i think that goes to the exact point of the hypocrisy
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that we keep talking about, you hear her say i'm going to spend whatever i need to spend on my public security and stuff but defunding the police has to happen, suck it up. i mean, you can't have it both ways, right. no one's arguing that she shouldn't feel safe. she's an elected official. we should all feel safe. that's the thing, the people of chicago, little kids. we discussed at length getting shot, losing their lives on some of these city streets, especially in chicago. every person in the country, everyone watching right now should have the ability to feel safe and that's where the hypocrisy comes into play and -- todd: when you say kids, that gets me so upset. what has that kid done? the kid has not been any process of systemic oppression, yet the media likes to dance around the defund the police movement, especially when it comes to individuals like cori bush but at the same time what do they do, they elevate bush's status when it comes to things like the eviction moratorium.
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granted, this would not have happened had it not been for her. but that said, you're really elevating someone who is very, very controversial. take a listen. >> cori bush, who once lived in a car with her two children, slept on the steps of the capitol, pushing congress and the president to help keep millions of americans from facing eviction. of course, something you don't see here in washington very often, action. i can't help but wonder, given the fact that you raised those kids, now they're grown up, what do they think of your efforts? >> to them, it's like this is what mom does. mom -- you know, mom fights everyone. todd: putting aside the fact that it is probably illegal and is a huge afront to the constitution in my estimation to begin with that, and to not focus at least in the beginning or quite frankly at all during that interview on the defund the police movement, is really irresponsible from a journalistic perspective. let's remember, defund the police leads to fewer cops,
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unsafe cities, a demoralized police force and the fact we're lionizing this woman is sad. jillian: what does recruitment look like? if you're having a lack of people who want to join the force now, how many years is that going to take to be able to build back up a system that -- you know, is this going to be something that affects our kids down the line if you have fewer police officers who want to do the job. you know things won't change overnight. todd: do you know anybody who is hoping into the cop world? jillian: i don't. todd: i don't. sad state of you a fares. -- affairs. andrew cuomo, an investigation found he harassed multiple women. one of the governor's accusers says he those face justice. >> the governor needs to be held accountable. what he did to me was a crime.
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he broke the law. todd: new york congress woman elise stefanik says cuomo must go, telling maria bartiromo the democrats in albany have been slow walking this up to this point. we reached a breaking point. we need to make sure there is equal justice under the law. reports say the lieutenant governor is preparing to replace cuomo. jillian: the attempts to normalize the defund the police movement and the dismissal of the wuhan lab theory is putting people in danger, joe concha joins us to discuss. todd: aoc and senator chuck schumer teamed up in the past. it appears the squad leader could be eyeing the majority leader's seat. that story coming up next. ♪ you must not know about me. ♪ you must not know about me. ♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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because we're building a better network every single day. >> defunding the police i think came from wokeness. i think it will get people killed. the new york times refused to investigate they call it the biggest story of our time, they're talking about where the virus originated, because they thought it was racist. that is an example of the power of wokeness. jillian: bill marr tearing into woke culture, warning of
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dangerous consequences. todd: joining us with more, fox news contributor, joe concha. great to see you as we do every day. are the comments by bill marr someone who is very left, very liberal, really the death nell to woke, or do we have a long way to go. >> he sticks to his principles. he doesn't care what his audience thinks in terms of him taking a stand. wokeness is something he's taken on. knows what this means for to the democratic party, that when you are attached to something like defunding the police which will go down as one of the worst policy positions ever taken by members of a political party in his tri, poll after poll shows a majority of americans reject defunding the police. when a democratic party does a standing o for cori bush who
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uses campaign funds to the tune of $70,000 for her own personal safety while allowing st. louis to become one of the most dangerous cities in the country, that's going to have serious political consequences for democrats in 2022 when they lose the majority in the house and senate. jillian: you mentioned cnn, let's tack about that. brian seltzer did you address the cuomo brothers situation, if you will. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> this has been a conundrum for cnn that has no perfect answer. chris made no reference to his brother's troubles. that's by design. he tuned out the family drama and led compelling interviews while dealing with what those be one of the hardest periods of his adult life. jillian: what do you think of what he had to say about this? i mean, you know, on one handy guess you have to address it and obviously chris cuomo did not address any of it. now he's on apparently prescheduled vacation. but i don't know, were you
2:19 am
happy? were you happy with what brian seltzer had to say in that address. >> i found it disgraceful, pathetic, not really surprising, actually. because the media correspondent for cnn is no different from chris cuomo. he engages, that media core correspondent, engaging in crisis management on behalf of the network. several editorials have been written from left and the right and otherwise arguing that chris cuomo should not serve as a news anchor anymore. he's an activist. they talked about how there's sympathy for chris cuomo in cnn. i wonder if the women of cnn like the fact that chris cuomo wrote statements for a sitting governor how to smear victims of sexual harassment. cnn has reached the lowest point in their 41 year history. they're sending the media correspondent out to defend the indefensible.
2:20 am
anyone with eyes, ears and sanity sees right through it. the network will never recover, that's for certain. todd: he says there's no perfect answer. didn't you literally have the perfect answer last week when you said he's got to go? >> take him off the air. that's your perfect answer. it's not like -- i keep hearing the argument, you would do the same for your brother. if i'm an anchor on prime time television then i remove myself from that situation before i help my brother and not -- and then after the fact when he gets caught doing it, it's in the ag's report, you can't say well, you know, he's not going to interview his brother anymore. he's taken himself out of the conflict of situation. that wasn't the situation in 2020 when time after time chris cuomo put his brother andrew on to promote him, to serve as a pr flag, to get him $5 million book deal, to win the emmy for him. you can't have it both ways. if cnn was the old cnn they would have got rid of him a long time ago. jillian: i think the answer
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would have been for last week to take him off the air and let someone fill in to be able to cover the story accurately. but that didn't happen. so joe concha, good to see you. >> at minimum, jillian. great to see you. see you tomorrow. tomorrow.todd: ratings for thes taking a major dive compared to games of the past. is it because of the protests staged by a handful of american athletes. jillian: we have a live report, next. ♪ plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™.
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todd: try to follow the logic here. almost two dozen run-away texas democrats are suing governor greg abbott for causing anxiety and distress over separation from their families. the group claims the efforts to bring them home for a special legislative session infringes on their constitutional rights.
2:26 am
abbott called for the arrest of democrats who fled to washington, d.c. to block an elections bill. to review, they're suing him for keeping them away when he tries to bring them home. there you have it. should chuck schumer be afraid of o ash -- aoc? >> are you going to challenge governor schumer? >> i make decisions based on what i think our people need. and so i'm not commenting on that. todd: the progressive congresswoman not ruling out a primary challenge during a cnn interview. the senate majority leader will be up for re-election next year. jillian. jillian: olympics tv ratings plummets from the 2016 olympics, some blaming woke protests for the lack of enthusiasm surrounding the games. joining me to discuss, steph yan. thank you for being here. what do you attribute the lack of ratings to?
2:27 am
i know some people don't want to watch because they don't want to have politics mixing in with their sports, i know there's a handful of people who feel that way. some people want to watch, don't know where to find the games, and there's a time difference. what's your take. >> first and foremost, big ups for team usa for winning the gold medal count, the world medal count. it's the athletes representing us, if they reject the woke culture, they suffer from this ultimately. the woke culture leaves nothing but a wake of division and destruction, and olympic ratings is another testament to that. when people see folks like joe biden in the stands who bypass all the covid protocols to watch the olympics, even though the athletes during arguably one of the most important points of their lives weren't even allowed to have their family there, any rational mind looks at that and
2:28 am
says i'm so sick of these politicians dictating how we live our lives, yet they do whatever they want. the politicize education, science, the military and now our entertainment. people check out at that point. jillian: do the athletes pay ayou tension to the ratings and when ratings are down as significantly as they have been this year, does that affect them and what are those conversations like amongst the teams? >> it's not like they're monitoring the ratings but it ultimately does affect them. i've been a part of the u.s. olympic committee's athletes advisory council and there's a lot of great discussions and initiatives within those channels and i'm proud of the part i played in some of that alongside guys like eli bremmer, an olympic legend. he's running for congress, because he's sick of it. as well as i am. every one of the discussions
2:29 am
come back to the social issues which everyone wants equality on that front and there is. the difference between the right and the left is that the left want everybody finishing the race at the same point. the right wants everyone starting the race at the same point. and however, mark my words, there will be bylaws set in place to prevent the rating decline from happening again. and why? because virtue signal posturing is readily forfeited without conviction, particularly when it affects their money and these federations don't really care about the wokeness. they care about being canceled if they don't conform. they care only about money and they care only about their image. jillian: you feel for the athletes who have seemingly done everything right and they're successful in their mission over there and they're proud to represent our country and you just hope that those stories end up making the news because you want those stories to be told. >> absolutely. jillian: thank you.
2:30 am
as always, for joining us. appreciate your time. todd. todd: jillian, time now, 29 minutes after the hour. back to school and back to masks? as summer ends a new battle brewing over mandates in the classroom. our mom panel weighs in. and another piece of writing, is this fur-real. fur, because a bear has fur. a bear caught on camera browsing the aisles of a grocery store. the video we can bear-ly believe. ♪ you've been taking mental health meds, and your mind is finally in a better place. except now you have uncontrollable body movements called tardive dyskinesia - td. and it can seem like that's all people see. some meds for mental health can cause abnormal dopamine signaling in the brain. while how it works is not fully understood, ingrezza is thought to reduce that signaling.
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todd: welcome back. with a new school year upon us, the mask debate is now back in the headlines. in florida, some school districts have mandated masks with a caveat that parents will be able to opt their children out, this after governor de santis issued an executive order ensuring parents can decide if their kids should wear masks. here to discuss, co-founder of moms for liberty, tiffany justice, shannon ford, parent of a kindergartner and mom of two, amy kaminski. it seems that ron de santis gets accused of being anti-mask but really is he pro parental choice. is that your take? >> absolutely. ron de santis realizes we want to partner with our children's school but we don't co-parent with the government. we see forced masking as a
2:35 am
direct attack on parental rights. we believe parents are the best expert for their own child, we trust parents to make the choice as to whether or not to mask their children in school. we're thankful he had our backs. todd: there is a mask mandate in broward county without a parental opt-out. tomorrow there will be a board of education meeting to discuss this, it's gone back and forth over the last week. specifically to your child, what does wearing a mask mean for your child? >> he is starting a school, a new school for the first time so it's making new friends and having a new experience and a mask is going to prevent that. he has been in a preschool since the pandemic and they never required masks. there's never been an outbreak. there's never been a scare. and so going into a new school, that's my biggest concern is the social well-being of my son. todd: let's look at covid-19 vaccination rates among the 12
2:36 am
to 15-year-olds in our country. 39.8 have the first dose, 29.1 are fully vaccinated. amy, your two children are fully vaccinated but that was your family's choice. how concerning is it, though, that a governmental entity could be telling you how to parent? >> i think a federal mandate, a national ruling at this point makes absolutely no sense for our children. i think this needs to be looked at at the local district and probably is going to need to be re-evaluated by local officials every couple of weeks. i think that at this point, after a year and-a-half of interrupted schooling, another year of interrupted schooling will do i reparable damage to our children academically. todd: let's look at covid-19 among u.s. children, 14.3% of total cases, a little over 17,000 hospitalized and it is every parent's worst nightmare, the death of a child, almost 300
2:37 am
deaths nationwide. with that as a backdrop, tiffany, how worried are you that your children will catch covid? >> i feel like my children are healthy and safe. we take precautions to try to ensure their health. what we've seen with forced masking is that a lot of the harm that children have faced have been slow for schools to see but parents have seen them. we believe the developmental harm of forced masking can outweigh any risks to children due to covid. we're thankful parents will have to choice, whether or not to mask their kids. todd: shannon, how worried are you that your child will catch covid? >> i'm not worried that they'll catch co-individual. we know the data. the data does not affect children like it affects older americans or older individuals so i'm not worried that he catches it. we take all precautions but i make sure that we keep his immune system up so if and when he does catch it, that he can
2:38 am
fight it and recover very easily. todd: amy, take us home, how worried are you that your kids are going to catch it? >> i worry about everything. and i do worry and i don't. i vaccinated my children. i have 100% confidence in what that vaccine. at the same time, they will be wearing a mask to school this year until we're 100% in the clear. i worry more about their academics at this point and their success in school. todd: that's definitely an argument a lot of people are saying, like look, if faced between the mask and zoom, i'm choosing the mask because we can't do zoom again but this is definitely an issue with so many layers. it's going to be interesting to see how the school year plays out. tiffany, shannon, amy, thanks for getting up with us. best of luck to your kids this upcoming year. jillian: i also worry about everything. i appreciate that comment. todd: we're both pretty big wore i don't remembers. jillian: a -- worriers. jillian: adam klotz is here
2:39 am
with our fox weather. todd: you want to do a voice over from now on? jillian: i'm good. .>> here's what you are about o know about the weather forecast. i've got information also. tracking what is going to be a lot of extreme heat building across the middle of the country, ultimately the western half of the country, that is going to be the story, not just today but the next couple days. we've got heat watches and warnings from the pacific northwest to portions of northern california where temperatures will be running up into the triple digits, getting close to it. these are your daytime highs, southern california some spots getting up into the 100 and and teens. it's piling up in the middle of the country, we've got heat watches and warnings, the southern plains, the mississippi delta, all areas where you'll see extreme heat. how hot is it going to get? temperatures climbing -- these are feels like temperatures, what it feels like when you step
2:40 am
outside, widespread up to the canadian border, temperatures getting up to 105, 110 degrees, it's going to be a hot one as we head into the week. jillian: what lesson did you learn today, when you go to wildwood, what are you going to do? >> not get hit by a tram. jillian: tram car, please. todd: can you go to the new york city subway. please stand clear of the closing doors, please. give the nation what they want. jillian: i don't know that one. todd: she's lying. >> too good for the subway over here. todd: she pulled a todd, now she's too embarrassed to double down. we'll get her to do it in the break. jillian: clear the tram cars, please. president obama throwing a blow-out birthday bash this weekend but experts in the mainstream media aren't worried about covid apparently. >> this is a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd. it's about optics not about
2:41 am
safety. todd: we have live black from that story. i forgot to start walking the line of the day. ♪
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refresh... it all, comes down, to this. ♪♪ >> good morning, everybody. coming up on "fox & friends" on this very busy monday morning,
2:45 am
u.s. senators working overtime this weekend to advance president biden's massive trillion dollar infrastructure bill, but it could face a final hurdle from one republican senator standing against it. tennessee senator bill haggerty will join us live to tell us why his decision to reject the bipartisan deal is getting lot of headlines. also on deck as you can see right there, burgess owen, tammy bruce and wesley hunt and get this, one 8-year-old kid turning south dakota's motorcycle rally into a booming business. his donations only lemonade stand raising big bucks for the kids of saint jude's children's hospital. that boy turned businessman from south dakota will join us live. we hope you do too. we're going to start here in about 14 minutes, right now, right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. right now let's turn it over toed and jillian on another
2:46 am
studio floor here at the world headquarters of fox news channel. jillian: we're 10 floors apart to be exact. >> up or down? jillian: you're down, we're up. the media praising cori bush for her work extending the eviction moratorium, largely remaining silent on her calls to defund the police while maintaining a personal body guard. todd: carley shimkus is here with more. carley: cori bush has been in the news a lot lately. if you're not watching this channel you may not know she said this. listen. >> i'm going to make sure i have security because i know i have had attempts on my life so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen, we need to defund the police. carley: the media largely silent on her private security remarks while heaping on the praise when it comes to her role in the extension of the eviction moratorium. the washington post headline reads cori bush slept outside the capital to protest evictions. the new york times also writing
2:47 am
with capitol sit-in, corey bush galvanized a progressive revolt over evictions, refusing to move from the capitol steps the congresswoman intensified pressure on the biden administration and showed her tactics could yield results. now, cnn's dana bash as you have both mentioned did ask the congresswoman about her defund the police remarks. she responded, saying she's trying to save lives. todd: media's got a new hero and there she is, an old hero, -- >> not all media. todd: an old hero, mr. anthony fauci, just to review, you're safe from covid if you go to packed lollapalooza but if you're roaring down the highways of south dakota, you're in bad shape. carley: two events took place, the motorcycle rally in south dakota and former president obama's big birthday party. dr. fauci is facing backlash for only criticizing one of those events. listen. >> well, i'm very concerned,
2:48 am
chuck, that we're going to see another surge related to that rally. there comes a time when you're dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family, and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do. carley: okay. so that comment went viral. check out this tweet from sarah johnson. she posted a tweet saying no comment from fauci on obama's soiree last night or how about lollapalooza last week in chicago or i guess it's selective festivities because the virus only attacks those who fit the democrats' narrative. pretty good tweet there. i would say it was chuck dodd who asked him just about the sturgis rally. maybe he should have added a little bit to that question, make it more bipartisan. jillian: and apparently the crowd that attended barack obama's big birthday party on martha's vineyard, somewhere i
2:49 am
haven't been, apparently i'm not sophisticated enough. carley: you are very sophisticated, jillian. over on cnn, former president obama's birthday party was addressed and the new york times reporter is facing backlash for saying this. listen. >> this is going to be safe. this is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd. and this is just about optics, not about safety. carley: take a look at this tweet from glenn greenwald. he writes a new york times reporter on cnn justifying obama's maskless birthday bash because he only invited a vaccinated crowd, what happened to all the concerns about vaccinated people passing delta to the unvaccinated. well, that new york times reporter actually responded saying you got to watch the full clip, the question was what do people on the island, martha's vineyard, think about the party. the answer was me summarizing views of the people i spoke with, some are upset, others think the concerns are
2:50 am
overblown. sophisticated crowd was from a quote in the story. she says she is quoting somebody that called the obama party attendees sophisticated. jillian: i think she chose to make it part of the story. carley: i think there's a theme with all the stories, media selective narrative. you say something defund the police comment they're not really going to cover it. you're going to the sturgis rally, they're going to make it a bigger deal than the obama party. todd: i think you're both sophisticated ladies. >> you're so sweet tay that's from a song. jillian: time for the good, bad and ugly. the good, a hiker gets help from an unlikely source. >> i like to think i'm the kind of person who can see where the consumer trends are leaning, adjust quickly, and lean back the other direction. jha modern family actress helping the woman after she had a diabetic episode in a national park. she helped clean the woman and gave her snacks to get blood you
2:51 am
sugar back up. todd: the bad, shoppers encounter a bear roaming the aisles of a grocery store. animal control tranquilized the bear. jillian: a security guard, after invading a major league ballgame, got tripped up by the ball girl. the tackle sent the fan into a very painful flip over the wall. todd: perfect form. jillian: u.s. lawmakers calling on a top biden official to be impeached over the handling of the border crisis. tom homan supports the movement, saying the administration is failing the american people. he joins us live, next. ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum,
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or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ . . '. .
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♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. calls for a top biden official to be impeached are enyou tense phiing as the raging border crisis worsens. todd: s this a g.o.p. represent
2:56 am
testify says he is ready to file impeachment articles against alejandro mayorkas. tom homan joins us now to react. is this action, if it does happen, a little too late by republicans? >> it is better late than never. i mean watching hannity show last week and i said i'm sick and tired of the republican congressman and senators, you know, talking the talk and raising hell about the border but taking no action. i said last week they should have one meeting on infrastructure. there shouldn't have been one vote on infrastructure this weekend until they address the border issue. the border issue has turned into a humanitarian crisis it has turned into a national security crisis. it has turned into a public health crisis because all the covid cases coming across and all the fentanyl deaths over 90,000 in the united states because of fentanyl coming across that border. this needs to be front and center and nothing else should happen on the hill until they hold the administration accountable for glaght crisis.
2:57 am
jillian: here is what representative biggs has to say on this secretary mayorkas is a threat to the sovereignty of our nation as a result of his actions and policies. america is more in danger today than when he began serving as secretary. i guess the question is we have talked about this in the break if this were to happen, would anything change under the next person? >> well, hopefully, it ratchets it up to the american people can understand what is going on. do i think anything is going to many do out of it in no. because the democrats control congress. they need to let the measure people know what's going on in the southern border. look, believe me, the administration is not going to be upset with secretary mayorkas because he is doing exactly weigh that designed. they created this crisis. they knew they were creating this crisis. this is an open borders agenda. secretary mayorkas is a his or her to the administration. because is he continuing down that road opening borders. they are not apologetic. they haven't done one thing to stop this crisis. not one thing they have done to
2:58 am
slow the flow. as a matter of fact, they have sent hundreds of border patrol agents from the northern border to do what? to process aliens and release them quicker. they are not sending border patrol agents to secure the border and put more agents to on the line to' to the fentanyl and human traffickers and women assaulted by cartels and children dying. they are sending them down there to release them quicker so we don't have the optics of several thousand and you bridge. this is about managing the optics not about fixing the problem. again, this is by design. >> this is where the question comes in even if you have somebody replace mayorkas somebody like a jay j ns who everybody loves thinks he would do a great job. if is he following the orders of the administration, is he not going to be able to do anything to solve the problem. his hands are going to be tied. interesting to see how that plays out. get your thoughts on this. get the numbers now. check in with the numbers, 210,000 migrant border encounters in july. that's according to prelim data
2:59 am
and now a look at this. here we go. pop it up right now. southwest border encounters fiscal year 202. 1.1 million plus. jillian: doesn't that go down not summer months. todd: not this summer. tom, are you seeing any positive signs coming out of the border that leads you to believe we are may be turning a corner some way, shape, or form? 30 seconds to you, sir? >> no, it's going to get worse. again, let me be clear this administration has not done one thing. >> not a single thing to slow the flow. they haven't added a consequence to deterrence for these people coming across the border. as a matter of fact, right now my sources in border patrol intelligence there is between 150, 150,000 illegal migrants right now staging in renasa just south of the border in texas. it's going to gets worse. why? because the biden administration refuses to take action. they are bragging on how quick they are getting people out of
3:00 am
the border patrol custody. that means they are releasing people quicker. hey can you even have covid and theys let you in the united states and process you within a matter of hours and release you into the united states. why would you not want to come? jillian: a lot of questions there tom homan, thank you for joining us. appreciate your time have. a good day. >> thanks for having me. todd: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great one. ♪ ♪ jillian: one chicago police officer is dead. another in critical condition. >> this blood is on this profing socialist movement. the blood is on their hands heros are dying in the street protecting them. >> american federation of teachers is willing to consider with weather a vaccine mandate is needed. >> i think we need to be working with our employers not opposing them on vaccine mandates. >> governor andrew cuomo accusers says he has to face justice. >> governor needs to be held accountable. what he did to me was a crime. >> i hope andrew cuomo bears


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