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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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border with some new exclusive video. have a great week. and we'll you next fox news sunday. ♪ time on life, liberty and levin. steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution". this is pro- worker pro family pro community and especially from america. this week as parents across the country protest scientifically a mask mandates for kids biden taps the education secretary to threaten close on the school closures in response even biden weighed in against parents and closures and
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science. the teachers using is doing the parent for the crime to find out exactly what kind of woke poison the schools are stealing into the mind of her children while the unions once again hold america's children hostage with threatens to close schools unless the preposterous pandemic demands are met. what is the show? that the people who should have the power when it comes to education, parents have had it taken away by an unholy alliance of the education bureaucracy. from the start of this pandemic the teachers unions new the affected children that exploited that for their own personal benefit closing schools in america all countries around the world open there's up or band closing at all political demands like wealth taxes medicare for all. the evil push for brainwashing dangerous race baiting and then headlining the conference the leaders of the two biggest
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teachers unions probably defending racism in the working indoctrination that teachers unions are the biggest opportunity crushers in america sacrificing educational standards and achievement for political dogma that dumbs everything down while demanding more money, less work and lavish pensions. in california, 5000-dollar bonuses, 7 percent salary but that a retroactive pay raise just to show what. the teachers unions america public enemy number one winning like this? corruption is a big part of it. for years the unions have bribed new york state united over $13 million to democrats in california over 14 million at the national level $60 million to democrats and what does america got in exchange even a liberal columnist points out greeks have higher high school graduation rates 15 euros in
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russia poland latvia and other countries are better at math than american counterparts one fifth of america's 15 -year-olds can't read at the level expected of a ten -year-old. the performance of the union for the public school system is a complete catastrophe. of course hardest hit are the communities that the teachers unions claim they care about native american third-graders performed 14 percent lower this year compared to 2019 black students 15 points, latino students 17 points lower in majority black baltimore close to half of the kids have a gpa below in california it is the equivalent of a four-year achievement gap between black and my eighth grade students the battle of the teachers unions they are not the only reason for the monumental and
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humiliating failure to properly educate our children. in every state and local area public school bureaucracies who are in charge of the system presiding over a national disaster. in baltimore they have achievement and accountability offers and in baltimore where kids are in the public school system for decades and nearly half barely get any education at all that every single bureaucrat at the achievement accountability office gets $100,000 per year. when the democrats blame republicans and racism and anyone but themselves for the poverty, inequality and racial injustice that is too common in the exact places they run , we say no. is not racism or republicans. it is you useless incompetent ideological unaccountable education bureaucrat pay yourselves a fortune for public many you are the ones destroying the lives of the lease advantage kids in america. in california superintendent
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paid nearly half a million dollars for less than half the kids to be proficient in math and in red states as we showed you last week with the fatcats report local bureaucrats with massive salaries totally unrelated to performance on and on it goes bloated bureaucracy taking on many and failing children the entire educational establishment has failed colleges where they incubate appalling teaching period like a virus sent to infect generation after generation of children this is a systemic racism kamala harris this is the structural change we need elizabeth warren. we have stood by watching the public school system crumble endless top-down reform from no child left behind to the race to the top of the system that is broken a point reform a rotten building you tear it down and build a new one.
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some say charter schools are the answer. yes since the first one established in 1992 they have prove their worth. they gain between 35 and 40 extra days of learning and see seattle and sixty-day students from l.a. charter schools are much more likely to be eligible for state universities then union run schools. great ladders of opportunity for black and latino and newark and new jersey and in new york city even when the charter school classes are in the same building as public schools they did better. they work because they are independent of the education bureaucracy and free from the low expectation, low achievement lowest common denominator madness on the public school system and most teachers are not unionized so of course democrats in the teacher union paymasters hate them the other week pelosi was
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voting to cut 40 million from the charter school program democrat politicians blocking charter school expansion even when democraticdor california gr newsom also supported charter schools once then he decided he had to suck up to the teachers unions to get elected so in the 2018 campaign he pledged to close charters down and then they gave districts more power to block them and in exchange millions more dollars from the unions of course this doesn't affect him he sends his kids to private school like other leading democrats you know how bad the public school system is how disgusting these democrats tonight. the exact same choice they deny everyone else's parents how sickening they attacked the very school that they help to speak for the most prompted
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by parent frustration of pandemic closures in the last few months we have seen positive moves in iowa arizona and arkansas indiana kentucky missouri all created education savings accounts to be private school tuition giving parents more choice but here's the truth. it's not enough. even if this was enacted only a small fraction of america's children with access to these opportunities a vast majority would be stuck in the public school system at the mercy of the teacher union and the education bureaucracy. it will only get worse the unions power is growing, not shrinking they now have a member in the white house that biden and disgraceful he boasted each year more teachers for out of colleges and training institutions infected with woke is him - - wokeness very doing fiddling around with piecemeal reform? the entire system is raw and
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and is dragging america down economically as a better educated we are being left in the dust as the anti- america brainwashing takes a deeper hold. the biggest threat we face and we are running away from it instead of confronting it. enough. we know what works and we can see what doesn't. it's time for real choice in education. real power and parents hands. real reform not in name only. it is time to and the public school monopoly. all the money, the entire schools budget should be returned to parents on an equal basis to spend on the education they think is best for their child some kids will thrive in larger schools thanks to the pandemic there has been an explosion of innovation entrepreneurial energy micro schools and
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parent run schools a host of options imagine how much more education innovators knew they had every parent in america as a potential customer and if we do this in fund students we can finally shut down the disastrous establishment and a local school bureaucracies this is not a pipe dream with any luck and with the support of the show we could even be on the ballot next year thanks to california school choice foundation. let's make this a litmus test for every republican running for office close down the school districts abolish it all no more mediocrity no more critical race theory no more nonsense from the teacher unions educational establishment and the overpaid underperforming bureaucrats power to parents opportunity for kids and success for america. that's the next education revolution we need.
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tell us what you think and share the message on reposted let's bring in our guest fox news contributor sarah carter and cara davis. what do you think? >> you cannot have said it any better the public school systems is raw and no matter how much you talk about it it will fall apart i saw that when i first started reporting when i covered the pomona valley school district it was desperately in need of help we saw students there that were not getting the education they needed students involved in gangs all the way up to their junior year in high school at the time i covered it and could not even read or write in english or spanish. it was devastating so we need to do was empower the parents and get the parents back the power to choose what is right
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and we need to believe in the students we really need to believe in them again and make them accountable they just can't be in the school system. steve: that's why i put as strong as we did we need to do it for all parents and charter schools before that. and then you have a rotten system with pots of honey we have to get rid of the whole system. all parents need to have the choice. >> i think we can start on that road by ending teachers unions. i agree with the monologue at the top and those that have infected public education in this country and as we have seen over the last year, we cannot trust them. they tell us they have the kids best interest but of course they don't because it
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is in the name teachers union. i don't know why people want us to find only public schooling as if that is the only good kind of schooling really kind of schooling that can yield results which as you laid out doesn't really show believe in going to 18 months of people writing and burning and looting because "systemic racism and the government is corrupt. which is it? are we giving our kids to a corrupt government myers and systemic racism or are we going to save them from that government and have parents have control of course the answer is to let us have more control but the unions don't want that they don't care about education they don't care about our kids. they don't care about results they sure as heck don't care about black students or how my kids are doing in the systemically racist government
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we need to and the teachers unions that would help a lot. steve: they are the systemic racism if anything and then to be completely entwined with the democrats. they are one of the same. they give us all these lectures about racism and point the finger at republicans and they keep especially as i noted black and latino to go down to the terrible failures. i have five republican governors and legislatures moving forward to move in the direction of reform but i wanted to highlight that proposal that i mentioned toward the end in california. that's a proposal to take the entire budget that comes from the state and divided up.
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not just a few extra charter schools here and they are but all the money divided up between all the parents. and effectively abolishes the whole concept of the local school district and the local bureaucrats. parents, they don't have any money left it's always the parents. >> that would be brilliant i it does happen unfortunately i don't believe it will. but it's a step in the right direction it's something every parent should fight for. here in fairfax county virginia all the way to california. people are fighting mad about what they have discovered being taught in their schools. a lot of parents did not even realize until covid when they were sitting with their children in front of computers saying what is going on? what are you teaching my child? i know families in california literally sold their homes this month to move out of state to florida and texas and other parts of the country because they do not want their
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children being taught in the public school california public school system. there is something fundamentally wrong with this bookism and critical race theory which is doing more to divide us as a nation than unite us. as a parent myself this is something i don't want my children learning. i want to be given the choice. i am a taxpayer. you are a taxpayer we should be given that choice to refund the money back to the parents, let us make the choice for our children so they can be successful in the future my kids all over the world and not be bound by the teachers union in this country. steve: both of you have noted one silver lining to the cloud of the pandemic but it has really shown parents exactly how structure the teachers
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unions are so given the it's interesting the teachers unions are fighting so hard not to go back to work. [laughter] they should remember that the whole reason we are having this discussion is because they kept our kids out of school. now the veil is pulled back and we can see what's going on behind the scenes. i told this story sitting in a diner listening to a couple next to me who are teachers complaining about going back to school last fall. the female teacher said to her dinner partner, i don't mind going back to school online i don't mind zoom schooling that what i don't like is that the parents can see what i'm teaching i don't think parents should see what i'm teaching. i was on vacation so my husband said you will not respond. [laughter]
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but that is a very good example of the attitude that many public school teachers have they think they are the parent and we are the helpless bystander but these are our kids so the money should be hours we need to and the teachers unions and teachers you don't have to be in a union you can leave your union and still work. steve: great discussion. we will see you later in the show. just a quick word before break former president obama stood up on the dance floor and told the ridiculous fear mongering brigade where to get off no mask or social distancing a massive crowd tightly packed indoors having fun just like the good old days before the country was taken over pseudo-
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steve: in the last two minutes the senate has voted to continue the process to jam through the so-called bipartisan infrastructure deal. here's the truth. there is no bipartisan infrastructure deal first of all according to the responsible federal budget only 23 percent of the one.2 trillion dollar bill voted for is about infrastructure and the claims saying that it is paid for is total bs according to many observers. but the really big point is that pelosi and aoc made it clear the nonpartisan one.2 trillion dollar bill will only pass as long as it is three.5 trillion-dollar bill also passes so it is all big
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7 trillion-dollar pile of big government bloat explicitly designed to turn america into a european-style welfare state. that's what these republican senators are voting for. in a moment we will be joined by utah senator mike lee the correspondent for the uptake on the process. >> steve the senate will turn its attention to more controversial infrastructure plan that is a bigger challenge for democrats. they aim to go alone and writing a massive three.5 trillion-dollar infrastructure bills senate majority leader mcconnell describes it as a socialist shopping list. the bipartisan bill will make a one.2 trillion dollar bill look like a rounding error. then the fight is for the democrats liberals hope to stuff the package with immigration reform and the dock affects also climate
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change provisions. there could be a battle between the squad and moderate democrats as progressive see the big bill what they call a down payment. the gop's as many democratic priorities have nothing to do with bridges or concrete. this is why some gop members like senator hagerty slowed it in the senate finishing the bills is weeks away if not months all 50 senate democrats must stick together to thread the needle to avoid a filibuster that means getting joe mansion and bernie sanders on the same page house democrats can only lose three of their only for needing help from the other side and moving the bill to the house is a lot tougher than in the senate. steve: now here with reaction senator lee great you can join us tonight. there is a story out there that there's a good bill than the bad bill.
12:27 am
isn't it just one bill and republican should be against it. >> it is a terrible bill. message at another inflation bomb dropped on a carpet bomb economy. this reinforces the false notion that the federal government is in charge of everything. and also based on the false notion that this is principally about infrastructure which it is not. most infrastructure is not federal and never should be in the first place. this will make everything more expensive it causes inflation that her support and middle-class more than anyone else. it will make a substantial effort to destroy the budding cryptocurrency industry and also wreaking havoc on homeowners as homebuyers find the increased fees they are putting in place will make everything more expensive in the real estate market. on top of this a massive intrusion into privacy as this creates a pilot project to monitor where you drive and
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how many miles you drive in a year. this is not what the federal government ought to be doing this is the unit party forcing the will of washington dc not just democrats versus republicans but washington dc against the american people and it is wrong. steve: i'm so please you start of a centralization i feel strongly about it because it is a totally antithetical to the entire spirit or the idea of the constitution to decentralize power it centralizes so much in washington. in terms of the process we are hearing chuck schumer is hoping to get 100 senators to vote for the so-called bipartisan to expedite the process to get onto the bernie bill. will you be a part of that? what can you do to stop that quick. >> the best thing we could have done is to stop the one
12:29 am
that the senate is working on right now because we have a few people who made clear they will not pass unless they both pass the we should not be facilitating that in the meantime when it does come up in the budget resolution comes up i think we will be united me and my fellow republicans i wish we were united against the bipartisan bill that we will fight like heck. three.$5trillion is what they want to spend more say it's like five so that will dilute the buying power of every dollar in the american economy herding poor and middle-class people. steve: that's on top of the 2 trillion they already spent it is insane. senator lee great to see you tonight thank you for joining us. as being in our fox news contributor lisa boothe. >> i was thinking today in preparation for the show so i tried to do my best job and you are smart. even looking at the
12:30 am
infrastructure bill but the reconciliation bill focusing on climate change and green new deal, it's an issue for the rich the limousine rich that care about the issue of climate change is not a top ten issue for average americans. look at all the money 15 billion-dollar of the electric car infrastructure. what poor person drives a tesla or an electric vehicle? look at the cheapest tax on the market it is $40000 the people that care about these issues are that john kerry of the world who purports to care about climate change so his other rich friends then jump on a private jet and fly to martha's vineyard to celebrate obama's 60th birthday.
12:31 am
this is the people that quite care about climate change it doesn't actually impact hard-working americans who by the way are struggling to pay their gas bills because gas prices are going up. struggling to pay their food bills. everything is going up as a result of inflation and the left shutting down the economy then resuscitated with government money or our taxpayer money. steve: getting more of that out as well and with a string of new entitlements. i'm not against helping families in need. but as we were discussing it should be the federal government doing it the constitution is very clear. state and local governments should be doing it. and what they are doing is ignoring that to create the new federal entitlement programs and welfare programs that are incredibly hard to remove once they are established. >> the point is to consolidate power at the top centralized
12:32 am
power in washington dc and among the rich to hurt working-class americans the green new deal reconciliation bill the basic expansion of welfare benefits since the 19 sixties why? to get people reliant on the federal government turning us into a country that looks like venezuela, not america. this is what we have seen over the past year with covid crushing small businesses. and allowing corporations and the walmarts of the world and big businesses to thrive and then to expand the welfare state and then to be subservient to the federal government just to live and get by that is what the intention is in the reconciliation bill to have this dangerous path we're on to the authoritarian state and communist state. >> is such a deep point.
12:33 am
>> it's what we've seen in the pandemic with a big government take over and pushing it forward. they really have to fight this. >> in their electric vehicles. [laughter] steve: we will see later in steve: we will see later in the show we will be let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing] that is incredible. it's the multi-flex tailgate. it can be a step, it can even become a workspace. i meant the cat. what's so great about him? he doesn't have a workspace. the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate. find new adventures. find new roads. chevrolet.
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steve: profamily we say at the start of every show and it is foundational because a stable family makes a huge difference for life chances and opportunity common sense tells us that but the facts and data conferment and then with family breakdown so today families are not even being formed in the first place marriage rate is at the lowest ever recorded the way we raise her kids and family and marriage the most important issues facing america we need to fight for the reconstruction of the american family and now we are joined by someone who is right in the vanguard of that fight ohio senate candidate. you have been so great. what kind of reaction are you
12:39 am
getting? >> thank you for having me steve. go to jd but the reaction is unhinged from the left because to the ideas first we have to support families and crazy ideas we should be profamily in this country but to be profamily you have to raise a family on a good middle-class wage than the left goes crazy accused of being sexist to raise a family on a single wage because you want to kick every single woman out of the workforce it is a weird inability to reckon with the fact that children and families are the future of our civilization. if we don't have that we do have a country anymore we have to fix this problem. steve: a couple of weeks ago you said this. so what are the specific things you word like to see in pursuit of the profamily
12:40 am
agenda? >> . >> what the country does is penalizes marriage and successful families through the marriage penalty i propose an alternative policy where we gives credits to those who get married and stay married. in some countries against family more of a voting state if you are family with five children maybe should have the right to represent those children at the ballot box then if you are a single person living in new york city or san francisco. basically the idea is we want to give families more power because what has happened the left has taken over by the aoc in kamala harris of the world now they were on the agenda we have to push back and say we need to be a profamily country people don't like that they say it's culture war or
12:41 am
distraction but if i do hilarious the culture war is something they bring up only when conservatives fight for their values not window left fights for there's. steve: by the way doesn't have to be old-fashioned i make the argument that if one of the parents want to raise a family the most important work you can do, doesn't have to be the mother that does that. a large proportion of households the woman owns more. that it is their choice and we should support the prioritization of raising a family because it's the most important thing any of us will ever do. jd vance i'm so glad you're out there making these arguments i hope we can talk about it as long as we need to to get the changes we need. great to see you tonight much
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more ahead we will be right
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steve: in just over a month voters will have a chance to kick out the governor of california and a recall election. a new poll shows a double-digit lead. could he really be out cut a republican be come a governor of the blue a stay in the nation? state assembly member and author of the book, it all seems to be looking up in the last few weeks. what is going on quick. >> all momentum is on the pro recall side of never seen anything like it in politics
12:48 am
with a level of enthusiasm and excitement people can sense we are on the verge of something really powerful nobody ever gave this recall a chance that only do we qualify as a largest petition drive in united states history will be said passing it had a chance the most are showing this is a dead heat so we have a golden opportunity to reverse california's decline and have a much better future for our state. steve: can you believe this sarah? we hardly dared to hope this might happen. [laughter] >> it looks like you are afraid to say it because you might jinx it but look at survey usa you have 51 percent of people wanting to recall gavin newsom that means not just republicans but democrats. democrats to see a surge in crime, lockdowns because of covid, his failure overall to govern, his hypocrisy so he
12:49 am
has so many strikes against him. no doubt that momentum is on the side of the recall and he is very very close to see his governorship disappear. who will take that stop on —- that's part? anything can happen right now and september 14. steve: one more thing there is an important finding especially for those saying republicans are racist. the one group and of all the different categories. latinos in california a majority we calling gavin newsom. okay make your case why should it be you? >> and overwhelming majority. thousands and thousands of the republican people with the bernie sanders supporters and people donating the only person they have never ever
12:50 am
known as bernie sanders but they just want to get their kids back in school. i've been in the congress last five years fighting the superduper majority i have seen what is wrong with our state government and why the greatest a in the nation is now last and just about everything. i know what to do to start fixing things on day number one to translate the greatest citizens movement into the fundamental change that we need with profound national implications. >> right. and then the latino community i can tell you that because i was part of the and my family i have a lot of family there. they are frustrated with governor newsom they are unhappy with the way he is running the state. the unemployment rates are skyrocketing. taxes are skyrocketing. latino families are strong
12:51 am
nuclear families. they were card and they need the jobs. they want someone who can lead the state. they don't care who it is. they want someone who knows what they are doing. someone who is not a hypocrite like avenues them. steve: we wish all candidates luck and thank you for being with us tonight. we will be right look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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>> tonight, with next, brothers, reporting to new york and, this week the state attorney general has behavior summarized by women in the wall street journal", the governor is alleging a creep and dirty old man but also not only that we do these things. only think that he would be found out and debate, new york times, bring daddy reminded us that the governor's brother chris, was part of the trio the liberal facilitators known for finger wagging and virtual signaling that help the government behind the scenes. what is next for the record promos, we that andrew cuomo could be impeached this week. and his brother chris came to defend him but he's on vacation and will be returning charity. back to help us figure it out. lisa. i'm so enjoying it and it was enjoying a bit terrible things will but, the spectacle of the
12:57 am
god the east coast media elite all of a sudden is out of a zero now these revelations, they were far worse than anything been reported but in terms of what's actually going to happen next, this next week is interesting of ordering these reports that the new york state legislature really, they've got the vote apparently that's needed to impeach him and to be in the impeachment process and if they do that, and a bomb has to step down as lt. governor while the impeachment is on what he think will happen. lisa: we will see, handle, as part of the protected class in america and part of the establishment, but also a democrat who these types of people typically evade actual punishment for their actions like hillary clinton. i'm not sure. i'll have this kind of confidence in this retribution for him. look, is a social pat, this is a guy who wrote a book about his leadership that was not leadership making $5 million for
12:58 am
covid-19 knowing that his policies directly into the death of thousands in new york pretty what kind of person can do that predict somebody is capable of anything. you know me, i don't believe all women person on due process person and ensuring that the people were making accusations are edible and the things that they're saying but the you look at the attorney general's investigation at or near, 1309 witnesses and 41 testified under oath and over five month period of time, 74000 pieces of documents saying things like text messages and e-mails and etc. so it's pretty in-depth investigation they did and found an allegation made against him. so i do believe allegations that were brought forward and given all of that. sue and as you say, these democrats, there often the ones that are the most are the champions, bill clinton, harvey weinstein and andrew cuomo.
12:59 am
in the leader of the me to movement, unbelievable. i mean, how can they even say those things knowing that the behavior they've engaged in. a switch to the other brother. cuomo, the facilitator that was the word used of his behavior. in the new york times. i mean, how could he continue to host a primetime show on cnn. lisa: also request that the worst of it in terms of the people donated mall and all of this is a cofounder the organization who attacked women against creditors against andrew cuomo in helping his team trafficking a letter in describing a lindsay is that all the seven bravely stepping forward and so solid joe, all of these people, and they lit him back, he was on a zoom call.
1:00 am
do we really think that chris cuomo swelling the even face any retribution. sue and good point, lisa thank you so much. great to see you tonight and thank you for joining us and to thank you for joining us and to todd: it is monday, august 9th. tragedy in the windy city, a chicago police officer dead, another fighting for his life after a suspect opens fire during a traffic stop. the attack part of an absolutely disturbing trend. jillian: parents nationwide protest the return of student mask mandates, the battle brewing this fall. todd: dr. fauci sounding the alarm about an outdoor motorcycle rally because of covid but no mention of the big obama birthday bash. the latest double standard for


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