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tv   The Collapse of Cuomo  FOX News  August 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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cuomo swelling the even face any retribution. sue and good point, lisa thank you so much. great to see you tonight and thank you for joining us and to come back again next sunday. >> new accusations of the same refusal governor andrew cuomo to step down pretty. >> the new york attorney general's has an independent investigation against governor cuomo. >> he approached me and he groped me tightly into long and
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was aroused. >> this governor has been a decade and using his powers abusing them. >> related down over me. >> there are multiple serious credible allegations of abuse bully fear intimidation on the one hand and flirtations and comments on the other. and created the condition that allowed sexual harassment and retaliation. >> histories proves that addiction to power in their apologies. [inaudible]. and those often times drove deeper and governor andrew cuomo to stay in the governorship parallels with an apparent need to live up to his father printed. [inaudible].
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>> andrew cuomo. [inaudible]. in the families are never going away. >> people of the difference between politics, counsel culture. >> the spring of 2020, the forever be synonymous with one thing. the pandemic in which no one alive today outside of the history books. >> my fellow americans, tonight i want to to speak with you about our nations and presidents response to the coronavirus outbreak. it started in january and is now spreading throughout the world pretty. >> suspending all travel from europe to the u.s. for the next 30 days, starting friday night pretty. >> this is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history.
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>> in these moments, history demands leadership, when it is consistent, transparent, and in short, relatable. emerged appear to be just that, a smooth talking rough around the edges leader offering a kitchen table philosophy to navigating the uncharted waters of the pandemic it. >> were still in the woods of the good news is we show that we can change the curb and great news is that we can control the spread. >> new york governor andrew, takes the opportunity to garner trust from a community that is shellshocked and terrified of what was happening there city been around the world as well. new york city and is overflowed with corpses in the u.s. complex in flushing meadows was transformed into an emergency medical facility. in 1000 bed hospital ship support the city's healthcare system.
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through all of this, cuomo communicated to new yorkers the attic captain and commanded pretty. >> all across this country, i was in the federal government and i've dealt with - >> good daily press conferences became less etv in the ratings were carried on major cable networks and streamed across various platforms. soap operas, daytime television shows, and is cast were interrupted for his briefings in the governor group praise for delivering a plane and varnish facts and lots of them. when information changed, he explained why pretty. >> having her day after day after day that year start business, have to wonder what it's like to be in your shoes with the weight of this responsibility and just exhaustion that you must feeling right now pretty with only one who would tell us anything. you gave us our truth and you didn't try to sugarcoat pretty.
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>> they said they even sent 11 letter on march 31st of 2020. in part the reading, thank you for being a leader at a time when so many of us are desperately looking for one. thank you for your different outfits in your tight white shirt in your language in your clear easy-to-read graphics that are probably meant is that learning method for donald trump and i love your progress. [inaudible]. , not only captivated the state and country with his covid-19 precedents but apparently the world. they are governor received an international something for his efforts in covid-19 fashion is presented remotely by a slew of celebrities thanking him for a job well done. >> to my governor, governor in part states, andrew cuomo congratulations andrew on your much-deserved award. >> governor andrew cuomo, you are the man. >> the darkest days of the pandemic, your daily briefing
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live from new york. it gives hope, clarity, truth and something that we were not getting from washington. leadership. >> even president joe biden missing his praises pretty. >> your governor did one heckuva job, and i think that he is sort of this gold standard pretty. >> then as quickly as a came, his once promising future, started to freefall without a parachute. early into the pandemic it, andrew cuomo signed an order denying nursing homes the right to refuse patients solid based on confirmed or suspected to diagnosis of covid-19 because of this new yorkers would end up admitting about 9000 of covid-19 positive patients and this was the kiss of death to 3425 elderly new yorkers who perished from covid-19 in nursing homes in the following weeks. cuomo and his team knew that the rising numbers of new nursing
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homes deaths was becoming a probably insane that when new yorkers avoided no admittance to the facility seem to be his best bet. >> we have tried everything to keep it out of the nursing homes but it's virtually impossible. now as of the best time to put your mother in a nursing home. that's a fact. >> unfortunately, debts continue to rise in the weeks following cuomo's initial order. so he and his team sent out to do for little more damage control with a flick of a panda. signing the fiscal year 2021 bill which quietly granted legal immunity to nursing home operators and other healthcare workers who were following the governor's orders. in the end appears that he went into cover-up mode it. i am doing the original order to only allow covid-19 negative patients and then deleting the original order altogether. hoping no one would notice. it is much as they try to cover their tracks, the death toll was climbing. and so in late april, the new york health department quietly
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change the reporting rules to make the number of nursing home deaths appear smaller nearly 50 percent smaller. in the reporting merely 10000 nursing home deaths dropped to 6432 and they were able to achieve this by only including the number of deaths nursing home facilities rather than accounting for the residence who died after being transferred at a hospital. the former use the statistic to claim his handling of the virus and and 30 and other states pretty. >> you look at new york state, we have a lower percentage of deaths nursing homes than other states. new york state, willie about 28 percent. below the national average and number of deaths in the nursing homes. but who cares, 33, 28, that in the hospital, died in the nursing home. they died.
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>> trevor, you call yourself a cuomo 16. and i agree with you i believe i am one as well pretty. >> were falling in love with cuomo and everyone, should be a moment sexual that way pretty. >> is no secret the governor andrew cuomo love the spotlight innate printed plenty of interviews agree to be on the cover of rolling stones and even published a book on leadership lessons learned from the pandemic before the pandemic was even over titled, american crisis leadership lessons from the covid-19 pandemic and his brother, chris cuomo a primetime anchor and cnn gave him a national platform with an open spot on the show. their conversations were always relatable content often fighting on about the mother's favorite child calling their parents are breaking curfew rated. >> i called mom and she said that it was a favorite and i can't believe you're lying to my
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audience. >> you think that you are an attractive person now because your single and ready to mingle pretty. >> some say that i shouldn't come on the show because you'll harassment. >> can't take it pretty instead true that this was this the swab that the nurse was actually using the unit and it appears so that it was gail, this was the l swap it was being used was of this rated r was at this party to tell people the truth, come on. >> history proves leaders conformant dangerous addiction to political power and when a politician's family heritage is also embedded in their power, those roots often times grow deeper and more entwined pretty governor andrew cuomo's ambitions to stay in the governorship perhaps paralleled this with an inherent needed to live up to his father and governor mario and a cuomo with
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the state of new york for three terms. and for the most part, always had a son by his side. and andrew for fresh out of law school young the meter acres started by serving is his father's campaign manager and he was just 24 years old. allegedly entering made campaign struggles and will ensure that his father would cross the finish line first. any dead and he later joined the governor's staff is of his father's policy advisors known for being tactical and bullish and albany politicians referred to him as the enforcer while his father was seen as the night sky. in 1990, andrew cuomo entered into the ultimate democratic dynasty and he married carrie kennedy, anisa former president jon f. kennedy and daughter of senator robert f kennedy and his outlets saying the couple but the union was never fairytale in summer whispered is a marriage of can and trent percolated alliance.
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and kerry inherently understood what it meant to live in public life and how to hide one's vulnerabilities in times of personal turmoil and with her family status, she was the quintessential partner her for cuomo is political aspiration wrongly rising and we carried by his side, he continued to climb the political ladder becoming housing secretary of the clinton administration. but the year 2002 proved to be wildly catastrophic for cuomo. of professionally and personally. in his first run for governor, his toll took a devastating hit, rather than suffer the inevitable defeat he removed himself from the place altogether. carrie followed suit in the day after the primary concluded, that she filed for divorce. the embattled future new york government had no other option than to pick up the pieces and for the next four years, he harness his resources from his life in politics and start over. in 2006, cuomo rose again
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becoming new york's attorney general and he served one term before setting his sights on the governor's mansion once more. and after elliott's left the governorship of the scandal of being involved in a prostitution ring. cuomo saw path forward. in 2008, his successor david patterson finish off his three-year term. in patterson's last year as governor, allegations of witness tampering and lying under oath swirled in an investigation was launched and it was headed by andrew cuomo, the man who would replace him. in the investigation lasted only a five months but was never patterson to grant program in 2010 and a perfect attorney general to be elected as governor. andrew cuomo easily rose to governor missus scandal and has since continued gliding through many more over his past 11 years in office. and to name a few, the mormon commission, in which cuomo created a special commission of
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investigators to root out corruption and albany. only to uncover his administration was affiliated with said corruption. in the buffalo billion, 1 billion-dollar economic package deal to upgrade the city of buffalo but cuomo's right-hand man to spearhead the initiative was indicted for rigging the project in this game steered more than $850 million in state-funded contracts to cuomo's allies and eight cover-up of new york's new for billion-dollar bread, dub the mario, bridge, found to be plagued by dozens of failing which engineers secretly replaced to hide faults from inspectors under the guidance of the one and only, andrew cuomo. and when things bubble over as quickly as it did for governor cuomo, sometimes the other headlines are overlooked. >> is not only wanting innocence, the common policy or support desert with maximum aggression it and maximum self-righteousness an ace articulate i will say.
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>> giving him the benefit of the doubt, is a gross incompetence which resulted in the loss of thousands and thousands of lives and affected thousands of families. >> but his biggest scandal yet would soon catch up with an invite january 2021, cuomo is trying to explain why 12743 nursing home or nursing of him including 4000, not previously recorded that same day, new york attorney general, the teacher james city undercut is much as 50 percent snowing. knowing that the visitation had not been launch at than a bomb dropped. and just one month later, in february of 2021, almost elevated alyssa and ministers and devastating blow to the credibility. he tell state lawmakers that they intentionally withheld the real numbers of the nursing home death for fear of prosecution
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from federal investigators pretty. >> basically we froze adding they were afraid the numbers would be used against us predict. >> a week later the fbi and the u.s. attorney general office launch their investigation pretty governor andrew cuomo's inner circle many religions on the defense and desperately trying to save face on all fronts related to their best nursing home response and is called to the fellow democrats who reportedly fleet the audio pretty. >> the governor has abusive powers and he is a pattern of abusive behavior. and he has abused me and my family by calling me and threatening my career and putting my kids in front of my kids and wife. >> and that his lawyer took the same approach and threatening nursing home representatives after luring them into a colander the guides of a covid-19 vaccine emergency. and while on this call, the governors team threatens the staff with fines and malpractice claims and license revocations
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claiming they failed to pick up vaccine shipments they supposedly ordered and as it turns out, there was no legitimate basis for the threat. representatives for some saying that while they may have submitted numbers for the unvaccinated residents and staffers, which was required of them, they certainly did not insinuate the need for vaccines to be set aside for them. in this locked and loaded and seemingly unfair response by the governors team only perpetuated the claims of toxicity in his administration's work environment. but being fair seems far off concept for cuomo. especially in light of this report that his administration arranged for his family members and other well-connected figures have special access to stated ministers, coronavirus test, and even going as far as to dispatch a top state doctor another state health officials to be under their homes. this misuse of state resources raises serious ethical questions. amounting claims ups sexual
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misconduct were not helping him on the issue of misconduct, trouble was on the horizon pretty. >> on november 16, 2020 in the executive mansion, the governor executive assistant number one, and reached under her blouse to grab her breast.
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one of president biden's top priorities. though the measure has strong support, senators have yet to reach terms on final passage. it could be early thursday before the bill makes it through congress. governor cuomo's top aide has resigned a week after the attorney general released a report claiming that cuomo harassed 13 women. cuomo remains defiant, claiming
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he's innocents of the allegations. i'm jackie ibanez. governor, they do pretty. >> the pressure is intensifying in these latest calls, after the albany reporting a female executive chamber staff member alleges that governor aggressively groped her late last year at the executive mansion in albany" they were alone cuomo's private residence on the second floor when he closed the door and allegedly reached under her blouse in a television interview, she says that cuomo confessed that he was lonely and asked her shocking questions about her life pretty. >> you believe that he was proposition you are what pretty. >> yes for pretty. >> she was having unwanted physical contact pretty. >> he approached me and he took my hand and he pulled me to him. he leaned down over me and he kissed my cheek and what i felt was highly sexual manner pretty.
10:29 pm
>> married mother of three claim to governor cuomo grabbed her face and kissed her in a highly sexual manner while touring her storm damage home in 2017 it and echoed several accusations made against the 63 -year-old governor by merely by list of staffers and former aide displayed it was a date he made unwanted advances in inappropriate comments but world to afraid to come forward. the first is sent shockwaves run later it was former aide lindsay boylan who claims in a series of twitter posts that she was harassed by him and when the released a more detailed the house of the xx you entered in the website many were she allegedly she had he had kissed her on the lips without morning and asked her to play strip poker with him. a cuomo quick to draw, took a patron the politicians playbook and he was ready for a counterattacking one with that would seemingly ruin boylan's career in the days following, the former a tweet that the
10:30 pm
governor and listed his close to draft a letter attacking boylan's credibility now under to accuse her of coming forward for political retribution's and a disclose personal complaints filed against her. and attempted to link her to supporters of former president donald j trump in the initial payment was to get for steakhouse staffers especially women and to sign their names to the letter and begin wide circulation. but the prep work. with a did not immediately follow up on her claim predict and the accusation started to fade until another woman came forward and then another and then another and with more and more details them and wanted kissing and touching. in months by, and nothing happened. and as governor cuomo anxiously awaited the sexual probe the findings the, he finally got some good news in the doj decided they would not pursue an investigation into his handling of the nursing home during the pandemic pretty.
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>> the doj hussite decided not to open a civil rights of institutionalized act investigation on any public nursing facility within they are pennsylvania michigan at this time. for more than a year the critics setting up against near governor andrew cuomo's early pandemic policy which was recovering patients into nursing homes and even more criticism when the state attorney general released a report finding that is administration in without the true number of deaths in these facilities. >> there were multiple investigations happening at the federal level state level and we will get to where we can hold this governor accountable. >> family members called this news heartbreaking and many of them held rallies and protests against the early pandemic policies calling for justice for the ones in the doj's letter did state there is an ongoing investigation into two nursing homes in new jersey pretty.
10:32 pm
>> the governor praised the decision calling it toxic politics and blamed others from holding him accountable. >> if you have lost a loved one in a nursing home, he could've been prevented, it was a mistake. by the government bureaucrats in this way your loved ones died. how cruel. how cruel can we lose a loved one in a nursing home, unless my father, you see yourself why, why, why god. it wanted to take him, such a good man. and they suggest who may be, your loved one did not have to die, it was a government mistake. how mean. to dilute the families who lost the loved ones in a nursing home. >> this tone deaf response was not take into wealth by many. including democratic new york lawmaker ron kim.
10:33 pm
>> the governor to take immediate national stage and a victory lap and played the victim, while thousands of families are still seeking the truth, that is what is cruel pretty. >> many began to wonder if the governor would get away with all the new york itinerary general's office was no front and center with the public site as they silently continued their investigation into his sexual harassment accusations. >> is much different than what has been portrayed pretty. >> and fox nation would be dedicated to share the stories of those who sacrificed for our great country and in honor that, will getting all active military veterans fox nation for free. for entire year.
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>> another storm coming up almost fortune turn bad to worse in new york attorney general called a press conference pretty. >> the independent investigation is concluded partied and governor andrew cuomo sexual harassed multiple women and in doing so, violated federal and state law. specifically, investigation found that as governor andrew
10:39 pm
cuomo sexual harassed current and former new york state employees engaging in animal, and nonconsensual touching, and making numerous offensive comments have a suggestive and sexual nature they created a hostile work environment for women pretty. >> on november 16, 2020, and the executive mansion, the governor executive assistant number one and reached under her blouse to grab her breast. >> and concluded that detective chambers workplace culture, bully fear and intimidation on the one hand and normalizing frequent flirtations and gender-based comments by the governor on the other. created the conditions that allowed the sexual harassment and retaliation to occur and persist pretty to. >> giving report detailing a pattern of misconduct by
10:40 pm
governor cuomo including allegations that he groped an executive assistant and to the executive mansion in albany. the albany district attorney is opening an incredible investigation using the state attorney general's report is ignited he will be formally requesting investigative materials obtained by the ag's office and we welcome any victim to contact our office for additional information pretty. >> we have pieces of evidence and rebuild deeply disturbing yet a clear picture. >> state attorney general letitia james choosing her words carefully they found clear violations in the civil side of the lot and he was creating a hostile work environment for women at ten doug jones a place pretty. >> there is a distinction in the law, the different gradations of sexual misconduct in the center is very specific pretty.
10:41 pm
>> but he said that and touching wanting can rise to a level of crime the state of new york to local law enforcement agencies are well within the power to investigate and pursuing charges pretty. >> if you look at the criminal statutes, obviously inappropriate sexual touching can make that a criminal offense. it. >> let be clear, than ever happened. >> in denying the multiple accusation the governor showed montage of himself said that he didn't understand this some kind of might find it inappropriate, questionable defense tactic that link the legal experts marginalized pretty. >> this to say that i didn't know it. that does not mean that you can walk away with a candy bar and along came the media frenzy. >> he is pretending that he's having fundraisers, is like is business as usual with him. and here for him, the cuomo show is 24/7 we party come out of his own mouth, remember he had his
10:42 pm
brother and interviewed during one of his press conferences and he said that you have your chauffeur now and is the cuomo show 24/7. and his reality, everyone else is listening whether you are a member of the media, the legislature, an average new yorker predict be too stupid to understand what he is saying otherwise. it puts this veil of his own story and spent on everything and he bullies and harasses and he intimidates any abuses but where is his personal courage and that. and i think that he comes back to bite him but for him, he wants to avoid it accountability and all coast pretty to it went home wanting to seem quick to respond pretty. >> the facts are much different than what has been portrayed and i am 62 years old, i have lived my entire adult life in public view. that is just not who i a.m. and that is not who i have ever
10:43 pm
been. and i have heard charlotte and her lawyer and understand what they are saying but they read into comments that i made and they draw inferences that in ferment. they ascribe motives that i never had. and simply put, they heard things that i just did not say. but if the newspapers are by the news, they are not the way to find the facts in this matter. and i now understand that there are generational, cultural perspectives the frankly, i had not truly appreciated. and i have learned from this. politics and bias, are interwoven throughout every aspect of this situation.
10:44 pm
>> the accuser that the governor singled out did not seem pleased with his quote apology pretty. >> is trying to make me out to be someone who can't tell the difference between sexual harassment and mentorship. >> and it was a disaster, he should resign and he will resign, he should be impeached as quickly as possible by the state legislature. he cannot govern, this a lengthy investigation this interviewed well over 100 individuals who are very close to the governor and former staff members of people that work in his circle of trust and there's no way for the governor to survive this. >> the prosecutor in the state of new york had claimed that he broke federal and state laws and that we have legislative body ethical and legal duty to remove him from the position of power. >> the fact is that there are 11 women coming forward is easily
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>> the cuomo skin was democrats divided on the issue for months. if no more and more are calling his resignation pretty.
10:49 pm
>> calls were in battle new york governor andrew cuomo disturbed down or growing louder pretty. >> i am standing with many of my colleagues asking the governor to resign pretty. >> more than a hundred state lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pursing for cuomo's resignation. >> most prominent jumping on board. >> i'm sure there's something braces that were totally innocent but apparently there were things that were more did pretty. >> he absolutely should resign, he should resign 80 will resign he should be impeached as quickly as possible. >> i'm not backing down pretty. >> the governor is not above the law nor is he above plain decency pretty. >> he tried to justify himself by making me out to be somebody cannot tell the difference between sexual harassment and mentorship. >> enablers not going away. >> he lost my mother-in-law over the years ago and he is getting
10:50 pm
away with it. it is like saying you are views on tv every day and realizing nothing is going to happen. >> even his most lap loyal allies and defenders are abandoning him ahead of the democratic party chairman jacob and the government himself, releasing a statement saying that mr. cuomo's removal from office was inevitable. >> we spoke to the governor today, did you urge him to resign and if you did, woody say back to you pretty. >> is a deity, i felt that's the best course pretty. >> a close ally of governor cuomo is now urging him to resign, chairman of the jake jacobs telling him he spent much of the last 24 hours trying to convince the governor to step down in the governor was not having it. >> the governor is a fighter and he believes that he has a story
10:51 pm
to tell and he believes that he has point that he needs to make on this. >> the resident of the new york state conference of vocal seared into the governor also recoiling his support civic groups major unions, the majority of the state assembly, entire new york congressional and democratics governors of four neighboring states all see the writing of the ball. the new york state assembly saying that we will move expeditiously and look to conclude or impeachment of investigation as quickly as possible and they may have the votes they needed to impeach. >> my colleagues in the assembly was immediate impeachment if the governor does not step down and i believe i will take shape in the next few days pretty. >> but it does not stop there, impeachment would be just the first step. >> what happens to the investigation on the nursing home deaths during covid-19. >> him stepping down is a critical first step because
10:52 pm
right now in a position of power he can leverage resources his political capitol to a dodge accountability and at the end of the day that's what this is about impeachment is unnecessarily create the accountability by and removes them from a position of power so that he can continue to hold him accountable for the thousands of unnecessary deaths that went under his leadership in new york pretty. >> to see if any supporters the democratic party of new york at this point. >> at this point, i can say there are no democrats at the local state and federal level who are supporting this governor. >> even his brother chris cuomo faces and reports surfacing that in a series of conference calls, he is advising the governor on how he should read spotted to the sexual harassment saying they should take a bold position and not resign pretty. >> it is just 16 months ago that andrew cuomo was riding high and
10:53 pm
now there's an official movement out there pretty. >> new questions know about the role that chris cuomo played in his brother's scandal in the attorney general reports finds that he was among the advisors who contributed to the toxic culture and you remember the pair appeared together in the younger, show in the early days of the pandemic. wasn't that fun, but critics slammed him largely ignoring the sexual stories and that very same program. helping crafting the governor's response. >> it appears to show that chris cuomo drafted a statement for his brother. and his brother ultimately used is so here at cnn the news network and before we start tonight, let me tell you something, then i am sure is very obvious to you who are watching the show pretty and thank you for that coming straight with me and i'll be
10:54 pm
straight with you. obviously, i'm aware of what is going on. and obviously, i cannot cover because he is my brother. and now, of course cnn has to cover it, they have covered it extensively they will continue to do so. and i have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so i just wanted to tell you that, there's a lot of news going on the matters also so let's get after that. >> making for some awkward moment, i love you brother. reports are now coming out to cnn vince encouraging cuomo to take a leave of absence. so he can continue to advise his brother but he also won't back down telling the network that he would rather continuing this spot and obey the rules preventing him from commenting on the scandal. adding to the political pressure
10:55 pm
to resign and governor cuomo could also be in a criminal dilemma the midheaven nassau westchester county d.a.'s office requesting investigators materials from the new york attorney general's report and they all joined albany county with an ongoing criminal investigation going into cuomo's behavior pretty. >> homo keeping a low profile of the mansion, despite holding onto power in the governor's lawyer say that he will cooperate with the new york state assembly judiciary committee investigating whether he begins impeachment proceedings in the governor has until next friday august 13, to provide additional evidence for these meetings pretty. >> it seems that governor cuomo is still ready for a fight and his resistance to resign his steadfast but the reputation the bullying in fear that he build on his way to the top, is not helping them now and burning bridges may have left, with no apparent path forward however, his resistant to resign at his defense tactics are only getting more aggressive and only time
10:56 pm
will tell if homo will be forced off his throat. >> i am not going to resign it was not elected by the politicians, was elected by the people. in part of this is that i am not part of the political core and you know what, i'm proud of it. welcome to allstate. (phone notification) where we've just lowered our auto rates. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and savings like that will have you jumping for joy. now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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brett: i'm bret baier in for chris wallace. senators set to resume debate on a trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure package. >> it's a bill that would end years of gridlock in washington. brett: the senate works the weekend as both parties rush to finalize a may investigator infrastructure bill. but it faces an uncertain future in the house where progressives push democratic leaders for more. and republicans promise zero support for the president's next massive agenda item. eye they want t unleash a


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