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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: governor cuomo is not resigning but cooperateing in the opportunity he will have to work with the state assembly and those in power as they begin potential impeachment proceedings. here comes "the five." >> ♪ ♪ >> hello. i am dana perino with greg gutfeld, dagen mcdowell, geraldo rivera and jesse watters. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ ♪ >> far left democrats accused of major hypocrisy. cori bush calling to defund the police but it comes with a big catch. the liberal lawmaker renewing her demand while defending
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having her own private security detail. >> i will have security because i have had attempts on my life. i have too much work to do. there are too many people that need help. if i end up spending $200,000, i get to be here to do the work. suck it up. defunding the police has to happen am we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets. we are trying to save lives. i have private security because my body is worth being on this planet. i have private security because the white supremacy and racist narrative. >> violent crime surges in liberal cities like atlanta, new york, l.a. and portland and philadelphia. i don't know how chicago did not make that list. greg, predictable contradiction?
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>> yes, this is like saying marijuana should be illegal except for me. she should translate that outrage to empathy. she is like everyone in new york city. like the eldery ladies terrified on the subway. she should understand the people, the shop owners who lock their businesses and their careers in the riots, in the turmoil and the fires and the looting. she said that her life depends on the security and her life is worth it. i agree. why the hell don't you feel the same way for your constituents. you can't say i get security and
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you don't. that's what she is saying. >> she does that through campaign contributions. that's how she pays for. regular moms and pops don't have a campaign and a finance report to turn in. >> if we defund police -- anybody for that should lose their security. >> that might be a good attack. worked in new york city for eric adams who was not for defunding the police. it was a supposed to be a lesson for democrats to learn. the head democrat in charge of the house said we are in trouble here. today they make her the biggest star in the democratic party. >> it's an easy lesson to learn. days after david was shot and killed in st. louis she called for defunding the police and st. louis defunded the police $4 million in 2020. they had the highest homicide rate in 50 years and murders are
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surging in st. louis county. that's a tough neighborhood. i travel a lot. that district in st. louis was the toughest neighborhood i have ever been to. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i have to blame the people of st. louis. they voted her in and took a loud mouth off the streets and put her in congress. she is a professional protestor. she cut her teeth in the ferguson deal. mike brown hands up and don't shoot. that was a career. she was out in front of the mccloskey's home with a bull horn screaming you can't stop the revolution and praised antifa for all of the work they did in ferguson which burned to a crisp. she said if the january 6th rioters were black they would be
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shot dead. there was someone shot dead. ashli babbitt who was white. i looked at her profile on social media it's a mess. she does the pronouns there. it's all for attention. she is on netflix in a squad documentary. everything she says is about racism. she is like a robot for racism. push the button and raches! -- racism. >> that was good commentary. one thing she is having a moment this week, the house of representatives did not extend the eviction moratorium because moderate members said we don't are not doing this and she demanded they do something that is not legal and they elevated her again. >> she is competing with
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alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida tlaib, she has to ratchet up the insanity. she has to turn the lunacy to get more headlines and attention. aoc said we need to abolish our prison system. rashida tlaib no more police and no more incarceration. what congressman cori bush is doing, she is saying i need to be safe and secured and protected so i can ensure you are not safe, and secure and protected. my life is more valuable she said than a black child or an elderly asian woman or hispanic mother or a white father. she is literally saying -- it's her version of let them icate.
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-- cake. let them eat lead. >> it will be hard for democrats in swing districts to say no one in the democratic party is calling for defunding the police when she is the star of the democratic party. >> the revelation she has private security it proves the point that cops are so necessary. to defund the police movement is the most ill advised idea ever. it's absolutely rebounded negatively against those proprosed and it's absurd on its face. that's why she has private security. her constituents need what she has. this is so important: there is a ghetto civil war. there are so many guns on the street. these gang bangers and the dope
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business are the most toxic environment you can have. st. louis and baltimore and detroit, kansas city and memphis. buffalo. nuark, chicago. they are in denial. var to recognize that the constituency are imperilled by a statistic that young black men are dying from homicide more than any other cause. what is she talking about. >> who will sleep on the steps of the capitol for the victims of all of these crimes? >> everything that geraldo said is important. when she talks on behalf of these people, this is for them. it's theatre. it's a vessel for her to gain power. this idea of fighting for the rights of the people out of power, once she has power, what
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did she do? she dismantled the basic things we want which is security. that's the recipe for a radical. once they get in power, they screw everybody they claimed to help want she doesn't care about constituency. she has a security details. >> president biden and vice-president harris are speaking. >> we watched with absolute shock as our capitol was under seeing and the people within it afraid for their lives. siege. what we have now is in the middle of that violent attack there were countless act of courage -- and we are here today in the rose garden, at the white house, to recognize that courage.
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the officers of the u.s. capitalism police and the d.c. metropolitan police risked their own lives to save the lives of others. on january 6th and on april 2nd. they sacrificed so much to defend our nation. if securing our capitol, they secured our democracy. these officers are heroes. >> [applauding]. >> and these officers are patriots. >> [applauding]. >> they deserve today and every day this honor. our nation is grateful for your service. now there are is officers who
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continue to suffer from injuries seen and unseen. i want to make it clear that you know that you are not alone and we all stand with you. of course, there are other officers who tragically lost their lives. there is nothing we can do to bring these officers back or take away the pain their families feel, but it is my prayer that their sacrifice will serve as a constant reminder of the work we must all do together. of the vigilance, we must have in order to protect our democracy. so, i return to the senate at 8 p.m. the night of january 6th. we gathered in the senate chamber.
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in the same chamber where the new deal was struck and the great society was forged. in the same chamber where the interstate high way system was started and voting rights were launched. in that chamber just before 1 a.m. as officers stood guard, the final vote was tallied. democrats, independence and republicans came together and upheld the vote and the voice of the american people. as those officers continued even at that late hour to secure our capitol, they secured our democracy. are the us never forget that and let us always remember their courage. now, it is my great honor to
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introduce a true champion for all of those who serve in uniform, president biden. >> [applauding]. >> thank you vice-president harris. folks, not even during the civil war did insurrectionists reach the capitol of the united states of america. the citadel of our democracy. not even then. but on january 6th, 2021, they did. they did. a mob of extremists and terrorists launched a violent and deadly assault on the people's house. it was a sacred ritual to certify a free and fair
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election. it wasn't dissent. it wasn't debate. it wasn't democracy. it was insurrection. it was rioting and mayhem. it was radical and chaotic. it was unconstitutional and most important fundamentally un-american. the threat, the test of whether our democracy could survive. whether it could overcome lies and overcome the fury of a few seeking to thwart the will of the many. while the attack on your values and votes shocked and saddened the nation, our democracy did survive. it did. truth defeated lies. we did overcome. that's because of the women and men of the u.s. capitol police,
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the washington, d.c. metropolitan police department and other law enforcement officials that we honor today. speaker pelosi who led the effort in the house, senator and blunt and all of my colleagues that are here. thank you. klobuchar. today i will sign the law the bill you sent that awards the congressional gold medal to the united states capitol police, the washington, d.c. metropolitan police department and other law enforcement who supported our democracy on january 6th. to all of them thank you for protecting our capitol. maybe more importantly for protecting our constitution and
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saving the lives of duly elected members of the senate and the house and their staffs. these moments when we are still debating. these were tragic hours back then. you stood in the breach and did your duty to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. the events were surprising but not your courage of all of the men and women. i didn't grow up with any of you, but i know you. you are like all of the women and men i grew up in scranton and claymont, in the neighborhood i lived in you became a cop, a firefighter or a priest. i wasn't qualified for any of
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them so here i am. >> [laughing]. >> all kidding aside, i got to know you. you are the same ones after a ballgame in a visiting field come walking out of the gym and you may get jumped by the other team or their supporters. you may be all by yourself. the only one standing there when you watch six people jump one. our teammates. who would you do? you would jump in. knowing you would get the hell beat out of you too. police officers are not what you do. it's who you are. i got to know you after 36 years in the senate. 8 years as vice-president. you are always there. it's not a joke, duty, honor and service.
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that's who you are. that's who your dad was. that's who your dad was. america owes you a debt we can never fully repay. i know receiving this award is bittersweet. on that day more than 140 law enforcement officers suffered physical injuries and untold numbers suffered an emotional toll. 15 of you were hospitalized. others were lost forever. may their souls rest in peace and rise in glory. i know even time you put on that shield in the morning when you show up for work, your families wonder whether they will get a call that day. a call they don't want to receive. hoping you come home safely. it breaking news my heart as
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a nation to remember that you were assaulted by thousands of violent insurrectionists. in the capitol of the united states of america. jill and i would have never thought we would have to join you in the capitol rotunda not once but twice. once to honor brian sicknick who lost his life and billy evans who lost his defending the capitol as well. both gave their full devotion to the country at the u.s. capitol. their families are here today. i know from sim -- yes. you should clap for the families. >> [applauding].
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>> i know like others know from personal experience getting that phone call. it's nice to be honored and have those you lost remembered, but it's tough to be here. it brings back everything like it happened 10 minutes ago. so, i offer you not only our condolences, but recognize your courage, the courage of your children. you have our most profound gratitude. you know, the fallen are the casualties for the struggle literally for the soul of america. a struggle they didn't start. the struggle we did not seek.
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and a struggle that by the grace of god we will win. i said i know this is a bittersweet moment. as proud of brian and billy as you are, it still brings back pain of what happened. and also, we offer our prayers to the families of the capitol police officer. we knew his dad well. she was secretary of the united states senate. we also pray for the families of the metropolice officers jeffrey smith. for anyone facing trauma and still struggling, please know there is help available.
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my fellow americans, the tragedy that day deserves the truth above all else. we cannot allow history to be rewritten. we can't allow the heroism of these officers to be forgotten. we have to understand what happened. the honest and unvarnished truth. we have to face it. that's what great nations do and we are a great nation. in the past weeks and months, you heard the officers themselves describe what happened. some are here today. the threats and the violence and the savageness. with asked when he was fighting for officer hodges who is here today said one word: democracy. my fellow americans, let's recommend what this was all about. a violent attempt to overturn the will of the american people
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and seek power at all costs, to replace the ballot with brute force and to destroy and not to build. without democracy, nothing is possible. with it, everything is. my fellow americans, we must all do our part to perfect and preserve our democracy. it requires people of good will and courage to stand up to the hate, lies and extremism that led to this vicious attack. it requires all of us working together -- democrats and republicans and independents -- on behalf of the common good to restore decency, honor and respect for our system of government. above all trequires all of us to remember who we are at our best as a nation. as we see it in the law enforcement officers today. the best of our nation. the congressional gold medal
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awards today will be housed in 4 locations. 2 will be displayed at the united states capitol police department and the washington, d.c. metro-police department so every morning as officers walk by, seeing those medals, they will remember the heroism of their colleagues and importance of their work. the third medal will be in the museum with a plaque honoring all visitors what happened that day. and the 4th will be in the capitol itself to remind all who visit the honor and the service of those who protect and preserve all of us. i will ask speaker pelosi if she is able -- not able, not able willing and senator klobuchar
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and senator blunt and the chiefs and the other officers here today to join me as i sign this bill into law. god bless you all and may god protect our troops and all of those who watch over our democracy. >> [background conversations].
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>> [background conversations]. >> [sirens wailing]. >> [background conversations].
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>> [sirens wailing]. >> [background conversations]. >> thank you so much. >> [background conversations]. >> right behind you. >> now. you have to help me out. okay. give a pen to the other people back there. hand them out. >> [background conversations].
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>> [background conversations]. >> ♪ [taps] ♪ >> thank you all so very much. you are incredible. thank you. all right. i think what we are going to do -- [inaudible]. >> ♪ [taps]♪. >> and go into the oval office that way and get pictures taken. all right? >> [background conversations].
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ [amazing grace] ♪ >> [background conversations]. >> [background conversations]. >> ♪ ♪ >> come on. family members. >> ♪ ♪ >> mr. president --
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>> hi. paul. come with me. >> ♪ ♪ >> [background conversations]. >> ♪ [amazing grace] ♪ >> [background conversations]. >> you saw president biden signing day a bill giving congressional gold medals to capitol police officers regarding the january 6th insurrection and some of the children were there who lost their dad on that day or subsequent days. next on the "the five" a former obama officials said it's time to put unvaccinated people on
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> a former obama administration official saying unvaccinated americans should be put on a no-fly list like those normally reserved for terrorists. the homeland security secretary could this is an obvious step that the federal government should take. this comes as the vaccinated passports face scrutiny from within the dermic party. -- democratic party. the mayor of boston a democrat said vaccine passports is like people have to show their papers in the days of slavery. after an explosion of negative
2:36 pm
reactions the mayor apologized for her dopey remarks. you never compare anything to slaver or the holocaust. >> there are so many walk backs it's like michael jackson doing the moon walk. unbelievable. people say something and i don't mean that. dr. collins said wear masks if you are vaccinated in your home if your children are around -- well, actually no, don't have to do this. i think she said what she believed and the blow back was i should not have said that. there is a feeling in urban america that black americans don't want to get the vaccine. i would wish they will reconsider. i want us to get through this without more variants.
2:37 pm
the suggestion what she did is ensure people will be more resistedent. then you add in pride and that's hard to get over. >> they were foolish remarks. on the other hand, putting aside the no fly list, i like the idea i will be in a crowded airplane with only vaccinated passenger. >> why? you are vaccinated. i don't understand. >> but you could get snot on me and i go home to my grandchildren. >> the irrational left seems to be saying that an unvaccinated person poses a mortal threat to a vaccinated person. this is a cocktail of lunacy with hysteria. this woman.
2:38 pm
let's talk about the terror no-fly list. she is saying that unvaccinated people are terrorists. the liberals that find fascism in everything are the fascists. that's what we are talking about. >> i think you could not be more misguided and i really like you. >> [laughing]. >> you are vaccinated don't worry about the unvaccinated people. you are fine, buddy. >> i am so keen on this idea because we have to stop -- you know, the virus is changing because of people unvaccinated allowing 90 plus million hosts. come on, jesse watters. >> geraldo. no-fly lists are for terrorists. if you are flying with someone not vaccinated. that's zero percent chance you will die. if you fly with a terrorist, it's a little more of a zero
2:39 pm
percent chance. >> she obviously walked that back. >> geraldo, during the pandemic when there was no vaccine. people were flying and there was no evidence of virus spreading in aircraft when there was no vaccine. now that 70% of the country is vaccinated why change anything? >> that's a good point. >> what is you fly with kids, greg? >> you hate kids. [laughing]. >> others of us are parents. >> kids are doing great if you look at the stats. i will quote tim dillon. there are horrible things the virus can do. the discussion is not about that. it's about how to fight it without collapsing civilization. >> that's hyperbole.
2:40 pm
>> let me get to my point here. we were talking about the mayor of boston. that was not hyperbole. the passports is segregation by default. 70% of blacks will need to find another place to eat or drink. if you don't see problems happening at the hostess stand you are crazy. it will make the brawls in the airport look like yoga classes. how about the blacks that work in those establishments. if i say i was vaccinated but i don't have my papers. >> come back tomorrow. >> it's that easy when you run a restaurant? you are alienating a group of people because you don't have the balls to talk about the
2:41 pm
statistics. we spent months are vilifying the red necks down shot for being stupid for not getting shots. we didn't reach out to the largest segment of the population. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i am talking about the stats you are not aware of. >> you are changing the subject. >> this is the subject. from is a promising treatment of monoclonal antibodies. it's a cuomo jab because it's just a tiny prick. >> oh! >> i never thought i would hear that on "the five." >> why bringing that up? >> i am trying to lighten the idiocy you bring out of everybody. >> i will allow you to withdraw
2:42 pm
that remark. >> i refuse to withdraw it. you can't handle the truth! >> coming up cnn facing a massive credibility crisis. wait until you hear how the network wanted chris cuomo his friend. >> name drorp. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need.
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credibility the liberal network has left. a new report suggests that chris cuomo take a temporary leave of absence to advise his creepy governor brother. chris helped craft a statement against one of andrew cuomo's accusers. i don't get the conflict of interest. there are conflicts throughout the media. >> amen. >> everyone who worked for the
2:47 pm
clinton administration was married to someone in the administration. no one would be able to cover anything if you have it abide by conflict of interest rules. >> and the obama administration. >> yeah. >> the bush administration. >> not so much. >> i have never been happier that my sister works from home for a great company and rescues cats. >> tonight we are doing a show on rescue cats. you have to stay out of this. >> i will step aside. >> you have to make a choice. >> it's not easy. you can't write your brother's statement. and be an anchor. >> i think from is something to be said about family. >> amen. >> but, the problem is i watched cnn for the first time in months
2:48 pm
last night. i wanted to see how compromised he looks. if there is a problem has ha to do the nursing home stuff. it's not just him and his brother. it was the mockery of the event with his brother. the q-tip and the dating. he talked about covid and he is passionate and telling people what do. he is not news reading. he is commentating. but you are going wait, you didn't do. that you faked it when you were quarantining. you were playing with a q-tip. it's hard to listen to him now. it's like he had that stinch when you you are on poop island you can't get off. >> how much damage has his brand caused on cnn? >> who. >> chris cuomo. >> he has a brand.
2:49 pm
>> that's like being the tallest dwarf and i know. >> congratulations. >> thank you. 7 years running. >> [laughing]. >> this is zucker's network. there are no standards. there is no accountability. whatever makes jesse happy, we do it. today three employees were fired by cnn for coming to the office unvaccinated. >> when they knew they were ordered to be vaccinated. >> and zoic zucker said we have zero tolerance for this but maximum tolerance for big dirt bags. >> i won't go there. >> [laughing]. >> all right, geraldo. i know he is your friend or
2:50 pm
protege. chris cuomo trying to be fair without a conflict of interest and cover this story? >> can i talk about that q-tip incident. it happened at a time when it seemed as if new york state had done a great job and andrew cuomo was visionary. >> after the first wave. >> it was perfect. that's a great joke. they are brothers and love each other. >> a great joke! >> it was a great joke. >> oh, geraldo. >> that's hyperbole. >> we talk about our big noses all the time. >> look at the date on that video. mid may of last year. we knew that elderly people covid positive were sent back into the nursing home by his brother. by that jack ass! >> you show me in may of 2020
2:51 pm
what you said. >> you are picking a fight with the wrong gal! >> [laughing]. >> all right. geraldo. "one more thing" is up next.
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♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ ♪ >> time now for "one more thing." >> baking soda and water, apparently supposed to help with your gerda. whateve. let's do this. ♪ ♪ haven't done this in a while.
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the ostrich is now an robot that can run a 5k. it actually learns how to run faster and as it's ready yet. it is machine learning while it is moving. teaching itself using a reinforcement learning algorithm. what i worry about it if going to adopt the behaviors of runners. if you know the constant small talk about their best times, the way they store that you the way you walk by smoking a cigar. they smell disgusting. >> like a heavy footstep in the runner drives me crazy. hate the sound. in the robot does the same. i'm a hard pass on that one. >> northvale du jour is a signing some books, one big knucklehead showed up with a got filled t-shirt.
2:57 pm
i had to physically hit people when i see the t-shirt. afterwards i went to new york where they had america's oldest taverns. the 76 house which is a prison of one of the most notorious spies. i'm going to be in lbi at the book swab on tuesday august 31st. 11:00 a.m. so-called air for tickets. feeding frenzy, do it. do it. the creamery partnered up with cheetos. a flaming hot ice cream, and -- >> why do you do this to us. she does ice cream, flaming hot. >> it's not bad.
2:58 pm
>> i have issues with everything. they get kind of stale and soggy and the ice cream. >> it's like they put peanut butter and cap'n crunch in there. it's not bad. >> greg doesn't eat it? >> no i've got gerd! >> gold buy it from a limited time only. it's become my new episode of the podcast available, listen to this one. the global head of sustainability a goldman sachs joined me. we worked together at the white house and she works at the state department state department, she's amazing. we've been celebrating a lot of great american athletes i want to tell you about this one, this is ben meyer of equestrian. why does this matter for us? he happens to be engaged to her niece sophia. congratulations to ben.
2:59 pm
what a great way to get engaged, gold-medal. >> who gets the metal? the horse or the guy? that's ridiculous. it is a horse that did the work. >> geraldo. >> geraldo has an answer. [laughs] >> i spent today visiting up place near and dear to my heart. this is the institution for the developmentally disabled, 50 years ago. the remnants for the institutions, and they let them live in small community-based residences where they can live to their full human potential. john lennon, they helped me raise money for it but here's the home itself and can we go. it's in queens, there is six people living there. one of whom was in willowbrook the other day and now they lived
3:00 pm
and had one to one retention. this is 1 of 50. a 50th anniversary, 50 of these by the end and 50 of these homes for these people and folks. >> that's wonderful. >> uo dagan a beer, a dinner, and a "one more thing." >> "special report" is next, happy belated birthday. it's me when you signed off for the cheetos ice cream. >> it's kind of spicy i like it. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight the conflict over the covid resurgence. florida's republican governor asking president biden why he's not doing his job. it comes after the president singled out governor ron desantis and his counterpart from texas telling them to get out of the way of new restrictions. texas and florida squeezed ahead of a new federal covid crackdown. tonight, growing concern along the


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