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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 5, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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report our borders or sovereignty over the rights of american citizens? that's all the time we have. thank you for joining us. never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled. you have laura ingraham up next. she has a great show as usual. >> laura: hey, well, we are following this laura: we are following this ongoing battle between president biden and ron to send this. why are they worried about ron desantis. to santos will respond tonight. we will pick up where you left off. i am lauren ingraham, this is the ingraham angle, governor ron desantis will respond to president biden telling him to
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get out of the way in dealing with covid and tonight bill gates made a shocking comment about the virus. mike pompeo has reaction but first a moratorium on the constitution, that is the focus of tonight's angle. for four years democrats complained that donald trump has no regard for the rule of law or respect for the constitution. >> i hope there are at least in of senators here who understand that america is careening over a constitutional cliff and fight back against lawless overreach by out of control president. >> donald trump is lawless. he believes he is above the law. >> the breaking of the law is trump's point. is proud of his lawlessness. laura: where are all those principled democrats now?
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this week president biden and his party erased all doubt whether they respect the constitution, supreme court's authority and the separation of powers, they couldn't care less. president biden defied a clear directive from the supreme court on the question of whether the administration's covid election moratorium was unconstitutional. it was a 5-numfour decision and the court decided to leave the moratorium in place but brett kavanaugh joined with the majority of activists justices but wrote separately he believed that the cdc exceeded its constitutional authority and if they continue the moratorium after the expiration date he would go to strike it down. in other words was very clear only congress, not the white house, can an act legislation ordering private landlords to forgo rent payments.
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>> the bulk of constitutional scholarship says it is not likely to pass but there are several key scholars who think it may. laura: biden knows that the supreme court will pull his action is unconstitutional but is so scared of the squad that he will extend a ban on evictions on grounds several key scholars think it could survive constitutional muster. is that the new standard for democrats? several scholars can trump the supreme court, really? >> the president would not have moved forward with a step that he didn't feel comfortable and
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confident in the legal justification. he asked the cdc and his legal experts to look at what is possible. this is a narrow, targeted moratorium this different from a national moratorium, it's not an extension of that, a different moratorium from a policy and legal standpoint. will: ashley: and 6 is different from a half dozen. this new and targeted moratorium applies to 90% of all rental properties in the united states. this is flagrant lawlessness that has brought us to a moment of real peril in this country because democrats again are terrified of saying no to the squad. >> the power of direct action and not taking no for an answer. laura: never had someone spotted such gibberish so often and with such confidence. is she referring to the white house saying no or the supreme court saying no? is the standard the direction action overrules whatever the constitution says? remember, these congresswomen
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took an oath to uphold the constitution when they were sworn into office. instead they are trying to shred it. yesterday's street activists are today's congressional reps. they don't feel constrained by anything, the supreme court, laws, basic norms, basic principles. they believe in governing by stunts like camping on the capitol steps. congressman corliss, a marxist blm supported a new the democrats were week so she just demanded the biden get in line to prevent infection and he did. >> only knows how to our bodies on the line in a moment like this. that is what happened, ferguson taught me that, st. louis taught me that, stand up, make all the difference.
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doesn't matter what the adversity is whether it is rubber bullets, white supremacists, dogs, teargas, all of that but you are fighting against while trying to save black lives, structured and trying to richter structures. laura: what structures does she want to break through without legislative authority? what happens when aoc and court was told president biden that workers can never be fired? a structure that should be knocked down? businesses of all sizes must pay for employee healthcare, no students have to pay back their student loans, those structures that have to come down, that our reporters, anyone with one iota of a sense of fairness and reasonable standards might have some tough questions about all of this like how on earth could this cdc even have the authority
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to make landlords go broke? why doesn't congress ways this issue on the floor and try to do it the old-fashioned way, pass legislation or whatever supreme court directives to plan on ignoring or have you considered how devastating this will be for first-time renters and 4 people. landlords won't want to rent to them at all at this point but no, when the squad is involved everything is legal and just. >> she single-handedly sitting on the capitol steps forced white house and democrats to push ahead. >> thank you for letting a fire under this. >> they did a little dance, they are celebrating tonight and they wonder why no one is watching them. even if they don't care, this is a real constitutional crisis. of the president can just change anybody want to because a few legal scholars say it might be
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okay why do we need a congress? we know nancy pelosi doesn't want to force members of congress to return to dc, she just extended proxy voting that was put in place because of covid so it all works out perfectly. there is a silver lining here. we see who the democrats really are. it is aoc's party now. there is no more moderates, they don't care about the constitution or people who suffer from there lawlessness. >> i am at 65,$000, we have to provide it is coming out of our pockets, a system design to have small independent landlords that are behind. >> the washington post is reporting this moratorium would drive thousands of landlords across the country into bankruptcy. what lessons should we learn from this?
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first, democrats only respect raw power, the supreme court should straight down this biden scheme and the report should be 9-0, no more needless dithering by justice cavanagh was the voters have to rise up in 2022 and end this fraudulent regime they are trying to impose on the rest of us because once there is no law and no respect for the constitution regular working people are going to be completely shut out of the process. it is all about whether you have connections or not which sounds a lot like the way life is like today in third world countries, or is that what president biden meant when he meant build back better and that is the angle. joining you stephanie graves, rental housing provider operating out of the houston area and the ceo of the national apartment association. is this situation with the eviction moratorium sustainable
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for you? >> we been going through a 18 months so we are veterans hoping this would end soon so it is not a sustainable situation. laura: what happens if this goes on another three months, four months, five months, through the end of the year? >> the challenges offer landlords or anybody related and my fear is the media is challenging and bills can't be paid, layoffs will happen, maintenance issues are not taken care of, residents that are paying their rent or suffering, it has been a struggle. my fear is a long-term situation that affordable housing is a struggle already and if we force landlords to go out of business because they can't pay their rent and mortgage and not doing
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anything to improve -- laura: rents go about landlords won't want to pour people, too much of a risk. the people who need the most help. some elected officials are celebrating the eviction moratorium. >> this was a crisis that was unfolding and unnecessary. we are not going to tell people to get out, double up with relatives, the wrong thing to do. what we saw happen is power of the people. laura: bob, what is she missing? it is like groundhog day all over again, seventh time this moratorium has been extended and it is causing the damage to the industry. if you look at all the rental
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housing, if you look at the properties this is the true independent landowner, 50% of the nation's housing stock and looking at information coming out of different industry groups researching this, 23% of independent rentals of been forced to sell one or all of their properties so we could come out of this with a much smaller industry but demand ever-growing which is ultimately increased costs of housing and all of the challenges we are facing are forcing the industry to reevaluate risk and how much risk they are willing to take so we will end up with tighter policy with regard to how much risk you will take on your residents. some people will not have a place to live if this continues. laura: the government comes in and destroys the marketplace, the lockdown was a mistake from the beginning. coming in and shutting down the free market always ends up
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blowing up in the faces of the people who work the hardest in my view. the lawmaker who pushed this entire episode is now attacking people like you, watch. >> people that are looking to us don't care about the blame game. they care about right now today there is a notice on my door saying pay were vacated i don't have the money, what do i do? my landlord does not care. that is what we have to do. jillian: your reaction to this comments? >> it is disappointing. we have a large -- i'm not sure what landlords she's talking about because the landlords i know are assisting residents in getting rental assistance. the amount of rental assistance available is another story on your show but the assistance
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that is available the residents that owed should be applying, lots is available so there's no need to have an even action moratorium. it really doesn't make sense. laura: allows for bad actors and not everybody is a bad actor government intervention like this allow for bad actors to exploit the eviction moratorium. we are seeing these reports on people who couldn't pay their rent but driving around the 90,$000 cars so wait a second, i have to sell my unit. i worked my whole life to do this and people driving around in nice vehicles. what is that? >> i'm hearing reports of that and there was a husband and wife attempting to serve notice on a resident in richmond, kentucky and both showed up dead. things are escalating around the
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country. we need to find a way. laura: people who pay their bills and work hard at being penalized because of the people don't and that is upside down. thank you. instead of talking about how unconstitutional the eviction moratorium is republicans need to do something about it. phil klein as an idea, shut the senate down, the move would bring the added benefit of slowing down consideration of that horrific infrastructure bill, 17 gop members are still on board with. are from roads and bridges this monstrosity includes things like breathalyzers in cars, diversity recruitment and the transportation sector and attacks program. one of the infrastructure bill's chief critics, utah senator blakely. wonderful to see you tonight.
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how does any of this makes sense given the economic situation our country is in right now? >> it doesn't. this bill is a massive inflation bomb being dropped on an already carpet bombed economy. it can't take anymore government. we've been pumping the government so full of money on that end of the economy it is causing the dollars very. this bill is a reverse robin hood stealing from the poor to give to the rich. a small handful of very well-connected wealthy interests will get richer off this bill that everybody else will get poorer as we inflate the dollar. that's not fair to hard-working americans, better utah, bad for all americans everywhere. laura: back to this measure in the bill that would track your vehicle miles, the objectives of the pilot program are to address the need for additional revenue and provide recommendations for adoption and implementation of a national motor vehicle per mile
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user fee. we have romney, mcconnell, portman, bill cassidy, etc. supporting what will ultimately lead to another tax on americans and the $3.5 trillion bill which is joined at the hip with this. why is mcconnell doing this? >> he will have to speak for himself. i can only speak for myself. they will say it is only a pilot project but a pilot project is a little like a pilot light moving forward. there is no way it can develop into a full-fledged program about massive intrusion into private family interests the american people hold dear. when you add this to all the other problems with the bill including the fact that it would make it more difficult for first-time homebuyers to get home when utah and all americans are struggling with the high
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price of housing and healthcare and gasoline and groceries this is not fair, we shouldn't be doing it. laura: you don't want to criticize your fellow senators, i understand the senate protocol but this infrastructure bill contrary to what senator cassidy said on this program a few nights ago is going to pave the way to the $3.5 trillion permanent entitlement nightmare that is the squad's dream legislation. they are pretty happy with it. what does this do to the republican party's credentials for being smaller government, less reliant on government dependency, more control, what are the senate is doing here and why are they doing it? >> it is horrible. it wasn't long ago before both parties would have recoiled at
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the idea of oh $1.2 trillion spending bill. they claim $550 billion of it that is new is paid for. it's not. the committee for responsible federal budget looked at it and concluded that over half of the papers are fake. there is no pay in the pay for. as a result we are doing this was the reason we have to rely on that committee's reporters because the congressional budget office, the cbo hasn't issued a score. we should not be voting on it when we don't have the score and we are not going to have one by the time we have that vote. >> do you think republicans have lost, if they go forward, have they lost their leverage in stopping the $3.5 trillion nightmare coming down the pipe, yes or no? >> i believe we lose a substantial amount of leverage
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as a result of this which is why i thought this was mistake from the beginning but we were told for months the paperwork on this, that this would go somewhere and we were told to be patient. we find received the bill for the first time sunday night at 9:00 or 10:00 pm eastern time. i can't imagine any of them could read it. it doesn't read like a fast-paced novel. they worked on for four months of expect us to process this thing and four days. no way to run a railroad. jillian: $3.5 trillion will be 10,000 pages. thank you for being principled on this. all 17 republicans should be ashamed of yourselves. president biden went out of his way to take direct aim at governor rhonda santos at the press briefing, the florida governor fires back in moments but part of the cuomo drama you haven't heard, all the details seen and unseen next.
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>> we need leadership from everyone who some governors are not willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic. they should allow businesses, universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it. i say to these governors please
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help. if you aren't going to help at least get out of the way when people are trying to do the right thing. laura: get out of the way, that was the president's message to my next guest, florida governor ron desantis. it seems to me the biden administration sees you as a way to change the subject from their own failures, your response? >> you are right. this is a guy that ran for president saying he was going to shut down the virus, he wasn't going to shut down america or the economy and what is he doing, bringing in people from over 100 different countries across the southern border. every variant on this planet, some we don't know about are absolutely coming into this country that way. what they are doing is people are coming and farming them out
12:27 am
all over the united states, putting them on buses, on planes so he's lecturing people about imposing covert restrictions and lockdown policies on the one hand and not only doing nothing to stop the border search but facilitating it, he loses all credibility when it comes to cover. laura: do you know how many migrants have been shipped to florida? are you given any notice? us. we sometimes do, we try to do investigations, where we put 2 and 2 together but they do fly people in but also you've got a lot of military age males coming through the border, not mostly mexicans but people from asia, the middle east, africa, haitians, they are getting on buses and going. i have law enforcement helping governor abbott and we've been there over a month and they say the illegal border crossings they come in contact with the majority of them telling our guys they want to end up in
12:28 am
florida so we are working on strategies to deter that. this is a huge issue and it is an issue beyond covid. it's about the security of our country but you can't impose restrictions on americans and say americans have to do all these things and then just let in everyone from around the world. >> the narrative by the white house that the florida hospitals are busting at the seams but we found part of the roundtable from florida hospital ceos this morning. >> we are down to 25% in icus was other hospitals are seeing less, 15 to 20%. >> 80% of our patient census is noncovered patients, these are critically a patients is a major during the pandemic. >> 126 covid patients, we are at
12:29 am
1041 -- >> what is the real story here? >> those ceos told the story. we've had a summer wave, we've seen significant increases in covid patients but the city of tampa general said that 10 to 15% of the total census and it is important when the media is spreading this information is actually lying it could deter someone from going in to get care for heart problems or strokes all those ceos and we are treating everybody, we are open for business, we are busy with covid and we were 6 weeks ago but please come in and get care. i understand the media narrative they try to spin. they have a partisan agenda but be careful when you are spreading that misinformation the people think they shouldn't go in. you can go in and every one of those ceos invited people to come in and they are running and running well.
12:30 am
jillian: many parents are concerned, some of the misinformation about covid and kids is doing to our youth and this morning cnn did a piece about 12-year-old. >> doctor green and school board members which i would like to encourage the school, so worried if masks are not required my brother could go to school one day and the next day be dying in the hospital. >> at school i where two masks because i want to make sure i don't get sick. jillian: laura: i feel for these kids. they are scared. what is going on here? why would the media be using kids to hit you?
12:31 am
>> they did this last summer when we went to in person schooling, we will have kids in school and understood it was a low-risk environment they were saying all kinds of stuff. we had a successful school year. we will do it again this year. in florida we think it is important parents make decisions whether kids go to school with masks or not. of certain parents feel they want their kids doing that we are not going to prevent that. a lot of parents including me don't think that is healthy for kids to be wearing masks all day. people at president biden think the government should force kindergartners to sit entities masks for 6, 7, eight hours a day. in florida last year in our school district we had mask requirements, others didn't, the ones that didn't those counties had lower per capita cases than the ones that did. it is not proven to impact viral transmission in schools. that is why i think it should be the parents decision and shouldn't be mandated by the government.
12:32 am
laura: we learned the administration is considering a vaccine mandate for foreign visitors coming into the united states. apparently working on that. it will be announced soon. your reaction. >> reporter: that would be a big mistake. it would kill commerce, hurt tourism. at the end of the day we have 91% of our seniors have gotten shots. i do believe in those hospital ceos said that reduced mortality particularly among our elderly but ultimately the vaccines protecting you. it is pretty clear people are getting infected even if they are vaccinated so the effect on transmission is and what we anticipated. that is just a fact so i think those types of requirements would do more harm than good. laura: fix. the cuomo show has an unexpected spinoff. raymond arroyo has a, seen and
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unseen is next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for "seen and unseen." we jillian: time for seen and unseen as we unpack the cultural stories of the day, we turn to raymond arroyo. what did happen to the old cuomo bro show? >> looks like it might have been canceled. for the better part of the year the cuomo bro show complete with props as new yorkers died in old folks homes looked something like this. >> i was trying. >> or was at this? >> you've always been the meatball of the family. i just say let it go, go with the flow. >>e new g inattorney
12:39 am
general after port goverr cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women cnn viewers got this. i'm chris cuomo, welcome to prime time, we're focused on covid, especially until we get into the variant under control. >> that was it, not one word about his brother, the new york attorney general says chris cuomo helped craft a response to these allegations made against his brother. all the while hosting andrew cuomo on his show. remember in the old days when soup comes with spinoff beloved characters, mod and the jeffersons got their own shows after appearing on all in the family. a new bro show emerged at cnn last night. >> love you, brother. this is don lemon tonight. the calls are getting louder and louder. top democrats from new york to the white house calling on governor andrew cuomo to resign.
12:40 am
should governor andrew cuomo resign? answer? yes. >> this should have been cnn's approached all-time. there is no way you can cover your own sibling or a family member dispassionately, christian recused himself from the beginning, shame on cnn for not insisting. >> the governor has denied those harassment charges, his staffer charlotte bennett claimed he sang the song do you love me to her over the phone. he testified he didn't even know the song, roll the tape. ♪♪ are you ready ♪♪ >> i am ready. >> you don't know that song? >> i'm ready. but i appreciated the sinking.
12:41 am
♪♪ do you love me ♪♪ do you really love me ♪♪ do you care ♪♪ >> he testified he not only didn't know the song but had no recollection of sinking get to her. this is like this italian defense. i'm italian. then he puts a picture of biden up kissing and smelling women's hair. like biden saying i'm irish, got to smell the irish spring on everybody, none of this was is. it is a disgusting display and he really should go. politicians are performing and the performers are getting political. friends star jennifer aniston an interview within style confesses i just lost a few people in my weekly routine who refused or did not disclose whether or not they have been vaccinated and it was unfortunate.
12:42 am
your moral and professional obligation to inform. it is tricky because everybody's entitled to their own opinion but a lot of opinions don't feel based on anything except fear propaganda. she won't be there for you because you are not vaccinated. this is a not-so-subtle care system we all feared. people who refused or did not disclose their vaccination status are considered unclean or untouchable. maybe they have natural immunity but that is not even considered and talked about fear and propaganda. i don't like this. it sets up something really wicked in society. >> you being too hard on her. things can get tough in malibu and when you made $1 million an episode it is tough so we will cut her some slack. >> when you look at a debate that happened in the 80s, bill buckley when the aids crisis was breaking, he said all people
12:43 am
with hiv should be identified and tattooed. others said that's ridiculous. we are moving toward something like that and i don't like it. >> great to see you tonight. the biden administration working to require all foreigners who come here to be vaccinated. i mentioned this earlier but now we get mike pompeo's take on this and why this is not a wonderful idea.
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>> laura: d team democrats seem jealous about the way other countries do things. they love europe's high gas prices and in the what others are doing on the covid friend. in australia the military is patrolling the streets, 300 troops has be sent australia's largest city to help overstretched police monitor home quarantine for coronavirus patients and potentially set up roadblocks and help on a door-to-door search to check if people who contracted covid are isolated. dystopian? you bet. in germany they are banned from protesting covid dictates but thousands still showed up in berlin to voice their anger anyway. here's how they were met. after participants did not heed
12:49 am
orders to abide by hygiene rules, masks and social distancing police used pepper spray and truncheons to break up the crowd, 600 were arrested like china and hong kong good. here is mike pompeo and mister secretary, great to see you tonight. this is terrifying to me personally but you do get the sense that there are some democrats who wish this was playing out the same way in the united states. >> it would be an enormous mistake to try anything remotely like what you just described in germany to go to the lockdowns happening in other countries across the world would make no sense for the united states, this can't evidence these lockdowns do a lot of good and they do an enormous a lot of damage to the economy and the mental health of people that live there. when i see democrat governors and even democrats in washington dc who want to head down that path and go back to the kind of
12:50 am
things we tried, 15 days to stop the spread, the right information was to give truthful information and let them make their own decisions for themselves in the work the administration did to develop or speed and the vaccines. jillian: these are our allies, our bonded allies, president biden is lavishing praise on them, great new relationship. china and hong kong. >> everything about the biden administration demonstrates they want bigger government, spend more money, people work less, european socialism is the model, they've gotten in bed with them on iran and the same with climate change and with respect to how they are approaching how to respond to this virus and
12:51 am
thinking about things the same way, not about the american tradition or things we know best but how to make sure people have the information they need. laura: at the same time we have biden promising to get europe to work with us against china and even nbc is saying the us struggles to unite the democratic european union allies against china. it is not happening. they are just ignoring biden altogether and cutting their own deals with china. what does that do to national security? >> we began the effort to convince the europeans it was time to get serious with respect responding the chinese commonest party. we began to make progress getting them to kick huawei out of the country, telecommunication systems into the system, the administration hasn't been able to convince the europeans, france and germany to
12:52 am
work alongside but there is real opportunity besides those countries there are many european countries, understand his threat from china and help the biden administration can rally them and those large economies. the west must stand together against china. laura: there is no price to be paid for biden. he will not do anything, they will keep rolling forward with their own deals but speaking of china, moments ago bill gates was on cnn and asked about the investigation into the origins of covid. >> to understand how this happened, how it started, is that critical in terms of preventing it in the future? >> know. the source isn't going to change the vaccines and the need to have a very different regimen so that all countries get on top of
12:53 am
the case is very quickly, to be more like australia than europe or the united states. laura: not vital to find out what happened to prevent the next pandemic? >> that is really something. i must say. it is essential we understand how this virus escapes, where it escaped from. remember the lab that i believe this virus came from is still operating conducting research on viruses, military and biological experts are still working there. this could happen again tomorrow or the next day. it is imperative we understand how the chinese communist party forced to this virus upon the world. to say otherwise is at best naïve. >> are you in favor, biden's about to be announced policy that foreigners visiting the united states have to show vaccination status?
12:54 am
>> makes no sense, there better ways to protect the american people than to have international standards for who can come in showing some kind of card. it is unlikely to actually work for the american people. laura: thank you so much and whatever happened to those fugitive lawmakers who fled texas for dc. we have an update for you.
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>> laura: texas state reps fled >> texas state reps julie johnson and jessica went to texas to label the voting bill, the quickly became fixtures on the cable news circuit. >> this issue is coming more to light, people are paying more attention. a year ago but yes. they are starting to realize more and more the urgency, a light for this situation. >> we stick together. we are here to help each other out.
1:00 am
>> it does seem those girls to stick together but maybe not in the life or death situation. those two lawmakers skipped town leaving dc for vacation in portugal. hopefully i hope they endure this shame they so richly deserve and get some pottery when they are there. gutfeld is next. todd: thursday august 5th, mandate for the military, the plaintiff was the men and women who put their lives on on for a country to get vaccinated. >> that comes as one small border city says 1500 infected migrants have been released. for his reaction from the white house. >> pandemic performance. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez masking up on the capitol when cameras are rolling.


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