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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 4, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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those two lawmakers skipped down leaving d.c. for vacation in portugal. hopefully they endure the shame they so richly deserve as they look at patry. -- pottery. "gutfeld!" is next. >> governor ron desantis is banning mask mandates even though florida has more kids in florida. >> this dangerous criminal is risking the lives of children. children and parents and their grandparents want anyone they come in contact with so he can appeal to his white supremacy base. >> greg: she is like a fine wine meaning she should be kept in a crate. >> [cheers and applause]. >> [cheering].
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>> [applauding]. >> [cheering]. >> greg: remember the good old days when the press could crap all over the unvaccinated. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. in the unvaccinated are not to blame, who is. >> the anti-vacciners are like drunk drives.xxers are like drunk drives. >> it's resistance. >> people say i don't want to put this stuff in my body.
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they are drinking on the weekend putting stuff in their body way worse than a vaccine. let's be real. >> greg: was that fun? we gave it to those mindless hicks out in the sticks? the message instead of getting vaccine they are speaking in tongues and watching fox news and killing the rest of us. then that narrative changed. after people like me pointed out it's not white folks running from the vaccine. we know white people can't run. it's black and brown folks who are shy about getting the vaccines. in new york city two-thirds of adults are vaccined but blacks at 31% and hispanic 42%. the finger point disappeared like governor cuomo's hands
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during a selfie. >> [applauding]. >> greg: the press hoped no one would notice how wrong they were on this. ask them. are non-white vaccine residents as stupid and murderous as the white house? we are waiting. how about you president joe, shouldn't you be upset with the folks in the city as you are in the sticks. ? why did the media focus only on white right wingers. it could be anything. climate, taxes. law enforcement. gender race. they turn everything into pro wrestling. they need a villain. much like amtrak, the truth doesn't turn a profit for cable news which may be why the media only do the fun racist stuff. it must be the fans of larry the
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cable guy killing us. these non-vaxxers are the same idiots that voted for president trump. they like america. but the data says otherwise. the media is not addressing the back community. you could get the pro-vaccine message to black communities but it's more fun to cleave a country in two. i wonder what the angry black male has to say. >> what is this? >> [laughing]. >> what the -- why are you always sneaking up on me. what the hell? you blame something on one group
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but then you find it was actually another group. instead of talking about blame or educating the right group, you keep pretending it's the wrong group? [sighing]. that doesn't make me angry. it makes me sad. you are so ignorant and racist that you lie to everybody so that means you are consistent that want means you are consistently full of [bleep]. >> [applauding]. >> [cheering]. >> greg: in new york city bill
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de blasio introduced a bill for proof of vaccines. it bans most blacks. like the jim crow days. who is the hitler now? if 70% of black new yorkers are banned, if trump did this they would hand out the pitch forks. you don't have to show i.d. to vote but you have to show vaccine proof everywhere else. there is a hole in your plan you could drive a bus full of illegal immigrants through. you can't demand proof of vaccine at the border but you can do it at times square
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appleby's. chris cuomo called 70% of black immigrants ignorant. i suppose the vaccinated white liberals must be pleased. more open seats at the bar and more empty tables at trendy restaurants and a nice break from the murders their policies led to. we are not democrats thank god. we want people to do the right thing. black, white you name. it's a good thing to get the vaccine if your doctor says you can. i know people who are gung-ho about it and some hell no about it. conflict is the vaccine against loneliness. thank god we are blessed with a natural immunity against this [bleep]. it's calling seeing everyone as
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americans. >> [cheers and applause]. >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guests. if he was a duck he would take a duck to dinner to put it on his bill. larry kudlow. >> [cheers and applause]. >> she is armed to the teeth and talking about her biceps. fox news contributor lara trump. like a sponge soaks up knowledge. fox news kat timpf. >> and this [inaudible]. >> [cheers and applause]. >> greg: larry, good to see you. dapper as always. >> thanks you. >> greg: your biceps are not as
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big as lara trump. it's hard to get into friday's than our country. >> [laughing]. i want to say, blame biden and harris. they are the anti-vaxxers. they attacked the trump vaccine last fall. >> [applauding]. >> let's not forget that. point number 2 on this subject. if you want to rally people to get vaccines and i agree you should get it. talk to your doctor first, put donald trump back on twitter and facebook. 100 million people will listen to him. >> greg: that's a good point. >> if biden had any grace or any sense of unity, that's the sort of thing that he would do instead of complaining about ron desantis and others who have the story right. joe biden has lost 18 points among independents in the last couple of months.
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do you know how hard that is in politics to drop 18 points in just a wee bit of time? nobody likes what he is doing. he needs to ask donald trump for help. >> laura: but joe biden is not aware of it. >> [laughing]. >> greg: what is going on? i am president, right? laura, larry brings up the greatest point. the democrats were pretending that president trump was making the vaccine in mar-a-lago. the golf clubs and test tubes. >> this is beautiful. of course he wasn't. larry is right. it was joe biden and kamala harris who throughout the entire campaign made people very questioning of this vaccine. was this something that would be safe for americans to take? now here we are and they shoving
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it it down everybody's throats. should we have it or not? of course it is safe and effective and the reason our country and the world are getting back to normal. thank you president trump for that. >> greg: kat you are a libertarian and probably drunk. >> no, no. >> thank you. >> that's the best compliment i have ever gotten. show's not drunk. >> greg: what do you make of the vaccine passport? >> i have concerns but businesses can do what they want. the message is so # from medial and politician its and the health experts. i am more careful of what i say
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and i work for you. what i say here have far less consequences than what the cdc director says okay mask, no, yes. it's scrambling information in their head. what is the rule? that's been very, very confusing for a lot of people. the vaccines are the answer in terms of us getting over this. more so than masks or lockdowns? >> they should be promoting that message. >> greg: dr. fauci is not acting like the guy in charge. he is acting like a guest on a talk show. the guest will say i need an answer for this. if i agree with the person asking the questions, you make a great point. people guide him in the answers he is making. absolutely right, don and then
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it's like he will get asked a different question. that's a good point too! i almost have him down. no, that doesn't sound like him. tyrus, i was work shopping on television and not a lot of people do that. >> i was going to compliment you. great monologue. thanks for having the balls to be honest. no one is going to say it's us. you made a great point too about bringing people together. how much of a great thing would it be for biden and trump to stand together to say america, get vaccinated. a lot of things would be accomplished. in the spirit of bringing things together, you want a vaccine
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passport and i.d. in california you can get a little sticker saying organ donor on your driver's license. get your i.d. and put your vaccination stick or that you can go to appleby's and go on a plane and vote. that's what happens when you put good yesterday together but that's not when we are seeing. >> greg: getting a cuedo from tyrus is awesome. you know how afraid ofim i am. >> why is your wallet out? >> [laughing]. >> the other day a couple of weeks ago biden said the vaccine was originated under a republican administration.
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he could not bring himself to say the t-word. >> it's hard to say. >> greg: we have so much more. up next her love for america is tried and true as she takes home the gold for the red, white and blue. >> [cheers and applause]. or wha! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> greg: she made america proud and shouted her love for it out loud. she said what she felt. the olympic wrestler who after winning the gold medal in tokyo. was asked how does it feel to represent your country like this? her answer was amazing and refreshing. we could not get nbc to let us use the footage. we opted for a reenactment.
8:20 pm
it feels amazing. i love the u.s. and i am so happy. i get to represent usa! love it! >> [laughing]. >> greg: it's really not the same. i don't feel like it's the same. but it was the best we could do with joe machi. put her on the swimsuit athlete. -- issue. the athlete and not joe machi. the women's soccer team passed out when they heard her interview. >> what does this mean for all of the young girls who will see you and feel inspiration? >> they see someone like themselves on the podium. just because you are a female doesn't mean you can't accomplish the biggest of goals. being an olympics champ is one
8:21 pm
of the hardest things i have ever done. >> greg: how you could not love that. other winners and loseers are more interested in talking about the woke issues. just a few words about being proud of her country she became the most likeable american athlete at the olympics. i ran a gold in the '90s. not at the olympics but it was in a park and the hobos could race like their life demended on it. >> oh, oh, oh. >> greg: i can take a wholesome story and make it dark and dirty and ugly. i'm sorry. i almost slipped out of my
8:22 pm
chair. >> your feet don't touch the ground. your wife had to pick you up and put you back in and put your little bib back on you. >> [laughing]. >> greg: that's so funny because it's true. >> greg fell again. pick him up. >> greg: i can see myself in your stories. >> could we try to rescue this segment? [laughing]. >> greg: this woman is so fabulous. talking about how much she loves america and draping the flag over her shoulders. she had a great message. you can be female and african-american. you work hard and you can succeed. your dreams will be met. she is not a victim. she is not screaming about race. she is not lecturing people. that's a role model. young black female wrestlers can
8:23 pm
succeed to the top of the ladder. that's a lesson for everybody. >> greg: lara trump when you see someone expressing a positive attitude about work or career it's impossible for them to fail. every challenge is like something they deal with. you can't see that person complaining. >> larry is so right. i loved this whole speech she gave there and her jubilation was all about the hard work she put on. i listened to my coaches and never thought i would have to work that hard but it paid off. often we allow our younger generations to get away without doing any work. make it comfortable. put in the hard work like this woman and get a gold medal.
8:24 pm
it was amazing. >> [applauding]. >> greg: kat, you have do contrast this attitude with with the activist persona. everything that is fun in life. sports and entertainment and holidays. everything is part of the struggle. are can't enjoy it. these protesting athletes. you are at the olympics but it's about the struggle. she reminded everybody no it's the olympic. >> right. what is really jarring is that the fact that this news is news. she is standing there wearing a flag and what do you think of the usa? i love it! what? you said what? like she's competing for the usa. i like living there. her message was amazing. how crazy have things gotten
8:25 pm
that we are saying that about that. >> greg: it is punk rock to be a patriot. it reminded me of being a child at the olympics. >> an american hero was born. if wheaties is still putting pictures on it. she should be on every cereal box. not just for winning the gold. we have all been conditioned. she never once mentioned the color of her skin. it's not about that. she is for everybody. i don't care what color you are. what little girl or boy saying i want to be like that. she is a hero that everyone is get behind. i was american and i did it for my family. i wish my father was here. she never said as a black woman. the thing that bothered me every
8:26 pm
news outlet reminded us that she was the first. america's colors are red, white and blue. >> i can be an olympian. >> no you can't. >> these are the people we should pay attention. this is the person that we should be giving all of the attention to. >> greg: she should get on the box. >> wwe, there it is. go get it. >> greg: i could wrestle her. >> no -- no, question. -- no, yes. i would like to see. that i will be there to carry the rest of and you have your organ donor sticker. sign waivers and let's do this.
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>> ♪ ♪ greg criticize fauci that could be become a hate crime. adding criticism of scientists like dr. fauci aded to the list of federal hate crimes. according to this idiot, we must take steps to protect it our scientists -- oh, please. and take swift action to count are the far right aggression. that new law won't be abused at all. i don't mind fauci but now i call him a stupid [bleep]. bleep that because i don't want to get in trouble. a major back lash to obama's birthday bash and a lonely cake.
8:32 pm
instead of obama's party favors including ventilators. he is changing plans. the "new york post" said he would have 700 people in attendance. they said it was a bad combichole. how -- example. how will celebrity guests missing obama blowing out the candles. >> andrew cuomo? >> pretend that was ever sent. >> [laughing]. >> greg: that was quick. lara trump, what do you make of hate crimes for bashing scientists? >> are we still calling him a scientist now? >> [applauding]. >> really? if we are not allowed to
8:33 pm
criticize somebody who gave us whiplash for changing his position. this sounds like a communista deal. >> greg: what if trump said this? what if trump threw a 700 person birthday party? >> had a 200 person birthday party. they would go crazy. but it's okay because it's for obama. he would not have done anything if not for people calling him out want he wanted to fly under the radar about it. he got called out. >> greg: kat we were for the party. we feel -- it's the party was a great signal to america that we are getting back to normal. if obama can have 700 people i can have 7 people in my hot tub
8:34 pm
and that's half the capacity. unless the plus side models come over. >> i feel bad. you can imagine how stressful it must be to have 500 friends? that's stressful. why do that if you can't have a massive party with all of them? how does he have time to do anything else but send happy birthday texts with that many friends. just do it. he was vaccinated and test it. it will never be safer than that. throw the party and get wasted and live your best barack obama life. >> you know what else? if he had thrown the party, 500 famous people would be busy for 1 day. imagine that. they would be like -- all of the famous people would disappear. they would not be on twitter. >> [laughing].
8:35 pm
inviting 700 people in the middle of this covid thing, whatever it is, is so un-woke. a part of me says he should have gone for it. >> greg: that's what i am saying. >> he got caught with his mask off and his pants down. >> greg: that's what happened to me. >> 700 people in martha's vineyard and the all of the woke people are screaming. there is something semi-cool about that. >> make it a 10 to 14 day rager so they are all quarantined. >> greg: that's the best kind of party. should people sleep on the floor. >> is a sleeper or dead? great time. >> greg: what do you think, tyrus? >> you are all extremely a bunch of jerks. you know i was invited. guess who is part of that 500.
8:36 pm
you hope you are happy. it it should be a hate crime i don't get to go. why is that guy here. he is here and too big to say anything. how did the fox news guy get here. let him go. i can't have that joy. hate crimes for dr. fauci. let's be consistent. the wicked witch of the view who called the governor a white supremacy and misogynist, shouldn't she be fired? that's the worst thing you can say about somebody on tv. shouldn't we take up arms for that? or pull up the big boy pants and call her a wicked witch. i don't get to go. >> greg: i will let you know how it is. >> i was going to put you in my
8:37 pm
backpack. >> 700 down to what? >> close family and friends. >> that could be 3 or 400 people. >> a lot of close friends when you are the president of the united states. >> springsteen gets to go but i i don't. >> greg: and your music is better. he acted like a drunken ape so they wrapped his ass up in tape. all the time in the world. it's just a saying. but today, for women living with hr+,
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8:42 pm
they use duct tape to hold their planes together. i kid! >> [shouting]. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> yes. >> hey! >> get up. >> [laughing]. >> here he is packaged up for safe delivery. >> help! >> help! >> greg: he was later arrested and charged with 3 counts of battery and missing arm hair. after calling it the most
8:43 pm
dehumanizing experience of his life he denied any wrongdoing. i didn't grope anybody. this is the stupid narrative the media is pushing. someone has been watching andrew cuomo. my dad used duct tape on everything but enough about mom. kat. the guy is an a -hole but i feel like that was almost imhumane. was i wrong? >> yes, this dude on a flight from philadelphia to miami. this was is a frat boy. kat, don't be a judgmental person asme twitter. -- person. on his twitter.
8:44 pm
and my favorite, 6 inches is enough. this guy is tweeting. he is clearly flying alone. he told all the tinder girls if philadelphia he is not ready for a relationship right now. he can go party in miami with the boys. pick up strange. don't judge a book by a cover but sometimes a cover looks a certain way because of what is in the book. >> that's very good. >> greg: he must remind you of someone. >> i know that guy. not that one. >> what you need here is an intervention. we can share our feelings together. >> greg: that's a good point. a lot of this [bleep] behavior is from being drunk. >> it's not the first time and won't be the last time. $2 million is not that
8:45 pm
impressive. >> [laughing]. >> don't tell this guy that. >> i can just say that. the parents are embarrassed. we are worth so much more. the neighbors will be laughing at me. i have a used land rover and not a new one. that's how we know. lara trump, this will follow him forever. >> look, i have never seen this done before. you hope to never see this in person. what is frustrating is that this the kind of person that ruins it for the rest of us. now you get on airplanes and you are lucky if you get a drink. no alcohol is served. it's because of this guy. >> greg: that's true. there is a party poop or. should duct tape include this in their commercials? >> yes and same on frontier for trying to be polite. he accounted a fool and we
8:46 pm
kicked his ass. he was taped up because he was a danger to himself and everyone else. you look at statistics of aggression on pliance. up to 8,000 cases of guys getting drunk on planes. frontier we pick your seat for you and you behave. >> the best thing is this could be bottom. >> the bottom was the best thing about you is your parents finances. that's bottom. that's the bottom. if you want to go broke. my dad works 40 hours a week. what do you do? >> it is not enough. >> i don't have to do anything. you are 35 years old. >> greg: i always keep finding my bottom. get the jab or don't get on
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>> ♪ ♪ >> greg: if you don't have your vaccine, you can't hang with rachel green. jennifer aniston cut ties with people in her life due to her vaccination status.
8:51 pm
it was unfortunate she said in a recent interview. with friends like that who needs thinking for yourself. her weekly routine including drunk dialling brad pitt at 3 a.m. she still hangs out with paltrow who sells rocks with feeling powers. two persons can't be friends if they can't forgive each other's little failings. he is serving 3 life sentences for 3 homicides. not a lot of friends left there. lara trump, she doesn't want to hang around the guys. what is his name? around matthew perry. >> maybe so. if she is vaccinated what does she care? she could be in a room full of
8:52 pm
covid and she is fine. this is mind boggling. >> greg: it's a public stance and a virtue signal. they can't get enough. everybody has to know how i feel, tyrus. >> i am dropping woke knowledge! i am telling you if you don't do what i do, i don't know you. my life changed. jennifer just unfriended me. what do we do if he got drunk on the plane and ended up taped up in a chair because she unfriended him. i hope you are happy. >> greg: i like you how connected that. >> skill set, right kat? >> yeah. >> the broke crowd is so judgmental. you are right about that. if she is vaccinated she has nothing to worry about. and she has to tell the world
8:53 pm
she is part of the in group and woke left. >> what a waste of everybody's time. >> ignore it absolutely. >> greg: we know it's a lie. you don't do that to a friend. >> i don't think they were her friends. she got a new eyebrow lady. [laughing]. >> thank you, kat! >> greg: she got a new eyebrow lady and she was not getting the vaccine. i am getting a new eyebrow lady. >> who calls your friends routines? are they horses and you are teaching them to jump over a fence? >> nobody can top a new eyebrow lady. >> larry would know. >> greg: do you have an eyebrow lady? >> no. >> greg: neither do i. >> that's why i am know jennifer
8:54 pm
aniston. >> greg: she is not anymore either. i don't know what that means. did you watch the friends reunion? >> no. >> maybe everybody who didn't get vaccinated stopped watching friends. i am trying to stretch this. none of us care with jennifer aniston and her beliefs. >> and i never did. >> jennifer aniston should come out for twitter to restore donald trump so everyone can get vaccinated and she will have more friends. >> we will duct tape to you a chair. >> greg: that is so not real. you don't do that to friends. she needed something to say to the magazine. don't go away.
8:55 pm
we'll be right back. >> [cheering]. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. >> greg: before we go, let's do this. as you know being a world famous talk show host for my throw party it often goes through the grapevine and everybody hears about it. i threw barbecue this weekend. alec baldwin showed up. immediately just started eating the corn. he wasn't wearing a shirt. as you know, he's incredibly hairy. he just sat there. down in the west village. the corn goes in the same way it goes out. he made quite a mess. you know what. seems to be enjoying himself. there you go. alec baldwin at my barbecue
9:00 pm
picnic, whatever. who cares of this point? it's midnight. what are you doing up? you are staring at me. set your dvrs to never miss an episode. thinks of the great larry kudlow, lara trump, kat timpf, tyrus. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, more than a million members of the u.s. military now facing a vaccine mandate. the secretary of defense is expected to announce the new policy this week. it should active duty personnel be forced to get inoculated to serve their country? do they have a legal right to say no? we have the breaking details on the live report.


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