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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 4, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> you will get knocked on your rear end, you will deal with pain, you will deal with suffering. the question is how do you get up. first, do you get up, and second if you get up how do you get up? you get up smarter, you get up wiser. >> you be the judge. >> wednesday august 4th, denial and deflection, governor cuomo remaining defiant despite bipartisan calls to resign. shocking claims of harassment and what happens next. >> the blame can continues, president biden attacking republican governors refusing to implement mask mandate but a new poll reveals how americans feel about biden at handling the pandemic. >> patriotism on the world stage. american gold medalist showcasing her love for the country.
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"fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ bring me a higher love ♪♪ bring me a higher love ♪♪ >> you are looking live at milwaukee if you're in milwaukee. thanks for always listening. you are watching fox and trends first on wednesday morning. >> thanks for joining us. let's begin with this. president biden joined at the top democrats calling for new york governor andrew cuomo to step down after a troubling report revealed he sexually harassed 11 women. >> good jenkins joins us from washington as the embattled governor refuses to resign. >> time to go. president biden not mincing words calling on cuomo to do the right thing after he refused to step down. >> i think he should resign.
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some embraces that were totally innocent but the attorney general decided everything's to warrant. >> reporter: the teacher james revealed the findings, a 5-month investigation showed cuomo kistler sexually harassed 11 women and retaliated against at least one, accusations the governor denied in a prerecorded message. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> he added a bizarre slideshow as part of his defense. >> i do it with everyone, black and white, young and old, powerful people, friends, strangers. >> charlotte dennis, one of
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cuomo's accuses reacting to the development calling on lawmakers to impeach him. >> he sexually harassed me. i'm not confused. it is not confusing. i don't want an apology. it is not necessary. it is fake and his propaganda video was uncomfortable and inappropriate and weird and unnecessary. >> in albany the status of the speaker announcing they will move forward with impeachment proceedings once they get all the evidence from the attorney general, they are saying cuomo has lost the confidence of the democratic majority and can no longer remain in office and the drumbeat for cuomo to go is getting lottery washington. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi joining the chorus of leaders calling for his resignation. >> how did we get here? the lack of critical analysis by
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the media not just in this case but harvey weinstein, jeffrey epstein, we've seen this pattern over and over again. it protects the alleged wrongdoing does nothing to help the victims. democrats in the media are coming out against cuomo now but they propped him up for years whether it was the glowing covid coverage, the enemy, they gave him enemy and then made him the god of covid. one of cuomo's accuses even saying that is ultimately what made coming forward so difficult. >> the pandemic was obviously stressful for all of us and he was on tv nearly every day talking about it. >> you think all this national attention may have emboldened him? >> absolutely. he felt he was untouchable in a lot of ways. jillian: what happens now?
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a lot of people have ideas of what happens now and when you listen to what dan bonngino thinks take a listen. >> andrew cuomo is a protected class. he's a democrat, like the speckle or whatever it is, the speckle 2000 and it is protected and unlike democrats i actually believe people have the right to be presumed innocent until guilty. >> in his opinion governor cuomo is protected and many until this point would agree with that the game has been changed to because you heard president biden doubling down on his stance for the governor to resign in light of this information. you heard chuck schumer and gillibrand calling for his resignation, nancy pelosi, among others, griff jenkins saying the state assembly will move forward with impeachment charges, we
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will see the timeline, how long that will take and what goes into that, the da out of all the requested those materials from the teacher james. will there be any other local charges, call charges? still to be seen but a number of people calling for his resignation. he did not resign yesterday were given including that he would. >> there's enough of a tailwind the movement is toward getting cuomo out if for no other reason than there are so many power-hungry people in albany and let's not be naïve, the teacher james who did this investigation is extremely power-hungry herself and has designs on the governor's office. jillian: the governor had to authorize the probe to the teacher james which is an interesting fact. let's not forget that. he had to authorize this probe
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that could be the thing that brings them down. todd: we will have guests in the next 2 hours to discuss this point to see where we stand going forward. msnbc very big competitors is cnn especially in that 9:00 pm primetime timeslot has the following op-ed. biden calls on andrew cuomo to redesign. he's not the only cuomo needs to go. his brother, chris cuomo at cnn should resign from covering politics, extremely inappropriate for a journalist to advise and craft the statements of a politician. there is some truth to that but we need to recognize the source. they will benefit if chris cuomo is no longer at 9:00. jillian: we will follow how this plays out in the meantime. we have some guests who will discuss this. >> fox news meteorologist jesse
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will join us later this morning with reaction which we've seen janice all day on the program, interesting to see what she has to say. jillian: let's talk about the covid pandemic. the president takes aim at republican governors for banning mask mandate as that of the various cases surge. jillian: the president's message. >> reporter: the surgeon delta cases continues, president biden demanding some gop governors support mask mandates or at least stop impeding them. >> escalation of cases is particularly concentrated in states with low vaccination rates. just two states, florida and texas, account for one third of all new covid 19 cases in the entire country. just two states. look, we need leadership from everyone. some governors not willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic but you are not going to help, at least get out of the way. >> last week out of 100,000 new
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cases in the us texas and florida accounted for one third of them. the president's approval rating for his handling of covid has taken a tumble. 53% down from 52% just we 5-month ago and despite white house recommendations several stateside legislation to stop forced masking on the public and on schoolchildren. >> 7 states called for a ban on mask mandate and prohibition on school districts from requiring masks in schools and the fundamental question is what we doing here. >> reporter: the uptick in covid cases has nudged more americans to get the shot. 70% of american adults received at least one dose. new york becomes the first city in the us to require proof of vaccination to restaurants, bars and gems for workers and customers and that policy will be enforced starting september 13th.
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todd: former trump advisor stephen miller says the country sliding into authoritarianism. >> we reach the point of biden's america where it is hard to go to delhi new york city than it is for a legal immigrant to break into this country for life. there is an imbalance there. american citizens are not going to take medical advice from a government that has won several's for them and one set of rules for illegal immigrants. >> he went on to argue the current administration is putting politics above science. jillian: let's go to the pics where american city mclaughlin with her first gold medal breaks her own world record of the 400 hurdle, she is out teammate and defending champ delilah mohammed in the last 100 meters. >> he closed that gap. do you see this? the first american black women to win gold in olympic wrestling, she gets more emotional.
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watch this as she told reporters how much she loved representing our country. >>. happy. >> you are the second american at women's goal. >> being analytic champ is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life and i can say it is well worth it. >> cry way, you deserve it. the was leads with 7 out of china. we will talk with jerry jones later on. if you read the packet which i'm sure you did, she's trying to use that money she gets from the windsor to help her mother realize her dream of owning a food truck. jillian: i love that story and we are leading shining until metals, they are beating us in gold so got to step up the game a little bit. todd: that may have turned the tide. jillian: it is 11 after the air. vice president harris facing
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renewed criticism as record 19,000 unaccompanied children reportedly stopped last month alone, talking to the mayor rio grande city next. todd: senator lindsey graham finds an unlikely ally after democratic consultant, wait until you hear who it is. ♪♪ ♪♪ i've got a new attitude ♪♪ ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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to a federal judge blocking the order to pull over vehicles carrying migrants who have covid 19, until at least august 13th as she decide whether it is constitutional, abbott slamming releasing his confident in his case. >> on a full hearing of this matter we will present the evidence that what i'm doing is the thing governors are empowered to do to keep the people of the state safe. >> president biden sidestepped the question of whether his policies are driving up covid cases. >> what is the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants across the
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southern border in record numbers? >> we've not withdrawn the order that is sometimes critical or criticized saying unvaccinated people should go back across the border but unaccompanied children is a different story. todd: the president insisting testing and treating myers rather than deporting them was the most humane thing to do. jillian: according to preliminary data on the migrants surge, 19,000 the gun unaccompanied children restart at the with mexico border in july. that is an all-time high. the biden administration is continuing to talk progress at the border. >> we made great progress moving people through border patrol facilities especially children, getting to places they could be treated with safety. jillian: here to react, thank you for being here.
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are you seeing that progress the administration says is happening at the border? >> illegal immigration is a convoluted and complex problem that requires attention from our leaders in washington dc. will washington dc prioritize immigration reform and subsequently have the political will to address it? that's yet to be determined. however, while they iron out differences in dc, the rio grande valley, we continue to deal with illegal immigration and have done so for decades so keep that in mind. we've had surges of undocumented immigrants under the biden administration.
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we had it under trump, under bush and clinton and bush senior as well. contrary to misconceptions about border communities border communities are in favor of securing the border. the question is how? what is the mixture of personnel, we have multiple operations simultaneously at this point, we have every law enforcement initiative to safeguard the public and secure the border. we have local, state and federal law enforcement agencies working to safeguard the public as well as local pd. jillian: i will interrupt because we are short on time but if you look the numbers numbers don't lie. you've seen surges in every administration and i hear you
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but 210,000 migrant border encounters is the number expected to be in july alone according to preliminary data. welcoming on that official date of those numbers are staggering and the video we've seen from our drone team, near thousand just sitting under a bridge. the question is your biggest problem, talking about the fact, they take years and in a specific area they don't stay in that area in that area. >> we need a long-term solution, illegal immigration, we have individuals knocking on the front door so what do we do
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with? i don't believe in massive immigration detention centers. we can provide alternatives whether it is case management, electronic management. at this point we need to look at this, when we look at it from a humanitarian perspective or more from a punitive measure? if our laws which are laws, we have asylum seekers and us laws provide arriving asylum-seekers the right to remain in the united states, if we don't like that we need to change those laws. going back to comprehensive immigration reform. is that something we have the political will to do? in the meantime we need to address, at this point we have an influx of immigrants in the
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front doors and need to address it. there are suggestions what to do if they remain in the country and as you mentioned four years, 6 years, 10 years to adjudicate case for asylum claims waived too long. some of them might not show up to court but if it is taking 10 years to do that and the point you are making, we need to address it. it is a problem. whether it is offering temporary work visas -- >> sorry to interrupt, we would love to have you back on. you want to talk about the fact
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that it is the green energy capital of texas. we want people to know it is more than what you are seeing. thank you for your time, keep us updated. >> chicago hissing 200 mass shootings, only two, one, 2 convictions. raymond lopez calls a perfect storm of bad leadership. a defiant andrew cuomo says he's not stepping down. where do things stand on impeachment push? we ask in new york state lawmaker next. ld's number 1 selling nerve care company. as we age, natural changes to our nerves occur which can lead to occasional discomfort. nervive contains b complex vitamins that nourish nerves, build nerve insulation
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>> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> the investigation found governor cuomo sexually melissa
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multiple women. >> i have been making the same gesture in public all my life. >> some suffered through unwanted touching and grabbing of their most intimate body parts. todd: andrew, remaining defiant after attorney general letitia james's investigation found he assaulted multiple women prompting bipartisan calls to oust the governor including from mike wall. this number pretty shocking, 68% of new york state lawmakers calling on governor cuomo to resign or for him to be impeached. does either of those ultimately happen? >> we are at a point now where the governor is the last one who realizes it is over. every one of my colleagues recognize he is unfit to serve, yesterday we heard the
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delusional rantings of a sociopath. it is very clear he will be out of office very shortly. todd: we mentioned bipartisan. the democratic delegation calling on cuomo to resign. the attorney general's report is deeply disturbing, clear and thorough. for the good of new york state andrew cuomo must reside. if he does not new york state is simply must begin impeachment proceedings. you know the inner workings of albany. and what inside baseball way can cuomo escape this? >> he can't. you saw the president of the united states, the speaker of the assembly, the senate majority leader plus senator schumer, speaker pelosi, democrats recognize the governor must go. so the question remains how?
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i think if he had any grace and dignity he would re-sign but based on his conduct it is clear he has little of that. we are going to be left as a body, as the assembly with the solemn duty to impeach him and the speaker must do so without delay. it is why i have encouraged from the beginning that the speaker bring articles of impeachment. we don't need the assembled judiciary committee to investigate this any further. the attorney general's office did a thorough job investigating this. 11 women have briefly come forward and share their stories. they were deemed credible by investigators but more so evidence that corroborated their claims of abuse at the hands of the governor. it was predatory in nature. his staff was complicit in procuring the women and covering it up.
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the governor must go and the speaker has an obligation to bring us back. we don't have to wait for any further investigation. we need to vote and we need to vote today. todd: let's look even further down the road. one politico said the big winner coming out of such a horrible story with lee selden who is running for governor. do you buy that was letitia james the big winner? will this be the springboard? >> the big winner of yesterday if there was one word of the 11 brave women who came forward, share their story and will receive justice in the form of andrew cuomo stepping down or being removed, when we are the only he will not be governor of the state of new york and that is a good day for all new yorkers after a reign of terror for the last 11 years. that is the big winner.
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next year we will have a republican governor and i look forward to working with him to move the state forward. todd: appreciate your insight on a news breaking 24 hours which will check with you as this potential impeachment proceeds. jillian: the governor of missouri, black life better protesters marching outside their property. mark and patricia pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and harassment charges. governor mike parsons said they, quote, had every right to protect their property. the secretary dropped from the case under fire for dropping felony cases at a rate that doubles, the highest average was in5% c 1red to 34% of felony cases this year.
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>> is symbolic battle, between the traditional establishment and liberal wing of the party. the republican primary in ohio's fifteenth congressional districts. a new york times book review getting a lot of attention for referring to usama bin laden as a family man. jillian: the american gold medalist who not only made history but made her country proud. carley shimkus with response the patriotic celebration. ♪♪
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todd: mass shootings in chicago outpacing the last 5 years as new analysis shows 212 mass shootings in 6 years resulting in 126 deaths, 1032 injuries and just two convictions. raymond lopez, i didn't think the situation could be anymore infuriating but then i saw that number. can you explain how there have
1:38 am
only been two convictions in that entire time? >> just when you think the news about chicago's approach to crime-fighting can't get worse we sink to a new level. i don't know how we look at the victims until the with a straight face that in chicago we are trying to solve these crimes. the statistics prove otherwise. you have a 90% chance of shooting someone is getting away with it in the city of chicago without being investigated and it is disgusting, a travesty to justice and we've not seen any trends that show any hope for the victims who are often forgotten about. todd: your job as a district attorney used to represent the victims, the people. your job is not to represent the criminals. how are they not even coming close to convictions much less bringing cases against individuals? is a matter of not catching those people just willful ignorance? what is it?
1:39 am
>> willful disregard for the law to be honest particularly when it comes to the prosecution of those criminals. we know that our police officers put together cases, and they are placing undue burden, and the recent standpoint, not -- to solve these crimes and solving anything. and any repercussions. >> they are literally getting away with murder. mass shooting numbers, they
1:40 am
expect the number to eclipse the anyo 5 years. ne in chicago hearing your message? week after week, it is getting progressively worse. >> the political leadership, they care at this point. the residents, they don't want to live in fear. there will be an uprising of the electric with safety above all else. >> a push toward eric adams on the democratic side let's see what happens in the windy city. >> tom nichols facing back lash for trying to steer the conversation away from andrew
1:41 am
cuomo by attacking florida governor ron desantis. todd: read the room. >> even the damning sexual harassment report spun into criticism of ron desantis. we will read it for you. a run on the sentence breaking it together, prepare for more but cuomo excuses now that he has been investigated and should resign as the anti-anti-trump folks tried to excuse desantis and others for killing thousands of people on the rationale that reigniting a pandemic is okay because cuomo is a dirt bag. reaction from some as travis responded saying desantis didn't send thousands of covid patients to nursing homes to give constituents a choice and what they do on them.
1:42 am
by the ag to attack desantis. that is shaping up this morning. >> celebrating president obama's birthday bash in the governor of massachusetts weighing in. >> charlie baker was not invited to former president obama's birthday party but if he was invited he would go. here is why. >> i can tell you if i were inside i would have declined because i think 700 people at an event like that is not a good idea. jillian: the party does not meet the governor's approval. it is outside, everyone that is going has to be vaccinated. at this point let's start having big parties again.
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jillian: are you the first to host one? carley: in my apartment i could fit 7 people. it would be indoors, not outdoors. todd: this was the best reaction of the day or the year. carley: she won olympic gold in wrestling and was asked a simple question. how does it feel to represent team usa and she responded enthusiastically it feels amazing. i love representing the us. i freaking love living there. i love it and i am so happy i get to represent usa. leavitt. here's leo terrel's reaction. he now loves her. >> she and other black olympians who won represent the best of america. black olympians who are happy to be in this country. >> she left her olympic performance in god's hands and is excited to see what comes next. so are we.
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todd: i will take the jillian line. when she can start giving interviews we would have to have her on the show. jillian: go usa. still ahead the cdc extends the eviction moratorium after days of pressure from lawmakers but is this a real solution to the housing problem that is getting worse under this administration? todd: lisa maclean next.
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jillian: a senate report finds federal cyber security defenses are not strong enough, federal agencies earning a c-report card for failing to meet basic federally mandated standards. the audit accuses eight critical agencies of relying on outdated systems, ignoring mandatory security patches and failing to protect sensitive data. the report found americans personal information remained at risk, recent high profile cyber attacks. todd: that is scary. olympics wrap-up in japan, john radcliffe demanding the winter olympics be moved from china over the the pandemic. a fox news op-ed writing, quote, the international olympic committee should not allow
1:49 am
beijing to enjoy the benefits of hosting a massive global event while rejecting transparency and refusing to allow inquiries much less answering for the deaths of millions of people around the world. jillian: three gop representatives requesting an inspector general probe why the justice department won't investigate covid nursing home deaths in michigan nursing homes. todd: michigan congresswoman lisa maclean is one of those representatives and joins us now. great to see you as always. why has the doj chose not to investigate? >> i have no idea. neither to the 5500 families that lost loved ones that were placed in the nursing home. was we are demanding his answers. why did you drop it? that is a fair and valid question. jillian: tell us where it goes from here and do you expect any answers on this?
1:50 am
>> my expectations are low because all this governor has done is continue to hide things. i think the people of michigan deserve some answers, deserve some transparency. 5500 people died in nursing homes from her failed policies. if there's nothing to hide, why drop the investigation? show me the evidence why the investigation was dropped. what are we hiding? where's the transparency? todd: one of the recourse do these families have? >> unfortunately they don't have any recourse and that is why i think it is my job and my duty to be there voice and that is for the people of the district in the state elected me to be
1:51 am
there voice and try to demand some action, to give answers to these families. jillian: keep us updated and we will follow that. in the meantime there's been a large progressive push and now it has happened. the eviction moratorium has been extended two months, set to expire october 30th does expire october 3rd we will see. is this the answer? someone who has been a tenant and the landlord, at the end of the day that mortgage has to get paid. i understand the government has been helping people in certain situations but also where landlords say i haven't seen any money yet. the mortgage has to get paid. a lot of this is falling on landlords. is that fair? is this the right answer and what should we be doing? >> congress spoke before we left
1:52 am
for recess. they couldn't get the votes. all the president did was with a swipe of a pen just extended it for 90 more days. we are just kicking these issues down the road. we have to deal with the issue. i asked the government at some point when are we going to look at both sides of the equation? this administration is only good at looking at one side of the equation. for a year and a half, some of these landlords, this is the only income. what about the fairness they deserve, seems to be there lost in the shuffle here.
1:53 am
>> the emergence of the delta variant led to acceleration of transmission, this moratorium is the right thing to do. out of congregant settings for covid 19 spread. the cdc should have considered? >> the big one is we are worried about congregating, get down from your ivory tower and talk about people congregating at the border, we sticker head in the sand. at the end of the day we have to pay these bills and if we can't pay the bills how will we pay the bills in 3 months.
1:54 am
we have more jobs we can't fill, at some time i hate to say people have to get back to work. carley: so many people say we are trying to hire people and no one is coming in for these jobs. we will see how this plays out. thank you for waking up early. appreciate your time. black lives matter, demanding the status democratic strategists resign after a controversial wheat about senator lindsey graham, responding to the covid diagnosis by tweeting it's wrong to hope he dies from covid, right? asking for a friends. the disregard for human life is unacceptable.
1:55 am
she regretted the posts but not her first controversial remark, responding to a photo of donald trump's cabinet, i'm not proud of my gut reaction which is i hope they all by. todd: could have been a stronger reaction. the new york times getting a lot of attention which referred to usama bin laden as a fanatical terrorist but also a devoted family man. they change the headline to read a full picture of usama bin laden's life. before that happened, rob o'neill, former navy seal who killed bin laden was one of many to respond. he used his wife as a human shield. that says it all. joey jones, what he thinks of this as well. jillian: we have -- todd: joe concha, marty macario
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and janice dean. do not go anywhere. ♪♪ ♪♪ if you believe ♪♪
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todd: it is wednesday august 4th, denial and destruction, andrew cuomo defiant despite bipartisan cauldron to re-sign. shocking claims of harassment. jillian: the blame game continues, attacking republican governors for refusing to limit mask mandate, polls reveal how americans feel about the handling of the pandemic. todd: kevin wallace claiming heart, the new desert matchup taking the internet by storm. let's see what the rest of the world thinks when "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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