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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 3, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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illuminating in terms of the toxic workplace culture that persisted and governor cuomo's administration and therefore the allowing and enabling for the sexual harassment to occur and persist. in the words of the attorney general, stay with us for continuing coverage as we await the governor himself. his response team, now here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> thank you, fox news alert. standing by for that response from new york governor andrew cuomo just hours after an explosive report from the state attorney general andrew cuomo is now speaking, let's go to the governor. >> as this unfolds, i did not want anyone to say that i did feared. i said it would hold my tongue, and i have. making only limited comments. it has been a hard and painful period for me and my family. especially as others feed ugly stories to the press.
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but i cooperated with the review, and i can now finally share the truth, my attorney who is a nonpolitical form federal prosecutor has done a response to each allegation and to the facts are much different than what has been portrayed. that document is available on my website. if you are interested, please take the time to read the facts and decide for yourself. first, i want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. i am 63 years old. i have lived my entire adult life in public you field. that is just not who i am. and that is not who i have ever been. there is one complaint that has
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been made that bothered me most that was a complaint made by a young woman charlotte bennett who worked in my office. and it's important to me that you fully understand the situation. charlotte worked in my office last year as an assistant, she was smart, talented, and eager to learn. she identified herself to me as a survivor of sexual assault. she said that she came to work in my administration because of all the progress we had made in fighting sexual assault. she talked about the personal trauma that she endured and how she was handling it. i could see how it had affected her. i could see her pain. people now ask me, why was i even talking to this young woman if i knew she was dealing with such issues?
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why did i even engage with her? that is the obvious question and one i have thought a lot about. at the truth is that her story resignation dated deeply with me. i had heard the same story before with the same ugliness, the same injustice, the same damage, not only had i heard the story before, i had lived with the story before. my own family member is a survivor of sexual assault in high school. i have watched her live and suffer with the trauma. i would do anything to make it go away for her. but it never really goes away. i spent countless days and nights working through these issues with her and therapists and counselors.
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i'm governor of the state of new york, but i felt powerless to help. and felt that i had failed her. i couldn't take the pain away. i still can't. in this young woman brought it all back. she is about the same age. i thought i had learned a lot about the issue from my family's experience, i thought that i could help her work through a difficult time. i did ask her questions i don't normally ask people, i did ask her how she was doing and how she was feeling, and i did ask questions to try to see if she had positive supportive dating relationships. i know too well the manifestation of sexual assault trauma and the damage that it can do in the aftermath. i was trying to make sure she
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was working her way through it the best she could. i thought i had learned enough and had enough personal experience to help her, but i was wrong. i have heard charlotte and her lawyer and i understand what they are saying, but they read into comments that i made and draw inferences that i never made. they ascribe motives i never had. and simply put, they heard things that i just didn't say. charlotte, and wants you to know that i am truly and deeply sorry. i brought my personal experience into the workplace, and i shouldn't have done that. i was trying to help. obviously i didn't. i am even more sorry that i further complicated the
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situation. my goal was the exact opposite. i wish nothing but good for you and for all survivors of sexual assault. there was another complaint i want to address from a woman in my office who said that i groped her in my home office. let me be clear, that never happened. she wants anonymity, and i respect that. so i am limited but what i can say. but her lawyer has suggested that she will file a legal claim for damages. that will be decided in a court of law. trial by newspaper or bias reviews are not the way to find the facts in this matter. i welcome the opportunity for a full and fair review before a judge and a jury, because this just did not happen.
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other complaints raised against mean, questions that have sought to unfairly characterize and weaponized every day interactions that i have had with any number of new yorkers. "the new york times" published a front-page picture of me touching a woman's face at a wedding, and then kissing her on the cheek. that is not front-page news. i have been making the same gesture in public all my life. i actually learned that from my mother, and from my father. it is meant to convey warmth, nothing more. indeed, there are hundreds if not thousands of photos of me using the exact same gesture. i do it with everyone.
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black-and-white, young and old, straight and lgbtq, powerful people, friends, strangers, people who i meet on the street. after the event the woman told the press that she took offense at the gesture, and for that i apologize. another woman stated that i kissed her on the forehead at our christmas party and that i said "choa bella." i don't remember doing it, but i'm sure that i did. i do kiss people on the forehead. i do kiss people on the cheek. i do kiss people on the hand. i do embrace people. i do hug people.
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men and women. i do on occasion say "ciao bella" on occasion i slip and say sweetheart or darling or honey. i do banter with people. i do tell jokes. at some better than others. and the same person in public as i am in private. you have seen me do it on tv through all my briefings and for 40 years before that. i try to put people at ease. i try to make them smile. i tried to connect with them. and i try to show my appreciation and my friendship. i now understand that there are generational, or cultural perspectives that frankly i had not fully appreciated. and i have learned from this.
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now the state already has an advance sexual harassment training program for all employees including me. but i want new york state government to be a model of office behavior. and i brought in an expert to design a new sexual harassment policy and procedures and to train the whole team, myself included. i accept responsibility, and we are making changes. other complaints relate to the work environment, now i have always said my office is a demanding place to work, and that it is not for everyone. we work really, really hard. my office is no typical 9:00-5:00 office. and i don't want it to be. the stakes we deal with are very high.
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sometimes even life and death. we have to get the job done. i promise you that i would. and i will, but now a number of complaints target female managers which smacks to me of a double standard. first, when have you seen male managers maligned and the lionized for working long hours or holding people accountable or for being tough? a strong male manager is respected and rewarded, but a strong female manager is ridiculed and stereotyped. it is a double standard. it is sexist. and it must be challenged. also, remember where we are. today we are living in a
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superheated if not toxic political environment. that shouldn't be lost on anyone. politics and bias are interwoven throughout every aspect of this situation. one would be naive to think otherwise. and new yorkers are not naive. i understand these dynamics. my father used to say, god rest his soul, that politics is an ugly business. as usual, he was right. but for my father and for me, it's worth it. because despite it all, at the end of the day we get good things done for people. and that is what really matters. and for those who are using this moment to score political points
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or seek publicity or personal gain, i say they actually discredit the legitimate sexual harassment victims that the law was designed to protect. my last point is this, i say to my daughters all the time that as complicated as life gets is as simple as life is. my job is not about me. my job is about you. what matters to me at the end of the day is getting the most done and i for you. and that is what i do. every day. and i will not be distracted from that job. we have a lot to do. we still have to manage the covid beast. it is not dead yet. it is not over. we then have to reopen and reimagine our state, because our future is going to be what we make it. i know we can do these things
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because i know the strength and the character of new yorkers. look at the progress we made on covid. it is amazing. we went from the highest infection rate in the country to one of the lowest infection rates in the country. nobody thought that we could do it, but new yorkers did it. that shows that there is nothing that we can't do when we work together. together, together as one, as one community, as one family, as new yorkers. we will, thank you. over the past several months -- >> sandra: perhaps that tells us it was taped. we were trying to determine whether it was live or taped, and it went on to replay. some unbelievable, did you hear that the same as i heard towards the end that these women, these
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11 victims coming forward, the independent investigation that has now played out for nearly five months, the conclusion of it. i believe you just said that these actual victims are discrediting actual victims of sexual harassment near the end of his comments. if that is remarkable, john. >> john: and earlier they read into comments that i made and draw inferences i never meant, they ascribe motives that i never had. basically all of the accusers that have come forward now with what letitia james and the two attorneys that she retained to put this report together detailed as a long list of complaints against governor cuomo, not just from one or two, but 11 different women including that state trooper who was put on his protective detail a year before she actually had the experience to do it, and he is now basically saying they are all liars, i did not mean anything
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to what they are saying and i did not do anything wrong. he went on to say again, i never touched anyone inappropriately. he deflected into his own family story and tried to explain that he was just trying to help out charlotte bennett who was a victim of sexual assault and then blame and the fact that he kisses people on the forehead and hugs them on his being italian. a something that he learned from his mother and father. that really was an extraordinary statement, sandra. >> sandra: it was a full denial of every allegation against him. >> john: and with all of those photographs as well. >> sandra: emily compagno is joining us now, an attorney and, we you all digesting the attorney general news conference during "outnumbered" last hour. what he started out with was that the facts are much different than what has been portrayed. given into a full denial of the allegations saying "the things heard here are not what was said. i just did not say those
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things." referencing the inappropriate comments. i never touched anyone inappropriately or gave any unwanted sexual advances. he seems to be in full denial and no resignation is coming, no announcement was made. >> that's exactly right, from top to bottom the governor's response was one more example of the hubris that has carried him through not only this entire investigation, but frankly the years prior which now we understand brought with it a host of workplace culture of toxic vindictiveness and abusiveness in the words of the attorney general investigators and the independent attorney investigators, the three of us talked before when this investigation commenced in the beginning about how there were sort of some intertwining's with the governor's office that he had to approve the weekly checks. there were certain things about it that some people raised questions about the independence, and i think today this morning in combination with the press release, the press rethink being held by the
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attorney general and those investigators, how independent, how absolutely top-notch professional, thorough, and detailed that investigation was and how utterly independent it was from the governor's office and his response, you cannot find a more man-explaining "woe is me" illustrating the power. and if i could dive into a couple of details mr. markey said different motives, john, you mentioned a moment ago, he should know that it does not matter what his motives or intent was, that has no bearing on whether or not there was a pattern or practice of toxicity and sexual harassment in his behavior. he said i welcome the opportunity for a full and fair review in front of a judge because this does not happen. she found it offensive that he had undermined and maligned the independents and that professionalism of the
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investigation which he continued to do so here, dig in his heels making the same gesture and public all my life, it injected into a montage of him kissing people like robert de niro as if to remind us of the power he has in the network including reminding us, i'm the governor of new york and i even can't do things, and can't basically essentially do what i wanted to do to heal the manifestations of sexual abuse, bringing up a family member to show solidarity with charlotte bennett and lindsay boyland, and yet in a really disgusting way trashed the victims here. he embarked on victim shaming which we now know behind the scenes wrote letters about and said it is not a good strategy to shame victims. i found this absolutely reprehensible, guys. >> john: you mention a second ago, let's roll the tape back and play that sequence where he talked about where he learned about kissing and hugging people and the photos that he had to prove it. watch. >> indeed there are hundreds if
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not thousands of photos of me using the exact same gesture. i do it with everyone, black-and-white, young and old, streets and lgbtq, powerful people, friends, strangers, people who i meet on the street. >> john: so clearly according to the photographic evidence and record, he does hug and kiss a lot of people, but it's not to say that everybody wants him to and that's what is being alleged by these women. >> doing it to everyone does not make it okay and doing it outside of work does not make it okay inside of work even though the attorney general investigators made sure to describe in detail the fact he has engaged in the inappropriate workplace behavior with members of staff and also outside people was not just limited to the
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administration and taking it a step further, john, the investigators talked about today that the culture that allows harassment to occur and persist with toxicity, hostility, and it was abusive. it so the fact that the governor now came out and said that we work really hard here, we are not a typical 9:00-5:00 office. as if to explain away what we have now seen the conclusions of retaliation engaged in by his administration in defiance and breaking both federal and state laws in addition to his own administration's policy is to now explain it away as that they work harder than the rest of us. he said new yorkers are not so naive essentially to think that this if we did work 9:00-5:00 that this is to be confused with the retaliation and toxic abusive workplace culture to then say that the female managers essentially that that is why that the allegations are
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conclusions of toxic workplace behavior was because of female managers? i mean, the line of reasoning he went down, i do not know what attorneys are advising him or he is going rogue and making the statements himself, but he continues to dig himself a hole. the attorney general said today, yeah, he admitted to some things and denied a lot, the things he did admit to you he had a vastly different interpretation of them. again, it does not matter legally. >> sandra: i just want some reaction, jonathan turley sang a moment ago in reaction to what we heard andrew cuomo categorically denied any touching of the women despite saying it was witnessed. he also called out charlotte bennett to say that he spoke with her out of his concern for sexual harassment. that is a big point to be made. and i do believe that we have that moment where he just specifically referenced charlotte bennett. in his speech, listen. >> i have heard charlotte and her lawyer, and i understand what they are saying, but they
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read into comments that i made and draw inferences that i never meant, they ascribe motives i never had. and simply put, they heard things that i just didn't say. charlotte, i want you to know that i am truly and deeply sorry. i brought to my personal into the workplace, and i shouldn't have done that. >> sandra: i want to be exactly clear on who charlotte bennett is of the victims 25 years old, emily. another former aide to andrew cuomo has claimed that the governor asked her questions about her sex life and whether she was monogamous, and a relationship, if she had ever had with older men. she believed that he was trying to sleep with her, and reported the inappropriate comments last summer to andrew cuomo's chief of staff.
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you look at the amount of evidence cooperated evidence as you have heard from letitia james in her news conference and these investigators that appointed the attorney general in the interviews that were conducted by the independent lawyers, 179 individuals interviewed, reviewed 74,000 document email text and pictures that included him sitting for interviews 11 hours of which happened yesterday, emily, how can he be categorically denying, blanket denial from the governor? >> i think that that response by him is the cherry on top to why these allegations are now so easy to believe, because of that detailed the cooperative evidence that you just outlined, sandra, that also remains to be uncovered as people wade through the over 160 page report. this guy is almost a narcissist and has a hubris larger than the size of the state of which he is
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governor, and remember what else charlotte bennett said, she said my time in public service ended because he was bored and lonely and it still breaks my heart. his response and his behavior are so revolting and so reprehensible for these public service employees to have their public service ended because of his inability to check his behavior, for his inability to comply with his own policies and procedures and federal and state law and then to come out today and victim shaming them even more. it's appalling. we are awaiting more top party democrat leaders to come out and hold this guy accountable, because thus far, he is not showing any signs of resigning. >> john: the question is where do we go from here? note criminal charges brought by the attorney general's office as a result of this, could be something on a local level and the governor said that he believes that one aide who remained anonymous likely will press some sort of criminal
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charges that that will likely be decided in court, but then there is a political calculation as well, republican from new york said start the clock's, how long will it take for joe biden, kamala harris, chuck schumer, a bunch of other folks to call for cuomo to resign, impeach and remove this criminal sexual predator. is he at more risk criminally or politically do you think? >> i think the answer to that depends on which you hold more value to, right? his political future is truly in question for someone like him who is a career politician, invoking the name of his father holds that capital to be as whole identity, that might be more damning for him. and yes, there is a report for the groping of the breast that we talked about. it will be up to them whether
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they prosecute for that. we see a whole host of lawsuits, to your point, you guys, we know that the president came out before and said if the investigation comes out with conclusions of sexual harassment that we would call for resignation, so with these people, these guys are held to the world that they said they would call for his resignation and a half to make this quick final point that the governor just said essentially he is going to engage in new -- bringing an expert to engage in new policy creation and training including himself as if that will be the only remedy needed to absolve him of any legal accountability. i first see that is not happening. >> sandra: and by the way, speaking of holding those who spoke earlier on this matter accountable and holding them to their word, i should say, president biden has stated in an interview march 17th, 2021 when he was asked, he said if the investigation confirms the claims of these women, should he resign? the president said yes, i think he would probably end up being
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prosecuted too. emily, we really appreciate you running to another camera and jumping back on with us. we appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you both so much. >> john: we also have kayleigh mcenany, cohost of "outnumbered" with us now. before we come to you, let's play the little bit of sound from andrew cuomo explaining what it was that emily was just talking about. listen here. >> the state already has an advanced sexual harassment training program for all employees including me, but i want to new york state government to be a model of office behavior, and i brought in an expert to design a new sexual harassment policy and procedures and to train the whole team, myself included. i accept responsibility, and we are making changes. >> john: you have to wonder what will that adviser
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recommend? no more italian kissing on the forehead and the cheek rushed back and maybe come up with a new policy in any way affect everything that has been detailed by the attorney general letitia james? >> no, it doesn't. that is window dressing from the governor, he is accused of serial sexual harassment and the same man accused of touching women in inappropriate places, using someone's sexual assault experience, sexualizing it, these are serious allegations and that he would be designing a new sexual harassment policy under his tenure making new york government to be the hallmark of addressing sexual harassment is just too rich and ironic and hypocritical. he is going to have a lot of pressure rained down on him. we artie heard from senator kirsten gillibrand. i anticipate we will hear from the white house press briefing from jen psaki. she will certainly be asked about this and asked about those comments that sandro referenced with president biden making very
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clear where he stands if these allegations are true and confirmed in the investigation as they were, yes, he should resign. i anticipate hearing the same thing today in the press surmounting more and more. >> sandra: head of the democratic caucus is now among the other democrats that have spoken out about this matter and obviously calling for the resignation of andrew cuomo, elise stefanik one of the lawmakers saying "must impeach immediately." we may get her to join us in just a moment. but so many questions and i feel like people that have been watching this play out and waiting for the results of the investigation in the report that we now have, they have questions about the civil nature versus the criminal nature as you heard letitia james was asked about that in the news conference, she said civil in nature defining no more criminal consequences. the accusers can now decide for themselves whether they want to
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bring a civil lawsuit against him. and any prosecutors are free to examine the public evidence out for all of us to see you to determine whether they want to pursue further action. that's what we just heard from the attorney general. but all just left wondering, will he pay the consequences in that way? will there be civil charges by the individual victims or collectively? or more severe political consequences in the impeachment? >> we certainly hope that the claims are seen out in a court of law, the system is up to do just that. up to the accusers whether they pursue political litigation, we will see if it's on that local level that joe manchin, but it's on the political ramifications that are interesting. yorty have according to shingled marker of "the new york times" a majority of new york state legislators calling for resignation, so the question is,
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do the call for resignation become calls for impeachment? yes, we are pursuing impeachment and the majority of the members that say we should step -- have him step down, does that translate? you have wronged him saying we need to return immediately and pursue impeachment. we will see if that happens. it looks like trouble and political waters for governor andrew cuomo. >> john: let's rewind the tape a little bit, looks like it was a recording that was carried by the governor. and talking about the work environment and the governor's office in the executive office. listen here. >> i have always said my office is a demanding place to work, and that it is not for everyone. we work really, really hard. my office is no typical 9:00-5:00 government office. and i don't want it to be. the stakes we deal with are very
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high. sometimes even life and death. we have to get the job done. i promised you that i would. and i will. >> john: still working in the governor's office is difficult, difficult to work in a lot of places, typically political offices like that where you work 25 hours a day. then you hear from the trooper that said that the governor ran his hand across her stomach while she held the door open for him. the finger down her back to the middle of the back saying "hey you" while in front of an elevator, kissing her and only her on the cheek in front of a trooper and asking her to kiss on another deflection, and making sexual based comments that go on in some detail. how does that fit into the definition of a tough work environment where we work very hard in life or death situations? >> that's right, a grotesque
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work environment, and a woman, no person should ever be subjected to. wonder why he made the comment about a tough work environment. almost a suggestion that these women just could not handle it. he continues to dismiss the women very subtly. you heard him talk about i'm someone who makes banter and jokes, good loving, likes to kiss people on the cheek. it just very dismissive and a good old guy. who he is in public is who he is in private. and it's very dismissive of the claims and the tactic he is using. another tactic is the ralph northam playbook. we saw this on a different set of racist allegations with the governor of virginia, just waited out the storm in the democratic calls for him to step down went largely unheard. if the went away. we saw many episode of that with governor cuomo where for months we did not hear as the investigation went on. now his feet are on the fire. but his strategy made it very clear it is a ralph northam playbook i will wait out the
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storm, and that's where the democrat state lawmakers on the national level as well need to step up and pursue impeachment. >> sandra: you know, right here with the 168 page report, i mean, this is public information for anybody to go through and the attorney general has made that very clear that this is out for anyone to review. obviously includes all the access to the documents come into the interviews, to all of the findings of this nearly five month investigation, just a little bit more from what we just heard from the governor a moment ago. >> a number of target female managers, which smacks to me of a double standard. first, when have you ever seen male managers maligned and bill and eye is for working long hours or holding people accountable or for being tough?
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a strong male manager is respected and rewarded, but a strong female manager is ridiculed and stereotyped. it is a double standard. it is sexist. and it must be challenged. >> sandra: kayleigh mcenany win? >> just trying to say anything he can to get out of this. i just want to look at what a fall from grace this is from a democrat governor who was touted as the next potential democrat nominee for president and even some rumors that maybe there was a way he could replace joe biden. so good in those press conferences when i was there as well. as a reporter, john, me as press secretary for president trump and it's hard to forget those days where he had that 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. new york state press conference where president trump was juxtaposed and the coronavirus per task force briefings and
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hailed as the gold standard of the democrat party. and here we are, a tremendous fall from grace from someone who had presidential potential and ambitions. it was certainly touted as such by the party. >> john: be careful how high a pedestal you put people on, it's a long way to fall. we are hearing from bill de blasio tweeted out "it's beyond clear andrew cuomo is not fit to hold office and cannot serve as governor. he must resign and continues to resist and attack the investigators they did their job. it should be impeached immediately." >> sandra: not just attacking the investigators, but attacking the victims from what we just heard. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> sandra: elise stefanik speaking out now, not only urging andrew cuomo to resign, but calling for his arrest and joins us now. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. we saw your tweet, digging in, truly believes he is above the
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law and starts by complaining how his family has been through a lot. that is remarkable. what about the victims? he attacked charlie bennett, you write "this is textbook a psalter blaming the victim, must impeach immediately." your thoughts? >> my thoughts are the governor must resign, we know that he is going to refuse that, he must be impeached in the state legislature must move to that immediately, joe biden must speak out and say that he should resign because months ago he said on the record that if the allegations are proven to be true, which we now see the attorney general's report, he must resign. the white house needs to make a statement on that and make it crystal clear, otherwise they are complacent. the first federal elected official to call for an independent investigation of the sexual assaults, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of multiple victims, and we learned just how absolutely
10:39 am
heinous and how this became typical. it was part of a toxic work environment in the governor's office on the taxpayers' dime. and earlier today when kayleigh mention the governor coming up with any excuse including sexism -- sexism of the female aides, it was not the female aides, but the mail as well who neared and retaliated against the victims. >> john: congresswoman stefanik, it is john roberts here, so you have said that you believe that the president and vice president, the new york speaker and other should come out and call for his resignation or impeachment proceedings. it's unclear whether a impeachment proceeding will get underway because of some senior members of the new york state assembly on the democratic side said the report alone likely would not be enough. if some of his closest allies begin to abandon him, how long can he theoretically hang onto the reins of power in
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new york state? >> john, that is unacceptable from senior democratic leaders. they need to feel the pressure from their constituents and every new yorker. we have an example of a governor who is -- who wants to live by a different set of rules than in everyday ommitted federal crimes as well as he broke state laws as well, laws that he signed into law. and we need to make sure that they feel the pressure publicly in the accountability that they absolutely must move forward with impeachment. we need to hear from kathy vogel who is the lieutenant governor of new york state. she needs to speak out and call for the governor's impeachment. she has been woefully silent throughout all the accusations. it is unacceptable. i was glad to hear mayor de blasio call for impeachment. we need to hear that immediately. there is no excuse for any of these democratic elected officials not to immediately move towards impeachment proceedings. >> sandra: congresswoman, i want to flash back the
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investigation underway about the findings and what he would be looking for as far as a resignation from andrew cuomo depending on what we learned. here was joe biden in march. >> if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign? >> yes, and probably be prosecuted too. >> sandra: it has been silence from the white house since letitia james began her news conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. i have not heard from the white house yet. we have not seen a response from the white house, jen psaki, the obvious female press secretary was about to be at the podium 1e white house has not seen reaction on twitter, i imagine that will be a central focus of that briefing when it begins at 2:00. >> they need to publicly call for the resignation and joe biden said he should be prosecuted, and he should be. of the u.s. department of justice said there were federal crimes committed. this is not something to distract and protect which is
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what the administration unfortunately has chosen to do when it comes to the nursing home scandal, this is crystal clear examples of being unfit for office, impeachable offenses, multiple crimes committed. my expectation is the white house when jen psaki gets up on that podium, she better call for governor cuomo's resignation and impeachment and prosecution, because that's what the president of the united states said months ago on record. and now we know because the very in-depth work that the new york attorney general conducted. >> john: kirsten gillibrand has said that he should resign as well. i don't know if you saw the full presentation that the governor put on at the top of the hour, but he has no intention of going anywhere. and how can you practically get him out of office if you put pressure on him to resign, but you don't actually undertake impeachment proceeding? >> that's why the impeachment proceedings are so important,
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john. >> john: that is likely not to happen. >> we will continue to push. they are more elected officials calling for his impeachment and there was a week ago or a day ago, and every elected official needs to feel the pressure from the constituents, multiple democrat members of the assembly and senate have called for impeachment. this has changed from yesterday to today just looking at the in-depth report and how many examples of victims there were. committed on state property to state employees, and they retaliated. there are multiple laws that are broken here. so the impeachment proceedings, this is what we are focused on. this has changed from a week ago to where we are today and has been happening in plain sight, which is why it was one of the first to call for the independent investigation and really make sure that the governor was held accountable. when it comes to kirsten gillibrand, she was the last of the elected officials called for his resignation months ago, she is holding him to a different standard than she did al franken when she has been
10:44 am
on the record, she forced zero-tolerance, she needs to call for the impeachment as well. every new yorker should know that if there elected official is a democrat in the state assembly or state senate, they have been covering for the governor and now the time to make sure that we all live by equal rule of law. and that laws applied equally no matter if you are the governor of new york state or in everyday new yorker. >> sandra: we are just learning that the assembly democrats are planning an emergency meeting after what they described as disturbing sexual harassment report. the democrats who control the state assembly will hold the emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the bombshell state investigative report that found andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. we are looking through this and it appears that that will begin at 2:00 p.m. eastern time, the obvious -- >> they should move towards
10:45 am
impeachment and discuss. i know that john asked about that, but the reality is that the federal standards have changed and we have a comprehensive report conducted by the attorney general. >> sandra: congresswoman, thank you. >> john: joining us now, civil rights attorney and fox news contributor. leo, give us your summation of what you heard from the governor and contrast that with what you heard from the attorney general and the state of new york. >> let me start off by saying with i agree with you 100%, bad script a political commercial by andrew cuomo and not going anywhere. you see the number of politicians in that commercial he ran? he is going nowhere in the democrats have to respond, but he is going to wait this out. and i will tell you right now, you saw a political legal response from andrew cuomo this morning and that response tells you i'm going to fight this out. and good luck if you are going to kick me out of office.
10:46 am
the evidence is overwhelming, yes. but he is looking for due process. he is saying come get me in a court of law. so we're looking at something that will be an initial backlash which is occurring for the next 48 hours of andrew cuomo as you correctly stated that commercial he gave, going nowhere. be when i look back at my notes from what we heard from the governor, right near the end of that prepared speech, which we found out eventually was taped, it appeared that he said that these 11 victims of sexual harassment or discrediting actual victims of sexual harassment. essentially calling all the allegations they have launched against him wise. we are trying to turn that sound for you, also by the way i want to let the viewers know that president biden is right now meeting with the latino community leaders that are sitting down in the state dining room and is apparently beginning
10:47 am
on comments of covid vaccine voting rights to adjusting the economy. clearly there could be a moment where he is asked to respond to this if that happens we will certainly bring that to the viewers, but leo, we are about to hear from jen psaki expected to take to the podium in the white house briefing room and top of the hour as andrew cuomo is defending all of this that has been launched against him. denying everything in this report. >> and that's one of the reasons why he is not going to resign, because he is using the power of his office. that was everything that came out of his mouth was scripted by his attorney. so he in essence proved all the victims under the bus, isn't that insulting? it's money from a democrat throwing every woman under the bus. >> sandra: as you say that, i know we were just able to turn that sound. really important to get that in here. >> for those who are using the moment to score political points or seek publicity or personal gain, i say they actually
10:48 am
discredit the legitimate sexual harassment victims that the law was designed to protect. >> sandra: that is remarkable, leo. >> not only remarkable, but insulting to every woman who legitimately and courageously filed a complaint. he does not care. this is a man, sandra, who is in denial of any wrongdoing. and that's because he is insulated in the office of governorship, and that's why he is acting that way. >> john: let's just look at a couple of the allegations against the governor. there is a charlie bennett allegations which he tried to dismiss as saying look, i was trying to help her out with a problem and very sympathetic to the fact that she was a victim of sexual assault because of a victim that was in my own family and misconstrued everything i said. now in certain circumstances that can be some room for what one person is said to versus what another person took it to be, but when you look at the complaint from the trooper, the physical touching, they hand across the belly, the finger
10:49 am
down the middle of the back, the kissing in front of another trooper, and i am sure that she thought that that was a real violation of professional conduct, i mean, you have a state trooper who is sworn to uphold the law saying he touched me and he touched me in a way that made me very uncomfortable that i believe is inappropriate. how do you argue against that? >> will tell you how, he is a lawyer. he is a lawyer himself and what you are seeing right now is a person who is in denial of any wrongdoing. what makes him a liar is that there was an independent investigation, john. we are not asking the public to believe andrew cuomo or the victim, the independent evaluation by those to attorneys as they looked at it and then no dog in the fight, they are to do an objective analysis and it came out in favor of the victim and against andrew cuomo. so there is a denial aspect of it. and that's why you expect him to fight back.
10:50 am
independent objections and evaluations that tells you he does not want to leave office. >> sandra: we appreciate you joining us, thanks, leo. let's bring in mercedes colwin, specializing in a wide range of cases including employment law violations of civil rights and employment law, awaiting the white house briefing set 10 minutes from now. just your reaction. >> i mean, it's amazing when you look at the results, talking 175 witnesses that were interviewed. 168 page report, this was a very finely po and investigation done by two exceptional lawyers, one in particular that i have litigated against for years is an exceptional lawyer, so no stone was left unturned. they did an exceptional job. and by the way, i completely agree with emily when she says, who are the lawyers?
10:51 am
if i was defending governor cuomo, that speech was terrible. it saying that you are a boomer in your 60s, saying that you are italian and a little handy with everyone will not save you. what came out of his mouth was so detrimental. what i would've said if i were defending governor cuomo as to say, stop. there is a due process and you can leave it at that if you want to do a blanket denial, so be it, but making all of these pronouncements. we are a hardworking office, we work a lot of hours, it's not like these other places around the country, what are you talking about? there are lots of institutions that work very hard in companies that work very hard. there are lots of environments that you work day and night and sexual harassment has not permeated in a toxic work environment not created. so all of this blather was really detrimental. i don't know what the audience it was that he was trying to make the pronouncements too but he really did not help himself. >> john: when you look at that photographic montage of
10:52 am
andrew cuomo kissing and hugging just about everybody under the sun coming out, attorneys could look at that and say, well, you have claimed to never touch anybody inappropriately, but here we have lots of pictures of you touching people and what may be in a culturally intimate way come but it is not to say that it is appropriate for everyone. what he does with robert de niro does not mean that it is appropriate to do with an assistant in his office. >> that is such a great point. and a lot of people when you talk about sexual harassment, i do training around the country with a lot of companies individual entities, and what i say to them is the fact that you may not think it is inappropriate has nothing to do with it. it has to be is it welcomed by the individual that you are seeking to hug, seeking to kiss. there is imbalance and imbalance of power. these 11 accusers, and that is an extraordinary amount of accusations -- as accusations coming from several initiatives
10:53 am
that supported as well, we are talking about these individuals and what reports are that there was an imbalance of power, they were young women. these are women that just started in their political career and started in their career generally, and they have a governor making these inappropriate overtures allegedly, of course, we will have to see if that goes beyond that, but frankly i cannot imagine where we go from here is not in the court of law civilly or criminally, because what is being accused of governor cuomo is criminal, dead touching, the kissing, the groping all criminal acts and on the civil side you have sexual harassment allegations that can be brought forth on the federal, state, and local level not only against governor cuomo but all the enablers and individuals that work in the administration that enable governor cuomo and it will be alleged in the complaint. those individuals will be in the picture as well, so the state of new york, governor cuomo, and
10:54 am
any of the agents that can be sued individually. >> sandra: you go to the independent lawyers that were assigned to the task to investigate on these claims against the governor and it all boiled down to 11 our grueling session and andrew cuomo set for yesterday where he sat for many, many hours of interviews where he was under oath when he took these questions yesterday, and we did get some information from that 11-hour section as it was reported throughout the day, there was reportedly very tense moments in that room when he was being interviewed, the governor at more than one point we were told during the lengthy session andrew cuomo confronted mr. kim, one of the independent lawyers challenging his fairness and independence as a result of his past investigation into the governor and his allies. so it seems he has decided to take issue with absolutely every aspect of this in addition to
10:55 am
going into complete denial in that speech just a few moments ago. >> great point, sandra. exactly right. if you are having these overwhelming flax thrown at you, what do you do? you start to antagonize and challenge the investigators. you antagonize and challenge the facts and the judges. he started to antagonize all of the individuals that are in the gathering of these facts and allegations and going through it, and it really is one of those playbook moves that people are done, that repeatedly when they are in the crosshairs of enormous allegations. >> sandra: thank you for joining us, breaking news afternoon on the fox news channel, and john, we'll wait list white house press briefing that has been pushed back that to begin foreign half minutes from now and obviously a lot of questions should be focused on what we just heard and where president biden stands on these developments. >> john: at least a few questions on that and also
10:56 am
curious to see the presidents meeting ongoing now as to whether he has asked about this. i expect that he probably will be. >> sandra: i just read the pool note and did not comment then, but said he would comment later this afternoon when he speaks on that. >> john: we will see what he has to say. >> sandra: we will take a super quick break and be rightho back at the top of the hour. yea. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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11:00 am
>> john: resetting the breaking news and a new hour. and the big question, will president biden and stan behind his own statements and call for a new york cuomo to go? speak of these interviews and pieces of evidence reveal a deeply disturbing get clear picture. governor cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of federal and state laws. >> my attorney who is a
11:01 am
nonpolitical former federal prosecutor has done a response to each allegation. and the facts are much different than what has been portrayed. >> governor cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. many of whom were young women. by engaging in a unwonted groping, kisses, hugging, and by making inappropriate comments. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> the administration fostered a toxic workplace that that created a hostile work environment. >> i've always said my office is a demanding place to work, and that it is not for everyone. we work really, really hard. politics and bias are interwoven throughout every aspect of this situation.
11:02 am
one would be naive to think otherwise, and new yorkers are not naive. >> john: good afternoon, welcome to our number two of "america reports," i am john roberts in washington, hi, sandra. >> sandra: i am sandra smith in new york, governor andrew cuomo refusing to step down at this hour denying he ever touched anybody inappropriately. that is despite the investigator saying he found he harassed several women including both current and former employees, 11 victims altogether. >> john: the white house press briefing set to start any moment now. we expect to these comments from president biden to come up just a few months ago. listen here. >> if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign? >> yes, and probably will be prosecuted too. >> sandra: we will take you to the white house briefing when it begins we also have brand-new reaction from andy mccarthy just moments away, but first on
11:03 am
the accusations against andrew cuomo and the governor's response. bryan llenas has been following us from the very beginning since this investigation began, he joins us now. hi, brian. >> the new york attorney general's office releasing a stunningly detailed and disturbing report finding that andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple former and current employees violating the law. the independent investigator substantiated the women's allegations releasing a 165 page report, they interviewed 179 current and former employees and state troopers and compiled 74,000 emails, texts, and contemporaneous notes on top of all of that finding that the governor sexually harassed 11 women and inappropriately touched, groped, and inappropriate sexual comments and created a toxic and intimidating workplace that retaliated against women. the governor in a taped video
11:04 am
statement denied all the allegations. he said he never groped anyone saying accusers unfairly characterized and weaponized of the interactions he had every day interactions like kissing people on the forehead and hugging. and he says the independent review was politically bias, listen. >> with those who are using the moment to score political points or seek publicity or personal gain, i say they actually discredit the legitimate sexual harassment victims that the law was designed to protect. >> that an attack on the accusers, but andrew cuomo set for 11 hours in the videotaped interview with the independent investigators that was reportedly tense. accused independent investigator june kim, former federal prosecutor a being unfair and biased. prosecuted a former senior adviser of governor cuomo and had a previous corruption case against of the governor. right now democrats are having
11:05 am
an emergency meeting in the state assembly in new york. the new york attorney general's office just released a statement saying they have passed along their 155 page report to the new york state assembly. the governor is not resigning, and obviously it is going to be up to the democratic control assembly, carl hastie who is the speaker of the assembly and has been a supporter of the governor released a statement where he called the governor's actions disturbing and that it is not fit for someone for office and that they will have more to say in the near future. so, will they continue the impeachment investigation for weeks on end? or will they come out and vote for impeachment now? that is the question. >> sandra: bryan llenas, thank you. >> john: for more and thus bringing in andy mccarthy, and just started to go through a 30 page rebuttal from andrew cuomo's attorney rita glavine that starts out this way. i made the statement on behalf
11:06 am
of my client andrew cuomo to set the record straight about the unfair and inaccurate findings of the attorney general's report, regrettably the investigators have directed and utterly biased investigation and willfully ignored evidence inconsistent with the narrative they have sought to leave from the outset. i mean, everybody gets their day in court, but letitia james had a pretty powerful presentation the other day. >> she sure did, john, that is the point, everybody usually gets their day in court, ordinarily when a prosecutor is designing charges to bring or even when a civil litigant is designing a lawsuit, you think about the things that you can prove in court, and for a prosecutor it is what can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt? what can i prove from a preponderance of the evidence.
11:07 am
but the oddity is this is in a sense political, because letitia james who has often been spoken of in new york media as a potential rival from andrew cuomo if she decides to seek the governorship, she put out, basically conducted an investigation and said, we don't see it as our job to prosecute or to file a lawsuit, we're just going to find out what we can find out and put it all out there. and andrew cuomo is correct that this is not a situation where he has been indicted and somebody is going to come out and tell everyone he is presumed innocent until proven guilty and he will get his chance in court to bat this back. it's a highly unusual situation. >> sandra: if he does not resign, he could certainly be impeached. do you see that happening? what would the process be? >> sandra, there is a very plotting impeachment investigation that has already been underway. and the reason i think it was
11:08 am
designed to go nowhere is it is mainly the new york assembly has been made up of andrew cuomo sympathizers. so really what i think we will see because that investigation is already underway is exactly how do though sympathizers react to this report? we are used to looking at politics through the prism of the republican democrat fault line, but in new york it's very different. it's kind of like you have one faction of woke progressives and one faction of i guess mainstream democrats, the republicans aren't much of a factor. the progressives would like andrew cuomo out and they are to be allies that are more numerous and going to watch the polls and see how people react to the report. >> sandra: just to be clear i'm heard you her to stay at the top of the hour that they are holding an emergency meeting at the hour that began 8 minutes ago.
11:09 am
>> yeah, and i think what they will decide is to wait and see over the next few days how the polls go. obviously andrew cuomo was ready to come out swinging with the responsive statement. and i think that one of the things that you have to watch in new york is voters who are thinking about next year and well, maybe andrew cuomo is a bad guy, but who replaces him if he is gone? and there you again see the progressive mainstream democrat divide. >> john: we are really looking at again today, carl hastie for where this is going to go, and maybe that will come after the emergency meeting this afternoon, but as bryan llenas pointed out a moment ago, saying something to the effect that these allegations as laid out by the attorney general were very disturbing and unfit for somebody who holds that office. but when it comes down to it, andy, this is a civil finding. not a criminal finding, there is
11:10 am
a potential criminal case with the assistant he is accused of groping that may play out in albany, but if it is a civil case, even if somebody won the judgment, there is a political calculation on top of that. and if his closest supporters in the new york's assembly do not defect regardless of the national stage, could he at least hang on to office? maybe not win reelection, but at least hang on to office? >> i think he could, john. i'm not saying that's a good thing, but trying to gauge reality and take it a step further, this does not even rise to the level of a civil finding. what the attorney general said was her understanding of her job here was to do an investigation where she brought in the two highly respected outside investigators to do, and then basically published all of her findings which litigators nor the milling he would not do. they confined themselves to what they can prove in court, but there is no civil liability here. and as you point out, this does
11:11 am
not come close at the moment to the criminal investigation much less a prosecution. so to the extent andrew cuomo is claiming it is political. he made his bed himself, but it is political. >> sandra: charlotte bennett, one of the victims 25 years old, worked for him last year, we have the fact she just weeded out. this is the first i've seen of her reaction. "we have the facts he broke the law when he sexually harassed me and other current and former staff. i do not want an apology. i want accountability and an end to victim blaming." new york state assembly speaker carl hastie it's time you do the right thing, impeach him." >> i think a lot of the victims will feel that way, sandra, because it is one thing when somebody has been convicted or found liable, then you feel like
11:12 am
you have some concrete form of closure, but here basically what you have is addressed up set of allegations and in a normal legal proceeding with the judge would tell you is nothing has been proved yet. it's true they have conducted a thorough undergoing investigation and found some very disturbing things and they indicate, and these are credible investigators that the victims here, 11 of them have been cooperated all to a greater or lesser extent, but in a court of law it would mean nothing because it has not been proved yet, and even in the political arena, it is one thing to say somebody should be impeached, it's quite another thing to impeach them. >> john: only has happened once before in new york history. stay with us. >> sandra: thank you for handing on, and capitol hill, responding to controversy and some new names calling on them to resign, hold out in march, but they have since changed
11:13 am
their minds, congressional correspondent chad pergram has the latest details from capitol hill. what are you hearing, chad? >> good afternoon, demands for andrew cuomo to resign, chuck schumer putting out a statement with kirsten gillibrand, the junior senator from new york saying he should resign and add that the empire state deserves better leadership from the governor. gillibrand was the first senator to call for the ouster of al franken three years ago over concerns about sexual harassment. >> there are 11 women coming forward. it is deeply, deeply disturbing. i feel his actions are inappropriate for the governor of new york state. speak at the trio of house democrats say that andrew cuomo should step down. including hakeem jeffries, foreign affairs chairman and tom swazi from long island, previously had not called on
11:14 am
andrew cuomo to resign. democrat monty or joan says today is a very, very sad day for new york, new york republican elise stefanik once andrew cuomo arrested. >> sandra: as she told us right here on this program last hour. thank you. john, a lot to take in. at the conference from letitia james happened at 11:00 eastern time this morning when she clearly laid out the findings of that report and then andrew cuomo teed up his response, he taped a response a speech he delivered at 1:00 eastern time, now looking live at the white house briefing room where the briefing was pushed back again 15 minutes, now expected at 2:15 eastern time less than a minute away. and likely jen psaki will receive a lot of questions on what we learned today about the governor. >> john: we will see if the president breaks with the andrew cuomo in the way that he suggested a few months ago that he would.
11:15 am
andrew cuomo as others have pointed out, no intention of going anywhere. and the question is, canning weather the storm and wait it out? let's bring in joe concha, one of the reasons why andrew cuomo may be able to weather the storm is if the mainstream media gives him an easy ride as they have for the bulk of his governorship, do you expect that to happen? will they have to really go heavy on these allegations brought forward by the attorney general state of new york? >> at this hour, john, it is heavy. look at the home pages of "the new york times" and "the washington post," and even, it is a blaring headline lead story. whether it has legs into the future, that is the difference here as far as whether andrew cuomo resigns here or not there to this point he has been very steadfast and defiant in terms of not resigning based on all of these allegations. you saw him on that tape to
11:16 am
video earlier. and very interesting that was taped, because when you are on tape, you cannot take questions from reporters, and that's why he presented it that way, john. >> sandra: i will ask the team to tee up the flashback from march, let me know when you have it, because he was asked if this investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign, the president answered yes. so we will see if you stand by that today by jen psaki at the briefing room, what about coverage of this? what are you seeing so far? >> it is obviously the story today. clearly when you think about where andrew cuomo was a year ago, the most popular governor, you can argue in the country, for not so much the handling of covid because the numbers are the numbers and they weren't very good, but the presentations that he did in the fact that he won and me, got $5 million for a book of ants, somebody along with dr. fauci as two of the most trusted people in the country on covid and look at where we are now.
11:17 am
we remember also his brother chris cuomo anchor, cnn, 9:00 p.m., gave an interview after interview, can you call them interviews this basically p.r. where he never asked about the nursing home scandal once and barely talking about that. of the sexual harassment allegations as you mention are a civil matter, the nursing home investigation could be the criminal one, and remember we have an aide to andrew cuomo who said that they covered up the numbers out of a fear of an investigation from the trump justice department. that is a smoking gun. so all these allegations are very serious and should be taken that way, that i think is more perhaps the story that could take down andrew cuomo. tonight is very simple, either chris cuomo the anchor covers the story tonight on his news program -- >> sandra: jen psaki at the white house. >> i wanted to take a moment to recognize the passing of metropolitan police officer, two
11:18 am
who dissented the capital both after and before the insurrection on january 6. a sad reminder of that shameful day in our country's history and as a physical and mental scar left the officers who risked their lives to protect the capital and the democracy. we heard first hand last week from some of those who served on that day and their testimony from the incredible bravery they showed in the worst possible circumstances. their passing reminds us of the remarkable courage of the men and women in law enforcement to serve with honor and leave home each day not knowing what risks they may face but are determined to protect their communities and indebted to their services and our thoughts go out to the friends, family, and loved ones of the two officers and remind those who are struggling that health is -- help is available 24/7, reach out to the suicide prevention lifeline. i also wanted to mark that today is two years since the mass shooting in el paso that killed
11:19 am
23 people in a terrible act of domestic terrorism that targeted the city defined by its diversity and to hispanic heritage. this morning the president published an op-ed in the el paso times sharing his and the first lady's condolences with the families who lost loved ones and the broader el paso community. and how today is a reminder of the unfinished work of the nation and the epidemic of gun violence taking the lives and chattering communities. the president and vice president are currently meeting with 12 latino leaders in the state dining room as you heard the president speak at the top of the meeting of course. during the meeting he will speak about the work we must do to counter domestic terrorism and the spread of hate field violence in every form an end to the scorch of gun violence in america. they will talk about the presidents build back better agenda and how it will benefit latinos across the country. voting rights, and immigration. also noting today we are noting
11:20 am
black women payday which notes how far into the year of black women need to work to earn what they are white and non-hispanic counterparts earned in the previous year. it takes a black woman nearly 20 months to earn what a white man earns in the year. and current responsibility is dramatically increased adjust covid-19 pandemic given that they may have to work part-time or labor force entirely. they also comprise this proportionate low-wage workers such as caregiving that lack adequate compensation and benefits. the biden-harris administration has taken several steps to increase opportunities and to be economically secure. the american rescue plan from the executive order to include accessibility in the workforce and racial equity across the administration's response to covid-19 and the economic crisis and prioritizing black mental health. and we of course will continue our work.
11:21 am
finally, last thing here as a part of our effort and bipartisan infrastructure bill, working its way through the senate, the president is quite focused on lifting up the benefits of the bill to the american people. we will highlight a different moment each day and do it through the digital social channel as well. i will highlight the unprecedented investment of $80 billion in the freight rail over five years, that is a 500% increase over current services and it represents a large investment of the passenger rail since the creation of amtrak half a century ago. the money will help us eliminate maintenance back laws and bring world-class rail services to the country with union jobs in the process and help make american businesses compete, grow, and expand by making it easier and cheaper for getting products to customers, with that, jonathan. >> reporter: in march president biden said that andrew cuomo should resign with the temperament of sexual assault men, today
11:22 am
finding one groping and kissing of current and former state employees, does the president think that he should resign? >> secretary psaki: the president says that he is going to speak on this later this afternoon. >> reporter: has there been any comments from the president's office to the white house? >> secretary psaki: there or not. >> reporter: did the president watch the video earlier? >> secretary psaki: the president will give his own view later this afternoon. >> reporter: there was a shooting today earlier at the pentagon and the same burst of violence that appears a lot more going through, it has president been briefed on what has happened? >> secretary psaki: we are in touch with pentagon officials, the briefing at the pentagon and sharing more details on their end, we do not have additional details to share publicly as the next of kin is being notified.
11:23 am
>> sandra: we will monitor the white house press briefing, jen psaki asked the first question was where does joe biden stand and do you believe that andrew cuomo should resign after the independent investigation, the president will speak to this later today. so no response from the white house still, joe concha still with us. >> i guess they will circle back to that later with the president speaking. the press secretary saying she did not want to get ahead of the president, perhaps he wants to say the word himself, so we will have to wait till later in the afternoon, sandra, but here's the thing, i don't see how joe biden can't call for his resignation based on his own criteria that if the allegations were proven to be true given the attorney general's investigation that he should resign said the president. so unless he goes ahead with that it is hard to see what other wiggle room he has around us. >> john: i guess it's a matter of does he come out and say i find the report very disturbing
11:24 am
and it's up to new york lawmakers to a look into this and determine what they should do, or does he hold fast to what he said a few months ago which was that if the allegations are true, which again, these are allegations, much more detailed form that he should resign? the president has a little bit of wiggle room and could pass it off on a new york state assembly or say these are allegations that are troubling and disturbing, he finds impersonally whatever, but then he has enough wiggle room to not say something definitive. >> i wonder what way he goes with this ultimately, because when you look at politics sometimes you look at who is expendable and who is an expendable, and i think the world of joe biden and the democratic party in general, perhaps a multi-term governor is expendable in new york, because what good does he really serve any more at this point? is he a liability or a positive? and at this point a liability. last year he was a plus in terms
11:25 am
of being this counterweight to donald trump in terms of the right and wrong way to handle covid. now you go back to the record and he had obviously the center to use to put people in nursing homes and did not use it and the uss in new york harbor that he did not use in 15,000 people died apparently as a result of covid positive patience back in nursing homes which was when he looked back at it one of the most lethal decisions that we have seen somebody make in government. so that's where we are at at this point. it is andrew cuomo expendable? and it appears probably yes, because he is a liability at this point. >> sandra: i'm curious if jen psaki was asked to look at the findings of that report. i know peter doocy is in that briefing room right now, and we will dip back in their as she takes further questions, do you find it remarkable that this was
11:26 am
announced at 11:00 this morning and still have not heard from the white house? because we will always be able to queue the tape depending on how the biden administration response to this as you guys just mentioned back in march. >> if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign? >> yes, and i think you will end up being prosecuted too. >> sandra: she says he will speak to this later this afternoon and just told by those monitoring this a good 10 minutes into the briefing and he has not taken another question on the andrew cuomo report, which is interesting. >> i wonder if the same allegations against another governor, let's pick one, florida, governor ron desantis if the white house reporters would stop at one in terms of questions to the press secretary? i would think the first five questions will be asked around the spirit instead we had pivoted to other topics when again when you look at the home pages of "the new york times," "washington post," and others, this is the story.
11:27 am
therefore it should dominate the press briefing. another tidbit came out today when people say who would replace andrew cuomo if he was gone, somebody asked bill de blasio what his plans work in terms of whether he was consider running for governor and he said it is not after the table. he said that not long ago, so you can go for it andrew cuomo to bill de blasio and i would imagine that more than a few people in new york might find that to be a very disturbing thought. >> john: bill de blasio has called on him to resign or be impeached. you mention chris cuomo and the bro show on his program last year, there was an email in the appendices to the report from letitia james office where chris cuomo writes an email and it looks like it is going to a member of his brothers advisors where there appears to be quotations for potential responses, questions raised about some interactions with people in the office and most of my mind bunt time and work, i
11:28 am
never intended to offend anyone or cause any harm, does chris cuomo have some exposure in terms of his days as a journalist? >> he already has, and sing it before, and the press secretary comes on, it's very simple, chris cuomo either covers the story on his news program tonight or cnn should pull them from the air and allow someone else that resembles a journalist to do the job instead. because at this point he has served as an activist and chris cuomo just can't interview his brother and serve as his lead spokesman while playing an anchor on tv when times are good. this deserves the coverage it deserves tonight as well and you have to wonder if chris cuomo has pulled his brother or people on the team to continue to give advice as he has to the point on how to beat sexual harassment allegations. it's amazing that cnn has not reprimanded chris cuomo for being an activist in the situation in any shape or form particularly when we are talking about trying to be back allegations of sexual harassment.
11:29 am
another question as the senior analyst be asked to weigh in on analysis on the is allegations as well? that will be interesting, he is a top guy in a huge legal story on mccarthy, why not jeffrey toobin? >> sandra: joe concha, appreciate you joining us. still no further questioning about the andrew cuomo report and those 11 victims. we appreciate it. >> john: you can only poke a dead horse so many times before you say, we are not getting anything else, wait for the president to come in. >> sandra: i'm not so sure with this one. >> john: i just don't think she will crack. she will say you will hear from the president later on when she will keep deflecting and deferring. let's bring back in andy mccarthy. you heard joe concha say this is a legal matter, but in some ways it's just purely a political matter, is it not? >> i think it really is mainly a political matter unless there is an indictment for a civil suit, it is really not a legal matter,
11:30 am
and i think even with respect to -- you played joe biden's conversation with george stephanopoulos, i thought it was interesting, the question that he asked was what happens if this is confirmed, well, i did a lot of investigations, i like to think that we did very careful investigations and only came out with allegations that we could prove in court, but nobody thought before i approve them in court that they were confirmed. so that's a pretty loaded word in this context. >> sandra: so much time to think about this now, you know everybody is taken then he was in today and asking, will he go to jail? will he be impeached? will there be a civil lawsuit brought against him? will he resign? give us your thoughts at this moment. what happens next? >> i think, sandra, resignation is of all of those parade of horrible's, resignation is the most likely, and i imagine one
11:31 am
of the reasons that jen psaki does not want to address this is who knows what is going on behind the scenes now and whether the white house is as i presume they are having some discussions of whether it they have meaty areas or andrew cuomo is involved or not. i think that's a big question right now. as far as the worst thing that could happen to someone conceivably would be criminal indictment. but on that score i would point out that the allegation that they talk about in the report, the groping allegation has been an open investigation as we understand it for months by the albany police department and nothing has really come of it. so i would not hold my breath waiting for a criminal indictment, whether there are civil suits arising out of this, you would think that civil suits might've been brought already if they were going to be brought, the game really is impeachment. and i don't think they will be ready to make that call yet. i think that the andrew cuomo
11:32 am
sympathizers in the new york assembly are going to want to see how it shakes out for a bit. >> john: let me get you for a second to take out your prosecutorial hat and put on your attorney had, because legal speak and political speech can be very malleable. so george stephanopoulos asked as he pointed out, president biden if the allegations are confirmed in the report should he resign, and he said yes prosecute as well. the word confirm can probably be seen as very malleable by the president who can say that was his word, not mine, yes, i could've corrected him coming been proven in a court of law, does he have some wiggle room to come out later this afternoon and say, look, that was what i said back in march in response to a question, but it was not my word, i was giving my thoughts. >> yeah, i think that word is susceptible to being twisted, and let's face it, we have seen things that look like they were
11:33 am
airtight that these guys managed to twist. now we are taking a word that by nature is pretty susceptible to being distorted, so yeah, sure, he has wiggle room. if i were making the counter case, what i would say is what the question was was confirmed in the report, and where joe biden says, yeah, and i expect will be prosecuted for it. what that would mean is if the investigators found it to be true and cooperated, these allegations, joe biden would expect him to step down and that a prosecutor might step in and prosecute him over what the investigation confirmed. that would be to me the natural -- >> sandra: we will jump in and get to the white house, jen psaki getting questions from peter doocy. the fda to approve it? >> secretary psaki: the administration, the white house, and the president except steps
11:34 am
by locality is to take steps to protect people in their state and their community to incentivize people getting vaccinated. i don't know all the specific details they have exemptions. >> reporter: i know that the president is going to speak about his thoughts on this attorney general and newark, in february he invited andrew cuomo to the white house for the conference, is that invitation still being cold? >> secretary psaki: i will let the president speak to his views this afternoon. >> reporter: and the civil rights investigation into the nursing home deaths, does the administration want the justice department to initiate a civil rights investigation into these harassment allegations revealed today? >> secretary psaki: we do something here that reveals foreign and allow the justice department to independently act on the investigation. >> reporter: does the president believe them? >> secretary psaki: the president will speak to this this afternoon. i will point to his comments but i'm sure he will tune in.
11:35 am
he will take some questions. >> reporter: chuck schumer said that the senate should expect to stay in session with phil dunn, is it still your expectation that the president will -- >> john: so she did not crack despite peter doocy's best efforts. but you know, asked a number of times about that. so it looks like we will hear from the president later on. and those will be the first and only comments from the president on this. >> sandra: also asked before if there was any communication from the white house and governor cuomo's office and i believe the answer was no to that. i suppose there could be in their mere eateries involved or whatever is happening behind the scenes, we just don't know. i can tell you that chuck schumer was just commenting on this a few moments ago and appeared to get irritated according to our producer on the ground, chuck schumer read a statement and was then asked to weigh in on whether the governor should resign after this report, he was asked something about impeachment and said i continue
11:36 am
to believe the governor should resign. he was asked what your relationship will be like with him after this coming he said he continues to believe that he should resign according to the notes he clearly got annoyed at some point. all these democrats are going to have to say what their position is on this. and of course that's what we are waiting on in the white house for president biden to let us know where he stands. >> yes, sandra, i always thought that the calls for him to resign where the safest place for them to land, because it is not really actionable. chuck schumer is not in the new york state assembly, he can't do anything to push forward and impeachment investigation, so the safe answer for these guys while they watch with hawkish eyes held the opinion polls go in new york is to say he should resign. there is nothing actionable about it. it does not make andrew cuomo do anything. >> john: so in terms of numeric politics, only one
11:37 am
governor has ever been impeached in the empire state's history back in the early 1900s back in the five points era, do you expect that you could successfully bring an impeachment against somebody like andrew cuomo who is in the waning years of his third turn and might go for a fourth? >> this is a very important issue, because the fact that this only has happened once and it was so long ago, because there are a lot of questions about what the process of impeachment is a new work because of the lack of precedent. and the reason this is important is because after so many years in office, governor cuomo has appointed many of the judges in new york state who would be called on to rule on points of law and due process with respect to impeachment. so to the extent that he can tie this up in court, he will probably have some very sympathetic judges including the
11:38 am
chief judge of the states who he also appointed. >> sandra: all right, handy, thank you for standing by with us. a lot to take in this afternoon. our coverage of that will continue in just a few moments. monitoring the white house, by the way. meanwhile law enforcement officials say an officer has now died after a shooting happened earlier or outside the pentagon transit station. luca tomlinson has more from the pentagon that had to go into full lock down just after the shooting happened earlier. lucas. >> pentagon police officer is dead and the suspect remains at large and is on the run. all started about 10:30 this morning just outside the entrance to the pentagon, the home to the u.s. military and suspect walked up and officials tell fox stabbed a police officer multiple shots in the eye witness tells fox news about six shots, then the suspect fled. there was another bystander injured, still waiting to hear
11:39 am
on that person. but right now tragedy at the pentagon, jen psaki confirms from the white house podium that the police officer was killed, waiting for press secretary to walk out to the podium in the next few moments, next of kin being notified as you mention the pentagon was on lockdown for over two hours. the defense secretary and the chairman joint chief of staff was not at the pentagon during the incident, at the white house meeting with the president as they do every tuesday morning, but a lot of stuff to figure out here at the pentagon, but the pentagon police officer has been killed and next of kin has been identified. we don't have his identity or her identity yet and the suspect remains at large. not a description of the suspect, sandra. >> sandra: live at the pentagon for us. thank you. john, that's happened earlier today, they went into lockdown at the pentagon and i believe it was noted when a massive
11:40 am
operation it is to do that. hadley the officer has now passed. >> john: it is just another indication that crime is running rampant across america, because that is a nice area around the pentagon, deep in the heart of arlington, there is a lot of apartment buildings and single homes, shopping around there. i go to the costco right around the street of the pentagon all the time. and for this to happen at the transit station is really shocking in a real indication that things are becoming more and more out of control. we have a bunch more coming up on new york governor andrew cuomo as we await for president biden to weigh in. but up next, one of the strictest vaccine rules that we have seen so far comes to the united states, and it is the same type of requirements that caused an eruption overseas. details on the roles coming to new york city and could it be a preview of what might come nationwide? >> sandra: we shall see, do they hold up to the scrutiny of
11:41 am
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>> sandra: some of the same
11:46 am
vaccine rules sparking rage overseas now coming to the u.s. that was paris last week after france passed a system that requires people to show vaccine proved to enter restaurants and other venues. >> john: today's new york city's mayor sent in more than any city so far. let's bring a marty makary, if you want to go to a restaurant, if you want to go to a health club or an indoor performance, you're going to have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test as sandra pointed out sparking a real backlash in france, but also increased dramatically the number of people who were getting vaccinated. what do you think? >> are these new york restaurants going to do the same for seasonal flu or for cut seeking virus or lsp virus? for 80 to 90% of adults, and kid
11:47 am
covid has been downgraded to a mild common cold like a seasonal virus, and we have to put things in perspective. to those who have chosen not to get vaccinated do so at their own individual risk. they pose no risk to others with a mild common cold illness. >> sandra: do you see reason for this vaccine path or system anywhere, dr. marty makary? what about hospitals? where it is essential to keep something so contagious out of an inside building? >> it made sense when we had a small subset of the population that was immune and we wanted to give them privileges that we didn't want to give to the general public because of the risk of public health. but what has happened is it has spun out of control now, ignoring natural immunity and disenfranchising about half the nonvaccinated and has become a big distraction. right now we should focus our efforts on encouraging the nonimmune adults in america to
11:48 am
get vaccinated. >> john: the president will be talking more about mast mandates and vaccination. an article in "the new york times" today that talked about to the back-and-forth nature of the guidance out of the cdc and the white house. in part the article said even though the white house had said "a summer of joy" the nation is caught in the summer of confusion paired what do we need to hear from the president this afternoon? speak of the white house has reached out to media outlets complaining about their overblown infections, and looking at the vaccine hesitancy. it has been overblown and contributing. but this is a self-inflicted wound. not only has the fda not issued full approval, but their own cdc focuses so much on cases and has never provided the key indicator of an expanding or contracting epidemic and that is the number of new hospitalizations on anklet make daily basis for covid illness, not incidental
11:49 am
tests for people that opt in, but covid illness. in the absence of good data you have a fixation on other problems, and it did not help that the white house has required masks now of everybody k-12 even if they are vaccinated and even if they live in a low immunity community. >> sandra: dr. mcgarry, there was a gallup poll on covid where the respondents were asked if they think things are getting better or getting worse, in june people seem pretty optimistic we were coming out of the pandemic, not so much in july, those that think that things are getting better, just 40% compared to those getting worse 45%, if asked, where do you fall? >> nobody saw delta coming out of an emerging epidemic that no one predicted would happen in india. and it has changed the game, and the good news is it is expected to crest any day now and the next 3-4 weeks we will see the delta wave crest and mostly it
11:50 am
is a wave of cases in some parts with low vaccination. it is a real way of disproportionately lower of hospitalizations. so we will see a peak sometime in august, possibly early september, and we should have a quick decline. we are adding about a million new infections a day if we look at the tests that never make it to the cdc's tracking with many home tests a lot of natural immunity already added to the high immunity, so we should see a steep decline in september. >> john: let's hope that you are correct about all of that. dr. marty makary, good to talk to you. >> thanks. >> sandra: next up the teachers unions working behind the scenes with health officials over a school reopening, senator ron johnson wants answers on that. he will join us live next. ♪ ♪ would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan.
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11:55 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the white house briefing continues. jen psaki took her first question on the results of the
11:56 am
independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations against andrew cuomo. she did not comment or reveal the president's thoughts on that saying he would speak to that later in the day. you'll remember back in march, he said when asked if the claims from these women are confirmed, he said he thinks yes he should resign and probably be prosecuted as well. we'll see soon where the president stands. john? >> john: that address is 3:45 this afternoon. a group of republican senators calling on democrats to subpoena three federal agencies to produce document related to school openings. they say the cdc, hhs and nih have failed to comply with their requests to see any communications with the teachers union and also specifically interested in dr. fauci's e-mails. senator ron johnson is one of those lawmakers seeking answers. so you appealed to the three agencies asking for any and all communications that they had with the american federation of
11:57 am
teachers. what were you looking for and did you get what you wanted? >> john, no, we haven't. there's a law last updated in 1994 signed by bill clinton saying the agency shall turn the information over and they have not complied. we want all communications with the cdc and the teacher's unions in terms of the school reopenings and the guidance on that. right now we're afraid with this delta variant that this administration may be looking at once again issuing guidance that maybe they won't open the schools even though we know that 80% of teachers have been vaccinated. if we don't open schools, the children that have been most harmed are low income, dis-changed children. in sweden, they didn't shut down the schools. kids didn't wear masks.
11:58 am
1.8 million swedish children and not one died of covid. so i think sweden by and large approached the pandemic in a more sane fashion than here in the united states. we want answers from the cdc. they've not been transparent. they've blown off congressional oversight. we ask our chairman to stand up for congressional oversight. >> john: so in between the time that you sent the letters to the agencies and now, randi weingarten last come out with what looks like equivocal language saying well, this delta variant has thrown us a curve and we're going to try to open schools in the fall. do you detect backtracking here? >> absolutely. teachers are not being laid off. they're getting paid full salaries. when you take a look at how students are not progressing in school, how devastating it's been to the current situation and as well the impact on their futures. parents want their kids back to
11:59 am
school and we know covid does not threaten children that don't have serious health conditions. so the teacher's union position is completely unreasonable. it's wrong if our government agencies are listening to them rather than follow the science. the science says that children really are not at risk from covid. they should be going to school. >> john: we'll see if you get the answers you're looking for. but i highly suspect you won't get much action from the chairman. senator ron johnson from wisconsin, good to talk to you. thanks for joining us. that was quite an afternoon. >> sandra: a day. that's a day. a lot of news. great to be with you, john. >> john: you too. nice long weekend ahead with the family and the kids. went golfing with my 10-year-old son yesterday. father son time. >> sandra: who won? >> john: we'll wait and see what the president has to say and what governor cuomo does in
12:00 pm
response. looks like nothing is probably is the answer to that. >> sandra: we'll see. great to be with you. great to have you back. the coverage will continue on the fox news channel. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: i'm john roberts here in washington d.c. we'll see you again tomorrow. martha maccallum is off today. "the story" with trace gallagher starts right now. trace? >> martha: john and sandra, thanks both. good afternoon. i trace gallagher in for martha maccallum on the story. a defiant new york governor cuomo blaming politics and the media after the attorney general found deeply disturbing sex-based harassment including groping and creating a toxic hostile work environment that included retaliating against accusers. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately. politics and bias are interwoven


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