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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 3, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: it is tuesday august 3rd. the mask missing this continues as democrats are accused of breaking their own mandates, the latest incident that has republicans crying foul. >> mexico blocking the us from sending migrant families back. how to make the crisis worse. jillian: are you kidding me? stray cat stealing bases in yankee stadium. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ hello
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♪♪ hello ♪♪ todd: that cat getting more applause than the yankees yesterday. one of the worst scenes in baseball. i'm rooting for the cat this year. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: let's begin with covid confusion is president biden will address the nation about concerns over the cdc changing guidelines as the us reaches a new vaccine milestone. >> mask mandates popping up throughout the country. >> milestone monday at the white house. officials say they hit the fourth of july goal of 70% of americans receiving at least one shot with 60% leave vaccinated. rachelle williams key warning the delta variant is still surging. >> this remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. unvaccinated people can spread the virus if they get a
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breakthrough infection the odds of them getting sick in the first place are far lower than those who are unvaccinated and places with more vaccinations generally have less disease. todd: this has more restrictions go into effect, louisiana implement a statewide mask mandate is governor cuomo asks private businesses to mandate vaccinations while florida is becoming ground 0 in the mask mandate battle. >> 20% of the cases we are cr in florida. there are steps and precautions that can be taken including allowing schools to mandate masks and allowing kids to wear masks which is not the current state of play. heather: lord's governor pushing back saying ignoring governor desantis's efforts to protect vulnerable floridians jen psaki is the one playing politics with the pandemic, the white house should be more concerned about the flip-flopping of the cdc
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which is inadvertently promoting vaccine hesitancy with their confusion, contradictory public communications, this is senator lindsey graham test positive in a breakthrough case, he tweeted i'm glad i was vaccinated because without vaccination i'm certain i would not feel as well as i do now. my symptoms would be far worse and finally this afternoon president biden will address the cdc confusion around masks and vaccines, we will see what he has to say. >> openly cleared up somehow. we will get to lindsey graham in a second the first focus on what appears to be hypocrisy coming from at least one member of the democratic party, where focusing on muriel bowser, the mayor of washington dc. washington dc into the mask mandate starting just a couple days ago. there is mayor muriel bowser at a wedding over the weekend without a mask just sitting there watching the ceremony.
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she said i was eating, was busy at the time but yesterday on our show, tiana low was uninvited at the wedding and here's what she has to say about mayor bowser. >> i was at that winning and grabbed that photo. there were hundreds of people, all unmasked. why are you here with a bunch of people, you were mask was. other people i maskless. does that not recover hypocrisy. already dc has had 11 homicides since we had our last coronavirus death. jillian: democracy from the beginning from the democrats but she talks about homicides in dc. i asked them together information for the covid information in dc in the last 7 days, 301 deaths in the last 7 days, there have been 3. 3.
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look at the fact that she referenced 11 different homicides so you've got to take everything into perspective. we had doctor martin cold war who said you can't even look at case numbers because so many of these cases are people who either aren't being hospitalized or not die or being severely hospitalized because a lot of people in this country are vaccinated. in dc of people are fully vaccinated. in florida there have been the highest 1-day total since the pandemic started, there was on saturday, 22,000 cases but we are not seeing the deaths because the vaccine is working for the majority of the people out there. you wonder when they are making these rules, putting these mandates into play, reinstating these restrictions, what exactly are they going off of the. if you're just going off of case numbers that is not enough in itself, that is what doctors
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tell you. todd: what you've been great about throughout this pandemic in private conversations, we do not know all the answers to we are not doctors, we are guided like everybody else the democratic leaders say i know the way this is and it is the opposite, that throws confusion into the mix. jillian: frustrates the people of your city because when gavin newsom was in the french laundry without his masks and they were shutdown and losing their business people were -- that frustrates people. what we just showed in dc frustrates people. todd: the chief strategist of the rhode island democratic party when she heard about lindsey graham's announcement
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about the covid diagnosis, not wishing good wishes are hoping get well soon but this on twitter. it is wrong to hope he dies from covid, right? asking for a friend. this isn't a random lunatic on twitter, this is an official with the democratic party of rhode island. there needs to be a consequence for that. if you want to follow it president biden said, we need to get back to civility, that is not a way to start. jillian: we hope everybody who is getting covenant vaccinated or getting covid vaccinated as a breakthrough case everybody has mild symptoms, that is terrible. todd: the biden administration saying migrants will be turned away at the southern border while covid jason search. jillian: as the number of migrant arrest remain at the highest level in decades. jackie ibanez joins us with the latest. jillian: >> reporter: the biden
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administration reviewing a policy that expels illegal immigrants due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. the department of homeland security releasing a statement saying title 42 is not immigration affordable public health authority and its use is dictated by cdc and governed by cdc analysis of public health factors which many of called for a end of the policy, the aclu is reviewing a lawsuit against the biden administration of the use of title 42 ending settlement talks but as cases rise among migrants, busloads of migrants are being moved across the state including to laredo were hospitals our reaching capacity. >> the migrants, very insensitive, even cool to create this environment where sick
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people are competing now for bids. we are asking injunctive relief. jillian: this as border patrol agents are continuously overwhelmed at the southern border. the babies are putting 210,000 migrants arrested in july all own, that is 21,000 more than in june this year. the rio grande valley in el paso sector reporting the highest number of encounters of family units crossing into the us and these numbers come amid the hottest weeks of the summer not only putting migrants in dangerous situations but also border patrol agents as well. jillian: thank you. todd: this comes as mexico refuses to let some of those migrant families return to their side of the border. we talk to brandon judd about that. >> disturbing to know what is going on but if you saw what was going on behind closed doors you would be even more disturbed because that is a very small fraction. we have 10,000 people in custody
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in the rio grande valley sector. it's great we have that but it is much worse than they are able to see. >> not just a humanitarian crisis. fox news obtaining numbers showing a 900% increase in migrant covid cases in the rio grande valley sector alone after the past 14 months. jillian: let's go to the olympics where simone biles will take a shot at golden stepping away from mental health. she will compete in the balance beam finals later this morning after withdrawing from several other events. todd: the us basketball team competing 95-81, australia or argentina in the semifinals thursday. jillian: cornerback held a watch party with his teammates as his sister ran the 400 meter hurdles. >> she said you've got me crying in the village. she was in the final.
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>> she must've inspired her brother because he went on to have 3 interceptions but the team award for games him and his family. >> 66, one out of china. jillian: it is 10 minutes after the hour. the members of the mainstream media being mocked for making excuses on behalf of the masksless mayor. >> speaking of democrats all standards barack obama brought himself, jumped to 600 person birthday bash the next hour it will be 1000, 4000, 9000, still waiting on the cdc for guidance on the mask situation, we will break it down for you. ♪♪ there's a party going on right here ♪♪ a celebration ♪♪
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jillian: los angeles times's shocking video the democrats must, quote, scare their voters to the polls to fight gavin newsom as recall, the way to defeat the recall is for democrats to show up under a republican who governs in the spirit of donald trump. the election is scheduled for september 14th.
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democratic leader, the mainstream media covering for muriel bowser after violating her own mask mandate. todd: here is joe concha. let's go through the elements first before we get your insight and analysis. the washington examiner writer who published photos of mayor bowser mask was over the weekend was not invited to the wedding. she says your right, i wasn't but it gets better. here's cnn, watch this exchange. >> here is the thing. she wasn't as far as we know violating the new rule, correct? >> that is fair to say. i look at the photo and seems like it could be during the toast. >> why such bending over backwards? all the parties i just referenced worked for the mayor in her commerce department.
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>> stenography. it looked like it was during the toast. that is supposed to be the fact first network. what about that photo of mayor bowser with dave chapelle. i don't see anybody raising a glass. a lot of people not wearing masks besides the mayor as well so not leading by example and this is what we've seen in the past year. our so-called leaders declare we need to do our part to slow the spread, mask up, avoid large gatherings during the pandemic, only a turnaround and not follow their own rules. the best part, bowser broke her own rule less than 24 hours after implementing it. there are multiple photos around it and team bowser goes on to blame, quote, conservative media for running the story, that tweet before of the reporter, she had to crash the wedding to pursue a story because she wasn't invited that changes
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things so the mayor needs to run this but she won't because the washington post, the paper that city didn't even touch the story about their mayor and justly gavin newsom, nancy pelosi, laurie lightfoot they got caught breaking their own covid rules which is rules for thee not for me. jillian: this reads, quote, when a reporter gets information indicating an elected official is violating her own law she has professional duty to report the news. a novel concept these days was why we so lost in this novel concept of reporting the news? >> we have a lot of reporters who are activists, the cnn pair, the lowest rated show in all of cable news which is a remarkable thing for a morning show running cover instead of providing coverage, simple thing to do. you reference gavin newsom.
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you had the audacity to pull his kids out of summer camp last week because of their mask policy, and taking off his mask and that was before the vaccines salubrious of these people and you see the president and he will do this story, president obama, 600 people in martha's vineyard, how do you think they are getting there, you have to fly on private jets with a lot of celebrities who won't wear masks and that is the 40 fifth presidential rhonda santos had 60 people, the apocalypse will be upon us. >> they went out without masks, the lead on ms nbc, this is the world we are in, the lack of critical coverage emboldens muriel bowser and what we will see going forward. in two weeks we will have you one again when some liberal leader does the same thing. >> we are probably doing the story tomorrow. we will be there.
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frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. todd: ibanez you be report into the wuhan lab claims covertly:in september of 2019 much earlier than previously claimed by the chinese. her to discuss, house foreign affairs committee member congressman craig steube. thanks for being here. the time for talk is over. how does the us and world
2:25 am
community hold china accountable? >> it is over, should have been over a long time ago, we should be investigating this as a government, democrats don't want anything to do with us. they would rather investigate the january 6th event were 600 people have been arrested then investigate the cause of millions of deaths of people in the world and over 600,000 in the united states. we know now for a fact in september of 2019 they took virus a sample database out in the middle of the night from the institute of virology without extra nation and a month later in october during the military world games that were held in wuhan several of the competitors came down with covid like symptoms that were hospitalized and sent back to their home countries, we now know this started in 2019 long before we thought it did. jillian: what mechanisms are in place against financial compensation for china. how does that play out on the world stage?
2:26 am
>> i filed in the last congress for the president to negotiate that because they are at home for millions across the world from dying and all of the expenses we see shutting down of the economy, people losing their jobs, people on unemployment. i have a bill that would allow the president to negotiate with china, easier to pay financial damages to our country caused by them not keeping this in their borders but mainstream democrats don't want to move that bill. >> they could be another big issue come 2022-2024. war of words going on, jen psaki, white house spokesperson attacking rhonda santos's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, governor's office filing back. >> there are steps the precautions that can be taken including encouraging people to get vaccinated, encouraging people to wear masks, allowing
2:27 am
schools to mandate masks which is not the current state of play in florida, leaders are going to have to choose whether they will follow public health guidelines or politics. >> the santos's office responding by dismissively ignoring governor desantis's efforts to protect vulnerable for radians jen psaki is playing politics with the pandemic, the white house should be more concerned about the flip-flop of the cdc whichommunitions stating vaccinated people should wear masks and socially distance, implying the vaccines do not change anything, they're moving the fact that -- vulnerable today, who wins this battle? >> americans and people that believe in freedom win this battle and they are flocking to florida because of the policies we have in place, we are not
2:28 am
discouraging people from being vaccinated. and one of my counties i spoke to county health officials and over the age of 65 people in charlotte county, 90% have been vaccinated so we are not discouraging people from getting vaccinated, we are encouraging people to make decisions for themselves for the best of their healthcare and allow them to wear masks if they want to wear masks, we are not going to mandate it in florida and there's a reason people are flocking to florida to have the kids in schools because they are not forced to wear masks. >> this comes down to desantis being a front runner on the republican side and trying to chip away at that. great to see you as always. jillian: $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal could have a roadblock. todd: the pushback from republicans. >> reporter: conservatives crying foul over the push to combine the $1 trillion infrastructure package with additional $3.5 trillion spending bill with legislation
2:29 am
from the senate. >> do the math with this infrastructure deal in a $3 trillion reconciliation bill that nancy pelosi says the infrastructure bill will not pass her house without the reconciliation bill passing with it and imagine what that will due to inflation in this country. >> the republican senate committee calling this a trojan horse for green new deal spending. analysis by club for growth found $110 billion earmarked for roads, bridges and infrastructure projects. of the vote ghost reconciliation they can pass it without any republican support. jillian: very frustrated people packing airports. what is going on. >> reporter: worst thing for airlines ever but i digress. 100 cancellations for spirit airlines customers leaving passengers stranded in airports in dallas, orlando, miami,
2:30 am
photos and videos from social media show people sitting on the ground saying they were hot, hungry, no information about when or if they would get to their final destinations. dorms in dallas for blame for the mass cancellations for the airline, american flights were canceled, 850, spirit canceled 200 on monday. we will see how this plays out. >> also a little bit of time to not enough workers. >> i was also going to say reserve the right to digress at some point. >> is always taught that digresses. >> i've always been a digress are. >> are you still vulnerable? >> if there has ever been a pitch for you to do something for this show this is it. >> okay. are you brave enough to do this?
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todd: new york city mayor bill deblasio promising a precision policing strategy to deal with the violent crime crisis. >> this is the focus going forward. we are making progress. morgan arrests, more cooperation in the community. gangs are the problem and this is where the focus is going to be. todd: this is a year after the plainclothes anticrime unit was disbanded at the height of the black lives matter movement. muriel bowser's plan is getting pushback, the dc council wants that money to go to violence prevention and public health
2:37 am
instead. jillian: portland police searching for officers for the newly resurrected gun violence protection unit. the team was disbanded year ago at the height of the black lives matter movement. here's the leader of the portland police association, darrell turner, appreciate your time. let's look at the numbers. homicides are up 327%, shootings up 116% as of june 30th. more than 115 officers left since july of 2020, those numbers are hard to look at. tell me why you think you are not getting recruits for the newly resurrected gun violence unit, what are people saying? >> the officers have not been supported by elected officials, by city council. we were defunded $20 million and
2:38 am
many staffing positions and one of those staffing positions are many of the staffing positions was the reduction team which was a model in the nation and subject matter experts and best practices experts and what they did taking guns off the streets, people committing those icons off the streets, that doesn't happen now and so putting together a team after they made the mistake of defunding and disbanding and our officers don't have confidence in our elected officials who never showed support for them to this would work, and would be the way they should to slow the gun violence to stop homicides in our neighborhoods. jillian: tell me what it is like for a typical shift as a police officer in portland nowadays? >> we have shootings every night almost. we had a mass shooting two weeks ago where in 18-year-old lady was killed.
2:39 am
we are trying to hold down the fort the best we can, elected officials are not taking accountability for what they've done and totally putting the team back together to be proactive. jillian: we have a few seconds left. tell me how long it will take to come back from this. once you embolden criminals not like you can take that back and expect positive changes to happen overnight. >> it won't happen overnight. or the foreseeable future for years to come, unless they effectively allow the police to do their job the way we've done our job in the past. if they want accountability, the things they want to stop the gun violence they have to allow us to do our job effectively. jillian: thank you for joining us, keep us updated on the situation. appreciate your time. todd: let us go live to miami, florida. >> meteorologist jana steen with
2:40 am
the fox weather forecast. >> it is happening in miami. let's take a look. we have the 80s across florida, potential for showers and thunderstorms in parts of the south and the southeastern along the gulf coast but that is not going to stop those in miami. past 24 hours the flareup of storms on the southwest, we are into that monsoon season so flash flooding is a concern especially over colorado towards new mexico to wyoming and we also have high heat returning to the northwest as well as parts of california towards arizona. there is your forecast was we don't have a lot of big storms on the map but potential for showers and thunderstorms to pop up, summer type storms across the gulf and the south. poor air quality. wildfires burning across the
2:41 am
west and the jetstream helping to bring that smoke over the midwest, southeast to the northeast so this is an ongoing situation and you see that smoke towards the east coast is quite rare. todd: amazing it can make it that far in smoky form. >> janice: respiratory problems, a party in miami. todd: we need to do the show from there. >> janice: let's do it. jillian: a mother who is also an immigrant, denouncing critical race theory. >> reporter: supposed to save the world. >> you are over time, yes you are. todd: a near catastrophe at yankee stadium.
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todd: good tuesday morning. coming up on "fox and friends". you know him, you love him, texas congressman dan crenshaw talks the latest on capitol hill, the southern border and why those runaway texas democrats are bringing reinforcements to washington dc. weeks before the last us troops had to leave afghanistan there's a chance one american won't return. congressman michael walsh fighting to bring home navy veteran mark cleric. large democrat run cities lagging behind in job recovery. charles payne takes a look at exactly why that may be the case. why not at a big man on top. leo terrel will join us. stick around. todd: we are well. i shouldn't have spoken for jillian. are you well?
2:47 am
jillian: i am well. >> are you well? take it away. >> the white house, the birthday bash drawing criticism amid delta very and concerns. >> we advise everyone to follow public health guidelines which i know the former president who is a huge advocate of getting vaccinated and following the guidance public health would advocate as well. >> it would be well if we were there on martha's vineyard. >> look at that house, shaping up to be the event of the year, 600 people will be gathering at former president obama's router front mansion celebrate his sixtieth birthday, attendees include george clooney, steven spielberg and oprah but republicans slamming the event including andy biggs who tweeted just imagine if this party was for trump.
2:48 am
congresswoman elise to fennec says democrats are imposing unscientific mask and 8 while contemplating more lockdowns. president obama is hosting 500 leads that is martha's vineyard mansion. fewer i did that it would be call the superspreader event by democrats. still he obamas are taking precautions including mandatory testing and the event will be held outside. it was reported pearl jam was going to perform a spokesman tells fox news they are not going to be there. todd: quite a story coming out of pennsylvania school board meeting. carley: a battle over critical race theory. watch as a pennsylvania school president take the microphone from a concerned mom. >> this is not the way it is supposed to be. 13 or 14-year-olds are supposed
2:49 am
to save the world, they are supposed to be -- >> you are over your time. >> no. >> if you are. >> for 12 years you made a mess and didn't have the guts to tell you were the chair of the board. >> that mother battling over critical race theory, she says she wants to send her kids to school, the school board president took the microphone away after her time expired and then told police to escort her out. republican committee of chester county calling on him to re-sign or tank anger management classes. todd: you have one more. carley: breaking news we can do together. how does simone biles do? she won the bronze on the balance beam so china went gold and silver. she went bronze. this is breaking news because
2:50 am
she pulled out of the other individual events and there's been a lot of discussion why she did that and she had a twisty condition that caused her to have a vertigo like something in the air but she did recently announce she was going to be doing the balance beam and she completed that. she takes on the third place prize. she won the bronze. still in that event. congratulations to her. todd: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a prodigy taking over, 4 years old. i am just going to tell you, you would hear piano music if you brought up the piano. the prestigious elite university music competition that earned her spot at carnegie hall. jillian: next the bad.
2:51 am
out of yankee stadium, stray cat going across the field as they struggle to catch it. got the crowd on its side. >> two times the cat was right here with the door closed. made no sense. jillian: it eventually escaped. todd: attacking the grounds crew and the yankees and finally this. dating, the new fear of missing out. >> i am 37. too much for a first date event. todd: a new study, 44% of relationship seekers are fearful of dating again, they are overthinking date details and feeling rusty. you millennials overthink everything. it is a date, just do it. jillian: and olympian behind the
2:52 am
first podium protests says american athletes have been planning moments like this for weeks. todd: tomi lahren talks about that next. ♪♪ . .
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jillian: welcome back. raven saunders reveals protests for weeks. todd: here is the admission from raven saunders planning to place over a group text message with athletes over the multiple sports the group decided x would be sin bowl and represents unity oppressed people. isn't this exhibit a why the ratings are so low this year focus on woke and not the win? >> not only why the ratings are low but why team u.s.a. has been historically bad. pay more attention to their actual sport and less attention to their activism. i will tell you what really
2:57 am
bothers me about this. i have nothing against free speech. while they are competing team u.s.a. they are at work. they should be focusing on actual job. furthermore i would encourage them talk to fellow athletes of other countries. countries that maybe actually oppress their people, maybe china and iran and ask them where oppression actually is. they don't seem to understand it furthermore ask them what their activism is doing for people they consider to be oppressed what is standing there to get attention self-indulgent endorsement deal and name in the headlines what does this do for anybody. this is so-called activism. they want the attention and limelight without actually doing anything to help anyone. the same thing with the black squares, the same thing with all the social media activism from hollywood, from athletes, from terrence. entertainers. they do nothing. this about them. this is not beyond anything but
2:58 am
themselves and wanting attention and it's empty and ridiculous and solves no problems. clearly if it solved the problem then colin kaepernick would have solved the world's problems years ago that's yet to happen. jillian: there are so many countries that don't have it and will never have it as we do. that puts another element to this conversation. so does this. let's go to this topic. we want to show you this video. i know you probably have seen this video showing hundreds of illegal immigrants in texas mexico is reportedly trying to block sending migrants back. nearly 1,000 of them under this bridge i know you have been to the border, spent time with border patrol and talked to officials there you know how overwhelmed they're and how some of the ranchers and folks who live in that area feel. when you see video like that isn't it hard to deny what's going on at the border, tomi?
2:59 am
>> you can't deny what's going on unless you ignore it. that's why the fox news team and those that have been down there actually doing the reporting and actually bringing this story to the american people, that's why their work is so important and i applaud them. i wish i could be down there alongside them. the biden administration is going to try to say it they are addressing. extending title 42. you already welcomed more than a million into this country. that's going to it change our country fundamentally. we cannot have that many people especially with the covid concerns the democrat claim to be so concerned about. i will tell you what is going to happen i can see the writing on the wall. you know what? now maybe we will start to enforce the border. what about these over 1 million people we have already welcomed? what are they going to do with them welcome ever he reiss them into your community might as well give them voting rights, too. that's all part of the plan. do not listen to any democrat
3:00 am
that now wants to walk back what they're doing, now wants to pretend think care what is going on. they don't. this was all their plan and we are seeing it before our very eyes. todd: don't miss no interruption on fox nation with tomi lahren. thank you very much. jillian: good to see you. thank you for watcherring. have a good good day. "fox & friends" starts. todd: right now. >> president biden will address the nation about concerns over the changing cdc guidelines. >> joe biden has got stop forcing america to live in fear. >> biden extended title 42. >> extremely limited bed capacity in our hospitals and really pitting our residents with the migrants. >> is president obama sending the wrong example hosting a big birthday party. this event is outdoors and in moderate zone. >> i couldn't go to granny's ninthth birthday but perfectly fine for barack obama


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